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ate oO | Republic of the Philippines | OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION “hme | Ey i CHED MEMORANDUM ORDER (CMO) No. O08 Series of 2010 | i SUBJECT : REVISED GUIDELINES FOR THE OUTSTANDING HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION (HEI) EXTENSION PROGRAM AWARD In accordance with the, pertinent provisions of. Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994", for the purpose of promoting/enhancing the Extension function of Higher Education Institutions, and pursuant to Resolution No. 083-2010, the Commission hereby issues the following Revised Guidelines for the Outstanding HE! Extension Program Award, 1. RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES b Extension is one of the|three major functions of higher education. In line with the present Administration's thrust to mobilize knowledge and technology towards enhancing ploductivity, generating employment and reducing poverty, higher education institutions, have ‘been actively conducting research and extension programsiprojects, including transfer and/or, application of technology/knowledge that contribute to the ~~ of the country's development goals. i ‘The objectives of the HEI Extension Program Award are to: 4. recognize the higher education instiions and implementors for their outstanding Extension programs; : 2. encourage coriduct of Extension work that is relevant and responsive to the needs of the community and society: 3. promote apprefiation of the importance of the Extension function of HEIs Wl, THE AWARDS ‘Two national winners ahd 17 regional winners will be selected and given the prizes indicated below: ' Higher Education Development Center Building, C.P. Garcia Ave., UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines Web Site: wwn.cheth.gov.oh Tel. Nos. 441-1177, 985-4391, 441-1169, 441-1149, 441-1170 Award Category, 4 Prizes 2.National Winners: Most Outstanding Exter|sion Trophy and cash prize of PAM" each Programs 4 Regional Winner per, region : Outstanding Regional Extension Programs Plaque of recognition and cash prize 300,000 * The cash prizes for the national winners shall be utilized as follows: 50’ fo the program and 80% as incentives for the program staff. to Ill. GENERAL GUIDELINES | A. Definition of Exten Extension refers to the act of communicating and transferring knowledge and technology to specific sectors and target clienteles (as distinguished from those enrolled in formal degree programs and course offerings) to enable them to effectively improve production, community and/or institutions, and) quality of life, at the Same time enhance the HEI's academic and research programs. | ‘ An Integrated Extension Program shall include the following components: 1. Training prograins- non-degree and non-credit courses offered by a college or unit; 2. Technical assistance and advisory services — to agencies, organizations, associations ang other groups: 3. Communication/information ‘services communication and/or dissemination of knowledge and! skills to particular ciient groups through the various means of dissemination such as person-to-persgn contact, radio, television, newspaper and other printed materials 4, Community outreach activities- extension activities conducted in areas outside the university/college, e.g. community-based social services, pilot projects, mobile clinic, ete. | 5, Technology transfer and utilization —,the process of circulating, promoting and marketing research outpuls or technologies to potential users B. Eligibility Requirements \ The award is openito all higher education /nstitutions in the country, public and private. Each HEI may submit one program for the Award. The candidate Integrated Extension program must be - : * consistent with the mandate, acadespic program offerings and research programs of the candidate institution 4 | * active and with accomplishments/outputs for at least the last 3 years C. Criteria for Judging i Entries shall be evaluated and ranked on the basis of the following criteria: 1 i Criteria ‘ Weight 1. Significance; 60% a) contribution of the program to regiofalinational development ') contribution to the advancement of the disciplines 2. Institutional and policy support for thie 30% Program - the organizational/infrasiructural and policy support provided by the HEI to the program such as but not limited to exiension office, equipment, funding, manpower and other policies supportive of the program 3. Recognition given to the program — citations, 10% awards givéh by external establishet! and reputable bodies/organizations The details of the criteria shall be developed and reflected in a score sheet to be used in the evaluation of entries. Fl IV. NOMINATION AND SELECTION PROCEDURE 1. Nomination forms may be obtained from any of the following: Commission on Higher Education Office of|Planning, Research and Special Projects (OPRSP) HEDC Center Bidg., C.P. Garcia Avenue UP. Dian, Quezon Cy