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Mellitah Oil & Gas B.

Libyan Branch


Mellitah Oil and Gas BV - Libyan Branch (the Company) has recognized its responsibility to
administer equitable and consistent discipline for Site HSEQ-S roles and responsibilities in order to
operate its facilities effectively and conforming to modern techniques and national & International
standards for Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Security (HSEQ-S). All employees of
Mellitah Oil and Gas are subject to the terms of this Implementation Policy. There are no

The system based on the Industry standard Plan - Do - Check - Act continual improvement
methodology cycle. To achieve such requirements; Mellitah Oil and Gas has also completed the
development of the necessary documentation for this HSEQ IMS, therefore, the Operator's
Management Committee has declared hereby approves that the Corporate Guidelines for HSEQ
Roles and responsibilities at Sites MOG-HSEQ-G-017 should be implemented as follows.

All HSEQ personnel based at site shall come under the responsibility of the HSEQ Manager and it
is his responsibility to give Technical instructions when and where applicable. Site/Fields! Complex
Managers are responsible from administrative point of view, communicate on a daily basis for
HSEQ-S activities and ensures that the HSEQ-S activities are implemented, Monitored and
followed up by the HSEQ staff in accordance with company policies and procedures.

Fields! Complex Managers shall report any deficiency of the HSEQ-S staff and recommend course
of action that requires improving the skills of the HSEQ-S staff. The HSEQ Dept. shall organize the
required training to improve the skills and support the implementation of the HSEQ-S system

All Site based HSEQ personnel shall take the technical instructions from Tripoli Head Office and
inform Fields! Complex Managers accordingly Site Managers shall not give instructions that violate
company HSEQ requirements to site based HSEQ-S staff directly without the authority of the HSEQ

For all stand alone Projects, the same principal shall apply with the HSEQ Manager taking
responsibility for all HSEQ personnel but leaving a communication line with the projects.

The HSEQ IMS developed documents are the basis leading to the implementation of the
Environment Management System (EMS) & Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) for all
its Company operations. Therefore, corporate strategy for the HSEQ Department is also planned to
achieving the Company ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

The HSEQ Department Manager will be the HSEQ IMS Management Representative and shall
have the responsible role to coordinate the implementation of the HSEQ IMS and future
development and give direct instruction to all site based...st.aiLJJnder
his control.

Mohamed M.Oun
Chairman of Management Committee
Mellitah Oil & Gas BV

Commercial Register no.: 46204 46204 :.-iJ <I~ J.....

Dat Ellmad Complex. Tower 1 Tripoli - Libya W - w-III.;J. 1 (1:JI:.>L..JI':'I~ ~
Telephone: + 21821 3350746 Telefax: + 21821 3350890 +218213350890 :JY- 'iJi +21821 :B50746 :-.lli
P.O.Box: 91651 Website: www.mellitahgas.com www.mellitahgas.com:..;..Ifi).le~191651 : Y...,..

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