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Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018

Student Name: Mariam Abdularahman Student HCT ID number:

College: SWC Placement School: Fatima Al Zahra %
Visit 1 Visit 2 16.10.18

Visit 3 Visit 4 29.10.18

Achievement Achievement that Achievement that Achievement that Achievement that is Achievement that is
that clearly does narrowly fails to meet minimally meets the satisfactory meets significantly above the outstanding relative to
not meet requirements for course course requirements the course and GPA course and GPA the course and GPA
requirements for with normal grading but may not meet the requirements requirements requirements
course with mode. GPA requirement
normal grading

Commitment to Has not grasped Displays issues with Displays occasional Demonstrates Always demonstrates Prioritizes the needs of
the Profession the importance of attendance and issues with attendance consistent consistent attendance the school and students
attendance and punctuality and punctuality attendance and and punctuality over required working
punctuality punctuality hours
leading to
absences and/or

Fails to Has difficulties preparing Is generally prepared & Is prepared & ready Is well prepared & Consistently prepares
demonstrate a for lessons & being ready ready for each lesson, for each lesson, ready for each lesson high quality materials
willingness to on time but some materials and which are well organized
plan and prepare preparation is still
materials and needed

Does not Rarely participates in Occasionally Participates in school Actively participates in Has demonstrated
participate in school activities and participates in school activities outside the school activities outside initiative and
school activities displays some difficult activities outside the classroom and builds the classroom and commitment through
and has not developing relationships classroom and builds a positive relationships builds positive consistent involvement
developed relati across the school few positive within the school relationships with a in school based activities
onships across relationships within the through range of stakeholders resulting in a positive
the school, apart school collaboration with contribution to the
from the MST school
Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018
others across the

Does not respect Challenges school based Generally accepts Accepts school based Accepts school based Accepts school based
school based authority structures and school based authority authority structures authority structures authority structures and
authority has difficulty accepting structures and has and responsibility for and responsibility for responsibility for
structures & does responsibility for work- some difficulties resolving work-based resolving work-based independently resolving
not accept based problems, even resolving work-based problems with some problems with a work-based problems
responsibility for with support problems without some support growing level of
work-based support independence

Has not Inconsistently Generally demonstrates Generally Demonstrates a Demonstrates

developed a demonstrates a positive a positive attitude demonstrates a positive attitude exceptional enthusiasm
positive attitude attitude towards towards teaching and positive attitude towards teaching and and positivity towards
towards teaching teaching and learning learning but with some towards teaching and learning teaching and learning
and learning examples of negativity learning


Planning for Does not Completes long term and Completes long term Completes long term Completes detailed Completes detailed and
Learning complete long unit plans for some units and unit plans for some and unit long term/weekly and effective long term and
term and unit covered in the units covered in the plans/weekly plans unit plans covered in unit/ weekly plans for all
plans for units placement but are placement for all units covered the placement units covered in the
covered in the ineffective and/or have in the placement that placement
placement numerous errors cover all the areas to
be addressed

Has consistently Has inconsistently Has completed poor Has completed Has completed solid Has completed
failed to completed lesson plans quality lesson plans appropriate lesson lesson plans which are outstanding lesson plans
complete which are not always plans which are printed and available which are consistently
adequate lesson available upon request available for for MST/MCT upon printed and available for
plans MST/MCT upon request MST/MCT upon request

Lesson plans lack Lesson plans lack Lesson plans have Lesson plans have Lesson plans are well Lesson plans are
detail and may detail and may not sufficient detail to sufficient detail to detailed to secure exceptional to secure
not include include adequate generally secure secure satisfactory effective delivery and successful delivery and
learning learning objectives and effective delivery and delivery and include include testable include testable learning
Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018
objectives and assessments or these include learning testable learning learning objectives and objectives and a variety
assessments do not correlate, often objectives and some objectives and a variety of appropriate of appropriate
leading to leading to unsatisfactory assessments appropriate assessments and tasks assessments and tasks
unsatisfactory lesson delivery assessments
lesson delivery

Lesson plans are Lesson plans are Lesson plans show Lesson plans are Lesson plans are usually Lesson plans are
inconsistently inconsistently balanced some elements of generally balanced, balanced, engaging, consistently balanced,
balanced and and include limited balance but include engaging, effective effective and student- engaging, effective and
include no student-centred some student-centred and student-centred centred student-centred
student-centred activities activities

You need to move away from whole class teaching. Ss are disengaged. Ensure the activities fully support the LO identify the big/small family- you had them
writing the words rather than just identify which took time and Ss were disengaged.
Visit 4- LOs are mostly specific but use a more specific verb than ‘realise’. All activities support the LOs, however, you are still planning for the whole class
moving through one activity after another rather than using learning centres. There are lots of nice activities and several of these could be done
independently while you work more closely with Ss on one activity. It is difficult to check all their work this way and there is a lot of waiting time before and
after each activity. The second activity has been differentiated, although some Ss finished the HA activity quickly and some struggled with the LA task.. Good
to see the Ss being involved in writing activities, although many Ss need support with this. If you used centres you could sit with the group doing the writing
activity and really support them as well as assess them.

There was Arabic translation for the prepositions in the first activity. Some Ss will just read the Arabic and not try the English. If you want to scaffold/support
Ss then have a visual image with the words that they can refer to in English. Encourage Ss using the language as they could do the jigsaw without talking.
Activities need to be more child-centred as everything has been done by you.
Add prepositions behind/in front of for the more able.

Managing Does not use Attempts to use Uses appropriate Uses appropriate classroom Uses appropriate Uses a wide range of
Learning classroom classroom classroom management management strategies to classroom appropriate
management management strategies which generally secure a safe and effective management classroom
strategies strategies but these secure a safe and effective learning environment strategies to management
effectively, or do not generally learning environment consistently secure a strategies to
consistently, leading achieve a safe and/ safe and effective consistently secure a
to an ineffective or effective learning learning environment safe and effective
and/or unsafe environment learning
learning environment
Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018
There are no Classroom routines Some classroom routines Establishes and manages Establishes and A variety of
established and transitions are and transitions are classroom routines and consistently manages classroom routines
classroom routines inconsistently implemented transitions, with minor classroom routines and transitions are
and transitions implemented issues and transitions well established and

Reinforced the rules at the beginning of the lesson. Ss very lively later on and you need to refer back to the rules-keep reinforcing these. Move away from whole class
teaching as many Ss not engaged. Lots of drill and repetition you saying the word or phrase and Ss repeating very T directed.
Explain the activity before asking them to get the file from their desks as it was very noisy. You have tried various strategies to manage behavior although Ss very noisy and
disengaged and often not listening or interested. Ss were more engaged when they had an individual activity to do rather than work as a whole class.
Visit 4- reviewed the rules before starting the lesson and a rhyme for sitting quietly.
Let SS give out work. You did use group leaders to collect the resources on the table.
Used positive reinforcement for the group sitting quietly. As there was lots of waiting after/before each activity Ss got restless and you then used less
positive reinforcement and more threatening.

Implementing Does not utilize the Utilizes the gradual Utilizes the gradual Utilizes the gradual Utilizes the gradual Utilizes the gradual
Learning gradual release release model with release model with some release model with minor release model with release model to
model limited effectiveness irregularities general effectiveness ensure students can
effectiveness complete the task

The pacing of The pacing of The pacing of lessons may Lessons are usually paced Lessons are Lessons are paced to
lessons may result lessons may result result in some students to ensure students are consistently paced to ensure students are
in a significant in some students sometimes being appropriately engaged ensure students are appropriately
proportion of the being disengaged, disengaged, overwhelmed and challenged appropriately engaged engaged and
class being overwhelmed &/or or off task and challenged challenged and the
disengaged, off task needs of individual
overwhelmed &/or students are met
off task

Material presented Material presented Material presented may Presents material which is Presents material which Consistently presents
frequently/ may sometimes lack occasionally lack accuracy generally accurate, is accurate, meaningful, material which is
significantly lacks accuracy and/or and/or meaningfulness. meaningful and accessible accessible and accurate,
accuracy and/or meaningfulness. to support student differentiated to meaningful,
meaningfulness. engagement and learning. support student accessible and
Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018
Differentiation is Differentiation Sometimes includes engagement and differentiated to
rarely implemented is implemented but not differentiation with learning support student
necessarily effectively growing effectiveness engagement and

Comments: Materials are gender stereotypical e.g. dad works mother cooks. Please avoid this. You have tried to differentiate in the second activity but they are all reading
5 sentences, it’s just one group has part of the sentence on the worksheet. Differentiate according to the LO.
Visit 4- very organized with the resources for activity 2.

Assessment Rarely develops and Rarely develops and Develops and implements Develops and implements Develops and Develops and
implements implements some formative formative assessment implements a range of implements a wide
formative formative assessment strategies strategies which are valid formative assessment range of formative
assessment assessment and reliable strategies which are assessment strategies
strategies strategies and is valid and reliable which are valid and
generally reliant on reliable
observations and

Does not develop Develops a Develop a summative Develop a summative Develop a valid and Develop an
any summative summative assessment task for a unit assessment task for a unit reliable summative outstanding
assessment tasks assessment task for of work with some errors of work which is generally assessment task for a summative
a unit of work which and omissions. effective unit of work assessment task for a
has limited unit of work which is
effectiveness valid and relevant

I can see you are trying to assess although this was a group activity and you were not sure who had done the work.

Reflection on Student fails to Little reflection on Inconsistent and vague Reflects on their own Consistently reflects on Consistently reflects
Practice understand the their own practice reflections on their own practice leading to their own practice on their own practice
importance of which leads to practice leading to little improvement with some leading to leading drawing
reflecting on own limited improvement of practice guidance and support improvements in a effectively in theory
practice and/or improvement of range of areas leading to habitual
display the ability to practice improvement
do so meaningfully
Teaching Practice Assessment Rubric Semester 7, 2018
Fails to understand Little reflection on Some reflection on Reflects on student Reflects on student Consistently reflects
the importance of student learning student learning is learning learning in a meaningful on student learning in
reflecting on evident, but it is quite way a meaningful way
student learning vague and repetitive

Reflections are Reflections are Reflections are done Reflections are conducted Reflections are Outstanding
rarely conducted inconsistently inconsistently but are and recorded most of the conducted and reflections are
and/ or are not conducted, are accessible to the MST and time and are accessible to recorded consistently conducted which are
readily accessible to ineffective and/ or MCT the MST and MCT and are accessible to very organized,
the MST and MCT are not readily the MST and MCT consistently done and
accessible to the are accessible to the


Using a song to start.

How do you know if they can read the words when reading silently? Point to the phrases and get them to read with you to check.

Did not have time for activity 3.

Grammar- What he’s doing (what is he doing?)

The dad work on the computers (works)

Visit 4-You have shown improvement in behaviour management strategies since the last observation although you need to keep it positive.
Activities support the LOs although there are many activities and much waiting time in between these which affects the behaviour management.
Think about the way you are organising the learning in the classroom and try to implement centres (this is why we wanted to use a classroom
with the tables in groups). When going through so many activities with the whole class it is difficult to see if all Ss are able to understand. If you
sit with one group and allow the others to work independently then you will have a much better understanding of the Ss understanding and
better able to assess thoroughly.