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John Bishar Jr General Counsel KeySpan Corp One MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY, 11201 Michael Callahan, General Counsel Yahoo! Inc. 701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, California 94089 Peter Hugh Collins Law Office Of Collins & Collins 1266 Furnace Brook Parkway — August 14", 2005, William P. Barr, General Counsel Verizon Communications Inc, 1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 Lucian E, Seagraves General Counsel EarthLink Ine. 1375 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 30309 Manuel L Casabielle 2420 Coral Way Coral Gables, FL 33145, Quincy MA 02169 Re: Public Corruption, Constable Michael C. Moore and Triple M. Movers Hey, Recently my phone line in Mitton was cut off again just before I was ordered to appear in Dorchester District Court for no discernable or ethical reason other than to -. allow the court to have an opportunity to me put back in jail without a trial once more, The interruption of my phone service happened once before just as T was emailing my attorney Barry Bachrach and he had just warned that the FBI were behaving very poorly to some of his other friends at the same time. This occurred immediately before I was falsely imprisoned on October 1” of last year and my wife couldn't calt anyone for assistance for several days. Recently not very long after I talked to Peter Collins in his capacity as Norfolk County Commissioner and Manuel Casabielle as the latest lawyer for Whitey Bulger’s buddy the retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. my phone was cut off again, All my alarms and bells and whistles went of f. I had accurately predicted the demise of H. Paul Rico in the very same Miami Jail to Michael Von Zamft the very same Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney in November of 2003. This FBI agent is charged with leaking confidential information that prompted the gangsters to kill John B. Callahan a Winchester financier and onetime financial adviser to Bulger's gang. T have made certain that everybody knows that I am bounty hunting Whitey Bulger and I have no doubt the FBT is protecting him from me. The other Callahan I sent this letter to should find at least that to be interesting since he found nothing else I sent hjm warranted a response a long time ago. Now he and Mr. Seagraves have hard copy of exactly the same material I sent the FBI on May 12"* 2005. After they read the letter T just sent to Chief Justice Connolly, they can ask their buddies in the White House what the hell has happened that has me so pissed off right now. However f will tell all of you that my phone was quickly put back in service as soon as I promised to send William P, Barr hard copy of this material, After all he the former Attorney General under President Bush's daddy who now works for a phone. company. If anyone could understand the ramifications of a layman from Canada possessing police wiretap tapes it should be Mr. Barr, I have no doubt whatsoever his phone company has been assisting the Feds in tapping my own phone lines, When the spooks get spooked they cut it. It is just that simple, Feel free to call me a liar, Why not hire the former Attorney General Ashcroft, the former DHS Inspector General named after Superman or his boss Tom Ridge to sue me. They are all loyal republican government lawyers who are now out of a job and looking for work. Lawyers make me sick everry time they make use of the word integrity. I want to argue some of the bastards in court very soon. Last Friday when my wife watched the KeySpan truck pull up in front of our home and then go talk to the crooked constable Michael C. Moore I figured that our utility company was in bed with the crooks as well, Why else would they go talk to the constable and not my wife who pays their bills? Therefore I have sent both companies that we pay our after tax dollars to for their services exactly the same material that Constable Moore. was served on Friday August 12" plus a copy of my letter that I just faxed to the Chief Justice of the District Court who sent the bad acting Yankee bastards to our home. Thave sent my wife to deliver in had to the lawyer who practices law not to far from our home. Peter H. Collins was also elected to make certain that things run smoothl:y and ethically within our county. I know what I said to him and faxed to him 00 long ago for him to pretend to me that he is an honest man now. However methinks he had better get on his phone if his line has not been cut and call all the crooked lawyers in Norfolk county right now and figure out how to smooth things over ASAP. I ‘am about to put our little town of Milton on the map, Many fancy Yankee lawyers are about to show their nasty arses all over the world, Peter Collins may find himself quite famous in short order. I sent him and Manuel Casabielle exactly the same material T sent the old bastard from Dedham. Everybody knows who he is, Hell he owns CBS. The CD which is a copy of police surveillance tape # 139 is served upon all of you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. Should someone call the FBI ASAP to ask what the hell is going on in law enforcement? Tf all else fails and the Feds will not fill you dudes in, the lawyers for the internet companies can review some of my private emails that their companies blocked just before the federal election last year. Those emails should have caused them to act ethically a long time ago rather than blocking my correspondence to other lawyer's or politicians who had claimed to have an interest in my concerns and allegations as they sought to be elected. Maybe after receiving hard copy of some of the documents that they can find within my emails the light will dawn on Marblehead and integrity will have a far more important meaning to lawyers after this. With luck it may become more than just another word. In closing I must repeat it and spell it in capital letters for you INTEGRITY is very important for lawyers, politicians, bankers and priests to understand the meaning of. Without it there is no public trust of their chosen professions. That is why many jokes such as politicians are just lawyers who have gone really bad ring oh so true. Get it? If I were you Mr. Peter H. Collins I would get on the phone right now to your very corrupt Yankee friends such as Chief Mearn of the Milton Police, the District Attorney Keating and the Register of Deeds little Willy O'Donnell. You should all make certain that the crooked little Constables with the big guns under Constable Michael! C, Moore. and their many friends from Triple M. movers in Brockton do not make a move against me today or ever for that matter. Here is their numbers just in case you want to calll themFrom this point on things are only going to get worse for you damned Yankees. I am emailing this letter and blogging it around the world. I will lay odds lawyers and cops hate being made famous in such a fashion, If you don't like it, sue me. I double dog dare ya too. You damned Yankees are gonna get famous anyway as soon as the ex FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr. starts spilling the Beans about Beantown way down in Dixieland, If the Feds put an end to him in the Miami lock up and he joins H. Paul Rico in Hell too soon for the FBI's benefit, I will make certain that everybody knows that you knew my of my concerns about his well being first and had a copy of police wiretap tape to prove to you ail that Iam no liar, Triple M. Movers may have many more in storage as early as today, There is a very good reason that the Assistant District Attorney Alicia McDonnell ‘and Judge Hanlon caused the many original wiretap tapes that I gave them to disappear. Perhaps you should call Beth D. McLaughlin of the Dept of Public Safety and make certain the wiretap tapes in my home are kept very securely if Triple M movers storm into my home and remove them. It would be for the benefit John J. Connolly Jr. and your own selves as well. I truly think he is the sneaky bastard that threw them in the dumpster in Beantown years ago. Instead of the Feds keeping the tapes in confidence or using them as evidence they try to be rid of them in such an off handed way? They must be valuable evidence if only to the people recorded upon them in order to seek releif from the wanton invasion of their privacy. Imagine if I were to send such a tape of your family to someone else? At least I am ethical enough only to send just one tape to cops or officers of the court ina sincere effort to see that it is properly investigated. ‘The Ex FBI dude's lawyer! Manuel Casabielle should ask him to listen to the CD real closely, just in case he recognizes anyone. Even if he does not it is still very powerful evidence against the Feds. If my suspicions are true the shit will hit the fan in Beantown very soon or both John J. Connolly Jr. and I will be dead. Do you fancy Yankee dudes want our blood to be found on your hands? Veritas Vincit PJ har— iP R. Amos PO Box 73 Acworth, NH 03601