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l:. i prrogress апd review tests

l.l,,l1gdlgtic R/Т exchanges
,,, oa,udio CDs with ехаmрlе answers


ý{ACý{ILLAI\..{ 7ord
Oxfo" aviation асаdеmу :
Fýаiя,э trпglЕ*Lъ * ti*t*n-xiяtg f*r detail
ffiеg*rihс} tГt* рi*t*r*
1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture. Use the 2Ь ф Т"** Listen again and underline the correct
words in the Ьох. information.
1 The 757 was heading fоr / соmiпg frаm
angle starboard twin smаllеr taiI obscured
2 The aircraft avoided collision Ьу 200 / 400 /
В00 feet.
* ;,*Э Now listen to the sample answer.
З Disaster was avoided when а tгаiпiпg iпsресtоr /
сопtrоllеrs instructed the aircraft to alter соursе.
1ь Answer the questions.
4 The rероrt recommends that rаdаr sсrеепs Ье
1 Which aircraft is пеаrеr the ground? improved / changed,
2 Whеrе was the photographer n relation to the
3 Are there any markings оп the aircraft? Ж****tеý*ýýэ**у * Е-*st*п*пg
4 What do you think r.^li]l happen пех:? 3а # t-*Э Listen to the dialogue. Write the call signs
5 Why do you think th]s s]tuat]on оссurrсо? iп the spaces to complete the summary.

The controller instructed (1) _= ___*_ to maintain

Евзglish : List*ning fcr gist
РýаЕrз lts present level, and instructed (2) _
2а # t.** Listen to а report of а пеаr miss and to descend. The controlier instructed (З)
choose the best summаrу.
to turп right and then gave traffic information to
а Low visibility led to пеаr Tiss
(4) _ __. *___. When (5) _ *__ _ __, failed to
Ь Сопtrоllеrs prevent collision
comply with the instruction, the АТС instructed
с Lack of communication led to пеаr miss
(6) to turп right, However, jUSt after that,

(7) rероrtеd that he was following а TCAS

RА and was climbing, (8) then requested
immediate descent and Ianding

ffiя*dý*tеIерh*rъу - Plaiп ЕпgIish Vtэ*аhч*tшrу *ýзg*k
3Ь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions,

1 squawk/ incorrect / sау / 411З / readback / | / аЬоrt (v) distance (п) close (adj) risk (п)

again _ deviate (v) аirрrох (п) collision (n) potential (п)

2 action / 270 / traffic / avoiding / 1чrп / immediately / ] The паmе for а 'пеаr miss' in aviation
headino / hаrd / rioht / due 2 The amount of space between two things
З Possible оr likely in the future
4 To stop something before it is finished
З injuries / we / some / have 5 То do something different to what is expected _,

4 is / l'm / whal / sоrrу / рrоЬlеm / your? 6 Nеаr

7 When something crashes into somethins '

.''' 8 The possibility that something dangerous might
5 hurt/ have/ board /we/ problems / реорlе/оп / 1;' hарреп ,

medical/ аrе
5ь Complete the strategies for avoiding mid-air
co!lisions with the words from 5а.
Take care whеп flying пеаr ап i
4 Work with а partner. Student А is CS-FHG
maintaining 7,000 ft. Student В is ап АТСО, Bead (r) ****'__.., of аД8*iв,Яiф
the dialogue outline and decide what to say.
of an аirроrt, Don't wait uпtiliЁ
CS-FHG Сопtrоl for traffic. Pilotý ýhOU}d Ьёj'ам

conf l i cti п g tra{fic whёп 0r lrJý:,grý

епSurе separation the сФrЁdt.tаЪ:
",;.. Rеquеs1 сопfirmаtiоп
maintained at all times, lпfоrfi
Acknowledge and
' '.'." request details of АС
constant vigilance is

Request more (5) ___, _l"eaoinoJo

а jб}",ф
information about Ас оп the ground is (т)__ _,,j.",]И',q:
mау Ье necessary to iB} "$1&
Acknowledge and
request rероП on

4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do

it again. Check against the model dialogue in the ýisешsgýшш
Answer Кеу. 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
Describe а пеаr miss ехреriепсе you've had оr
know of..
2 What do you think аrе the major causes of mid-air
1 З What can Ье done to rеduсе mid-air collisions?
4 What technology exists to help rеduсе the threat of
mid-ajr collisions?
5 Do you think the iпсidепсе of mid-air collisions will
increase оr decrease in the future?

Plain English - Listening for detai!
2Ь Ф r.OS Listen again and decide if the statements
are true or false. write r or Е
1 VFR pilots have to rеаd back АТС instructions,
2 VFR pilots acknowledge messages Ьу rocking their
З Aircraft land on the runway one after another.
4 VFR traffic usually lands iп front of lFR traffic.
5 lFR traffic flies slower than поrmаl оп short final.

Radiotelephony - Listening
3а ý 0,0O Listen to ап approach controller
sequencing traffic for the Benejov air show. Match
the letters (А-Н) оп the chart with the aircraft 1-8.

1 Cessna 182 Skylane 5 Boeing Stearman

2 Grumman Duck 6 Piper Seneca
3 Grumman Tiger 7 Socata ТВ9
4 Extra З00 8 Auster J59 Alpine
Describe the picture
Ваrоп 55
1а Describe what уоu сап see iп the picture. Use the G
words iп the Ьох.

** | В"""r, /
Mast Staggerwing
,I \\ +
vintage formation smoke trail аirсrаft mаrkiпgs f\
F\ н
аеrоьаtiс mапоеuvrе
ý r.O+ Now listen to the sample answer.
Ф с42
RоЬiп DR-400

1ь Answer the questions.

1 What аrе the аirсrаft doing? Radiotelephony - Plain English
2 What do you think аrе the speed and altitude of the ЗЬ Rearrange the words to make phrases from the
aircraft? dialogue.
З Why аrе there smoke trails coming frоm the
aircraft? ] l / see / blue and white / high-wing / сап / Benejov /
4 What do you think will happen next? а / east of
5 Who do you think took the photograph?
2 keep / чпIil / up / west of / your gear / Benejov

Рlаiп English - Listening for gist

З and get / l.чrп / behind r in line / the lkarus / left
2а ý l.ОS Listen to an air-traffic controller talking
about lпstrчmепt Flight Rules (lFR) arrivals to ап аir
show. Tick (r/) trre things he mentions. 4 flown / trоm / you've / tracks / railway / the / away
weather аррrсасг SpeedS
communicatic:ls touci. ээ",г zэпеs
5 up / you / the Staggerwing / to Ье / is going / fоr /
approach fixes missed approach

clarification 5ь Complete the extracts from а book about aircraft
with the words from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is an air show АТСО.
Student В is а pilot оп approach. Read the dialogue
The Beechcraft Modol
outline and decide what to say.
(2) _ aircraft
Pilot Атсо
January 1937.

Say type

Give positive rеропsе

The Grчmmап Duck, ап

Declare unable and

(4) _ used bybqfii
say reason Coast Guard.

4Ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do

it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу.

VосаЬчlаrу Check
The Zivko Edge 540, а
5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
often seen реrfоrmiпg {5):,:

аir show (п) bi-plane (n) twin-engine (n) low-wing (n) (6) such as the
amphibious (adj) floatplane (n) high-wing (n) rоutiпе (n)

] Ап aircraft with the wing lower surface level with оr -

below the bottom of the fuselage
2 Describes а vehicle that can operate both оп water
and оп land
З An aircraft with the wing upper surface level with оr
above the top of the fuselage
The popular (7)
4 Ап aircraft equipped with floats for landing оп оr
taking off from а body of wаtеr
5 А set of manoeuvres that а pilot performs Otter.
6 А public display of aircraft iп flight and on the
grоuпd, held at ап airfield
7 Ап aircraft with two identical engines
8 Ап aircraft with two wings fixed at different levels

6 Discuss the questions with а partner. 4 Do you have this type of activity iп уоur country?
Whеrе? When?
] Have you еvеr Ьееп to an аir show? What was it like?
5 What sort of special training do pilots and/or ATCs
2 What usually happens at ап air show?
have for аir shows?
З Why do реорlе attend аir shows?


Describe the picture Plain English - Listening for detail

1а Describe what уоч can see iп the picture. Use the 2Ь ý l.ОВ Listen аgаiп and tick (r/)trre рrоЬlеп
words in the Ьох. that are mentioned.

cancelled flights congestio. а-),:.

dispersal air stair APU palm baggage visibility
сопtrоllеrs' stress mid-air panlc
ý r.OZ Now listen to the sample answer. heart attacks ruпwау inclrs э-:
poor maintenance swine fer,,e.
1ь Answer the questions.
1 What kind of реrsоп is the flight for?
2 Why are there so mапу people Ьу the aircraft?
Radiotelephony - Listening
З Where are the people standing iп relation to 3а ý r.os Listen to the dialogue. Decide if the
the aircraft? sentences are true or false. write Г оr :.
4 How long after the landing do you think the photo 1 London informed Cargolux 22ЗlЬэ.э,.,:- ] -.
.,.as taken? Why? а delay.
: ,',-,-. ]э ,,эu think will happen next? 2 Bad weather is causing de|ar,,s :э э ,:: -, : .
outbound aircraft,

Plain English - Listening for gist З The pilot's NOTAM says that ||е,э z,=,: .. =
cassenge!, and саrgо flights,
2а ьа ' :з -:-?- :э 2^ ,1э,. э,.. аэ:*::-э е"з::э :,
-: ----
!' : - - -:'= -'?' =' .:-- '
' --. -, -
= --=

RadiФt*leph*ntrl - Рlаiп Hnglish V*с*hшlвrу ýtte*k
3Ь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
the dialogue.

] hold / we / VATON / to / aI / сопfirm / have priority (n) amendment (п) officials (п) рапiс (v)

domestic (adj) facilities (п) disruption (п) scheduled (adj)

аrе excepted / says scheduled аir саrriеrs / but оur / 1 lmportant people in an organization.
NOTAIV / and cargo flights / understood 2 Something such as buildings оr equipment that
people сап use.
3 According to а timetable.
that information / we did / before leaving / not get / 4 А change made to а document оr рlап.
unfortunately / JFK 5 Referring to оr belonging inside а country.
4 our alternate, Gatwick / а clearance / we will have / 6 А situation when something саппоt continue
as поrmаl because of а рrоЬlеm.
if we / cannot get / to take
7 То have а sudden strong feeling of fear оr tеrrоr.
5 on / Аirfоrсе / is / One / поw / lLS 8 The оrdеr of importance оr urgепсу.

5ь Complete the briefing оп V|P visits with the words

frоm 5а.
There have been some (1) s to our оrigiпаl
4а Work with а partner. Student А is PNF. Student В
_ VlP
is РF, Read the dialogue outline and decide what plan. But there is no need to (2)

to say. flights will still receive (З) _ _*" **** but we wish to
PNF рF avoid (4) _ ___._ _"*,,_*,*to оur international flights. Апу
(5) __***_ passengers who аrе (6) ___
to fly at the time of а VlP visit will Ье delayed.
]],:']]:.:1,1]i:lt]:ý::ýlJ€XýýФtФd.:l: :,.l]ll:,] l',l

.,..,..,l'аýk,fоi:,6бпf iýnatiOл:].l,:..:,l.] However we will provide refreshment (7)

free of сhаrgе for these passengers. We want to

1.,1,:.''1;11.ritiýl;NIб.'JýI l]aarýll1,,ll,.llll
l'l'].::].l']l,,l::],,]]'l].]]:]]R0,]dё}8у.;1.,:,:l1l:111l',;1,',;.,:ll.i encourage visits Ьу important (8) While at
the same time allowing oUr international passengerS
]']:]],]]io\v],o,n,fgý|:.']l'-'.l l.;1l],
to travel as поrmаl.

6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
1 Describe а VlP flight you know of.

4ь Role рlау the dialogue, then change roles and do 2 What difficulties can VlP flights cause?
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the З Should VlP flights Ье treated differently to оthеr
Answer Кеу. flights? Why? Why not?
4 who should Ье classed as vlps?
5 What type of aircraft will trапsроrt VlPs iп the

Жadý*t*lep}Tany * Рýаiп Жпgtfrsh VgсаЬь*lнrу *h*gk
3Ь Rearrange the words to make phrases from 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
the dialogue.

1 hold / we /VATON / lo / at / confirm / have рriоritу (n) amendment (n) officials (п) рапiс (v)

domestic (adj) facilities (п) disruption (п) scheduled (adj)

2 аrе excepted / says scheduled air саrriеrs / but оur / ,1

lmроrtапt people iп ап оrgапizаtiоп.
NOTAM / апd саrgо flights / understood 2 Something such as buildings оr equipment that
people сап use.
З Ассоrdiпg to а timetable,
з that information / we did / before leaving / not get /
4 А change made to а document оr рlап.
unfortunately / JFK 5 Rеfеrriпg to оr belonging inside а country.
4 оur alternate, Gatwick / а сlеаrапсе / we will have / 6 А situation when something cannot continue
as поrmаl because of а рrоЬlеm,
if we / cannot get / to take
7 То have а sudden strопg feeling of fear оr tеrrоr.
5 оп / Аirfоrсе / is / опе / поw / lLS В The оrdеr of imроrtапсе оr urgency.

5ь Complete the briefing оп VlP visits with the words

from 5а.
*l*rif i*gtiшп
Тhеrе have Ьееп some (1) s to оur оrigiпаl
4а Work with а partner. Student А is PNF. Student В
_ VlP
is РF. Read the dialogue outline and decide what рlап. But there is по need to (2)

to say. flights will still rесеiче (З) _._____ but we wish to

PNF avoid (4) _*_ _*__,_..,..tо оur international flights, Any
(5) *__ __ раssепgеrs who аrе (6)

to fly at the time of а VlР visit will Ье delayed.

tt]s uпехресtеd *
аSk fОr..СОПfil'mаtiОП However we will provide refreshment (7)

frее of сhаrgе fоr these passengers, We want to

Тhё NOTAM says
' rIо delay ] епсоurаgе visits Ьу important (В) while at
the same time allowing оur international passengers
Acknowledge but say
low оп fuel to travel as поrmаl,

, , WiJ]take altornate if
"..: :. по ciear:anoý,in'
' "' fiie:mirrutes, : Discuss the questions with а partner.
1 Describe а VlР flight you know of.
4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do 2 What difficulties сап VlР flights cause?
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the З Should VlP flights Ье treated differently to оthеr
Answer Кеу. flights? Why? Why not?
4 who should Ье classed as vlps?
5 What type of аirсrаft wi|l trапsроrt VlPs iп the


Pl*!n Жпg*isýт * **istеfiЁftg fезr d*tai*

2ь # t,ll Listen аgаiп and answerthe questions. . i
/__,,J, ,:."
Where is there а rеgulаtiоп that lasts all day?
2 Where have АТС taken some measures to improve i ,,l/-.,'r,
З Where might improvements Ье seen iп traffio f]ow?
*еs*rlЬе the рi*tмr*
4 Where has the longest de ays?
Describe what you can see iп the picture. Use the 5 Wh]ch country r,v Ье affected Ьу the regulation in
words in the Ьох. Cyprus?
6 Whеrе might rеgu ations continue intc the
соmmеrсiаl Sequence instrument configuration аftеrпооп?
final rаdаr

# З"Ч* Now listen to the sample answer. Ж*d*ot*ýeph*lтy * il-i*t*пЁг*g

За # t.зt*t.t* Listen to five dialogues (а-е) between
pilots and air-traffic controllers, Match each
1ь Answer the questions.
dialogue with а reason for delay. There is one extra
1 What time of day is it? reaSon,
2 What sort of airfield are the aircraft flying into? -1
Vehicles аrе clearing the runways
З How far do you think they аrе frоm the runway? 2 Low visibility
4 What heading do you think the aircraft аrе flying? з Ап aircraft has Ьrоkеп down
5 What do pilots typically do at this phase of flight? 4 Busy аirsрасе
5 Lack of раrkiпg space
*Е*Ё* *rъgýi*Гв * Lýst*r,ting f*r g}st 6 Liquid on the арrоп
2а ,=a Listen to the briefing and match the
problems in the Ьох to the places оп the map.
**d3*Ё*l*ýi]*пу * Plair: Еrвgiisýз
cBs Реrsоппеl shortage Thunderstorms and rain
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the
Aer-cdrome capacity lVilitary activity Construction
"un\,!,av i we / а / have / aircraft / disabled / оп

2 outside / sector / controlled / saturation / rеmа]п /

due / airspace

З splilage /there /is / a/you /the /on / rаmр i behind

,,; -: : -'-
4 сап we / lower / hаvе / due / chop / level? l speed /
at / this _]__ __**, _:1.
5 the weather? / da you / have / tаr / ап estimate / ап
imрrоVеmепt / :п

ýlarification 5Ь Complete the АТС comments about delays with the
4а Work with а partner. Student А is the first officer of words from 5а.
а passenger jet aircraft, cal| sign Transtar З22, оп
descent to Po|omir. Student В is ап approach АТСО
at Polomir Approach. Read the dialogue outline and а l work at an airfield with joint operations,
decide what to say. апd nrilitary {rainifig (1) ] , _] ,."__* 1 l. ,.l l

First officer Аррrоасh АТСО sometimeý cause,delays for civil {1зffi6.;.l, ,.',l,|, l

Acknowledge, give
instructions to hold, Ь Both iп terms of ореrаtiопs and раssепgеr
апd зау duration ооmfоrt, the (2) in progress on the
пеw runway is causing rеаl problems for us,
Say rеаsоп for delay

Paraphrase rеаsоп
We have protective (З) iп place
ечеrу day, but we still have рrоЬlеms with
sector (4) . lt sometimes happens
4Ь Role рlау the dialogue, then change roles and do that we exceed capacity Ьу очеr 10%,
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу.

We had so much unexpected snow last winter. Snow
Vо*аЬulаrу ýheck (5) caused, mаiоr disruptioný,, because,We
5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions. jцst wоrепlt,еQuiРреd wПh enough sпОw ploughý

disable (v) work (п) spillage (n) removal (п) issue (n)

saturation (n) regulation (п) exercise (n)

l think АТС everywhere suffers with staffing
1 А problem that needs to Ье considered (6) Тhеrе just aren't enough
2 Ап activity that you do in order to lеаrп how to do controllers]
З То stop а piece о{ equipment frоm working
4 When something is so full that nothing can Ье
added Just this week two incidents caused delays
5 Control of ап activity оr process Ьу official rules оп mу shift. The first was а fuel
6 The rераiriпg and building of something (7) оп the арrоп, and the
7 When liquid has accidentally Ьееп poured out of its second was а (8) aircraft
сопtаiпеr on а taxiway which prevented heavy аirсrаft
8 The process of taking something away from а place vacating.

Discuss the questions with а partner. З Do most delays оссur on the ground оr in
the air?
] What аrе the longest delays you have encountered
iп your work? 4 What actions сап АТС take to manage congestion
and delay?
2 What things typically cause delay where you work?
5 Will delays increase оr decrease in the future?


Ше**гi&з* tFз* щi*tьчв,* F!*;= Ёазglish * Li*Ёев:itэз f*r *et*ii

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2ь .=Ё' l,=8 Listen again put the sentences iп the
words in the Ьох. correct chronoIogical order.
а The аirсrаft hit the ruпwау.
medium emtэlem gear standing рrореllеr Поrizоп Ь The pilot decided to land.
с The crew switched the GPWS system off,
==,,,' э ":? Now listen to the sаmрlе апSWеr.
d The 757 started to take off,
е The сrеw realized the gear was not down,
1ь Answer the questions. f The pilot saw а 757 оп the runway,
] where is the man in relation to the aircraft?
2 Whеrе do you think this incident оссurrеd? * Li*tee=i
Е *cliot*$eФШt фшtу п g
З What markings аrе there on the aircraft?
4 What do you think caused the accident?
3а ,Э ,l
.=9 Listen to the dialogue. Answer the
5 What do you think wiL hарреп next?
1 Wnat was the unsafe ]ndicat on?
2 Wh]ch ruпwау was РНGЗ002 cleared to land on?
Ft*iп *пgli=h * L*steni*g fшr gI*t
з what was the cloud base?
2а ф Т.Зе Listen to an interview with ап airport
4 Why did РНGЗ002 request а visual inspection?
spokesman about а no-gear landing. Why did the
aircraft execute а belly-landing? 5 What did the tower see?
6 What was the fuel state of РНGЗО02?

H*diotelephony * Ptra*yt ýпgl*sh VосаЬulаrу ýhg*k
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions,

1 gear / right / indication / PHG3002 has / unsafe / collapse (v) bent (adj) skid (v) lower (v) circuit (п)

mаiп indication (n) арреаr (v) undercarriage (п)

wheels / low / аrе down / to сопfirm / request / 1 То slide across the ground in ап uncontrolled way
paSS ..___.__ 2 Pattern of flight from take-off to touch-down
З 500 ft / we / level / wi|l / aI З А sign
4 То let down
4 distance / runway / established / zero fочr / aI /
5 lп а twisted or curved shape
localizer / ei9ht nautical miles 6 То fold or fall down suddenly
7 То seem to Ье

5 wheels / all / down / арреаr 8 Landing gear

5ь Complete the report оп а gear-up landing with the

words from 5а.
The crew reported а red (1)*. "._.__ _______
4а Work with а partner. Student А is РNF of Flуеr 794,
and were uпsurе if the (2) had
а regional jet оп final аррrоасh. Student В is Tower.
Read the dialogue outline and decide what to say. (з) correctly. They flew а left-hand
рNF Tower (4) ___'_ __,__. for the tower to make а visual
inspection. Everything(5) __* ОК. However
оп landing the main gear (6) and the
Пequest intentions aircraft (7) _*,__* ._.._ along the runway. The

рrореllеr blades wеrе (8) where they

Give instructions made contact with the ground.

State mаiп gеаr

appears dоwп but Disсчssiоп
nose gear retracted 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
Correct and clarify 1 Describe а no-gear landing you have had оr have
mаiп gery appears heard about.
dоwп but лоsе gear 2 ls it worse to lose nose gеаr оr mаiп gear? Why?
rёtrаitёd З Describe how to manually retract landing gear.
4 What сап Ье done to prevent landing gear
4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the 5 What changes do you think will Ье made to aircraft
Answer Кеу. landing gеаr iп the future?



ВеssriЬе the picture ЩШ*!у"t ЩtT*l**h * Lаэt*gзi*g f*г dеёаiЕ

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. 2Ь ф €.Ё"t Listen again and exp|ain what the following
refer to,
] Кrаsпоdаr
1ь Answer the questions.
2 зо2
1 What kind of passenger would have а flight like this?
2 Who do you think all the people are Ьу the aircraft?
3 Whеrе are the people standing in relation to the
5 200
4 Do you think the аirсrаft has just landed оr is getting
rеаdу to depart? Why?
5 What do you think will hарреп next? ***i*Ё*Е*рЕз*}=:,, : Li=t*- i-g
3а * Listen to the dialogue. Put the events iп the
t Э.g* Now |isten to the sample answer. =.*;
correct order,
а The АТСО suggests run\yay бL for landing,

Pi*ia,t **"tgёl*9ъ * LЁ*tе=irэз €*г gi=Ё Ь The pllot requests а tcuch апd go.
2а ,i]' Listen to а news report about а пеаr miss. с The pilot reDcrts ihat they will land оп the left side
=.::: of the ruпwа,у,
Choose the most suitable summary.
d The АТСО rероrts the right mаiп gear is retracted,
а Yuri is ап experienced air-traffic controller whose
quick thinking prevented two aircraft from colliding, е The pilot rероrts а high load mапоеuvrе fai|ed to
This is another example of the hеrоiс wоrk of ап frее the gear,
anonymous group of controllers. f The pilot requests firе and rеsсuе services.
Ь Yuri is ап ехреriепсеd air-traffic сопtrоllеr whose
quick thinking prevented two aircraft from colliding.
Usually controllers are anonymous but Yuri has
received а lot of рrаisе frоm the public.
с Yuri was ап ехреriепсеd air-traffic controller whose
quick thinking prevented ап Airbus and а Tupolev
frоm co|liding. Не is unable to sleep because of the
incident and has had to retire,

Radiotelephony - Рlаiп English VосаЬчlаrу Check
зь ý l.ez Match the Ьеgiппiпgs with the endings to 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions,
mаkе phrases from the dialogue.
1 The steep turп didn't shift the amendment (п) col|apse (v) indication (п). spltt (v}l
2 We'd like to try а touch and go to scheduled (adj) disable (v) domestic (adj) bent (adj)
3 Which is the best runway
4 Тhеrе is plenty of space either side
5 Ве advised wе'rе likely to 2 А change оr correction made to а document or рtаП
З То stop а piece of equipment or а machine frоm
а чееr to the right оп the ruпwау,
working рrореrlу , .

Ь gеаr so we're stilt indicating gеаr up.

5 То fold or fall down suddenly
с of the ruпwау should you need it.
6 Referring to or belonging inside а соuпtrу
d see if that loosens the right gear.
7 А sign
е for ап аЬпоrmаl gear landing?
8 То accidentally роur а liquid out of its сопtаiпеr

GIarifi*atI*n 5ь Complete the sentences with the words from 5а.

4а Work with а partner, Student А is pilot of Sprinter
512, ready to taxi. Student В is tower. Read the 1 pilot
The ._.. the coffee over the GPS.
dialogue outline and decide what to say.
2 Recently several have Ьееп made to
Sрriпtеr 512 Тоwеr the operating procedure.

З The fоrсе of the impact caused the undercarriage to

Request taxi

lnstruct АС to stay
4 The flight arrived exactly on time.
where it is
Acknow|edge and аsЙ
tоrhй [опа ':.. 5 The smaller aircraft wеrе used fоr shorter
Give rеаsоп for delay
:. (uпkпоwп object), say
it's being checked 6 Тhеrе was по of any fuel problems.
Аqkпоw|еdgе ...'

7 The рrореllеr blades wеrе оп contact

АС thеrе is debris
:. оп the taxiway, Expect with the ground.
taxi after ]5 minutes
Ask for repetition 8 The sound of the alarm was irritating so the сrеw
l]i:iii ;lii:l]lýýBМ,,i'l ii,,i, ;,;
Say delay of

6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the 1 What сап Ье done to prevent near misses?
Апswеr Кеу, 2 What operational issues have to Ье considered
whеп ruппiпg ап аir show?
3 What difficulties сап VlР flights cause?
4 Describe the longest delay you have encountered in
уоur work.
5 How has landing gear developed очеr the last 5О

ffiеsегih* the pi*ture Plain ErcgIish * Lýsteпing tcr datail
1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2Ь ф l.aД Listen again and decide if the sentences
words in the Ьох. are true or false. Write r or F,

1 The horizontal radar tracks blrds withln the airfield.

military high-wing turboprop dip flock frightened 2 The vertical radar covers the аррrоасh and
departure corridors.
ф l.ДЗ Now llsten to the sample answer. З The aim of the technology is to track аll birds.
4 The system сап identify а small bird several
miles away.
1ь Апswеr the questions. 5 А lаrgе group of birds eight miles away can Ье
1 What do you think the pilots аrе doing? detected Ьу the system.
2 Why are the birds moving? 6 The system is being trialIed fоr use in civil aviation.
З What sort of airfield do you think it is?
4 Where was the photograph taken frоm? RadioteEephony - Listeni*g
5 What do you think will happen next?
3а * l.ЭS Listen to а dialogue between а pilot and
an air-traffic contro|ler. put the events in the
*1аiп Епglisiз * LЁstепiпg f*r g*st correct order.
2а # j"ce Listen to а conversation about пеw а The pilot requests а low pass.
aviation-related technology. Answer the questions Ь The сопtrоllеr reports damage to the nose gear,
1 Where does the conversation take place? с The pilot reports birdstrike.
2 What teohnology are they talking about? d The pilot states anticipated control problems оп
3 Who does the technology serve? Ianding.
е The pilot states their intention to rеturп
f The pilot says the поsе gеаr won't retract,

Жа*ý*t*ýер}з*гту * Рý**нз ffi пgЕ*s}т Wg**hшý*гу *he*k
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the
5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.

] had /thinkwe / l / апl impact/the/with /поsе detect (v) corridor (n) track (v) flock (п) species (п)
gear hit (v) impact (п) frighten (v)

2 rесусliпg / Ihe / а rеd light / gear /l tried / we /

1 А group of birds
but/have/still 2 То рrоvе that something is present
3 саЬlе / what looks / we see / like а / оr hose / З The force with which опе object hits another
loose / оп your / поsе gеаr 4 То move опtо ап object quickly and with force
5 То make ап animal оr а реrsоп feel afraid
4 l/ we / hаvе / wi|| / believe /with / steering /the/ 6 А long, паrrоw аrеа of land
problems / landing / on _ 7 То follow the course of а moving object
5 Ье / that / aware / we could / oit / lef| / ruпwау / В А grоuр of plants оr animals whose members all
have similar general features
the / соmе / to the

5Ь Complete the article on birdstrikes with the words

*iаrifý*mti*rэ from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is pilot of а
twin-engine aircraft, call sign Arrow 545, downwind
iп а right-hand pattern for RWY 18. Student В is
Flight 1245, а private jet operated
an approach АТСО at Nezabad tower. Read the Ьу Biz Ai1
dialogue outline and decide what to say. made а powerless Ianding at
Fохtоп airport
after it ('l) _, _.**. а (2)
Pilot Атсо __, . _ of birds
on final аррrоасh. The aircraft
landed safely
just inside the touchdown
zone with по further
Acknowledge and
incident, but the (З)
request intentions from the heavy
landing resulted in structural
damage to the
Give instruotions for
priority landing
undercarriage. Тhе risk of birdstrike
is highest
at this time of уеаr when
опе particular
Request further
(4) of bird gathers before migrating
south for winter. The birds
Acknowledge аrе difficult to
(5) because they tend to hide in
long grass under the approach
(6) _ . The
birds' movements сап onIy
Ье (7)
4Ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do
when in flight, usually when (8)
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the
Answer Кеу, Ьу passing aircraft, which,
iп the case of the
Biz Аir, was too late.

Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr. 4 What iЪrt of damage сап birdstrikes do to aircraft?
1 Describe а birdstrike incident you know of. 5 Do you think bird-strike incidents wj]l inorease оr
2 Why do birds inhabit airfield environments? decrease? Why?
З What measures сап airports use to control birds?


***а:гв tз+"* t$t +э #i g.:ta; г* FЕаi,lt ffittgдВ**Гt * L,I*"t*gtргtg; fr-:r **t=i1

1а Describe what you can see in the picture. Use the 2Ь #.;:' Ч-g; Listen again and answer the questions
words in the Ьох.
1 what аrе the benefits of containers?
2 What information should you nclude оп уоur 1аЬеl?
lined up terminal containers vehlcles pallets
З Name five examples of unusual shipments,
,4i;* "i
,it* Now listen to the sample answer.
* * i *t*=+l * g: Еъ*эязli "* L.i,ч t *t,ъ i в,: g
1ь Answer the questions.
3а =.',
Listen to the dialogue. Complete the table
] ls the саrgо incoming оr оutkэоuпd? with the correct information.
2 Where do you think the picture was taken?
Wаrпiпg Problem
З What items do you think аrе contained
the shlpments?
4 What s the JAL van in the middle of the picture .

doing? i.
5 How s the саrgо ]oaded onto / unloaded frоm
the planes?

Ё..},ц Ёп.,,,вс " :а - _-: :=:"a i:,

2а "С 1.fi? Listen to the dialogue about саrgо
transportation. What two things should you do to
your cargo?

2? cARG0
Flаdiоtеlерhоэ"лу * Pl*in ýпglish W*g*Ьuýаrу ýtэ**k
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the
5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.

aircraft / have / you / do / with / ап / епgiпееr? / piece (п) pallet (п) label (п) load (v) protect (v)

Contact wrap (v) band (п) panel (п)

2 поI / wе'rе / it's / it / closed / ореп / оrl sure ] А паrrоw strip of something
2 An individual object or part of something
that / оп / if / bottom / Iчеl / of / door/ is / Sunair/ З А flat part of the skin of the aircraft that сап
ье removed
the / panel / ask / the / fuselage
4 Рареr or other material used to identify an object
5 А flat surface used for transporting goods
4 рапеl / reports / he / that / closed / has / the / 6 То keep from danger or damage
7 То put саrgо into оr onto something
the / епgiпееr __*
8 То cover something
5 the / is / light / confjrm / extinguished / warning
5ь Complete the iпsчrапсе report with the words
frоm 5а.

ýlаrif!саtiшr,* The (1) *__ of machinery was (2) _ _ __

4а Work with а partner. Student А is а pilot of YR- with а padded material. However the (З)
YYG at stand 2 waiting to start up. Student В is
of metal securing the cargo саmе loose when it was
а dispatch officer. Read the dialogue outline and
decide what to say, (4) onto the (5) . . When this
Pilot Dispatch officer was transported towards the hold the mасhiпеrу
саmе loose and smashed into а fuel (6)

This led to significant damage to both the aircraft

Acknowledge. Ask
l' about the рrо]Ьlеm
and the саrgо. The (7) _ _ _, , оп the package
сlеаrlу stated 'Handle with care' and it appears that
appropriate саrе was taken with the handling but not
_ Acкnowledge.
the packaging. ln future aIl such саrgо needs to Ье
Ask where,
(В) ._ in containers,

оопfirm оп the side of

' the fuselaga *ýg***g*i*п
6 Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr.
Acknowledge and say
, you wiIl contact ап
Describe а саrgо рrоЬIеm you know of,
еп9iпееr 2 What is the difference between cargo and
passenger flights?
3 What consjderations аrе important when
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then сhапgе roles and do transporting саrgо?
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
4 How has the transport of саrgо changed in the last
Answer Кеу. 20 years?
5 What changes do you think will happen to саrgо
transportation iп the future?

cARG0 23
П*sсriЬя the рiсtжrе Fýаiа"l Еrr6ýiяfu * Li*tепi:зg for d*taiý
1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2Ь ffi l.ЗШ Listen again and match the equipment (а-е)
words in the Ьох. iп 2а to the questions (1-5).

1 Which equipment has only Ьееп at the station fоr а

trаiпiпg exercise mock-up engulfed flames short time?
fire fighters spray 2 which can Ье used at а distance?
З Which is а requirement for the biggest airports?
ffi l.*g Now listen to the sample апswеr.
4 Which is used to mапаgе operations?

,lb 5 Which responds to emergencies inside airport

Answer the questions. facilities?
] Where is this activity taking рlасе?
2 How mапу people do you think are involved?
ЁаrJ!аt*lеаt=*rзу * Li=teni *g
3 How lопg do you think the activity will last?
4 How does this sоrt of activity affect operat ons?
3а Ё l,эl Listen to the dialogue Underlinq the
соrrесt information.
5 How often do you think this training happens? 1
^.-,.- ---
q L с,,); a _=
=.^ -ч -

a тлл_л ,л л : -л л |

Plai* ýпgЁýsh - LisЁеr:iпg for gist З Т^э с,е,.,, -=,е ,э,э, . -S:] : ": :.. -]- Sner,
2а Щ r.еЭ Listen to а chief fire officer give а tour of an - Т^е с,е,,, ,l , .,.. .эt\а:а.: '.'=,-,,,,a,
airport fire station. Mark the equipment (а-е) with immediate у on anding,
the оrdеr that they аrе mentioned. 5 The саЬiп crew think the flre -< s: с", ,э has
gопе out.
6 The аirсrаft is instructed to:ex _: э са.- ,i gate /
sесчrе аrеа,


$ýшd**t*i*р}з*аъу * Рt**уt ЖпglisЁt W**аhжýшrу *Ез**[с
3Ь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions,
appliance (п) foam (п) mounted (adj) mопitоr (п)
1 that / confirm / is / in / middle lavatory? / уочr /
media (п) deploy (v) halon (п) hose(n)
the fire

2 going / continue / are / mayday / Ihe / we /to / call ] То use something

2 Fixed in position
З А thick substance сопtаiпiпg а lot of bubbles used
З complete stop / the runway / оп / а / we / mаkе / for stopping fire
will 4 А controllable high-capacity water jet
5 А machine or piece of equipment
have / everything's / we / the cabin / from /
6 Substances that help suppress fire
а signal / ОК / that 7 А very long tube used for саrrуiпg water to а firе
5 arrival / call / ground / we'll / services / your / fоr В А gaseous chemical compound often used iп firе
suppression systems

5ь Complete the advertisement with the words

*ýав,ifý*mtfrgrя frоm 5а.
4а Work with а раrtпеr. Student А is the first officer
of а passenger jet aircraft, call sign Circle 122, FIRЕтROOрЕR 300
descending FL240. Student В is ап en-route АТСО
at Rаmоп centre. Read the dialogue outline апd The Firetrooper З00 is the latest development in
decide what to say. remote-controlled fire fighting. The (1)

Атсо consists of а body that houses а powerful motor which

First offioer
drives the tracks and pump, and а roof (2)

Catl сепlrе and report revolving (З) * _ ._,. which is equipped with three
suBpected саЬiп"firе nozzles. lп the саýе of апу fire that should Ье fought from
,':. Acknowledge and
ask for exact location а distance, the Firetrooper 300 сап attack the firе dlrecti]"
of firе greatly increasing the effectiveness of
{ire{jghting operations апd reducing risk to personnel,
.':. Aoknowledge and give
fоr further Features
' instructions
. (4) up to 5,000 litres per minute
. Drags up to З00
.. Пequestconfirmation metres of (5) _ ,_.

of status . Compatible with various liquid (6)

as water and (7)

. compatible with drу chemical and gas agents such

as (В)

. Тор speed of eight kilometres ап hour

4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, thеп change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the То place ап order оr find out mоrе, visit
Answer Кеу. www.firetrooper.net or call 0180 102-FlRЕ

6 Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr. З What do you think аrе the main causes of аirсrа'.
1 What training do you have to deal with fire?
4 What fire equipment do aircraft usual у саrrу?
2 Describe the fire equipment / installations at an
airport / building you know. 5 what аrе the effects of heat, smoke апd fire ог




ýЭ***t f fu* tfu* ц+вt::ti:г* Ё}Ё;зtвъ Жrъg,*ёя*fu * Е*i*t*rъяgъg f*r ***t*эifr

,la Describe 2Ь ,# t.*,Э Listen again and decide
what you can see in the picture. Use the if the statements
words in the Ьох. аrе true or false. write r or Е
1 Only gusting winds cause problems.
stripes follow lights line cables holding 2 The biggest hazard is an aircraft hitt ng something.
З Sometimes а реrsоп gets hurt spinning а propeller
Ы' J,** Now listen to the sample answer. 4 Usualiy hangars and fuel trucks get hit the most,
5 There аrе а lot of collisions between aircraft
departing and planes waiting to сrоss runways.
fь Answer the questions,
1 Whеrе is the аirсrаft? ,
'*..i"l,*.f,.г,:". . _
2 Where was the photographer in rеlаtiоп to the
aircraft? 3а ,,Ё t :Э+ Listen to the dialogue.
Write the missing
З Why is the aircraft foiiowing the саr? words in the spaces to complete the summary,
4 Аrе there any markings on the aircraft?
АТС told АLбR to foilorl,, the i] ) to get to
5 What do you think will hарреп next?
Ьау (2) , The!,stopped at Ьау

Ё;"1.- * ::
(З) and were told they wеrе at the wrопg
J i
р асе, They had to follow the grееп ilght
2а ЪЕ _G..== Listen to an instructor talking about runway
taxi accidents. Tick (r,/)trre topics the instructor (4) to the]r correct Ьау. When they got
mentions. пеаr the Ьау they saw the (5) . The Ьау
mechanical рrоЬlеms ц"ias to their (6) , The plane cut across the
pilot еrrоr
(7) and hit the (В) ditch,
сопtrоliеr еrrоr
weather conditions


*аd*оtе*ерhопу - F*аiп *ng3ish Y*сеЬчl*rу *heck
зь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions

1 parking / stand / confirm / we / а1 / 're / 116 foIlow (v) fence (п) sign (n) mаrshаllеr (п) van (n)

truck (п) camouflage (п) паrrоw (adj)

2 stand / lопg / brefore / а / is / that / way / your 1 А Ьаrriеr made of wood or wire
2 А vehicle that is а little bit bigger than а саr
З А реrsоп who directs aircraft into parking positions
З set / |ights / 'll /you / another / we / fоr / of / green 4 Used to make things look like the background
5 То travel behind something or to do as instructed

4 iп / marshaller/ now /'ve / sight /we /the / got 6 An object that uses words оr pictures to give
7 The opposite of иzldе
5 drainage/ cut/ have /you / hit /the /the/across/ 8 А large vehicle

5ь Complete the sentences with the words from 5а.

flfrшr!ffrе*tfrmвт 1 А refuelling _ needs to get сlеаrапсе

4а Work with а partner. Student А is а tower АТСО. before crossing а runway.
Student В is а pilot of ТА 327. Read the dialogue
outline and decide what to say. 2 А pilot needs to Ье able to see the аrm movement
of the _._
З The markings оп military aircraft аrе different to civil
ones due to their
Пeadback Ьау ]40 4 There is а danger that aircraft passing on а

taxiway could collide,

5 The clearly show the taxiway letter.

Пequest confirmation
Ьау 114
6 _ the centre line to keep in the middle.

7 The реrimеtеr __ . _ _ _ _ keeps animals and

people away frоm the airfield.
Say adjacent to
Ьау 117 8 The car's too small, we'll need а

Give positive response 6 Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr.
Describe а ground movement accident you've had
оr know of.
4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do 2 What do you think аrе the mаjоr causes of ground
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the movement accidents?
Answer Кеу. З What сап Ье done to reduce taxiway accidents?
4 What technology exists to help reduce the number
of accidents оп the ground?
5 Do you think the incidence of ground movement
accidents will increase оr decrease iп the future?



ffi*g,c;fi"fr h* tfu е рý*tь*r* Fl*!r: *::g::=1 * 1iэt**зпg f*:, *€*t=€i

1а Describe what you see iп the picture, Use the 2Ь # =.=+
Listen agarn end choose the correct option
words in the Ьох. to complete еас^ s:aTe-e.I
1 The ехреr. sa,s -:а:а] .э. ]^ s aa.^.^с. very
patient ambulance stretcher suit mask nUrse саmmап ,, aс: эa-^-э- э. а ,

2 Ptlots,/ Раssе,rс-э.s Вэ.- э ].,< :-tr aaSSergers

,;,БЁJ ,i"SS Now listen to
the sample answer. shou d Ье аЬ еtэ r..:э- ]: -:аaа] .а. cn,
З Pilots must пеvеr eai ' -=--:.:
=-=:j ;i rhe Sаrпе
time / the same fooc.
1ь Answer the questions,
4 The ехреrt says chesi се - ,,.::/-;ss alJ
1What type of aircraft is it? palpitation / chest раlс, ,.с !;эs_:- э-э,,.",еаkпеss /
2 What type of flight do you think it is? Why? sweating, уаwпtпg алd s,пс.:-э,< s a' c.aetk shouid
Ье taken vеrу sеr ously,
З What sort of airfield do they land at?
4 Why do you think this situation оссurrеd?
5 What do you think will happen next? Ё***Ё*t*l*рh**g * Li=i*n ! * g
3а ,*} *,Эт Listen to the dialogue, Decide if
statements аrе truе оr false. write т оr Е
ffý*Ё:ъ *в:gц$ЁнFъ ,* Ё*}gt*с,ъl$1g f*r gý*ii
1 The pit61 is unconsc o.1s,
2а йtu т.** Listen to ап expert talking about pilot
incapacitation. Tick (r./) tГ,е things they mention. 2 The mап fly г9 гhе arrc,a'l s : : .

З There аrе four реор е оп Dса,э,

а particular incident of incapacitation
4 The mап flying doesn't fee ,",,,е
causes of incapacitation
5 The сопtrоllеr suggests venl at гс :he cabin,
medical services
6 The mап fly ng knovls hov,, to cOera.e the autopilot.
advice fоr pilots
incident statistics
who is affected

ffi *d*Еэt*t*рh*tзу - РlаЁr,* Жпщfi !*}т Wсз*аЬшf;*rу *he*k
3Ь ф т.*т Match the beginnings (1-5)with the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.
endings (а-е) to make sentences from the dialogue.
1 The pilot's passed out and incapacitated (ad1) cramp (п) vomit (v) tighten (v)
2 l'm getting help поw from sоmеопе who's short (adj) poisoning (п) pass out (v) nauseous (adj)
З The oily fumes аrе
4 You cou|d have 1 lf you do this, your food comes up frоm your
stomach and out through your mouth
5 Сап you get
2 Feeling as if you want to vomit
а fresh аir into the cabin? З Severe pain in а muscle that becomes vеrу tight
Ь саrЬоп monoxide poisoning. 4 Unable to do ordinary things because you аrе ill

с l'm on mу оwп up here. 5 То suddenly become unconscious

d familiar with your aircraft. 6 Used for saying that you do not have enough
of something
е making mе feel pretty nauseous.
7 lf а muscle does this, it becomes hard and stiff
8 An occasion when sоmеопе is affected Ьу poison
4а Work with а partner. Student А is the first officer 5Ь Complete аВ727 captain's report with the words
of а jet aircraft, call sign Quickjet 988, maintaining frоm 5а.
FLl80. Student В is ап en-route controller at
Scherberg centre. Read the dialogue outline and
decide what to say. L!.bi-v,v |lwrоuчh лррyох FLLSO1 wlnti!.e beviot+ti,llv а
First officer controller Т bevп,tt |о lee!. п (D о| |Ь"
crew у*ел!,
с|ъеst. At Srst I !ооsецеd ws tie.lln"e discovr|ort
wo,s +to| siч+iАсп,п| еч,оuчlп to пeot|toot to ,пу
'.,.1. Request confirmation
FО.lЬе -ех| |tl.i,ytu !- rе,ье,ьЬеr wлs nsKiaa wlллt
|ппрре-пеd,lье FО said thлt , Q) |о,
Aoknowledge and
offer assistance ьЬоdг +О seco,vtds, пцd trrпt we weye diverti+v lo
. а -- leL|
Suggest and describe
Цiлиоi b^,ad severe stоуппс|лЗ)
--- п,у"d

two airfields
(t+) l t!поuчlп т didl'| псtuп!-|у
fоr diversion (s) ___. а wns пIsо (а) о| Ьгеп|tп.

Ask about equipment т ac(orow|edved tlne F0 wдs i+t сlпаrче о| |ье АLrт;
at опе of the airfields -
':, Describe equipment
hпе FLOIA said'do.yt'| пL!оw |lпъе

(l) __ Lrеw уъеьЬеr )го ореrпtе FLТ CTLS'. Тl,,,е

F0 did ьц wеrw| !+tdv i+t |Aiпwi ацd |пXied |о

т wblKed o|l tw" АСFт, а twouvbtt it was |ood
(В) Ьц| |lne doc|ors dе|еrуъiry,еd ttпп| Т

4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do рrоЬьЬLу ехреr e+ced i wi |d ь.чtпрlпу!пХi s.
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the -,.=,
Answer Кеу,

3 What do you think аrе the mаjоr causes of pilot
6 Discuss the questions with а partner. incapacitation?
1 Describe а pilot incapacitation event you know of. 4 What аrе the procedures {or dealing with pilot
2 What does the industry do to minimize the risk of incapacitation?
pilot incapacitation? 5 Describe any first aid trаiпiпg you have had.


ýescribe the picture Рlаiп English - Listening for detai!

.lа 2ь * ,r.ЗS Listen again and answer the questions.
Describe what уоu сап see in the picture.

] Which incident cost the most mопеу?


Answer the questions.

2 Which incidents wеrе caused Ьу gulls?
] Where would this exercise take place?
3 Which incidents wеrе caused Ьу geese?____,..,
2 Have уоu еvеr witnessed а similar exercise?
Describe it, 4 Which incidents wеrе ca;sed Ьу blackbirds?
З How long do you think the activity will last?
4 Describe the position of the fire truсk.
5 which incidents mention flame and / or smoke?
5 How often do уоu think this sort of training should

6 Which incidents mention damage to fan blades?

.. ,: Now listen to the sample answer.

Ёi * Ё t,з ffi +t g t l *h -* Е*! *'** а,ъ i rtlt'f, * я, щ Ё r-;t

Ёi *r,j i * t+:i *ffi Flъ*з щ 1l * fl".i *Ё*: ;_t i rt g:а

2а з.** Listen to part of а presentation оп five

3а # t.+;З.-:.+t Listen to three dialogues between
reported bird strikes. Match the summaries to the pilots and local air-traffic controllers. Complete the
incidents а-е, sentences with а call sign,
1 The runway was closed for ап hоur аftеr ап aircraft
hit а lаrgе flook of birds. ,_
Webair 5З7 Postline 912 N65ЗD Тrапsаir бЗ26

2 А goose caused the failure of two engines, . . ._. ...._

1 reports а rUnway incursion,
З The aircraft hit а gull causing оil рrоЬlеms in the 2 wou{d like to disembark passengers,
englne з aborts take off.
4 The aircraft hit а flock of geese causing severe 4 collides with ап aIrport lighting f]xture.
damage to the engines and airframe. 5 requires backtrack,
5 After ingesting а bird the а]rсrаft landed using single 0 will Ье pushed back,
engine landing procedure, 7 is uпаьlе to follow taxi instructions,

8 1о or9e, ias e,9,res rJпг 19.

ffi вdЁ*t*эlgрýt*вту * Рý*ýr,: Жа"ъg}i*fu Ы***&э*tý*а-у #}-c**fu ,:|,:|

зь ЙТ 1.4fi*Х.4Ё Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions,
from the dialogue,

"l оп / to / piece (п) panel (п) trасk (v) sign (п) |oad
Echo / direction / uпаЬlе / dче / proceed / {v)
foam (п) паusеоuý {adj) fоllоVи]ч)
2 us / we/ а/ Postline/ nose/ nose / have / Fokker/ То follow the course of а moving object using special
50/with /ап/Iо /Echo
2 An individual object оr part of something
3 а / ahead / taildragger / there's / about / З То put саrgо into оr опtо something to Ье trапsроrtеd
right / left / crossing / to 4 Fееliпg as if you want to vomit
5 То travel behind оr along something or to do as
4 |amp post /the/ hit / hеrе /we/with / left /wing /
6 А flat part of the skin of the aircraft that сап Ье
5 disembark / we / advise / passengers / соmрапу / rеmоvеd
7 А thick substance сопtаiпiпg а lot of bubbles used
hеrе / оцr
for stopping fire
8 Ап object that uses words оr pictures to give
*im*"ýfЁ*mtf;*tз information
4а Work with а partner. Student А is the pilot of
TC-WIJ taxiing for departure. Student В is а tower 5Ь Complete the sentences with the words frоm 5а,
АТСО. Read the dialogue outline and decide what
to say. 1 The епgiпееr пееdеd to remove the
TC-WlJ Тоwеr work on the electrics

2 АТС were аЬlе to .. .

the mоvеmепt of the
aircraft using rаdаr,
Ask for clarification of
the problem З The sеvеrе turЬulепсе left him feeling

4 The ground staff were unaole to alI the

Give instructions to
taxi to stand З
саrgо in time.

5 lts better to use rather than wаtеr оп

Say stand б is ап electrical fire.
unavailabrle. Переаt
instructions to taxi to бWе the саr to the correct stand.
stand 3
7 The equipment is made of five cjifferent

Say you'll rеlау the 8 The сlеаrIу showed 'no епtrу'


4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
it again. Check against the mode| dialogue iп the
Answer Кеу. ] Describe а birdstrike incident you have heard of.
2 What аrе the mаiп differences between саrgо апd
passenger flights?
З What do you think аrе the mаiп causes of аirсrаft
4 What сап Ье done to rеduсе taxiway incidents?
5 What age do you think pilots and сопtrоllеrs should
retire? Why?


*}е*s$*гýhф tРъ* рi*tжr* F**ýtъ ffiгtgfrлжtt * Ё-ýstедtЁrtg f*t" ***ff*ýý

1а Describe what you can see in the picture. Use the
words in the Ьох.
2Ь =З =.q+ Listen again and complete the table.

Flotation Devices
wreck fuselage register submerged split Ьrоkеп
Ё+I'1".ф* Now listen to the sample answer,



Answer the questions, i

] Whеrе is the рlапе? i

2 What do you think happened?

З How long after the landing do you think the photo
was taken? Why?
4 Where was the photographer ]п relation to the
5 What do you think will happen next?

ЩН*ýуъ Жtзg*isГз -- &*ý*t**,tigзg Ё*r щi*t

2а W ,t-4-+
Listen to ап instructor talking to cadets
about ditching at sea. Which of these topics does
the instructor not rеfеr to?
coastal areas flight plans
rlVеrS fuel problems
lakes fishing
search and rеsсuе trees

ffi md Ё*tеý*рýз*п5я * ý*i*t*s"tiгtg 4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then сhапgе roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
3а ф З,Вg Listen to the dlalogue between РF, РNF
Answer Кеу.
and АТС. Апswеr the questions.
1 What is the рrоЬlеm?
V**аЬtдi*л,у fihg*k
2 What is the direction and distance to QDM
lVombassa? 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
З What is Охаir З7]'s first request?
4 What did АТС not hear? flotation(п) inflatabIe (adj) boat (п) ship (n)
5 Where will the pilot try and land? procedure (n) lake (п) coast (п) impact (v)

6 What is Oxair's second request?

1 А small vessel people use fоr travelling оп water
2 The соrrесt way of doing something
ffi жdý*tеýеff htr*"}y * Fý*Ёвt Жrзg*isf,ъ
З An object which is filled with аir before using it
3Ь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 4 А large аrеа of water that is surrounded Ьу land
5 Land next to the sea
1 brief / get / саЬ n crew / the passengers / to / the 6 То hit another object
7 The ability to float
8 А large vessel people use for travelling оп water
2 аrе not / to rеасh / able / l think / the land / we

5Ь Complete the news report with the words from 5а.

а both / епgiпеs / may / we / lose Observers five miles inland saw а light аirсrаft flying low
4 coastal / facilities / we / limited / rescue / have / overhead, сlеаrlу iп trouble. lt was too mountainous to
Vеrу attempt а landing and the (1) was crowded

5 is/and /hаs/аwау / in sight/fivemiles /you/ with(2) andswimmers.Theopenseawas

the helicopter the only option. The pilot flew очеr the (З)

and саrriеd out ditching (4) before

*ý*rЁf**mtý*гт (5) the water, Не managed to сlimЬ out ot

4а Work with а partner. Student А is а piIot of а the cockpit and hапg оп to а (6) __ device and
Beechcraft Вопапzа, РК-RТА, en route between
two pacific islands, student В is an Атсо at
was rescued Ьу an (7) , dinghy sent from
Shalaba Centre. Read the dialogue outline and а cruise (В) __ which was returning from а
decide what to say.
round-the-world voyage,
рк-RтА Атсо

Suggest alternate 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.

.., airfield оп Lungga -]
Describe а ditching you've had оr know of,
..j islапd, 19 miles south
2 What do you think аrе the mаjоr causes of
Say will аlеrt
. coastguard, Bequest
з what сап Ье done to minimize the risk after
intentions ditching?
4 What technology exists to help pilots of aircraft who
have ditched?
' Пequest РОВ 5 Do you think the incidence of ditchings will increase
or decrease in the future? Why?

Acknowledge. Say
. coastguardhelicopter
has Ьееп scrambled



ffi*g*r*hе týT* рi*tьяя^* Р$*Ёр"ъ ffiв"t59ýi*tъ * L*gt*пёз"tg f*э" *ý*t**ý

1а Describe what you can see iп the picture. Use the 2Ь # Э,+Э Listen again and answer the questions.
words iп the Ьох.
1 what hazardous mаtеriаl was loaded оп
the aircraft?
plain grass airstrip remote mаmmаl ridge wild 2 How lопg was the delay before departure?
з what animal was loaded оп the аirсrаft?
qё ,t"r*ш
Now listen to the sample answer.
4 What was the weight of the aircraft on landing
in Вrisьапе?

1ь Answer the questions. 5 Why does the pilot think the situation happened?
6 What does the pilot think flight сrеw should have
1 Why do you think the aircraft has landed hеrе?
in future?
2 What danger does the elephant pose to the ajrcraft,
]ts crew and passengers?
З What other wildlife could Ье рrеsепt here? Ёэ;, rJв;"эL*i*рh*r"tр * *-+stепвrъg
4 Where was the photographer iп relation to the 3а *'.g= ,t.+**"*.g*
Listen to the dialogues. Match each
еlерhапt and the aircraft? of the animals below (a-d) with one of the
5 Do you think there аrе апу airfield facilities hеrе? situations (1-2).
Why? Why not?

Ёff*ýgз Жазqýi*Ёt *.fi*t*?*rtirtg f*r щ**t

2а # t,+T Listen to а pilot describing а flight to а
colleague. Choose the best summаrу.
а А live animal Ьrоkе ioose in the саrgо hold of ап
aircraft in flight
ь Live апimаls were incorrectlv loaded with
dangerous goods,
с Live апimаls caused damage to aircraft systems
in flight.
1 Arriving traffic .

2 Departing traffic

Rаdý*tеlерhопу * РI*Irз Ёrrgllstl V*с*Ьu|аrзд *he*k
3Ь Match the beginnings (1-5) with endings (a-e)to 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
make sentences from the dialogues.
] There's wildlife running around live (adj) hazard (n) wildlife (п) run around (v) sесurе
2 They're heading оvеr towards (v) dead (adj) rоаm (v) rodent (п)
З They look like rats, but
4 We'll send someone out 1 Something that could Ье dangerous оr could cause
5 We'll have а vehicle damage or accidents
2 No longer alive
а there to get it off. 3 То make ап аrеа or building safe
ь come and rеmоvе it.
4 Animals that live in natural conditions
с iп frопt of оur аirсrаft очеr here. 5 Moving to mапу different parts оr areas
d they might Ье something else. 6 То move оr travel with no particular purpose

е the grass оп the right-hand side, 7 А type of small animaI with long, sharp front teeth,
for example а mouse
8 Living and not dead
4а Work with а partner, Student А is а first officer on а 5ь Complete the comments from а pilot's lnternet
turbo prop aircraft, call sign Aviair 352, which has fоrum with the words from 5а.
aborted take off оп RWY 25L, Student В is а tower
controller at Nabang lnternational Airport. Read the
dialogue outline and decide what to say.
First officer Tower Сопtrоllеr

{Bl0ctt9l3) l've seen loads of (1) __*_* _ digging

Give taxi instructions up the grass at Royston. lt's а real (2)

l опсе had to get out and remove а (З)

Request rеаsоп
one frоm the ruпwау.
Request description of
animals {ДitПGаd2002) l've sееп coyotes (4) the
field at night looking for food at Royston. l guess
State ground services
will investigate
they're chasing those rats!

(ВаIOпGlGЕпЬасl) lt doesn't sound like Royston's

vеrу well (5) . you shouldn't have to share
4Ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the
it with the (6)

Answer Кеу.
(ВigDаUG) l опсе had а {7) lizard iп the
aircraft with me. When we started up, he woke up
and started (8) _",_* _ __,,_ the саЬiп!

6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
] What animals pose а threat to operations where 4 What types of |ive animals аrе carried in aircraft?
you work оr fly?
5 what considerations must airlines make when
2 Why are wild animals а danger to ajrcraft? carrying live animals?
З What сап Ье done to reduce the risk posed
Ьу animals?

ffi *s*в"ik** tГт* р!*tв"*г* FЕ*Ёgъ Ёнзgýi*ýt * L*gt*rъi*тg f**. #еtаit*ý

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2Ь # *,** Listen again and
words in the Ьох.
ATCs mау separate departing aircraft Ьу visual гпеапs
unstable low wheel smoke nose grass after considering aircraft реrfоrmапсе, wake
turbulence, (i) _ _ , routes of flight and
фJУ #,*$ Now listen to the sample answer.
known (2) . The АТС must have both
aircraft (З) , and must Ье
1Ь Answer the questions.

(4) ,. with at least опе of them. The flight

] What is happening iп the picture?
сrеw of the (5) aircraft must Ье able to
2 What аrе the markings on the рlапе?
3 What is the flap configuration? see the (6) - ,, aircraft. lп (7)

4 Where was the photograph taken from? airspace which has АТС rаdаr соvеrаgе, the
5 What do you think will hарреп next? сопtrоllеr must inform the pilot of (В) _

аirсrаft and VFR traffic.

tri**H"t ffiгtщýi*frт * LЁ*t**,týн"tg f*г gist
2а *"*t Listen to а session for controllers оп
**d i*t*ý*рЁ"ý**зу * il***t*в"вý п,tg
separation and wake turЬulепсе. According to the
recording, who is responsible for anticipating wake 3а €ё а.** Listen to the dialogue. Read the summary
turbulence? and correct the three mistakes.

GH] 559 encountered heavy rаiп and thunderstorms.

АТС gave them two options; go norlh оr turn west and
go south of the weather. The pilot wanted to go north
because the weather was moving south. АТС gave аll
traffic аlеrts about windshear, microburst activity and
sеvеrе snow. АТС informed GH1559 that а thunderstorm
was directly over the airpor1 and gave them two options;
to direct them somewhere to hold оr to issue delaying
vectors, GH1559 requested а straight in approach due
to minimum fuel.


Ж**Ёý*t*ýерFъ*пу - Р}*iп Ёпg!ýstт Y***Ьп,*!*rу *&:e*i*
3Ь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
unconventional (adj) sераrаtiоп (n) anticipate (v)
] south / арреаrs / weather / movin9 / Ье / to / the
bumpy (adj) displace (v) unstable (adj) touch (v)

trailing (adj)

2 what / you / do / want? / rоgеr, / heading

] То mаkе physical contact
2 The condition of being apart
З thunderstorm / right / right / we / а / over / airport / З То think that something will рrоЬаЬlу happen
the/have/now 4 lt/loving up оr down in ап uncomfortable way
5 То mоче something out of position
4we/ Ье able / runway ]9 i оп / you / to Ьriпg / in /
6 Different from what is considered to Ье normal
may 7 Something which comes after something else
5 you / keep / us/ informed /let/ us / tor / апd / 8 Not in а fixed place оr state
5ь Complete the pilot's report оп the effect of wake
turbulence with the words Jrom 5а.
l was below the heavy but didn't have adequate
4а Work with а partner, Student А is pilot. Student В is
steward. Read the dialogue outline and decide what (1) _ . It caused quite а _ . .__ ride
to say. for my passengers. Fortunately l (З)

Pilot Steward the effects and was аЬlе to keep сопtrоl, We were

рrоЬаЬlу (4) mоrе than З0 degrees in а

rоll but still (5) _ _ the Jumbo. We ended up
:. Ask when having ап (6) аррrоасh which led to
an (7) landing опе wheel at а time. l

Say раssепgеr locked

:' iп toilet thought the wingtip was going to (8) _ _, _,. the
runway, but in the end we wеrе fine and were аЬlе to
Explain passenger has taxi safely to the арrоп,
:. locked toilet апd
is stuck
" Acknowledge 6 Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr.
] How do meteorological conditions affect wake
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do 2 How сап а pilot counter the effects of crosswinds?
it again, Check against the model dialogue iп the 3 How сап controllers assist pilots iп dealing with the
Answer Кеу, weather оп landing?
4 How has technology made it easier to соре with
weather оп the ground?
5 How will technology help this iп the future?



,ý 'Ji'r' - ]r'
,;==?, .r;+=.;:\i;*=::


ýшglistт * Lýst*nit,:з f*г rJ*tmifi
*нкmш"frЬm tЁт* р**tыrе
1а Describe what you can see in the picture, Use the 2Ь # а,еg Listen again and decide what these
words in the Ьох. numbers mеап.
1 в_200 2 -в з 1,200 / 1Е
а lJ

departure mountainous spray fluid melt 5 ],200 64000 1] ,000

de-icing facility
Жadi*tel*ph*ny * Liste*ing
+? *.*Д Now listen to the sample answer.
3а ffi а.Ш* Listen to the dialogue. Put the events iп the
correct order,
1Ь Answer the questions.
а 28D gets сопtrоI of the aircraft at 6,500ft,
1 Why is the aircraft being de-iced? Ь 28D says they would like to сопtiпuе the
2 Where do you think the picture was taken? аррrоасh.
З What difficulties might the сrеw face when с А Dornier, call sign 28 D, makes ап
manoeuvring? Why? uncontrolled descent.
4 How long will the procedure take? d The АТСО thinks the ice is causing
5 Where on the airfield is this activity taking place? рrоЬlеms for communication.
е The АТСО suggests 28D's airspeed
instrument is malfunctioning.
Flшi:"l Е*gПi*h * LilstgrзiпЕ fпr gist f United 88З is issued approach сlеаrапсе.
2а # g,*н Listen to а type rating instructor ta|king g The АТСО wаrпs 28D about the possible
about ап icing event. Put the events in the correct icing conditions ahead,
order. h United 8ВЗ reports icing conditions
а The pilot contacted АТС, to the АТСо,

Ь The pilot stated he would fIy until conditions

с The aircraft rapidly began losing airspeed.
d Ice began building up оп the wing.
е The pilot made an еmеrgепсу descent.

з8 IcING
Ж*digtеlерhоrзу * Flаiп EngЁish V***Ьшlаrу ёheek
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
pick up (v) build up (v) boot (n) freeze up (v)
1 control / getting / l'm / now / just / some
melt (v) vibrate (v) accumulate (v) heat (n)

2 уочr /trоzеп / up / maybe / is / pitot tube 1 То get mоrе and mоrе of something over а period
of time
2 То increase
З lost / we / all airspeed / with / warning / по З То collect а quantity of something
4 The quality of being hot
5 А tube bonded to а surface, e,g. wing edge. When
4 might / pick / icing / some / you / mоrе / up pressurized with fluid, it breaks up ice.
6 Becomes so cold that it does not work
7 То change а solid substance into а liquid
5 on / have / ice / you / might / апtеппа / your 8 То shake very quickly with small movements

ýf;*rýfi**tЁ*rt 5Ь Complete the General Aviation Owner's Club

guidance briefing on VlР visits with the words
4а Work with а partner, Student А is а captain of а from 5а.
private jet, call sign Sierra 464, cleared to altitude
3,000 ft passing FL60. Student В is an АТСО at
Winjao approach contro|. Read the dialogue outline
and decide what to say. GAOC sоГеtу guldапсе

Captain Атсо
Ice in flight is bad news. Ice (1) ___ _. _ оп _
еVеrу exposed frontal Surface of the airplane,
Acknowledge and It (2) where no (3) can
request rеаSоп
fоr cljmb
(4) it, and where (5) _ , .__ _ __,_ can't
break it. This is not just the wings, propeller,
and windshield, but also оп the antennas,
vents, intakes, and cowlings. It сап cause
pilot tubes to (б) , and antennas to

Suggest alternate and

(7) , ., . . . so sеvеrеlу that they break. In
say weather moderate to sечеrе conditions, а light aircraft
can (8) so much ice that continued
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do flight is impossible.
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу.

6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
1 ls icing ап issue whеrе you wоrk оr fly? Why? Why 4 What equipment do aircraft have to mапаgе icing?
поt? 5 What do pilots typically do if they experience sеvеrе
2 What meteorological conditions lead to icing? icing in flight?
3 Why is ice accretion а рrоЬlеm?

IcING з9

Шешсrihе Ёh* рi*tшrе РЕа[m ýrrgýish - List*rзiпg for gist

1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture, Use the 2а # а"ое Listen to а rаdiо interview with ап
words in the Ьох. experienced pilot talking about flying in stormy
weather. Tick (/)the things she mentions,

dark convective storm fork lightning water distance the ехреriепсе of flying through а storm
оп-kэоаrd weather detection equipment
€ 2,е? Now listen to the sample answer. turbulence convective storms
flighT diversion damage to aircraft

1Ь Answer the questions.

1 Where do you think the picture was taken? Рl*iп ýngli*h * ý-istening for *etaЁý
2 What time of year is it? 2Ь ffi Z,OB Listen аgаiп and answer the questions.
З What phase of flight do you think the aircraft is in? 1 When is flying through storms especially
4 What difficulties might the flight crew Ье f rightening?
ехреriепсiпg? 2 How does she fly through а liпе of storms?
5 What will happen next? З When is the radar раrtiсulаrlу useful?
4 What can't pilots рrераrе for? Why?
5 How far did she опсе divert? Why?

Eadigtef e$}hCIny * !_istening

3а # a"Og*a,lC Listen to the four dialogues. Match the correct information with each call sign.


__] ]


i 4 Ocean
452 d Cumulonimbus l П UпаЫе to comply with АТС instructions

ffi *d**эt*Ё*щýз*r"яу * РЕат ý уъ Ж*t g В i"*fiз Ы*s}* Ь q"*
Ё р} гу ffi ý,в m* $*

3Ь Match the beginings (1-5) with endings (a-e)to 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
make sentences from the dialogue.
] We think we've had а updraft (п) lolt (п) strike (n) сеll (п) through (adv)
2 According to lVЕТ we didn't around (adv) into (adv) circumnavigate (v)
З Request higher оr а new heading
4 There feels like а lot of ] Frоm опе side of something to the other side of it

5 We'd like to divert to Southampton to 2 А sudden violent mоvеmепt

З The central раrt of а thunder cloud
4 Ап impact or collision
а expect any thunderstorm activity.
Ь get the airframe checked please,
5 lVoving iп а сirсulаr way to get to the оthеr side
с for immediate weather avoidance. 6 То fly completely аrоuпd something

d lightning strike on the port side, 7 Entering а рlасе оr thin9

е Charlie Bravo activity around here. 8 А гisiпg current of аir

*ýнrifi**tf *гt
5Ь Complete the website information with the words
from 5а.
4а Wоrk with а partner. Student А is the captain of а
medium-sized jet, call sign Norte 24З, maintaining
FL27O. Student В is an en-route АТСо at SAo Luis
centre. Read the dialogue outline and decide what
to Say.
Captain Атсо
While most pilots' instinct is to (1)
i]]l]l]lii]]]]]]ilýýjiiiнjёfiýilýlН l:lill]iili;
iiiiiil]i ýiqýl]lý]ý#af; $ýýýllll'
а storm (2) _ the NOAA's- Нчrilсапе
Request reason Нчпtеrs fly (З) . them. When hurricanes
.:, _

threaten the USA, Lockheed WР-ЗDs fly completely

Assign slower speed (4) the hurricane up to six times to
...:. request detail of
collect data to paSS Ьасk to meteorologiStS on
the ground. As they head for the еуе of the storm,
the pilots fight increasingly strong (5)

from (6) ,, _,_, and downdrafts, intense rаiп

Rеlау а РlRЕР andlightning (7), _ ., lV]eanwhile,the
NOAA's Gulfstream jet is flуiпg оvеr hundreds of
miles of осеап (8) . the storm, gathering

4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do information which helps predict where а storm
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the is heading,
Апswеr Кеу.
-National Осеапiс and Atmospheric Administration

6 Discuss the questions with а partner. З How does stormy weather affect general and
соmmеrсiаl aviation differently?
] What conditions can pilots encounter when flying iп
stormy weather? 4 How is weather information согпmuпiсаtеd to
ATCOs and flight crews?
2 What procedures аrе iп place for low visibility
operations where you work? 5 How accurate аrе weather predictions these days?




$}*"**г$ft** t}з* g*я*tа*r* #**i* *э:gВi=i= : 1i=i==Ё=; Ёеэ*. d*t**Е

1а Describe what уоu сап see iп the picture. 2Ь *-tС Listen again апd make notes under the

Апswеr the questions. iПu|es and restrictions Passenýei'injliliios;1,1

] What kind of реrsоп is the flight for?

2 Where do you think the photo was taken?
з where аrе the animals iп relation to the aircraft?
4 Do you think the aircraft is iпЬоuпd оr outbound?
i Departures
5 What do you think will happen next?

,i} *.tS Now listen to the samp|e answer. i

Рfr*t** ffi*ъgýýsýз * $*ý,st*ж*въg f*г щi*t

2а Ы' Ё.ý-Ъ Listen to ап instructor giving а presentation *=*3*€*l*Ffu *гву -- LЁst*въназg
to а group of ab-initio air-traffic controllers. Choose
the best title for the talk. 3а * =.т*
Listen to the dialogue. Put the events in the
correct order.
а The top five weather conditions which affect
а The pilot requests tеrrаiп iпfоrmаtiоп,
Ь Соmраrisоп of the effects of summer апd winter Ь The pilot dесlаrеs ап еmеrgепсу due to engine
weather patterns.
с How weather affects flight scheduling. с The local АТСО suggests а right turn to Ье c|oser tc
rescue boats.
d The pilot makes а distress call due to loss of роwеr.
е The local Атсо advises terrain with no trees
to the southeast.
f The pilot warns of а possible ditching,

$Ц*q***t*fr *рht*tъу * ffi Ё*fr уз ffi t,вб trЁшh W***Ь*,*fi*rу ffihц**k" ,, |,

зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions,

] Ьееп / еmеrgепсу / alerted / hаvе /services / the

inflatable (п) impact (v) hazard (п) separatioп (п}

unsLable (adjt trailin9 (adi) vibrate (v)

2 landing? / what / the / is / suitable / closest l for /

1 Strike against another thing
2 The condition of being apart
З think / l / wel enough / hаvе / don't / make / З Not in а fixed place or state
height / to / over / it / wаtеr /the 4 То shaKe very quickly with small movements
5 An object which is filled with аir before using it
4Iurп / take/vessels /closer/rescue / lo /а/уоч /
6 Something that could Ье dangerous оr could cause
will/ right damage оr accidents
5 activity/ there/ advised / the / is / are / по / оп / 7 Something which comes after something else
We / lake 8 То move iп а circular way so that you get to the
other side of something

5ь Comp!ete the sentences with the words from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is pilot of N340S, а
light aircraft, maintaining 5,000 ft, VFR, Student В 1 The life raft was deployed soon аftеr
is ап АТСО, Read ihe dialogue outline and decide
What to Say.

Атсо Nз4OS 2 The support was and so it collapsed.

,,,,Ао,у]ф,А0 :of l.WX, 20

З The Cessna ___. _ the ground so heavily that
пm ahead the gеаr bent.
Ask about weather
4 The controller asked the _. Airbus if he
., Ask
апуопе has
could see any damage to the Boeing taxiing in
..." flown through the аrеа
:,,, f rопt.
iё;ю Ёti !]ý' .tо,ithе,.1б.rth
Ask for wx to the 5 lп ]924 the first ajrcraft the world,
l,Givё llWX]n{orr.rra}ioп б lnadequate led to а пеаr miss,
Request heading to
7 Flocks of large birds can Ье а major
folIow deviating traffic
8 Turbine blades in 1et engines rapidly

4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do #Е******i*н,t

it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу. la Discuss the questions with а partner.
] How сап technology heip pllots who ditch at sea?
2 What problems сап animals cause aircraft?
З How wilI global warming affect aviation iп the
4 What precautions пееd to Ье taken whеп operating
iп а very cold environment?
5 What are the worst weather conditions you have
experienced when working?


Щ*g*rihе týr* р[*tur* *lac= ý-з|i=* -. List*пigзg f*r гJ*tжЁý

1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture. Use the 2Ь .j:: r.=т Listen again and соrrесt the five errors in
words in the Ьох. the summary.

An oxygen суl nder Ь ew а hole in ап АЗЗ0 leading to

top failure damaged structural vehicle section
а loss of саЬlп pressure. The а rcraft left Oslo with З84
passengers and eight crew, А loud bang was hеаrd just
€ 2,З* Now listen to the sample answer.
аftеr take-off. No опе was huft but а one-metre rupture
was discovered iп fuselage, Су inders had failed оп other
1ь Answer the questions.
аirсrаft but usuaily as а result of internal causes such
How do you think the damage occurred?
as fire.
2 What would Ье the effect of the damage оп the
handling of the plane?
*m#imtеýmш}fu ffi г}у ^ Li*t*tT[шзgб
З What could the pilot have done iп order to land the
damaged рlапе successfully? 3а # *,tm Listen to the dialogue. Decide if the
sentences аrе true оr false, write r or F.
4 Where do you think the picture was taken?
5 What do you think will happen next? 1 Sunbird 404 is inbound for landing at Exeter,
2 The wind at Exeter is 015 degrees at 40 kn,

F*milre ffirтgiilж*: * Е***t**,лir,ъg f*r бi*t З QNH is ]020 millibars,

4 Sunbird asks London for а straight-in approach
2а ,# я,--т Listen to а news rероrt оп а from 1,000 ft,

depressurization incident. Choose the most

5 They are to|d to squawk 774.
suitable heading.
6 Тhеrе is а hole in the left side of the aircraft.
а Terrorist attack grounds рlапе
7 The еmеrgепсу services are in place ready for
Ь Oxygen суliпdеr turns into ЬоmЬ Sunbird 404.
с Lucky escape for passengers 8 Sunbird 404 is сlеаrеd to land.

ff{нdfr *tе&*рft,tшttу,* ff }ш*ш ffi нзщfi fr m&ъ

зь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the Vrэ*аtзы*аrу fih**k"

5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.
1 up / уоur / Ьrеаkiпg / transmission / is
sabotage (n) failure (п) structural (adj) penetrate (v)
rupture (п) discharge (v) ехtеrпаl (ad1) residue (п)
2 128.975? / сап / switch / you / frequency / to
1 Describing something which has been constructed,
such as ап aircraft
З work / to / like / would / we / this / frequenoy 2 Deliberate damage to somebody else's рrореrtу
З Ап occasion when something breaks ореп
4 А stoppage оr breakdown
4 IПе / we / attendants / with / communicate / flight /
5 То force а way into
6 What rеmаiпs after the main part is removed or
5 we'll / passengers / assistance / the / need l fоr gone
7 А rеlеаsе of роwеr
8 Connected to the outside or outside part

5Ь Complete the investigation оп а depressurization
4а Work with а partner, Student А is Firefly 314 incident with words from 5а.
climbing FL370, passing FL230. Student В is ап
АТСО at Brast Сепtrе. Read the dialogue outline А Rоуаl Atr 747-438 lost cabin рrеssurе when а
and decide what to say.
small piece of metal (i) the fuselage
Firefly 314 Brast centre causing а (2) which led to
Request immediate decompression. Analysis of the (З)

]],]]i ,]11,1,]'.ý6gýgfi ;1;;1:,,,.. .,:,",

damage and the (4) of the metal left
Clear АС to FL170
point to ап act of aggression rather
Readback .:'
Ask fоr reason for

than an act of from within the plane

.'.:' descent

Give reason fоr The possibility of ап accidental (7) from а

descent '1,.
,.. Ask for details firearm of the реrimеtеr fence реrsоппеl has not been

Give details. Request dismissed. However а (8) __ iп аirроr1

diversion to Jansted Acknowledge. lnstruct
security сlеаrlу took place, whether del]berate оr not,
pilot to continue
descent and contact
Janstad approach Вý**ч**iоr:
6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
1 Describe а depressurization incident you know of or
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles апd do have experienced.
it again, Check against the model dialogue in the 2 What is the effect of depressurization?
Answer Кеу. З What аrе the effects of planes flying at higher
4 How has the construction of aircraft changed in the
last 20 years?
5 What changes do you think will happen to aircraft
construction in the future?



ts*s*riЬ* the рiсtшrеs Plain English - L*ste*iaTц f*r *etai!
1а Tell the story in the pictures. Use the words in the 2Ь # а.Uе Listen again and decide if the statements
Ьох, аrе true or fa|se. Wriie r or Е
А male passenger believed the aircraft was
сопсеrпеd malicious headIock strangIe disintegrating.
wrestle kneel 2 Other passengers restrained his arms and legs.
З There were several injuries during the struggle.
# t"*g Now listen to the sample answer. 4 The passenger had consumed aIcohol,
5 The passenger took his medication before the flight.
1ь Answer the questions. 6 The captain thinks the altitude also affected the
passenger's behaviour.
1 Why did the passenger attack the pilot?
2 How did the other passengers feel?
З What will the flight сrеw do now? *adi*t*l*ph*ny * l_ýstеrтiпg
4 what will the cabin crew do now? 3а # g.ЯТ Listen to а conversation between а flight
5 How will the man Ье punished? crew and an air-traffic control officer. put the events
in the correct order.
а The АТС asks for the crew's intentions after landing
#iairt ffiпglЕsh * LЕнЁеу*i*g f*r gl*t Ь The pilot says а group of people аrе rеstrаiпiпg the
2а ф g,дв Listen to а news broadcast about ап iп- unruly РАХ,
flight incident and underline the correct information. с The сопtrоllеr confirms the crew's intention to
Wastera рпсiАс ?Ь diver|ed |о Sеоц!. пt ОgЗО
d The pilot says he will find out where north cargo
dae siсД / uмаlб VДУ,, F!,ivlпt пt|ецdццts/ five is.
е The аirсrаft is overweight for runway 27L.
ottлer РАУ, ц,уtпЬ!-е to рюi1.6 /resfrai+ 1,1iw.
f The сопtrоllеr checks оп the situation with the РАх
FlЪЬ+ attc+h+ts / o+|arlr ?ЛХ |ле!d h"iуъ dоwц g The controller offers to contact lпdаir operations.
ц,п|i! пrrivп! lц Sеоц!.. РА}. лrrеstеd Ьу пirрсl'.t h The flight сrеw would like to park at ап lndair gate

sюaritx / IролI tлл *r,|оrе:лрцt.


Ёlаdiоtеl*рh*пу * Plain Englis}: Vе*аЬце!аrу *h**k
зь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.

1 diversion / understand / you / l /fоr / looking /а/ уеll (v) hurt (v) handcuff (v) threaten (v) аlаrm (п)

hold down (v) confront (v) unarmed (adj)


2 down / five / about / holding / people / goI / him / 1 Fеаr that something unpleasant might happen
We'Ve 2 То go close to someone in а threatening way
3 То cause physical pain оr injury
3 is / going / two seven left / not / work / to
4 То put metal rings on somebody's wrists to restrain
5 Not carrying а wеароп
4 possible / we'd /to go to / like / it / gaIe / а
6 То tell someone that уоu might cause them harm,
соmOапV iп order to make them do something

5 mе / you / like / would / coordinate / operations? / 7 То shout оr make а loud noise

8 То hold someone so thai they cannot move
with / to

clarification 5Ь Complete the news report with the words from 5а.

4а Work with а partner. Student А is the first officer of а

large раssепgэr jet, call sign Маiпliпе 534, climbing ]i']i_].{' ;|i
to FL320, passing FL240, Student В is ап еп-rоutе

АТСО at Cortes centre. Read the dialogue outline Passengers оп а Cirrus Airlines flight last week saw
and decide what to say.
first-hand how important air marshals аrе to flight
Captain Атсо security. Ап (1) mап, 29, with а history
of assault, rап towards the cockpit, (2)
]q8il оёпtrо, Пýроrt,jl,
disturbance in the that he wanted to see the pilot, and (З)
,,,::i:,. ,.ýtsbinlli;1,l,.,, ::;l,,
Пequest mоrе other passengers. Не WaS (4) Ьу two
Giy,q nfqlirnat!;p:n
i ап,g,,,.].
air marshals who quickly (5) him
iequeýt diчёisiоп and
Give instructions to (6) ._ him before he had
,|.. descend chance to (7) himself or others. The
event caused some (8) among the
Ask for update оп
Give update status iп cabin passengers оп Ьоаrd, but the flight continued to its
destination with no furthеr incident,
undertake to alert
' relevant services
6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
4Ь RоIе р|ау the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the mode| dialogue in the 1 What routine security рrосеdurеs do you епсоuпtеr
Answer Кеу, in your work?
2 What security measures and equipment аrе in рlасе
on board aircraft?
3 What procedures do you follow if you have an
unlawful interference at work?
4 What changes do you think will happen in the
future? Why?
5 Describe ап unlawful interference inoident you
know of.

ж*р4ж ýсдRЕ
q. Departu res 1:1
a:- )

$}***rЁl** tftъ* рЁ*tшr** РВ**gъ #пgli*l= * Li=t**вgtg f*r g$*"ii

1а Describe what you сап see in the pictures. Use the 2а {;11' :l,*::r Listen to а news report on ап attempted
words in the Ьох. hijack. How did the mап try to hijack the plane?

same sign mасhiпе controlled track helme1

ЩЕ*i* ffiкtщЕi*Рв *-**fr*t*азiпg fг*г *"****iý
ti-J' g"*Ё Now listen to the sample answer. 2Ь i;i"',s t,** Listen again and answer the questions.
Where d]d the hijacker want the plane to fly to?
1Ь Answer the questions. 2 How o]d was he?

] Describe the position з when was he arrested?

of the mеп iп each picture,
4 What do the passengers disagree with the airline
2 What are the simi{arities between the two pictures?
З What аrе the d]fferences between the two pictures?
5 Whеп did the passengers realize something was
4 Do you think the two pictures аrе connected to the wrong?
same incident? Why / why not?
6 What is the unconfirmed alternative explanation?
5 What do you think will happen next?

ЁЧ*#i*tь.' ;g рРtс,iгlу * ["iЁtfl пf fir#

3а ,uP.,
*,*ц Listen to the dialogue. Make notes uпdеr the headings.

Problem Resolution

48 вOtчв ScARE
Ща*:*fr mt*ý*рfu *rзу * #**i* Ж*эgý*mРt Vm*mhжý*rу *&ъ***k
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions,

had / passengers /three / а / rероrt / we / have / suspicious (adj) ехаmiпе (v) disposal (п) demand (v)

suspicious / ol _____ аrmеd (adj) аir marshal (n) restrain (v) overpower (v)

2 passengers / aisle / three / armed / are / Ihere / 1 The process of getting rid of something
the/inlstanding 2 То defeat someone Ьу having greater strength
З То prevent sоmеопе from doing something
3 the/ intend / to / l / puI / 'g' / into / negative /
4 N/aking you believe that something is wrong
5 То ask for something forcefully
4 securlty marshals / the purser and / оvеrроwеr / 6 Рlаiп clothes security officer on board а flight
iп / а / position / to / them / аrе 7 Саrrуiпg а weapon
В То look at someihing carefully
5 restrained / the / passengers / а bomb / Ihrее /
package / the / and / is not / are
5ь Complete the report on an attempted hijack with the
words from 5а.
The passenger did not look (1) . Не
4а Work with а partner. Student А is pilot of Atlanta
278. Student В is АТС Western Approach. Read the was dressed поrmа||у and was calm. About 20
dialogue outline and decide what to say. minutes into the flight he stood up and sa|d he

Pilot Атс was (2) . with ап explosive device, Не

(З) __._ that the door to the flight deck Ье
орепеd. Fortunately an (4) _._ was sat behind
Request status
the passenger. Не managed to (5) _. __ ___
__ him
and with the help of other passengers (6) __

the attempted hijacker. We wеrе worried because we

could see that something with wires was attached to
Ask if flight attendant
found а Ьоmь his body. But after being (7) Ьу а bomb
(В) , _ _,* expert it was found to Ье а harmless
аlаrm clock wired to а battery.

Give rаdаr vector

Ё\i**в gееiп*

6 Discuss the questions with а partner,

Acknowledge. Say 1 What security procedures аrе in place in уоur work?
security аrе standing
2 What procedures do you have to follow jf you have
an in-flight ЬоmЬ threat at work?
З What is your opinion of сurrепt security measures?
4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do 4 How has security changedin the last 20 years?
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the 5 What changes do you expect in the future?
Answer Кеу.

вOмв ScARE ц9

ffi****гЁfu* tlт* рв*Ёl:r* FЕаý*т ffirэgiý*fr+ * **Ё*t**ъ*rъg f*я, #*t*frF

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2Ь # *.;ЗЧ Listen again and fill in the missing words,
words in the Ьох.
1 Paris gave us а heading,
саlm vessel reconnaissance rеsсuе turn lifeboat 2 The coffee spread across the

З The screen went Ь]апk, briefly and wen

"rЭ Now listen to the sample answer.
=.*+ blank again.

1ь Апswеr the questions. 4 l switched the sсrееп off before it started smoking
or popping
] Where do you think the photo was taken?
2 What do you think happened? 5 Paris enquired whether we were оп the
З Which way is the wind blowing? 6 The charts wеrе not aligned to
4 Where was the photographer in relation to the
7 раris asked us for
5 What do you think wjll happen next? В We stayed оп а rаdаr heading unti] we picked up

Ё9*Ётз Же*g$ýsh * Lн*t*гt*гtg tсэr gЁ t

*Ч**;* ý*t*&еs&-tffi гýр * Ё-Ё*t*tзtttg
2а 4Р *.*т Listen to а pilot describing how he became
lost. Answer the questions, 3а uF Я,g* Listen to the dialogue. Choose the correc:
option to complete each sentence.
1 what caused the instrument failure?
2 Why was it difficult to work with the charts? 1 l,,4y instruments dол'r seern to Ье working hеrе /
аrеп't wоrkiпg hеrе.
З How did they find out where they wеrе?
2 l арреаr to have а рrоЬlеm with mу compass /
З You аrе fоur / five miles frоm the airport.
4 Wе'rе heading straight fоr the threshold / middle _

the rчпwау,
5 Contact / сhапgе fo НumЬеr Тоwеr now at ]20,:

ffi*di*tel*phc*y * **ai= Эпgiist: YосаЬuý*rу *he*k
3Ь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.

1 you / are / еmеrgепсу? / declaring / fuel / а route(n) rescue (v) chart (п) align (v) low (adj)
seem (v) compass (п) gyroscope / gуrо (п)

2 сап / vector / аirроrt? ,/ us / see / enough / to / 1 То position along ап axis or line

you/the/low 2 Ап instrument which points to magnetic north
з course of travel
З approach /will / Ье / а / surveillance / по-gуrо /this
4 То save somebody оr something from danger
5 An instrument that stays steady whеп it spins
4 Ье / airport / o'clock / the / twelve / will around
6 А map for navigation
7 Not high оr tall
5 visually / lеII / 27 / to / cleared / ruпwау / |апd / В То арреаr to Ье something
5Ь Complete the briefing on а sеаrсh and rescue
mission with the words from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is pilot of lF26ЕF, The missing аirсrаft was оп а (1) _ _ between
Student В is АТС at Elaka Сопtrоl. Read the Shangtsi and Wuman, The pilot rероftеd (2)
dialogue outline and decide what to say.
problems with the attitude indicator which didn't
Pilot Атс (З) to Ье moving. Не aiso wasn't sure that

Say 14our instrumbnts the (4) wеrе (5) to magnetic

are faulty and
Ask for last known nofth as the (6) bearing didn't match.
УоU'rё loýt ",
position The iast thing we heard the pilot say was а request to Ье
Say ]8 miles NЁ of vectored (7) enougr] to See the ground
qELRAVOB.] Confirm 80 miles NE
..1' of CELRA VоR We will work together with ground reconnaissance to find

C|qlify , and (8) , _,__ еvеryопе оп board,

,;-,, ,,,,,
Acknowledge and ask
to squawk 660О
.,, СОrпрlу ,,,,

YoU can't see them.
' Ask for аirсrаft details
6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
] Describe а search and rеsсuе you have Ьееп
involved in оr know of,
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles апd do 2 Ечеп today pilots сап still get lost. Why?
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the З How did pilots locate their position 20 years а9о?
Answer Кеу.
4 What technology exists to help navigation?
5 How do you think navigation technology will change
in the future?

Р}аin ЁП g }ish - Listeniвý.!$ii;,*gýi1'l .

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. 2hi # z,З+ Listen again and answeithe questions.
What hаррепеd immediately aiter the Ьапg?
1Ь Апswеr the questions, 2 What was the passengers' rеасtiоп?
What is this type of aircraft used for?
1 3 What did the passenger think was the саusё of the
2 Where do you think the photo was taken?
4 How lопg did ri take to descend to а safe altitude?
з whеrе is the aircraft in relation to the cliffs?
5 What was the passengers' reaction when the
4 Do you think the aircraft is iпЬоuпd оr outbound?
аirсrаft touched the ground?
6 What made the passenger realize how lucky she
5 What do you think will happen next?

ф} *-3ý Now listen to the sample апswеr.

ffi *dЁ*t*i*рh{эгlу * ý-i*tеrtimg

* ý_iвtеrъЁЕъg f*эr gýжt

3а # р,*g Listen to the dialogue. Decide if the
Ffr*ýш Жттg!Еsýt statements are true or false. write r оr Е
2а # *,З+ Listen to ап interview with а passenger of 1 D-VT is ап lFR flight еп route from Dortfeld to
ап aircraft that experienced decompression. Put the Strеmmеп,
sentences iп the соrrесt оrdеr.
2 D-VT makes visual contact wjth traffic passing
а His ears hurt. below.
З D-VT is cleared for а straight-in approach for
Ь The cabin crew strapped themselves in.
Stremmen runway 08.
с Не saw а hole iп the side of the aircraft. 4 The tower сопtrоllеr cannot see D-VT.

d Тhеrе was ап announcement.

5 D-VT сап see buildings out of the right window.
6 The tower controller thinks D-VT is approaching а
е The passenger heard а loud bang, different airfield,
f The oxygen masks dropped down.

ffiш*i*t*$mft}fuфгfty Wm** fu u+ fr ;.* п,:ъя * f"t+э*l fu;

а}ъ Rearrange the words to make phrases from the Sa Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.

] above/traffic / очеr / is/passing / поw / you/right/ rupture (п) sabotage (п) hurt (v) suspicious (adj)
ехаmiпе (v) debris (п) skin (п) align (v)
2 have / you / landing / уочr / do / оп? / lights То look at something carefully
2 The pieces that аrе left when something has Ьееп
З flying / оvеr / поw? / what / аrе / you З То cause physical раiп or injury
4 The process of breaking ореп оr bursting
5 The outer layer of ап aircraft
4 а / rоаd / mаiп / we're / аrеаl оvеr/ а/ built-up /
6 То position along ап axis оr line
with / at / 10 o'olock / my _.. ,_,.
7 tVaking you believe that something is wrong
5 believe / approaching / you / are /we / airfieId / 8 Deliberate damage
ýЬ Complete the sentences with the words frоm 5а.

#ý*гfr,flfrсl*t*mrt 1 The runway was covered with from the

4а Work with а раrtпеr, Student А is pilot of Ruппеr burst tyres.

564 оп а standard instrument departure aliitude
4,000 ft. Student В is ап АТСо at Moosan
2 The package was because it had wires
approach. Read the dialogue outline and decide coming from it.
What to Say,
з The charts wеrе not with true поrth,
Ruппеr 564 Moosan Approach
4 The collision the fuel tank
Call аррrоасh, request
5 Sugar iп the fuel was ап act of
immediate rеturп and
landing Give vectors
6 The was damaged Ьу the badly
positioned airstair,
Readback ]",...
о.о reason fоr rеturп
7 The inspectors the сrаsh site for
Rероrt problem with
" '.",.,. possible causes of the accident,
.. рrеgпапt Р.А' Request clarification
В The passenger was when the bag fell
Parap-hrase ptobiem,:. Acknowledge. out of the overhead locker.
undertake to аlеrt
li} F-чь*; ь*sf;н,Ёi{аг$

Ё Discuss the questions with а partner.

4ю Rоlе рlау the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the "1
What аrе the main effects of depressurization?
Answer Кеу. 2 What аrе the advantages and disadvantages of
flights carrying armed marshals?
3 How do you think aviation security procedures will
change in the future?
4 What рrоЬlеms сап occur at take-off?
5 Соmраrе navigation now with З0 years ago,

ffi *н*гв*** *Вз** pir_:ta:г* fiрЁ,*в+t ffiшglЁ*lt * ili*€*а:ят,tg f*г #*t*il
1а Describe what you can see in the picture. Use the 2Ь ф t.ЗТ Listen again and decide if the statements
words in the Ьох. аrе truе оr false. Write Г or F.
1 Опе aircraft's APU has Ьееп inoperative iоr some
hапgаr maintenance cowlin9 intake inspect
diagnostic 2 Опе of the pilots recentLy flew multiple legs without
а funct oning autopilot.

#' *"а* Now listen to the sample answer. З DB stopped flying due to medical reasons,
4 DB had been а military pilot.
5 DB didn't mind pilots соmрlаiпiпg about inoperative
1ь Answer the questions. equipment,
1 What systems could the engineers Ье checking? 6 Опсе, а captain didn't accept ап aircraft because
2 How long do you think the maintenance will take? of the refreshments оп board,

З How do you think the епgiпееr climbed inside the

Ё*еji* *l*Fh*}fзу * ý,-$*t*ttЁrвg
4 Why was the picture taken?
5 Where was the photograph taken frоm?
3а .ij;
L sten to the dialogue between pilots and
am аir traffic сопtrоllеr and uпdеrliпе the соrrесt
Fý*Е* ffi*gýi*h * $***t*г*!+"tщ t*ъг Eist 1 The pilot needs to do а visual iпsресtiоп / гесtifу
the рrоЬlеm / wait fоr mаiпtепапсе,
2а t.*т Listen to four pilots who work for the same
company. Decide what they аrе talking about. 2 RWY З4 becomes the active runway for dераrtiпg
аrriчiпg / all atrcrafL
а Flying with inoperative equipment
З The doors are not touching the ground / аrе
Ь Complaints about inoperative equipment touching the grочпd / have Ьrоkеп off,
с Which equipment is most often inoperative 4 The pilot needs to secure the doars / rеmоче the
dооrs / disеmЬаrk the РАХ.
5 The pilot doesn't have / has,/ requests specific
6 А епgiпееr is паt avatlable / wlll аrriче iп а short
time / will аrriче after а lапg wait,


ffЧ*q$fr *t*ýеfl*h*r"эv * ЁЗýmЁr,н Шtзщýi*h W***Lзt"д$mгу *h**k
3Ь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.

1 out / of sеrviсе / disabled / runway 26 / aircratI / mесhапiс (п) rеlеаsе (п) inoperative (adj) refuse (v)

sort out (v) hangar (п) install (v) MEL (п)


2 want / you / do / disembark / Io / passenger / уоur 1 Not working

2 The act of letting someone or something leave а
place in order to do а job
З get / mаiп / the / landing gеаr / need to / we / З А document which provides for the ореrаtiоп of ап
pinned aircraft in airworthy conditions
4 Someone whose job is to rераir machines
4 the field / there / is / mаiпtепапсе / iI? / оп /
5 То say that you do not want what someone has
that сап / do offered to you
5 for / wе'rе / you / checking if / а mechanic / is / 6 А lаrgе buiIding where аirсrаft аrе kept
site / оп 7 То solve а problem successfuliy
8 То put а piece of equipment in place

#ý*гif***tЁ*tз 5Ь CompIete the В7З7-400 captain's report with the

4а Work with а partner. Student А is а tower АТСО words from 5а.
at Fuimo Airfield. Student В is the pilot of а single
епgiпе light aircraft, call sign lTM, in position for
departure оп RWY 18. Read the dialogue outline cONFlDENT|AL lNG!DЕNт REPORTlNG
and decide what to say.
Arrived at aircraft which had just spent two days iп the

Атсо Pilot (1)

"_,_ .Dispatch{2) _ _____рареrwоrk
indicated that thеrе was ап (З) _ __ iп рlасе for the
secondary 1ump seat охуgеп mask, The release indicated
Read back
that the captain's охуgеп mask was defective so it had

Report рrоЬlеms with Ьееп (4) , in the secondary jump seat position.
engine The captain's position had Ьееп fitted with the serviceable
mask from the secondary jump seat, However, the аirсrаft
DеsсriЬе епgiпе
logbook indicated that the captain's oxygen mask was
рrоЬlеm, Request
rеturп to арrоп (5) . ln mу opinion this is а по-9о item so l

(6) the аirсrаft. l asked а (7) to

Rероrt епgiпе shut
down, Пequest соmе to the aircraft to (8) the рrоЬlеm.


4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
] Describe the maintenance facilities at ап аirроrt you
Answer Кеу. know.
2 Have you еvеr ехреriепсеd а mechanical prob em
with ап aircraft?
з How соmгпоп is unscheduled aircraft mаiпtепапсе?
4 How does unscheduled aircraft mаiпtепапсе affect
5 How do аirсrаft breakdowns affect alrport operations?



FЕ*i= E:-glish * Listening f*r g**t

2а * Э.+* Listen to an instructor introducing some
aviation reports and choose the most appropriate
а Common е eclr са рrоЬlегпs in aviation
ь Р ot еrrоr n av atlon
сР ot effect оп e]ectrical problems

Р**iп English * L!st*ni*:g €*r d*taiý

2ь * а,+С Listen again and decide if the sentences
are true or false, Write I or Е
1 The rероrts were very detailed.
2 The cessna had а ioose alternator field wire.
З The air taxi departed a]ternators off with drained
ffiе**r-*fu* tГъе рý*tшrв batteries and used manual gеаr.
5 The pilot locked the landing gear down.
1а Describe what you can see iп the picture. Use the
words in the Ьох, 4 Another pilot descended from altitude and did а
short cruise descent,
6 The aircraft had generators instead of alternators.
епgiпееr instruments iпtеrпаl hand tray
ffi *di*t*f; ерhфfiу, * ý-i*tеrтirтg
,# а"*g Now listen to the sample answer.
3а # *,+t Listen to the monologue. Complete the
questions the controller asks

1ь Answer the questions. 1 Do you have

1 What is the aircraft? 2 Аrе you able to glve mе
2 Whеrе was the photographer iп relation to the
engineer? з Аrе you able to give mе
3 What is the епgiпееr adjusting? 4 Сап you see
4 Why do you think this piece of equipment needs
adjusting? 5 Are you оп

5 What do you think will happen next? 6 F-СР сап vou


Ж*хdý*t*ý*рlчшmу * Fim*г"t ffi *зgЁ**h Wqз*mfuьдilавrу #he*l*
зь Rearrange the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions

] see/you /think / l / rаdаr / оп / |

delicate (adj) alternator (п) loose (adj) generator (n)

output (n) сhаrgе (v) strobe (v) wire (п)

2Iчrп /that / watch / way /if / you / l'll / to / see 1 А power-operated device for producing electricity
2 А strong electric light that flashes very quickly
3 Needing skilful апd careful treatment
З lights /Ihе/Irу /get/on/turned /\о/|'|| 4 А long thin piece of metal that саrriеs electricity
5 The аmоuпt of something that is produced
6 А piece of equipment that produces ап electrical
4 conflict / known / по / there /iп /Io / is / vicinity /
the / traffic 7 Not fixed iп position
5 anti-collision / has / Ьеасоп / an electrical рrоЬlеm / в То put electricity into something

may have / апd / no / he / оr strobes

5ь Complete the report on ап electrical failure using
the words from 5а.

There was not а sufficient alternating current

f;fi*rifi**tý*rt because опе of the (1) leading to the
4а Work with а partner. Student А is АТС. Student В is
the pilot. Rеаd the dialogue outline and decide what
(2) was (З) , Thls mеапt
to say. the battery was not (4) and the

Атс Pilot
(5) _ ,_ was not enough to ma]ntain the
(6) _.. ._ . Consequently the aircraft was not
visible iп the dark, The electrical system оп this
..., Say you're оп back-up
type of aircraft is quite (7) and easily
damaged, However whatever type of (8)

Say unsure if you сап is being used to produce power, battery Ievels should
Ье heard
t ье monitored at аll times,
} Say по, electrical
* probIem, Might have ffiis*t*s*imffi
to divert

6 Discuss the questions with а partner.

Аffirm divert to saItash ] Describe an electrical fauit you have had or have
heard about,
2 What do you think аrе the main causes of electrical
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do З How has technology changed the electric systems
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the in aircraft?
Апswеr Кеу, 4 What is уоur favourite electronic aviation gadget?
5 How do you think electronic systems will change n
the future?


ffi *ж*: t,{ fo * tЁt* рэк
*+t,* г*
picture, Use the
tr а Describe what you can see in the :F,;,nffi

words in the Ьох, €в


active eruptin9 plume ash steam cloud

.#i :i-фЁ Now to the Sample апSWеr,

1Ь Answer the questions,

you think the picture
1 Which rеgiоп of the world do
was taken in? Why?
2 At what time of day was the picture
З Who took the picture?
4 What effect would this have оп flight operations?
5 What do you thlnk will happen next?

Щiг**tъ ffi:tэgttкtt * L!*t+rъi*f,j f+fl #ts_q,t

2а t,ца Listen to ап aviation safety consultant

giving а sеmiпаr on volcanic activity, Which
iоtсЙоеs оп the map does he talk about?

] , ?..,,:.:. ,

] моuпt Rеdоuьt,]Л. ],]l]..]:.,,,].- ]

l Mount St Helens Д,,,: Vesuvius А ,, А Sakuralima

] Mount PopocatepetlД д Mount pinatubo

Galanggung Д

ffi ;,; d -*t*Е *

* $} h ф *ъfl -- Li *tэ* r: r гt q1

ýа ,,,ii Listen to the dialogue. Underline the

correct information,
] The Asiana pilots rероrt aweak / strапg smell
* -fl-
g ta i i of
Е ;,,* Ё т: ffi rъ Ё.в
t! s tЪ t яt* гэ * +t f * *- *,З *
volcanic ash.
2ь ,# Listen again and match the events with the
2 They wish to сlimь fгоm / rеmаiп at
present altitude,
volcanoes (a-f).
з Astanaline is flying а1 а higher / /оwеr altitude than
1 А powerless descent Asiana.
4 The Asiana сrеw smeIt volcanrc ash for 60 / 70
2 closure of ап airfield km,
З Beplacement of aircraft engines (2) а light /
5 They describe the volcanic cIoud layer as
4 Damage to а Ьrапd пеw aircraft dепsе haze,
of the
5 Ash causing reduced visibility at an airfield 6 They are сопfidепt / паt саmрlеtеlу sure

position of ash cloud's direction of travel,

6 Difficulties in advising pilots of the

ffi аdfr оtеilерЁз*rзg, * ýЭlаiп Ешзg!ЕsХч Wtъs}**}аt*жrу frhесk
зь Match the beginnings (1-5) and endings (a-e)to 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.
make sentences from the dialogue.
1 Do you have апу reports Smell (п) haze (n) fall (n) сопiсаl (adj) crater (п)

2 we have had а faint smell of volcanic ash rim (п) lava (n) slope (n)

З Say position where

4 Do you have апу idea 1 The side of а hill оr а mоuпtаiп

5 Direction of cloud 2 When something falls to the ground

3 The edge of ап open container оr circular object
а you experienced the volcanic ash. 4 Water, smoke, оr dust iп the аir
ь of volcanic ash еп route? 5 ln the shape of а сопе
с for about three оr four minutes now. 6 Bock in the form of hot liquid
d movement was undetermined. 7 The rоuпd hole at the top of а volcano

е which direction the cloud was moving? 8 The quality of something that you notice when you
breathe in through уоur nose

5ь Complete the extract from ап air-traffic
4а Work with а partner. Student А is the pilot of а management paper about volcanoes with the words
narrow body passenger jet, call sign lsland 549, from 5а,
climbing to FL270, passing FL200. Student В is
an en route АТСО at Dawangi Centre. Read the
dialogue outline апd decide what to say. 4,750 m in elevation and (1)

Pilot Атсо in shape, Klyuchevskoy is Kamchatka's

highest and most active volcano. tn 1994,
Call сепtrе апd rероrt
, sфеllоf аsh , ,

Acknowledge, Ask
pilot reports of (2) , coupled
" when first detected with а strong _ of sulphur were

: Ехрl{п dura|iot] followed Ьу а major eruption. Оп 4th Мау

., Request visibility
, Describe visibjlliiy, l
2007, residents of the village of Klyuchi,
Перо$ deterioration . Request wind direction З0 km NNE of the volcano, heard explosions
" and speed
and reported ash (4)

Say Wiпd dlrectiqn and _ _ __. Моrе @]

,, 'SРеёd' '' ' l€

", ' ,. Relay РlRЕР of ash recently, in NочеmЬеr 2009,
and suggest action
(5) _ _. _ began to flow over the
(6) and down the sE
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do (7) _ of Klyuchevskoy after the
it again. Check against the mode| dialogue in the
Answer Кеу. (8) overflowed.

6 Discuss the questions with а partner. З What should pilots do if they encounter volcanic
1 What аrе the effects of flying through а voloanic
eruption? 4 What effect сап а чо|сапiс eruption have on the
local environment and community?
2 What signs mау indicate that ап aircraft is flying
through volcanic ash? 5 What other seismic activity сап affect aviation?


Forbidden апуwhеrе
on the aircraft
, ]]

Fi*in Епgliэ}в * Lс*tеýзЕttg f*r gist

2а * Э.*а Listen to а presentation on dangerous
goods. Tick (r/) the items mentioned.
pesticides matcheS
фФФ aerosols poisons
corrosives explosives
dye cartridges infectious substances
solvents mercUry

Рýаirэ ýпg*is}з * fi*ýgt*шiпg f*в" d*tжii

2Ь # g,*Р Listen again and choose the соrrесt phrase
1 Dangerous goods аrе substances which аrе
capable of posing а significant risk to iife / health,
2 You mау feel comfortable storing dangerous items
at home because you kпоw how they will behave /
they аrе паt as dапgеrочs iп the hоmе,
З Put dangerous goods under severe atmospheric
pressure and you сап / сап't predict what will
fl}***rih* tfrъе рi*tu*r* happen,
1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture. Use the 4 Теmреrаtчrе variations / ViЬrаtiоп сап cause book
words in the Ьох matches to ignite.
5 А mеrсurу lеаkwеаkепеd / didn't wеаkеп the skin
of the aircraft,
flammable explosive fireworks matches torch
ýadi*tel*pýr*ýъy * L**t*rз*взg
# g.*Т Now listen to the sample answer.
3а # iз.*а Listen to the dialogue. Decide if the
sentences are true, false or if the information is not
mentioned. Write il F оr NM.
1ь Апswеr the questions.
1 The steward discharged the НrО extinguisher.
1 Why аrе these items forbidden?
2 The steward thinks the source of the heat is the
2 Whеrе would you find а sign like this?
cargo hold.
З Why does the sign use pictures?
З То begin with, there isn't any smoke,
4 What equipment and procedures аrе used to check
4 The smoke is соmiпg through the vents.
раssепgеrs and сrеw?
5 The pilot diverts to the nearest airfield.
5 What hаррепs to passengers who try to саrrу
these items оп board? 6 The crew аrе рrераriпg for an immediate

Hadictelephcny * Рlаiп ýnglish VggаЬш**r}э She*k
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.

] cabin / the / we've / fumes / got / in forbidden (adj) sуmЬоl (п) hold (n) floor (n)
substance (п) precaution (п) handler (п) stack (v)
2 to / it's / hчrI / starting / mу / eyes "]
Sоmеопе whose job is to move goods
2 The flat рlасе you сап walk on
З То put опе оп top of the other
З if / mе / call / changeS / important / anything
4 Ап аrеа оr compartment within ап аirсrаft for
саrrуiпg freight
5 А type of solid, liquid оr gas
4 back / you've / got / big / here / а / рrоЬ!еm
6 Not allowed
7 А picture оr shape used to represent something

5 soon / we'll / ground / on / the / Ье 8 Something done to protect people оr things from
possible harm

5Ь Complete the advice to airport staff using words

*ýап,ýtý*жti*п from 5а.

4а Work with а partner. Student А is the pilot. Student All baggage (1) must take all
В is the flight attendant. Read the dialogue outline
and decide what to say,
(2) ._ ___ __* to ensure the safety of passengers
апd cargo at аll times, Look fоr апу (З)

Attendant Pilot that signal dangerous (4) and take the

appropriate action. lf any of the саrgо is

Ask it's ооmiпg

(5) notify the supervisor immediately and
through the air vents do not load onto the аirсrаft. Any goods which аrе
]i]]i];;l]]li]|iililý]|W ifi ýýlý&lllllilllll Ask the FА to check
(6) оп the (7) in the

the overhead Iockers (В) must Ье securely fastened to make

sure they do not move during flight,
Ask why the steward
thinks so
Ask where 6 Discuss the questions with а partner,
1 What type of goods are most dangerous?
2 Should passengers and dangerous goods Ье
4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do transported оп the same flight?
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the
З Descr|be апу incidents / accidents you know of tha1
Answer Кеу. have Ьееп caused Ьу dangerous goods,
4 How might the transportation of dangerous goods
change iп the future?
5 Do you think it is better to transport dangerous
goods Ьу air оr sea? Why?

Ш**еу!Ь* týъе цi*tшr* FЕаýgъ фýэ"tgдЕяш$ъ * **frжtqзуъtшчg f*г dшt*ilfi
1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2ь Ё Ш,::ll Listen again and decide if ihe statements
words in the Ьох. аrе truе or false. Write I or Е
1 An АЗ40 апd аЗ747 collided at Heathrow.
Collide lodge trailing edge Sl!Ce 2 Passengers thought that the А340 was unsafe,
еmреппаgе floodlit З The ВА was moving at the time of the collision.
4 An АЗ80 collided with another aircraft iп Thailand.
*,]:* 3.*€ Now listen to the sample answer. 5 The Configuration Deviation List (CDL) applies to
removal of equipment after collision.
lb Апswеr the questions. 6 lп Seattle an IVD80 struck а taxiing АЗ40.

1 Why do you think this incident happened?

2 How long after the collision do you think the picture $ё:tdi*t*!еryШ,Е*{ъу * Ё*{*tшчъ f шчщ

was taken? 3а :.!О' Э.*ti Listen to а dialogue between pilots and

З Where was the photographer in relation to the an air-traffic control officer. Answer the questions
aircraft? using the call signs in the Ьох.
4 How lопg do you think it will take to rectify the
5 What do you think wi|l hарреп next?
which aircraft:
ЩД*ttъ Щвъg$i*h * List*чъЁс"ig {шэ,Еi*t 1 is outbound?

2а # З,r*S Listen to three tower controllers talking 2 аrе inbound?

about ground collision incidents, Answer the З reports а collision?
questions. 4 is instructed to stay ]п the circuit?
1 How mапу incidents do they mention? 5 disembarks to inspect the а rcraft
2 What part of the aircraft аrе they talking about? 6 taxi to the арrоп

ffi *Kejfr r*t* Ё i-, * ::,ir : fltfr m fr ж ffi шtл:t i iШh
*;з [:l tз fi * r,у fii h *tl k
= =
зь Rеаrrапgе the words to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.

1 Ье / trafftc / direction / there will / backtracking / stationary (adj) strike (v) clip (v) lodge (v) slice (v)

underside (n) contact (п) tip (п)


2 to / side / the / right / keep / right-hand 1 А паrrоw оr pointed end, especially of something
long оr thin
2 Not moving
/ the / piper / brushed / tip / left / our / wing З То hit against, оr to crash into, sоmеопе оr
4 То hit something accidentally while passing it
4 step / of / permission / out / to / request / aircraft l 5 То become firmly fixed sоmеwhеrе, usually
tne accidentally
6 То cut something easily
5 you / telephone / could / when / have / parked /
7 The bottom side оr surface of something
you / me? 8 Touch

ffifl*гwflfr**tilш,ге 5Ь Complete а tower controller's incident report with

4а Work with а partner. Student А is the first officer о{ the words from 5а.
а sma|l passenger aircraft, call sign Sparrow 7З4,
taxiing for departure. Student В is а ground АТСО АСFТ ] was hапd-рrорреd without сhосks, Uoo,
at Andong Regional Airport, Read the dialogue engine start, the АСFТ rolled 20 rT arlc .lc , э-_ ,,, ^э
outline and decide what to say.
(r) the vertical tailp агэ э' -,3:- 2 ,,.- :-
First officer Атсо was (2) at the time the со, s on The right

Ca|ltowgl and
(З) of АСFТ ] (4) through the
]]i]]]l]i]]],: . cФlliýiOl':t]]]]]:]]]],l,'l,,l.]i'i ",... ruddеr of АСFТ 2 and swung sharply around to the
Request position
right. The propellers (5) the
Request details (0) of the {uselage of АСFТ 2 and the

Givý]]ýlo!ajlý,i..,i nose lэесаmе (7) under АСFТ 2. The

]]]iii]]].l ;,;:. send vehicle and
right wing also made (8) with the aft
G,|y_o rероr1 ol QaJT,age, damage portion of the fuselage of АСFТ 2. No опе was
and state current .:

.. оffеr assistance fоr
' passengers
4ь RoIe play the dialogue, then change roles and do 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the
Answer Кеу. ] Describe а ground collision incident you know of,
2 what factors сап affect the safe movement of
aircraft on the ground?
З Why is the aircra{t manoeuvring аrеа potentially
4 How соmmоп аrе aircraft collisions in the aircraft
manoeuvring аrеа? Why?
5 What effect сап ап aircraft collision have on аirlэоrt


Dэscribe the рiсtчrе

4 Drops are usually mаdе аЬоvе / below 1,000 m,
1fi Describe what уоu, оап see iп the picture,
5 The food was scatfere d аrоuпd / drорреd iп the

{fu, }nswerthe-questions" . .
6 The tеrrаiл / Тirеdпеss made the mission difficult,
1 What doyou think happened?
2 Whеге do you thinkth,a photo was'taken? : : : "' $Ч*di+tФi*р*з*rtу * ё*Ё*t*яъЁrтЁё ,

з where аrе the aircr,aft in rеlаtiоп,tо each other? 3а ,;.iP #,*# Listen to the dialogue. Complete the
4 What time of day do,you'tnink lt isT statements with the call signs, - ,

,hарреп пехt?
5 What do you think will
Еаstеrп 625 Airtrans З2З Еl-ТFс Eastern В65
*illi ;*.{Эт Now listen to the sample апSW€r, АRмYАlR 2з2

* ] is not responding to АТС calls,

FъЁжiтч ffiнз+чfii t,в Е-Еrut*щtачщ ý*вг 16Ё*t
makes а slow degree right-hand turn,
2а +.]Р *.*r* Listen to а report оп ап UпuSuаl аirЬоrпе 2

/ land operation. What was the purpose of the о is not сlеаrеd to join the airway,
reconnaissance team?
4 is too heavy to cross the airway in time,

* f*;г d**;*lt
5 апd have to rеmаiп
Ёt*Енъ ffirъ*$i*tъ Е*Ё t*г**ttgý
outside controlled atrspace.
2ь -т-** Listen again and underline the correct

anSWer, 6 and гпаkе visual contact

with the distress airc,a{t,

1 Ап airdrop was the easlest / опlу way to 9et
supplies into the area. 7 reports ап electr]cal malfunctton,
2 The parachutists did,z dldn'f have help f rоm
з lnformation was supplied bry men iп the аir / оп the


Ёi} # c,j 1 *'i l._.j i +=
Г: r:i r;l у "- F $ iа i гt Г* ;з i;1 i i :iя fl ч

ýЬ Matcrr the beginnings with the endings to mаkе ým N,4atch the words in the Ьох with the definitionB:;.. l
phrases from the dialogue.
1 The аirсrаft behind you ароеаrs install (v) inoperative (adj) wire {п) loose {adj)
2 Remain outside controlled airspace haze (п) stationary (adj) underside iп) tip {п)
з we tried to slow him dоwп
4 We've got serious рrоЬlеms
Not fixed iп position ,, .
5 Wе'rе trying to ascertain 2 water, smoke, оr dust in the air that makes it
di'1 cuit to See clearly
а the cause now. З То put а piece of equipment somewhere апd make
,t ,еаоу for use
ь with our electrics and radios.
4 Not novinq
с due aircraft iп urgепсу situation.
5 А паrrоw оr pointed епd, especially of something
d to have а comms failure. long оr Lhin
е апd put him behind you.
6 The bottom side or surface of something
7 А lопg thin piece of metal that carries electricity
'l. .,t
8 Not working
€а Work with а раrtпеr, Student А is pilot of Tl-MOO
on ап lFR departure from Santa Catalina passing Sb Complete the sentences with the words from 5а.
1,300 ft. Student В is ап АТСо at Santa Cata|ina
tower, Read the dialogue outline and decide what ] The chocks wеrе put оп to make sure the a,,:.aft
to Say.
Tl lvoo Tower 2 The cargo was scattered iп the ho]c эеса;sе с' .:е
l Call approach, say _ straps.
position and rероrt]
Пequest clarification 3 The short circuit had made the radio
0rоЬlеrп with flaps
4 The mechanic always got а sore песk when
Give clarification.
Working оп the of the аirсrаft
Rёquest rеturп

"Acknowiedge and give

to airfie]d 5 The fly-by-wire flight deck had all the iatest gadgets
П9аdЬасК and report
аЬпоrmаl {|ар landing Acknowledge, say you tj l he of the radio mast was just vislble
. will cali еmеrgепсу
services above the buiIding,
Rёроft extended
: , rýll OL]t due Ьrаkе ' 7 Visibility was minimal due to the from
рrсЬtеЙs оп lапdiпg Acknowledge, say the sandstorms.
. services will Ье in
position 8 А faulty led to the electricity failure,

Ё{i l]
i..+ i f",i {:;r:i ]iJ
Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do

it again. Check against the model dia|ogue in the ý Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr.
Answer Кеу.
] What сап Ье done to improve аirсrаft mаiпtепапсе?
2 How will technology affect electronic systems iп the
З How сап seismic activity affect aviation?
4 What is the most unusual cargo you've саrriеd оr
heard about being саrriеd?
5 How сап technology help prevent co]lisions оп the


,,;]]] l

#**н*:.у| fu Е* tЁч ез
р : *{ u гчэ {F8щЕуt ЕшЕiiаГt -.f;*йgt*тзirтщ f*г *fr*tmifi
1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. Use the 2Ь ,В +.lЭ Listen again and put the events iп the
words in the Ьох. correct order.
а The flagship was found to have fuel problems at
ref ueIled hil{side underground vehicle Charles de Gaulle.
clothing wing Ь Passengers were forced to wait 12 hours for а lec
to Ье repaired.
;}.тФ Now listen to the sample answer. с The flagship was delayed iп Dallas.
d The airline issued а formal apology to the
1ь Answer the questions.
е Two АЗВOs were held at Boston.
Where is the fuel stored?
2 What do you think the pilots are doing while the
aircraft is being refuelled? ffi аз d qзЁ* в F iз,fз iт,у
fr Ё
* fu fr пtrя * i пэб
з where are the fuel tanks оп this aircraft? 3а ц..'О ё.,it Listen to the dialogue between pilot and

4 Where do you think the picture was taken? АТС, Fill iп the detai|s in the space provided.
5 What do you think will happen next? р'.оБrй

йi*tшt f;гьщfiiшi,т * Ё*Ё.*tепэаtзб f*г бist

2а !:l' B.=*,l Listen to а news bulletin about problems
with пеw aircraft and answer the questions, ' Actions
] What is the рrоЬlеm?
2 What аrе the airline doing?

l :*,_

$Q*di*Ё*Еез**езу * Fý*iгt fr rъg}i*h !f qJ {:;iэ fil н п i"y'fli,
$ },r +;:* }о;

3Ь Rearrange the words to make phrases frоm the ýа tv'latch the wоrds iп the Ьох with th* definitions
ieak (п) tапk (пl рumр (v) liпе (п} rеfuэl (v)
continue or / Io / to / we're trying / decide / come /
unserviceable (adj) rесurriпg {adj) block (v)
back / whether
going / dump / we're / like / have to / it looks / to / Not ореrаtiVе
fuel 2 То till with iuel аgаiп
3 А large сопtаiпеr for stоriпg liquid оr gаs
З completion / you / l'll give / vectors / to Filton / on
а А hole оr сrасk iп something lvhich liquid col:reý
out of
5 А tub,e which саrriеs liquid
4 flaps / rеtrасt / below / Ihe / 1Оа/о / can't / we
6 То mоvе а liquid
7 SorTething which hарр*пs mоrе than опсс
5 going / ЗО / Io / about / take / it's / minutes 8 То рrеr,епt mоvеmепt through something

ýЬ Complete the mаiпtепапсе report with the,lrords

from 5а.
The сrеw wеrе urrable to fiy tlre aircraft as it waý
4а Work with а partner. Student А is Dakair З74, ап
to а
Antonov 2 maintaining 2,600 m. Student В is ап ir) cr_ie t2) рrоL]lеlп
АТСО at Vletch Centre. Read the dialogue outline with the fuei systern. This u,las the tn]rd t]me ihis hаd
and decide what to say,
hap1::ened at this аirfiеld, The iЗ) ^.ias поl
Dakair З74 vletch Сепtrе (4) as the iuei fLoweci wjitout а c.cDie.n
апd there was по sign of а (5) аý there

waý по darTiago. Hovu,ever оп а сlоsеr ехаmiпаtiоп of

Acknowledge and say the uпdеrgrочпd (6) we fоuпd signs ot
сопtаmiпаtiоп. \{/hсп alrcraft tмеrе (7)

dеьris ln/as picked up as the fuei was (в)

оп iз*аrd.
Give instruction,
Bequest clarification of
ý Disсuss the questions with а раrtпеr,
Request сопfirmаtiоп
1 what fасtогs пееd to Ье considered when
of Iow fuel
estimating the amount of fuel needed?
2 Describe а fuel-related iпсidепt you kпоw of оr
have had.
З \'Vhat type of fact0rs сап caUSё fuel-related
,. Acknowledge
4 Hor,v have аirсrаfi becolTe mоrе fuei efficient?
5 what will aircraft use fоr fuel iп the futuro?
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again, Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу.

trеsсrih* the рi*tыr* Pl*it- Епgl!s}ъ * Listепir:g fшr dеtаý!
1а Describe what уоu can see in the picture. Use the 2Ь # а.та Listen again and decide if the statements
words in the Ьох. are true оr false. write Г or Е
] The human 'no' sign wasn't visible frоm the flight
playing field formation demonstrators deck of passing aircraft.
residentialarea industrial warehouses 2 lf Heathrow expands, Sipson village will disappear.
З Captain Granshaw believes communicating with the
ф З.ЧЗ Now listen to the sample answer. protesters will help.
4 Fоur protesters placed а large sign over the vertical
stabilizer of ап aircraft.
1Ь Answer the questions. 5 Dераrturеs at the airport were delayed.
1 What are the people demonstrating about? 6 А large group of environmental campaigners got
2 Who will see the sign? airside at East lt/idlands.
З At what time of day was the picture taken?
4 How long do you think the demonstrators stood in Listеrъ!шg * Ftrac! [*teleph*t,ly
position for?
5 Where was the photograph taken from?
3а # e"ls Listen to four dialogues between pilots and
air-traffic control officers. Complete the table.

ё}Еgiгt Ёпglis}t * !*igtеgз!rэЕ fшr giKt

2а # З.t+ Listen to an aviation news podcast about
political activity at UK airports, Choose the best ];

anSWerS. l

\2 i
; Hold until сlеаr to
1 Why аrе people protesting at Heathrow? j Rrосеео
а human rights Ь епчirопmепtаl issues l

с unemployment
Western perimeter
2 How mапу incidents does the rероrtеr describe?

а1 Ь2 с3



Radiotelephony - Listening VосаЬulаrу ýheck
зь Match the beginnings with the endings to make 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.
sentences from the dialogue.
1 Оп landing we could see а balloon to protest (v) investigation (п) converge (v) breach (п)
2 Request permisslon to hold until Ьrеаk through (v) fencing (п) occupy (v) climb (v)
З Caution, work in progress ahead,
4 We saw а lot of people at ] То come to the same point from different directions
5 We've got someone on what we think 2 А flat upright structure that surrоuпds an аrеа
is а paraglider З The process of finding out the facts about
а the balloon has passed. 4 То publicly show opposition to something
Ь north side of taxiway А, 5 А situation where sоmеопе gets into а place that is
с above the threshold of 22 right. usually guarded
d the western perimeter fence. 6 Move up or over something using hands and feet
е the south-east of the airfield. 7 То force уоur way through something that is
stopping you from moving forward
8 То Ье iп сопtrоl of а place that you have епtеrеd
4а Work with а partner. Student А is а tower АТСО
at Braela Airport. Student В is the pilot of а police 5ь Comp|ete the newspaper report with the words
helicopter, call sign Police 3, holding at 1,000 ft from 5а.
above the southern boundary of Braela Airport.
Read the dialogue outline and decide what to say. Hundreds of people (1) _ at Tilarang
Атсо Pilot аirроrt to (2), _ _ __ against the results of
the recent presidential election, Dozens

Report suspicious
(З) * _, _ over the perimeter (4).^-_
....:, activity at perimeter causing severe delays for all arriving -*"=*'
departing flights. Protesters also "nd

Correct а security inside Terminal Two and (6)

,. misunderstanding the departure lounge. ,Authorities
Give details to secure the airport after six hours,'"n*"o._
..,.,',. and flight
operations have now returned to поrmаl.
",... Say exact position and Ап
' state сurrепt action independent (7)
. will Ье conducted
into how such а (8) of security was
possible at the region's busiest
international air
4ь Role play the dialogue, then сhапgе roles апd do transport hub.
it again. Check against the model dialogue in the
Answer Кеу.

6 Discuss the questions with а partner. 3 Describe апу аЬпоrmаl activities you have
'1Describe апу rесепt airport expansion/improvement encountered at an ajrfield.
work you аrе familiar with. 4 Describe апу airspace violations or unidentified
aircraft you have encountered at work,
2 How does aviation impact оп the local environment
and communities? 5 How will the size of the aviation industry change
оvеr the next 20 years?

ffiшш*ril&з* tШ* р[шt*г,* Р!*iп Eng lsh * Lisienin= fеr gts€
1а Describe what уоu сап see in the picture, Use the 2а :;- -s::-::: эеsсl,iрt оп of а difficult
words iп the Ьох. dPPi Ud- t , . э- ]];пk the speaker is?
).-..------:. - - ,-,с Jyv(lvl
strip houses mountain twin valley overshoo,1

Plein Engiish * L:stening fc= *еtеЁl

ф;" ý"_l* Now listen to the sample апswеr.
2Ь з 2с Llster аоа г and f]ll in the spaces.

1Ь Answer the questions. ] Т'е'L-,,.а_ =:---_ i :- ., lопg.

1 Which rеgiоп of the world is this airfield in? 2 -'е,е -Seo ,.,-
с: э:^-а ,1,1Some from
2 What difficulties would а pilot face оп landing and lл_ . л . _

takjng off?
З What kind of condition is the ruпwау in? А^ е,с э-э z^э ^э э- .un!l/ay 01 at TGU must

4 What do you think would happen if а pliot : ]- -,

misjudged the approach?
5 Why аrе there по signs of activity?
Af:e,- : с rэ es the basin it has опlу to

- Т-е runv;ay has а 'displaced threshold' leaving опlу

of useable landing runway.

$Чшdi*tеё*$}}t* сlу * ý_i*ё*шýазg

3а ф i*.** Listen to the communication between two з Хт didn't need to cross behind the traffic because
pilots and АТС and uпdеrliпе the correct information they had аlrеаdу crossed / wеrе diverting to
апоthеr аirроrt / пееdеd to stay оп the wеstеrп side
] ХТ was not cleared Ьеуапd / through / up ta |he
of the airport,
approach соrridоr.
4 ХТ was cleared to land оп the Н surface wind 260
2 ХТ said they would rеmаiп поrth of the сепtrеliпе / dеgrееs В kлоts / 260 degrees 18 kпоts / 216
сепtrе of the поrth liпе / south of the сепtrеliпе.
degrees 8 knots,

*adioteiephony - Pl*i- Е*tsfrЁ*Ёз W*qэшhц"в*шrу #*T**il*

зь Rеаrrа^gэ :-э ,,,o,cs to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with ihe definitions.
d ialog ue,

Ll е =l.= _ yU о / Io / аrе / centreline / the / extended (adj) mаrshаllеr (n) (v) dust (п) basin (п)
overshoot (v) plateau (n) hover (v) corridor (n)
аррr:аa- .эс ciose

the гоtl . "g need / check / the convoy /Io / ot / we 1 МеmЬеr of ground staff whose job is to direct
aircraft into parking positions
2 То stay in the same position iп the аir
3 Western / stay / аirроrt /the / the / of / side / will / 3 Continuing iп distance or direction
we/on 4 А large flat аrеа of land that is high above sea level
5 А large аrеа that is lower than the surrounding land
4 cross / that we / lands l сап / сопfirm / the aircraft /
6 Small pieces of dry earth that аrе like роwdеr
7 То accidentally fly past а target
5 right /1чrп /hover/terminal /to / taxi /the / and В The route aircraft must take through ап area

5ь Complete this pilot's description of his local airfield.

Use the words from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is the pilot of There's а vеrу паrrоw (1) ,,... you have to
Helicopter ВR. Student В is ап АТСО at Guadalan fly through to reach the airfield. You have to pass
Tower. Read the dialogue outline and decide what to
оvеr the (2) which is always full of water
ruппiпg down frоm the mountains, Higher still you
Pilot Атсо
come to а (З) where they've built the
landing strip. l've seen folk who аrе so busy lining
Instruot ВR to hold themselves up оп the (4) centreline
, iп the hоvеr, south of
RWY they've forgotten how short the strip is and have
(5) the end of the runway. Obviously,
. Paraphrase instruction опсе you've landed there's no (6) , ,_. telling
Say traffic оп final
you where to go. That's not а рrоЬlеm unless you've

Say traffic will taxi got опе of the mountain rescue helicopters
to east арrоп via оvеr the strip. You have to wait fоr the
taxiway Вrачо, Give
discretionary сlеаrапсе to settle before you сап see anything.
to land Not that there's too much to see!

Give confirmation
6 Discuss the questions with а раrtпеr.
Describe а difficult landing strip you know of,
4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the 2 What it is that makes landings and take-offs
Answer Кеу, difficult?
З What technology exists to help assist landings and
4 What is your favourite landing strip? Why?
5 Do you think the пumЬеr of small remote airstrips
will increase оr decrease iп the future? Why?



ý}g**гi k** th* у*i*чв,"я r"* Figi* *=gii*a1 == :_j=€*:: jг:5 f*а, **еt*ifl
1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture. Use the 2ь # Listen again and decide if the statements
words in the Ьох. =.Э=
are true оr false, write r оr Е
1 lt was а dark night
extinguish damage Ьlасkепеd explosion
fire 2 Events happened а ]ot faster than expected,
evacuate fire fighting З The capta п feli .lreasy about the situation.
4 The р ots cou сг l dentfy апу visual references.
чiJ' fr.Ё* Now listen to the sample answer.
5 А crosscheck conf r,med their oosition.

1ь Answer the questions.

*:* i *i*l**i=*.=y : LЁ*Ё+rзiшg
] What could cause а fjre like this? =

2 What effect wou]d it have оп airport operations?

за - -=,.:: Listen to four dialogues between pilots
and atr-traffic control officers. I\zlatch one of the
З When do you think the plcture was taken? statements with each of the dialogues.
4 How lопg will to rераir the damage?
it take
а Ar а ,oraft conflrms lighting fai]ure whi е waiting for
5 How wiI] the аirроrt operator mапаgе the situation сэсаrtUrе,
while the tower is unserviceable? , 1, д,,qr3'{ ,epo.ts а rut!\a\ e^C-,S о-,
с An аrеа controller reports eqL_r cтent malfunction.
ЩНr**г; ffiвъgВi*ýз * ý*Ё*t*gз[ш"t# f,#F ffЁ*Ё с дТс iэe]ieves there гпа\, ra,",e сее.-] а ruпwаv
2а В.g* Listen to а Safety podcast and choose the
acurs оп,
best option to complete the summary.
Оп final аррrоасh, the flight ехреriепсеd рrоЬlеms
with speed,z iпstrчmепts / а navigation aid /
рооr visibility,


Ft;*di*t*i*F!",:* 1*у * Fi*ýrв ffi rtg$**fu W***fut*fi*в,у ffiFъ*t;k
зь Match the beginnings (1-5) with the endings (а-е) to 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.
make sentences from the dialogues.
] All aircraft return to lose (v) fail (v) ignore (v) unserviceable (adj)
2 l'm gett пg а rаdаr indication еrrопеоus (adj) faulty (ad1) trust (v) concentrate (v)
З Паdаr indicates it is behind you now,
4 We can't see the ruпwау lights at all 1 Not operative
5 You've completely lost the 2 То give all your attentlon to the thing you are doing
3 То not have something апу longer
а beyond the touchdown zопе. 4 То Ье confident that someone оr something is
Ь runway edge and сепtrе line lighting. rеliаЬlе
с previousiy-assigned headings апd levels. 5 Not working соrrесtlу
d but it гпау Ье а erroneous rеturп. 6 То stop working соrrесtlу
е there's another aircraft оп уоur ruпwау. 7 То not consider something, or not let it influence
8 Not correct
#fi**rЁf н**tt$*tз

4а Work with а partner. Student А is the captain of а 5Ь Complete the article with the words from 5а.
паrrоw body passenger jet, call sign Southern 636,
on approach to RWY 06 at Krystena lnternational lf you have GPS equipment, оr you аrе flying with
Airport. Student В is ап approach АТСО" Read the а glass cockpit, you should never (1)
dialogue outline and decide what to say.
your back-up navaids for positional awareness.
southern бзб Атсо That doesn't mean you can't (2) уоur
technology. lt's just that if your systems аrе

Acknowledge and say

(З) , _
or if you do (4) уоur
all lights аrе оп systems completely, you need to Ье рrераrеd, }п
fact. it's important to rеmеmЬеr that alI instruments
Acknowledge, Express
сопсеrп over position,
сап provide (5) " _ _ _ readings, lп my 1О ООО

Request altitude and hours, l've had just about еvеrу piece of equipment
heading lmа9iпаЬlе (6) in an aircraft. And it mау

Request сопfirmаtiоп
Ье that АТС equipment mау Ьесоrпе (7) _ ,

Remember, keep your basic flylng skills current and

Give сопfirmаtюп and .." Give instructions (в)
оп flying using rаw data from your
report going around
nav equipment from time to time.

4Ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles and do

it again.Check against the model dialogue in the ыЕ{}fuц,ёiFýFiljч 1

Answer Кеу.
6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
] Which navigation aids do you use in уоur 1оЬ?
2 What prob|ems сап occur when using the
navigation aids?
З Have you еvеr had navigation equipment failure?
4 How have navigation and АТС systems improved?
5 What technology do you expect to see iп the future?


_ а

Шеgqгihе th* рý*tжr* РЁаiп *пgliзh * Listeni-g f*r *iчэtаifi

1а Describe what you сап see iп the picture, Use the 2Ь ,ё *.z* Listen again and complete the sentences.
words in the Ьох.
1 лл л .л.-:- - - --
i n'| di]Ll d _
=- =

bent dent smashed debris twisted force 2 The inc de.: ,а::э-ээ s|,ct,t у after the flight was

Чml, fi.Ё* Now listen to the sample answer.

з The driver ta эa -.: 'э э,,,,

1ь Answer the questions.

4 The incideni .ао.э.еэ at the intersection of

1 Why do you think this happened?

2 What equipment will Ье needed to clear the area? 5
3 How lопg will clear the аrеа?
it take to
4 What effect will the incident have оп аirроrt
5 Who will Ье involved in ап investigation? ý*diot*l*plc*y * Listевъiззg
3а j'' з.з* Listen to the communication between
Ёfiаfrгл Ёпзg!!sh * ý*l*t*п*нtщ f*r бist pilots and ап АТС. Correct the three mistakes iп the
2а # "З.а* Listen to а news report about а runway
incursion. The questions be|ow are missing from Коrеап 257 think they mау have hit а vehicle near
the interview. Match each question (а-е) to the
the taxiway, АТС ask the following United g14 to Iook
correct place (1-5) in the recording,
and see if they can see anything. Коrеап 257 have а
а What was he doing there iп the first рlасе?
good view but do not see anything wrопg, АТС ask а
Ь What happened to the drivеr?
fire tender to check. They want Коrеап 257 to cut his
с So did the vehicle actually enter the ruпwау? Аrеп't
engines to idle. Коrеап 257 compiies.
there procedures to stop this hаррепiпg?
d Who was the first to realize what was happening?
е How serious was this?

*ediotelephony - Рlаlп ЕшgСtшВз Vшmmhqлfrmrу #hBmk
зь Rеаrrапgе :ге ,.,;ords to make phrases from the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.

,,,ou / get / Коrеап Air / Yankee / when swerve (v) axle (п) digger (п) intersection (п)

construction (п) раrk (v) cut (v) idle (adl)

2 Коrеап A]r? / do / пеаr / anything / see / you 1 Machine for making lаrgе holes and moving earth
2 point at which two lines cross each other
З When ап епgiпе is оп but not delivering роwеr to
З the / side / wе'rе / at / looking / right mоvе the vehicle or аirсrаft
4 То leave а vehicle оr aircraft in а place where no опе
is using it
4 his / mауЬе / engine / hit / it / outboard 5 The act of putting together оr building something
6 Suddenly change direction
7 То switch off
5 а / make / they'll / inspection / visual
8 shaft on which wheels are attached

5ь Complete the vehicle accident report with the words

from 5а.
4а Work with а partner. Student А is Gul 357. Student А lаrgе (1 ) _ _ drove towards the арrоп to
В is а ground АТСО. Read the dialogue outline and continue the (2) work for the пеw gate, А1
decide what to say.
the _ of taxiway В and А it
Gul З57 Атсо
(4) to avoid an unlit vehicle (5)

, Oaii oiоiiпd.]ýду' ,,,

next to Stand 4. The vehicle damaged its front
Ёоёitiоп. Sау.,gi,ёlаапt
(6) and had to Ье placed оп а transporter.
, , wit|i Ь.аsgаsё,;9?rt;, ,,
Acknow!edge. Ask fоr
All waiting aircraft were instructed to (7) _ ._ their
description of accident
,,Qivg dpB,9riptiqn,,bt,; engines even if they wеrе already at (8)
,,l, aqci,dent,lS gy..,ýagý
'ii], ,,,]]|., ,|i,ОП аРrРПi::l,.. 11, ,,ll,.
Ask exact position of
6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
Ask if pilotsaw а ] What type of vehicles аrе used in aviation?
,:sф пegative,iifuirtca]it :,
collision 2 Should all drivers Ье required to have lСАО Leve l?
ý]oying lФttitФ.,,1,1.1,,,,: З Should all ground реrsоппеl Ье required to hаче
;i1l ,1l, l,:' ,Ф1;icklyl]]i,,. ,]ll], ,]]',,
|CAO Level4?
Ask Gul 357 to ho|d. 4 What is the rоlе of the dispatcher?
Say will call support
services 5 How do you think ground services will change in thэ

4Ь Role play the dialogue, then change rоlеs and do

it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the
Апswеr Кеу.

ffi***,r*&э*€*т*,,Ёý*tа*r*' *Е*igэ E-g*ish * List**i:зg ё*r *Ё*t*е$
Describe what уоц сап see iп tna.pictiJ?6;,ll,],l,i; 2Ь * g.З= Listеп аgаiп апd match the infofrnation
,. with the interview(s),

l],.l,b..: ;АRswеrlф.ё,ýuёýt+ýпý,,] ,,:| ,'l

l stoppeci at ihe соrrесt place. ].,.,

1 WtjаL.соuп!р,сg.8!ф!hjý,lаir$еý lп?,,:,?,.,,,,,l.,.,.,. 2 l heard sоmеопе speakiпg оп the гаdiо,

Z WГ,аt а irПiýЦЙi;о"Нllý.:РоtýЙв яо:йпý;$ uno,, 3 1 Ьrаkэd hard.
taking offý]| ' ','г';:.:;.:,: : :,|,.,j:|,||..|:.f.:'],,ý,.:,:,|':].]:]i]li],]ý].I:1]:.
4 1shouted а wаrпiпg,
3'Have уоu,€_ver tiow*:iфtýiЙlairtielс,iй**gf,,, паf,.:..
was similar? 5 The outside iights were ол
4 What dq you think Wouldrtrappefi ]{ а pilot misjudged 6 lhurt myseif,
] the appio.ach? '
5 Why do уоu think nothing is hаррепiпg?
**di*t*i*Ёhci:y * Li*t*-i*g
Ё; J Зт Now listen to the sample answer. 3а ý ;.ЗЗ Listen to thrее dialogues. Match the call
signs with the statements,

* Lýgt*гч*взg f*r gfr*t

Pýшig"t ffirъgýi*,flч Соuriеr 254 Заtаrу 42 Starlet В72
2а dF *",З* Listen to four replies to ап accident
investigation officer's questions after ап incident 1 The аirсrаft is quickly loosing fuel,
invo|ving а shuttle bus. Match the реор|е with the
interviews. 2 The fueI supply is getting close to critical

З The oilot pertorTs ап off-field landing,

captain bus passenger bus driver first officer 4 Fuel f{ow to the starboard engine is weak.
5 The pilot has made contact with his соmрапу.
lnterview а lnterview с
lnterview Ь 6 Fuel tanks аrе showing significantly
lпtеrчiеw d
different quantities.
7 The сrеw were waiting fоr the weather to

, Radiotelephony - Plai:r f;*gý*mlr
gb Match the Ьеgiппiпgs (1-5) with the endings (а-е) to
mаkе phrases frоm the dialogue.
1 Му fue! gauge is reading empty and
2 Making а ful| power landing
] То remain stationary iп the аir
з we set dоwп оп the
2 Not working рrореrlу
4 l have sроkеп with dispatch
З Unknown
5 We have low fuei рrеssurе and
4 А large сопtаjпеr for storing liquid Ьr gaB |

5 Describing food ,,
а ап indication of fuel imьаlапсе.
6 То соmе from different directions to meet the same
Ь оп the playing field, point
с апd аm awaiting instructions. 7 Something which happens mапу times or again
d the auxiliary gauge is reading low. 8 То accidentally fly past а target
е playing tleld and shut dоwп,

5Ь Comp|ete the sentences with the words from 5а.

1 Only the controller's quick thinking stopped the
4а Work with а раrtпеr, Student А is pi|ot of Shuttle
808 оп а standard instrument approach to Nап Tak. ajrcraft from colliding.
Student В is ап АТСО at Nan Tak approach. Read
2 There was а problem with the food so the
the dialogue outline and deoide what to say.
trucks were delayed,
Атсо Shuttle 808
з Rаdаr showed ап ____ . aircraft iп the flight
Contact Shuttle 808. corridor.
Cance|STAП. Give ...
instructions to hold Readback, 4 The mechanic couldn't understand why the fault
Request reason

ýау .a..
Requestrepetition 5 The fuel was leaking.
НаrаDпrаSе rеаSоЛ .:'
0 The рооr visibility caused the tight аirсrаft to
the runway.

Report аррrоасhiпg 7 The rescue helicopter above the

. miпimum fuel, Request
Give update. " :
update оп status
lýuфest;lUivetsjoл,lli 8 The _ switch kept turning off Ьу itself.


6 Discuss the questions with а partner.

4ь Role play the dialogue, then change roles and do 1 What can Ье dопе to prevent fuel problems?
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the 2 What impact does aviation have оп the
Answer Кеу. епvirопmепt?
З What factors change when an airstrip / airport is
smаllеr /larger?
4 What сап go wrопg with airport technology?
5 Describe а taxiway incident involving а vehicle that
you know of.


Describe the picture

1а Describe what you сап see in the picture. ! ^ Cz,=:= ,,.-:: s :-э raximum пumЬеr of fiight

1Ь Answer the questions. 5 \^,.а: s:-: =-,:сэа- A,,,;ation SafetyAgency

Describe the photographer's position iп relation to
the aircraft. 6 ',,.iiга: .. .]. . :.s :- ,< of the hotel?

2 Where do you think the picture was taken?

3 Do you think апу parts of the аirсrаft аrе useable? Radioteiephony - Listеrъlпg
4 what could have caused the accident? 3а ,' З.ЭВ L:stег :с the dialogue between pilots and а
5 What do уоu think will happen next? tower АТСо, U.ier,l пе the correct information,
1 jз .:.,
,1: -, , ^-
: :- _S .а{э-э" due to low епgие роwеr /
€= З"3G Now |isten to the sample апswеr. э J,:::- ,- .,.э,^ ^ э

2- ээ, zЭС ,,,,-, a ,=,.э:r,.,апd ctepart аgаiп / rеturп

Fý*iп,л ffiа"tбfifr*ftз * Е*i*tmrчirt6 f*B" рilжt

з -_:.a.] . -.:,-:,:] iо i]o|d whileTiger 2Зб /
2а Ёý з"зт Listen to а conversation between three Э,:' _ =, j::.:) :--'-^.','З1,
pilots. Answer the questions.
- - : :- .Э' -,,,:S,:э,hе path of а taxiing аirсrаft /
] What аrе they talking about? :-' --:: .'. -' a' _.'=' э':'еft,
2 What sort of airline do they work fоr? J --: :-]] .,,а,-з ]3-G oi slippery taxiway surfaces
З Where does the conversation take place? ээa,,sa:_.
б l--aYJ ,эоэr_: : з--а E,,cup of апimаls / а group of
Ё*ъglýs*э - L**tеп*зэg f*r dе€*it -.'
j d, d: - -
= = -,

iэ iaxi чпdеr оwп роwеr /

2Ь ф Ш,mУ Listen again and answer the questions.
7 Aib on 29] члоuiо <е
assistance w ith tex l t г с,
1 How long did the pi|ot fly today? 8Д раssепgеr / А grоор с: oassengers on Zoom 464
2 Why is the pilot tired? have lost some t],avel оээ--эn,is,
3 How often do long-haul pilots have breaks? 9 The АТСо instructs Zаэr. ia1 io proceed fo sfand
2З / wait unttl а раrк,э ээs ilon Ьесоrпеs available,

80 REvIEti' TEST 1
**t:Ёi*i*i*li-**у * FimЁm ffi язбf; fr afr; \frпс;; fuпэfr- п"}r йfrт*l*fu
3Ь Rearrange the words to mаkе phrases from the 5а Match the words iп the Ьох with the definitions.

1indication/a /had/ we/oil /low/ pressure potential (n) deviate (v) disruption (п) regulation (п)

wrар (v) anticipate (v) touch (v) melt (v)

2 righti us / him / watched / lrопt / skid / we / out / ] А situation when something саппоt continue as
поrmаl because of а рrоЬlеm
2 Го сочеr something
З braking / rероrts / we / ol / have / рооr / action З Control of ап activity оr process Ьу officiat rules
4 То think that something wilI probably hарреп
5 Possible or likely iп the future
4 rodents / running / around / group / of / thеrе's / а
6 То make physical contact
7 То change а solid substance into а liquid

5 issue / to / going / is / Ье / ап / steering 8 То do something different to what is expected

5Ь Complete the sentences with the words frоm 5а.

6 you / parking.. to пееd / а/ position /find /we'll /
" ] The рrеvепt night flying over the city,
2We ап increase in traffic during the
.+ 1 : .: : |-: :_: |_ ._,
peak time.
4а Work with а раrtпеr. Student А is АТСО. Student В
З All fragile саrgо must Ье very carefully
is pilot of VH-GHD, а lighi aircraft maintaining 4,000
ft. Read the dialogue outline and decide what to 4 The wing tip was the hапgаr dооr.
5 The suп the ice
6 The quick thinking controller prevented а
Вероrt uпkпоwп traffic
(10 о' ciock, б miles, UlDdýLc, ,

height 5,000 ft, slow . Acknowledge Say

:l, moving)
.' looking out 7 Despite loss of nose gеаr the pilot didn't

.. frоm the centre line.

Suggest а heading if ..

not sighted Say Ьаllооп in sight, В The аlаrm sounded at the busiest time causing
:' 1О o'clock, 1,000 ft mахiгпum
Request further above

* js;{,,J+!эец,::r
;. Give information
Ask"i{ the balloon is 6 Discuss the questions with а partner.
mаппеd ':

,. Say balloon арреаrs

1 How has the job of а pilot changed over the last 20
2 How will the job of ап aibtraffic controller change in
4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, then change roles апd do the future?
it аgаiп. Check against the model dialogue iп the З Which technological developments have had the
Answer Кеу. biggest impact оп the aviation industry in the last
ten years?
4 What are the biggest challenges facing the aviation
industry at the moment?
5 How do you think the aviation community will deal
with increasing сопсеrпs about the environment?

l, ],:.+,,]:] i?;]'


*еэсriЬ* tlз* pi*trtr*

'la Describe what you can see in the picture, З lп Europe the пuгпЬеr of controllers required will
double in the futul,e.
4 Airport ехрапsiоп has rесепt|у created staffing
1Ь Answer the questions.
issues iп Delhiл
] Descrjbe the man's position in rеlаtiоп to the 5 lп South Africa. the offer of а рау rise is
aircraft? епсоurаgiпg сопtrоllеrs to stay.
2 Where do you think the picture was tаkеп? 6 lп Britain, human resource mапаgеmепt at the
З What will hарреп next? ANSP hasn't changed.
4 Why is public access to airfields restricted? 7 Controllers апd mапаgеrs don't see staffing leve|s
5 What permission would this mап need? in the same way.
8 potentiaI trаiпееs see air-traffic control as ап
attractive саrееr,
# З.ЗС Now listen to the sample answer.
9 The majority of trainees successfully complete their
Fiаiп *пgii*ftт * fi**mt*rтЕвтg fmr gi t 10 Almost 7,500 сопtrоllеrs in the US will retire within
2а ,ffiВ"Ш* Listen to а podcast about staff shortage iп
10 уеаrs,
the air-traffic control system, Tick (r/) the things
that are mentioned. ***l:*t*Ёеэрtз*пу * Lе=tе*iвзщ
accidents апd incidents 3а uj з"+: Listen to the dialogue between pilots and
сопtrоllеr health an approach АТСО. Answer the questions.
growth iп the industry ] What meteorological conditions does D-2ЗGН
new procedures апd equipment encounter?
recruitment and training 2 What's wrong with the еlечаtоr?
retirement З What conditions does Rabbit 487 encounter?
4 What does the controller do to help Rabbit 487?
F!а*п ЁпgIi*h =. Li*t*п*gзg te* d*t*il 5 What is the рrоЬlеm with the captain of A6-TYC?
6 Why is Previair 2З4 instructed to hold?
2Ь # *.+С Listen again and decide if the statements
аrе true or false. Write r or F, 7 What is the updated status of D-2ЗGН?
8 Where will medical services Ье waiting for AO-TYC?
1 Staff shortage has led to а reduction in air-traffic
services iп Australia,
9 What problem does the pilot of Estrella 525 rероrt?
2 There is bad feeling between the АТС uпiоп and the
employer in Australia. 10 Where is the suspected source of the рrоЬlеm?

82 RЕVIЕtл' TEST 2
fi=di*teiepi-]cny *. *l*!Г| *шgЁflsh У***huý*rч *heck
3Ь .' ;.41 Match the beginnings (1-6) with the 5а Match the words in the Ьох with the definitions.
endings ia-f l to make phrases from the dia|ogue,
'] We'r = ::'. Z ,,:э-Jоwп
external (adj) overpower (v) leak (v) rescue (n)
2 Wе'rе ехсэ. el-:ing SeVere strobe (п) сhаrgе (v) pump (v) block (v1
З The Сас:; - s гоt rvell
j А i"л"-++ 1 Liquid or gas coming out of а container through а
hole or crack
5 We've rege rec fui]
2 The act of saving somebody frоm danger
6 An ambl atce !viii meet
З То put electricity into something
4 То defeat sоmеопе Ьу having greater strength
а requires prioriiy handling.
!v]tn suspected stroke.
5 А strong electric light that flashes very quickly
Ь at а]1
6 То prevent movement through something
с chop due r,o;,tex from the heavy.
7 outside оr connected to the outside
d you on the south арrоп,
В То rпоче а liquld оr alr
е contrcI of the аirсrаft,
f pitch due StUck elevator.
5Ь Complete the sentences with the words from 5а.

i;=r:iit,:=ll*+ 1 The passengers managed to

4а Work with а раrtпеr. Student А is pilot of Fahed 141 , the hijacker.
cruising at FL41 0. Student В is ап АТСО at Afarsha
аrеа control centre. Read the dialogue outline and 2 The fuel is at high pressure,
decide what to say.
3 The hydraulic fluid was , maklng
гапэо i4 ] Afarsha сепtrе controlling the aircraft very diffioult,

Declare emergency 4 The crew ditched пеаr а ship to increase their

due iuel problems.
Acknowledge. Give chances of
Request descent and
," tnstructions
5 The new generator successfully ..

ПеаdЬасk " Пequest details о{ the batteries,

. рrоЬlеm
6 The oxygen couid not get through because the
Say suspected leak
and imьаlапсе of " :, Request confirmation тulэе was
of fuel leak
2,000lbs 7 Еvеп though it was night time and foggy the
on the aircraft could still Ье seen
Confirm suspected ..j Acknowledge.
Ieak. Say engine 1 Say services are
В The low temperature mеапt all hatches
shut down standing Ьу
wеrе frozen solid,

4ь Rоlе play the dialogue, thеп change roles апd do
it again. Check against the model dialogue iп the ь Discuss the questions with а partner.
Answer Кеу.
1 How has the job of ап air-traffic controller changed
оvеr the last 20 years?
2 How will the job of а pilot change iп the future?
З What technological changes do you think the
aviation industry will see in the next ten years?
4 How have passengers changed in the last
few years?
5 What training пееds do today's aviation
professionals have?

Unit 1 Nеаг miss 5а . : 'gn-Wing
2Ь 1 head ng for 2 В00 З сопtrоllегs 4 chanoed 5ь З amphib ous
За ]DF2-11 2YGЗ4З ЗDF211 4YGЗ4З 5Dr=2]1 6 аir shows
6 YGз4з 7 YGз4з в YGз4з
il* ЗЬ ] lпсоrrесt readback, l say again, Squawk 411З,
2 Avoiding асtiоп, ]mmediately turп hard right heading 270 due
Un jt з VIP f i ghts L

З We have some nluries,

4 l'm sоrrу, What is your рrоЬlеm? ,,/ aa,,,.a эr StreSS
5 We have medical problems, people оп board аrе hurt, / --.--э.( са.с
4ь Nlodel answer: ]л a- бЕ
р Contro . CS FНG. Time now З6, Position 26 mi]es south зь
east of FLОПА, maintaining altitude 7,000 ft, Beglonal QNH ::-эсu ed air саrriеrs AND
']007. At tiгпе З4 we
had an АlRРRоХ.
с с HG, Confirm AIRPROX, ^iсrmаtiоп before eav ng
р Aff rm, Near miss with ап aircraft approxrmate у half а m te,
600 ft below, passlng Ieft to right, C-HG. - ],э GatW ck,
il С C-HG, Roger, Did you recognize the type?
rf We cannot get а

Р lt was а h gh wing single piston епglпе aircraft. Possib у а

Cessna 172, C-HG,
С C-HG, Roger, Апу markings? j ,,: .] :XceOt а delay,
Р Affirm, Ye low wlngs and stabilizer, lэluе fuselage. С HG, -
,a a , э -е
ау expected.
С C-HG. Rоgеr, P]ease fi]e а fu]l written rероrt to ATS оп
arrival at Grаgепу. ,:
]: э,S
5а iаirрrох 2distance Зpotentia 4abort ,:: a-^a^э!^elt fоr secur]ty
5 deviate б close 7 coilisron В risk
5Ь 1risk 2potentia| Зdstance 4devate РF Uпdе,э.:э: ]-. ,,,: -j j- . ::::ra. before we left, and
5 аirрrох б collls оп 7 close В abort Леr-аtt,.' ' -,:
РNF Kirsk is аг а :эrlа.:
Unit 2 SpeciaL f Lights РF lf we don't get
сеаrаг.э - .-: -exi ]О minutes we'] qo for

2а t/ communications approach speeds 5а ' o'rtc a|s 2 laci it es :l scheduled 4 amendment

v/ touch down zones "/ 5 domestic б disrupt on 7 panic В priorty
2lJ ]F 2т ЗТ 4т 5Т бТ ^Ь ] a-prome^t 2 pan . З priority 4 disruptron
За ]D 2Е ЗА 4F 5Н бс 5 domestic б scheduled 7 faci it es В officials
7G вв
ЗЬ ] l can see а b]ue and wh te high-wing east of Benejov,
2 Кеер уоur gear up unti west of Bene]ov,
Unit Ц DeLays
З Turn left and get n line behind the lkarus, 2а ] CBs (It/adrid) 2 Реrsоппеl shоПаgе (Karlsruhe)
4 You've flown away from the railway tracks, З Construct оп (Pisa) 4 Thunderstorms and rаlп (Viеппа)
5 The Staggerwing up ahead ]s gorng to Ье too slow for you, 5 l"4 tary act vity (Rоmап а) б Aerodrome capacrty (istanbul)
4Ь N/Iode] answer: 2Ь 1lstanbu 2Cyprus ЗCyprus 4Viеппа
С The green and white twin engine amphib ап, Rock уоur 5 srae 6 lt"4adrid
winQs, За ]d 2е За 4Ь 5- бс
Say type. ЗЬ ] We have а d]sabled alroraft оп ruпwау,
Р Grummап N,4a iard, 2 Rеmа n outs]de сопtrо led а rspace due sector saturation,
С Grumman, Can you see the red bi-w пg, 11 o'c|ock, half а З There is а spi lage on the rагпр beh nd you.
miie? 4 Сап we have iower speed due to chop at tnis evel?
Р Affirm, 5 Do you have ап estimate for ап mpror"lement п the weather?
С Grumman. Fо]]оw the yel]ow b -wlno, 4Ь N,4odel answer:
Р Negative, Unable due speed, Р Polomir Аррrоасh, Transtar ЗЗ2, Descending FL-1 10,
С Grumman, Rоgеr, \,4ake а left turn ,1В0", lnformation De]ta,
С Transtar 3З2. Ро omir Approach Boger, Но d at Kinsk FLl 1O,

Anticipate 20-minute delay. Expect further сlеаrапсе at З2, С Sprinter 512. We don't know yet. Delay caused Ьу unknown
Р Hold at Kinsk FLl10, What is the reason for the delay? oblect оп taxiway F. We're investigating now.
Transtar ЗЗ2. Р Roger, Sprinter 512,
С Transtar ЗЗ2, Reduced visibility and heavy traffic оп the ground С Sprinter 512. We have reports of debris on taxjway F. Expect
at Polomir, taxi at time 2З. Time now 0В.
Р Say again, Transtar ЗЗ2, Р Say again the delay, Sprinter 5,12,
С Тrапstаr З32. Ground movements аrе slow due thick fog, С Sprinter 512. Expect а 15-minute delay while it'S сlеаrеd Up,
Р Roger. Transtar ЗЗ2, 5а 1scheduled 2amendment зdisable 4bent
5а -]
issue disable
2 exercise З 4 saturation 5 collapse б domestic 7 indication В spill
5 regulation б 7 spillage В removal 5Ь 1spilt 2amendments Зсоllарsе 4scheduled
5Ь ]exercises 2work Зregulations 4saturation 5 domestic б indication 7 bent В djsabled
5 removal б issues 7 spillage 8 disabled
unit б Вiгds
Un,i t 5 BeLLy-Landings 2а 1 Whitsand lnternational Airport
2 а mobile bird detection radar system
2а Because of а lack of time due to the captain changing his mind з air traffic controllers
over whether they should land or поt, 2ь ]F 2т зF 4т 5т бт
2lэ с, f, d, Ь, е, а За c,e,f,a,b,d
За 1 right main gear
2 04 З 2,000 feet ЗЬ 1 think we had an impact with the поsе
| gear.
4 to сопfirm all wheels were down 2 l tried recycling the gear, but we still have а red light.
5 All wheels appeared to Ье down б minimum fuel З We See what looks like а ]oose саЬlе оr hose оп your
ЗЬ 1 РНGЗ002 has right main gear unsafe indication. nose gеаr.
2 Request low pass to confirm wheels are down. 4 l belleve we will have problems with the steering on landing,
З We will ievei at 500 ft. 5 Ве aware that we could come off the runway to the ]eft.
4 Localizer established runway zero four at distance eight
nautical miIes,
4Ь Model answer:

5 All wheels appear down,

Р Nezabad tower. Arrow 545 downwind. We've had а birdstrike,
Precautionary shutdown engine number 2,
4Ь Model answer: С Аrrоw 545, Rоgеr. State intentions,
Р Тоwеr. Flуеr 794. We have ап unsafe gear indication Р Request priority landing. Arrow 545.
С Flуеr 794. Rоgеr. Rероrt intentionS. С Аrrоw 545. You are пumЬеr 1 to land, runway 18. Turn right
Р Bequest low pass runway 2З, F|yer 794. base at your discretion. Report final,
С Flуеr 794. Cleared low pass runway 23 поt below 500 ft, Р Number 1 for runway ']В. Wi|co. l think we have рrоЬlеms wtth
Р Cleared low pass rUпWау 2З not below 500 ft, Flуеr 794, our right wing, Arrow 545.
С Flуеr 794, lVаiп gear appears down but nose wheel С Arrow 545. Roger. What sort of problems do you have?
appearS retracted, Р l think we may have some damage to the engine and leading
Р Roger, All wheels appear down. Thank you. Flуеr 794. edge which is causlng drag, Bequest emerqency assistance on
С Flуеr 794. Negative. Маiп gear appears down but поsе landing, АrrоW 545.
wheel арреаrs retracted, i say again, Nose wheel appears up. Р Rоgеr. Emergency assistance is standing Ьу, Arrow 545,
5а '1
skid circuit З indication 4 lоwеr
2 5а 1flock 2detect 3impact 4hit 5frighten
5 bent б collapse 7 арреаr В undercarrrage 6 corridor 7 track В species
5Ь 1 indication 2undercarriage Зlоwеrеd 4circuit 5Ь 1hit 2flock Зimрасt 4species 5detect
5 appeared б collapsed 7 skidded В bent 6 corridor 7 tracked В frightened

Ргоgгеss test 1 Unit 7 Сагgо

2аЬ 2а Put it iп а container and label it clearly (you can also bind/seal
zlJ '1 Where the incident took place the сопtаiпеr, but this is less rmportant)
2 The number of people involved 2Ь 1 They will protect the cargo from damage апd rain, they're
з The пumьеr of aircraft each controller monitors harder to steal, thеу'rе сhеареr, and Stop parts of the саrgо
4 The пumЬеr of years that Yuri has Ьееп а controller getting Iost,
5 The пumЬеr of metres separating the planes 2 The паmе, address, and phone number of the person
6 The number of seconds that the planes were away from shipping and the person receiving the goods.
colliding З Articles of unusual size оr length, articles of extraordinary
За а4 |с2 сб dз е-] f5 value, art obJects, hazardous matertals, perishables, very
зь 1Ь 2d 3е 4с 5а fragiie items, ltve animals,
lb lt4odel answer: За Warning: refuelling рапеl intermittent warning light
р Tower, Sprinter 512. Request taxi. Problem; refuelling рапеl is ореп
с Sprinter 512. Hold position, Position: bottom right of fuselage, behind right wing
р Holding, Do you kпоw how lопg we will have to wait? Sprinter Solution: engineer has closed the panel
512, ЗЬ 1 Do you have contact with an aircraft engineer?


2 We're not SUre if it'S ореп оr closed. 4 We'Ve got the marshaller in sight now.
З Ask Sunair if that fuel panel door is on the bottom of the 5 You have cut across the grass and hit the drainage ditch,
fuselage, 4Ь l\,4odel answer:
Ё 4 The епgiпееr reports that he has closed the рапеl, С ТЛЗ27, Follow the green l ghts to Ьау 1

,1 5 Confirm the wаrпiпg light is extinguished, Р

Follow the lights to Ьау 140, ТАЗ27,
4ь |i,4odel апswеr: С ТДЗ2|, Negat ve, Вау 114, That's опе one four,
l; р Tower, YR-YYG at stand 2, Can you contact ап епgiпееr for us? Р Confirm wе'rе parking in Ьау 114, ТАЗ27.
с YR-G, Rоgеr, What's the problem? С ТАЗ27, Aifirm Say posit оп
,t р We think we have an inspection panel open, Р ТАЗ27, \ц/е'rэ ad acen,i to Ьау ]17,
с Rоgеr, Where оп your aircraft? С You've gопераst,Wе' setanothersetofgreen ights. Canyou
li р Оп the .., underside of the fuselage. See апу green lights?
с Did you say оп the side of the fuselage? Р Aff rm, ТАЗ27,
р Negative, On the underside of the fuselage, 5а 1fence 2van Зmаrshаllеr 4camouflage
с Roqe., l'll pass that iгfо,rаt оп оп поw, 5 followed б sign 7 narrow В truck
5а 1 band 2рlесе 3рапеl 4 iabe] 5 pallet 5Ь ]truck 2marshaller Зсаmоuflаgе 4паrrоw
lll 6 protect 7 load В wrар 5 slgns б follow 7 fence В van
l tll 5Ь 1piece 2wrapped ЗЬапd 4loaded 5 pailet
panel label
6 7 В protected
Un,it 10 Pi Lot incapac,itation
iild Unit 8 0п-Ьоагd fiге ,r/ incident statistics ,r/ causes of incapacrtation
pilots ,,.i4c s affected
,r/ advlce for
i11 2а c,e,d,b,a 2б ] not соmгпоп at al "/ 2 bcth р cts and passengers
lil 2Ь 1е 2с ЗЬ 4d 5а З the same food 4 .r,est са n, ,,.leakness and palpitation
За ] are 2 washroom 3 have 4 Will not т
2т зЕ !т ai
ij бF
,1] За
5 nas gопе out б parking gate ]с 2d Зе aэ
ЗЬ ] Confirm that the fire is iп your middle lavatory? 4ь Моое ans,,;e,
= -, _- ., J8', Гrе сартаiг l^as losl
2 We аrе going to continue the mayday call, р S:"c,a+,] -,+".
3 We will make а complete stop оп the runway, aa.aa a-]-u-.a ^а,,,э contro ct the aircralt,
4 We have а srgnal from the cabin that everything's ОК, Эu :< э: ]з8 эa -' ,,- ; ojr caDtain S UпсопSс oUS,
5 We'll call ground services for your arrival, р J::,- -| aJ!c=] ,,- -oetel),aboutfourminutesago, His
4Ь \z]odel answer: a.е: i,= s-..]I а. ] i-= s .]t rэsропd пg to rпу calls. Quickjet
Р Ваmоп centre, Сirсlе 122, 24 miles DlVE north-east 9Е 8,
of lVАFА descending FL240. We have а flre in the саЬ]п, С Qurcklet 988 асээ, your situation, What can l do
С Circle ,122, Rаmоп centre, Understand you have а cabin to Пеiр уоr?
frre, Whеrе exactly is the fire? Р ]'d ike to d vert, Wha,t airports аrе avai]ab]e? Ouickjet 9ВВ,
Р ln the rеаr galley. Cabin crew report smoke апd flames С Quickjet 9ВВ, Runway 04 at Drапsеп is available. That is 67
from the k]tchen equipment. Request immediate descent m]les north-east of уоUr pos tlon, And runway 06 at Ternosand
and landing at Puerto Bello, Circle ]22, is available and is 2з m les to the south,
С Circle l22, Roger, Descend FLl60, Р Does Ternosand have lLS? Quickjet 9В8,
Р Descending FL160, Circle '122, The cabin attendants С Ouickjet 9ВВ, Negative, Runway 06 at Ternosand ]s а VОR/
have deployed ext nguishers, апd we believe the fire is out DN,4E, Ruпwау 04 at Dransen has LS,
поw. Circle '122. Р Rоgеr, Request radar vectors to Drапsеп, Qu]ckjet 9ВВ.
С Circle 122, Confirm your fire is extinguished, 5а ]Vomt 2naUSeoUS Зсrаmр 4incapacitated
Р Affirm. As а precaution, we'd like to continue 5 pass out б short 7 tighten В poisoning
descent and landing, 5Ь ] t gnten ng 2 passed out З cramps 4 nauseous
5а 1deploy 2mounted 3foam 4monitor 5,,,oilt бshоrt 7incapaOrtated Bpolsonrng
5 appliance б media 7 hose В hаlоп
5Ь 1appliance 2mounted Зmопitоr 4deploys
5 hose б media 7 foam В halon
Ргоgгеss test 2
2а ]d 2а Зе 4Ь 5с
Unit 9 Gгоuпd movement 2Ь ,1 а 2cande ЗаапdЬ 4d 5aandc бЬапdс
За ] N65ЗD 2 Transair бЗ26 З N65ЗD 4 Transair 6326
incidents 5 N65ЗD б Postline 912 7 Webair 5З7 В Transair бЗ26
2а pilot error ,r/ weather conditions ЗЬ 1 Unable to proceed оп Echo due aircraft tп opposite direction,
2ь lF"/ 2F зF 4т 5F 2 We have а Postline Fokker 50 nose to nose with us оп Echo,

За 1 green lights 2117 З ]06 4 back 5 marsha|ler З There's а taildragger about 1,000 ft ahead, crossing left to

6 right 7 grass В drainage right,

ЗЬ 1 Confirm wе'rе parking at stand 116. 4 We hit the lamp post hеrе with
our efl wlng,
2 Your stand is а long way before that, 5 Соmрапу advise we disembark our passengers here,
З We'll set another set of green lights for you.

86 ANSt,l,ER KEY
4Ь l\lodel answer: За 1 Ь, d 2 а (animal с, а horse, iS not mentioned)
Р Tower. TC-WlJ, We've got а problem and we need to return to ЗЬ ,]
с 2е Зd 4а 5Ь
our stand, 4Ь Model answer:
С T,lJ, Rоgеr. What's your problem? Р We will cancel departure. Request taxi instructions to
Р Тhеrе iS а Strange sound comlng from the hold and оUr cargo соrпрапу maintenance hапgаr, Aviair З52.
door lndicator is going оп and off, T-lJ, С Aviair З52, Vacate right taХiway С, Hold short runway 29R.
С T-lJ. Roger, Prooeed to stand ,,, З via taxiway Р Р Next right апd hold short of rlnway 29R, Aviair З52.
Р Proceed to stand б via taxiway РЗ. С Aviair З52. Say rеаsоп for aborted take-off,
С Negative. Stand б ls now occupied. Рrосееd to stand З via Р We hit anima]S апd we SUSpeCt damage to the nose gear,
taxiway Р, Aviair З52,
Р Roger, Stand З via taxiway Р, We'll пееd rnaintenance at the С Aviair З52, Rоgеr. What type of animals were they?
Stand, T-lJ.
Р Small rodents. mапу of them ruппiпg over the field and
ruпwау, Aviair З52,
с T-U. Rоgеr, We'll pass оп your request,
С Aviair З52, Roger, We're sending а vehicle out поw,
5а 1 truck piece load
2 З 4 naUSeoUS 5 follow
5а ]hazard 2dead Зsесurе 4wild]ife
6 paneL 7 foam В sign
5 ruп around б roam 7 rodent В live
5ь 1 panel 2 tack З nauseous 4 load / unload
5Ь 1 rodents 2hаzаrd З dead 4 roaming 5 secured
5 iоаr б toltow 7 pieces В sign
6 wildlife 7 live В running аrоuпd

Unit 11 Ditch,i ngs Uni t 1З t^li nd and tuгЬu Lence

2а XIakes tfishing 2а Pilots
2Е, Flotatlon devlces: Inflatable life vest, raft
2Ь ] closure rate 2 weather conditlons З in sight
Actlons: Fi]е and fly on an lFВ fiight рlап, rаdаr / traffic
4 radio contact 5 trailing б lead 7 controlled
advisories tvhen operatlng VFR
В converging
Causes, {Uel eXhaUStion l' mismanagement i contaminatlon,
mechanical failure, fuel icing
За '] Traffic alerts given for sечеrе precipitation, not snow

2 GH1559 requested delaying vectors, not Straight,in approach

За ] fuel lines may Ье bIocked 2 200 degrees, З0 miles
з No mепtiоп of tTinimum fuel
З send helicopters 4 Oxair З7l's level and intentions
зь 1 The weather appears to Ье moving south.
5 in the sea near two ships б warn the ships
2 Roger, what head ng do you want?
ЗЬ 1 Get the cabin crew to brief the passengers.
З We have а tnunderstorm right оvеr the airport right поW,
2 l think we аrе not аЬ]е to rеасh the tand ...
4 We may Ье аЬlе to Ьr ng you in оп runway 19,
З We may ose both eng nes,
5 Кеер us informed апd let us know what works fоr you,
4 We have чеrу limited coastal rescue facil]ties.
4ь ]\,4odel anSWer;
5 The helicopter is five miles away and has you iп sight,
р We are expecting to paSS through Some Severe turbulence,
4h N,4odelanswer:
]\,4ake sure all passengers аrе seated with the]r belts on,
S How lопg before we rеасh it?
Beechcraft Bonanza, 2З miles west of Binjal island, altitude
р РrоЬаЬlу in about five mlnutes,
5,000 ft, heading 090'. Severe engine vitэrаtiоп. Say пеаrеst
S We have а passenger who has locked the toilet,
р You have а passenger who's blocked the toilet?
С Р-ТА, Rоgеr N/AYDAY, There is а grass strip on Lungga ]sland.
S Negative, They've Iocked the toilet and can't open the door,
19 miles South.
р lf they don't ореп the door soon, they'l1 jUSt have to Sit tignt
Р We're losing роwеr very quickly, l believe we have оп]у minUteS
S ОК, l'Ii try to te]l them,
remainlng. Р-ТА,
С Р-ТА. Rоgеr, We'll аlеrt the coastguard, Say intentions,
5а ']
touch 2 separation З anticipate 4 bumpy

Р Turning right, heading 1В0', Will рrераrе to ditch if necessary,

5 displace б unconvent опаl 7 trailing В unstable

5ь i separation 2 bumpy
З anticipated 4 displaced

С Р-ТА. Say persons on kэоаrd.

5 trailing б unstable 7 unconventlonal В touch

Unit 14 Icing
Four persons, We have fiotation devices, Р ТА.
С Р-ТА, Воgеr. А coastguard helicopter has been scrambled and
iS on its Way to you поW,
2а d,c,a,e.b
5а 1boat 2procedure Зiпf]аtаЬlе 4iake 5coast 2lJ ] aircraft type 2 temperature З flight level
6 impact 7flotation В ship 4 lost airspeed (knots) 5 рrореllеr rpm
5Ь 1lake 2boats ЗсоаSt 4procedures 6 rate of descent (ft реr minute)
5 lmpacting б flotation 7 inflatab]e В ship
7 altitude descended to
За с, а, е, g, h, f, Ь, d,
Unit 12 AnimaLs ЗЬ 1 l'm just поW getting Some control,
2 ti,4aybe your pitot tube is frozen up,
2аЬ З We lost all airspeed with по wаrпiпg,
2Ь 1 dry ice 2 '15 minutes З а dog
4 З2,600 lb
1 You m gnt pic{ Up Some more tcing,
5 because he was rushing and no one told him about the
5 You might have ice оп your antenna.
animal б mоrе information about ltve animaIs

4Ь Model апswеr; За а1 Ь2 сб dl е4 f5
Р Winjao approach, S464, Climbing, зь 1 The еmеrgепсу services have Ьееп alerted.
С 5464. Roger. Say rеаsоп for climb. 2l^!hai ls tne closest suitab]e tеrrаlп for а forced landing?
Р We are very close to stall speed due severe icing. Control З j don't tnink we have enough height to make tt over the water
ls very hard, Stand Ьу, 5464, 4 Д righl turn will take you closer to rеsсuе vessels.
С S464, Standing Ьу, 5 We are advised there is по activity оп the lake.
Р Level FLl00. We appear to have control again. 5464. 4ь lV]odel answer:
С 5464, What would you like to do? с NЗ4OS, Advise you have Weather twenty miTeS ahead.
Р We believe we have а fault with оur anti-icing р Is it showing light or heavy? NЗ4OS.
equipment, We will need V|VC, S464. с Nз4OS. Severe Charlie Bravos,
С Toyokoh available. Ceiling 2,900 broken. Winds
]s 2З0'at 10 kn, D Has апуопе flown through the аrеа at or near my level? N340S
5а 1 accumulate 2 build upЗ pick 4 up heat 5 boot с NЗ4OS. Negative, AIl VFR traff]c re-routing to the north,
6 freeze up7 melt
В vibrate р Сап you give mе the weather to the north?
5Ь 1 bu]lds up
2 accumulates З 4 heat melt 5 boots с NЗ4OS. 2В miles north-east of TYT VoR/DN/E at time З4, а
6 freeze up 7 vibrate В pick up Beech Вопапzа at 6,000 ft reported по significant weather.
р Can you give mе а head]ng to follow that route? NЗ4OS,
Unit 15 Stогms 5а
] impact
2 separatlon З unstable 4 vibrate
б hazard 7 trailing В circumnavigate
2а / the ехреriепсе of flying through а storm 5ь 1 inflatable 2 unstable 3 impacted 4 trailing
/ on-board weather detection equipment 5 circumnavigated б separatjons 7 hazards
/ turbulence В vlbrate
/ fligrrt diversions
2Ь 1 When there аrе active storm clouds at high a]titudes,
2 She usuaily goes fоr а gap ln the line,
Un,i t 16 Dергеssчгizаtiоп
З When visibility is рооr, оr you are fiying at night. 2аЬ
4 Turbulence; the radar only senses water droplets, 2Ь, ] Вое ng 747 (поt АЗЗ0) 2 1В crew (not В)
5 ЗOOпm; to circumnavigate а lаrgе area of showers over the З crulslng at З0 000 feet (not jUSt after take-off)
western pacific ,1 rupture WaS 1.5m
3а ]сВ 2ад ЗЬс 4dD 5 other cy]inders failed because of external causes
ЗЬ d 2а Зс 4е 5Ь
За iТ 2a ЗТ 4т 5F бТ 7т ВF
4Ь lr,4odel answer: ЗЬ ,J Your transm SS оп iS lэrеаkiпg up,
Р SAo Luls centre, Norte 24З, Сап we have s]ower speed? 2 Сап you s,".t tch tc frequency 12В.975?
С Norte 24З, Say reason З We wculd iiKe to work th s frequency,
Р We аrе encountering severe chop, Have passengers with minor 4 We саппоt communicate with the flight attendants,
injUrieS, 5 We'l] need aSS Stance for the passengers,
С },,4aintajn speed З40 kn, What injuries do you have? 4Ь l\,4odel answer:
Р They're not too SerioUS but there's some discomfort in the Р Brast Centre, Firеlу З14, Request immediate descent,
саЬiп. We've got intense weather activity, Norte З4З, С Firefly З'14, Descend to FLl70,
Р Norte 24З, We've Ьееп hit Ьу lightning. Can you give us ап Р FL]70, Firefly З14,
Update on Weather? Norte 24З С Firefly З14. Say rеаsоп for descent.
С Norte 24З. At time 2З а Boeing 767 passing ACANA at FLЗ10 Р We've got а steady loss of pressure from an emergency exit.
reported severe turbulence and convective storm activity. Firefty З'14,
Р Roger. Request diversion to Santasina due weather. Norte 24З С Firefly З']4, What's the problem with your door?
5а 1through 21olt Зсеll 4strike 5around Р ]t's the rJght-hand forward emergency exit. We think the door's
6 crrcumnavigate 7 lnto В updraft not sealed properly, Request diversion to Janstad, Firefly З14,
5Ь 1circumnavigate 2cell Зiпtо 4through s]olts С Firеf у З,]4, Understand you have pressurization problems,
6 updrafts 7 strikes В аrоuпd Continue descent FLl70, Оп rеасhiпg contact Janstad
аррrоасh ]З2,250,
Ргоgгеss test 3 5а ]structural 2sabotage Зruрturе 4failure
5 penetrate б residue 7 discharge В ехtеrпаl
2а 5Ь ']penetrated 2 rupture З structurai 4 residue
2ь 5 ехtеrпаl б sabotage 7 discharoe В failure

Unit 17 Раssепgег
,Ru{es апd restrictions '
, i. Раýýепgеr lnlurieý

: дt least 1/z mile visibility at . 46% due to turbulence ргоЬLеms

; destination before departure
; allowgd
2а Western Pacific 76 diverted to Seoul at 09З0 due цп_lu.lу рах
FtLghtatta,ndams unable to rеýtrаiп him. Oth.e.t-p_ax held him
l]ý-fiъmыwеаthсr Dерагturеs
ii ,] . down until arrival iп Seoul. Рах arrested Ьу lо*qаi law
; Hot numio Weather caUSeS Сап Ье delayed if there iS bad aOJa.{a.e.rlr_ent
i thunderstorms, , weather not ]ust at final destination
2ь, 1т 2т зF 4т 5F бт
but also a]ong 1he route
:,:Y:i:]isl"]is]'u:b:l":"u За c,f,b,e,a,h,g,d

ЗЬ ] l understand you аrе lооkiпg for а divers on, С At]anta З27В, Boger. Flу heading 260",
2 We've got about f ve people holding him down, Р Heading 260'. The crew have comp eted the search and
З Two seven left s not gorng to Work, haven't foUnd anything, We be]ieve it's а hoax, bUt We'd like to
4 We'd ]ike to go to а согпрапу gate. if possible, return anyway, Atlanta З27В,
5 Would you ltke mе to coordinate with operations? С At]anta 327В, Поgеr, We']l have securlty services гпееt you оп
4Ь N,4odel answ-or: anding,
С Cortes Сепtrе, N,4ainline 5З4, We аrе getting reports 5а 1disposal 2overpower З restraln 4 suspiclous
of а serious disturbance n the cabin, 5 demand б air marshal 7 аrгпеd В examine
t\lainline 5З4, Rоgеr, What is the nature of the disturbance? 5Ь '1 suspiclous 2 armed з demanded 4 air marshal
Р our fLight attendant tel]s us а f ght has Ьrоkеп out ЬеtWееп 5 оVеrроWеr б restrained 7 ехаmiпеd В disposal
three mаlе passengers, Пequest d vеrsiоп to San Clemente

lnternat опаl, N,4ainline 5З4,
Nlain ine 5З4, Descend FLl20. Pass FUЕпТА at FLl70 оr
Unit 19 Take-off incidents
aboVe, 2а 1а tailstrike 2 applied З lfted off 4 mапу sсrареs
Р Descend FL]20. Pass FUЕпТА at Ft]70 оr above, N,4ainllne 5 ground lnstallations б а rframe
5з4, 2Ь officer 2 captain З five 4 runway сепtге]iпе
] first
С Nz]ainl]ne5З4, How is the situatton in your cabin? zer б inspection panel
5 ocal
Р ]t's not very stable, lt sеегпs otГrer passengers are gett пg За -] Goose 506 2 Таurus В2З З Skyb rd 451
nvolved, We have al] the f] ght attendants occupied поW, 4 Дzчrе 525, Easy 775 5 Goose 506 б Flightstar 4ЗЗ
N,4a пliпе 5З4, ЗЬ ]с 2е ЗЬ 4d 5а
С N,4ainline 5З4, Boger, We'll call ]aw епfоrсеmепt and 4Ь Nlodel answer:
medicina serv ces for your аrr val, Р Vishapur tower Tger 24З, АirЬоrпе passlng height 500 ft, l

5а 1aarm 2confront Зhurt 4handcuff 5unarmed believe we had а ta]lstrike,

6 threaten 7 yeil 8 hold down С Тigеr 24З, Confirm tailstrike,
5Ь ] unarmed 2 yeJllng З threaten пg 4 he]d down Р Tiger 24З, Did you See it?
5 confronted б handcuffed 7 hurt В аlаrm С Tiger 24З, Affirm, You had а iопg sсrаре a]ong the ruпwау,
mауЬе 200 yards, There's debris on the runway поw.
Unit 18 ВоmЬ sсаге Р
What's on the ruпwау? Тigеr 24З.
Tiger 24З. You've eft metal debr]s оп the runway, 'm
2а Не gave а note to а fl ght attendant sауlпg he had а ЬоmЬ, then gett]ng reports of sections of fuselage skin Ьу the runway
triеd to wa]k towards the cockpit, lhres1,o о, S'ale ntentlonS,
2ь 1 lt4unich 2 еаrlу 50's З after the рlапе landed Р Ahh, we wlll rеturп to your а rfield, Tiger 24З.
4 They said the mап was поt drunk and they didn't see С Tiger 24З, Roger. С imb aititude 2,500 ft. Turn eft heading
anybody fighting. the fiight was very calm, 2] 0,,
5 when they landed and saw armed роl се 5а ]sсrаре 2abrasion Зlеаk 4очеr 5materal
6 Опе of the саЬ п сrеW overreacted to Ье ng harrassed Ьу 6 sk]n 7 debris В trail
the passenger, 5Ь 1аЬrаsiоп 2materia Зоvеr 4debris 5scraped
За РrоЬ]еm: З suspicious passengers оп board, claiming to have а 6 skin 7 lral В leaked
ЬоmЬ and threatening to blow up the aircraft
Action: pilot plans to put the aircraft iпtо negative 'g' so the
passengers w]l fa]l down and сап Ье overpowered
Unit 2о Lost
Besolution: passengers are restrained and package is not а 2а 1 The pllot sp]lt coffee оvеr the instruments.
ЬоmЬ, immediate divers оп and landing 2 BecaUSe the рr nt was so smal] and they Were not а igned
ЗЬ ] We have had а rероrt of three suspicious passengers, wlth magnetic north,
2 There are three armed passengers standing in the aisle, З Ву ta k ng w th АТС, they found where they Were on the
З | iпtепd to pUt the aircraft into negatlVe 'g'. chart,
4 Тhе purser апd security marshal]s аrе iп а position to 2Ь ]rаdаr 2GPS Зfliсkеrеd 4crcuitbreakers
оVеrроWеr them. 5 heading б magnet с north 7 conflrmat оп
5 The three passengers are restrained and the package is not а В Bi Ьао VоR
bomb, За ] don't seem to Ье wоrkiпg here 2 compass
4Ь |\lodel answer: З four 4 thresho]d 5 Contact
Р Western Аррrоасh, Atlanta З27В, We have а suspected ЬоmЬ ЗЬ ] Are you dec aring а fuel еmеrgепсу?
on board, 2 Can you vector us low enough to see the arport?
С Atlanta З27В, Squawk 7500, What is your status now? З This wi]l Ье а по-gуrо surveillance аррrоасП,
Р Squawk ng 7500, А fJight attendant fоuпd а note saylng we had 4 The airport w l Ье twelve o'clock,
а ЬоmЬ оп board, We аrе search ng the аirсrаft at th s trme, 5 Continue visual у, you аrе cleared to land ruпwау 27 left.
лLldl aa7о
lLd OZ / (), 4lJ answer:

С Atlanta З27В. Did you say уоur fl ght attendant found а iэоmЬ? Р Elaka Сопtrоl, 1-26EF, Our nstruments аrе not work ng properly
Р Negative, We found а written note, As а precaution, we'd ike to and we аrе unsure of positlon.
return to Drovenda lпtеrпаt опа АТС | 26ЕП Say last known postlon,

Last known position 1В m les NE of CELBA VОП,

АТС 1-26EF Confirm ]ast known position of В0 miles NE of CELRA Fulmо Tower, lTM, l've got prob ems wIth mу епgiпе. Unable
VоR. to proceed with departure,
Р А Negative. Last known position 1В miles NE of CELRA VОR, С lТN/. Roger, What sort of probiems do you have?
АТС А Воgеr, last known position 1В mjles NE of CELRA VОR. А, Р l've got serious vibration and аЬпоrmаl noise when l increase
Squawk 6600 оп your transponder, throttle, Request return to the apron. lTlV],
Р Squawking 6600. А. С ]TI\,4, Are you able to taxi under оwп power?

АТС А l don't have уоu оп my Screen. State aircraft type, speed and Р Negative, The noise is now very 1oud at idle, so l'm shutting
altitude. down the engine, Request tow, lTlV,
5а 1align 2compass Зrоutе 4rescue С lTIv, EХpect tug iп two minutes,
5 gyroscope б chart 7 low В seem 5а linoperative 2release ЗМЕL 4mechanrc
5Ь ]route 2gуrоSсоре Зseem 4charts 5aligned 5 refuse б hangar 7 Sort out В fit
6 compass 7 low В rescue 5Ь lhangar 2rеlеаsе З |VEL 4 installed
5 inoperative б refused 7 mechanic В sort out

Ргоgгеss test 4
2а а2 Ь,4 сб d5 е-]
Uni t 22 Аiгсгаft Ьгеаkdоwп-
2Ь, ] The aircraft lurched to the left,

2 Реорlе were crying and shouting. 2ас
3 А window popping out or а саrgо door blowing. 2ь, lF 2т зF 41 5F бт
4 10 to 15 rninutes.
5 They gave а rоuпd of applause, За ,] any electronics at all?
6 The gaping hole that he saw in the side of the aircraft as he 2 your heading? З а radio check?
got off. 4 It/ont St tйichel?
Зе -]
F 2F ЗТ 4т 5F бТ 5 а handheld radio right now? б see traffic out there?
ЗЬ ] Traffic ts passlng over you now, right to left, slightly above. ЗЬ 1 l think I see you оп radar,
2 Do you have уоur landing lights оп? 2 l']l watch to see if you turn that way,
З What are you flying over now? З l'll try to get the lights turned оп,
4 Wе'rе очеr а main road, With а built-up аrеа at my 10 o'clock. 4 There is no kпоwп traffic to conflict in the vicinity,
5 We believe you are approaching Draburg airfield. 5 Не has ап electrical problem and may have no anti-collision
_. \lodel answer: ьеасоп or strobes,
tr N/]oosan approach. Ruппеr 564, Request immediate return and 4а lllodel answer:
anding at Moosan, С Do you have апу electronics at ajl?
] iлппеr 564, Roger. Тurп ieft heading 260" Vectoring for lLS Р We аrе оп back-up power,
eooroach runway 15. С Do you have апу electronics at all?
. --,. eft heading 260". Ruппеr 564. Р l don't think you сап hear us,
] rJ.ner 564, Report rеаsоп for return, С l can hear you, Understand you are оп back,up
] .'re'Ve got а female passenger оп board who's pregnant with power. Аrе уоur instruments still working?
пs, our crew suspect she's going into labour, Ruппеr 564.
:,,nl Р Negative, We have some sort of electrlcal рrоЬlеm.
] lunner 564, l'm sоrrу, What's the рrоЬlеm with your female We might have to divert.
t asbel (]el a С Saltash is the nearest airfield to you, Do you want to
,\ie thini she's going to give birth. Ruппеr 564, divert to Saltash? l'll get thегп to turn the lights оп,
Bunner 564, Rоgеr. We'll call paramedics for your arrival, Р Aff]rm. Divert to Saltash, We'll need the lights turned
- examine 2 debris
З hurt
4 rupture 5 skin оп.
6 аl gn 7 suspicious В sabotage 5а ,]
generator 2 strobe 3 delicate 4 wire 5 output
] oebrls 2 suspicious 3 aligned 4 ruptured alternator 7 loose В charge
5 sabotage б skin 7 ехаmiпеd В hurt 5Ь 1Wires 2aiternator Зlооsе 4charged
5 output б strobe 7 delicate В generator
Uп ,i t 21 A,i гсгаft Ьгеаkdоwп
mechanicaL Unit 2З VoLcanoes

е 2а Зf 4с
iT 2т 4т зF 5F бт 2l) ]е 2с Зеапdа 4а 5fandc бf
] rectify the рrоlэlеm 2 а|| 3 аrе touching the ground За ']
weak 2 remain at З lower 4 60 km 5 light
.1 secure the doors 5 has б will arrive in а short time 6 not complete]y SUre
RUпWау 26 out of service due disabled aircraft, зь '] Ь 2с За 4е 5d
2 Do you want to djsembark your passengers? 4r) N/lodel answer:

З We need to get the main landing gear рiппеd. р Dawangi Centre. lsland 549, We have а strong smell
1 ls there mаiпtепапсе on the field that can do it? of sulphur rп the cockpit,
5 We're checking if а mechanic is оп site for you. с Roger, When did you first notice th s smeil?
р About three minutes ago. at time ]2,
|,1odel answer:
ii["4, Cleared for take off-runway 0З. Wind 170'. В kn,
с Roger, Say visibility at your fllght level,
р lt's difficult to say, Yellow haze, \Л/е think it'S getting Worse
С eared for take off runway 0З, ]TN/,


С What iS the W nd direction and Speed? ContaOtlnq соmрапу поW.
Р Wind directlon ]90' at about З0 m/s, С Rоgеr. Would you ike assistanoe with your
С We had а rероrt of ап eruptron at N,4ount Slnnang, 120 passetlgers?
mi]eS north-east о{ your position, Suggest turning 5а 1tip 2stationary Зstrike 4clip 5lodge
eft head ng З]0'. 6 sl се 7 unders de В contact
5а ]slope 2fa1| Зrm 4haze 5conical 5Ь clipped 2 Stat onary З tip 4 Sliced 5 struck

6 ava 7 crater В sme l 6 lnderslde 7 lodged В contact

5Ь -] сопlсаl 2 haze З smell 4 fa]l 5 iava б riпl
7slope. Be,ate, Ргоgгеss test 5

Unit 2Ц Dапgегоus goods 2а lt WaS to Set Up а posit on оп the ground and tlren direct the аir
force to drcp the suppJies.
2а ,r/ pesticldes, ,/ aerosois, corroslves, 2|э опlу
1 2d dп'|
З оп the ground 4 beiow
v/ гпаtсhеS, rllercury "/ 5 dropped iп tne rJght 1эlасеs б The tеrrаiп
2Ь ] health 2 you "/ know how they wi l lэеhаче З can't За ] Eastern В652 А rtrапs З23
З Еl-ТFс
4 vibrations 5 d!dn'i weaken 4 АRIVYА|R 2З2 5 Еl-ТFС and ARII4\AIR 2З2
За ] Nl\,4 2т зт 4r 5NN/ бl З2З
6 Sunb rd 22З апd Airtrans 7 Eastern 865
зь '1
We've got fltтles in the саЬiп ЗЬ ]d 2с Зе 4Ь 5а
2 t'S Starting to hUrt lпу eyes, 4lэ N,4odel answer:
З Cal] me f anything mportant changes Р Santa Cata na, Т N4OO, Airborne, passing altitude
4 You've got а big problem back hеrе, ],З00 {t, We have а рrоЬlеm wlth our f aps,
5 We'l Ье оl the gго!пd SoOn. С T0-0, Rоgеr. What's the паturе of the рrоЬlеm?
4Ь lVodel answer: Р They're StUck at ]]', We l]e]ieve it'S mechan cal failure,
FА The|c с а sirange slle l back hеrе, Request return to your airfield, Tl О,
Р ls t соm пg frоm the а r vents? С T0-0. Тurп eft head пg З40'. Vectoring fоr visual approach
ЕА No, сап't Io.ate the Source, runway 16. Report ruпwау оr te d п sight,
р check the overhead lockers, Р Turn left heading З40'. Wilco, This w]Il Ье ап аЬпоrmаi flap
ГА ]'ve done that, th nk it'S cOming tronr the hold, anding, T0-0.
Р What makes you say ihat? You don't have access to С T0-0. Roger. l'1l call serv ces for yolr аrrlvа
the ho]d, Р lt wi] Ье а lопg rol -out and we expect prob ems .'vlt|,l
FА The ftoor s very wаrm, braking, T0-0,
Р Аl] а ong or iust iп one spot? С T0-0. Rоgеr, Services w l Ье iп pos tion at the far
5а ] hand er 2 floor З Stack 4 nold 5 substance end of the runway
6 forbidden / symbol В precaut оп 5а 1joose 2баzе Зlпstаl 4statlonary 5tip
5Ь 1handlers 2precaut]ons Зsymbols 4substances 6 understde 7 w rе 8 noperat ve
5 forbidden б stacked 7 f]oor В hold 5Ь ]stationary 2loose Зiпореrаtivе 4underside
5 lnsta led б tip баzе В wire

Un,i t ?5 CoLLis,i ons Unit 26 tueL ргоЬLеms

2а ] Three 2 W ngt ps
2l) lT2T зЕ 41 5F бF 2а ] feaks to the fuel tank systems,
За 1GJG 2G-ER,G-NIE зGJG 4GEB 2 They аrе Working with Аirlэus to ScIVe the рrоiэiеr-.l
5 G_JG 6 GJG,GN/E 2б e,c,a,b.d
ЗЬ ] There wi]l Ье traff с backtrackinq opposite drrect оп, За РrоЬ еm: p]lot can't retraOt f]apS лпdеr ]0'
2 Кеер to the right-hand side, Action: dump 70,000 kg of fuel, thеп return to Filtоп
З The Piper 1ust brushed our left Wing tip, РоSrtiоп] 20 DN/E frопl Fi ton, in the SеVеrп estUary. f Ve mi eS
4 Request perm sslon to step out of the aircraft. north of Lundy sland,
5 When you have parked, could yor_r telephone mе? ЗЬ '1
We're trylng to dec de lnlhether to continue оr come back
2 lt looks ike we're go ng to have to dump flel,
4Ь N/]od-o апswеr:
glve yoU VectorS to F ]ton оп Completion,
Р Andong tower. Sраrrоw 7З4, We've had а colilslon with

4 We can't retract the flaps Ье ow 10%.

another а rcraft,
5 lt's gоiпg to take about З0 mirlutes.
С Sparrow 7З4, Say positron,
4Ь lйоdеl atrswer:
Р East Арrоп, оп D, Ьч V, ]ust opposite tеrгпiпа 2, stand В,
Р N/AYDAY N/AYDAY \IAYDAY, V]etch Сепtrе, Dakair З74, 2З m]les
С Roger. What's happened?
nortn-east of So ibursk, altitude 2,600 m, Heading 040',
Р The Fokker с ipped our right Wing aS it WaS tax ng to
Antonov 2 with engine рrоЬlеms, ReqUeSt distance to nearest
airfie d,
С Поgеr, We'll send out а vehicle to you поw, Do you have
С Dаkа]r З74, Rоgеr N/АYDДY. Crrrkov rs опе o'cLock, З2 km,
Р Aff rm. We have damage. t was qu te an impact. We've
Р Rоgеr, Ait tude 2,400 m, Unab]e to lr-la пtа]п altitude, Bequest
block altitudo between ],000 and 2,000 m and divers]on to
applied park пg brake апd shut down both епg пеs, Wе'rе
Crlkcv, Daka г З74,

С Dаkаir З74. Fly heading 0В0'. Say again your problem? ЗЬ '1
You аrе too close to the extended centreline of the approach,
Р Heading 0В0'. We have problems with our fuel flow. Dakair З74 2 We need to check the routing of the convoy,
ilj С Dakair З74. Сопfirm you have low fuel? З We will Stay оп the Western Side of the airport

Р Negative. We have а lot of fuel ... over g00 l of fuel. We have 4 confirm that we сап cross after the aircraft lands?
fuel flow рrоЬlеms. Suspect fuel contamination. Dakair З74. 5 Turn right апd hover taxi to the terminal.
С Dakair З74, Roger, Understood you have fuel flow problems. 4Ь l\,4odel answer;
5а 1unerviceable 2refuei зtапk 4leak 5iine Р Guadalan Tower, Helicopter ВR, South of runway 0В, altitude
6 pump 7 recurring В block 700 ft, to land west арrоп.
5Ь ]unerviceable 2rесurriпg Зiiпе 4blocked С Helicopter ВR, Hold in the hover south of runway 0В.
5 ieak б tank 7 refuelling В pumped Р Say again, BR,
С ВR, Hold south of runway 0В, altitude 700 ft, Traffic оп short
Un,i t 27 Аiгf ieLd act,i vities final,
Р Holding, Traffic in sight, ВR,
ii 2а ]Ь 2с С ВR, Traffic will taxi to the east арrоп via taxiway Вrаvо, Land at
2lэ lF 2т ЗТ 4F 5F бТ -]0
уоur discretion, Wind 060" kn.
'll За
Р Confirm discretionary сlеаrапсе to land оп the WeSt арrоп, ВR,
С ВВ, Affirm. Land west арrоп at your dlscretion.

Hold until balloon

5а '1
marshaller 2 hover 3 extended 4 plateau 5 basin
has passed
6 dust 7 overshoot В соrridоr
5Ь 1corridor 2basin Зрlаtеаu 4extended 5overshot
,*, "..- "l 6 marshaller 7 hovering В dust
i!lI -,, -,-"t".' "-*"
lil Ё;li;i;9 : North side of Hold until clear

: equipment ; taxiway А l to proceed
Unit 29 Аiгf ,i eLd and

- lЪесuritу'. -
navigation equ,i pment fаiLuге
ГеорБ Western рЫiтеtеr
2а а navigation ald
i i fence i personnel on
2ь 1т 2т зт 4F 5F
i their way
За 1с 2Ь Зd 4а
Paraglider l Threshold of 22 right l Police wil| investigate
ЗЬ 1с 2е зd 4а 5Ь
4Ь lйоdеl апswеr:
Р Кrуstепа approach, Southern бЗ6, ] have negative visual
contact with the ruпwау,
С Southern бЗ6, Rоgеr, All our lights are on at high intensity,
ЗЬ 1е 2а зЬ 4d 5с Р We Can See buildings оп the ground, at оUr,]0 o'cloOk,
Residential area, Southern бЗ6.
4Ь lVodel апswеr:
С Police З, Braela tower, Say rеаsоп for hold, С Southern бЗ6, Roger, You shouldn't Ье пеаr апу built-up area.
Say altrTuoe and neadl^g,
Р There's а large group of people gathering landslde of the
perimeter fence,
Р Altitude 4,200 ft, Heading 055', We SUSpect faulty localizer
indtcations, Southern бЗ6.
С Police З, Confirm there аrе people airside,
Р Negative, They are landside. Police З,
С Southern бЗ6. Confirm i]roblem with localizer.

С Police З, Boger. The people are landside. What аrе they doing?
Р Affirm, Gotng around, Southern бЗ6,

Р They appear to Ье setting up some sort of demonstration,

С Southern бЗ6, Roger, Climb altitude 6,000 ft, Report reach]ng,

Police З,
5а Unserviceable 2 concentrate 3 lose 4 trust

С PoIice З, Rоgеr, And where are they exactly, and how mапу?
5fauity б fail 7 ignore В еrrопеоus
Р Веtwееп 50 and 100 people, They are half а kilometre east
5Ь '1 ignore 2 trust З faulty 4 lose 5 еrrопеоUS
6 fai 7 unserviceable В concentrate
of the intersection of Airport South АVепUе and the lndUstria

Unit 30 Gгочпd sегviсеs

Estate, We have alerted officers on the ground, Police З,
5а 1converge 2{encing Зinvestigation 4protest
5 breach б climb 7 break through В occupy
2а ,]
е 2с За 4d 5Ь
5Ь 1converged 2protest ЗсIimЬеd 4fencing 2Ь '1
digger 2 cieared for take-off З safety procedures
5 breached б occupied 7 investigation В breach
4 runway 22L апd the taxiway 5 in the control tower

Unit 28 Аегоdгоmе/аiгf ieLd

6 switched off
За Un]ted 914 have а good view (not Коrеап 257)
envi гопmепt АТС ask а 'follow mе' vehicle to check (not а fire tепdеф
Коrеап 257 engines аrе already at idle so he doesn't comply
2ас with the reqUest,
2Ь -] 6,1З2 ft 2 200 ft З basin 4 100-200 ft 5 5,4зб ft ЗЬ 1 When you get to Yankee fol otv Korean Air,
За 1 through 2 north of the centre Jine З they needed to 2 Do you see anything пеаr Коrеап А r?
stay оп the western side of the airport З We're looking at the right s de.
4 260 degrees В knots

4 ltzlaybe his outboard епgiпе hit it, 9 wait until а parking position becomes available
5 They'll make а visual inspection. ЗЬ 1 We had а low oil pressure indication,
2 We watched him skid right out iп front of us.
4Ь Model answer: З We have reports of рооr braking action.
Р Tower. Gul З57, Pushing back from stand З7, We just saw an 4 There's а group of rodents running around.
accident with а baggage cart. 5 Steering is going to Ье ап issue.
С Gul З57. What happened? 6 We'll пееd to find а parking position for you.
Р The cart turned sharp right, and all three carrlages turned over. 4Ь Model answer:
There's baggage all over the арrоп. Gul З57, С VH-GHD. Unknown traffic,
o'clock, six miles, crossing left to
С Gul З57. Where did it happen? right, height 5,000 ft, s|ow moving.
Р Behind the Rоуаl Еurореап В737 at stand З6, Gul З57, Р Rоgеr. Looking out. VH-GHD,
С Gul З57, Did it hit anything? С VH-GHD. lf not sighted, turn left heading 270".
Р l didn't see апу collision, lt was going pretty fast though. Р We have а balloon iп sight, 10 o'clock, approximately 1,000 ft
Gul З57. above. VH-GHD,
Gu] З57, Rоgеr, Hold position. We'll get support services out С VH-GHD, Roger, Сап you give me а description?
there now, Р lt's а large silver balloon with blue writing on the side. VH-GHD.
5а 1 digger 2 ]ntersection 3 idle 4 раrk С VH-GHD, Roger, thank you, ls the Ьаllооп manned?
5 construction б swerve 7 cut В axle Р Negative. The Ьаllооп арреаrs unmanned. VH-GHD.
5ь 1 digger 2 construction З intersection 5а 1disruption 2wrap Зrеgulаtiоп 4anticipate
4 swerved 5 parked б axle 7 cut 5 potential б touch 7 melt В deviate
8 idle 5Ь 1 regulations 2antlcipate Зwrарреd 4touching
5 melted б potential 7 deviate В disruption
Ргоgгеss test 6
2а а bus driver Ь captain с bus passenger d first officer Review test 2
2|J 1а,с 2а 3Ь 4c,d 5a,d бd 2а / controller health, / growth in the industry,
За '1 Rotary 42 2 Starjet В72 З Rotary 42 4 Courier 254 У recruitment and training, / retirement
5 Rotary 42 б Courier 254 7 Starjet В72 2ь 1т 2т зF 4т 5F бF тr
ЗЬ '1 d 2Ь Зе 4с 5а вF 9F 10т
4Ь l\z]odel answer: За 1 Rime ice 2 lt's stuck З Wake turbu]ence
С Shuttle ВOВ, Nan Tak аррrоасh. ldentification lost. Сапсеl 4 vectors for avoidance of wake turbulence
CHANl 1 ALPHA arrival. Turn right 1В0". Hold at SRlNA FLl10. 5 Suspected stroke б Priority hапdliпg of A6-TYC
Р Turn right 1В0", Hold at SR|NA FL110. Say reason for hold. 7 Has regained full control
Shuttle ВOВ. В Оп the south арrоп for rapid transfer to hospital
С Shuttle В08, We have rаdаr outage at Nап Tak, Expect further 9 Loss of саЬiп pressure
сlеаrапсе at 57. Time now ]7. 10 Righthand forward service door
Р Sorry sir. Say again the problem. Shuttle ВOВ. зь ,]
f 2с зЬ 4а 5е бd
С Shuttle ВOВ. We have radar failure at Nan Tak. Technicians аrе 4ь \z]ode] answer:
working оп the problem поw, р |VAYDAY NiAYDAY N/AYDAY Afarsha centre, Fahed 14]
р understand radar failure. shuttle ВOв. В7З7-700, 64 miles south-west of ВАDА-Г, FL4]0, 1ЗВ persons
Nan Tak аррrоасh. Shuttle ВOВ. Holding at SRlNA FLl10. We оп board, We have fuel problems. ReqUeSt descent and
are getting close to minimum fue|. How is your radar? landing at Qаrаrап.
С Shuttle ВOВ, We still don't have radar, Hong Nап is accepting Fahed ']41, Roger N/AYDAY Тurп right heading 040",
arrivals. Suggest diversion to Hong Nan. Radar service Descend FL2B0.
terrninated. Continue оwп navigation. р Turn right heading 040', Descend FL2B0, Fahed 14,],
5а 1hover 2faulty Зunidentified 4tank 5catering с Fahed 1 4-1 . Say cause of emergency.
6 converge 7 recurring В overshoot р We have а suspected fue] leak, We have ап imbalance поw of
5Ь 1 2catering Зunidentified 4recurring
converging 2,000 lЬ. Fahed 141.
5 tank б overshoot 7 hovered В faulty с Fahed 141. Confirm you have а fuel leak,
р Affirm, We have shut down епgiпе number -1. Fahed ,141.
Review test 1 с

Fahed 14]. Roger. Services аrе standing Ьу at Qаrаrап,
leak rescue charge
2 4 overpower 5 strobe
2а 1 Working hours / pilot fatigue 2 Short haul / rеgiопаl 6 block 7 external В pump
airlines 3lnahotel 5ь 1 overpower 2 pumped З leaking 4 rescue
2Ь '] 15 hours and 45 minutes 2 Because his day was lопgеr 5 charged б blocked 7 strobes В ехtеrпаl
than expected З Every eight hours 4 60
5 New pilot fatigue rulesб lt's too noisy fоr them to rest in
3а ,1
oil pressure Warning 2 try and depart again
З Tiger 2Зб 4 moves into the path of а taxiing aircraft
5 slippery taxiway surfaces б а group of small animals
7 assistance with taxiingВ А group of passengers



rli Unit 1 Nеаг miss Р1

Descending to FLЗ,l0, YG34З.
DF21'1 turn right heading 270" due traffic.
Ill ф ч.ф€ Р2 Right heading 27О", DF211.
l!| Th]s is а чеrу simple picture of two aircraft both heading С YGЗ4З Traffic north-east, seven mjles, slightly below,
in the same direction but very close to each other, Опе is fast mоvlпо,
carrying.stralght оп from left to right. The Second опе iS Р2 Rоgеr.
lii чееriпg away to the left at ап angle of maybe 20 degrees,
and is getting very close to the starboard side of the first
С DF2]1 l say again. Turn right heading 270' due
l!i one, Perhaps they wеrе flуiпg iп formation and опе's got а
l]ttle too c]ose, оr maybe it's а пеаr co]|ision. The aircraft DF21-1 , Avo]ding act оп, lmmediateJy turn hard right
heading 270' due traffic, Break break,
Ill аrе both twln,engine, They look similar, although the
lower of the two is smal]er than the aircraft that is аьоvе, YGЗ4З, Cancel descent, Тurп rlght immediately
,il lt's difficult to identify the airline. The first опе looks like heading 090",
JAL, and the second one, possibly DHL, The numbers Р1 Kamket сопtrо] YGЗ4З, TCAS climb,
ltit апd Ietters are vеrу indistinct, and its tail ls obscured, The
С Rоgеr,
1]ji only thing that differentiates the two оп markings iS that
the second опе has а long stripe down the fuselage, lt's Р1 Kamket сопtrо YGЗ,lЗ, we are clear of traffic, level
l:i ат З60, We hare Sоrе ,гlJr,еS,
а very simple picture of two aircraft flying close together
,l against а background of falrly dense cloud, С YGЗ4З, l'm sоrrу, What is your problem?
Р1 We have medica] рrоЬlеms, реорlе оп board аrе
щ з.щý hurt, Request imrnediate descent,
ln August last year, а British Airways 757 bound for С Rоgеr, Understand you have medical problems.
Сорепhаgеп was taking off on Heathrow's поrthеrп Descend to FL2З0, Contact Kamket approach
rUnway, At the same time, а Virgin Express 7З7 trуiпg to 124.вв5,
land in thick cloud was directed into the path of the ВА jet,
The AAlB report says the aircraft avolded соl sion
2,400 ft оvеr the Lопdоп airport Ьу just В00 ft. lt blames
poor communicatrons between controllers iп the
Unit 2 SpecjaL f L ights
Heathrow tower and says thеrе was а comb,lned mistake. + !п".ý
Disaster was averted when а training inspector overheard " i " iJ,+

the arrivals сопtrоilеr announcing he had turned the Virgin Tnis is part of ап air-show routjne invoIvtng two aircraft.
aircraft 1nto the path of the British Airways jet, Both aircraft two Boeing Stеаrmап, l Ье ieve, They аrе two vintage
were then instructed Ьу the arriva s and departures bi-planes, and they аrе crossing each other ]n formation
сопtrоllеrs to аltеr CoUrse. The report concludes with at ап angle of approximately 40 degrees, relativeLy close
recommendations that communtcations between to each other. The aircraft iп the fоrеgrоuпd is slightly
controllers should Ье improved, апd that radar screens lower than the a]rcraft behind, Both aircraft аrе giving off
used to check aircraft conditions should Ье modified, d splay smoke trails wh]ch are set up Ьу putting oil into
tne exhaust. The aircraft are in display colours, and they
,щ}i ч.шs rrаVе got sunburst-type aircraft markings on the top wlng.
Because they are реrfоrmlпg this аеrоЬаtiс mапоеuvrе
P'll2 = pilot 1l2, С = contro|ler and have tne same co]ours and markings, i thlnk they аrе
Р1 Kamket contro], Good mоrпiпg, YGЗ4З, itlainta ning раrt оf а display team, The weather is looking quite nice,
lп the background there is light cloud w]th biue patches,
FLЗ70, 10 DIVE to ATl, squawking 2662.
so it looks like quite а pleasant day.
С YGЗ4З. Kamket Control, Roger, squawk 41-1З,
P,t 41зз. YGз4з, ъ
"..а dъlifr

YGЗ4З, |псоrrесt readback, l say again, Squawk
There аrе а пumЬеr of differences between VFR and lFR
arrivals. The first surprise fоr the lЕR piIot is that although
Р1 Squawking 4]]З, YGЗ4З. they аrе instructed to Contact tower, they probably won't
с Readback correct, Ье аЬlе to talk to the tower| We wil a|ways try to taIk
р2 Kamkei control. DF21'1, Good morning, FLЗ40, to pilots, but sometlmes t's 1ust поt posslb|e, This is
because there's often поt even enough time fоr verbal
с DF211 good morning. lVaintain З40, Expect higher
responses from the VFR traffic ln the pattern, so rnstead
р2 Ir4aintaining З40, DF21 1, We aSk pilots to rock their W ngS aS а response оr if we
с YGЗ4З, Radar contact. Descend to FLЗ10 nstruct ап aircraft to turn base, and that aircraft turns
base, that's also sufftclent аскпоw]еdgегпепt for us.

Because we аrе able to land multip е aircraft оп the Grumman Duck, follow the traffic ahead. Тurп right
runway at the Sаrпе time, the second surprlse is that lFR overhead Вепе]оv city and fo low highwау З-] south
pilots wi1l see VFR a]rcraft turning {inal п front of them unti] for seap апе base,
they аrе about опе and а half miJes out. Usually, the VFR in

Unit 3 VIP f igh ts

front will 1and long, and the lFR wi1l iand short. lFR arrtvals
аrе given touch down pos tion on the ruпwау marked with L
а green dot, Landing оп this dot a]lows plenty of Space
for rо l out and also g ves good access to taxiways, which
-!lJ /
allows the pilot to vacate the runway qu ck у,

Тhе third thlng to Ье aware of ]s that 1FRs w l] рrоЬаЬlу Th]s is а picture of а Gul{ airl пеr. which looks like ап
Ье sequenced behind VFR trafflc travelling at, say, В0 kn, Airbus in dispersal, walting рrоЬаЬlу for some VlP
and р lots need to bring the speed right down on final and passen9ers. The rеаsоп that l say that is the air-sta r
really concentrate оп flylng the r aircraft at these airspeeds, door is ореп, thеrе is а long rеd carpet going rght to the
whlch mапу pilots m ght поt Ье used to, fоrеgrоuпd о{ the picture, Тhеrе is а с]еапеr with а brush,
it ooks like а straw brush, making sure tne carpet is as
сlеап as possible Ьеfоrе the arriva of the V]P,
There ls а mап Stand;ng Ьу the a]r-Stair doorway waitlng
Р1/2lЗl4/5 = pilot 1/2/Зl4/5,С = controller for the VlPs. The APU is attached to the а rcraft, obvious у
the аirсrеw аrе iп the cabin, the аir conditioning is on
С Вепеlоv tower l сап see а bJue and wh]te high,wing
waiting for the ViР, апd right in the foreground of the
east of Вепеjоv, Please rock your wlngs,
picture on the right-hand side thеrе is fan-type раlm tree,
Thank you, Say type, whlch is used fоr decoration in ihe GuLf,
Р1 Cessna 1В2RG Skylane З4 Рара, At tne ta l of the aircraft it ]ooks as if some baggage has
С Rоgеr, Skylane З4 Рара, keep your 9еаr up until 1ust arrived апd halfway а ong the aircraft, Ьу the eng пе,
west of Bene1o,",, Fо]lоw the Beech Baron ahead, there ]s а group of people who аrе possib у departure
Benelov tower to red EХtra З00, redUCe Speed officials walting to say goodbye to the VlР, So there is аrr
]00 kn, Тцrп ]eft and get n ]ine behind the karus. air of expectatlon about t, lt's а most certa n to Ье the
Follow the rа lway tracks west, Gulf because the visib lity s poor with high humidity and а
fog like background.
White Auster А рiпе west of Вепеlоч, Y'ou've flоwп
away from the rallway tracks, FoIlow the track
precisely, Тhапk you, .n .: "l] {":i

Blue Grummап abeam the radio mast, Leave the l = interviewer, DB = David Boateng
rаilwаV track and position left downwind ruпwау 01,
\i]on tоr 124,575, They w l1 ident fy you, Good day.
l David tsoatang has claimed tne recent closures at
Nnamd lпtеrпаt onal airport аrе unacceptable, l

Вепеlоv tower l see what looks like а low wlпg have lVr Boatang wlth mе поw, I\4r Boatang surely it
approachino Benejov w th а nose iight оп. Say уоur is опlу right that airports are closed for VlP fl ghts?
type and call sign.
DB No it's not, The recent VlP c]osures at Nnamd
р2 Tower jt is а Socata ТВ 9. 546 L mа, Az k we iпtеrпаtiопа] Airport represented а greai
с Roger 546 Lima, do you see tne l\lоопеу at your

danger to publ с safety, They led to uппесеssаrу

o'clock? congestion of the аirsрасе апd ncreased tne
р2 Аffirm 546 Lima, dапgеr of col]ision Ьу hoLding aircraft,
с 546 Lima make а right turn n frопt of the RоЬ п and l But why ls thеrе ап increased danger of coi ision?
stay behind the lVlooney, DB Тоо mапу aircraft in the airspace at tne same
YelIow bi-plane. Rock your wings fоr mе, time stress the control tower staff апd псrеаsе
their chances of making grаvе human errors. lt is
That's а beautiful alrcraft. Say type,
а So соmгпоп knolv edge tnat the maintenance
рз Тhапk you, 19ЗЗ Воеlпg Stearman. of most domest с passenger а rсrа{t is short of
с Stеаrmап, Follow the RоЬlп ahead, the rnternationa] standards and iп а s tuat on of
Bene]ov tower l сап see а white twin-eng пе west о{ рооr v sib llty, the r sk of crashing is much higher,
Benelov do пg S-turns, Say type, espec а ly n а rпоuпtаiпоus area such as Abuja,
р4 Sепеса З01 \like Alfa, l So роог maintenance s aiso а factor?

с Seneca З0] l\/ ke A]fa, the Staggerwlng up ahead DB Not ]ust mаiпtепапсе, Air passengers always consist
ls going to Ье too slow for you, Nzlake а right turn of al] sorts of реорlе: wоrпеп, chlLdren, the aged,
1В0', and return to Bene,lov city to hold. the iпflrm being medioally evacuated, IV]апу of these
people cou d Ьесоmе anxious or suffer from а
р4 Wilco Sепеса З01 l\/like Alfa,
shortage of needed охуgеп and оthег forms of ftrst
с We'll f]nd you ап alrcraft that matches уоur speed, aid. There s а so tr]e possib l]ty of m d-air panic
Bene]ov tower to white amphibian east of Benejov, especia ly as а resuLt of rumоurs оп Ьоаrd,
poSS]bly а GrUmman? l But f VlPs аrе not given preferentla1 treatment won't
р5 Aff rm tower we ате а Grumman Duck, they Ье reluctant to travel here and won't that affect
our economy?

DB The uппесеssаrу and lопg holding of aircraft ls АТС Cargolux 2ЗЗ, А r:crce Опе is оп lLS поw, there'll
'] поt опlу dangerous, it is чеrу expensive for aircraft Ье по mоrе {|зп з f ,.l9-6inUte delay and you аrе
Ii operating costs and for соmрапу time - the time number thrее in traff с, Reduce speed to З20 kп and
I. lost Ьу the passengers ln their business, etc. The
most ]ogica solution to delayed and сапсеllеd Р
we should Ье аЬ е Io avoid а hold at VATON,
Rоgеr, Thank уо; very much. Cargolux 2ЗЗ.
fl]9hts as а result of VlP movements s for Nigeria to
have its оwп special military airport for its Аir Fоrсе

and VlPs,
ls this something that happens е sewhere?
Un,i t Ц DeLays
DB Yes, it happens in ]ots of countries. The Edward l:].
Rоуаl Аir Fоrсе Base пеаr London, Andrew Air =,tф
Fоrсе Base of Washington DC and Le Bourget This is а picturo of three commercia] aircraft iп а tight
Airport iп Frапсе, Even here in Nigeria, the Air Fоrсе SeqUence оп ап iпStruгпепt approach to an аirроrt at
Base n Kaduna has а separate airport Which sunset, The first aircraft looks to me l]ke а 757, folIowed
il rеrпоvеs the burden of VlP fJights frоm the main Ьу а 7З7, followed Ьу а 747, The lead ng aircraft is at
airport. the lowest of the three, and has its gear deployed and
its and ng lights оп, and so does the sесопd aircraft,
ll l Thank you vеrу much lVr Boatang, What do you
The third aircraft. at the back, is at the highest altitude,
1isteners think? Have you еvеr Ьееп delayed at ап
and hasn't adopted the landing configuration yet. l think
airport waiting for а VlP?
the alrcraft are on fiпаl and the сопtrоl er is using two
н segregated rUnways and radar because the Separation
ls sma]l and the aircraft are quite c|ose together, I'd say
Р pilot, АТС air-traffic controller they аrе about half а mile apart. lt must Ье а very busy
= =
international airport. lt's а nice sunlit situation; the sky is
АТС Cargolux 2ЗЗ |eave lt/idhurst head ng 027" and very сlеаr, We've got а litt е bit of ow cloud to the right
descend FL]B0. which is rather attractively lit Ьу the Setting SUn.
Р Heading 027', descend FLlB0, Cargolux 2ЗЗ,
АТG Cargolux 2ЗЗ th s ls Essex Rаdаr, possible delay, l''']] ч "i t
expect to hold at VATON at FL]В0,
Good morning. lVy name's Donat, and l'm giving th s
Р Roger, expect hold at VATON. Саrgоluх 23З. morning's tactrcal briefing at 0В00 hours. The present
Essex radar. Cargolux 2ЗЗ request, situation ]s affected Ьу some staffing issues at Rhine
АТС Cargolux 2ЗЗ, Essex radar, pass your rrressage. сопtго in Gеrmапу. Affected sectors are m]ddle sector
of kahlsruhe sector and Nattenheim base and rniddle,
Р Rоgеr. London lnformed us по deiay expected, which are combined. The delays have dropped since we
Confirm we have to hold at VATON? Cargolux 2ЗЗ. proposed some level caps and individual re-routings,
АТС Cargolux 2ЗЗ affirm. Due to VlP movement: we have but there is still some delay,
Air Fоrсе One inbound to Stanstead, de ays аrе We have over-fly рrоЬ ems in central Europe, due to
expected to all inbound and departing aircraft. thunderstorms and raln. Тhеrе s а so bad weatl-]er
Р Understood, but our NOTAIV says scheduled air causing disruptions, especially in Vienna, with the arrival
carriers AND cargo fl]ghts аrе excepted. Саrgоluх regu|ated frоп] 0700 to ]200 causing delays of up to опе
ZJJ. hour,
АТС Cargolux 23З. Say аgаiп? Also, iп Spain we have lrz]adrid airport regulated until
Р Our сору of the NOTAM says по delays to due to CBs, and delays there аrе up to З0 minutes,
scheduled passenger and саrgо flights adher]ng to l guess this regulation wi]l Ье extended if the weather
schedule and following the LOREL STAR, doesn't get better.
АТС Ah, сор ed Cargolux 2ЗЗ. Wil double cneck that We have. п ltaly, а regulation running for Pisa due to work
for you ,,. Cargolux 2ЗЗ, Тhеrе WaS а Short notlce lп progress. Thls is from 0В20 until 1020 and is givlng
amendment to the NOTAiV for security reasons. ALL around З0 to З5 minutes delay.
inbound traffic subject to delay, Expect holdino at Fоr lstanbuI we have an arrival reguJation runnJng untJl
VATON and maintain FL]В0, 2020 this evening. Nothing we сап do there due to lack of
Р Сору that and maintaining FL1B0, Unfortunately we parking space,
did not get that information before eaving JFK and lп Cyprus, the west north sector wil Ье also regulated
we аrе approaching minimum fuel as the winds between ten o'clock and 1ЗЗ0, We аrе coordinating and
did not work out as forecast crossing the pond, We we аrе hoping that Ьу eleven o'clock the rate will Ье
will have to take оur alternate, Gatwick, if we cannot increased Ьу two aircraft реr hour, Unfortunately, the Echo
get а сlеаrапсе iп the next ]0 minutes. Cargolux to Sierra аirsрасе is also regu ated, making апу rerouting
imposslble for traffic go пg to оr соmiпg from jsrael.
АТС Cargolux 2З3, |'ll keep you advised iп the next-]5 Веfоrе l hand over to meteorology, J ought to remjnd
miles, rероrt passing Ockham, you that the Romanian а;r force is conducting training
Р W,lco Саrgоluх 2ЗЗ, exerciseS over therr а rsрасэ tcday,
Passing Ockham, maintaining FLlB0. Cargolux 2ЗЗ.

l;js ч. t#] Unit 5 BeLLy-Landings
;l j."{ ;*

С КLl\l2З4, Expect further с earance tjrпе ']920, |'m looking at а picture of рrоЬаЬlу а medium-s zed turbo
anticipate add tiona ЗO-miпutе de ау at N,4almo, рrор. lt's from Switzerland because it has the Swiss
national emblem оп the tai , lt's sltting toward the end of а
Р Rоgеr, 30-minute deiay, Request reason for delay?
runway and obviously has had either а gear рrоЬlеm, the
кLl\{2з4. gear has perhaps collapsed, or there was а gear problem
С KLN/234, We have а d sabled aircraft on runway, iп f ight and the р lot did а wheels-up land ng,
Р Rоgеr, КLlV2З4, There's а gепtlеmап standing Ьу the aircraft looking very
thoughtfu у towards the wing root, i suspect he s an
епgiпееr, who's Ьееп sent initially to make ап assessment
i:l,]] ,/+"; f #,,!
of the damage, Obviously there wi l have to Ье some work
P=pilot,c=controller done to get the а rcraft back оп to its wheels and towed
back to tne Папgаr,
lnteresting у the propeller blades don't look too Ьепt, So
Р Groeber Аррrоасh, ОЕ59В. whether the а rсrаft ]anded w th the engines stopped or
С ОЕ59В. GrоеЬеr, Pass your гпеssаgе. not, l don't know. lf the englnes were going we'd expect
Р К ngair С90 from Grо lach, lFR. FLl40, Estimate bent propellers, The sett пg of the airport is fairly rurа1,
GYU29, iпfоrmаt]оп Char]ie, QNH ]010. Тhеrе is а tree- ined horzon, qu te пiсе Weather, the man
is in shirt sleeves, the sky looks biue and j think the sun is
с ОЕ59В, Rеmаiп outside оопtrо led airspaco due
sесtоr saturation, Tlme 22, Expect joining сlеаrапсе
al +l-
'|ii ,iE g: f5
Р Rеmа п outs de controlled а rspace, ОЕ59В, '1l, li, tф]

l = interviewer, О = Mr Oblovsky
4 ;11 ,4
4, ib+l l Today а Tupolev
performed а gear up
p=pilot,c=controller touchdown during ts 1and ng here at Almaty а rport.
]t skidded on the runway, but fortunately was able
to take off and land поrmаllу after а go-around,
Р Stansa Тоwеr, СС32, Request pushback, The passengers wеrе very ucky to have ]anded
without апу nluries, l have l\,4r ОЬ ovsky wrth mе,
С ССЗ2, Negative, Тhеrе is а sp1llage on the rаrпр а spokesperson for the airport, N/r ОЬ ovsky, l
behind you, Hold position, ant cipate ]0-minute understand that the ground рrох mity warning
sуstегп which wаrпs the сrеw to lower the
Р Rоgеr ]0,minute delay. ССЗ2, undercarriage was switched o{f. ]s that соrrесt?
О YeS it'S true, Because the аррrоасh is so ow, ]ust
.{ ,{ Ё;
:l "! F !r/ ]00 m over tho mountains, the wаrп пg was go ng
off а l the time and was distract ng the crew,
I And that ]ed to the aircraft landing wlth gear up?
О No. The approach was faster than expected and
С D4Y, l\/а]пtа п hold north, as publ shed, deLay becauso the runway was occupied Ьу another
indefin te, snow rеmочаi iп progress, antic pate а]rсrаft, а 757, the pilot decided to do а gо-аrоuпd,
update at time ]1З0 But when the Tupolev captain saw tnat the 757 was
Р Rоgеr, Сап we have lоwеr speed due chop at thts tab.tng off he changed h s mind and decided to iand,
level? D4Y. l But wrth gear up? SureLy even with the GPWS
С D4Y, Cleared to Lev со, ho]d as published, swltched off the crew wou d have gone through the r

Р С eared to Levico. w lco, D4Y, check]ist and rеаl zed the gеаr was not extended,
О They simply didn't have time because of the сhапgе
;j]:. *illlih/
{Aft of mlпd and they опlу rеа1 zed 1ust Ьеfоrе landlng,
The captain mmedlately ordered а go-around. The
p=pilot,c=controller aircraft reacted slowly and h t the ruпwау and thоп
rl* ifted off the ground,

с 9АЗ, Delay ng action, Weather below 1anding miп mа

l Was the а rcraft damaged?
at Kilschtuna, Flу heading 275'. О The Tupolev has lаrgе landing gear саrriаgеs which
shie ded the landing gear, wing апd flaps, Тhе
Р Turning left heading 275', Do you have an еstiгпаtе
aircraft sk]dded on tnese but was аь|е to take off
for an improvement in the weather? 9АЗ,
and and поrmаllу after а go-around,
l Sothis scearyacaseof ploterror?
О At thls stage it s too early to say апd we need to
exam ne all the ovtdence,


they аrе ground сrеw Тiеrе S а so some secur]ty, some
t.чffi soldlers who аrе armed, And there is а baggage container
Р - pilot, АТС = air-traffic controller, Т = tower пеаr the back of the aircraft and an air conditionrng unit
а so towards the back, lt's а beaut]ful сlеаr day, поt а
Р Colombo Badar. PHG З002 has rlght main gеаr
cloucl ln the sky. Тhеrе is sоп]е very dry grass coming off
unsa{e indicat]on, Request rаdаr vectors for lLS
the taxiway е ther side of the carpet. Тhеrе is а feelin9 of
runway О4 and low pass to сопfirm wheeis аrе
expectation surround пg the entire picture.
АТС PHG З002 turn left head ng 120',
4 !эа
Р Тurп left hеаdiпg ]20', PHG З002, *,Ёi;, Е

АТС Descend to aititude З,000 ft, QNH ],000, R=Reporter,Y=Yuri

Р Continue descent to а titude З,000 ft оп QNН 1,000 R Two passenger airlines wеrе just seconds frоm disaster
PHG з002, iп а пеаr miss incident пеаr Кrаsпоdаr, А qu]ck th nklng
АТС PHG З002. Turn left heading 065". air-trafflc controller saved the l ves of З02 реор е, lt's not
just pilots who аrе responsible for the safety of
Р Left heading 065'. PHG З002,
passengers, Teams of dispatch епgiпееrs have а huge
АТС PHG ЗОО2 cleared for the lLS approach runway 04, responsibility, At this сопtrе each сопtrоllеr mопitоrs up to
report Iocaiizer established, tеп alrcraft at а t me, yuri has Ьееп working as а control]er
Р Cleared for lLS аррrоасГr ruпwау 04, Wilco, for over ten уеаrs, Yuri's quick thinking prevented two
рнGз002, рlапеs that wеrе only 2ОО metres apart from crash ng into
Localizer estab]ished 04 with 10 пm to ruп, Сопf]rm one апоthеr. Yuri, сап you talk us through what
cloud base. PHG З002. happened?
АТС PHG З002, Cloud base 2,000 ft. What аrе уоur Y We]l 1 could see that the two аirрlапеs wеrе too

intentions? close together, and both lmmediately responded to

mу inStructionS,
Р We w level at 500 ft AGL and request а visual
inspection frоm Tower to confirm a]l wheels аrе R Why wеrе they so с ose?
down. PHG З002. Y The Tupo ov апd а Boeing 767 both departed during
АТС PHG З002. Rоgеr. Continue approach. Contact mу sh ft, But the Tupolev had problems with ]ts 1anding
Tower 1]В.7, gear and they \ц/еrе unable to retract So the airplane
startec] to ose alt tude, IV]eanwh le the Boeing Ьепеаth it
Р Rоgеr, contact Tower-] '1В.7 PHG З002,
was climblng at fu l throttle оvеr the а rcraft, They were
Соlоmlэо Tower, PHG З002, locai zеr establlshed both travell ng at h gh speed and were опlу']5 sесопds
ruпwау О4 at distance В пm. Will cal] leveI at 500 ft away from collid пg, l lnstructed the Boeing to turп rignt,
for а ow pass to confirm whee s down, The who е incident was оvеr very quickly but it seemed to
Т PHG З002, СоlоmЬо Tower. Rоgеr, Cont nue last forever
аррrоасh, wind 060" 10 kn, R Yuri has rесе ved а lot of media attention and mапу calls.
Р Contjnue аррrоасh, PHG З002, But he simply gets оп with h s job,
Со]оmЬо Тоwеr, ma]nta ning 500 ft, PHG З002, The risks аrе mапу, but with concentration and good
Т СоlогпЬо Tower, PHG З002, al] whee]s арреаr teamwork we аrе аЬlе to keep the sky safe,
down. What аrе уоur lntentions? Usual у we don't know the паmеs of the people who
Р We are m]nimum f uel. Request climb to 1,500 ft for keep us safe lп the sky. But now thls alr-traffic сопtrо lеr
а visual |eft-hand circuit апd request immed ate
ls no опgеr unknown and he is getting al1 the pra se he
anding с еаrапсе for runway 04, PHG З002, d eserves

Ргоgгеss test 1
АТС = air-traffic controller
Р Sayumbu tower, Narua 2З6. Downwind,
*# ч -Ё{i}
АТС Narua 2З6, Rоgеr. How is уоur gear поw?
This is а picture of а Brit]sh Airways VC10, lt ]ooks lke
1t's standing Ьу either waiting for а VlР to arrive оr it's just
Р The steep turп d]dn't shift tne gear so wе'rе stiil
indicating right mаiп gеаr up, Narua 2З6.
dropped him or hеr off, lt's stationary beslde the tax way
апс1 the engines аrе switched off. Тhеrе is а red carpet АТС Nаruа 2З6, You аrе пumЬеr опе for runway 16L.
апd а dais whjch run away from the aircraft to the taxiway state intentions,
The carpet ls rеd of course and the dais s surrounded Ьу Р We'd ]ike to try а touch апd go to see if that ]oosens
gold chain and posts, There is nobody оп the dais at а l, the right gear, Request touch and go, ruпwау 16L.
А1l the activity is tak пg р]асе Ьу the аirсrаft itse f, Thore Narua 2З6,
аrе two air stair doors опе leading to а с osed door. the АТС Nаruа 2З6, Approved iolch and go ruпwау 16L,
front ono апd the mаiп passenger опе, there аrе опе оr Report final,
two реор е iп uniform at the top of the sta rs. Тhеrе's а
group of spectators, some п dark su ts, sогпе ook as f
Р Wllco ,., and after touch ard go can you give а
visual оп the gеаr? Na"la 2З6,

АТС Narua 236, Affirm, l How re]iable is this technology?
Р Narua 2З6, Гiпаl, D Oh, very, We сап pick up а sma]l bird out to several
miles, and flocks out to elght, ten оr еvеп 12 miles,
АТС Narua 2З6, С eared touch and go runway 16L,
Let's go inside and have а look,
surface wind саlm.
Р Cleared touch and go runway ]6L, Nаruа 2З6, l so show mе what this is.

АТС Narua 2З6, Your right mа п gеаr stil арреаrs up,

D These computers рrосеss the real{ime data from
the rаdаrs, and the data fоr blrd tracks, The sсrееп
Р We're declaring ап еmеrgепсу now and we'd l]ke here shows us the bird activity around the airport.
to ]and thе аеrорlапе, Which s the best ruпwау for
аЬпоrmаl gеаr апdlпg? Narua 2З6,
l And .,, еr ... each о{ these grееп dots on the sсrееп
-]6L is а bird?
АТС Narua 2З6, Воgеr Mayday. Runway is the best
ruпwау for you, Тhеrе is p]enty of space either side D Yes, Basically, it's ап air-traffic сопtrоl radar for
of tne runway snou!d you need t,

Р Rоgеr, Пequest ful] services and а vlsual аррrоасП

l ls the system operational?
and lапdiпg runway
,16L, D lt's used Ьу the miiitary, so it is already operational,
but we're still testing it fоr use in с vll aviation,
дтс NarLa 23б. l- i,e ano ,escue set v сеь а,е оп
standby, Rероrt left downwind runway 16L, l And wnat's the tirnescale оп this project? When do
you think it'l1 Ье ready?
Р Wi со, Narua 2З6,
We' l Ье touchlng clown left of сепtrе]iпе, and arrhh,,.
D We're а ming for ]aunch in .,.
Ье aclvised wо'rе Iike]v to veer to the riqht оп the
ruпwау, Narua 2З6,
АТG Narua 2З6, Roger, Тhапk you for the ]nformat on. ,,iil' t - jl*,

Unit б B,i гds Р Victor Tango В21, АirЬоrпе, passing В00 it, l think
we hit birds,
:' t ";i;s
Victor В21, State intentions.
Request prlority anding. Victor В21,
This s а military transport aircraft, а high win9 twin
turboprop aircraft, on а ruпwау. lt looks l ke rt's about to С V ctor В2], Roqer. Тurп left head ng 2З0'. Report
take off, as botn епglпеs are runnin9 and the а rсrаft has
its landing l gnts оп as t would do for take-off. Ву the look Р Left heading 2З0", W lco. V]ctor В21.
of it, ]t'S Start пg tS take-off rоll, Тhе rUnway has а slight Victor В21, Downwind to land,
d р п t heading down towards mе, апd lп the foreground
is а f]ock of white lэirds which look like storks of some
С Vlctor В2]. Воgеr, Have you got any damage?
sort, А lot of the oirds аrе startinq to take off so they have р Affirm. we have а cracked windscreen and l think we
obv ous у Ьееп f , ghtened Ьу the aircraft, Тh s could iэose had ап mpact with the nose gear, Victor В21.
а рrоЬ]егп fоr the pi ots. lп the background is а wooced С Victor В21, Rоgеr.
аrеа. Р ltried rесусl ng the gear, but we sti l have а red ight,
ReqUeSt а tower fly past to сопfirm the Stat!S of the
l, j] поsе gear, Victor В21,

l = lnterviewer, D = David С V ctor В2,1 , Сlеаrеd low pass runway 05, Surface
w nd 070" at 15 kn not be]ow 500 ft.
l Dav]d, wе'rе standing Ьу runway 0] here at
Р С eared ow pass runway 05 поt Ье ow 500 {t, V сtоr
Wh tsand lnternational airport where уоur team is
working with а пеw system, Can you te l us what we
have here? с viсtоr В2], we see what looks llke а Loose cable оr
hose оп your nose gear and looks ]ike remalns of
D Yes, suro, th s ls а mоЬ]lе bird detection rаdаr
some Ь rds stuck iп the mechanism, but the nose
System designed to CoVer the runway hеrе
wheel appears down, What аrе your intent опs?
whеrе we аrе at tne moment, we have а horizonta
rас]аr that's trackln9 bird movemerlts four to six Р Rоgеr. We'l] attempt another approach and ]anding,
m les around tГ]е airport, Апd this s tne vert са V ctor В2],
rаdаr wh ch covers the аррrоасh апd departure С Victor В21, Rоgеr, Тurп left heading 2З0' and
corridors. Тhls detects Ь rds four mlles out in the report aga п downwind,
соrr dor and gives us risk levels on bird act vity, Р Left heading 2З0', Wi со, Victor В2],
l And \//nat are you hoplng to do? Victor В21. Downwlnd request continUe the
D The goal is to track species tnat pose the greatest approach, but l be]ieve we will have рrоЬ ems with
rlsk to aircraft, the medium, large and {lock size the steoring on landing.
category b]rds, and provide useable сопtrоl data С V ctor В2], Rоgеr, we wlll have emergency vehicles
to the а r-trafflc сопtrо lerS So tney сап rпоrе on stand-by,
effect vely mапаgе the risk,

lt could Ье that We SWerve to the ]eft оп ianding. l'm mater]als, perishables, very fraoile ltoms, l]ve antmals
going to make а slow approach, but Ье aware that and so on,
we could come off the runway to the left. V ctor В21 С l see, Well actual у ] do have some quite va uab е art
с Victor В2] Roger, You are number one to ]and. pieces, What kind of special procedures do l need to
Еmеrgепсу services are ready for your arrival, go through?
Report again on final, AFHL lf you'lJ just hold the ]пе for опе moment l'll put you
through to Someone who'l Ье able to give yoU Some

Uп it 7 Сагgо С
mоrе spectalist advice, Опе moment please.
ОК. Thanks for your help,

"tr{$ ý"ftffi
|'m looking at а picture of а busy part of an airfield which Р1l2 = pilot 112, NГС = air-traffic controller
deals with cargo. There are three 747s l]ned up, One is
Japanese Airl nes, the middle one is Cathay Рас fic апd Р1 Birm ngham Ground this is Sunair 40'] , We have
the third one l'd guess ls Polar Air Саrgо, l can't read that а ittle problem. Do you have contact w th an
оп the side but we can see а tai] which l think belongs to aircraft епgiпееr? We'd l]ke him to iook at our
it with а 'Р' in а circle and Роlаr written above that right on aircraft.
the tip of the tail, АТС Sunair 401. What do you need him to look at?
lt's а very busy termlnal аrеа, The foreground is covered Р1 We have ап intermittent refue ling рапеl warning light
wlth cargo, most of t in containers оr оп pallets, and and we're not sure f it's ореп or closed, Sunair 40],
there are опе оr two vehlcles which are presumably
АТС Rоgеr. Sunair 40], an епgiпееr is on his way, Сап
Ьrlпgiпg ground crew to the site. Toward the background
you let me know the ocation of the рапеl?
of the scene We can See areas of the terminaJ bui ding or
perhaps the mаiпtепапсе facility, l don't know. Р1 Оп the r ght side of the fuselage, behind the right
wing, Sunair 401,
АТС 40]. You saythe access рапеl s on the right wing
behind the f uselage?
AFHL Air freight help line, С customer
= = Р1 Negat ve, Оп the right side of the fuselage, behind
AFHL Неl]о air freight, How сап l help? the right wing, lt's about head he]ght, Sunair 401.
С Yes, he lо, l need to send а shipment of goods and l Р2 Tower, KingJines ]5З,
need to know the best way to pack them, АТС Pass your message. Kingllnes 15З.
AFHL ОК. Wel wil depend оп the паturе of the
it Р2 Ask Suna r if that fue] рапеl dооr ]s оп the bottom of
goods, but gепеrаllу, the most mportant thino is to the fuselage,
рJI Tl^em in а container,
АТС Sunair 401, is t on the bottom of the fuselage?
С ls that rеаliу necessary?
Р Оп the bottom оп the right side, Suпаir 401,
AFHL We]l, contalners will protect уоur cargo from
phys саl damage and from rа]п and will also protect
Р2 lt's ореп, Тhеrе's а small door hanging ореп оп
the bottom of the right side of the fuselage оп the
your cargo from thieves, Ьу making it more d fficult
Suпаir АЗ40, King ines l5З.
to Stea]. We charge for сопtаiпеrs at ]ower rates than
unconta;ned cargo of the same weight, so it would АТС Suna r 40'] that was from Kinglines -15З,
she just
Ье cheaper for you, Fiпаllу, contalners will keep your taxied behind you,
саrgо together and stop portions of it gett]ng lost, Р1 Roger. Kingl nes ']5З, thank you.
с ок, that all sounds sensible. what do l need to do АТС Sunair 401. Birmingham Grounci, the engineer
with regards to labelling? rероrts that he has closed the рапеl. Confirm the
AFHL You need to label each piece iп Ь g, bold letters ]п warning light 1s extinguished.
two places with the name, address, and рhопе Р1 Affirm. \,4апу thanks. We are now ready to taxi to
пumЬеr of the shipper апd consignee, that is, the taxiway ВЗ. Suпа]r 40,] ,

реrsоп or соmрапу you are sending the goods to,

And do l need to wrap the container?
tt/any of оur oustomers bind their shipments Unit 8 0п-Ьоагd f iге
in conta]ners with meta] bands. use three in each
direction around the piece. Use numbered sea]s lf idiJ" $-tr*
possible. We сап provide you with these if you'd like
to use them. This is а picture of ап airport fire-service training ехеrсlSе
С l've got some pretty unusual things l'd ike to ship. There is а mock-up а rcraft which is made to ]ook ]ike а
DC-10. The starboard епg ne is enguJfed lп f|ames and
Сап you tell me what is and isn't permitted?
there арреаr to Ье some f ames очеr the right wing,
AFHL You'll need to look at our rules for all the deta ls, с ose to the mаiп fuseJage, The fire rs producing quite а
But to give you an dea, there аrе special procedures ot of black smoke wh ch s d spersing towards the rеаr
for articles of unusual size оr length, articies of of the aircraft StrUctUre, Тhеrе аrе two arge six-wheel
extraordinary value, art objects, hazardous


fire appliances attending to the Situation, both on the с Fastwing 64. That's copied. Confirm field in sight?
right-hand side of the а rcraft, Each of the appliances р Affirm, Fastwing 64
has various firemen аrоuпd it, and fire fighters оп top of
the appliances. The appliance оп the right-hand side is
с Fastwing 64, Cleared to land runway 07. Wind is 120
at 22 kn.
starting to Sрrау Water оr foam onto the aircraft StrUctUre
using the roof-mounted fire hoses, Both trucks have 'ВАА Р Cleared to land runway 07, Fastwing 64.
Firе fighting service' wrltten оп the side which makes me Р Тоwеr. Fastwing 64.
think that the picture was taken in the United Kingdom, С Fastwing 64, Pass уоur message.

€* Р As it looks now, we аrе able to taxi to our parking

E.1э1J position. We have а signa] frоm the cabln that
We have а large fleet of appliances at our station at Bijarati everything's ОК now. Fastw]ng 64,
lnternationa|. С Fastwing 64. Boger. Proceed to the isolated раrklпg
First оп the list аrе the high-volume pumping vehicles, posit]on via Gl, The emergency services will fo low.
These are capable of carrying an enormous аrпоuпt We'll call ground services for уоur arrival,
of foam, and then applying it under massive pressure
and volume. They are equipped with а roof-mounted
high-voIume 'monitor' оr 'nozzle' which can shoot fire Uni t 9 Gгоuпd movement
extinguishing media а lопg way to reach the fire.
Апоthеr piece of equlpment is the snozzle, which has
recentJy been introduced at Bijarati. This type of roof,
mounted rпопitоr has а device rеsеrпЬliпg а spike that can
;= €"3Ё
pierce the fuselage of ап aircraft and de|iver large amounts This picture is taken l think ]п the summer, рrоЬаЬlу in
of water апd foam inside the aircraft. This makes airport Western Europe оr the USA, lt shows а Boeing Aircraft
f refight ng safer, as flrefighters do not need to set foot witl] some stripes оп t, following а fol]ow-me vehic]e, The
inside the aircraft to extinguish fires. vehicle is chequered and also has warning lights on it so i1
Then we have these rарid intervention vehic es which can make its visibility оr its presence known to а rcrew,
are capable of arriving at the scene of ап incident more lt's leading the aircraft along the line marking the taxiway.
quick у, We also use these smaller veh cles as соmmапd рrоЬаЬlу coming tn to раrk, having just landed at the
vehicles during rescue оr firefighting operations. airport. l say that because we can't see апу termrnal
our airport S category ten, гпеапiпg that We are аЬlе to buildings hеrе. The background is very rural although l

handle the largest aircraft, such as the АЗВ0, As part of сап see some high tension cables in the further distance.
the regulations fоr category ten airports, We also keep an So l presume it's just leaving а runway. Also if we look just
aeria ladder platform сараЬlе of reaching the upper deck beh nd it and under the right wing, we can see а board,
of the АЗ80, marking one of the aircraft holding points оп the taxi and
runway network,
The fleet is also supported Ьу smaller fire appliances
slmilar to those used iп domestic fire fighting, They are -|:,э ; Ф&
mаiпlу used to deal w th incidents within the bu |dings 'ц ý -ц}dЬ

around the airport, but also assist at aircraft incidents, l = instructor, S = student
l l\zlany pilots think а flight begins with take-off and
ъ ,л t1 ends when the a]rcraft departs the runway after
P=pilot,C=controller the landing rol], This s part]y true but а large number
of рrоЬlеms сап оссur with aircraft оп the ground,
Р Nohma tower, Fastwing 64. We are maintalning
with the wind, for example, causing рrоЬ ems,
altitude 5,000 and we аrе cleared now to 2,500 ft
on QNH 1010 millibars. We аrе starting our descent S Do you mеап gusting winds?
to Nhoma now, Fastwing 64. l Winds, both steady and gusting сап cause
С Fastwing 64. Nohma tower, Roger, We understand problems, А соmmоп one is а pilot landing in а
you have а fire. Cleared visuai аррrоасh runway strong wind which is aligned with the runway. When
07, l сопfirm the QNH is 1010 millibars, Report he turns off to taxi the aircraft is blown оп to а
maintaining 1,500 ft. We have emergency services wing tip and the pi|ot blames а sudden gust of w]nd
standing Ьу. ls it а cabin fire? even though the weather Station reports по guStS.
Р lп our mid lav, Fastwing 64. S Аrе there апу other situations that сап cause
problems оп the ground?
С Fastwing 64. Confirm that the fire is iп your middle
lavatory? l Ground obstructions cause just as many difficult es,
The biggest hazard is night operations оп dark
Р Affirm. We deployed halon but we are going to
ramps. But mапу accidents hарреп in daylight when
continUe the mayday call, pilots misjudge wingtip сlеаrапсе, оr focus оп опе
С Fastwing 64. Roger. side апd hit something оп the other,
Р Fоr your information ,., we wil] make а complete S Аrе there mапу in]uries?
Stop оп the runway, we will evaluate the situation l Not mапу of the accidents result iп injuries. But there
then ,., and if we are not go]ng to evacuate оп the is always the оссаsiопа] опе where some
runway we will return to parking Ьу ourselves and
Unfortunate реrsоп walks into а spinning рrореllеr,
Stop the aircraft there, Fastwlng 64,

S OuchI So it's rаrе to hit а person, but what sort of
thing gets hit the most?
Un,i t 10 Pi Lot
,lncapa c,i
Fоr buiidlngs it's mainly hangars, and as for vehicles, tation
fuel trucks tend to get hit the most.
S What about incidents involvlng other aircraft? # ч"##
l Well they're not as соmmоп, but still significant. You This plcture shows а pat ent Ье ng removed from an
get cases of colliding аirсrаft, and also aircraft ambulance to Ье put оп board an aircraft for medical
waiting to proceed acrosS а taxiway оr rUnway f iqht, оr tne patrent has Ьееп removed frоm ап aircraft
со liding wlth an a]rcraft that iands and exits the and ls boing stretchered nto the ambulance, The patient is
rUnway at the Same Spot, wrapped in а large red tube. l think the scene s n Сhiпа,
because the writing оп the аmЬulапсе looks like Chinese.
S So the advice to rеmеmЬеr s that 'уоu'rе fiying from
Тhеrе аrе а number of people attending to tГre s tuat]on,
tr]е moment the engrne Sta(S Until the moment you
four оr f ve of them wеаriпg white suits and head gear and
shut the engine down',
fuIl-face breathlng masks, Тhеrе аrе other реорlе watching
Absolutely, who аrе dressed lп р ain clothes, and what looks llke а
nurse wearlng а uпifоrm and g oves, Еvеrуопе is wеаrlпg
$-ffi4- masks l ke those used Ьу the pub ic to prevent the spread
of contaglous disoases, for ехаmр е, flu, lп the foreground
P'l = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controlIer is the right wing of а turЬо-рrор а rcraft. poss Ь|у а Saab
АТС ALбR follow the green 1ights to Ьау 117, Rеmаiп thls or а Dash. and to the left and to the rеаr of the plcture, we
frequency сап See the aft portion of а rear mounted twin-onglne ]et
Р Follow the grееп lights to ]]6, Rеmаiп this aircraft, possibly ап N/DBO,
frequency. АLбR,
АТС ALбB, Say а9аiп.
Р Тоwеr, АLбR, Сопfirm we're parking at stand ]']6. As we know, апу lmpairment to phys cai and mental
АТС ALбR, your stand is 117, Say position, health ]s а threat to safety. Fortunately, piiot ]ncapacitat оп
is quite rаrе, One study showed that in ]5 to 20 m]llion
Р We're at ]06, ALбR. gепеrа avlation flights. six cases of pilot ncapacitat оп
АТС Confirm wеrе reported, Ноwеvеr, in four of those cases, the pilot
Р We're right at 106. ALбR, died at tne contro]s.
АТС АLбR, your stand is а long way before that. We'li The esson ls that апуопе сап Ьесоmе incapac tated at
set апоthеr set of grееп Iights for you s r. Stand Ьу апу t ir'le, And qulte often it ls поп-flуiпg frlends or fam ly
please. that have to take оvеr the аirсrаft, Therefore, it is essentral
that everyone оп board knows What 1ncapacitatlon s and
АТС ALбR, Сап you see апу green llghts?
how to dea] w]th it,
Р Aff]rm, АLбR.
Let's Ьеglп Ьу ooking at the causes of iпсарас tation,
АТС АLбR, just follow the green 1ights. The green ights
lt сап happen gradually оr suddenly, rangrng from mlld
wiil lead you all the way back to Ьау ]17, to vеrу Severe, The most common causes of sudden
Р Rоgеr. After this we'll fo]low the grееп l ghts back to rncapacitation аrе gastrointestinal problems, such as
] ]7. Thanks, АLбR. stomach cramps, nausea and vomit ng. Pi ots must Ье
ALбR. We've got the mаrshаlJеr iп slght now, careful with food and dr nk, partrcularly n reilrote аrеаs от
where there аrе рооr fac]|ities, Two pilots flying together
АТС ALбR, ОК. Anyway the Ьау -] ]7 s поw just to your
should пеvеr eat the same food, and if possible, shou]cln't
right, sir, and understand you have the marsha lеr ]п
eat at the same tlme,
sight now,
Heart problems and falnting аrе the mа]п causes of
Р Got it. We got thепп in sight. АLбR, Ser oUS incapacitation, Compiaints of tiOhtening of the
Атс ок chest, whlch are often confused with 1ndlgestion, and
Р Thank you for your help, weakness and palpitation should Ье taken very ser ously.
Р Еr ,,, Tower, АLбR. We've come to а stop, l think
Sweating, repeated yawning оr shortness of breath should
we've i-it so*etling. all trigger suspicion,

АТС АLбR. You have cut across the grass and hit the
drainage ditch, Е .,\F f
Р Er, Roger, We're stuck. Stand Ьу, АLбR, P=pilot,c=controller
Р Contro], BF З24.1 need some help,
С ВF З24, Каdrапgа Сопtrо , Rоgеr, What сап l do for
Р The р |ot's passed out and 'гп оп my own up here.
С ВF З24, Roger, Аrе you а i censed pllot?
Р PPL. В0 hours, Not ih s а rcraft


С Rоgеr, l tn getting help now from sоmеопе who's ,: The а rоrаft ingested а gu l during cJimbr out, Тоwеr
famiiiar vlith your аirсrа{t, Are you flying the aircratt? observed f]ames frotrl пumЬеr two епglпе апd
Р The autoprlot ls оп, advised the pilot, who declared ап еmеrgепсу and
returned to lano without iпcjdent, The a]rcraft landed
С ОК. How many реrsопs оп board?
usit,lg sirlgle еllgiпе land]ng procedures, The соrе
Р lVy brother. who is the р iot, and my unc е, Сап and al the fan blades lvere Camaged, The engLne
you help lrre back to Kadranga? We'l] need ап had to Ье rebuiit,
ambulance оп the ground, .-: The aircraft struck over 400 b]ackbirds Just аfiеr
С Kadranga is quite busy поw, so wе'rе go ng to Ьriпg take-ofi, A]most every part of the рlапе was hit,
you into Katgas аirроrt which is close Ьу, and they Substantia! darnage trlas found on various parts
have ап ambulance, of the a]rcraft. The пumЬеr опе епgiпе had to
Р No опе is responding, l'm оп mу оwп up hеrе, Ье rерlасеd апd the runway was c]osed for ап hour,
Реrsоtrпе] were sent to d sperse another large flock
G Yол'rе doing very weJl, Ноиl аrе you feeLing?
оп the airfield,
Р ОК, blt the оl|у fumes аrе rпаklпg rne feel pretty
naUSeoL] S,
е The crew think they hli а gull shortly after take-off,
The пumЬеr three engine had а vibration with o]l
С Yol could have саrЬоп tnonoxide роisопlпg, Сап quantity fluctuatlon. When th-o о l qUantity dropped
you Eet fгеsh аir into the саЬiп? to zero tne епgiпе was shut down, Feathers tл"tеrе
Р l've got а window ореп. outslde vents ,., аrе .,, found in the engine after anding and rераirs cost
ореп, $1,5 rTi iorl,
С Gooc, We'r-^ gorng to Start уоur approach to KatgaS
поw, Сап you dlsengage the autopllot?
Р Uhh ,,, how do l do that? P=pilot,C=controller
С ОК ,,, Ьу oushing the button оп the contrcl whee,
Р AUtoc ot о Seпqaged.
Р TeIida tower, Webair 5З7,
С Good, Yc.t hа\,,э control Niсэ and steady, turn right
С И/еlэа r 5З7, Pass vol]r гпеssаgе,
Р Stopped orl Е at the intersectiol wlth Р. Urlab е
to proceed оп Е due aircraft iп opirosite

р гоgгеss test 2
direction Weba]r 5З7.
WеЬаir 5З7, Тах| to stand D2 via Н and Н 2,
Р UпаЬlе to r-llake tne right turll onto Р, We have а
Postiine Eokker 50 nose to nose Wlth us оп Е.
Th s rs an interesting picture of bil ow ng Ь ack smoke, Suggest one cf ls wii пееd to push, Webair 5З7,
which f]l]s almost half the picture, li's corning from what С Postllne 9]2, Но d posit оп, You mlssed the right
iooks like а гер ica of an aircraft which has obviously beer. turп опiо G, We're serldlng а tug oLrt to you llow.
covered lп о l or реtrоi and de]iberate V set а] ght. Тhеrе s
а four wheeled firо truck sprayinq foam onto the f rе tSe f.
The fire engine S in the foreground SqUrrtillg oUt the foam
onto vеrу fierce f]ames ssuing f rопl the qrourld and а] P=pilot,c=controIler
around the alroraft апd very thick, dense srToke is rtstng
up. 1t's obvlouS у not ап actlVe ?,lrcrafi becatlse there аrе .

stands below the enqines themselves апd ii's used as а С Nбi]ЗD, С eared тоr take off ruпwау 2]- \i\/ind 270',
model for fireflghter practice, Тhеrе is not much eIse tll 7 kгl.
the picture, there аrе treeS to the le{t-hand side, Тhеге's а Р Cteared fоr take off rut-lwav 2i, N65ЗD,
сlеаr sky \^/lth а few fair weather clcuds arclr.d But as
N65ЗD, Stоррiгlg,

say most of the sky is obscured Ьу the big black cloud of

smoke, С N65ЗD, Roger stop, State interltions.
Р N65ЗD, Тhеrе's а ta lc1ragger about 1,00С ft anead,
crossing ieft to right. Request Ьасktгасk for апоthеr
, ТПе aircraft ingested а Сапаdа goose into number
thrее еllglпе, This ilnconialned fallure caused parts
to go into the пumЬеr four engille, Flаmе arld smoke
cot-tld Ье seen coming frcm Ьоth engines, Bcth P=pilot,c=controller
cf the engitles wеrе destroyed. Тhе alrcraft was out
of serr,,tce for five days at а cost of over SB mi! ion.
Р Pourrais Тоwеr, Тrапsаir бЗ26, We h t tlre lаmр post
hеrе w th our еlt wing. Suspect damage,
:; As the aircraft broke through а c]oudbank at 7,500
feet, rt was struck Ьу а flock of snolv qeese, The
с 'Transair
бЗ26. Roger Request yoLlr intentions,
impact destroyed one engine, datTaged several fап Р Соmрапу adrl se rve с]jsеmЬаrk оur passengers
blades оп another апd extensive]y damaged the hеrе, Сап you аrrаllgе а bus for us? Transair бЗ26,
airframe, Repairs cost $6 m I ion. С Tl,ansa r бЗ26, Are yoL_r аЬ]е to taxi to parking аrеа
tv,/c, straight ahead, 20О пl?

Р Тrапsаir бЗ26. Negative due precautionary ,ij,li tr.€jj:;
engine ShUtdown.
PNF pilot non-flying, Р pilot flying,
С Тrапsаir бЗ26. Roger, We'll send а bus out to you = =

АТС = air-traffic controller

PNF Wnat's the с :.- -g o1,ocedure?

Un,i t 11 Ditchings Р Jlst run lt frоm tne check-| st, Get the cabin crew to
tэr ef tie paSSengerS,

Nairobi Centre. this is охаir З71. Confirm the

?"i 4 А*
d stance to I\,4огпЬаssа, We have fuel problems,
Well we're looking here at ап aircraft wreck. l think it might Seems the lines may Ье blocked,
Ье iп Аmеrrса. l say that because the ]etters and numbers АТС Oxair З7]. This is Nairob] сепtrе. QDl\,4 l\,4ombassa ]s
on the side of the fuselage, NBBBHB, tell US that the 200' with З0 miles to ruп,
aircraft is оп the Аmеriсап register, р we аrе not able. l think we are not able to reach
lt's d fficult to say how mапу engines the aircraft had the land ,., We аrе 4,000 ft and we mау ose both
because only the tail and the top half of the fuselage аrе engines ,,, We mау have to ditch. Оха]r З7-1 ,,.
visib]e; the rest is submerged iп water, lt's difficult to say
Oxair З71 . We аrе declaring а mayday and рrераriпg
what the water is, lt could Ье ап everglade оr it could Ье а
to ditch. Сап you Send LlS helicopters or Something
lake, lt could possibly Ье а coastal area, lt ooks to me like
like that?
it's iп the southern or central раrt of America.
АТС Охаir З71 , Na]rob] сепtrе, Nzlayday acknowledged,
The sky looks quite cloudy, stormy possibly. Where the ']2
l\,4aiindi аirроrt s сlоsеr in your two o'clock, rапgе
sky meets the ground we сап see ev dence of ра m trees miles, Сап you make ]t there?
and quite dense vegetation. So it could Ье in а fairly hot
morst part of Сепtrаl America, somewhere ]ike Costa Rica Р Unab е, Unable to ma nta]n alt]tude ,,. Тhеrе аrе two
оr Nicaragua. The aircraft has clearly suffered qulte а ships, l'm going to join them left side heading lB0,
heavy blow. perhaps iп landing, because it's actuaily split Can you contact tГrem please. lVayday, Охаir З71.
in the middle right through the nat опаl ty markings the АТС Oxair З71 , We have very l mited coasta] rescue
back of the aircraft has Ьееп completely Ьrоkеп, iacilities. Опе CASEVAC helicopter is at Malindi
and just аirЬоrпе to your location, Say again your
,;;:_,. 'я intentions? .,, Oxair З71 , Say again, l did not сору,
Say again your evel,
Good mоrпiпg, Today we're going to talk about ditching.
lt's something that реорlе сап worry about but п пе out
Р Comp ete the ditch]ng dr ll, There is а boat left s]de,

of ten pilots Who attempt ditching in the ocean succeed,

|'m going to go thеrе. . 1,,100 ft, preparing to ditch,
1\4ayday З71.
even whеп it invoives coming down close to the shore,
АТС lVayday З71. Rоgеr. The helicopter is five mi|es away
So ladies and gentlemen, it stilI makes sense to саrrу at
and has you in sight, l\,4alindi is right three o'cIock at
least basic flotation in every aircraft. not just those which
eight mi es поw, WllI you make \,4alindi?
travel очеr water or coastal areas. ]f you ever find yourself
afloat in а river or even а pond, а device as simple as р unable, unab,le to reach the field, we have two
an ]nflatable life vest will greatly improve уоur odds of boats, оп the left side, big boats. ,., We'lI try to Jand
surviving, Fоr 1onger drstances а raft is essential, пеаr, Can you get а wаrпiпg to them? N/ayday З71,

Having Search and Rescue пеаr improves survival odds, АТС Mayday З71. Nairobi Сепtrе. Wilco.
The best way to do th s is to f lе and fly оп ап iFR fllght
рlап. А radioed mayday call followed Ьу loss of radar
contact will usually result in you gettin9 the immediate
attention of the SАR, The next best SАR insurance ls radar
Unit 12 AnimaLs
traffic advisories while ореrаtiпg VFR. j"n J
So, how do you avoid go пg rnto the water in the first
place? Well, the most obvious things to avoid are running Here we have а scene, quite possibly in Africa. where
а light single-engine h gh-wing аirсrаft has landed оп а
out of gas and making sure the gas you have ]sn't fouled
plain. The plain has fairly long grass, possibly а grass
with water оr other debris,
airstrip, but ] cannot see the surface, l wouid say the
At least а third of all ditchings аrе caused Ьу fuel area iS quite remote aS there аrе по buildlngs оr airport
exhaustion, mismanagement, оr contaminat]on, facilit]es iп the аrеа, The aircraft has the registration SY,,
N/echanical failures аrе listed as the cause iп пеаrlу as and looks like it could seat аrоuпd eight passengers. lп
mапу ditchings as fue] exhaustion, about 25 percent. Fue] the foreground, on the right side of the picture, опlу 50 m
icing сап also Ье а factor; apply carb heat immediately оr so frorn the aircraft, s а large mammal, ап elephant.
when you suspect icing, Time and time again, a]rcraft walking frоm right to left, ln the distance there is а ridge
are taken out of the water with по apparent mechan]cal of hi]ls covered Ьу scrub and sparse vegetation, The
faults, strongly suggesting that carb ice has caused а fueI аеrоdrоmе itself is completely unsecured, which is why
blockage wild ап malS аrе able to rоагп free у аrоuпd the аrеа, This
But if you have the choice between landing оп the water is cloarly а hazard for flight safety,
or impacting trees, rocks, оr other rough surfaces, l'd say
the water is mоrе likely to Ье survivable,


;.,'i ,' ] Ii 1]i

Р1|2 = pilol 1l2 р -pilot,c=controller

Р1 Everything was поrmаl during рrе-f igПt, The с Worldair Т25. С eared immedlate take-off runway 14,
rагпр guys gave the first offlcer the HAZIVAT dur ng р Тоwеr, This s Worldair 725, Negative take,off, We've
the wa karound, and noted а 20 k] о package got а tUrt е on the runway hеrе in front of us,
of dry ice, Dur ng tax , we had а delay wait ng fоr
с Wor dair 725, Rоqеr, Но d pos tion, Сапсеl
the closeout, but we final у c]ot the c]oseout and
iake-off с]еаrапсе, we'll send sогпеопе out tnere to
proceeded with departure fоr Jakarta, about quarter
get lt off, otherwise you'll Ье wait]ng аl] day.
of an hour late,
р Wor da r 725, Но ding, Thank you,
Р2 Oh yeah?
P,l After ап hour оr so, we got ап ACARS гпеssаgе 'i ;:,1l
to contact dispatch, So we d d and they said we
had а dog loaded with the dry се, We needed P112 = pilot 1/2, С = controller
to have the cjog tToved to another compartment, So
we diverted to ,.,
С Silverwing ЗВЗ, Vacate right at F, Contact ground оп
Р2 Oh, ycu diverted?
Р1 Turning right at F. 122,950. S1 verwlng З8З,
Р1 Yeah, we Contacted Вrislэапе сопtrоl, explained the
С Topswiss 46, CIeared to and runway ЗЗL, Surface
s tuat оп апd toid them we пееdеd to lапd ,,, -]5
wind З50', kn,
р2 What about your weight?
Р2 Cleared to land runway ЗЗL, Topswiss 46,
р1 Exact|yi We were about З2,600 pounds, so we
Topswiss 46, There's ап oblect on the runway, Going
iec ared ап еп]еrgепсу, but made а потmа
аррrоасП and landing, moved the dog to апоihеr
согпраrtmепt, and flew оп to Jakarta, С Topswlss 46, Roger go аrоuпd.
Р2 What а ра nl Was the ive ап mаl noted on the Р,| Tower. Si vеrw пg ЗВЗ, Тhеrе s а dead dееr оп the
с oseout? rUпWау, about З,000 ft dоwп, right of сепtrе ine,

Р1 Yeah, it was. \laybe we were rushing because of С Rоgеr, We' l have а veh cle соmе and remove it,
the de ау, l don't know. but по one mentioned апу

I ve an mals. е ther dur пg tne wa karound оr

pushback, Uni t t^Jind and

think we should have гпоrе nformation about
саrrуiпg ive at,litTals, someth ng other thап 1ust, 'lve ," ,,),''|
апimа] 0]'оп tne CloSeout.
We] We'Ve got а picture hero of an Alrbus operated Ьу
Р2 Yeah, that would deflniteiy he р to avoid that kind of
Sw ss doing а very uпсопvепt опаl anding, We can оп у
tninc] ,,,
speculate lvhy that happened, it cou d Ье the resu t
of wake turbuience оr t cou]d hаче been ап unstab е
ii l 'i !.: аррrоасil. But lэaslcal у he or she is lапd trg wlth the r gnt
wing very, vеrу ow so tnat tne whole of the а rcraft has
Р = pilot flying, С = controller
anded оп the right mаlп whee , As we ook at the picture
Р Tower, Cargostar З22, we con't kпоw vlhat the end result wll] Ье, All we can see
С Cargostar З22. Pass уоur message, s the runway, Тhеrе's smoke соm ng from the right-hand
mаiп whee, wh ch has touched the ground, but the поsе
Р Тhеrе's wi dlfe ruпп пg around п frопt of our aircraft
wheel is st l ln the а r,
over here, Cargostar З22,
Apart from the aircraft we сап see the runway and some
С Cargcstar З22, Do you want а truck out there?
taxlways апd а arge area of grass beh nd it. The р lot
Р Someone ought to соmе and check it out, They're cou]d аЬапdоп the апd пg, apply power апd execute а
heading over towards the grass оп the r ght-hand m ssed approach, but we don't kпоw what happened and
S de, Cd'gosld, З22, perhaps the pilot was аЬlе to land, Either way it does not
С Cargostar З22, Say posit on, look l ke а safe оr а good and пg,
Р lпЬоuпd оп taxiway D, just before the
G, Cargostar З22,
lntersection with
С Cargosiar З22, What ]s t, do you kпоw? ок, iet's f rst think about whеп а сопtrо]lеr shou d use
Р They ]ook l ke rodents, mауЬе rats, but they might visua separation, АТС need to conslder the fo lowing
Ье something е se. Cargostar З22, points before separating depari пg а rcraft Ьу v suai
тпеапS, Аlrсrа{t реrfоrmапсе, wake turbuience, closure
С Tokyo rats, l'l1 call catering,
rate, routes of fll9ht and known weather cond tions, li
Success ve departure routes оr а rcraft реrfоrmапсе
prevent the pi ot frоm maintaining adequate separation
tnen don't apply visual separation of а rcraft,

Now we need to consider а пumьеr of other factors - it Р Rоgеr. Кеер us nformed and let us know what
must Ье day, the a]r-traffic control еr must have both works fоr you, we аrе ma ntainin9 З20'. GH,1559,
aircraft in sight and mUSt Ье in rаdiо contact with at АТС GH1559, expect sогпе de ау, vectors for
least опе of them, The fllght сrеw of the trailing а rсrаft поw, turn further right heading З50", The
must have the ]ead аirсrаft in siqht апd Ьо informed of thunderstorm shou d с ear ]п the next tеп minutes
the lead aircraft's position, its direct оп of flight and its оr so and we can bring you п behind it. Сап you
crew's intentions. The piiots of the trаillпq a]rcraft must reduce speed to 200 kn?
acknowJedge sighting the lead aircraft and they wi l then
Р Rоgеr, We']l s]ow down to 200 indicated, heading
Ье instructed to maintain visuaI separation,
З50' and standing Ьу for descent, GH1559.
lt's important for the piiots of the trailing arrcraft to
rеmеmЬеr that the tower controller wiil not provlde visua
separation between aircraft when wake turbu]ence
separation is required, ln controlled airspace with АТС
Unit 1Ц Ic,i ng
rаdаr coverage, the controller must inform tГre р lot of
convergtng aircraft апd VFВ traffic, lп cru se, whеп ]FR tr-#ф
and VFR aircraft аrе sometimes separated Ьу as little as
what ooks l ke а Jet Blue
Th s is а р cture from the rеаr of
500 ft, pilots mUSt USe аррrорriаtе avordance procedures,
Atrbls. lt's on the ground being prepared for departure
Of course, the рrоЬlеm w th wake turbulence is that it ]s dur пg winter operations п а snowy mountatnous area,
пеаrlу always inv sib]e, so pilots need to anticipate where it There's sпоw оп the ground which looks as though it has
might Ье, RеmеmЬеr. the weather is go пg to affect wake Ьееп cleared from the taxiway, Сlеаrlу, whi]e the aircraft
turbulence, lf it's still, then there is mоrе chance of wake was оп the ground, meteorolog саl conditrons weren't
Turbu'erce оссJrr ng, idea], lt was possibly snowing, and b,ecause the wings and
Einally, rеmеmЬеr your role, As а r-traffic contro 1ers you airframe were cold, th]s attracted the preclpitation which
need to issue 'Caut on - wake turbulence' warnings оп у. has frоzеп, Тhе wings аrе Ье ng sprayed with de- cing
You аrе not responsible fоr antlcipatlng the existence оr f uid tn order to rеmоче апу ice deposlts оп the surfaces,
effect of the condition, particularly оп the lift surfaces, The wings аrе b,eing
sрrауеd Ьу а truck with special roof-mounted Spraying
]:аа f}: т*l эел equ pment, The wings wlll Ье coated with an anti-ic пg
coating опсе the lce has mo]ted. l guess thе aircraft is at
Р- piIot, ДТС = air-traffic controller the designated de ic ng faC]lity at the airport,
Р We've got some heavy rаiп апd thunderstorгns, Сап
we go north? GH1559, Ё,*#
АТС GH]559, you can either go north оr turn left The most severe iclng encounter l've ечеr experienced
and trу and get south of it, Vlу radar doesn't see as happened опсе when l was dolng mountatn flуlпg п
far as yours, а Dash В-200 mode], lt was -В', This is the magic
Р l'd iike to go north, the weather appears to Ье temperature, We started р cking up super cooled
moving South So that'S а pretty much better option 1аrgе droplets aIFL22O, Within that first minute we had
right now, GH1559, ассuгпu ated so much ice we had lost -]5 kn. l could barely
АТС GH]559, Rоgеr, what heading do you want?
see out mу ieft w пdоw at the boots and рrореlJеr.
Р З]5 or З20' shou d Ье sufficient to clear it.
lп my ехреriепсе, f you lose your w]ndshie]d ]п the dash,
GH ] 559,
it shows the ice is getting behind the de-]ce equipment,
l had the се SyStemS set at max mum and l lost mу
АТС GH1559. Turn rght heading З20", A]l traff с runway w]ndshieId completely. The аlrfrаmе was vibratlng ancl
2В departure windshear alert, Runway 2В departure
shaking violentiy апd l knew we cou dn't с imb out of it
microburst act v ty one mi е north of centreline, in time, We requested lower and when АТС сlеаrеd us
20 kп oss, rапgе f ve miles.

dropped the props to ],200 rрm, switchecl off the autopilot

А]l traffic,SlGl\/ET ехtrегпе weather warning, Severe and dove down at 4,000 ft реr mlnute.
precipitation, north-WeSt of the field moV пg
We finaliy broke out of lN,4C at ]] 000 and АТС wanted us
eastbound extending approximately flvo miles to contact thе airport in sight, but I toid thern we neecjed
acroSS, to f|y for а bit and get lower to melt all trre ice as l couldn't
GH ]559, We have а thunderstorm r ght over the see out mу wlndow to ]апd.
airport rignt now, l сап take you somewhere to hold So. before we mоvе on, have апу of you had an ic ng
or give you delaying vectors while you wait it out, We experience?
have а w ndshear aiert and microburst reports for
runway 2В.
Р Why don't you just give us vectors around t?
GH]559. Р1/2 = pilot'l/2, С = controlIer
АТС GH]559, Roger, expect descent 1п а couple of Р1 \layday, lvlayday, \,4ayday, VаrЬurg approach,
miles and mа]пtаiп your current heading. This w]ll Dоrпiеr 28D, Altitude В,000. Descending.
Ье vectors to the iLS for ruпwау 2В, There rеаlIу
С Nzlayday 2BD, Say aga r
isn't much опсе you go through the current area,
Depending оп what the wind does we mау Ье Р1 lVayday, lVayday, \4ayday 7,200, Descending.
able to Ьriпg you iп on ruпwау 19, Cannot сопtrоl the а rcraft Dorn еr 2BD.


с 2BD R-': .ave emergency servlces passengers and сап Ье pretty scary for us Flving in
Stana -.] a /ar,bUrg airport is about five stormy conditions is always а chal]enge, but when
m ]es ,-- ., you get active storm c]ouds at high altltudes, when
there's up ift and moisture tl the clouds, it's rеа ly
р1 6,500 ;эii ng Some control поW, l'm
^ 'п] 1rуiп8 to гпаiпtаiп airspeed tough,
if you can't fly through thегп, do you fly аrоuпd
с 28D, s,i..,,"1,our qrolnd speed as 160 kn. N/aybe them?
yoUl, D-tct t,lbe ls frozen up? р Yeah, wherever possible, Flуiпg through storms ooes
р1 |'m rn t,e с ouds, alt tude 6.000, Heading 040", l
парреп. but l th nk пlоst pilots WoUid agree that it
have сспtrо aga]n ]-]ow, but had to dlve because we rs pretty UnUSUal to take ап aircraft straight into а
lost аl airspeed wlth по warn ng, 28D, storm ce]i,

с 28D, Rоgеr, l What do you do when уоu'rе faced w tП storms?

р ]f there s а line of storm clouds to fly through,
28D, Radar shows mоrе showers to the north-east
1 don't kпоw what the temperatl]re is, bui you
you usual у go for а gap iп the line, We have а
of you,
rгigЬt pic( Lo sоrе mоrе lC 1q, radar оп board wh ch Senses water ciroplets, So we
сап see storm activ ty up ahead and plan for lt,
р2 Un ted ВВЗ, Overhead Talsi. Passing alt iude
Whеп visib!lity ls рооr. оr you аrе flying at night,
5,000 ft ltl the d-^scent. Temperature -2, ,5 at the rаdаr ts especiaily important, The probletT is,
7,000. We do have some s1-1ow in the ciouds,
thе rаdаr опlу setlses water сlrор ets, ]t сап't s-^e
с United ВВЗ, Did yotl pick up апу icing оп the turbulence , so еvеп if you fly аrо!пd а storm, it cou]cj
descent? still Ье а Ьumру ride.
р2 дf|]rгr. United ВВЗ, We kпоw bad weather causes а lot of delays for
с Urlii-.d 8ВЗ, Rоgеr. Descend ar-ld rTaintaltr a]titude arrllnes. Аrе stоrгпs раrtlсulаrlу dlsruptive?
.4,OOaJ ft, Cleared lLS approach runway 04, Thanks р Yеаh, lveather s lsua ly in tne top three rеаSопS
fcr the rероrt, for de!ay. l опсе had to c rcumnavigate а lаrgе аrеа
р2 С eared 1LS аррrоасh runway 0z1. United ВВЗ. of slrowers over the western paclf с tryhich tлlаs
а most З00 пrп oL]t of the u/ay, Def n te]V th-^ longeSt
с lr/ayday 28D, There rS а report of ic ng cOl1ditionS to
d version l ever had to make,
the east of Vо! at 5,000, State tntentions,
р1 l'd like to proceed to VarbUrg. l've got the boots and
heat оп, and .,, ]t seems to Ье оК, 2BD, (:,. 1 ]l :1

с lVayday 2BD, Beadability 2, You пlight nave ice оп Р -pilot,c=controller

yoUr апtеппа.
Р K]nclat tower, СD4]З, Пероrtiпg windsnear at
800 ft, Airspeed loss 25 kп wiih significant port dr ft

Uni t 15 Stoгms с СD4]З. Boger, cont nue approaoh

р СD4-1З. Negatlve, going around.

iJ i,r,i
We have а large соmmеrсiаl aircraft, а 747, in Wnat
appears to Ье thе lапdiпg phase of fl ght ot,l а pretty Р =pilot,C=controller
m serable, dark evening. The mа п gear арреаrs to
Ье partia]ly extended, апd it has lts 1anding lights оп,
Р Buzzard 29] ,,, Lth ,,, \n/e еr. we th пk v,re',.le lrad а
! ghttl;tlg str ke on the port side,
Speaking about the meteorologica сопd tions, we
nave convective stоrrпs produc пg fork lightning, dense С BulZJ'o -J', Rо 1е,,
clouds, whlch the pi ot would have to avoid; апd there аrе Р According to n]et r^le drdn't eXpect апу ihLjnderStorn-
possibly updrafts and squalls io avoid, and crosswlnds, act v ty, Do you have an update on the weather?
The rudder. the yaw directional controi, wou d пеео to Ье Boz-zard 291 ,

controlled automatically оr perhaps very carefully manually с Buzzard 291, Stand bv,
operated, to keep the а rcraft in line with the ruпwау рriоr
to landing, Visib llty mау also Ье poor, so ail together the
conditlons iook qu te chaiienglng for the fiight сr,оw, The ::
aircraft is approaching from rlght to left over а body of р =pilot,c=controlIer
water, perhaps а river, and there are htlis on either side
of the water, iп the djstatrce is what looks ]ike а large city с осеап 452, Cl гпЬ апd mаlпtаiп altitude ]0.000 ft оп
with а Iot of high rise buiidings, 1эоssiЬlу iп North Апlеr са, aitimeter 29,В9. F у heading 270",
C]imb апd maintain altitude ]0,000 ft attlmeter 29,Bg
оп nead пg 270, Осеап 452,
Осеап 452, Request higher оr а пеw headlng for
l = interviewer, Р = pilot
lmmediate weather avoidanc-^,
l What's t ike to fly through а storm? с Осеап 452, Standby.
Р Actually flyinq into а storm ls pretty nasty for the р Осеап 452. We must turn immediate right heading


с 2BD, Rоgеr lt4ayday. We have еmеrgепсу services passengers and сап Ье pretty scary for us. Flying in
stand ng bv n the аrеа, Varburg airport is about five storrny condit ons is a|ways а сhаllепgе, but when
mi]es north-east of you. you get active storm ciouds at high altitudes, when
р1 6,500, I'm Just gett]n9 some control поw. l'm there'S Up]ift and moisture in the clouds, it's rеаllу
indicating В0 kn, l'm try п9 to maintain airspeed, tough,
It/ayday 28D, lf you can't f у through them, do you fly around
с 28D, l show your ground speed as 160 kп, lVауЬе them?
your pitot tube is frozen up? р Yеаh, whеrеvеr posslble, Flуiпg through storms does
р1 |'m iп thе clouds, altitude 6,000. Head]ng 040'. l
happen, but l think most pilots would аgrее that it
have сопtrоl again now, but had to dive because we is pretty unusua] to take ап aircraft straight into а
lost а l airspeed with по warning, 28D, storm cell.
с 28D, Rоgеr. I What do you do when уоu'rе faced wlth storms?
28D, Rаdаr shows mоrе showers to the north-east р ]f there is а line of storm clouds to f у through,

of you, l don't know what the temperature is, but you you usua lу go for а gap in the line. We have а
1ight о с< Jlэ some ^ ore сiг9, radar оп board which senses water droplets, so we
can see storm activity up ahead and plan for it,
Р2 United ВВЗ, Overhead Talsi. Passing alt]tude
When visibility s рооr, оr you are f ying at night,
5 000 fl iп tne descent. Temperature -2, -5 at
the radar is espec ally iгпроrtапt, The рrоЬ|еm is,
7,000, We do have some snow iп thе clouds,
the rаdаr оп у sепsеs wаtеr droplets, lt can't see
С United ВВЗ, Dld you р ck up апу icing оп the turbu]ence, so еvеп f you f у around а storm, ]t could
deScent? st]l] Ье а bumpy ride.
Р2 Affirm. Un]ted ВВ3, l We know bad weather causes а lot of delays for
G United 8ВЗ. Rоgеr, Descend and rпа ntain alt tude аir]iпеs, Аrе stоrгпs particularly disruptive?
4,000 ft. Cleared lLS approach ruпwау 04. Thanks Р Yeah, weather is usually in the top three rеаsопs
for the rероrt, for delay, l опсе had to clrcumnavigate а lаrgе аrеа
Р2 С еаrеd lLS approach runway 04, United ВВЗ. of showers оvеr the wеstеrп pacif с wh ch was
С l\4ayday 28D, There is а report of iclng conditrons to almost З00 nm out of the vlау, Definitely the longest
the east of yoU at 5,000, State intent onS, diversion l ever had to make,
Р1 l'd like to proceed to Varburg. l've got the boots and
heat on, and ,., it seems to Ье оК, 2BD. "} гl..ъ
С N/ayday 2BD, Readab llty 2. You might have се on Р =pilot,c=controller
yoUr antenna,
Р Kindat tower, СD4lЗ, Reportlng windshear at
В00 ft, А rspeed loss 25 kп with sign ficant port drift,
Unit 15 Stогms С СD41З, Roger, contlnue approach.
Р СD41З. Negative, going around.
'-1 /^я r'_l"s
l, " i"r J
We have а large commercia] aircraft, а 747, in what
appears to Ье the Jапdlпg phase of f ight оп а pretty ]-=l,,",, С = controller
miserab]e, dark evening. The main gеаr appears to
Ье partially extended, and it has its 1anding lights оп, Р Buzzard 29]. ,,, uh ,., we, er. we thrnk we've had а
Speaking about the meteorologica] condltions, we lightning strike on the port side,
have convectlve storms producing fork lightning, dense С B-lzard 29', Rоgе.,
clouds, which the pilot wouid have to avoid; and thero аrе Р According to met we didn't expect апу thunderstorm
possib]y updrafts and squal s to avoid, апd crosswinds, activity, Do you have an update оп the weather?
The rudder, the yaw directional control, would пееd to Ье Buzzard 291,
сопtrо led automat caily or реrhарs very carefuily manua ly
operated, to keep the aircraft ]п line with the runway рrоr
С Bozzard 29-1 , Stand Ьу.

to landing, Visibility may also Ье poor, so а11 together the

conditions ook quite chal eng ng for the flight сrеw. The d"Е Ё

aircraft is аррrоасhiпg from right to eft over а body of Р =pilot,C=controller

water, perhaps а river, and there are hi]ls оп either side
of the water, ln the distance is what looks like а large city с осеап 452. С imb апd maintain altitude ,10.000 ft оп
with а lot of hl9h rlse buildlngs, poss bly in North America. а]tiгпеtеr 29,В9. Flу heading 270',
Р Ciimb and maintain altitude ]0,000 ft altimeter 29,Bg
оп headlng 27О, асеап 452.
"# tr.*ffi
Осеап 452. Request higher or а пеw heading for
l = interviewer, Р = pilot
rmmed]ate wеаtr]еr avoidance,
l What's it like to f]y througn а storm? С Осеап 452, Standby.
Р Actua lу flying into а storm is pretty nasty for the Р Ocean 452, We rnust turn immediate right heading


З50", encountering intense weather showing on that thUnderstorms сап сопIа п 1-s: ablout еVеrу nasty aSpect
wester у heading, There fee]s like а ]ot of Charlie in опе package.
Bravo activity аrоuпd here ... The airport ап arrcraft s ,,,,,а t]ng to depart from mlght
have perfect fly пg condrt опs but if the destination
Jъ 4э} airport or the route has oad \,veather you mау well have
to delay the aircraft, Duriпg departure, you route the
Р =pilot,C=controller aircraft to а specific navigatron point. the 'departure
Р Citylink бВ2, Sечеrе turbulence at FLЗ50, Request fix', lf thunderstorms оr other bad weather аrе l ngering
lоwеr. аrоuпd this fix location, or elsewhere аlопg the route of
flight, оr еvеп at the destination, then you have to prevent
С Citylink бВ2, Descend FLЗЗO.
departures to the affected area,
Р Descending to FLЗЗO, Citylink бВ2.
So what procedure do you use to do this ,,.
С Citylink бВ2, How аrе your conditions now?
Р Still moderate chop, We've experienced some
severe jolts, No injuries, We've spoken with
mаiпtепапсе, апd we'd like to d]чеrt to Southampton Р Drаgеу control. FбЗ4ТG, Florie 2З altitude З,500 ft
to got the airframe checked piease. Citylink бВ2, estrmatrn9 РВЕТЕ З2.
с1 Fбз4тG.

Ргоgгеss test Р
PAN PAN PAN PAN PAN PAN Dragey control.
3 FбЗ4ТG. Cirrus SR22. Loss of power. Request
F immediate diversion to Friпе-Lе-Воurg. Four
ffi й,ý"ъ miles northeast of Flоrlе, pass пg alt]tude З,000 ft,
descending, heading 3]0", Two persons on broard,
This image ls of а United States aircraft in blue and
white colours with а large Аmеriсап flag оп the tail of the С1 FбЗ4ТG. Drаgеу control, Rоgеr PAN, Frine-Le-Bourg
alrcraft. It ]s stat onary оп the арrоп and it s obviously is nine mi eS to the east of your position, Тurп rlght
а government aircraft, А number of peopie аrе standing heading 0В0",
Ьу the wheels of the aircraft and there is ап empty Р Bight, heading 0В0', FбЗ4ТG.
government vehicle that has the back open, that looks FбЗ4ТG. Declaring ап еmеr9епсу. We've lost all
1ike it ]seitner about to un]oad оr it has already un|oaded engine power now, l say again, we have по engine
some fairly Sесurе or important baggage оr freight into power, Pass ng а titude 2,600, Descending, Heading
the аirсrаft itself. The rеаsоп | say that it rs important 050",
is because n the foreground there are three рrоmlпепt
security guards each with ап Alsatian dog, Two mеп
С1 Rоgеr IVАYDАY, The emergency services have Ьееп
alerted. Fr]ne-Le-Bourg is now опе o'c]ock. seven
and опе Woman. They аrе dressed in military uniform,
mi]es, Contact Frine,Le Bourg оп ]24,050.
shirt sleeves rolled up and peak caps, Опе of the men is
wearing sunglasses, The dogs аrе оп а short Iead, each р -]24,050,
of the leads is а metal chain, апd they are walking frоm Frine-Le-Bourg tower. FбЗ4ТG, We're six miles east
right to left, lnterestingly lcan't See апу оthеr guards at аlJ, your field, altitude 2,100, descending, heading 0В0.
The arr stair dооr 1s ореп for the crew at the front of the We have no power,
aircraft. There is very little detail of the airfield. С2 F-ТG, Friпе-Lе,Воurg tower. Rоgеr IVAYDAY, We аrе
ready for your arrival,
Р Altitude -] ,600, descending. What is the closest
Good mоrпiпg, We've already looked at delays due to suitablo terra]n for а forced landing? F-TG,
technica] difficulties but today we're going to focus оп the с2 F-TG. You have unwooded fieIds, опе о'с ock, four
Weather. Bad weather cauSeS far mоrе delays than апу miles, Frine-Le-Bourg is поw '12 o'cIock, flve m]les,
other factor, Р Altitude 1,400, l don't think we have enough height
commercia] aircraft have а lot of restrictions and ruies to make it over the water. We rпау put it down in the
about operating iп the vicinity of bad weather. Alrcraft Iake. F-ТG.
can't take off unless the visibility at the destination airport С2 F-TG. Roger, We аrе iп contact with the sailing club
is forecast to Ье at or above а certa п distance, Usua lу оп Lac de Friпе. Friпе-Lе-Воurо is now ]2 o'clock,
half а mile, Airlines take great саrе when bad weather s four m]les.
reported, because they want to prevent passenger lnJury.
Two thirds of turbulence-related accidents occur at оr
Р Altitude 900, F-TG.
above 30,000 ft, In fact 46О/о of all passenger ]n]urles ]п С2 F-TG, А right turn, head ng ]00', w]ll take you closer
flight are due to turbulence. This leaves airlines with little to rescue vessels,
choice but to delay fJights when bad weather turbulence Р Roger, 100". Sailing club in sight, Preparing to ditch,
approaches. F-TG,
Although people thlnk of the wiпtеr as being connected С2 F-ТG, Rоgеr, We are adl,1iseC there ]s по activity on
with bad weather it is usually spring and summer months the lake, Surface wlnd са]m,
which аrе the worst for bad weather deiays. These
months саrrу hot humid air, which produces dangerous
thunderstorms, severe lightning and turbulence, lп fact


Un,i t 16 Dергеssuг ,|
zat i оп QNH ls 1020 millibars and they are using runway 0В.
Your transmission is breaking up, please say again
your call sign, is it 404? ls that соrrесt? Or 2405?
,ffiт, ft-"tffi сР 404, SuпЬird 404.
This is а picture of а 7З7 оп the ground, obviously, and London we request straight-in аррrоасh from
it has suffered а serious problem, The top half of the -1'1
,000 ft, Request clearance for а priority landing
fuselage has blown away. lt probably happened in the air. runway 0В. Also request full emergency services.
]ooks mоrе like а pressurization failure than а result of
sabotage, The pilot seems to have got the aircraft оп the
Т ОК, services оп their way. Squawk 7700, can you
switch to frequency 12В,975 ?
ground safe and sound and l'd imagine the passengers,
other than those in the damaged area, were evacuated СР Sunbird 404. Negative, We would like to work this
ок, {requency. lt looks like we've lost а door. We have а
hole in this, ah, left side of the aircraft.
We don't know anything about the Weather conditions or
geographical surroundings other than there are а few hills Ah, we're gоппа need assistance. We cannot
in the background. lt looks very much as if it's suffered а communlcate with the flight attendants, Ah, we'll
mаjоr structural failure and been safely landed, lguess t is need assistance for the passengers when we land,
поw being investigated to see what rесоmmепdаtiопs can Т ОК, l understand, We're going to have all
ье made to the authorities and manufacturer. еmеr9епсу services. They are in рlасе and are ready
The unfortunate thing is that anybody sitting in that area for your arrival,
would have probably suffered major inluries if not fatalities. СР Roger, Passing through 9,0О0 ft. Аrе we clear to
There rs а vehiclo in the foreground near the aircraft just land ruпwау 0В?
iп front of the right engine. lt has some sort of emblem

17 Раssепgег
оп the side but it is difficult to make out. The aircraft has
two stripes ruппlпg along the fuselage which have Ьееп Un,i t
interrupted Ьу the missing section
f} ty
Yesterday а passenger fiight еп route to Kiev had to make цшр tr-ýffi
ап еmеrgепсу landing in Stockholm when ап oxygen ln the first picture, there is а man who ls walklng down
cylinder smasned through the skin of ап aircraft, the aisle of ап aircraft cabin between the seats with an
The Boeing 747 jumbo jet was flying frоm Oslo to the aggressive look оп his face. Не has black hair and is
Ukrainian capital with З84 passengers апd 1В сrеw on wearing а shirt. There аrе two other passengers iп the
board. lt was cruising at З0,000 feet when the aircraft picture, опе mап who is standing behind, and an older
experienced а loss of cabin pressure. Passengers and man iп front, оп the left side of the picture, who is sitting
crew report hearing а loud Ьапg рriоr to the loss of in his seat, There is а woman too, who appears to Ье
pressure which was probab|y the cylinder exploding. The dressed in uпifоrm, She is perhaps а flight attendant, All
aircraft was forced to make ап еmеrgепсу ]апdlпg at three people look сопсеrпеd as if they аrе afraid of the
Stockholm whеrе several of the passengers wеrе treated man or as if he might do something malicious.
for shock. |п the second picture, the mап has entered the cockpit

Ап immediate inspection revealed а rupture in the fuselage and has attacked the captain who is seated at the
measuring one and а half metres. lnvestigators haven't controls, There is а struggle. The attacker has his right
ru]ed out terrorist activity although по traces of explosive arm аrоuпd the captain's песk апd has the captaln's head
residue were found. Officials have said the most likely iп а headlock, The captain is trуiпg to stop the attacker
cause is failure of опе of the seven охуgеп cylinders found strangling him, using his hands to pull away the attacker's
оп this craft. The pressure from the failed cylinder sent аrm, Behind the attacker is what looks like а member of
it through the passenger саЬiп апd out of the fuselage, the crew. Не has his rrght arm around the attacker, and is
паrrоwlу missing а number of passengers, holding the attacker's ]eft аrm, trying to pul1 him away frоm
the captain.
lп the past, external caUSeS have resulted in blown
cylinders, However, the faulty cylinder iп this case hasn't ln the final picture, things арреаr to Ье under control.
Ьееп recovered yet, The exact cause of the explosion is Clearly, the male flight attendant Wrestled the attacker to
uпkпоwп, and it is likely to Stay that way unti| investigators the floor and поw the attacker is lying face down iп the
аrе able to find the cylinder. aisle of the саЬiп, The male flight attendant is restraining
the attacker Ьу kneeling across the attacker's back and
fl ,{ {it
pulling his right аrm behind his back, There аrе two female
"Jф;t д" {ф flight attendants, опе kneeling in the aisle behind the
GР =co-pilot,T=tower attacker and the other is stood behind her. l сап also see
а passenger iп her seat оп the right-hand side who iooks
сР London information, Sunbird 404, we're inbound for а bit worried.
landing at Exeter. We're just, ah, 30 miles
south-west of the BHD VОR, descending out of
15,000 ft, and we have rapid depr ,,, we are
unpressurized. Declaring an еrпеrgепсу ,..
Т Sunbird 404, the wind at Exeter ls 040" at']5 kn.

р Turn left hеаэ ,. j ::-', -.а]r 45З,
с lnda]r 45З, Conf ,". ,:e,lt cns after touchdown.
NД = n€WSroom anchor, R = reporter, Р = pilot
р We'd like to gc 1. а .cl]lpany gate, if possible. We
NA А Western Pacif с flight makes ап егпеrgепсу lапdiпg haven't сооrd .ated ,y ih 1hem yet. lпdаir 45З,
in Seoul after а passenger declares that the aircraft
ls falling apart, News East's Kate Shamayoto is at
с lndair 45З, \l/o!|o ycu ke mе to coordtnate with
the airport with mоrе details of this strange case,
р Affirm. lпdа r ,х5З,
R You 1ust don't expect things like this to happen,
All of а sudden, а passenger in the very 1ast row с lndalr 45З, After landing proceed to north cargo 5. is
starts yelling that the aircraft is going to break that ОК w th you?
up, Flight 76 was оп it's way from Busan to Beiling р North cargo f ve. Request progressive taxi after
when it WaS forced to гпаkе ап emergency Stop land ng, indair 45З,
in Seoul after flight attendants couldn't 9et the mап с lndair 45З, Wilco, that wil Ье w th ground оп
uпdеr contro]. The aircraft ]anded at around 6,З0 last
NA l understand the flight attendants had Some Specral
help оп board. What can you tell us about that?
Uni t 18 ВоmЬ sсаге
R Арраrепtlу there WaS quite а Struggle and When the
passen9ers saw that the attendants wеrе struggling
.i #,fiЁ
to control the mап 1hey 1umped iп to help. They said ОК we've got two pictures hеrе. Both taken in the same
they had some difficulty getting h]m onto the f]oor, place ooking at а departure 1ounge, mауЬе а Dutch опе
but по one was hurt. The passengers helped to at Gaie F, There's а sign saying 'Vertrek'. lVaybe that's
hoid him down while his ank|es and wrists wеrе Dutch, l don't know, The picture оп thе left has а mасhlпе
handcuffed. When the fi ght eventually landed, which ]ooks like ]t's used to examine suspicious packages.
Коrеап роllсе took the mап away. So far we've not lt's remote сопtrоl ed, There's ап ореrаtоr behind the
heard what's going to happen to him, machine with а hand-held remote сопtrоl device, The
We spoke to the f ight crew yestorday evening, Tnis
machine looks l ke it could р ck things up, it's got а kind
of claw оп the епd of ап аrm. lt's а tracked vehicle with а
is what the flight's captain had to say:
пumЬеr of wheels, The rlght-hand plcture looks ]ike it was
Р Не had а dr]nk at the orig п airport, Не was on taken at the same рlасе but taken from а slightly different
medication but didn't take it, Perhaps а соmЬiпаtiоп angle, ]n thrS опе We See an ndvidual in а protectVe SUit
of not taking the med cation. the drink and the who looks ]ike hе could Ье а bomb disposal expert, He's
altitude affected his usual behaviour. we diverted got а c]ipboard in his eft hand and is wearing а helmet
because we felt he was а threat to the safety of the wlth the vtsor down, He's not wearing gloves, which is а
flight, bit Strange. Тhеrе doesn't Sееrп to Ье апуопе else around
R Back to you in the пеwsrоогп, so l presume the departure lounge has Ьееп evacuated,
maybe there was something susp cious in there, although
there is по sign of anything, The gentleman is leaving the
departure iounge. l think he's рrоЬаЬlу Ьееп looking at
Р = pilot, С = air traffic controller something in there rather than going out to flnd something
Р Al Shaqiq approach. lndair 45З, Good afternoon. else,

С lndair 45З. Al Shaqiq аррrоасh. Good afternoon.

l understand you аrе looking for а diversion and ь "
/l, ""l

immediate arrival for Al Shaqiq. Latest news on the attempted hilacking of а Greek jet has
Р Affirm. That's correct. ]ed to confI cting reports frоm the аirliпе and passengers,
С lпdаir 45З. Plan а visual approach to ]oin left base Yesterday we wеrе told а middle-aged mап attempted
for runway 27, Wind 220' at 9 kn. to hilack tho jet and re-route t to Germany, threatening
to blow it up i{ his demands wеrеп't гпеt, The mап, who
Р Visuai far 27 L, lnda|r 45З,
hasn't been named, demanded that the f ight, from the
С lndair 45З, Rоgеr. Confirm status, Grееk resort of Corfu, Ье taken to l\,4unich in Gеrmапу,
Р He's unarmed поw, The cockpit is secure, We've Не was arrested after the а rcraft reached its original
got about five people holding him down, He's destination of Kharkov. The would-be hijacker, in his
struggllng. lndair 45З, еаrlу 50s, made the demand in а note to the pi]ot of the
Airbus А-З20. which was carrying tourrsts returnlng from
С lпdаir 45З, You will Ье number one for the аirроrt,
the lVedlterranean rеsоrt. The offender got out of his
Speed at your discretlon.
Seat апd handed the note to а flight attendant saying he
Р Say again wind? lnda r 45З, had а ЬоmЬ, Тhе mап then attempted to walk towards
с Wind 220' at 9 kn. the cockpit, At this point he tл;аs c\,/erpowered Ьу several
Р l'm sоrrу, With that wind we're too heavy, 27 L rs passengerS, The prosecutors' spokeswoman did not
not going to work. ReqUest 22 L, lndair 45З. паmе the mап but said he was frогп а central Asian
reglon, This coпtradiCtS the Statement Ьу а Greek official
С lndair 453. Rоgеr, Turn left head ng 020', vectors fоr
that said he was а Gеrгпап naT orai. The mап did not have
а left downw]nd ruпwау 22 L,


explosives апd investigators аrе still seeking to determine like its about to scrape its tail on the runway. The tail is
whether he was drunk. very close to the runway surface. Perhaps they аrе teng
However some passengers are questioning official the aircraft, because it's not in ап airline colour, it has
reports. They said they were on the flight and they didn't manufacturer's markings. lt could also Ье а test because
notice anything unusual. They denied reports the mап the attitude iS Vеrу Strange; it's а very high поSе-Uр
was drunk and sa]d they did not see anybody fighting attitude, lt's hard to tell, but it doesn't seem that there
with passengers оr саЬiп crew, ln fact quite the opposite, аrе апу flaps, so maybe they аrе doing а flapless take-off,
The passengers reported the whole fljght was calm and which might explain why it's not getting аjrЬоrпе,
they didn't notice anything unusual. it was опlу when they
landed and saw armed police near the aircraft that they **ъ э*А
realized there was а рrоЬlеm. Some of the passengers
The crew did а thorough pre-fiight briefing for а reduced-
had relatives waiting to meet them, They too saw the
security personneI moving toward the aircraft and the роwеr take-off оп runway 16, and the first officer was to
Ье the handling pilot fоr the departure, During the take-of{
passengers began to get worried telephone calls оп their
roll, the captain called for the first officer to rotate, but the
mobile phones.
aircraft was slow to respond with а nose-up pitch. The
Ап unconfirmed report has suggested that it was just ап capta п called аgаiп to rotate, and the first officer appIied
overreaction Ьу а mеmЬеr of the саЬiп crew who was greater nose up соmmапd, The поsе of the aircraft then
being harassed Ьу the passenger. rarsed, and the tail made contact with the ruпwау surface.
The captain then selected TOGA, or maximum take-
flъ rП ii
Ё. -,4""? off thrust, the engines responded immediately, апd the
aircraft lifted off shortly afterwards.
Р = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controller
An inspectlon of the runway and the оvеrruп areas
АТС Fairair 354, this is Seaforth Control we have had а identified multiple contact marks, The tail of the aircraft
report of three susplcious раssепgеrs aboard your made contact With the runway at three locations, After
aircraft who all boarded in the last minute and all leavtng the stopway, two scrape marks were identified iп
have passport numbers in sequence. All аrе mаlе. the grassed аrеа.
Р Boger, Do you have seat numbers З54? During take-off the aircraft also made contact with ground
АТС They аrе sitting together iп row Н seats 2, З and 4, infrastructure. lt clipped а runway З4 high-intensity
centerl]ne strobe light, and the left main landing gear
Р Seaforth Сопtrоl. We have а problem. There аrе
inboard-rear tyre hit the runway ]6 ]oca]izer antenna, the
three armed passengers standing iп the aisle.
Опе is саrrуiпg what he says is а ЬоmЬ and they аrе impact of which disabled the localizer function,
demanding l open the cockpit door, Otherwise they Significant damage to the aircraft inciuded аЬrаsiоп to
will biow up the aircraft, Fаirаir З54. the rеаr lower fuselage апd damage to the rеаr pressure
АТС Rоgеr З54, What аrе уоur intentions? bulkhead. The abrasion actually wore through the full
thickness of the skin. The inspection рапеl fоr the waste
Р l have briefed the purser and the security marshals water drain роiпt саmе off, апd that рапе was Iater found
that l iпtепd to put the aircraft iпtо negative 'g'. пеаr the end of the runway,
This wlll not Ье expected and it will cause the
standing passengers to fall down. Whеп this
happens the purser and security marshalls are in а

position to overpower them, Fаirаir 354, Р1 l2/З/4 pilot 1 /213/4, С controller

= =
АТС Seaforth Control, Rоgеr, Кеер us informed,
С Westair ВВб line up, After the landing DC9,
Р Wilco 354
Р1 Line up after the landing DC9. Westair ВВ6.
р seaforth control, the manoeuvre was successful,
Р2 Tower, Skybird 451 . There's quite а bit of fuel оп the
The three passengers are restrained and the
right side of my taxiway.
package is not а bomb, Request immediate
diversion to Pemroke for а rаdаr vectored straight-in С Skybird 451, Rоgеr. We'll send some to clear that
approach for ап lLS approach ruпwау З4, Up.
Fаirаir 354, Р3 Azure 525. We could see а leak coming out the top
of the right wlng of the Westalr.
Р4 Easy 775. lt looked as if it was trailing а white vapour
Uп it 19 Take-of f С
оп the starboard side,

incidents Р1
Westair ВВ6, Do you сору this?
Yes, we're looking at it right now. Westair ВВ6.

Неrе we have а picture of an Airbus АЗ40 taken from the &"*ц
right side of the aircraft, l don't know if ]t's Janding, оr Р1l2 = pilot 1l2, С controller
taking off, l сап see that it iS just airborne but the mаiп
gear wheels аrе just а couple of feet above the ground, lt С Flightstar 4ЗЗ, Cleared for take-off runway 34,
could Ье ап еаrlу rotation or ап over-rotatton and it looks surface wind З20' 10 kn.


Р1 C]eared for take-off runway З4, Flightstar 4ЗЗ,
Stopping. Flightstar 4ЗЗ.
We were еп route frоm Brussels to Vittoria and the fiight
С Flightstar 4ЗЗ, Rоgеr, do you have а рrоЬlеrп? engineer had just brought us coffee. Paris gave us а
Р1 Flightstar 4ЗЗ. Affirm, there's dеЬris оvеr the ruпwау radar heading, and i placed mу coffee оп ihe footrest at
we аrе unable to take off, the bottom of the nstrument рапеl, then reached down
С Гlightstar 4ЗЗ, What сап you see? to turn the heading bug оп the CDt, As l did so, my hand
caught the coffee and knockod the cup over. The coffee
р1 lt looks ]ike construction material, like stones, all
spread across the GPS, ruппiпg between the buttons, and
over trre ruпwау here. Flightstar 4ЗЗ.
the sсrееп started bllnking. Ап error rпеssаgе арреаrеd,
с Rоgеr, Hold position. then the sсrееп went blank, f]ickered briefJy and then went
Taurus В23, Go around. l say again, go around blank agaln.
Acknowledge, l switched the GPS off before it started smoking оr
Р2 Go пg around, Taurus В2З, роррiпg circuit breakers. Paris inquired whether we were
on tne head пg, and l turned the heading bug, ВоЬ, the
co-pilot, pul ed out the h gh altitude chart. On this tne
"фffi tr.trф VОR and rероrtiпg polnts wеrе in print So Srпаll that they
P=pilot,C=Controller wеrе almost imposs lэlе to f nd. The charts wеrе а so not
necessari у allgned to magnetic поrth, making t diff]cult
Р Goose 506, Сапсеl request to depart runway 25R. to work out which direction you were go]ng in, let aone
С Goose 506. Rоgеr, whеrе you wеrе,
Р We'd like to return to the gate please, Goose 506. '24З4, d]rect Веlеп" Раrls said, l turned right slightly,
С Goose 506. Right turn on taxiway В and hold guessing which way it must Ье, lt was mоrе than 200
short of СВ please, m les away, and not еvеп on the same chart, Nоrmаllу l'd
hаvе just punched t into the GPS.
Р Right оп В and ho d short of СВ, Goose 506.
С Goose 506. Can you contact your соmрапу and Paris asked us for confirmalioa , , , 24З4, сопfirm rout пg

fnd out lf you can go back to gate 4В? They've dlrect Belen?' We asked for а heading, They told us to turn
parked ап aircraft adjacent to whеrе you were and right ten degrees and after ten minutes or so we managod
to find where we wеrе оп the chart, We stayed оп а radar
|'m поt sure if there's wingtip сlеаrапсе,
heading untii we picked up B]lbao VOR. We reached our
Р We're contacting them поw. Goose 506 destinat оп w thout further d fficu]ties and l made а menta
С Goose 506. Say rеаsоп for aborted take-off, note to add cUpS of coffee to the ist of th]ngs to WatcГr out
р we had an indication of smoke at door 5, Goose fоr оп the flight deck,
С Goose 506, Rоgеr. #-ffi*
Р = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controller
Un,i t 20 Lost Р Starfire 2416D we аrе, ah, critical оп fue , Request
vectors to, uh, Humber field.

',,t.-Fj #__$ф
АТС Воgеr Starfire ]6D, turn right, right turn heading
This picture is obviously а maritime picture out оп the р Riqht turn to 200', ]6D.
осеап, рrоЬаЬlу not very far out because the sea is quite
calm, The ship iп the plcture is very much maritime- Атс Are you declarlng а fueJ emergency?
aviation related. l don't think it's а full aircraft саrriеr and р Affirm, Starfire 16D,
it might Ье one of the helicopter support vesse]s of the Атс Starfire roger, turn further right heading of
navy. lt looks quite modern and is being attended to Ьу 220, maintain altitude З,000 ft,
several flotilla boats, aga n small boats ndicating it's пеаr
р 220, З,000 ft, ]6D .,. ah ,,, my instruments don't
the shore,
seem to Ье working here. Can you vector us low
The aircraft flying past is а Nimrod which does maritime enough to see the airport?
rесоппаissапсе and search and rescue and also high
АТС Roger ]6D, uh, mу minimum vectoring altitude
level reconnaissance for the military in remote areas, The
rght поw out there is опlу 2,700 .,. you сап doscend
aircraft is qu te iow, рrоЬаЬlу опlу about two or three
and maintain 2,700 ft поw,
hundred feet above the sea, and is iп а left-hand turn.

would imaglne this is а display fly past, The whole p]cture Descend altitude twenty seven hundred, -16D,
could well Ье part of а disp ау. Атс ]6D affirm, descend and mаiпtаiп 2,700 ft, Confirm
As fоr the ship itself, l don't think it's underway as there is you are declaring а full emergency and stand Ьу for
по bow wave. lt seems to Ье at anchor, The w nd is slight further descent to altitude 2,000 ft.
because there is а fiag оп the front that has got а slight Р Roger current head пg indicated is 260' -]6D.

wind, Тhеrе is а falry calm sea and iп the foreground it АТС Sir, fly head пg of 240, 240'and descend now to
looks like there's а ifeboat crewed Ьу people in lifelackets, 2,000 ft Humber altimeter 29,94.
lt's going quite fast towards the ship and on the right hand
side there's а litt е dinghy,
Р 2,000 ft оп 29,94 апd left to 240' 16D .., uh, l

арреаr to have а problem with mу compass.


АТС ]6D, Rоgеr, Yоur present heading is good, This Р All of а sudden there was ап explos ve bang
wl ] Ье а no-gyro surveillance аррrоасh to НumЬеr sound and the aircraft lurched very suddenly to the
Field, llryi ltel] you to start and stop alturns, confirm left. lt dropped а little bit and there was dust and а
you сап maintain 2,000 ft altitude? strong wind comlng in, lt depressurized si9nificantly
and оur oars rеаllу hurt, lt all happened very quickly,
Р Aff rm and thank you sir, 16D,
People were crying and shouting, lt was а very
АТС ]6D turn r ght поw, stressful situation
Р Turning rlght. l What were you thinklng at the time?
АТС Cont пuе right turn, Р l was thinking that а window had popped out оr а
Р Wilco, 16D. cargo door had blown and then the oxygen rпаsks
АТС 16D, stop turn now, dropped down.
Р Rоgеr. 16D. l You sound very calm, Did you thlnk this
WaS it?
АТС 16D, the аirроrt wlll Ье, uh, twelve o'clock at
4,5 miles, Р lt's strange the things that 9о through your head,
Yоu'rе З0,00Oft п the arr and there's nothing
Р Ahead in 4,5 miles, l'm looking, 16D. between you апd the ground, You 1ust hope
АТС Rоgеr 16D, descend now апd maintain ],400 everything is golng to Ье ОК, We're just rеаllу
а titude, grateful we got down safely.
Р Descend-] ,400, ]6D, l Absolutely. How much informatlon did you get frоm
Атс 16D affirm апd НumЬеr Tower advises clear to the crew and how long was it before you wеrе safe
lапd оп 27L. on the ground?
Р Cleared land 27L, ]6D, Dlstance to the airport? Р The cabin crew immed ately rап to their seats and
strapped themselves 1n. Nobody really knew what
АТС 16D you аrе fоur miles frоm the arrport, turn rignt, l

was going to happen. Тhеrе was опlу one

say agaln, turn right now,
аппоUпсеrпепt to put уоur seatbe t and masks оп
Р Uh, ok, turning right .,, ah ,., we аrе just visua поw and stay seated. lt probably took about ]0 to

at 1,4О0 ft .,. еr, stand Ьу ,,, yes, runway n sight minUteS until the pilot got us down to а low enough
for 16D, Wе'rо heading stralght for the thresho]d, alt]tude so that we didn't have to use the охуgеп
АТС 16D roger, continue visually, you are c]eared to masks,
land runway 27L. Contact Humber Тоwеr поw l Gosh, What was the moment ]ike when you touched
]20,5 unless you jUSt Want to Stay оп this frequency the ground?
Р Negative will contact tower оп 120,5, Thanks for Р Wel], lt was а relief. We all gave а round of applause,
your hе р, Starfire '16D, After sееiпg the gaping hole in tho aircraft as l got
off l realized how luoky we wеrе|

Ргоgгеss test Ц Дl *fi,

Р Stremmen approach, D-GHVT,

di,}, ,Ё"f$fi С1 D-VT. Strеmmеп аррrоасП. Pass your message,
This ilrlage is of an Fб1 heLicopter, а rescue helicopter. Р Cessna 172 trаm Dortfeld to Stremmen VFR
lt's hovering at about З0 m above the sea. lt has ап RАF З,000 ft, Rеg опаl QNH ]012 est mating zопе
rounde on ]t wlth 'rescue', written оп the front and the boundary 52, Strеmmеп 2002. With informat оп
side of the aircraft. lt's qu]te heavy because the blades Juliet D-VT,
аrе curved upwards, Тhеrе's very little w nd. ln the С1 D,VT, Cloared from the zone boundary to Strеrпmеп
background s а headland with what looks like а rаdаr VFR at З,000 ft, QNH ']0'10. Traffic informatlon,
station, а whlte low building. But ]t's out of focus апd it's There is а north-westbound CRJ, 2 o'clock,
clifficult to kпоw what it is. The cliffs of the head and go 4,000 ft lFR estimat пg Zone b,oundary 5З,
down to the sea. оп the left side of the b,ackground you
сап see а few isolated rocks and the waves ате no mоrе Р N/a ntain З,000 ft. QNH ]0]0. Traffic ahhh .,. not in
s ght, D VT,
than two or three feet. lt's а nice gentle day, cloudless
sky, рrоЬаЬlу quite hot which ls why the aircraft might Ье С1 D-VT, Traff с is pass ng оvеr you поw, right to left,
struggling а bit, There's по otner activity at all. Тhеrе's по slight у above,
operator of the hook vis]ble and по obvious act v ty going Р Negative contact, D-VT,
оп iп the aircraft at all. The aircraft s а fully equipped
SАR wth а rаdаr dome on the top, lt's рrоЬаЬlу doing а
С1 D-VT. Rоgеr. Report aerodrome in sight.
practlce exerc Se Р WiLco, D,VT.
Р Aerodrome п sight, D VT,
jx *д с1 D-VT. Contact Strеmmеп tower ]22,2В5,
: f*'#'s
l = interviewer, Р = passenger Р Stremmen tower ]22,2В5, D-VT,

l Can you describe the moment you rеаl zed Stremmen tower D-GHVT. Good evening we are а
somethlng had flrst gone wrong? Сеssпа 172, Eight mlles east, Altitude З,000 ft QNH
1010. Request straight-in approach runway 0В,


С2 D-VT. Cleared straight-in аррrоасh runway 0В, flying and Dеса-э а ,J SpatСh officer at the company,
Surface wind 040", 5 kn, QFЕ ']006. Rероrt final, One mоrп пg а ca.ola г саmе to the briefing counter
Р Cleared straight-rn аррrоасh runway 0В, QFЕ ]006. to р ck up the r,э ease for his flight апd he noticed
Wilco. D-VT. that tne aL_.jtop ]ot ,;;as noperatlve, Whеп he started
compla ning aboL,t т :oudly in tho office, DB ]ooked
С2 D-VT, Do you have your landing lights оп?
at tГre capta n and sa d ' flew ']2,000 hours without
Р Affirm, D-VT. an autop lot dur ng the wаr апd you can't even fly to
С2 D-VT, Negative contact. Say posit оп. Rоmе and back]'
Р Five mi]es east of Strernmen, estimating Strеmmеп р2 What d d the captaln say?
2002. Height 2,000 ft, F eld iп s ght. D-VT, р1 Noth пg, Не signed his dlspatch rеlеаsе, and w]thout
С2 D-VT, We can't see you, What аrе you flying оvеr saying апоthеr wоrd, he quietly waiked out of the
поw? office.
Р lt's getting pretty dark but .,. wе'rе over а mаiп road, рз Yeah, l rеmеmЬеr thatl ] don't th]nk that captain
with а buiJt-up аrеа at my -]0 o'ciock. D-VT, соmрlа ned to DB again.
С2 D-VT, We belleve you аrе аррrоасhiпg Draburg р2 l опсе flew with an ех аir-fоrсе captain who refused
airfield, Contact Stremmen rаdаr оп ]2В,В50 for to take the aircraft because there was по еmоп fоr
asslstance, his tea] We had ап aircraft ful of passengers who
Р Strеmmеп radar оп 12В.В50, Sorry about that, D-VT, had to wait whiie the caterers found him а lеmоп.
р1 Lеmопs? Аrе they оп the lt4EL?

Unit 21 Аiгсгаft Ьгеаdоwп- *-ffi#

mechani са L P-pilot,C=Controller
р Chervitzna tower, Flаg ine 46. Оп ruпwау 26,
.d;F, Ё,#ф Wе'rе going to have to ho d positlon unti we've
sorted this out.
There's а four-engine jet aircraft in а very сlеап and
tidy hangar, There аrе maintenance епgiпееrs doing an с F аgliпе 46, Chervitzna tower, Rоgеr.
lnspection of number three engine, The fап cowl ngs аrе Аl] Stat]ons. Chervltzna tower, Runway 26 out of
ореп and there's somebody in the ntake rnspect пg the service due disabled atrcraft. All traffic use ruпwау
fап blades uslng а very brlght light, lt couid Ье а new з4 untii further notice,
engine Ье пg installed, but there is по lifting equipment, Flagline 46, Frоm the tower it definltely looks
so t Iooks mоrе |lke а rеgulаr mаlпtепапсе inspection, lke both the соVеrS that c]ose up after the wheels go
There's what ooks like а computeT sсrееп on the tab]e up ,,, it ]ooks as though they are hang ng down,
which ]ooks as ]f it's соппесtеd to the engine, and this dragging оп the pavement.
lnd]cates that they are doing some sort of diagnostic tests.
р Roger, thank you, Flаgliпе 46.
Тhе coloured lights аrе strange, maybe to detect particular
рrоЬlеms, l don't kпоw, lt could Ье that tney have fed fibre с Flаg ine 46, Could we organ zetar а tow fоr you?
optlc cables into the back end of the eng ne to inspect the р Negattve, We think lf we сап get the doors llfted up
turbine b]ades, and locked then we wil] taxi the aircraft, but we can't
move until then. Flаgliпе 46,
я'} е*y
i*"ф J с FIaglJne 46. Do you want to dlsembark уоur
Р1/2/3 = pilot 1/2/3
р Negative, We'd ]ike to walt and disembark the
Р1 Неу Jim, take а seat, passengers at the gate, Flagline 46.
Р2 Hello guys, We need to get the main landlng gеаr р nnecl, We
Р1 N/orning. have pins with us and we сап throw them out of the
РЗ Everything ОК? window, Do you have апуопе trа]пеd to f]t them.
or is there ma пtепапсе оп the f eid that сап do it?
Р2 Yeah, fine, S]ow start this morn ng, That APU is st]ll
Flаgliпе 46.
inoperat ve.
с Flagline 46, We're checking f а mechanic is оп site
Р3 Haven't they fxed that yet?
for you, Stand Ьу,
Р2 No,
Flagl пе 46, There is а ma пtепапсе mechanic
Р,1 We had to fly six legs ast week wlthout auto pilot, for your type available. Не shou]d Ье with you in а
Р2 lt's а раiп, l have compiained about t, but nothing few moments,
changes, They get апgrу with mе for complainingI р Thank you, F|agline 46,
Рз That reminds me of DB.
Р2 Who's DB?
Р1 We had th]s old 7З7 captaln уеаrs ago, а guy we
called DB, Не had thousands of hours and whеп
they started lntroducing the new fleet he gave up


Uп ,i t 22 A,i гсгаf t Ьгеаdоwп ._ АТС G-UA, l thiпk l see you оп radar, Bei eved to iэe

eL есtгiсаL tracking the coast ine r ght noW.

Атс G-UA Аrе you able to g ve mе your heading?
Атс G-UA, Are you able to g ve mе а radio check? l

believe l'm track пg you.

This is а р ctL.lre of ап avionics епglпееr dolng some fаirlу Атс G UA, Noth ng heard, lf you want to go to СhеrЬоurg
intricate lvork оп а bank of ач onic instruments ins de airport they have lghts, l'll watch to see lf you turп
ап а rcraft, The nternal iqhts of the aircraft are оп, Не's that way,
wear пg а T-shrrt and jeans, He's wеаriпg а watcn оп the
left hапd and his head is ti]ted back ооklпg through his
Атс l got you oud and с еаr поw. Can you see Г'lont

g asses, He's grimасiпg s ight у as i{ he's do ng something

St N/iсhеl? Dinard is ап alternate. 1f you wапt to
continue l'il try to get the ights turned оп,
falriy delicate w th the bank of instrumeпts ln front of him,
His two hands are upwards and t's difficu]t to see but п
Атс G UA, are you оп а handheld radlo r ght now?
t]is left hand he's hо ding someth пg апd рrоЬаЬlу try ng Атс lf we have to we'll ask апоthеr aircraft to turn оп the
to insert it п to опе of the banks of lnstruments. lп frопt ights, They stay оп for about ']5 minutes.
of him is а ittle tray sticking out from the instruгnents оп Атс G-UA, there s по kпоwп traffic to confl ct in the
which looks ike ап I\4РЗ рlауеr. But it's рrоЬаЬlу som-. vic n ty, l'm going to pass you over to Rennes
Sort of е ectrjOa instruгnent rесоrdiпg someth пg that he's Аррrоасh on ]24,9, Contact Rennes now,
dolng оп the electronics itself, There's а tray or а trolley АТС F-СР, Сап you see traffic out there? А Skyhawk
beh пd him to h]s ]eft which l suspect mау Ье а conta пеr
about 2,500 and descending to the south of you,
for hls too]s.
You may see him but he has ап eiectr cal problem
Apart from that it'S а very оrd пеrу р cture of ап eng пееr апd may have по ant -col]ision beacon оr strobes,
ulork ng quietly Ьу himself п ап а]rсrаft

*j.,?41-i Unit ?З VoLcanoes

So today l wапt us to focus оп some of the соmmоп
е ectr саj problems that affoct а rcraft, Now often. it's
р lot еrrоr iп responding to а рrоЬlеm that causes mоrе Th s s ап amazing picture of an active voJcano taken
d fficulty than the рrоЬlеm itself and today we're going to from ап aircraft, The vo cano s соп саl in shape, w th а
ook at some ехаmр es, These rероrts are qulte brief апd сепtrаl crater, lt S erUpting апd there is а huge рluпlе
don't have а ot of detar but We сап get the general ldea, of thick volcanic ash rising from the crater to possib у
Here's а rероrt about а Cessna -1В2 wh ch states, several thousand feet iпtо the sky, апd Ьеiпg blown to
'E]ectrical prob]em. Оvеrrап runway returning. A]ternator the Ieft of the picture. Тhеrе is also some steam or smoke
f е d tvire ioose, Struck ruпwау llght', This happened согпiпg from the r m of the сrаtеr, The upper s des of the
dur ng daytime using VFR, Could the prlot Паvе hand ed vo сапо are Ьrоwп with ash оr ava depos ts and thеге
the situation better? We don't know, But ]t is а bt strange аrе gulieys formed probably Ьу previous erupt опs, Тпе
that with such good v s bility the pi ot h t the rUnway ight, ower slopes аrе covered w th trees and there are sol.,]e
ow ]evei с ouds агоuпd tпе base of tne voicano, n the
The next lncident is even mоrе соmmоп. An а r tax
'departed alternators off '. th s ended up w th the batter es d stance there is mоrе high grоuпd ano , оо<s ke а
mountainous аrеа, The sky is bIue, агd ille i,c сэгс s li
being drained and he had to lower the 9еаr manualiy,
Ьу the sun, and 1udging from the опg slaclc,,.ls, 'r,,,o" d
unfortunately they weren't locked down, and tГre result
say tnat the picture was taken in еаrу п]оrп пg оr е,,1эil 1-1E,
was а folded landing,
The sitlaticn s clangerous for f ight and ASHTAllS сr as-l
The пехt report wе'rе going to look at shows another NOTAN/S w l] have Ьееп issued to fl ght сrеws tc ,,п,/а.г
alternator рrоЬlеm, this time а fai ure еп route, ln th s case them of the situation,
the pilot WaS So bUSy try пg io Sort the alternator oUt tnat
he Ianded gеаr up,
And in our last example whi]е descending frоm а titude
а pi ot did 'а long cruise descent w]th the епg]пеS at а |'ll open this seminar Ьу talking about sоmе of the mаlоr
very low роWеr oUtpUt', Не WaS Unaware tnat the а rcraft volcan с events that have affected aviation over ihe iasi
haci gепеrаtоrs instead of alternators апd that the епg ne thirty years or so,
speed on the descent was be]ow the speed required to ln the еаrlу eighties, severa 747s encountered ash
keep the battery charged. in lпdопеsiа, Опе а rсrаft Iost a]l four епgiпеs and
So let's have а ook at tnese reports п а bit mоrе detail, descended frоm З6,000 tt to ]2,500 ft Ьеfоrе eng neS
wеrе restarted, The aircraft diverted to Jakarta and andeo
safe у but а1 four powerplants had to Ье rер aced Ьеfоrе t
returned to service,
lп 19В9 а 747-4а0 wrtn оп у 900 hours tota] f yrng t mе
Р = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controller encountered ап ash с oud in AlasKa, Although it lапdес
safe у, the engines апd mапу sуstегпs aiso had to Ье
АТС G-BGUA this ls Deauvil]e Approach Do you have апу repalred оr rep|aced. such as replac-oment of the а rсrаft
electronics at аl ? environmetltal contro system, с еапiпg of the fue tanks
апd rераir of the hydraulic systems,


lп ]991, mоrе than 20 aircraft encountered vоlсап с ash in these th ngs on board. е:hеr n ho d uggage or in hand
the Phi ipplnes, Thls was the largest eruption of the past luggage. At the tогr t Sa;,S оrераrе for check п' and
50 years and created an епоrmоus plume of ash, mak по then lэe ow 'forb]Cden ai\,/,,iJhere on the a]rcraft', and then
it vеrу d fficult to predict whеrе the ash was, Соmmеrс al there аrе drawings of о fferent tems п red circ es with а
and m lltary ореrаtiопs wеrе affected; one US operator red ino cross пg through them, The first three ]tems are
еvеп grounded its а rcraft iп h,4an]Ia for several days due to bott es, The {irst ls а Ьоtt е cf acid, the second s а bottle
thick ash fa l, with а skui and сrоssЬопеs оп t апd the word 'poison'
Ап eruption in l\,4exico affected operat ons lп the reglon beloln;, and the third hаs а Ьа of flames wh сп l guess
in the late nineties, Although damage was mlnor iп most indicates f|ammab е or explos ve l qu ds. The next thrее
cases, опе flight crew ехреrlепсеd reduced v sib llty show fireworks, matches and а bottlo saying 'bleach', l

for апdiпg and had to ook through the fJ ght deck s de thlnk, The f na thrее shoul а torch, or flashlight if you аrе
w ndows when tax lng. \lexico С ty airport was closed Аmеrсап. а canister saying 'gas'on t wh ch looks like it
for up to 24 hours оп several occastons aS the voJcano s а саmр пg stove, and f па lу, а fire extingu sher, ]t's the
continued to erUpt, sort of slgn that you see оп the counter when check пg in
your luggage, and when рrераr ng to go through securlty
at an airport anywhere lп the world, They use symbols that
+ . "+,"1
еvеrуопе can understand whatever language they speak,
Р1l2 = pilot 112, С = controller
Р'| fli;

Asiana бВ7, Kraskut control, Do you have апу :

reports of vоlсап с asn еп route? ;un;;ro". goods аrе articles сr substances wh ch

С Astana бВ7, have по reports of vo canic ash at your can cause а r sk to health, safety or to рrореrtу when
f ight 1evel. transported Ьу air. Some of the mоrе соmп.оп types of
р'| we have had а fa nt smel of volcan с ash for about ltems lnc]ude such things as pestlcides, petrol, ас ds,
three оr four minutes поw, As ana бВ7. aeroso s апd Ь eacnes. |Vaybe it's ОК to store these items
in your home or transport them iп your car оп the way
С Asiana бВ7. Do you w sh to change f ight level?
home frоm the shop, because you know where they аrе
Р1 Negat ve, We'd ike to keep FL'] 1.600 m, Аsiапа апd you know the possible dangers lnvolved, At home,
бв7. you might take precautions such aS pUtt ng them iп а high
С Аsiапа бВ7, Roger, oupboard or а ocked shed, You are careful to prevent
Р2 Kraskut control. Astanaline 4ЗЗ, ]]0 km from sоmеопе swallowing or m shand iпg them. However, put
thегп into the unfami] аr епv ronment of ап aircraft flying
SlBUT, FL]0.600 m, Negative vo сап с ash п our
hlgh in the sky - а р асе where they couid Ье subject to
SeV-ore atmoSpher с pressure and temperature VariationS,
С Astana ine 4ЗЗ, Thank you, And ,,, uhh ,,, Аs]апа а place where there cou d Ье mаlоr v brations and mапу
бВ7. Say pos t оп whеrе you experienced tne tems behave iп ап unpred ctable mаппеr,
vo canic ash,
Fоr ехаmрlе, iп а rесепt пс dent, whlle unloading
Р1 We detected sme l between ]З0 km from S]BUT to baggage the hand ers notlced smoke r s ng from а
70 km f rоm SlBUT, FL] ],600 m, As апа 687, suitcase, lnvestlgat оп Tevea ed that а quant ty of book
С As апа бВ7, And can you descrlbe the intensity? matches had caught aJight, Тhеrе have Ьееп several such
Р1 Llght yeJlowy Ьrоwп haze, V s bility about ЗОО оr lnctdents in rесепt years, Book matches сап ignite whеп
400 m, As ana бВ7, subject to the v Ьrаtiопs sublected to suitcases stackec] in
ап aircraft cargo compartment, lt сап еvеп hарреп when
С Asiana бВ7. Do you have any idea wh ch direct оп
matches have Ьееп rп pockets or briefcases.
the с oud was mov ng?
The most ппосепt seem пg goods сап cause рrоЬ ems,
Р1 Ahh, direction of c]oud movemeni was
Some denta] suppl es wеrе Ье пg sent to Sydney. They
uпdеtеrmiпеd. At tne time, w nd was 050., about 2В
included а 91ass сопtаiпеr of 100m] of mеrсurу. lt broke
m/s, Asiana бВ7,
dur ng transport апd ]eaked into the hо d of the aircraft.
С As апа бВ7, And just to conf rгп. you аrе now out of Luckily it was discovered апd сlеапеd up, lf it hadn't lt
the cloud lауеr? couid have weakened tпе sk n of the aircraft with tеrriь]е
Р1 We арреаr to Ье clear of the с oud ауеr at this time, consequences
As апа бВ7,
С As ana бВ7, Тhапk you fоr the nformation, ;}
{Vy pleasure, Asiana бВ7, Р pilot, FА
= = f|ight attendant
FА Н , We've got fumes in the саЬ n.
Р What's the source?

Unit 2Ц Dапgегоus goods FА We don't know where it's соmlпg frоm, it's past the,
ah, ext, lguess t's from the cargo hold, We've got
, /1 g"" 1Ье Н О eXlilqJ]Sгe',

lt's а real bad sme l, The floor s getting rеаllу warm,

This s а s gп show пg dangerous items that аrе prohib
оп board аlrоrаft, Passengers аrе not allowed to take
Р ОК, now how far back ]s the {loor getting warm?


FA С,| Yeah, l thought that was poSS Ь]е,
р , , э,. .-э andin9 gеаr rnight Ье? You don'1 сз Yes it s, as far as know, Ап АЗВ0 flew after опе
- :^-:<э? it's 1ust fuгпеs? of its tips с ipped the hangar gate at Вап9kоk, but
FА ..:S t'S sta,rting to nUrt mу eyes,
they rеmоvеd both wingtips and the aircraft flew ОК,

р - jr пg to get off the phone, Call me f С2 Нmm l'm not So SUre, Аrе wingtips оп the CDL?
-J тportant changes, С1 No, they're поt, but l'm pretty sure tnat CDts don't
соvеr taking off equipment damaged in асс dents,
FA ,,, Сасlа. i S гпе agaln, you've got а lr]g рrоi] em
bac< rэrе, so l'm not sure
if you ,,. l'm поt surе ,,, С2 l wonder who was out of position yesterday?
тhе c,oolem is, l don't know where the heat is The iaxi апd parking lines аrе supposed to
coll- l1э fi,om, lt's соmiпg up through the f ооr, guarantee с]еаrапсе,
Р Do уcu see any smoke? СЗ Not песеSSаrilу, They've rесепtlу repaved the
holding ро nt where it happened, and the airport
FА Тhеrе's sгпсkе соmiпg through the floor,
documents say 'Wingtip сlеаrапсе not assured, take
р ок, ок, cale WnP.l pa5s гq',
FА The f ocl- s gett ng чеrу hot ,,.
с1 Yeah, at Seatt]e tower once, а Chlna Airlines АЗ40
Р оК \фе'rе пumЬеr опе to land, We']l Ье оп the was taxilng пtо gate апd as lt tax ed оп the tax way
grollnd soon, Рrераrе for ап mmediate evacuatioп centreline, the r ght winglet struck ап Аmеr сап
lйDВO's hor zontal stab I zer, еvеп though t was

t 25 CoLLis
Uп i ,l
onS С2 And d d it fly afterwards?
С1 Yup, it eft а few hours later, one w ng et snort.
,l,:'" :;;..=,.:=

неrе there are two Nortn west Arrllnes aircraft, what look
ke an Alrbus and an \,4DB0. The two aircraft seem to
have со ided, so rt ]ooks ]ike the scene of ап accident оп P1l2l3 = pilot'l/2lз,C = controller
ап а rf e]d, close to stand G]2, lt appears the N/DB0 has С G-JG, L пе up апd wait ruпwау 0В Кеер tc the
taxied nto the А rbus, оr the Alrbus has been pushed right-hand side, Тhеrе wi]l Ье traff с backiracking
back into the other one, but there's по tug there, so l don't oppos te direct оп, You аrе number one for
kпоw, The \,4DB0 seems to Ье lodged under the А rbus, dераrturе,
It looks l]ke the trai ing edge of the right wing о{ the lаrgеr
of thе two s sl cing iпtо the top of the fuselage, above
Р1 L пе up and wa t оп the rignt-hand side runway 08,
the cockp t аrеа of the sma lеr one, The unders de of the
А rbus еmреппаgе арреаrs to have made contact with С G-lVE. Backtrack runway 0В, Кеер to the r qht-hand
the N4DB0 as well, F rе service and attendants аrе present, side, Traffic on runway,
and it looks like they've got Ьrеаthiпg equipment апd suits Р2 Backtrack ng and w со, Traffic copied, G-N,4E,
оп, and there аrе а number of peopIe and ground staff С G ЕR, Тurп left bese Rероrt f па1, You're number
stand пg around assessing the situat оп, l guess there аrе опе to and,
по passengers оп board because the forward chutes on
the fаr slde of the Airbus have Ьееп deployed, and thеrе рз Turn ng base, W со, G ЕR,
аrе step ladders next to the lVDB0, The surface looks l ke с G-[t,4E, After the Cessna, vacate r gnt and iax :с
it s covered in foam, оr t is s ippery or icy. l'm not sure, apron2vataxiwayB,
Тhе photograph was taken at night оr vеrу еаrlу п the р2 Арrоп 1 via tax way В after the Cessna, G-ME
mоrпiпg, The аrеа s brightly floodlt,
р1 G JG, The Piper,1ust brushed оur eft w ng t р,

]ii !!i ,rr )*l

рз G-ER, F na ,

с G-l\,4E, Но d pos t оп,

с1l2lз = controller 1/2/3
р2 Ho|dlng. G-ME,
С1 Did you hеаr what hаррепеd at Heathrow yesterday с G-ЕR, Go around say aga п go аrоuпd and report
with the АЗ40 and Ihe 747? аgаiп оп downw nd,
с2 Oh, where the Sr Lankan taxied into the ВА? Р3 Going around, Wi со, G-ER,
С1 Yep. Caused а few problems, but there wasn't too С G JG, Are you ОК?
m-ch оап^а9е, ro i^juties,
Р1 We're ОК, The Piper 1ust clipped our wing, Request
СЗ l hеаrd that а bunch of passengers refused to fy оп реrm ss оп to step out of the alrcraft to have а ook
the З4О today because the wing tip was m ss п9, at the damage, G-JG,
С2 Eh? thought it was the Sri Lапkап а rbus's rlght С G-JG, Approved,
eading edge that struck the winglet оп the ВА,
not the оthеr way around,
С1 That's right, The ВА was stationary апd the Sr]
Р1 Tower, G,JG. Request permission to taxl back to the
apron, and the Piper is аЬlе to do the same,
Lankan was passing to the left,
СЗ Couldn't the 340 fly easi у w thout а wingtip?
С G-JG, So you're both abIe to move. по рrоЬ etT?


р1 Affirm, G .JG. Situation, bUt We ied аlоЬ to do, We had to make
с G-Nz]E, Vacate right and taxi to арrоп 2 via taxiway sure that а l the food vlas drорреd п the right pIaces
в, and not Scattered аrоuпd the countryside. BecauSe
we were iп the m dc е of the mountains and the
р2 Apron 2 via В, G-ME.
v sibi ity was so Ьас1 lt was hаrd to find the goods,
с G-JG, Fо low the Piper to арrоп 2 via taxiway В, But because of tne dedicat оп апd sk ll of my team
When you've parked, could you teiephone me and we wеrе аь е to ]ocate and distribute the much
report any damage, needed supp ies,
р1 Follow thе Рiреr and w]lco, G-JG,
Ргоgгеss test 5 С Eastern В65, Approach,
Eastern В65, Rеsоvаё approach,
Airtrans З2З. The а rcraft behind you appears
to have а comms failure, Vectors fоr separatlon,
This ls an extraord паrу picture, When you f rst ook at t Reduce speed 200 kп. F у head ng 220".
it's diff cult to orientate yourself, There аrе two а rсrаft оп
р1 Speed 200 kп, Hoading 220', Аirtrапs З2З,
ап арrоп with а ]ot of people looking around, lt looks as if
ап Аir Frапсе alrcraft has had its tail si ced off Ьу another р2 Rеsочаё approach. Еl-ТFС, Request сlеаrапсе to
jоiп F2 at DORAT mainta пiпg FL150,
aircraft of which you сап опiу see part of the wing. Тhеrе
is а logo оп the w ng that looks i ke а Fаr East logo, You с Еl-ТFС. Negat ve, Rеmа п outs de сопtrоl]еd
can only partly see the aircraft; you сап see the engtne airspace due aircraft п Urgепсу situation,
and а bit of the w ng. А though you can see damage оп р2 Wilco Е]-ТFС,
the w пg of the а rсrаft, it's on у mlnor, But the darTage
to the Аlr Frапсе аlrсrаft is mаjоr, ]t's s iced the ta l fin
с АRМYА|R 2З2, Сап you lncrease speed З50 kn to
cross F2 at DOBAT, FL]50 time ]9 оr Ьеfоrе?
and elevators completely off which аrе lylng beside the
aircraft оп the ground, Аrоuпd t аrе thrее оr four people рз At рrеsепt mass lтax speed s З20, ARl\lYAlR 2З2,
w th mobi]es which they're using to take pictures, They с АRМYАlR 2З2, Rоgеr, сапсеl clearance to cross
аrе wеаr ng high visib lity vests, ln the very centre of tne F2 due to traff с with suspected rаdiо failuro,
р cture tnere is а ady not wеаrlпg а vest, and io the s de Rеmаlп outs]de control]ed airspace, Expect further
а couple of supervisors in white shirts, There is а rescue сlеаrапсе at t mе 21.
Vehicle Stationary оп the left-hand side of the foroground
рз Remain outslde controlled airspace, АRlVYАlR 2З2,
of the picture with а dr чеr wearing а rre met. lп the
background there are flve vans w th а пumЬеr of реорlе с Еаstеrп В65, Rеsоvаё approach.
соmiпg out, lt looks as f they've got carneras as weIl, The Eastern 865. Rеsочаё approach.
sky is сlеаr. Sunbird 22З,lrаff с informaton, Traffic iS an Eastern
АЗ20-200 with rad о failure, ']2 o'c]ock З mi]es
.f,i;ý crossing right to eft, below,
R = reporter, CW Соlопеl Wang р4 Traffic in s]Qht, Sunbird 22З,

В А tеrriЬiе earthquake has cut off а] land routes into

с А rtrans З2З, F у headJng З40",
Х апg province. The oniy possib е way to get р1 Head ng З40", We have the Eastern iп slght at our
suppJies into tne аrеа was Ьу making an airdrop, 2 о'с ock, Аirtrапs З2З,
А special reconna ssance force was assembled and с Alrtrans З2З, We tried to slow him down and put hlm
Sent into tne агеа most affected Ьу the quake, behind you, but we саппоt contact hiгп, Continue
Fifteen parachUtiStS Were dropped from а rесоrd right turn direct LESKO.
Ьrеаk пg 4,000 m. То add to the dlfficulty they р1 Continue right turn direct LESKO, А rtrапs З2З,
wеrе forced to land w thout апу help frоm ground
cretv and there wеrе поt апу speclfic landmarks,
с Eastern 625, Ho]d at LESKO FLl-]0, Exoect onward
с еаrапсе at time 27,
Опсе the parachutists had landed they provided
nformation to the а r fоrсе about where to drор р5 Holdlng at LESKO FL] ]0. Eastern 625,
supp ies. Five tons of aid mаtеriа s ncluding food рб Rеsочаё Centre, Еаstеrп В65. We аrе declaring
and water were delivered, The suppIies were an еmеrgепсу поw, We've got serious problems
dropped Ьу ап EU76 aircraft from 5,В00 m, This with our electrics and rad os, We're try пg to
is quite ап unusua ореrаtiоп for this type of аirсгаft, ascerta п the cause поw,
Normally the а r drops take place at about с Eastern В65, Rеsоvаё Сепtrе. Rоgеr understand you
600 m above sea ]evel. But еvеп though the tеrrаrп аrе dесlаr]пq а IVAYDAY
was so d]ff cu]t and the weather cond tions so рооr.
the а r force wеrе able to complete their mission,
Со onel Wang, the leader of the reconnaissance
group, ехрlаiпеd the diff cult es the rесоппаlssапсе
group had to dea] wtth.
CW Of course it was а very difficult апd dangerous


Un,i t ?6 FueL ргоЬLеms and we're trying to decide whether to сопtiпuе оr
come back. We'lI give you а call in а minute. МауЬе

for vectors to down wind, Flyfast 001,
3.10 We're going to return to the airport and it looks like
lп this picture we're looking at ап aircraft being refuelled. we're going to have to dump fuel. Stand Ьу. But
lt's at what looks to Ье quite а large airfield. lt's difficult wе'rе coming back. Flyfast 001.
to say where exactly the airfield is although in the АТС 00], understand you're going to come back and you
background we have а wooded hillside and it's а cloudy need to dump fuel?
greyish day. So l would think we're рrоЬаЬlу iп Europe,
Fuel dumping аrеа is iп the Severn estuary. SUggeSt
perhaps in spring or еаrlу summer.
start dumping fuel five miles north of Lundy island.
The aircraft is рrоЬаЬlу а Boeing and it's being refuelled l'll give you vectors to Filtоп оп completion.
from underground fuel tanks via а vehicle. The vehicle is
Flу heading 210'.
taking the fuel from the underground tanks and the fuel
is being pumped Ьу а refuelling attendant. I think the Flyfast 001. Опсе you get 20 DtME from Filtоп you
attendant is about to connect оr disconnect the refuelling сап start to dump fuel.
pipe to the underwing of the aircraft, Р То what DIVE?
The ground handier is wearing high-visibility clothing, so АТС Flyfast 001, 20 miles.
he's got day-glow clothing оп. The vehicle is white, the Do you know the nature of your рrоЬlеm?
usual colour of the refuelling vehicles at airports. l think
the aircraft 1s рrоЬаЬlу а mоdеrп 7З7 with а nlce wing tip Р lt's а flap рrоЬlеm, we сап't retract the flaps below

Ф 3.11
АТС Roger,
Flyfast 001 , do you have ап estimate оп how iопg
The latest aircraft produced Ьу Airbus is the amazing you'll Ье dumping fuel for?
А380. But passengers оп board the Рrеmаir АЗВOs have
had to wait а bit lопgеr before Ьеiпg able to fly оп them Р We're just checking поw. We want to dump about
due to recurring problems with the aircrafts' fuel tank 70,000 kilos, it's going to take about З0 minutes.
systems which have affected а number of the fleet's АЗ80 We'll try to find а figure where we сап land
aircraft, overweight.

The problems Ьеgап last week when two of the airline's

АЗ8Os were grounded at Boston airport after experiencing
Un ,i t 27 Аiгf ,i
fuel-related problems. Опе is due to return to service at
5,40 p.m. tonight and the other tomorrow. act,i
lп а related incident, the airline's flagship was delayed
yesterday in Dallas, before eventually being cleared to fly 41ф
to Paris. However, on arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport it Ф \r" l\J
was again found to Ье leaking fuеl and experienced а nose The dominant feature of this picture is the people iп а
wheel steering issue, and was declared unserviceable. playing field standing in а fоrгпаtiоп which spe ls the
ln the latest development, Рrеmаir was forced to declare
word 'по' in capital letters. There are several hundred
another of the aircraft 'unserviceable' last night, after
demonstrators iп formation all facing the саmеrа and they
Seem to Ье holding оrапgе placards. but l can't See What
scores of passengers had waited more than 12 hours fоr а
the placards say, Тhеrе are also otner small groups of
fuel leak to Ье repaired.
people dotted around the playing field, Around the edge
А spokeswoman for Premair said it was natural to expect of the playing field are trees, and beyond the trees оп the
'teething problems' with а new aircraft and the аirliпе was
left is а residential аrеа wlih semi-detached houses and
working with Airbus to resolve the issues. She said their what looks like а fire station tower, and in the сепtrе and
engineers аrе currently working оп the aircraft and they on the right аrе industrial buildings апd warehouses, and
hope to have them back iп service very soon, She went оп а talI white chimney with а black top, ln the distance l сап
to say that they аrе workrng very closeiy with Airbus and see an airfield and dozens of parked aircraft, а very large
rеmаiп committed to the Азв0 as the cornerstone of their hangar to the right and gas Storage tanks in the сепtrе.
пеw generation, and they apologize to their customers, ls
the АЗВ0 worth the wait? Contact us with your views.
gе 3.14
Ф з.12 Protesters converged оп Heathrow airport in London agarn
today to Say 'по' to airport expansion. Pilots оп depa(ure
Р = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controller frоm the поrthеrп runway reported seeing thousands of
АТG Flyfast 00 ], Filtоп Tower. protesters form а massive NO sign in the village of Sipson,
1ust north of the airport, which will Ье destroyed if the
Р Flyfast 001. Pass уоur message.
рlаппеd third runway is built.
АТС Flyfast 100, Request your intentions, What do you
Pilots have invited environmental campaigners at
want to do?
Heathrow to participate in discussions about climate
Р Stand Ьу, Flyfast 001. change issues, British Аirliпе Pilots' Association сhаirmап
Flyfast 001. We're talking to соmрапу at the moment Captain lt/ervyn Granshaw said that talking about climate
change is better than апу direct action,


This incident comes four months after envrronmental ]i,;l ;Ё"1,f:l
activists breached securrty at Heathrow and сl mbed on
top of ап aircraft. Four реорlе wеrе arrested after hanging P1l2l3 - pilot 1l2l3, С = controller
а Ьаппеr read пg 'Ci mate Еmеrgепсу - No Third Runway' ,!'i

from the vertical stabi izer of а Br tish Airways Airbus АЗ20

Two women апd two mеп dressed n high visib llty ]ackets Р1 Tower, Sо]аr 7459, Do you see sorneth пg on the
managed to get past аlrs de security and across the аррrоасh, over tne thresho d af 22R? lt ]ooks like
арrоп, They cl mbed up the aft passenger steps апd tnen а parachUte,
onto the а rсrаft v а а jetway. ВАА, the airport ореrаtоr, Р2 ]t ooks l ke some guy оп а paragl der, KLN/ 604,
said operations at the arrport wеrе поt affected and С Solar 7459. We' l get sоmеопе over there to have а
described the protest as un]awful and irrespons Ьlе, look at it,
С imate change iS а hot роl tical issue iп the UK, А number Роl се ]2З. Towor,
of other airports have seen environmental protests оVеr
the past few months, ncluding Stansted, Biggin Hi i апd
РЗ Tower, Ро ice ]2З, Pass your message,
East lVidlands airport, where 24 protesters Ьrоkе through С Pol се
We'Ve got Someone оп What we think is
security fencing апd occupied а taxiway for several hours а paraglider above the thresho d of 22R, Request
caus пg miпоr disruption, you investigate.
РЗ Roger, Wlco. Ро]iсе l2З.
'ч". ь; 1 tj |J

Р112 = pilot 1/2, С - controller Uni t 28 Аегоdгоmе/

С Air Frапсе 0З4 heavy, Line up and wait runway 19L,
Р'| Line up and walt runway ]9L. А]r Frапсе 0З4 env,i гопmепt
С Alrwest 247, Vacale next left taxiway G, Ho]d short ;Ё,l р*
of runway 19, This s а picture оr ап mage of an аlrсrаft, right at the
Р2 Next left and hold snort of ruпwау ]9L, Оп landlng end of а поп tarmaced strip. lп the mid-ground there is а
we could see а Ьаl]ооп to the south-east of the sеr es of chalets and houses and in the background аrе
airf eld. Looks like а wh te. helium weather Ьаl]ооп mounta пs. ln the сепtrе of the background the picture is
about З00 ft, tracking north-west bound, Airwest dom nated Ьу one part cu аr mounta п with snow on the
247, top. Тhе sky is сlеаr with fair-weather oumulus scattered
С Airwest 247. Rоgеr. Thank you, Break break, аrоuпd it, The vegetat оп is fa rlу sparse, most у rock апd
Аir Frапсе 0З4 heavy. Did you сору that scrub, w]th рrоЬаЬJу gorse and f r trees around tne рlасе.
transmission? Апd now we соmе onto the interestlng part, which is the
Р1 Аffirm. Ва lооп iп s ght. Request permission to hold alrcraft on the end of а strip, lt's а twin-engine а rcraft,
unt l the Ьа]lооп has passed, Аir Frапсе 0З4 heavy, the епgiпеs аrе go пg but it's d fficult to know whether the
aircraft has 1ust согпе to а ha t after lапdiпg or it's about to
С А]r Frапсе 0З4 heavy, HoId pos tion,
take off, Тhеrе is а mап on the ]e{t-hand s de dressed ln а
shirt апd trousers lvatching, he's certa nly not раrt of tne
crew оr а mаrshаllеr,
P=pilot,c=controller The aircraft is obv ously not п]оV ng because there's no
dust Ьеiпg pushed up оп the strp, As ап aviator it's ап
interesting picture because l iгпаg пе the overshoot or tne
С AV 52З. Caution, wоrk п progress ahead north side approach is only опе dlrect оп down the valley, So if the
of taxiway А. wlnd was wrong, t wou d Ье а very nterestlng approach
Р There's some bullding equipment оп the taxiway, оr overshoot with l]ttle choice between tr]e two.
l think they're about to move it, Request ho]d this
posltion until clear to proceed, AV 52З, д_9
4;1 ]
пd";. аь!

С АV 52З, Rоgеr. Но d pos tion and advise when lt is The capita of Honduras is а place са led Tegucigalpa, The
c]ear to proceed, airport there is extremely ]nteresting because of its difficult
аррrоасh апd because of its surprisingly shоrt runway, lt's
one of my аl]-tiгпе favourites. The ruпwау is оп у 6,1З2 ft
The city ls in а bas п between sечеrаl ta l mountains and
the а rроrt was bul t оп а plateau south of the city.
Р Тоwеr, Biz А]r ВВ7, We saw а lot of реорlе at the The аррrоасh into Tegucigalpa is amazing, Up unti а few
western perimoter fепсе оп departure from runway years а9о there used to Ье а sma l hil some 200 ft from
27L, Some appeared to Ье с imbing очеr onto the the ruпwау; aircraft used to have to fly ow, ascend the
airfield, hil , and descend into Teguclgalpa, Tn]s was flattened
С Biz Air ВВ7, Thank you, We have security personnel during the еаrlу 1990s in order to make the approach less
оп their way поw,


_ ] _.- аl)р|,оасп Wh сh iS mUch Safer
]:. - j il
Un,i t 29 A,iгf,ieLd
- a:.S n Ье
а rcraft landing оп runway 0
the mountaintops, l love

and navigat,i оп
-] trees and mоUпlаiпS
ar,CI Sti l Seerng
.-э эthеr way, After it сirсlеs the basin
equipment f ai Luге
-], 200 ft to line up before the rUпWау. ,,i ,
,a,?.{t crcsses the fence separatrng the 1п thls plcture lcan see the resu]t of а fire in ап air-traff с
а ,i]:,. ,. :.,]a tne h ghway, it must mаkе contact, сопtrо] tower. The fire has been extinguished. and thеrе
т]-= - - .. .. э sclaced threshold - it's impossitrle аrе по fiames or smoke. Ноwечеr. there is а b]ackened
to toi, : - - а: 1Пе beg пп пg - leaving опlу 5,4Зб ft of area and fire damage around the left of the tower be]ow
USeaa a :-:, -] ,.,n,,,",uu, That short rUnway, coupled with а the windows, and the fire seems to have affected four
.06' с.,", - - s оре оп runway 0'1 , a]lows for ]ittle brak пg of the windows, but the roof seems to Ье f пе, l doubt
trme, l,,э' -,,- -:a э;]te afew unusual piaces, but iorme, whether an aircraft has hit it, because there is по debrls
noth ng Ьеа:. .-::'.r of wtnessing the sk l of pilots as from ап impact, lt could have Ьееп the result of terrorist
they ccn-: .:: -^ s -aredible landing action, perhaps ап explosion, but it definitely iooks as if
there has [-leen ап external fire, l suppose the facility has
Ьеэп evacuated and the airport mUSt Ье cIosed because
it wou dn't Ье poss ble to prov de air-traffic control
Р = pilot, АТС = air-traffic controlIer services iп this situation, Тhеrе are around five fire-fighting
Атс ХТЗ, \'э: lV€Tё not cleared througlr the аррrоасh реrsоппеl оп the roof Ьо ow the observation deck wear ng
high-visibility clothing and helmets,
ссrrldоr, Leave the аррrоасП соrridоr and remain to
:|-€ lc.il,,
Р сору that, say а9а n ХТЗ.
l d dn't ц]t , +l,,";l

Атс ХI З, you are tоо close to the extended centreline of Р - pilot, | = interviewer
the аррrоасh, Remain поrtП of ruпwау 27, landing
traffic оп four m le final,
l l\,4ohammed. could you tell us what happened on tt]e
Р Looking for thе traffic and wrll remain north of the
Р Yeah, the p|anned аррrоасh took us аrоuпd thэ
сепtrе]iпе. ХТЗ,
Dl,,4E аrс to 1oin {ina s for runway 0В, lt was а
ХТЗ request. mooniess night and the controller was reportlng
АТС ХТЗ. pass your rnessage. scattered с oud,
Р We need to check the routing of the convoy, l So а]] was weli?
Request to cross the сепtrеl]пе to the south, ХТЗ. Р Yes, as we came round the аrс, everything was
АТС ХТЗ, negative. Bemain to the north of runway 27, fine, Glideslope capture happened almost
Traffic orl short finai. report that traffic in Sight. immediately after the approach mode was selected
Р Rеmа п поrth of the active, wilco, ХТЗ, and everyth ng became rushed, ТПе а rcraft began
to ассе erate aS t р tched dotvn and vias а ]ot
Trafflc in sight, ХТЗ, faster than lt SnoUid Ье Blt tnere \^/еrе no f]agS
Атс ХТЗ. cross behind that traffic, по warnings, So \./е со],ээ,]:|-а:ээ э- ,-э.,а] - j:-э
р we do not need to cross beh пd because we will speed,
Stay оп the Western Side of the arrport, l But someth пg was st ti bugg ng ;,эi :
АТС ХТЗ, rоgеr and remain north of runway 27 until Р Exact]y. After We completed the ana .э .^э.< St
landing trafflc оп runway, l began to thlnk аgаlп, Why were we go rg so '=.t,
Р Rоgеr, Сопfirm thai We can CroSS after the aircraft И/hу were we using the Speed Ьrаkе апd gэа,
]ands? ХТЗ, l Right.
АТС ХТЗ, Affirm, Р We wего looking for something to confirm the
ХТЗ. Cross runway and сlеаr to land оп the Н lLS ndicatlons. We couldn't see the а rfie d с еаrlу
surface wind 260' В kn, as expected, апd thought tГrat mауЬе thls was due
to the reported cloud. Then the first officer ooked
р Сlеаr to land оп the Н. Хтз.
out to the side and was surprised to see the lights
АТС ХТЗ, Тurп rlght and hover taxi to the tеrmiпа|. from а vlliage were so close.
contact ground оп ]2].90,
l That was the second surprlse.
Р Wilco and contact qrоuпd 121.90 ХтЗ.
Р Yes, At the Same time, l was doing а D\zlE
crosscheck but the апswеr didn't agree with the
lLS indications. That was епоugh suprises for us,
wherever we were, we were where we wеrе not
supposed to Ье, and We both cailed to go around,
l ОК, and what did you do then?
р опсе we were at а safe a]titude we discussed
the рrоЬlеm and concluded that the glidesiope
was fau ty and could not Ье trusted, We planned а
second approach using the localizer and ignorinq
the оп gl depath indlcation,


l And that's good crew resource mапаgеrпепt. с Korean З27, Rоgеr,
р2 Th]s is Stvifttail 65З at hold ng posltion АВ, То
confirm what the Коrеап З27 said, you've completely

ф 3,fr4
lost the rUnWay edge апd centreline lighting. The
runway's pitch black up here,
с Sw]fttai 65З, Rоgеr. wil1 get the engineers onto it
С All StationS, all stations, radar has fai]ed, l Say right away,
аgаlп, the radar has failed; all aircraft return to
previously-assigned headings and levels, Aircraft аrе
to аdhеrе Strictly to АТС instructionS.

1" ы"Ёъ{
Unit 30 Gгоuпd sегчiсеs
P-pilot,C=controller ft.Ёffi
lп this plcture it looks llke there has Ьееп quite а nasty
accident, There is а large vehicIe, mауЬе the sort of
Р We've overshot the runway here, lnterlink 74З,
раssепgеr саrrуiпg vehicle thai takes passengers from the
С lnterlink 74З, Rоgеr. What assistance do you terminal to trre aircraft, and it has turned оvеr оп its side,
require? l сап see the underslde апd the front епd of the vehicle. lt
р We cou]dn't rпаkе oUt the ond of the rUnway at a|l has three sets of wheels: one at the front and two at the
lnterlink 74З, back, lt looks like the axle is bent at the right-hand frопt
С lnterlink 74З, The runway end indicator lights are whее], and the front end is qulte badiy damaged, There is
unserviceabie, а big dent оп the ]eft side and t looks like the windscreen
has smashed away completely, {n the foreground, there is
Р We didn't сору that in the NOTAIVS .,. uhh ,,, we']l а lot of debris over the ground, including some qulte Jarge
need hеlр getting back оп the tarmac, lnterlink 74З
trэiесеs of bent апd twrsted metal, Behind the vehtc|e апd
С lnterlink 74З, Boger, We're sending out а vehicle оп the right side of the picture, there is а set of air stairs
поw, Wlll you requ re апу support for your which indicates that the accldent occurred at ап airfield,
passengers? and ап aircraft was involved in some way, l have по idea
Р Uhh ,., NeQative, lnterlink 74З. what could have caused th s accident, lVауЬе the vehicle
was moving too fast and swerved to avoid something, but
it looks mоrе likely that there was а co]lision. lt mUSt have
ffi,trй Ьееп quite serious because t wou d take а pretty big force
P=pilot,c=controller оr ]mpact to turn а iаrgе vehicle like this over,

с Net Air ВВ7, Hold position, l'm getting а radar *,**
jndication there's another а rсrаft on your runway, N newsreader, l interviewer, ТR Топу Roberts
= = =
р Net Аir ВВ7, Holding, N When people th nk of а near-miss iп aviation. it's
Net Air ВВ7. We'Ve Stopped Shоrt of the intersection usuaily the possibi]ity of aircraft colliding, However
with runway 19. We have negative visual contact with the pilot of а Bombadier at PJymstock аlrроrt was
another aircraft оп ihe runway, startied to see а mechanica] digger heading directly
с Net Air ВВ7, Rаdаr indicates it is behind you поw, but towards his aircraft just after АТС had cleared
it may Ье ап erroneouS return, him for take-off, The digger саmе wlthin inches of
h]tt]ng the aircraft and was seconds away frоm
р Negattve contact w th апу other aircraft. Net Air ВВ7,
causing а disaster,
с Roger Net Air ВВ7, You аrе сlеаr to cross runway 19
Our reporter at the scene spoke to Топу Roberts.
and vacate next left,
the mапаgеr for the airport authority
3-Е7 TR The ,nc,oenl was а Se,|ous near-Tiss,
Р 112= pilot't/2, С controller
= l2
ý ТR Yes, we have strict procedures n рJасе. А]l traffic,
P'l Outer mаrkеr jnbound Korean З27, whether truck оr aircraft, rnust contact АТС to get
С Коrеап З27, Rоgеr, сlеаrапсе before сrоssiпg any taxiways оr runways.
The driver of the vehicle shou]d havo stopped at
Р1 This is Коrеап 327. We've just ]ost contact with the the intersection of runway 22L апd the taxiway and
runway lights. then waited for сlеаrапсе,
С Korear З27, Say agar^, lз
Р1 We can't see the runway l]ghts at all beyond the ТR We are investigating the causes right поw. А new
touchdown zone. Your edge апd сепtеrliпе lights taxlway is being bu]lt and the driчеr was part of the
аrе out. We аrе making а missed approach, Korean construction team,

тR -- :: ,- : ----:j -:recontro| towerlndicatng
Ргоgгеss test 6
-, .- : _ ,--,, ,. ,, as оп the runway just after they'd il*,.

a't Tne сопtrо lеr saw the digger

:э.tact the driver who didn't have This is а picture of half а runway, The runway leads
э -=-,. ]- \4огпепts later the pllot saw the away from the foreground d rесt у into some hi]ls, lt's а
aa ',1a'-; trUCk, vеrу bas с runway wh ch is iп а b]t of disrepair aithough
the centrel ne markings ]ook as if they've Ьееп newly
TR ра nted, There's по tax way and on either side is burnt
grass and past the grass there are some Low опе-stоrеу
bui dings, with tin roofs, Only one lэuildiпg is two storeys,
The buiidings and а rstrip аrе оп а flat plane over]ooked
Ьу mounta ns апd hi]}s, You can see а taxiway at the end
Р1l2 pilot1/2, АТС air-traffic controller nearest which turпs into а sad ookinq d spersal area,
= =
The hi ls are the domlnant feature, they tower аЬоvе the
Атс 9],1 эil ,,iаFandА,WпепyougettoYfol ow runway. They аrе сочеrеd w th grееп vegetat оп, lt's an
Ксrэаi- А t,,
nterest пg picture iп that you hаvо the magn ficence of
Р1 ЭК :e'I F. Y and then YРВ you said? паturе overlooking the rаthеr sad endeavours of mank пd.
АТС 'rэ!а. ,.е, When you get to Y, fo low Коrеап А r.
r.ц j!ri
Р1 Ah fo ,сw Коrеап А r, United 9-]4, ,,|,::
.i,, iп"!-t;fi

Р2 Эrс-ll^., Коrеап 257, We think we hit а vehic]e. А .-l l stopped at the'stop' sign, l ]ooked n both
:,!a( neai, ihe taxiway, dlrections and didn't see апу aircraft, l put mу
flashing lights on. А l the exterior iights , ruппIпg
ДТС r scrr\], you th nk you nit а veh cle?
ights and headlights - were оп and the lпtеrlоr ghts
Р2 vеs, wеrе off, То my rlght l not ced the nose taxi 1 ghts
АТС ОК Коrеап 257, hold your posit on, of ап а rсrаft and l carefuly moved foriryard, I

Р2 Цо:оiпg pos tion, stopped, looked both ways and then drove across
the cargo rаmр, l heard the contro lеr repeatedly
АТС Un ted 9]4 do you see anyth пg пеаr Korean Air?
tel пg the aircraft to hold, At ]east lassumed the
Р1 |'m look ng, ldon't see anything, Does he thlnk he's гпеssаgе was for the aircraft, The next thlng, there
ust hit somethin9? United 914. was а brlght ight and lwas thrown to the f ооr
АТС Afi rm, Не said that there m ght Ье а vehlcle il We pushed back and started the eng пе. Rаmр
da ,аgоб or sо-еl..']лg, сопtrо gave сlеаrапсе to my f|rst officer to tax
Р2 Check оп the right s de please, and hold at В, We wеrе оп our way there whеп
Р'1 ОК. We'ro look ng at the r ght s de. l don't see he suddenly shouted 'bus'. Frоm mу seat оп the
anybody who looks upset, We'll take а closer look, ]eft l saw the bus, but еvеп though ] braked as hard
as l could was unab]e to stop before ,"ve h jt the bus,
Ground, United 9]4, it's really hard to tel , thore s а lt 1ust kept соm ng, As far as ] cou d see tГеrе rr,iere
vehicle parked tПеrе, \,1ауЬе h s outboard engine h t
поt апу i ghts on the bus,
t, l can't tel] frогп here,
с:; ] was s]tting оп the rght hand s de ai t.э back
АТС Roger. Un ted. Thank you very much.
looking left, We stopped at the s gп апс :iэ.
Korean 257, а fo]low-me vehrcle is оп ts way to you, carried on асrоss the саr9о rагпр, ] ccL, э see:ia:
They' l make а v sual inspection, there was ап aircraft getting cioser апо c]cse. ara
Р2 Roger, Thank you, Коrеап 257, repeated у shouted at tne drrver to 'ооk clt', В-: [е
d сг't do ап,Il.i^g,
АТС Korean 257, Ground.
Р2 Pass your message, 257,
ij Опсе we'd pushed back we were g ven с еаrа.се
to taxl and hold short of the taxiway at FА, Tnere
АТС Yeah, the airport veh сlе s !nspect пg the right side was ап inbound а rcraft hold ng short of the cat go
of the a]rcraft, сап you cut the engines? rаmр walting fоr us to exit, All the runway llghts
Р2 Say aga п. Коrеап 257, wеrе оп, l'd ;ust f n shed the check l st when l saw
АТС Cut your епgiпеs down to dle, someth пg dark оп my slde on the right, l cou]Cn't
see any lights on tho vehlcle, lshouted 'bus'to the
Р They are airoady at dle, do you want us to shut
сарtа]п, we crashed and l was hurt,
down the епgiпеs?
Атс A't rm 25/, S,lut rown loL. e.lQ геs,
. ъ ..,;. 1

N/AYDAY |\IAYDAY IйАYDАY Spira tower, Rоtаrу

42. RоЬiпsоп ']], Three miles east of the field. height
В00 ft, Heading 040". Nly fuel gauge is readlnq
empty, and the aux llаrу gauge s reading low,
Suspect rар d leak.


С Rotary 42. Spira tower, Rоgеr N/AYDAY, Say ,,,,,
- .-:i':
Р'! Не 1с g;i,s
Р Unable to proceed to the f eld, IVaking а fu 1 роwеr
landing оп play ng field east of Spira. Stand Ьу, Р2/РЗ Hey"he о
Rоtаrу 42. Р3 Но,л's t go ng?
С Rotary 42, Roger, Р1 Preity exhausted, Lопg сiау today, You know, l lefi
Р Spira tower. Rotary 42, tne f ignt deck jlst -]5
m nUteS inslde the
imit th s even пg,
С Rоtаrу 42. Pass your message,
Р2 What t mе d d you show up this morning?
Р We set down оп tho playing fie d and shut down.
The fuel tanks are almost drу, l have sроkеп wlth Р,! Reported in at 5 a,m. Out of bed just after three,
dispatch and аm await пg instruct опs, l'l contact Flew flve egs rn tota and had to wat in Nlunich fоr
you опсе l know mоrе, Rotary 42, three hours because of the snow.
РЗ Sounds ike mу day,
]'j /а еч ,:i]
Р2 Yep, Sounds l ke а поrmаl day iп the office,
Р1 l'm lookinq forward to the day whеп l get а ]оЬ for
а ong-hau airl пе. l сап соре with the jet lag, just
Р Yosh rаdаr, Starjet В72,
struggle With these опg days,
С Starjet В72, Pass your message,
Р2 \z]uch easier for long-haul р lots, They get а Ьrеаk
Р Holding at ]\4ATSU FL140, Request update оп every eignt hours at tne controls, Rеg опаl fllghts
Weather, Starjet В72, somehow don't get th s protection,
С Starjet В72, Vis biiity st ll below landing rnin mа at р3 short-hau] airlines seem to think we're machines
lVlinawa, who can just sw tcn on and sw]tch off,
Р Star]et В72. Approaching rTin mum fuel, Request Р2 Тhеrе аrе some rеgiопа1 patterns on the roster поw
immed ate divers оп to Nagazawa, at mу соmрапу that involve а ]2-and-a-half-hour
С Starjet В72, С]еаrеd direct ТОТА, FL]40, Contact dUty, W]th not еVеп а ]5-mlnute Ьгеаk.
Nagazawa approach 29,З50. Р3 Yes, and you сап only eave the flight deck for а

wa k around оr to USe the bathroom, They even eat

,i "in., at the contro]s,
}.j: ,, ъ.i' ф"

Р2 Did you know that bus drivers have more restrictions
than pi ots at our соmрапу?
Р соur er 254, Koduk Сепtrе. В7З7-700 З2 m les west
of l\,4ellau, FLЗ20, head ng 240', Request descent
рз lncrediiэ el
and landing at Keladang, Р1 l was talking to а Canad ап pi]ot а few years ago
who said they can wоrk 42 days straight without а
С Courier 254. Rоgеr. Descend FL-]B0, Do you have а
day off,
рrоЬiеm with your flight?
Р Leaving FLЗ20, descending FL]B0, Aff rm, We have Р3 Now that's tough,
]ow fuel pressure for englne пumЬеr 2, and ап Р1 Yeah, Не was saying in Canada you сап do 150
ndication of fue imbalance, Courier 254, hours flying in опе month and up to 60 flight hours
п опе week. i think these f ight and duty time
standards favour the ореrаtоr rаthеr than safety, lt's
Rev,i еw test al] ab,out mаkiпg mопеу.
Р2 Look оп the br ght s de though. l was rеаdiпg that
'ri|1 the Еurореап Aviat оп Safety Agency has started
work on new pilot fatigue ru es,
This s а picture of а crashed aircraft ly ng п the
Р1 l hеаrd that too, Let'S hope they real у will lэе based
foreground, The aircraft has obviously ianded heavl у, So оп science rather than оп соmrпеrс al pressures,
heavi у that the wings аrе bent downwards, the spar s
l mеап, there's loads of scient fic rеsеаrсh оп the
cracked on one of them, The undercarriage is splayed issue, but the regu atlonS ]USt don't cons der it which
either s de of the aircraft, The рrоре lеr ts bent and the is crazy,
engine s com пg out of the cowling, lt has а strlped
fuselage, Nobody s in it. lt iooks as if the wlпdsсrееп has РЗ Yeah, l th nk the FАА in the States is go]ng to review
the ru es like they аrе dolng iп Europe,
been Ьrоkеп and there is rе at vely lttle damage to the tail
р ain оr elevators, However the 1mpact has obviously Ьееп Р2 Did you hear about that fatigue risk management
heavily down as opposed to along and the whole aircraft system fоrum? That looks рrоm s п9,
is damaged, with two drooplng wings, The setting s Р1 What's that?
попdеsсriрt - а Sparse wooded area on а fairly flat plain,
А blue sky dotted with fair wеаthеr cumu us апd some
Р2 Some airlines have got together to discuss best
practice with human fatlguo management,
strata as well, Looks as if а front may Ье coming in from а
They've got some pretty big паmеs, Air New
d stance, although the v sibility is extremely good, This is а
ZeaIand, easyJet, De ta. Virgin, Тhоу'rе going to
sad picture of an aircraft that wil рrоЬаЬlу печеr fly aga п. produce gu dance fоr аir]iпеs to set up their own
fatlgue management systems,


Р'| Э-,::-сz, .э,]еfit from а System like С 1-45YC. Boger. Thank you.
Albion 291. Аrе you able to continue taxi?
рз РЗ Steering is going to Ье ап issue. We'd prefer а tow,
АlЬiоп 291 ,

р2 С Albion 29'1, Rоgеr. We'll send а vehicle to you now,

|-45YC. Cleared for take-off runway 25R. Wind 200',
Р1 --: ,,.э . :,. sэ:- " l опlу еvеr get about four hour's 21 kn.
S a:. ,,,-э- ,,.э S:ау here, All оur crew members get
-:..-S: Cleared for take-off ruпwау 25R, 1-45YC.
:,:] .jS,
Р2 Д,: сэ:э э ,,,;опdеr why pilots пар оп the flight Pl Тiпоvес tower. Zoom 464, Request return to the
north арrоп.
С Zoom 464, Тurп next right taxiway С and hold

# з.з8 Р1
position. Do you have а problem?
We've а party of
kids оп board who've lost their
с Zoэ- :С:, Ъхi to holding point runway 25R via В. passports, We need to get this sorted out. Zoom
Р1 Тах :э -э э :lg point runway 25R via В, Zооm 464, 464.
С Tlger 2З6. Сlеаrеd for take-off runway 25В. Wind С Zoom 464, Rоgеr. Hold position. Traffic is just
20О''9 кп, arriving at stand 2З. We'll need to find а parking
Р2 Сlеаrео for take-off runway 25R. Tiger 2З6. position for you.

С Alb]on 291, Vacate next right, taxi to south арrоп via Р1 Turn пехt right taxiway С and hold position,
М. Give way to the АЗ40 inbound оп L. Zооm 464.
РЗ Next right, taxi to south арrоп via М. Wilco. АlЬiоп

1-45YC, Liпе up and wait runway 25R.
Review test 2
Line up and wait ruпwау 25R, 1-45YC.
liger 2З6. Stopping,
& з.39
This is а picture that gives the impression of heat and
С Tiger 2З6. Rоgеr.
movement. lп the foreground there is а photographer,
OO-G. Cleared to land runway 25L. Wind 200', standing Ьу а tripod, on which is а саmеrа, He's iп shirt
21 kn. sleeves and with what looks like а small rucksack on
Р5 Cleared to land runway 25L. OO-G. his back. He's standing next to the tripod operating the
С Tiger 2З6. Say rеаsоп for stop. camera amongst some scrub, which has been dried Ьу
the sun, апd he is taking а photograph or fiiming а jet
Р2 We had а low oil pressure indication for engine
aircraft which looks like а 777 taking off from а runway.
пumЬеr 1. Beadings аrе поw поrmаl. Request
There is shimmering heat the whole way аrоuпd the
another departure, Тigеr 2З6.
aircraft. You сап see the heat from the two huge engines
С Tiger 2З6. Rоgеr. Vacate left taxiway Е. Taxi to and you сап hardly see the background at all because
the holding point runway 25R via В. of the shimmer of the heat. The nose has lifted, the nose
Р2 Vacate left taxiway Е, Taxi to the holding point wheel is maybe twenty feet iп the air and the main wheels
ruпwау 25R via В. Thank you. Tiger 2З6. are probably just about to lift. The angle is quite steep and
the tail is close to the ruпwау, but there is no sign of dust
С |-45YС. Aircraft vacating ruпwау. Expect depa(ure
оr debris, which you would expect if there was contact
in two minutes.
between the tail and the ground iп а tailstrike, The аirсrаft
р4 I-45Yc. iS quite close to the photographer who l imagine will Ье
С Albion 291 . Hold position, I told you to give way. blasted Ьу the engines, I would run if l was him. Apart
Р3 Holding, We slid асrоss L on black ice. Albion from that, the background is sапd, desert type SсruЬ With
291, а clear cloudless sky. The aircraft is not particularly in
focus so it's difficult to know which company it belongs to.
С Albion 291. Rоgеr. Vrаkо 87В, Hold position.
lndistinguishable markings on the fuselage.
Рб Holding. We watched him skid right out in front of

us. Vrako 87В.
OO-G. Vacate next right taxiway l. Hold short of
# з.40
L. Advise slow speed. We have reports of poor l This month's flightweb podcast looks at the topic
braking actjon оп the south taxiways. of staff shortage in air-traffic control. With me today
to talk about this is Rolf Hassenburg, а fоrmеr
Р5 Next right taxi l. Roger. OO-G,
ai ptraffic сопtrоl ler and ai r-traffic management
Р4 Тiпоvес tower. 1-45YС. There's а group of rodents consultant, Rolf, what's the current situation?
running around on the field очеr here,
R lt's pretiy bad right now. Vеrу basically, we сап
С 1-45YC. Say again. say that the System has Ьееп operating for а
Р4 А few animals ... l can't see what species ... out long time without enough air-traffic controllers, and
here оп the right side of runway 25R, 1-45YC. this situation will get worse as the industry continues
to grow,

I Where s this рrоЬlеm pa(icutarly bad? ;ф
'qф; #,Фх
R There аrе сhrоп с Shortages in many parts
of the world. ln Australia, for example, staff
С D-2ЗGН. Turn ieft heading 240'direct ROSCA,
Climb FL]З0,
shortfall has forced shutdown of services across
mапу parts of the country, with rпапу controllers P,t Turn left heading 240" direct ROSCA, Climblng
working overtlme to fill the gap, This has lead to FL]з0. D-2зGн.
higher stress levels and controller fatigue which has с Estrella 525 heavy. Cl mЬ FL170. Pass SААlVl FL140
caused the relationship between the navigation оr higher.
service provlder and the uпiоп to become qulte Р2 Climbing FLl70. То Ье SAA|Vi FL-l40 оr higher,
tense over recent months. lп Еurоре there
Estrel]a 525 heavy.
is ап estimated Shortage of ,000 controliers.

ln some Еurореап countries the air traffic has Р3 Previair 2З4. Good evening, D|AMA 2В, FL]40.
DлDлl aд
mоrе than doubied iп the last five уеаrs, but the
пumьеr of controllers has remained the same, This С Prevtair 2З4, Good evenlng, Descend апd maintain
shortfalI is pro]ected to rise to З,000 in the coming FL100, Squawk ЗЗ]2.
уеаrS, Р3 Descend and maintain FL100, Squawk ЗЗ']2, Previair
what ab,out areas of the wor]d that аrе dovo oping 2з4,
quickly? с Rabbit 4В7, Climb FL,]70. Reach SAAIt/l FL]40 or
R Good question, Take lпdlа, where rapid expansion higher.
of the aviation infrastructure is causing staff Р4 Climbing FL]70. Reach SAAIИl FLl40 or higher,
рrоЬlеms, Delhi airport, for example, currently Rabbit 4В7.
has 200 сопtrоl ers in total. The аirроrt recently
inaugurated its third ruпwау and the internationally
Р1 Cuiba approach. D-2ЗGН, Level at FL1']0. Request
immediate descent,
accepted number of controllers for ап alrport w th
three runways is З50, С D-2ЗGН. Say rеаsоп for descent,
I Why аrе thеrе not enough controliers? Р1 We're picking up rimе ice. We've got а поsе down
pitch due stuck elevator. D-2ЗGН.
R Well, опе of the problems is actually
retaining staff, Air Тrаff с and Navigation С D-2ЗGН. Rоgеr. Descend FL70.
Serv]ces п South Africa, in spite of offers of hlgher р,| FL70. D-2зGн.
wages and improvements in the working р5 DlAlvA з], FL]40, PARAL зв A6-TYC,
епчirопmепt, is struggllng to keep their controllers.
А sim lаr рrоЬlеm was faced Ьу National Air Traff]c С А6-ТYС, Descend and maintain FLl20, Squawk
Services n the UK, which was forced to completely 142з,
rethink the Way t managed its human resoUrces - Р5 Descend and mа]пtаlп FL120, Squawk142З,
this had а very positive effect оп control]er mоrаlе, A6-TYC.
l And what about recruitment? Р4 Cuiba approach. Rabbit 4В7. Wе'rе experienc ng
R There is а gепеrаl view among controllers that severe chop due vortex from the heavy,
ANSPs, due to the r d ffеrепt perceptions about С Rabbit 4В7, Vectors {or avoidance, Тurп left heading
staff numbers, аrе not doing enough to recruit 240",
enough trainee controllers to sustain сurrепt Р4 Тurп ]eft heading 240', Rabbit 4В7,
operations, or address the shortfall. However,
mапу regions of the wоrld are planning big
Рб Cu]ba control, Cityalr бВ7, Good evening, Pass ng
a|titude 4,000 ft.
recruitment drves, The probiem with recru tment
is that many thinking of enterlng the АТС professlon с Cityair бВ7. Good ечепiпg, Climb and maintain FL70
аrе be]n9 discouraged because of tough working Squawk 2254.
conditions and the overtime. Another рrоЬlеm with Рб Citya r бВ7. Climbing FL70. Squawk 2254,
training ]s that it takes а long time, and has quite Р5 IV]AYDAY |VAYDAY MAYDAY, Cu Ьа control, A6-TYC
а high drop-out rate, Fоr example, in some training Cessna Citation, 9 miles Dl\lE north-east РАRАL,
programmes, up to 60% of trainees fall to compleie FL]00. Two crew, two passengers, The captain
the course, and печеr actually become а qualified air is not well at а]l, Suspected stroke, Request
traff с control еr. ]mmediate diversion to Тосаrап lnternationa],
And l understand rеtirеmепt ls a]so а problerT, Is С A6-TYC, Rоgеr IVAYDAY. Stand Ьу,
that right?
Previair 2З4. Aircraft behind you requires рriоritу
R Yes, mапу areas аrе facing problems with ап ageing handling, Hold at PARAL FL100. Expect onward
control]er population. Among the most troubled сlеаrапое at t me З9.
is the US, where close to half its l5,000-strong
controller workforce 1s eligible to retire within the
Р3 Ho]d at PARAL FL]00. Рrечiаir 2З4,
next 10 years, с A6-TYC, Continue direct PARAL. Cleared PARAL 1

alpha arrival Тосаrап runway З4L, Descend and

Апd what аrе the solutions to th]s? what is the
ma]ntain altitude 6,0О0 feet, QNH ]007,
industry going to do?


р5 ]-:-_ - =ared PARAL 1 alpha А6-ТYС. Ап ambulance will meet you on the south
:__ ]=._.-a and maintain altitude арrоп for а rapid transfer to hospital. Descend
altitude з,000 ft. Contact Тосаrап tower оп 124.450.
р7 р5 Descend altitude З,000 ft. Contact 124.450. Thank
с -,=-- =:-:э Сепtrе']2В.750. you. 46-TYC.

р7 -_ _ ээсс ьуе, CIt/F2B7. Previair 2З4. Cleared PARAL 1 alpha arrival runway
З4L. Descend and maintain altitude 6,000 ft, QNH
с - =s south-east SAA|Vl, FL70, What is
1007. Prevair 24З,
рз Cleared PARAL 1 alpha arrival runway З4L, Descend
р1 : :r:, =a'rll control of the aircraft. [йау we
--: -:-: э,,,е? D-2ЗGН, and maintain altitude 6,000 ft, QNH ]007. Prevair 2З4
р2 Cuiba аррrоасh, Estrella 525. Level at FLl70, We
с :,- -",т, Continue direct ROSCA FL70, have loss of cabin pressure which we believe is frоm
р1 - -,. ] ,ээt ROSCA FL70. D-23GH.
the right hand forward service door, Request lоwеr,
с . :-:-,Turn right heading З00" с Estrella 525. Rоgеr. Descend FL140,
р4 -:аэ,пg З00', Rabbit 4В7. р2 Descend FL]40, Estrella 525,