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Lesson planning template year 2, sem 1

Date: 28-10-2018 Name of students: Salma abdulla

Time : 8:50 From:8:50 Length of Name of Um Ammar

To :9:35 class: 45 school:

Name of MST Maryam Grade: kg2 No.Ss

Details about the book that the Name of book: Unit : page(s)
MST uses:

PURPOSE – Why am I teaching this lesson? What do I want the students to know/to be able to
do by the end of the lesson that they could not do before?


Students will be able to …..

● Identify what the plant needs to grow
● Learn new words
● Learn how to plant and where to put the plants to grow

LANLAGUAGE – What is the language I hope to teach? Specifically – what do I want the
students to be able to say or write or read or listen to? Is it new language, or am I revising
something I or my MST has already presented and practiced, or is it a mixture?
● English language
● I want the students to be able to know these words: -I can see
-Soil -Plant -Water -Sun -Air -Seeds beans
● Mixture because they know about these words they have a background and there is some
new words.

SKILLS – Which skill(s) am I teaching and what aspect of that / those skill(s) will I focus on?

Observe what the plant needs

Analyse what the plant need
Informative they get new information
RESOURCES –– What resources do I need to create the context and provide practice so the
students can do what they need to do to develop? - Include realia, books, handouts,
multimedia, songs, games, etc.

White board
Real Plant
Data show
Flash cards
ACTIVITIES – What activities can I design that use the resources and are appropriate in the
context? Are my activities authentic and purposeful?

● Sorting activity: Students will separate beans from seeds

● Planting activity: Students will plant in small pots
● Hungry plant: Students will give the plants what they need
● worksheet
Activity Time Interact Teacher Student (what they Purpose / objective MCT com
ion (activity + exact do + language you of the activity
instructions expect them to use)
you intend to

T-S T Welcoming the S welcoming the teacher, To involve the students to

students, singing singing, sit in the circle. the learning
Engage 6min song, tells the environment
students to sit in
the circle

S answer few questions To encourage them to

Pre- T-S T elicits prior base from the video learn the new lesson
knowledge by
Listening some videos.

T-S S answer chorally

T Do you know what
is inside the box? YES I DO
NO I DON’T To develop their

T Will put pictures

and objects in S search for the objects and
different places in the bring it to the teacher.
class and the
students should
search for it.
Transition 1 min T-S T ring the bell to S bring the objects and set. To be excited to know
bring the objects more about the
and give it to the lesson.

Building 20min T-S T Start the lesson by S answer the questions

present the And ask me if they want to
Knowledg presentation ask know about something.
the students some
e questions To share informations
between each other.

S Try to answer
T-S Ask them random
During questions about the

T-S S will help the teacher

T will plant
To check understanding.

Transition 1min T Calling the S go to corners and do the To check understanding.

names of each activities.
group and let them
do the activities

Reflection T give them S doing the activities To wrap up the lesson and
worksheet and some make sure they
activities to make understand it.
sure that they
Wrap Up understand the