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Azalea Agency Height: 6’3
P.O. Box 1623 Weight: 195 lbs.
O’Fallon, MO 63366 Hair: Black
314.421.9000 Eyes: Brown
Email: mandi@azaleaagency.com

Film (Partial List)
Get Hard Feature/ Basketball Player Warner Bros. Television
The Layover Feature/ Baggage Clerk Director: William H. Macy
Four-Way Stop Supporting / Charles Monkey With A Gun Productions
The Empty Man Feature/ Officer Parker Director: David Prior
I’ll Be Right Behind You Lead/ Detective John Cartwell Vidzu Media
Richie and the Styles Supporting / Ellis 508 Films
All Gone Wrong Supporting/Junkie J Vidzu Media
Professional Groupies Supporting /Jett 3 Way Studios
Hate Lead/Wallace Forever An Astronaut
Just Trying To Help Lead/Detective Davis Director: Wyatt Fecht
Deal With The Devil Supporting / Detective Knight Ozark Films

Television (partial list)
Bag Men Principle Director: Al Nuke
Fat Joe- Another Day Principle Director: Salvatore Rubino

Theatre (Partial List)
Real Life Musical Lead/Raymond Vincent JPEK CreativeWorks
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Lead/Demetrius Edison Theater
Raisin In The Sun Lead/ Walter Younger Black Rep Theatre

Bush Beer Host Taste of St. Louis
Four-Way Stop Interview Host Hannah Radcliff

New Media
Brother VS. Sister Principal/Darius Jones Always Late TV

Ghost Revolutionist Working Actor’s Studio Ongoing Chubbuck Technique
Nick Conti’s Professional Acting Studio Ongoing Meisner Technique/ Scene Study
Carrie Houk On Camera Acting
Andrea Purnell Improv/Comedy Sketch
Tedd Huff Personal Development (BA) / Voice Diction
Lindenwood University Fine Arts and Theatre/ Acting I, II, III
Basketball, Baseball, Stage Combat, Improv, V.O., Lyricist, Firearms, Drawing, Host, Line
Memorization, Facial Hair Growth, Eye Tricks and Joints, Dialects (varies), Driver License
Demo Reel: http://www.jaanmarion.com/acting-reel-.html

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