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1.In ROR which and all rules state that not to alter course to port?
2.Birth of TRaffic separation scheme? ie why did the idea of TSS come in?
3.Four to five cards and three buoys to describe?
4.Errors of gyro ?
5.Problem with gyro in higher latitudes?
6.If gyro fails what and all equipments will be affected?
7.How does GPS calculate speed made good and CMG?
8.Approaching port,with failed gyro,failed gps,failed radar,visually could see three light houses say A,B,C... how will u identify which
is A,B and C.....by day?
9.BNWAS into force date?
10.Stellar observation?Selection of stars?
11.Squat? Formula for squat in confined waters and open waters?
12.As a chief mate how will you review a passage plan made by ur second mate?
13.Bore tide?
14.TransAtlantic passage,Great circle sailing,precautions as a chief mate?
15.Why do u want a limiting lattitude in GC?
16.HOw is gnomonic chart prepared projection wise?
17.Mercator chart distortion corrections?
18.Geographical range affecting factors?
19.Luminous range affecting factors?.
20.Nominal range determination criteria 10Nm why?
21.VSA,range calculating formula?
22.Ideal conditions for TRS to form?
23.Actions in dangerous quadrant? actions in navigable semi circle?
24.Actions if u r along the path of storm circle?
25.What inputs u will give to master while appr anchorage?
26.light,shape,fog signal for various vessels verbally not in cards.. aground vsl,anchor,nuc making way, not making way,ram,cbd,pdv
not making way fog signal,narrow channel fog signals.
27.explain rule 2, 9,10,18,19 and cross questions on explanation.
28.crossing procedure in tss, risk of collision actions in normal and rv, anchoring in tss, zones, inshore raffic zone prefeerred actions,
manoverboard,engine failure.
29.compliance with rule 10 in rv, difference
30.situations in tss, rv
31.passage planning in rv in congested waters as chief mate on behalf of master navigation.
32.proceeding to fairway buoy without master as chief mate
33.effective use of bridge team in position of master, allocation of tasks
34.ship routeing procedures, use
35.why 2 compasses required
36.effective use of equipments while making landfall
37.methods of finding gyro error( leading lights,from radar heading if synchronised in berth )
38.gps failure. position determining procedures
39.c/o on bridge along with master, 2/o in fwd station while proceeding to anchorage. how will u assist master and plan anchoring
how to decide on which anchor to use and shackles to use
weather fax information, publication, alrs volumes, any other weather data( navtex, vhf, selection procedures)
weather routeing publications, uses
trs have u experienced, safe distance
vts, vtms, sector vts duties, difference
anchor dragging actions, how anchor drags( shank lifting even 5 degrees, 25% holding power lost) heavy weather,tidal changes
eta arrangement, procedures,ship grounded,collision, action as mate, collision check for man overboard, serious injury also
1.After discharge C4 &C 3 how will you prepare for next loading.
2.Boil off gas
3.Reliq plant.
4.He asked me abt Cooling medium.
5.Relief valves
6.Tank materials
7Why Hold space is inerted
8.How wil you purge hold space
9.Fire fighting system on deck
10.Arrangement of DCP System
11.He will ask you abt cargo calculation, he will test your knowledge
12.Coal precaution
13.S.F of coal..wre u wil look, u dont have IMSBC Code.nd shipper didnt give...
14.Bale and grain capacity definition
15.Draft survey
16.How u wil know ventilation is in good working condition
17.Surface ventilation , wen u wil do dis.
18.Dew point temp how u wil calculate.
19.Cargo sweat nd ships sweat, he wil try to confuse you. But be clear wid ur answers.
20.Hydrostatic draft, how u wil calculate
21.Angle of loll
22.Stable and unstable equlibrium
23.How u wil calculate GZ curve, formula
24.TPC and MCTC
25.DWA nd formula
26.loading n F.W goin to S.W, how much you wil load.
1)ISM Cert SMC & DOC
2)cert for isps & Wt s DPA
3) security levels
4)cso & pfso
5)who will decide security level
6)near miss
7) diff bet bowsing tackle & tricing pendant
8) detainable defficiency
9)examples for above
10) ship sinking U & ur crew inside liferaft... how will get out from there...wind is blowing towards ship
i said by using sea anchor.. he said wrong correct answer is DROUGE
11) Medical emergency....to whom u ll send the msg
i said coast radio station.. he said partly correct,,, but thru someone else..
12) how many life buoys & eebd on ur last vessel.. & requirement
i didnt mention training eebd.... so wrong
13) emergency fire pump requirement
14.strake defn, examples
15.name some plans, uses
16.stat cert defn, deck log book reqmt entries
17.orb entry, marpol reqmts, chain regr contents
18.aoa contents, copies, cba diff
19.what is ism purpose, what change it made, why it came, solas refernce
20.solas reference isps, add safety measures
21.stcw what u know about, why it is there, new ammendments
22.fsc, psc difference
23.as co how will u guide or supervise ur 3off in carrying out lsaffa duties
24.how will u discard a wire
25.how will u ensure crew welfare, satisfaction
26.collision, grounding allocation of teams, actions
27.foul anchor, foul cable, grround tackle procedures
28.dry dock preparation before
29.olb entries