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Peer Observation

 Subject and level: Science – G2 Date: 24-10-2018

 Length of observation: 45 minutes Number of students: 23
 Your Name: Sara Abdulla Peer’s Name: Wulla Ali

Teaching characteristic Comments

1. Organization Before starting the lesson, she prepared all the resources
Appropriate organization of content. Planning the use of and materials. Check the computer if the video will work
resources and materials. Teacher preparation level on not she was ready to start her lesson without any issue
2. Presentation The introduction was a show to the students some
Clear introduction, continuity with other sessions and animals and ask them that was great start her lesson with
students’ knowledge. Clarity of aims and objectives. 2 type of questions the opening and the closing.
Clarity of presentation and organization. Appropriate pace The good point she gives a time to the students to think
and timing. before answer.
Attempts to respond to student needs. Attitude to also, she shows the students a model how can they
students (manner, style). Summary and reference to future started doing their activity I prefer that example to explain
work. to the students.

3. Teaching approach and aids She uses the worksheet for assessment. That is a good
Choice of teaching/learning approach and its relevance to way to know each level student. also, easy to her if the
learner group. Methods used to check/evaluate learning. students understand the lesson or will reteach it again
Choice and use of teaching activities. Effective use of
question and answer. Encouragement of student

4. Student response The students were sharing with the teacher or they try to
Level of participation. Level of attention and interest. answer. The students were interesting just in the
General class atmosphere. introduction when they saw the animal. Then starting to
do the activity some students were talking but she
controls their behavior. But Wulaa she motivates the
students for who will finish all the work and who stay
quite they will get a gift, in the end, the lesson.

5. General observations The activity can students finish fast. She has to give the
students more interesting activities to make them busy.
The most important is to do activity for each level to can
each student to learn in different ways.