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Volume 14 Issue 17 FREE December 7, 2018

Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

Moultrie Middle
School asks
community to
‘Choose Kind’ IOP HOME



oultrie Middle School Principal Ryan
Cumback says one of the many
reasons his school is an amazing
place to learn and work is the kind-hearted
nature of the students.
“It seems like every other day a group of
students is asking for permission to raise
money for a good cause and because our
staff understands the importance of leading (above) The new DeepWater Church. (inset) The Coleman family is thrilled to be living on the Isle of Palms, where
by example, we have decided to change Jessica Mattice Coleman grew up, from left to right Emma, Lily, Jessica and Paul and babe-in-arms Maci.
the focus of this year's Patriots’ Promise
fundraising campaign,” says Cumback.
Moultrie leaders are still asking for support
for important PTO projects, for example, FA I T H FA M I LY C O N N E C T S W I T H L O C A L Y O U T H
addressing playground needs as the school
expands and making sure all students have BY MIMI WOOD
school supplies, clothing, and other basic THE ISLAND EYE NEWS STAFF WRITER
necessities. But they also want to reach

outward and show compassion to students
in the Pee Dee region who are coping with aul Coleman wasn’t looking to start a Jessica into his confidence. “I have something
the aftermath of Hurricane Florence as well new church. As one of the founding to tell you,” he started. “You might want to
as several projects for local middle schools. pastors of The Church at LifePark sit down.”
A fundraising letter recently went home in north Mount Pleasant he thought he’d “When Paul told me he wanted to start a
to school families introducing this year's be there forever. “LifePark was growing, new church, I froze. For some crazy reason,
“Choose Kind” theme at the school, while says Paul. “As the Next Generation Pastor all I could think was, ‘He’s going to want
outlining three giving options that the greater I oversaw 10 employees, and nearly 600 to move to South Dakota,’” says Jessica. “I
community is invited to contribute to as well. congregants, from pre-school through high thought my heart was going to beat out of my
Choose Others: Moultrie students have a school. I was happy, my wife Jessica and our chest with joy when he told me ‘Isle of Palms’
wonderful environment in which to learn. To three daughters were happy; everything was … it’s where I grew up!” says Jessica.
help the displaced students in the Pee Dee on an upward trajectory.” Paul’s associate and friend at LifePark,
who are coping with Hurricane Florence and And then, while taking a run one evening Pastor Chad Moore, was blindsided. “Yet
to brighten the day of others at Moultrie and after a meal at his in-law’s island home, out when I told him about my vision; he was
in the Charleston County School District, of the blue (literally) “I felt a ‘very strong immediately supportive. ‘I’m happy for you,
Moultrie families will buy water filtration impression’ from above. I felt a calling to but sad for us,’” Paul recalls, going on to joke
systems and basic school supplies for those
start a church on the Isle of Palms.” that Moore was “so happy, and the LifePark
in need. Goal: $15,000.
Choose Health: As Moultrie’s building At first he tried to ignore it. “I didn’t know congregation so supportive, I thought, ‘Maybe
if it was real. Or if I wanted it to be real,” they were looking to get rid of me!’”
Paul recalls. But the more he fought it, the
Moultrie continues on page 3 stronger he felt the calling. He finally took DeepWater continues on page 4


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2 December 7, 2018

Sullivan’s Island Town Council meeting

T U E S D A Y, N O V . 2 0


he agenda for Town of Sullivan’s Island town council meetings is month’s Council meeting, as well a set from a special council meeting
usually measured in hectares; both sides of an 8.5/14 sheet of held on November 5. Councilmember Rita Langley moved for some
paper. It was quite a bit shorter for the meeting at Town Hall on Nov. corrections, which were approved along with the minutes.
20. However, the items on the smaller sheet were highly concentrated TOSI’s plastic ban, ordinance 2018—06, won unanimous ratification
and drew a large audience with plenty of thoughts to contribute during upon its third reading. Councilmember Langley won congratulations as
citizen’s comments. the leader of the push, with the support of Councilmembers Bachman
Mayor O’Neil once again reminded attendees Sullivan’s is a small Smith, and Sarah Church. “Eat our dust,” said Mayor O’Neil in response
island (e.g. friends and neighbors all) as he urged civility to open citizen’s to the question [asked earlier in the meeting]; “Are you aware IOP is
comments. Sullivan’s Town Council strictly enforces a two-minute limit considering a stronger plastics ordinance to keep up with Sullivan’s,
on comments complete with a claxon to note expired time. There’s no and do you have any comment on the escalating “ban wars?”
resetting the timer so interruptions/reactions are strongly discouraged, Ordinance 2018-07, a measure updating Sullivan’s Island’s non-
as are questions that seek to engage Council in open-ended discussion. conforming structures law was read for the third time, but not without a
Level setting complete, residents sidled up to the microphone. hitch. Councilmember Mark Howard asked if the definition of “porches”
Resident Rick Reed complained of a post surgery hangover, but felt was clear enough, or if the ordinance’s language needed massaging.
restoration of the Crab Bank was important enough to show up. TOSI’s attorney weighed in saying the definition of a porch was generally
The issue of the maritime forest and “transition zone” fell with a understood for these purposes. The measure was unanimously ratified.
thud last month, but was back on November’s agenda and occupied Ordinance 2018-08 was read into the record for the first time. The
the remainder of citizen’s comments. Resident Brian Gullily asked the measure will increase business license fees and passed unanimously.
rhetorical question; “Why change what we’ve agreed to?” Non-resident Ordinance 2018-09 was read into the record for the first time in an
David Quick characterized the agreement as “a clear-cutting plan not effort to sync Town statutes with the wording used by the state of South
a management plan,” and Sullivan’s resident Fred Pittman suggested Carolina.
clearing only the beach access points. Resident Ned Henninger also TOSI then passed a resolution to raise the fees for building permits,
urged Council to cut less. as well as a resolution affirming the Town’s safety practices, a method
Residents Maria Andrews, Cindy Ewing, and Costal Conservation required to keep insurance rates low on the island. The pace of the
League representative Caroline Bradner had longer presentations that meeting ground to a crawl as attention turned to the transition zone.
reiterated last month’s points. To summarize; All attempts to amend or even pass the town’s Accreted Land
• There’s never been a maritime forest fire Management Plan fell with a thud during October’s Council meeting.
• It’s not a fire hazard according to the experts at Firewise The concern was TOSI would have to start from scratch, including the
• The land being cleared (12-17 acres) is too large approvals of cumbersome state agencies, so Council was determined to
• Managing it will cost too much, and is unnecessary have another run at the solution. The core proposal is as follows;
• It’s a buffer against erosion, flooding and hurricane damage “Band I (0-40 feet):
Resident and former TOSI Councilmember Susan Middaugh had • All non-native invasive species of flora shall be eradicated.
a different take than her presentation last month. “Why all this fuss • All trees > 6” DBH shall be retained, except cedar and pine species
about myrtles? Myrtles are a keystone maritime species. Myrtles are • All understory, shrubs (including myrtles), cedar and pine species
the first woody shrubs to grow behind new dune lines. And these back- and small trees (defined as < 6” DBH) shall be removed
dune shrubs are essential for trapping windblown sand to broaden the Band II (40-100 feet):
dunes. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, it is not just the • All non-native invasive species of flora shall be eradicated
height, but especially the breadth of the dunes that serve a protective • All trees shall be retained within this band
function. • Where the band is adjacent to the forest areas: All understory,
“Myrtles can grow in this harsh back-dune environment of sandy, shrubs and myrtles shall be removed
nutrient poor soil because they are nitrogen fixing shrubs. This vital • Where the band is adjacent to grasslands, shrub and non-forest
quality, and the high mineral content of their leaves are the key to areas: Three-quarters (75%) of all existing myrtles shall be removed
preparing the soil for more diverse maritime vegetation including as will any that sprout in their place. 25% of myrtles shall remain in
smaller trees, and then oaks. Myrtles are salt tolerant and provide a those areas where myrtles currently exist.”
shield for other plants to develop in their salt shadow. Every small oak 1. Councilmember Church moved to replace the word “removed”
in our accreted land stands in the shelter of one or more myrtles. with “cut.” A lengthy debate ensued, but the amendment was
“Myrtles can tolerate cyclical drought and flooding that are basic accepted despite “no” votes by Councilmembers Clark and Reese.
features of the accreted land where they predominate today. If sea oats 2. Councilmember Smith moved to retain everything in band 2
and grasses could grow there, they would already be there. Those who except invasive species. The support of Howard and Church,
think we can simply remove the myrtles and plant sea oats, sweet grass, however, was not enough and the motion failed.
or oaks in the same location, don’t understand the ecology. We need to 3. Mayor O’Neil moved to add “band 2 shall not extend east beyond
recognize that when we remove the myrtles, we are choosing to remove station 28.5 (e.g. the dome house),” and won unanimous support.
a key species that is at the heart of the maritime environment. This 4. Councilmember Church moved to retain all myrtles in the last 15
should be done sparingly and with care,” concluded Middaugh. She feet of zone 2, and the amendment was ultimately accepted.
received a hearty second to her comments from resident Ms. Pittman. There was an awkward silence, the vote was taken, and the Accreted
The first of TOSI’s action items was the approval of minutes from last Land Management Plan was ratified as amended. “Well, I am relieved,”
said Mayor O’Neil.
The meeting picked up the pace again. Council quickly approved its
2019 meeting schedule, approved a motion authorizing Thomas and
Hutton to proceed with Phase I of an in-flight storm drainage project
and to begin planning of the Phase II counterpart. Each of the hazard
mitigation efforts have about a million dollars of Federal Emergency
Management Agency grant money available, which Town Administrator
Andy Benke warned would not completely cover the costs of the projects.
Benke continued with his Town Administrator’s report to Council
by announcing open positions on the Board of Zoning Appeals and the
Planning Commission.
Reporting for the Administrative Committee, Councilmember Reese
reminded TOSI a vote on increasing fees for dog licenses is on the
horizon. The plan is to increase the cost of permits for “off island”
dogs from $35 – $50. He also floated the idea of instituting fees of $50
(residents) and $100 (non-residents) for fires on the beach. He said
the problem with “free” fires is people don’t clean up after themselves
despite the threat of fines.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The
next meeting of the Sullivan’s Island Town Council will be held Dec. 18.

December 7, 2018 3

Isle of Palms Mayor’s Message

Lucky Dog Publishing
o f SC, LL C
Publisher of the

The Island Eye News
t is the most wonderful time your vehicle and get your
of the year. It’s the season of Resident Parking Permit. Getting and The Island Connection
celebrations and the season your residential parking decals is
of giving. free and easy. You can complete
The City experienced the application online at IOP.net
unprecedented tidal flooding or visit the Isle of Palms Public
Thanksgiving holiday weekend Safety Building located at 30 J C
due to a combination of a king Long Blvd.
tide, a nor’easter and a full moon. Congratulations to the Town
Unfortunately, the experts say of Sullivan’s Island, Town of
that tidal flooding will happen Mount Pleasant and the City of Lynn Pierotti
more frequently due to rising sea Charleston on approving a ban lynn@luckydognews.com
levels. on single-use plastics, disposable publisher
You have probably heard me straws and Styrofoam products!
say this repeatedly: Drainage The City of Isle of Palms was the Katy Calloway
is our #1 priority. Last month, first municipality in the state katy@luckydognews.com
City Council approved a contract to ban single-use plastic bags. managing editor

with Thomas & Hutton to The Public Works Committee is Jennifer Tuohy
develop recommendations and evaluating expanding the City’s jennifer@luckydognews.com
cost estimates for improving the ordinance to also include certain contributing editor
outfalls located at 30th, 36th one-time use plastics and
and 41st Avenues; this work is Styrofoam products. Swan Richards
expected to be completed by early Please share this good news senior graphic designer
spring of 2019. City Council is with your neighbors: The
being proactive and doing what Recreation Center is now open Alejandro Ferreyros
graphic designer
it can to protect our community. on Sundays from 1–5 p.m.
I’m sure you have seen the Support our local businesses Jimmy Carroll. Lori McGee 843-614-0901
new parking signs along Palm this winter. Stop by Front Beach advertising executive
Blvd. between 21st and 40th to have a delicious meal, go
Ave. The City has rolled in new shopping and enjoy the light Christian LeBlanc
parking regulations to ensure displays right in your backyard. Moultrie continues from cover christian@luckydognews.com
the safety of both citizens and Parking is free on the street and social media

vehicles. Vehicles must parallel in the Municipal Parking Lot. footprint expands into the
current playground space, Gregg Bragg
park at least four feet away from Please pat our dedicated,
the school will need to reset Mimi Wood
the pavement on both sides of hardworking city staff members
Palm Blvd. between 21st and on the back whenever you get and upfit its playground with staff writers

40th Ave., and double parking a chance. They all deserve our fun and popular equipment,
on the passenger side of any thanks and well wishes. a covered area for hot days, a
four-square court for friendly •
vehicle that is parallel parked is
prohibited. competition, and tether ball to
Merry Christmas and challenge students’ skills. Goal:
The City’s parking regulations
are enforced year-round between Happy New Year, everyone! $10,000. CONTRIBUTORS
9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Please register Choose Moultrie: As students
at Moultrie need warm, clean
or larger uniforms, school Moultrie Middle School PTO
supplies, or a little extra Carol Antman

support, the school’s Patriot’s Angelina Ricci Eisenhauer
Promise is to make sure every Dimi Matouchev
student at Moultrie has what
they need to focus their energy •
The Island Eye News is looking for writers and on learning. Goal: No limit!
photographers in the Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms Payments for any or all of the PUBLISHED BY
communities to cover civic events and social interest stories. tax deductible promises can be Lucky Dog Publishing
Have you always wanted to write? Do you love taking made online through Moultrie. of South Carolina, LLC
pictures? CCSDSchools.com, hand- P.O. Box 837
delivered to the Moultrie Middle Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
Please contact Katy@LuckyDogNews.com. 843.886.NEWS
School front desk or mailed to
Newspaper experience not needed, Patriots’ Promise, 645 Coleman Submit your letters to the editor to:
just a love for your community. Boulevard, Mount Pleasant, SC katy@luckydognews.com
CIVIC CALENDAR DEC. 12 for our DEC. 21 issue


Isle of Palms Tuesday, Dec. 18
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Municipal Court Wednesday, Dec. 19 Goat Island and Dewees Island. Copies
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2056 Middle Street
December 7, 2018 5

DeepWater continues from cover letter to the editor

And thus, less than three new church was starting up on Crab Bank needs your help
months ago, DeepWater Church the island,” Allyson enthuses,
on the Isle of Palms was born. “We reached out to Paul and Dear Editor,
“We are a faith family, told him we would like to help It seemed like an impossible dollar figure for our Department of
passionately pursuing Jesus, in any way we could. It’s a great Natural Resources to match the Army Corps of Engineer’s price tag on
and deeply loving the island community; we call it our ’Faith restoring Crab Bank a few months ago. Now we are down to $400,000
and beyond,” Paul says, citing Family.’ And we love that it’s on to make the December 14 deadline.
the congregation’s mission the island, so close to home.” There has been an incredible surge from school children, to National
statement. “We are multi- “We are here to love and serve Fish and Wildlife, to regional businesses and an Audubon grant, to
generational; we value all ages,” the people on Isle of Palms, make it possible for future generations of birds to survive and thrive.
he says. Drawing from his roots and beyond,” Paul told IOP City There is now a need for citizens who benefit the most from restored
as a youth minister, however, Council, as he introduced himself habitat to make private contributions to close the deal.
“We do have a strong focus as an IOP resident and pastor at Because SI would be a major beneficiary of the Crab Bank
on children and youth. I want the November meeting. “How can Restoration site and because many of the bird refugees from the Irma
church to be a place they want we serve you?” destroyed Crab Bank are unable to nest or rest where Sullivan’s Island
to come. I want kids to ask their Paul estimates his small but has heavy public, dog and predator impact; it is our turn to step up.
parents, ‘Is today a church day?’” growing attendance consists of Isle of Palms and all of the Lowcountry will benefit from this unique
opportunity to see remarkable sea and shore birds in flight, on the
“We embrace several core 45 to 50 congregants, and 35 to
nest and gathering to rest.
values,” Paul says. “One is 40 kids. “We are in the process of Since Sullivan’s Island is just a short trip away by boat or kayak and
‘Passionate Worship.’ We are figuring out what the community in need of a buffer from westerly storms and ever larger ship wakes,
spiritually vibrant. I strive to needs. Obviously we’re not we stand to benefit the most. Please consider a Christmas gift to your
make The Bible come alive, to be fighting poverty or literacy on barrier island neighbors – both human and avian – that will restore Crab
compelling, to draw people to the the Isle of Palms. But every Bank. More about this project can be found at SCCoastalBirds.org.
teachings of Scripture. Also, our community has issues. How do Thanks for your support.
music is upbeat and engaging, we serve, and bless, and make
with a blend of newer worship our city better?” he says. Barrier Island Neighbors for Crab Bank,
songs and hymns.” DeepWater Church currently Sarah Harper Diaz, Mary Edna Frase, Mary Alice Monroe, Mary Pringle
“We want people to walk in and holds its service every Sunday Mail checks to BINCB, 1851 Flag St., Sullivan’s Island, SC 29487.
sense genuine hospitality and at 5 p.m., at St. Mark’s Luthern
care, no matter their spiritual Individual recognition to you will be as charter members of BINCB,
Church, 300 Palm Blvd. on the 501c3 in process.
background,” he continues. Isle of Palms, across from the IOP
Islanders Allyson and Chris Exchange Club. All are welcome.
Fralish felt exactly that. Their Youth meet at the same location All letters submitted to The Island Eye News must bear a full name, address and
three children were enrolled in on Wednesdays, from 6:30-8 phone number for verification. Only the author’s name and city will be printed.
Student Ministry at LifePark, p.m. Check out Paul Coleman’s Submissions are accepted via email to katy@luckydognews.com or mail to PO.
but they didn’t really know Paul video on DeepWater’s website at Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482.
Coleman personally. DeepWaterChurch.cc.
Letters may be edited for length and readability. The Island Eye News reserves
“We were so excited to hear a the right to reject letters that are libelous, unseemly, not individually addressed
to The Island Eye News or that have been previously published elsewhere.

Holiday Shopping Guide
December 7, 2018 9

At the Rec... 843.886.8294 iop.net

New Sunday Hours from 1–5 p.m.
Adult Play 1–3 p.m. (18 years and older)
Family Play 3–5 p.m. NEW PROGRAMMING FOR 2019
Rules for Open Gym (adult): Conversational Spanish: Travel & Leisure
• Must be 18 years and older. Jan. 23 – Feb. 27
• Players will sign in as they arrive to reserved their space in Wednesdays, 7–8 p.m.
the next game.
• Teams will be set-up in the order players arrive. $90 residents/$95 non-residents
• Games are played 5 on 5 full court, first 10 players to show Conversational Spanish class focusing on language and cultural
up get to play first game. training that will enable non-native speakers to partake in the
• Baskets count for 1 point, 20’ or longer shot counts for 2 marvels of the Hispanic world.
• First team to get to 15 points wins. Winning team stays on the
Little Lotus Yoga
• No team may play more than two (2) games in a row. Jan. 10 – Jan. 31
• Winning team of 1st game played gets to play against next Thursdays, 8:15–9 a.m
team waiting. Players call their own fouls. No free throws. $40 residents/$45 non-residents
Children can grow into their own practice of yoga; learning to
strength their concentration skills and calm their minds.

Giggling Artist Pre-K (3-5yrs)

Jan. 10 – Jan. 31
Thursdays, noon–12:40 p.m.
$75 resident/$80 non-resident
Projects will be themed exposing children to elements of line, shape,
color and texture. Participants will bring home a project each class.

Giggling Artist (4-8 yrs)

Oct. 22 – Dec. 3
Mondays 12:30–1 p.m.
After school with back porch art. Children will explore with canvas,
paper and wood, clay, acrylics and watercolors. All materials


OR PICK ONE UP AT THE REC Hamlet Performance Workshop (8-13yrs)
Jan.10 – March 14
Thursdays, 4–5:30 p.m.
$150 resident/$155 non-resident
Build on the fundamentals of acting with games that use body
movement and improvisation.
Minimum of 15 participants to hold activity.
$10 resident/ $15 non-resident

December 7, 2018 11

Basket Brigade
provides holiday cheer


n Nov. 20 volunteers from the tri-county assembled at the
Charleston Area Convention Hall to assemble and deliver
Thanksgiving meals to over 3,500 Berkeley, Charleston and
Dorchester county residents. More than 300 volunteers assisted.
The Charleston Basket Brigade is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit with a
mission to bring the community together to feed families in need every
Thanksgiving. Founded in 2008 by Michelle Scarafile and Pam Hartley,
CBB uses 100% of funds raised for buying food, providing each family
with a box of ingredients to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. Recently
celebrating its 10th anniversary, the organization has raised more
than $745,000 and served roughly 25,000 families in need since its
inception. For more information visit CharlestonBasketBrigade.com.

Volunteers pack the Charleston Area Convention Center. Over 3,500 residents in the
tri-county area received boxes.
Over 300 volunteers assisted in assembling boxes

December 7, 2018 13

sle of Palms
ushered the
holidays in, island
style at its annual
Front Beach Holiday
Street Festival,
which featured
local entertainment,
carnival rides,
holiday shopping
and a visit from
the Jolly Old Elf
himself. The free
event, sponsored
by the City of Isle
of Palms, highlights
the Christmas tree
lighting, which
was announced
by Mayor Jimmy
Carroll and SIES
IOP Mayor Jimmy Carroll and Sullivan’s Island Elementary
first grade student
School first grader, Zoe Newman, count down to the tree
lighting. Zoe Newman.

ullivan’s Island hosted its annual lighting event at the Fire

Station/Town Hall complex on Middle St., Friday evening Nov
30. The Wando High School Chorus performed and children got
to visit with Santa.

PHOTOS BY VIRGINIA STITH Santa and his little helper.

14 December 7, 2018

Audubon SC receives $700,000 grant




udubon South Carolina partnerships for coastal Charleston region, and will Together with groups
is pleased to announce resiliency,” said Sharon generate tremendous benefits for including South Carolina
that it has been awarded Richardson, executive director nearby communities, shorebirds Coastal Conservation League,
a $700,000 grant through the of Audubon South Carolina. and other wildlife.” Coastal Expeditions Foundation
National Coastal Resilience Fund, “The restoration of Crab Bank The Charleston Harbor and South Carolina Wildlife
a partnership between National is truly a win-win initiative,
Fish and Wildlife Foundation, helping protect the vulnerable
the National Oceanic and Shem Creek community while “THE RESTORATION OF CRAB BANK IS TRULY A WIN-WIN
Atmospheric Administration, preserving critical habitat for our INITIATIVE, HELPING PROTECT THE VULNERABLE SHEM CREEK
Shell Oil Company, and declining seabird population.” COMMUNITY WHILE PRESERVING CRITICAL HABITAT FOR OUR
TransRe. Audubon will direct In partnership with NOAA, DECLINING SEABIRD POPULATION.”
the funds toward efforts by NFWF launched the National
South Carolina’s Department Coastal Resilience Fund this year
of Natural Resources and the to support projects that engage deepening project presents a Federation, Audubon South
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers communities and reduce their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Carolina is working with SCDNR
to restore Crab Bank Seabird vulnerability to growing risks add approximately 28 acres the to help raise the required funds
Sanctuary Island in Mount from coastal storms, sea-level severely eroded barrier island under the auspices of the SC
Pleasant. rise, flooding, erosion, wildfires using some 600,000 cubic yards Coastal Bird Program. The NFWF
“We are so grateful to receive and drought by strengthening of bottom soils dredged as part grant marks a major milestone in
this grant from the natural ecosystems that also of the deepening project. To the group’s fundraising efforts,
National Coastal benefit fish and wildlife. The accomplish this critical ecological bringing the total remaining
Resilience Fund, Crab Bank grant was one task, SCDNR must contribute needed to secure the project
which elevates the of 35 awarded through a $1.5 million of the project’s total down to $350,000.
restoration of Crab competitive grant process estimated, multi-million dollar “We’re elated. This is a
Bank as a national that cumulatively cost by mid-December. tremendous sign of support
priority and serves as directed $28.9 million “Prioritizing restoration of from federal agencies for an
a new model of toward projects in 22 Crab Bank demonstrates that ecologically significant Crab
private-public states and Puerto Rico. our community values a future Bank and our local sea and
“The National Coastal with healthy wildlife populations shorebirds, and it echoes the
Resilience Fund brings and refuses to let the tide generosity we’ve already seen at
together the public and private take away our most treasured every level in our community,”
sectors to maximize resources Lowcountry resources,” said Laura Cantral, executive director
to conserve habitats and help Felicia Sanders, wildlife biologist of the Coastal Conservation
protect coastal communities,” with SCDNR. “Thanks to funding League, said. “This brings us
said Jeff Trandahl, executive from the NFWF, Crab Bank is to the final homestretch of
director and CEO of NFWF. “The closer to once again becoming a fundraising to restore Crab
grant supporting Crab Bank’s home to abundant wildlife and Bank. It is time to close the gap.”
restoration builds on significant a place where people can get an
coordination and planning that up-close view of the spectacular
already has been done in the natural world.”

December 7, 2018 15

Therapy to help adopted children and teens



new counseling office, “A lot of times a child or teen surprised to learn their child was improve their confidence and self-
Bridgepointe Therapy, is struggling with anxiety, experiencing these thoughts, and esteem, and to strengthen their
recently opened in depression, or anger, but when children are relieved to no longer relationships with their families
Charleston to specialize in we get to the root of the issue, have to carry these worries alone. and friends. Often, this requires
working with adoptive and foster we uncover that the anxiety is Belknap encourages parents exploring thoughts and feelings
families. This is Charleston’s only the child worrying that he has to to consider the connection to related to their adoption story
counseling center exclusively for be good enough in order to earn adoption if their child or teen and birth family. For this reason,
adoptive families. Based in West Belknap offers complimentary
Ashley, Bridgepointe Therapy phone consultations to talk
serves families from throughout through parents’ concerns and
the tri-county area. determine if counseling with an
“After talking to over 20 adoption therapist is necessary.
professionals in the adoption and Bridgepointe Therapy is a
mental health fields, I consistently counseling office for adoptive
heard how significant the need is families located in Charleston.
for a therapist who understands Bridgepointe Therapy provides
adoption,” said Emily Belknap, individual therapy and family
Bridgepointe Therapy’s owner therapy to children, teens and
and therapist. “There are parents who are members
complex needs to address when of adoptive families, pre-
working with adoptive families, the right to stay in the family. is struggling emotionally or adopt families, foster families
such as identity, loss and grief, Or the depression is about the behaviorally whether they were and birth families. Visit
navigating open adoption, adolescent feeling worthless adopted a week ago or a decade BridgepointeTherapy.com for
trauma, attachment, and how to because of the misbelief that ago. “When the adoption piece additional information or call
share difficult information about her own birth mother didn’t love is missed in therapy, it can lead 843.628.6381 to schedule
a child’s adoption story in an or want her. Or the anger is to worse outcomes for the child a consultation. Bridgepointe
age-appropriate way.” because it’s easier to feel angry and the family as a whole,” she Therapy is located in West Ashley
Belknap has been providing than to feel sadness and grief explains. at 1365 D Ashley River Rd,
therapy to adoptive families for about being separated from his Belknap’s goal is to help Charleston.
the past few years at an agency birth mother.” Parents are often adopted children and teens
in the Washington, DC area,
and relocated to Charleston
eager to help meet this need
for an adoption therapist in the
“One thing I’ve realized is that
parents and professionals don’t
always recognize the impact that
adoption has not just around
the time of the adoption, but
throughout childhood and
adulthood,” explains Belknap.
“Children may go years without
struggling, but then reach a new
developmental level where they
understand their adoption story
in deeper ways both intellectually
and emotionally.”
It’s common for adoption-
related struggles to mask
themselves as other feelings or
behaviors. Belknap explains,

December 7 Is l a nd E y e C a l e nda r December 26
ONGOING Mondays grandparent, or friend to play MORE INFO: Come play with Bay Gourmet, will be available beneficial in calming anxiety and 1-5, Huck Finn School presents Saturday, Dec. 22
WHAT: Mingle With Kringle WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle  and explore in The Charleston our games or bring your own. for $10 each on site. Dave N reducing symptoms of depression, holiday fun and giftmaking.
WHERE: James Island County Park Museum. With a focus on 843.883.3914. Dubs Hot Dog Joint will be decreasing pain, and more. Call Decorate wooden ornaments, WHAT: Creative Writing Club
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library (children 6-11)
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays WHEN: 10:30 a.m. developing fine motor skills, selling hot dogs and brats. to register 843.388.1834. create small holiday gifts and
in December, select times each program includes four craft Second Monday of the Month CharlestonCountyParks.com for wrapping. Classes limited to WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
MORE INFO: Come and share WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
MORE INFO: Book a private projects as well as finger paints, tickets and info. 16 participants. $25 per child.
visit before the Holiday Festival
your stories. 843.883.3914.
  a puppet stage, a sandbox, WHAT: IOP Front Beach Trash Sunday, Dec. 9 Register at HuckFinnSchool.com. MORE INFO: Do you love to write?
of Lights gets busy during and more. $6 Members/$9 Sweep WHAT: Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Join our monthly writing club to
Tuesdays WHEN: 4:30-5:30 p.m. WHAT: Soul of the Lowcountry write and share your work with
the evening. Professional Non-Members. To register visit Batman Smells Oyster Roast WHAT: Pinecone Owl
photographer will take photos of WHAT: Toddler Storytime CharlestonMuseum.org. WHERE: Sign-ins at restrooms/ WHERE: Dock Street Theater Ornaments (children) friends. Call 843.883.3914 or
showers, 1100 block of Palm Blvd. WHERE: Sunlean, 3211 Eenjy email poe@ccpl.org.
your group, of up to 5 people, and WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library WHEN: Dec. 8 & 15, 3 p.m. Lane, Johns Island WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
Santa sitting in his sleigh. If your WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHAT: Barn Jam MORE INFO: Isle of Palms MORE INFO: Contemporary WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
Cleanup Crew holds trash sweeps WHEN: 1-4 p.m. WHAT: Breakfast with Santa
group has more than 5 people, MORE INFO: Enjoy picture WHERE: Sewee Outpost, Awendaw holiday classic by Allison MORE INFO: The Lowcountry Land MORE INFO: Craft a cute owl
book multiple spots. You'll receive books, flannel board fun, sing-a- WHEN: 6-10 p.m. the second Monday of each month Gregory, directed by Marybeth ornament from pinecones, cotton WHERE: Wild Dunes Resort,
during off-season. Volunteers Trust’s 4th annual event features Coastal Provisions
the shots on a USB thumb drive. longs, poetry and activities that MORE INFO: Outdoor, year- Clark. First-grader, Junie B. a catered oyster roast, local brews and felt. 843.883.3914.
Gift Pass to visit the Holiday encourage language skills. (Ages round, original music showcase clean at least 30 minutes, and engages in Christmas capers. WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
after can gather at this month's and spirits, live music, and oyster MORE INFO: Enjoy a delicious
Festival of Lights on another 2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. under grand oaks by an old barn Suitable for ages 5 and up. Visit cup tastings with Lowcountry WHAT: Beach Lovers Book Club
evening of your choosing included that evokes the Lowcountry in a host, Acme Lowcountry Kitchen, CharletsonStage.com for tickets (adult) pancake buffet at Coastal
to enjoy a 25 percent food Oyster Co. Tickets $40, children Provisions and get your
with $65 fee. Call 843.795.4386 WHAT: Family Oriented Tours uniquely hyper-local bohemian and info. 12 and under are free. Visit WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
or visit CharlestonCountyParks. and Activities atmosphere. $5 donation at door, discount. City parking free in off- WHEN: 10:30 a.m. picture taken with Santa. Visit
season. Follow IOP Cleanup Crew LowcountryLandTrust.org. DestinationHotels.com/wild-
com for details. WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House all ages welcome, BYOB, pets WHAT: Santa’s Workshop on MORE INFO: Come for a
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on a leash, and always a family on Facebook for more. Sullivan’s discussion of “The School of dunes/events for details.
WHAT: Spirituals at Drayton Hall
WHAT: Southbound: MORE INFO: Family tours start friendly occasion. For info and WHERE: The Island Club, WHERE: Drayton Hall, 3380 Essential Ingredients” by Erica
Photographs of and about the on the half-hour between 10:30 Third Friday of the Month
New South am and 12:30 pm. Docent-led
lineup visit AwendawGreen.com.
WHAT: Homeschool History Days
Sullivan’s Island
WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Ashley River Rd. Bauermeister. Light refreshments
provided. 843.883.3914.
Wednesday, Dec. 26
WHEN: 3 p.m.
WHERE: Halsey Institute of scavenger hunt tours, historic Thursdays WHERE: Charleston Museum, MORE INFO: For elves in grades MORE INFO: African American WHAT: Winter Explorers Camp
Contemporary Art games and toys in the garden. 360 Meeting St. 1-5, Huck Finn School presents
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2 HistoricCharleston.org for info WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. holiday fun and giftmaking.
spirituals music in concert
with a rousing and memorable
Saturday, Dec. 19 WHERE: Palmetto Islands County Park
WHEN: Dec. 26-Jan. 4,
MORE INFO: An unprecedented and to purchase tickets. (adults) Decorate wooden ornaments,
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library MORE INFO: A special program performance by Ann Caldwell & What: Breakfast with Santa 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
exhibition co-curated by Mark for homeschooling families. create small holiday gifts and The Magnolia Singers. Guests will Where: Wild Dunes Resort, MORE INFO: Ages 6-9. Campers
Sloan, director and chief WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m. wrapping. Classes limited to
Wednesdays MORE INFO: Learn to play the Programs feature one of our enjoy informal house tours and a Coastal Provisions will explore outdoors, arts and
curator of the Halsey Institute WHAT: Toddler Days field trip classes, a chance to 16 participants. $25 per child. post-concert reception. Info and When: 10:30 a.m. crafts and play cooperative
of Contemporary Art, and Mark fun and fast-paced game of Register at HuckFinnSchool.com.
WHERE: Charleston Museum, American Mah Jongg.  Beginners go through the Museum, and tickets ($50/members, $65/non- Details: Enjoy a delicious pancake games. Programs designed with
Long, professor of political 360 Meeting St. an activity. Free with paid members) at DraytonHall.org. buffet at Coastal Provisions and the philosophy that physical and
science, both of whom are welcome. 843.883.3914. WHAT: Reindeer Run
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. admission. To register visit get your picture taken with Santa. emotional safety has to be the base
on the faculty of the College MORE INFO: Toddler Day classes CharlestonMuseum.org. WHERE: Downtown Charleston WHAT: Holiday Toy Drive Golf Visit DestinationHotels.com/wild- on which all fun and education can
of Charleston. For info visit WHAT: Family Oriented Tours WHEN: 9 a.m. be achieved. Call 843.795.4386 or
are designed for toddlers (18
months – 3 years) and a parent,
and Activities
WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House
Wednesday, Dec. 7 MORE INFO: Presented by Half-
WHERE: Wild Dunes Resort
dunes/events for details.
visit CharlestonCountyParks.com
WHAT: A Christmas Carol Moon Outfitters, family-oriented, WHEN: 11 a.m. to register.
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. pet-friendly 5k run/walk through
MORE INFO: Family tours start WHERE: Dock Street Theater Details: Holiday Toy Drive
WHEN: Runs thru Dec. 19 dates the lower peninsula of downtown Tournament benefiting the
on the half-hour between 10:30 Charleston. Over 3,500 runners
am and 12:30 pm. Docent-led vary, 7:30 p.m., Salvation Army. Captain’s
MORE INFO: Charleston Stage’s will raise money for MUSC Choice format and a raffle. Visit
scavenger hunt tours, historic Children’s Hospital. For details and
games and toys in the garden. musical adaptation of Dickens's DestinationHotels.com/wild-
immortal holiday classic. Adapted registration visit RunSignup.com. dunes/events for details.
HistoricCharleston.org for info
and to purchase tickets. for the stage and directed by
Julian Wiles. For tickets and info WHAT: STAR Therapy Dogs
WHAT: Jazz Night visit CharlestonStage.com. (children) Tuesday, Dec. 11
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHERE: The Refuge, IOP WHEN: 10:30 a.m. WHAT: POE-etry Writers Group
WHEN: 6:30-9:30 p.m.
MORE INFO: The Todd Beals Trio Saturday, Dec. 8 MORE INFO: Read to a furry WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
friend. 843.883.3914.
hosts jazz every Thursday night. WHAT: Shuckin’ on the Cooper MORE INFO: Gather with fellow
Traditional swing tunes, ballads WHERE: Mt. Pleasant Pier poets to share and improve your
and bossa novas. Singers & horn WHEN: 5-8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8 work. 843.883.3914.
players welcome. For info visit MORE INFO: 2nd annual holiday
CharlestonJazz.com. event sponsored by CCPRC. Enjoy WHAT: Foundations of Healing
view of Charleston’s Parade of Touch Class Saturday, Dec. 15
Fridays Boats that evening. Live music, WHERE: Roper St. Francis
Cancer Center, 2085 Henry WHAT: Santa’s Workshop on
WHAT: Board Game Afternoon food and beverages available for Sullivan’s
purchase. Tecklenburg Dr.
(family) WHEN: Dec. 8-9, 8:30 a.m-6 p.m., WHERE: The Island Club
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library Admission $8 in advance or $10 WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m.
on site if available. Buckets of MORE INFO: Healing Touch is
WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m. MORE INFO: For elves in grades
oysters, provided by Charleston
Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
island eats
week. Delivery available. $ Pizza 450
Specializing in local and 882-8088 Sizable pizza joint serving hefty
sustainable seafood. All Altantic thecoopsi.com pies and housemade ice cream,
Ocean sourced Seafood. $$-$$$ 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island plus breakfast & coffee. $$
886-FISH (3474) 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms The Dinghy Island
Laid back Key West Vibe, great 450pizza.com
Beard Cat’s food options, unique beers on 843.789.4107
Gelato made from locally sourced tap, spacious side porch, and live
ingredients, and coffee shop that music. $-$$ Pizza Hut
sits below Obstinate Daughter. $ 242-8310 Now serving Isle of Palms in the
416-5020 dinghyiop.com Harris Teeter shopping center.
beardcatsweetshop.com 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms Deliver right to your door or get
2063 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island carryout. $
Ben & Jerry’s Dunleavy’s Pub 886-5759
Set in a cabin like building, this order.pizzahut.com
Enjoy an array of ice cream 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
flavors, from Chocolate Therapy, Irish bar stages weekly live folk,
to Peach Cobbler on Isle of Palms’ country & acoustic music. $-$$
883-9646 Poe’s Tavern
Front Beach. $ Famous for their gourmet burgers
886-6314 dunleavysonsullivans.com
2213 Middle St., Sullivan's Island and chicken sandwiches, this Poe-
benandjerrys.com inspired eatery also features great
your island hair salon 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms High Thyme deals on fresh fish tacos. $$
A small island bistro, with a wide
843-883-9101 The Boathouse
Fresh, local seafood, and range of dishes, from seafood,
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island phenomenal sunset views from tapas on Tuesday, and a Sunday 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
the upper deck on Breach Inlet. brunch. $$-$$$
$$-$$$ 883-3536 Republic Ice Cream
886.8000 highthymecuisine.com Local ice cream shop serving
boathouserestaurants.com 2213 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island homemade ice cream and local
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms Charleston coffee. $
Home Team BBQ republicicecream.com
Not limited to barbeque, this 2120 Middle St., Sullivans Island
Cafe Paname casual eatery also serves salads,
Family owned and operated coffee wraps, tacos, and quesadillas, Saltworks Dockside Deli
shop serving locally roasted coffee. $$ Sunday Brunch. $$ Located inside the Isle of Palms
885-6303 883-3131 Marina Market, come enjoy
www.facebook.com/ teamteambbq.com breakfast, smoothies, and
cafepanameiop 2209 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island sandwiches. $-$$
1202 Palm Blvd., A, Isle of Palms 883-3355
Mex1 saltworkscc.com
Chills 360 Hip eatery serving Mexican
Dallas based shop serving Thai 50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
favorites, including tacos & tortas,
inspired rolled ice cream. $ with an island vibe. Live music, Seabiscuit Cafe
242-8469 outdoor seating. $$ A bright, cozy cafe with nautical
www.chills360.com 882-8172 touches serving a simple menu of
1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms mex1coastalcantina.com homestyle breakfast & lunch. $-$$
Coconut Joe’s & 2205 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island facebook.com/seabiscuitcafeiop
Island Joe’s Coffee Morgan Creek Grill 21 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
Spectacular views of the Atlantic Relax with a front row seat on Sullivan’s
on the rooftop bar and live music the Intracoastal Waterway while Grab a casual dinner of fried
every night during the summer. enjoying fresh seafood and flounder or crab cakes in a cozy
$-$$. Island Joe’s next door southern hospitality. $$ atmosphere as well as lunch on
featuring coffee and ice cream. $ 886-8980 the weekends. $$
886-0046 morgancreekgrill.com 883-3222
coconutjoes.biz 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms saltstation22.com
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms 2019 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
The Obstinate Daughter
The Co-Op Restaurant serving contemporary Windjammer
A gourmet deli specializing in Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta in Lively spot with a bar menu, a deck
breakfast and lunch sandwiches a rustic, coastal-inspired space. overlooking the water, and beach
as well as local coffee. Enjoy $$-$$$ volleyball court out back.$-$$
pantry staples including beer 416-5020 886-8596
and wine along with locally made theobstinatedaughter.com the-windjammer.com
products and house made take 2063 Middle St,Sullivan’s Island 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
and go meals. Open 7 days a

off-island eats
eggsupgrill.com facebook.com/notjustfranksatace
Regional Italian restaurant featuring 2664 Highway 17N, Mt. Pleasant 3008 N Highway 17, Mt Pleasant
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella
and Neapolitan style pizzas from the Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery Rusty Rudder
wood burning oven. $$$ Features a consistent rotation of locally Easygoing hangout offering American
843.884.6969 brewed beer made in Mount Pleasant. eats such as BBQ, seafood & steak,
baccocharleston.com Taproom, live music, food. $$ plus a bar & outdoor seats. $$
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mt. Pleasant 843.352.3462 843.388.3177
ghostmonkeybrewery.com rustyruddermtp.com
Bistro Toulouse 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
Parisian-style nook serving seasonal, H&R Sweet Shop Sewee Restaurant
regional French dishes with a modern Famous redfish and rice, fried Southern-style seafood & other fried
twist, plus global wines. $-$$ chicken, shrimp, bbq ribs. $ fare in a casual joint with checkered
216-3434 843.884.2118 tables & homey decor. $$
bistrotoulouse.com 102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant 843.928.3609
1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seeweerestaurantinc.com
Jack's Cosmic Dogs 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
Bon Banh Mi Kitschy space-themed spot serving
Southeast Asian Cuisine, Rice Bowls, hot dogs topped with creative Stack’s Coastal Kitchen
Noodles, Sandwiches, Small Plates, condiments, plus sides & ice cream. $ Join us for lunch, where we offer
Vegetarian Options $ 884-7677 fresh soup, salads, and sandwiches.
388-7080 jackscosmicdogs.com Enjoy dinner in a casual bistro-style
banhbonmi.com 2805 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant setting, nice selection and outdoor
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seating. $$
Eggs Up Grill
Not Just Franks 843.388.6968
Quick and tasty breakfast and lunch stackscoastalkitchen.com
Relaxed chain serving a menu of
stand. Egg sandwiches, hot dogs, 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt. Pleasant
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a
salads, grilled and deli sandwiches. $
colorful setting. $-$$
December 7, 2018

What’s smarter – paying off debts or investing?


t probably doesn’t happen as Evaluate your investment
much as you’d like, but you may opportunities.
occasionally have some extra You may have heard that one
disposable income. For example, season or another is a “better” time
perhaps you have recently received, to invest but there’s really no strong
or will soon receive, a year-end bonus. evidence to support this claim.
Or maybe you will get a sizable tax However, now that we are nearing the
refund in just a few months. Wherever end of the calendar year, and only a
this money comes from, you will want few months away from the tax-filing
to put it to good use. Should you use deadline on April 15, you may want
the cash to pay down debts or should to take advantage of at least one time-
you invest it instead? related investment opportunity.
There’s no simple answer, and Specifically, you could use whatever
everyone’s situation is different, but extra money you have to fully fund
here are a few suggestions for helping your IRA, if you haven’t done so
you make a good choice: already. For the 2018 tax year, you
Evaluate your cash flow. can contribute $5,500 to a traditional
If you already have enough cash or Roth IRA, or $6,500 if you are 50
to meet your daily living expenses, or older. (Depending on your income,
you might lean toward investing the you may not be able to contribute the
money, but if you are just getting by, full amount to a Roth IRA.) You’ve
possibly due to heavy debt payments, got until the April 15 deadline to fully
then you might be better off using fund your IRA, but if you have the
your newfound funds to reduce your money sooner, why wait? The quicker
debt load. Another way of possibly reducing your debt load is to build it’s in your account, the faster it can go to work for you.
an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living One final suggestion: If you have a company match as part of your
expenses, with the money kept in a liquid, low-risk account. Once 401(k) or similar retirement plan at work, consider contributing
you have such a fund, you could use it, instead of going into debt, enough to get your employer’s full matching contribution before you
to pay for unexpected costs, such as a new furnace or a major car pay down debts; don't leave this “free money” on the table.
repair. Your year-end bonus, tax refund or other source of beyond-the-
paycheck money can help you make progress toward your financial
Evaluate your debts. goals, so evaluate your situation and options carefully before making
Some of your debts are actually more “expensive” to you than any moves. It will be time well spent.
others. This expense level doesn’t necessarily refer to the size of the
debt, however. You might have a large mortgage, for instance, but Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, located
because your interest payments are typically tax deductible, your at 1505 Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more information, call
“after-tax” interest rate may be relatively modest. Therefore, you 843.886.9229 or visit EdwardJones.com.
might consider using your excess cash for investments, rather than
paying down your mortgage. But if you have consumer loans or credit
cards that carry a high interest rate and whose interest payments are
not deductible, you might be better off paying down this debt.

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Dec 7 7:42am/7:47pm 1:07am/1:49pm
Dec 8 8:23am/8:28pm 1:48am/2:31pm
Dec 9 9:02am/9:08pm 2:27am/3:12pm
Dec 10 9:41am/9:48pm 3:05am/3:52pm
Dec 11 10:21am/10:29pm 3:43am/4:32pm
Dec 12 11:01am/11:13pm 4:22am/5:12pm
Dec 13 11:45am 5:05am/5:55pm
Dec 14 12:01am/12:31pm 5:54am/6:41pm
Dec 15 12:53am/1:22pm 6:49am/7:31pm
Dec 16 1:48am/2:15pm 7:50am/8:22pm
Dec 17 2:43am/3:10pm 8:53am/9:14pm
Dec 18 3:38am/4:04pm 9:53am/10:06pm
Dec 19 4:31am/4:56pm 10:50am/10:57pm
Dec 20

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the

predictions. Tidal current direction changes and tide time
predictions can be very different. Tide predictions are
PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so use common sense.

Source: www.saltwatertides.com

3400 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms 4101 Palm Boulevard | Isle of Palms

$6,300,000 | 11 bedrooms/11.5 baths | 6,952 sqft $2,859,000 | 11 bedrooms/10.5 baths | 6,510 sqft
Panoramic Ocean Views - MLS#18015257 Luxurious Vacation Home - MLS#18024911
Contact Mel Miles 864.363.3049 or Alejandro Ferreyros 843.202.9226 for details

The Best Move You Can Make

Sanddollarsc.com • (843) 530-8100
2205 Middle Stree Suite 203 • Sullivan’s Island, SC • 29482