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Volume 12 Issue 18 FREE December 7, 2018

Johns Island
Market returns
For The Island Connection

he Johns Island Farmers Market
will host its Holiday extravaganza
on Saturday, Dec. 22 from 10
a.m.-3 p.m. at the site of the weekly farmers
market on the campus of Charleston
Collegiate School, 2024 Academy Road
(just off Bohicket and Plowground).
The Johns Island Holiday Market
will feature a day of festive activities and
an abundance of last minute holiday
shopping. Both gifts and food alike, this
market will be stuffed full of honest, local
farmers and artisans.
Purchase the freshest foods and
beverages for your holiday tables from
farmers you can trust.
Find those final gifts that are one-of-
a-kind from local creators who are doing
the right thing.
Timbers Resorts’ leadership, Kiawah Island’s officials and local businesspeople gathered on the beach on Nov. Family, pets, and friends of all ages are
6 for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Timbers Kiawah – Ocean Club & Residences, the first new residential invited to share some smiles and enjoy fire
development on Kiawah Island’s oceanfront in over 30 years. Photos by Shawn O’Connor. pits and holiday themed entertainment,
giant inflatable human hamster balls,

Timbers Kiawah celebrates grand opening bounce house and kids games, pony rides
with LEAP (Lowcountry Equine Assisted
Psychotherapy), soap making classes with
2 0 1 8 S A L E S O N TA R G E T Pluff Mud Mercantile, cooking demos with
local chefs, local craft beers from Johns
Island’s own Low Tide Brewing, food trucks
BY GREGG BRAGG including Roti Rolls, Braised in the South
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer Food Truck, Greekin’ Out, and more.
The Johns Island Holiday Market

vercast skies couldn’t knock the shine off the grand The gym has a wealth of cardio machines, plenty of weights, is free to attend and offers plenty of
opening of Timbers Kiawah. Fall’s warmth wrapped and a filtered water cooler to eliminate plastic water bottles. free parking. Consumers can rest easy
around a game of bocce ball underway before the start of However, the best part may be Timbers’ signature “tikes” room. knowing that this market guarantees
the Nov. 18 celebration, making “island casual” attire perfectly The children’s play area is within both eye and earshot of exercise truth and transparency in the products
comfortable. Caterers were already setup, and 35 full-time staff facilities, has a trove of games and toys, and a ruler residents can being sold.
members had the bar and everything else ready to go, including use to chart their families time together. There will be regular weekly markets
an entire fleet of bikes. Then again, the best part may be the adjacent “gathering” running each Saturday from 9:30 a.m.-
“These are Pilot [brand] bikes out of Brooklyn, New room. 1:30 p.m. leading up to the Holiday
York. They’re belt driven,” Shannon Eckhaus told the Island Timbers’ social center hosts breakfast each morning for their Market with a wonderful selection of
Connection. Instead of a chain, Pilot uses the same rubber property owners on a table as long as the imagination. Drinks farmers and artisans for your shopping
polymer BMW uses on its motorcycles for a smoother ride, and treats are provided every afternoon, and the wall of books pleasure.
reduced maintenance, and fewer mishaps. Eckhaus has been with and the walk-in fireplace make it an excellent refuge from wet Local vendors and businesses interested in
Timbers for 10 years and is now the Owner Services Manager on and cold any time. All of this comes complete with unrivaled attending the Holiday or weekly Johns Island
Kiawah. She and her team greet arriving guests outside the newly Markets email johnsislandfarmersmarket@
completed fitness center. Timbers Kiawah continues on page 4 gmail.com.

Art Workshop Roadtrips Charleston Basket Brigade

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2 December 7, 2018

Seabrook Island Town Council meeting

T U E S D A Y, N O V . 2 7
Lynn Pierotti
BY GREGG BRAGG Solutions. The company provides debris Councilmember Skip Crane said the
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer removal monitoring services/metrics to ham radio training class held on Seabrook
lynn@luckydognews.com Seabrook, which the Federal Emergency was a huge success. Ten people attended

Management Agency uses as a foundation in all, and passed the test at the end of the
eabrook residents were silent on for reimbursement of disaster related seminar. He closed by emphasizing the
Katy Calloway Nov. 27. There were no questions
managing editor
expenses. importance of amateur radio as a method
or discussion initiated by attendees, of emergency response.
Gregg then took a moment to
katy@luckydognews.com after Town Council got an early start with
public hearings on three ordinances; 2018- congratulate the ad hoc team assembled Councilmember John Wells seemed
10, 11, and 12 due for a second reading. to revise SITC’s employee handbook. to be in a celebratory mood, too. Work
Jennifer Tuohy Mayor Ciancio added his own thanks/ along Seabrook Island Parkway is all but
contributing editor Town Administrator Joe Cronin said congratulations for the amount of time complete, he reported. Three flapper gates
ordinance 2018-10 had been approved by invested, the amount of effort and attention still need to be replaced, but SITC seems
jennifer@luckydognews.com both the Board of Zoning Appeals and the to detail, and legal advice focused on the to have cleared the permitting obstacles.
Planning Commission, though the Town effort. The handbook includes several He responded to some questions he
Alejandro Ferreyros was not legally required to seek their updates/clarifications of harassment, apparently received outside of the meeting
senior graphic designer input. The measure brings Seabrook into roles, confidential information, working about the adequacy of the repairs for
alejandro@luckydognews.com compliance with state law and establishes hours, standards of conduct/penalties, flood mitigation. What he said over a year
a procedure for requesting meetings to and leave policy. ago bears repeating; “there’s not enough
review variance requests. money in Texas,” to eliminate all flooding
Lori McGee Gregg said the club’s Long Range
Ordinance 2018-11 in its first reading Planning Committee did not meet possibilities. He said the cost to raise the
sales manager allows public notices of development last month, and his plan to transition road to county dictated standards would
lori@luckydognews.com standards to be sent electronically instead cost approximately $800,000, but he
Councilmember Finke into the role as
of being mailed. However, some late SITC liaison has been placed in a defacto thinks the current effort will stymie most
amendments included cutting back on hold status. He said the Long Range flood situations, at which point the mayor
Senior Staff Writer the notifications to the person making the Planning Committee has no plans to joined the conversation.
request. meet before next year’s election of board Mayor Ciancio said that raising the
Gregg Bragg
Ordinance 2018-12 renames the Town members, and that the transition might road any further would be very expensive,
of Seabrook Island Employee Packet to best coincide with that event. The rest of and could possibly result in SITC
Contributors “… Handbook,” and adopts a new version Council nodded their approval. instituting a tax. He went on to say such
Fraiser Block of the tome. Gregg turned to a report of Seabrook’s an effort would be for naught, given the
Barbara Radin Fox The three ordinances would be ratified Disaster Recovery Council. He presence of choke points along Bohicket
Betsy Turner unanimously by a second reading later in reminded everyone last June’s emergency and River roads the Town doesn’t control.
Keely Laughlin the meeting. preparedness exercise was based on an Councilmember Finke made a motion
Norman Powers The mayor reported an ever-improving earthquake scenario. The take away from to approve $688 for the Seabrook Island
overall fund balance for Seabrook to the the test left some question about what to Birders. Their brochure listing birds
Carol Antman tune of nearly $4.9 million. However, do in the absence of outside help; what common to Seabrook is very popular,
Dimi Matouchev revenues missed their mark by $11,000 as a if bridges are out, staff is at home and and they ran out of their last printing
result of some late arriving accommodations can’t get to the island etc. The committee of 2,000 pamphlets. The requested
tax money. The Town has received the will flesh out what to do and begin work funds will provide the group with 4,000
funds, but not in time to be included in on adding their findings to the Town’s pamphlets. Because the budget for next
SITC’s monthly report. Expenses also took Comprehensive Emergency Plan, Gregg year is already completed, some pirouettes
an unusual turn and were over budget by said. were necessary to find excess cash in the
$85,000, the result of bills from roadwork Gregg concluded his segment by current year’s register, but find it they did.
coming due. However, after warning people saying the Town had been in touch The request was approved unanimously.
all year, the mayor didn’t need to remind with representatives of the FEMA about The mayor revisited Jim Bannwart’s
attendees Seabrook had transferred last reimbursement for expenses incurred retirement as commissioner of the
year’s excess to cover the work. in advance of hurricane Florence. He Seabrook Island Utility. The decision
Councilmember John Gregg added that the Department of Health and necessitates an appointment to fill
reported SITC succeeded in reinstating Environmental Control would be in town Bannwart’s unexpired term in office.
the “stand-by” contract with Rostan reviewing debris reduction sites. Careful review made the choice of Annie

Civic Calendar
K iawah Island Town H all
Published by 21 Beachwalker Drive
Lucky Dog Publishing Kiawah Island, SC 29455
of South Carolina, LLC Phone: 768-9166
P.O. Box 837 Town of Kiawah Board of Zoning Town of Seabrook Fax: 768-4764
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Appeals
Public Works Dec. 17, 4 p.m. Ways & Means Seabrook Island Town H all
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Committee Meeting 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Dec. 10, 10 a.m. Dec. 11, 2:30 p.m. Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Future submission deadline: Ways & Means
Kiawah Town Hall Seabrook Town Hall Phone: 768-9121
December 12 for the Committee Meeting
December 21 Issue Fax: 768-9830
Environmental Dec. 18, 2 p.m. Town Council Email: lmanning@townofseabrookisland.org
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Meeting
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not Dec. 11, 2 p.m. Dec. 18, 2:30 p.m. Johns Island Council
necessarily reflect the opinion of Kiawah Town Hall Arts & Cultural Seabrook Town Hall Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric
Lucky Dog News or its writers. Events Council Co-op located at 3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns
Public Safety Jan. 3, 2 p.m. Offices Closed Island.
Committee Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Dec. 24 - Dec. 26 Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
The Island Dec. 12, 2 p.m.
Kiawah Town Hall Charleston County Council
Connection 4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC News Updates
Publishers of Island Eye News, Online at City of Charleston
The Island Connection facebook.com/ 75 Calhoun St.
islandconnectionnews 724-3745
December 7, 2018
Smith-Jones to fill the vacancy clear. She with a slide show, and his account went on
will need to run again in 2023. for some time. To summarize, SITC will
The mayor concluded by saying he be building a garage next year, buying new
had been contacted by a resident with vehicles for the Town, continuing with
questions about the bill from the Berkeley renovations to Town Hall, and increasing
Electric Cooperative. Sure enough, the employer contribution for staff health
franchise fees were billed in error and an insurance from 50% to 100% to name a
audit revealed 46 additional accounts with few. “The ‘Alcohol tax’ is not code for our
mistakes. Ciancio said Kiawah did the town Christmas party,” he concluded.
same audit with similar results. However, The mayor stepped in again to
BEC representatives were very receptive congratulate everyone on a budget well
and helpful in rectifying the problems, done. He said there had been several, very
possibly going as far back as three years. long, very detailed meetings to develop a
Town Administrator Joe Cronin product the town is proud of creating. For
announced a Christmas drop-in at complete details, visit town hall, SITC’s
Town Hall scheduled for Dec. 17 from website, or give them a call. The measure
12–2 p.m. The “ugly” holiday sweater/ passed unanimously.
sweatshirt you never wear is about to turn The three ordinances on the agenda
to gold, because that’s the theme for the for second reading (see above) passed
party. However, Cronin said you could unanimously.
drop off contributions to Toys for Tots Seabrook resident Frank Stare asked if
anytime, including Dec.17. there was an update on the Senior Living
Tim Morawski presented the report facility at the open of citizen’s comments.
for SIU. He said the utility was down The mayor said there wasn’t, but reiterated
$75,000 for the year, and they couldn’t last month’s summary; depending on the
run on reserves forever. Consequently, result of mandatory pre-trial mediation,
there is a rate increase built in to next one or more trips to court could be on the
year’s budget, which roughly translates horizon.
to $2.80/household/month. He said he Seabrook resident Holly Bryan asked
didn’t think it was enough and said SIU if the $2,500 SITC spent on software
may need to do it again, but emphasized designed to ferret out unlicensed rental
that Seabrook’s rates were among the properties was working out. According to
lowest in the area. Contrary to last month’s her calculations you would need to catch
report, Morawski said a rate increase is 250 people to make it worthwhile. Cronin
also expected from Johns Island Water of replied they had found 15, that they got
about $1.20/household/month. a deal because the county was already
Ordinance 2018-13 was on the agenda licensed, and there was no overlap in the
for first reading. The measure is an effort searches done by the county and those
to make Seabrook consistent with SC’s done by Seabrook.
statutes. Seabrook determines the validity The meeting was adjourned, but the
of setback lines for three years, while the mayor couldn’t help himself. He moved to
state validates them for five. The measure invalidate the scarlet and grey colors worn
passed unanimously. by this reporter. Luckily, there was no
Ordinance 2018-14 is Seabrook’s second to the Notre Dame fan’s motion.
budget for next year. Cronin was prepared

Tid e Char t
Date High Tide Low Tide
Dec 07 8:01am/8:06pm 1:27am/2:09pm
Dec 08 8:42am/8:47pm 2:08am/2:51pm
Dec 09 9:21am/9:27pm 2:47am/3:32pm
Dec 10 10:00am/10:07pm 3:25am/4:12pm
Dec 11 10:40am/10:48pm 4:03am/4:52pm
Dec 12 11:20am/11:32pm 4:42am/5:32pm
Dec 13 12:04pm 5:25am/6:15pm
Dec 14 12:20am/12:50pm 6:14am/7:01pm
Dec 15 1:12am/1:41pm 7:09am/7:51pm
Dec 16 2:07am/2:34pm 8:10am/8:42pm
Dec 17 3:02am/3:29pm 9:13am/9:34pm
Dec 18 3:57am/4:23pm 10:13am/10:26pm
Dec 19 4:50am/5:15pm 11:10am/11:17pm
Dec 20 5:42am/6:07pm 12:03pm

Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.

Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
wrong so use common sense.
Source: saltwatertides.com
4 December 7, 2018
Timbers Kiawah continues from cover
views of the Atlantic and a slice of Kiawah’s maritime
forest. A brief search of the internet provides a window
into the rarity of these wildlife havens.
There are roughly 60 million square miles of land on
the planet. Barrier islands [like Kiawah] comprise roughly
13 thousand square miles, with the bulk of them located
in the arctic. Maritime forests grow in small pockets on
these already rare islands, and are gems Timbers Kiawah
has endeavored to preserve.
“We wanted an edgy, contemporary feel that
functioned as a piece of art,” said David Burden, Founder
and Executive Chairman of Timbers Resorts. The Hilton
Head native built his first resort at Snowmass, Colorado
in 1999. It was a family affair from the beginning but
has now grown to 16 properties. He turned Kiawah’s
development over to his son, Chris.
Chris Burden is the Managing Director of
Development at Timbers Resorts. “We have 180 units and
planned to sell 50 by the end of the year. Right now we’re Kiawah Island City Councilmember John Wilson and local resident Todd Gerhart at Timbers Kiawah ribbon cutting
sitting at about 40, which is right about where we wanted ceremony.
to be,” he responded. “Our residents are primarily from kitchen/dining room. The living room is the centerpiece, Timbers’ reciprocity program is automatic.
the east coast… in their mid to late 50s... we get a lot with ocean views through five sliding glass walls that This isn’t Timbers first rodeo. They have properties in
of interest from Charlotte, New Jersey, New York. They accordion open onto a 1,600 sq. ft. wrap around patio. Maui, Hokuala, Sonoma, Rancho Valencia, Vail, Beaver
already own 2.5 homes and aren’t interested in another, The penthouses are available in 1/6th increments for Creek, Steamboat, Snowmass, Tuscany, St. Thomas,
so they buy here instead. But we’re not all that worried $1.34 million, plus annual dues of $36,000. The budget and Cabo San Lucas to name a few. The reciprocity
about sales. We see this as a labor of love, but we’re still conscious should be aware a housekeeping fee will also be program provides Timbers’ residents with access to a
close to the mark.” charged while you stay in your Timbers residence. secure website where they can deposit or withdraw weeks
Spacious three bedroom residences are a comfortably Timbers assumes you’re on vacation while staying at from hundreds of listings and stay at any of the Timbers
large 2,200 sq. ft., and include 400-foot patios, 3.5 the properties, and have enough to do. They clean the locations without the hassle of an agent.
baths, a separate chef’s kitchen, dining room, family house, swap out bedding and towels, and keep the place Asked about plans to expand, Chris Burden said it
room, and walk-in closets. Even the smaller “kids” room spotless every single day you’re there. They even shop for wasn’t presently on the table, but they may consider it
has enough space for two queen-sized beds with plenty groceries and put them up before you arrive, and will next year. He expressed an interest in the area between
of space leftover for wrestling. There are a total of 18 of have your favorite wine and/or scotch waiting. All homes the current location and Beachwalker Park, but seemed
these homes available in 1/9th shares for $490,000, plus come fully furnished and decorated by J Banks Design happy to be done for the moment.
$17,000 annual dues. Group, have multiple (in some cases) gas fireplaces, and
Penthouse expanses boast 3,780 sq. ft. with four are appointed with Wolf, Thermador, Sub-zero, and For more information call 843.737.6415, visit
bedrooms (each with closets large enough to get lost in), Bosch appliances. Governors Club and Kiawah Island TimbersKiawah.com or swing by the Freshfields office on
4.5 baths, study, entertainment room, and adjoining chef’s Club memberships are available, and membership in 253 Gardners Circle.
6 December 7, 2018
for your health arts & events

Beating the holiday blues Free art workshop by

For The Island Connection
4. People often eat too much overall
during the holiday season, which can
make some people feel bloated. Also,
Bob LeFevre
many people drink more alcohol than
ince we’re getting into the swing of usual, which can lead to depression since
the holiday season, a few words on it is a depressive drug, not to mention
how to beat the “Holiday Blues” may having hangovers the next morning.
be helpful. Eating foods with lots of sugar can also
Many people don’t understand why increase anxiety and depression.
they get depressed during the holiday 5. The holidays also often include travel,
season and actually feel guilty and either to see other friends and relatives or
frustrated for feeling that way. It’s actually to celebrate the season. Traveling can take
a fairly common occurrence and there are a toll on finances and is often stressful.
many reasons for this situation.
What we can all do to prevent “the
1. Almost everyone has a Norman holiday blues” is to accept the reality of
Rockwell picture in their minds about how our own personal situations, families and
they would like their holiday(s) to look finances. Try to make a concerted effort
like. The big, happy family seated at the to not overeat or drink and get enough
dining room table with Dad or Grandpa sleep nightly and enough aerobic exercise The Line Up, oil on canvas, by Bob LeFevre.
carving the turkey. Or, the happy and good to help keep us mentally in shape. Realize
looking family of Mom, Dad, son and
daughter seated in the living room with
that you don’t have to “buy” a person’s BY BETSY TURNER depicted in our art. In order to insure
love with an expensive gift and you don’t For The Island Connection accuracy and depict their true character,
a huge, beautifully decorated Christmas have to travel if it’s inconvenient or too i.e., the scars and wear and tear of their
tree and lots of presents surrounding it.

expensive. trade, LeFevre has taken his boat and
The problem is that many of us don’t have hy not start the New Year with anchored next to them many times with
those “picture-perfect” families or homes If we have more realistic expectations a new skill? Bob LeFevre, who
and make better decisions to take care of his pad, pencils and paints. He has also
and that can make people very sad. recently taught a workshop on taken the Natural History Group’s trips
ourselves, we’ll be able to actually enjoy drawing the human figure, will be holding
2.There are many events and parties the holiday season. on shrimp boats to see them “at work.”
during the holidays but many people don’t a free and open-to-everyone workshop on
The Seabrook Island Health Professionals how to properly draw and paint shrimp An artist since he was 9 years old,
have any events or parties to go to, aren’t LeFevre has a keen interest in oceans,
invited, or can’t attend for some reason. Group will be meeting Jan. 10. If you would boats at the Eagle’s Nest in the Lake House
like to come or learn more about the group, on Thursday, Jan. 10 from 1-3:30 p.m. creeks and all types of boats. He has
3. Many people have the expectation that been an active member of The American
they have to give an expensive gift and really email foxb@bodyandsoultherapy.com. This will be a discussion and
Questions or suggestions for publication Society of Marine Artists for over 6 years.
don’t have the financial means to do that. demonstration, so just bring a note pad
This can make people feel that they are not about a health related topic can be emailed and pencil. To learn more about the Seabrook Island
good enough and anxious about what the or sent to Barbara Radin Fox, 2045 Although shrimp boats exist all around Artist Guild and other upcoming events, visit
intended recipient will think of them. Maybank Hwy, Charleston 29412. us, many times they are not properly their website at SeabrookIslandArtistGuild.com.
December 7, 2018 7
arts & events arts & events

Frank Vignola Trio coming SINHG 2019 schedule

For The Island Connection
owned Dixie Plantation along the Stono
River; and a trip to Columbia to tour the
State House along with a first visit to the

BY KEELY LAUGHLIN he Seabrook Island Natural History Columbia Museum of Art after its recent
For The Island Connection multi-million dollar renovation.
Group has released the schedule
for its signature SINHG Trips for Popular trips returning for the spring

rank Vignola’s Hot Jazz Guitar members for the New Year. Spring 2019 include visiting the U.S. Coast Guard
Trio featuring Vinny Raniolo and trips begin in February with a private base in Charleston; historian Carol Ezell-
Gary Mazzaroppi are some of the tour of the South Carolina Historical Gilson’s popular “Holy Moly” guided tour
most extraordinary guitarists performing Society Museum in Charleston’s recently of downtown’s most famous and historic
before the public today. Hear a wide renovated and landmarked “Fireproof churches; and an eco-tour of Botany Bay
repertoire of unique fresh arrangements Building”. The tour is one of 18 new trips aboard The Pirate Lady.
as this astounding trio covers works from among the 42 scheduled through April. The signup deadline for spring trips is Dec.
Beethoven, Bach to Paul Simon and Frank Other new offerings include an 14. To learn more about SINHG trips and to
Zappa as only they can. Emmanuel and Friends, Frank Vignola’s exploration of downtown’s Marine explore membership, visit SINHG.org.
Frank Vignola’s stunning virtuosity has Four Generations of Guitar, and in the Music Research Center; a tour of the privately-
made him the guitarist of choice for many gone Public Series. Film and recording
of the world’s top musicians, including credits include soundtracks and on-screen
Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, appearances for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire,
Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, Woody Allen’s film Cafe Society and Martin
Mark O’Connor, Boston Pops, New Scorsese’s The Irishman.
York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, Gary Mazzaroppi, one of the most
who named Vignola to his “Five Most respected jazz bassists on the east coast,
Admired Guitarists List” for the Wall Mazzaroppi has toured extensively with
Street Journal. Vignola has performed the Lionel Hampton Big Band for five
at some of the most prestigious concert years. Since then, he has accompanied
halls and festivals in the world including many jazz artists including Red Norvo,
the Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Center, Herb Ellis, Stan Getz, Joe Morello, Buddy
Liverpool Philharmonic, Quebec Music Rich, Jim Hall, Barney Kessel, Clark
Festival and Italy’s Teatro Olimpico. Terry, Charlie Byrd, and Mark O’Connor.
Vinny Raniolo’s dynamic playing has This event is sponsored by the Kiawah
brought him to 18 countries performing Arts & Cultural Events Council. Tickets
alongside Tommy Emmanuel, Vince will be available to Kiawah residents
Giordano and others. Raniolo has also beginning Dec. 18 and the general public on
been featured on three PBS music shows Dec. 22. Visit KiawahIsland.org/events for
including the heavily programmed Tommy more information.
8 December 7, 2018

Therapy to help adopted children and teens

The Island Connection

new counseling office, Bridgepointe therapist. “There are complex needs to “One thing I’ve realized is that parents or teen is struggling emotionally or
Therapy, recently opened in address when working with adoptive and professionals don’t always recognize behaviorally whether they were adopted
Charleston to specialize in working families, such as identity, loss and grief, the impact that adoption has not just a week ago or a decade ago. “When the
with adoptive and foster families. This navigating open adoption, trauma, around the time of the adoption, but adoption piece is missed in therapy, it can
is Charleston’s only counseling center attachment, and how to share difficult throughout childhood and adulthood,” lead to worse outcomes for the child and
exclusively for adoptive families. Based in information about a child’s adoption story explains Belknap. “Children may go the family as a whole,” she explains.
West Ashley, Bridgepointe Therapy serves in an age-appropriate way.” years without struggling, but then reach Belknap’s goal is to help adopted
families from throughout the tri-county area. Belknap has been providing therapy to a new developmental level where they children and teens improve their
“After talking to over 20 professionals adoptive families for the past few years at understand their adoption story in deeper confidence and self-esteem, and to
in the adoption and mental health fields, an agency in the Washington, DC area, ways both intellectually and emotionally.” strengthen their relationships with their
I consistently heard how significant the and relocated to Charleston eager to help It’s common for adoption-related families and friends. Often, this requires
need is for a therapist who understands meet this need for an adoption therapist struggles to mask themselves as other exploring thoughts and feelings related to
adoption,” said Emily Belknap, in the community. feelings or behaviors. Belknap explains, their adoption story and birth family. For
Bridgepointe Therapy’s owner and “A lot of times a child or teen is struggling this reason, Belknap offers complimentary
with anxiety, depression, or anger, but phone consultations to talk through
when we get to the root of the issue, we parents’ concerns and determine if
uncover that the anxiety is the child counseling with an adoption therapist is
worrying that he has to be good enough necessary.
in order to earn the right to stay in the
Bridgepointe Therapy is a counseling
family. Or the depression is about the
office for adoptive families located in
adolescent feeling worthless because of the
Charleston. Bridgepointe Therapy provides
misbelief that her own birth mother didn’t
individual therapy and family therapy to
love or want her. Or the anger is because
children, teens and parents who are members
it’s easier to feel angry than to feel sadness
of adoptive families, pre-adopt families,
and grief about being separated from his
foster families and birth families. Visit
birth mother.” Parents are often surprised
BridgepointeTherapy.com for additional
to learn their child was experiencing these
information or call 843.628.6381 to
thoughts, and children are relieved to no
schedule a consultation. Bridgepointe
longer have to carry these worries alone.
Therapy is located in West Ashley at 1365 D
Belknap encourages parents to consider Ashley River Rd, Charleston.
the connection to adoption if their child
December 7, 2018 9

Make your trip historic

Dutch baroque grandfather clock in the lobby, which was
brought from England by one of the Preston daughters.
The hotel is close to the (almost all downhill) Virginia
Creeper Trail, which draws thousands of bicyclists.
While luxuriating in the cascading pools we spied a
bride escaping her photo shoot to hide in the bushes and
smoke a cigarette. She invited us to crash her wedding,
which featured the macabre theme of Chicago Gangsters
complete with plastic Tommy-gun toting groomsmen.
History surrounds you at these hotels. At the Jekyll
Island Club in Georgia you can sit in the room where the
groundwork for the Federal Reserve was written, or where
the president of AT&T placed the first intercontinental
telephone call. You can actually stay in one of the grand
summer cottages of the rich industrialists.
Looking out my window I easily imagined myself as
one of the country’s elite industrialist wives like Alma
Rockefeller who vacationed here in the 1880s. She
disembarked from her namesake yacht at the dock right
outside followed by a parade of servants toting dozens
of steamer trunks containing the ten changes of clothes
required daily of Victorian women. It was like being in
two centuries at once.
Elsewhere on Georgia’s Golden Isle is the sprawling
King and Prince Hotel where beach-side dances were held
in 1935 before the hotel housed military in World War
II. Today, it’s Mediterranean architecture and a variety of
room styles welcomes guests to the homey community of
St. Simons Island.
After Edwin Wiley Grove became a millionaire by
selling his malaria-fighting Tasteless Chill Tonic (it sold
more bottles than Coca Cola in the 1890s) he constructed
Asheville’s Grove Park Inn. Massive stone boulders were
excavated and fitted together like puzzle pieces by Italian
The Martha Washington Inn and Spa in Abingdon, Virginia. Photo provided. stone masons and local craftsmen. The grand hall lobby
includes the much-photographed 14-foot wide fireplaces.
BY CAROL ANTMAN epic bike race that sped through this prime location in Alongside the chimney shafts, surrounded by boulders
For The Island Connection the cultural district. We appreciated being able to walk weighing up to 5 tons, are the original Otis elevators.
to museums, especially the jewel-box sized Bechtler Their unique design has been featured in Ripley’s Believe
Museum of Modern Art and the nearby restaurants and

it or Not. When the inn opened in 1913, Secretary
f you’re ready to venture away from the predictability nightlife. In 2017, the Dunhill was named “Best Small of State William Jennings Bryan proclaimed that the
of chain hotels, curb your impulse to book a room Inn” by Historic Hotels for its architecture inspired by Grove Park Inn was “built for the ages.” How true. It
on Expedia and click instead on the Historic Hotels Italian craftsmen. has remained one of the Southeast’s premier destinations.
of America website. It’s a tempting selection of over Exit the interstate onto a private launch. The Greyfield
300 unique accommodations in 46 states, the District Charleston has its own Historic Hotels: The
Inn on Cumberland Island can only be reached by boat Wentworth Mansion and the Francis Marion. These
of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico from St. Marys, Georgia. Guests disembark into an
that have been admitted to this official program of the are iconic places that represent our city’s history and the
unmanicured, forested island where wild horses share passion our citizenry has from preservation. Together,
National Trust for Historic Preservation. the rough paths leading to the beach, ruins of mansions these hotels and their partner The National Trust for
To become a member, the properties have to be faithfully and primitive campgrounds. With only 16 rooms, the Historic Preservation inspire people to save places where
authentic, possess a sense of place, have architectural all-inclusive gourmet dinners are friendly affairs where history happened, connect Americans to diverse pasts
integrity and be at least 50 years old. Additionally, they you can share tales of island adventures like visiting the and are a leading voice in preserving our nation’s culture.
are all designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as tiny rustic chapel where John Kennedy Jr. and Caroline
a National Historic Landmark or recognized as having Bessette were married. Roadtrips Charleston highlights interesting destinations
historic significance by the National Register of Historic At the Martha Washington Inn and Spa in Abingdon, within a few hours drive of Charleston, S.C. as well as more
Places. Those who appreciate architectural detail and Virginia my two sisters and I spread out in our huge, 3rd far flung locales. Carol Antman’s wanderlust is driven by a
craftsmanship will especially enjoy these locations and floor room. General Robert Preston built the hotel in passion for outdoor adventure, artistic experiences, cultural
the care that has gone into maintaining them. 1832 for his wife and nine children after his successes insights and challenging travel. For hot links, photographs
When my husband and I stayed at The Dunhill Hotel in the War of 1812. Much of the original architecture and previous columns or to make comments please see
in Charlotte, we had the best seats in the house for an has been meticulously preserved including the 9-foot tall PeaksAndPotholes.blogspot.com.
10 December 7, 2018

Holiday Shopping Guide

December 7, 2018

Basket Brigade
provides holiday cheer

Volunteers pack the Charleston Area Convention Center. Photo provided.

The Island Connection

n Nov. 20 volunteers from the in 2008 by Michelle Scarafile and Pam
tri-county assembled at the Hartley, CBB uses 100% of funds raised
Charleston Area Convention Hall for buying food, providing each family
to assemble and deliver Thanksgiving with a box of ingredients to cook an entire
meals to over 3,500 Berkeley, Charleston Thanksgiving meal. Recently celebrating
and Dorchester county residents. More its 10th anniversary, the organization has
than 300 volunteers assisted. raised more than $745,000 and served
The Charleston Basket Brigade is a roughly 25,000 families in need since
501-(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to bring its inception. For more information visit
the community together to feed families CharlestonBasketBrigade.com.
in need every Thanksgiving. Founded
December 8 Island Connection Calendar December 21
ONGOING process of clearing title for heirs’ property Wednesdays MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- conditions, and supporting resiliency WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12 Herons, Osprey and other birds of WHEN: 12:30 p.m.
WHAT: Mingle With Kringle by defining the family tree. For more WHAT: Timbers Kiawah Concerts in the round farmers market, highlighting in health care providers. Call to register prey. Smaller birds like Tufted Titmice, MORE INFO: Learn more about local
WHERE: James Island County Park information or to make an appointment Courtyard produce and locally produced goods 843.388.1834. Tuition $245.00 by WHAT: Coffee and Conversation Eastern Bluebirds, Northern Cardinals government with Councilwoman Anna
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays in for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036 WHERE: The Courtyard between Hege’s and foods. Live music, kids activities. Dec.01/$295.00. after Dec.1. WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library and some of the many warbler species. Johnson of Charleston County District 8.
December, select times and Java Java (Freshfields Village) JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com for details. WHEN: 10:30-11:30 a.m. Visit SeabrookIslandBirders.org or email For information visit AnnaBJohnson.com.
MORE INFO: Socialize with other
MORE INFO: Book a private visit WHAT: Charleston Coastal Choir WHEN: 6-8 p.m. SUNDAY, DEC. 9 SeabrookIslandBirders@gmail.com to
Third Saturday of seniors. For details visit CCPL.org or call
before the Holiday Festival of Lights gets WHERE: Church of Our Savior MORE INFO: Join Timbers Kiawah in attend or with questions. FRIDAY, DEC. 21
busy during the evening. Professional WHEN: 1 p.m. The Courtyard every Wednesday for live the Month WHAT: Soul of the Lowcountry Oyster 843.559.1945.
photographer will take photos of your MORE INFO: Local, mixed community music with Chris Dodson, outdoor kids WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee Roast TUESDAY, DEC. 18 WHAT: Half Day Movie Matinee (children)
group, of up to 5 people, and Santa sitting chorus, open for membership. Season runs games, local art and beverages provided WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah WHERE: Sunlean, 3211 Eenjy Lane, THURSDAY, DEC. 13 WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
in his sleigh. If your group has more than 5 October through March. For information by Timbers Kiawah. The series will run WHEN: 9-11 a.m. Johns Island WHAT: Town of Seabrook Public WHEN: 11 a.m.
WHEN: 1-4 p.m. WHAT: DIY Gifts: Tabletop Christmas Hearing MORE INFO: Start winter break right
people, book multiple spots. You’ll receive contact Director of Music, Van McCollum at through Wed., Aug. 29. MORE INFO: This free event will feature
MORE INFO: The Lowcountry Land Tree (adults) WHERE: Seabrook Town Hall with a movie and a snack. For details visit
the shots on a USB thumb drive. Gift Pass 404.401.0678 or vanmccollum@bellsouth.net. antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any
Trust’s 4th annual event features a catered WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library WHEN: 2:15 p.m. CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945.
to visit the Holiday Festival of Lights on WHAT: English Conversation Club other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments
WHEN: 11 a.m.
another evening of your choosing included Tuesdays WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library available for purchase by Java Java Coffee oyster roast, local brews and spirits,
MORE INFO: Turn old magazines
MORE INFO: Pursuant to Section
with $65 fee. Call 843.795.4386 or visit WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and WHEN: 2 p.m. House. If you have any specific questions live music, and oyster cup tastings with 6-1-80 of the South Carolina Code of FRIDAY, DEC. 28
Lowcountry Oyster Co. Tickets $40, into holiday décor. Supplies provided. Laws, public notice is hereby given that
CharlestonCountyParks.com for details. Activities MORE INFO: Practice speaking English about the event, please contact Bruce
children 12 and under are free. Visit For details visit CCPL.org or call the Mayor and Council of the Town of WHAT: Fairy House Day
WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House with a small group. Beginners to advanced Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.com.
LowcountryLandTrust.org for details. 843.559.1945. Seabrook Island will hold a public hearing WHERE: Caw Caw Interpretive Center
WHAT: Southbound: Photographs of and WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. learners welcome. A children’s program
on the proposed municipal budget for WHEN: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
about the New South MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- and/or craft will be provided during the SATURDAY, DEC. 8
WHERE: Halsey Institute of hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- club meeting. Registration is not required; WHAT: Backyard Birding at the Crab FRIDAY, DEC. 14 Fiscal Year 2019. The proposed budget may MORE INFO: All ages. Check in at
led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and WHAT: Reindeer Run Dock also be viewed in person at Seabrook Island registration and receive a building permit and
Contemporary Art call 843.559.1945 for more information. WHAT: Seabrook Garden Club Fashion Show
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHERE: Downtown Charleston WHERE: Last Creek Watch Villa next to Town Hall during regular business hours materials, then start creating your own little
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2 WHERE: Sand Castle Community Center
WHEN: 9 a.m. Boat Ramp or online at TownOfSeabrookIsland.org/ dwelling. An on-site chaperone for children
MORE INFO: An unprecedented information and to purchase tickets for the date Thursdays WHEN: 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. is required. Call 843.795.4386 or visit
exhibition co-curated by Mark Sloan, and museum house you would like to attend. WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and MORE INFO: Presented by Half-Moon WHEN: 8–10 a.m. fy-2019-budget-public-hearing.
MORE INFO: Seabrook Island Garden CharlestonCountyParks.com for details.
director and chief curator of the Halsey Activities Outfitters, family-oriented, pet-friendly 5k run/ MORE INFO: There is a lot to see at the
Club joins the Kiawah island Garden
Institute of Contemporary Art, and First and Third WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House walk through the lower peninsula of downtown SIPOA boat ramp and crab dock. Not only
Club for a December Fashion Show. For
WHAT: Sea Islands Book Club (adults)
Mark Long, professor of political science, Tuesdays WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Charleston. Over 3,500 runners will raise are there many shore birds, but the Clapper WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library SATURDAY, DEC. 29
information on membership please contact
both of whom are on the faculty of the WHAT: The Charleston County Public MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- money for MUSC Children’s Hospital. For Rails are active at low tide. Seats available WHEN: 2 p.m.
Holli Bolte at hmbolte@yahoo.com. WHAT: New Year’s Eve Bash! (ages 11
College of Charleston. For info visit Library Bookmobile hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- details and registration visit RunSignup.com or walking. Visit SeabrookIslandBirders. MORE INFO: Discussion of ‘Calling Me
and search 28th Annual Reindeer Run. org or email SeabrookIslandBirders@ Home’ by Julie Kibler. For details visit and younger)
SouthboundProject.org. WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and
WHEN: 10-11 a.m. gmail.com to attend or with questions. SATURDAY, DEC. 15 CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945. WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHEN: 2-3 p.m.
Mondays MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the information and to purchase tickets for the date WHAT: Christmas Parade of Boats WHAT: Knit and Purl (adults) MORE INFO: Who says New Year’s Eve
WHAT: Family Trees first and third Tuesdays of the month. The and museum house you would like to attend. WHERE: Bohicket Marina WHAT: Spirituals at Drayton Hall WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19 parties are only for grown-ups? Children
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 WHEN: sunset WHERE: Drayton Hall, 3380 Ashley WHEN: 10-11:30 a.m.
MORE INFO: Enjoy s’mores & hot River Rd. WHAT: Round Table Discussion with can enjoy their own fun-filled party and
3673 Maybank Hwy. & 17, August 7 & 21. WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn MORE INFO: Bring your knitting bring in the new year in their own way. For
chocolate and see the decorated Parade of WHEN: 3 p.m. Councilwoman Johnson (adults)
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, materials to knit with fellow crafters. details visit CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945.
Boats lining Bohicket Creek. Christmas MORE INFO: African American WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the Freshfields Village All skill levels welcome. For details visit
WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Choir will be strolling the marina singing spirituals music in concert with a rousing CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945.
MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz holiday favorites. Brought to you by the and memorable performance by Ann
every Thursday evening in the lounge of Bohicket Merchants Association & the Caldwell & The Magnolia Singers. Guests WHAT: Anime for Adults
the Andell Inn Hotel. Drinks and food Town of Seabrook Island. will enjoy informal house tours and a WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
available. No cover charge. 843.793.6050. post-concert reception. Info and tickets WHEN: 3:30-5 p.m.
AndellInn.com. SATURDAY, DEC. 8-9 ($50/members, $65/non-members) at MORE INFO: Join Ms. Tama for
DraytonHall.org. screenings of ‘Michiko & Hatchin’ and
WHAT: Foundations of Healing Touch Class
Thursdays & Sundays WHERE: Roper St. Francis Cancer
a special Holiday treat. For details visit
WHAT: Live Music TUESDAY, DEC. 11 CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945.
Center, 2085 Henry Tecklenburg Dr.
WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar
WHEN: 8:30 a.m-6 p.m., both days WHAT: K-S Exchange Club holiday event
WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. MONDAY, DEC. 17
MORE INFO: Healing Touch is WHERE: Seabrook Island Club/Gaillard Center
MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines
beneficial in calming anxiety and reducing WHEN: 5 p.m. WHAT: Learning Together
by the glass every day. For details visit
symptoms of depression, decreasing MORE INFO: Annual event features WHERE: Ocean Winds Golf Course
pain, strengthening the immune system, buffet dinner and bus trip downtown to WHEN: 9-11 a.m.
enhancing recovery from surgery, hear Tony DeSare perform holiday classics
Saturday complementing care for neck and spine with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.
MORE INFO: Course will be closed
WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market to golfers for a morning of birding,
problems, supporting cancer care, Tickets are $100 each and available by ride in golf carts for at least 9-holes.
WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool,
deepening spiritual connection, a sense calling Roger Steel at 843.768.7166 or Expect to see a large variety including
2024 Academy Rd.
of well-being, easing acute and chronic emailing vivrog@bellsouth.net. Double-crested Cormorants, Egrets,
WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
14 December 7, 2018
financial focus

What’s smarter – paying

off debts or investing?
For The Island Connection

t probably doesn’t happen as much as Evaluate your debts.
you’d like, but you may occasionally Some of your debts are actually more
have some extra disposable income. For “expensive” to you than others. This
example, perhaps you have recently received, expense level doesn’t necessarily refer to
or will soon receive, a year-end bonus. Or the size of the debt, however. You might
maybe you will get a sizable tax refund in just have a large mortgage, for instance,
a few months. Wherever this money comes but because your interest payments are
from, you will want to put it to good use. typically tax deductible, your “after-tax”
Should you use the cash to pay down debts or interest rate may be relatively modest.
should you invest it instead? Therefore, you might consider using
There’s no simple answer, and your excess cash for investments, rather
everyone’s situation is different, but here than paying down your mortgage. But if
are a few suggestions for helping you you have consumer loans or credit cards
make a good choice: that carry a high interest rate and whose
Evaluate your cash flow. interest payments are not deductible, you
If you already have enough cash to might be better off paying down this debt.
meet your daily living expenses, you Evaluate your investment
might lean toward investing the money, opportunities.
but if you are just getting by, possibly due You may have heard that one season
to heavy debt payments, then you might or another is a “better” time to invest
be better off using your newfound funds but there’s really no strong evidence to
to reduce your debt load. Another way support this claim. However, now that
of possibly reducing your debt load is to we are nearing the end of the calendar
build an emergency fund containing three year, and only a few months away from
to six months’ worth of living expenses, the tax-filing deadline on April 15, you
with the money kept in a liquid, low-risk may want to take advantage of at least one
account. Once you have such a fund, you time-related investment opportunity.
could use it, instead of going into debt, to Specifically, you could use whatever extra
pay for unexpected costs, such as a new money you have to fully fund your IRA, if
furnace or a major car repair. you haven’t done so already. For the 2018
tax year, you can contribute $5,500 to a
traditional or Roth IRA, or $6,500 if you
are 50 or older. (Depending on your income,
you may not be able to contribute the full
amount to a Roth IRA.) You’ve got until the
April 15 deadline to fully fund your IRA,
but if you have the money sooner, why wait?
The quicker it’s in your account, the faster it
can go to work for you.
One final suggestion: If you have a
company match as part of your 401(k)
or similar retirement plan at work,
consider contributing enough to get your
employer’s full matching contribution
before you pay down debts; don't leave
this “free money” on the table.
Your year-end bonus, tax refund or other
source of beyond-the-paycheck money can
help you make progress toward your financial
goals, so evaluate your situation and options
carefully before making any moves. It will be
time well spent.

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