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Chapter 4

Marketing Aspect

4.1 Business Description

MaSACCA Inc. is a manufacturing business started as a corporation in 2018. It centers in

producing organic fertilizer made from chicken manure, food waste and grass clippings. People

nowadays prefer using modern ways of farming using commercial fertilizers. With this,

MaSACCA decided to use chicken manure, food waste and grass clippings to introduce

something new on the market.

The business aims to help local farmers producing crops which gives health benefits on

public and living organisms by being organic, in its composition. It also aims to give affordable

price for a more valuable marketing opportunity and at the same time being socially responsible

in terms of proper waste management.

4.2 Industry Profile and Analysis

Rapidly growing demand for organic food and increased organic farming are major

factors leading to worldwide growth of organic fertilizer. Department of Science and Technology

through the Philippine Council for Agriculture Resources, Research and Developmen has been

tasked to assist with the development of compost activator production nationwide, to promote

composting, primarily in surrounding lowland irrigated rice farms, and to pursue research and

development activities in this field. Philippines is abound with organic wastes resources that is
being converted into processed organic fertilizers with the component of chickenl manures and

agricultural wastes enriched with nutrients and other trace elements. Organic farming inputs such

as fertilizers particularly chicken manure, food wastes and grass clippings are sourced and made

from local indigenous materials. Organic agriculture on the other hand is an agricultural

production system that promotes environmentally, socially and economically sound production

of food and fibers and excludes the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, pesticides,

growth regulators, livestock feed additives and genetically modified organisms. It is one of the

livelihood options being offered to farmers in the Philippine Agriculture 2020.

4.3 Study of Demand and Supply

The information gathered for the study of demand and supply are desired results from the

conducted survey, interviews .The survey conducted was given to certain farms around Cavite,

Laguna and Batangas.

4.4 Survey Results

1.Crops Produced
Food Crops

Root and
Tuber crops
Cash Crops


Food Crops

Root and
Tuber crops
Cash Crops


Food Crops

Root and
Tuber crops
Cash Crops


1.How often do you use fertilizer?

Laguna Cavite Batangas

Daily Daily Daily

Semi- Semi- Semi-

Annual Annual Annual
Monthly Monthly Monthly

Annual Annual Annual

4.5 Marketing Plan

4.5.1 Market Demographics

Reaching customers and assessing their behaviour through demographic allows

companies to determine whether products and services it offers are targeted to its most important

MaSACCA aims to offer compost organic fertilizer to farms and other agricultural lands

particularly in the areas of Indang and Maragondon at Cavite, Liliw and Los Baños at Laguna

and Lipa, Batangas. Most of the farms are using both organic in the form of chicken manure and

chemical fertilizers on their crops.

Food wastes an organic material that easily decomposes into high quality compost is a

good combination for chicken manure. MaSACCA Inc. wants to introduce O’FertiLyce to the

public particularly in the recognized farms as one way to grow healthier crops.

4.5.2 Target Market

Target Market pertains to customers. The business wants to sell its product, services ,

and direct its marketing efforts with.

Department of Agriculture promotes the use of organic fertilizer in planting as around

38% of land in the country damaged due to use of commercial fertilizers. Most farms are not

absolutely using commercial fertilizers. Chicken Manure , food waste and grass clippings as a

composting food and organic waste has large economic impacts but also gives improved sanitary

public safety and health. Target customers would prefer a fertilizer that is good for their crops

and contributes healthy practices in the environment.

4.5.3 Positioning

Positioning is the act of designing of the company’s offering and image so that they

occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customer’s minds. (kotler,

To be farmers, on be known to the public, MaSACCA would be known as the “Happier

Soil for a Healthier Soil” because it will introduce the concept of being organic and the

corporation being socially responsible.

4.5 Marketing Mix

4.5.1 Product

A product is a good or service that a business owner provides for sale to his target

market. When it comes to developing a product, the design, quality, packaging, features, after-

sales service, and customer service should be considered.

MaSACCA Inc. manufactures O’FertiLyce organic compost fertilizer. This form of

fertilizer is an excellent slow release soil amendment that also contains nitrogen, phosphorus,

potassium, trace minerals, humic and fulmic acids, vitamins, enzymes, and other needed

nutrients.This product composes three main ingredients: Animal manure and food waste.

O’Fertilyce is extremely useful for all types of crops. It provides the nutrients to the soil

and contains a variety of the basic nutrients that plants require for healthy growth. The product is

effective at increasing the nutrient of the soil, helping to control erosion and run-off and help

increase the uptake of naturally occurring minerals in the soil.

O’FertiLyce compost organic fertilizer is available in in 50kgs of sack.

4.5.2 Price

Pricing is one of the most critical elements of a product in the marketing mix. Companies

have to pay money to design a product, to develop/build a product, and to promote a product.

However, a product’s price is the only element in the marketing mix which generates an income

for an organization. Pricing strategies based on sound pricing research provide companies with a

price that reflects the supply and the demand integrated into the relationship.

In today’s world of seriously price conscious consumers, MaSACCA Inc. has adopted a

customer value- based pricing strategy especially that pricing has a huge impact on the marketing

efficiency. MaSACCA Inc. priced are being lower than competitors, which typically increases

the chance that customers click on ad and buy the product.

Product Price

O’FertiLyce Fertiliser P380.00

4.5.3 Placement

Place (Distribution) strategy plays a fundamental role in the marketing mix of a product

or service. Place strategy outlines how and where a company will place its products and services

in an attempt to gain market share and consumer purchases. This may include stores, both

physical and online, and any other means by which the company can reach customers.

MaSACCA Inc. will use selective distribution of O’FertiLyce compost fertilizer. This

product will be sold through farmers within Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. For the delivery, truck

will be used for the distribution of product from the company to the designated farms.
4.5.4 Promotion

Promotion is a communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds

potential buyers of product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response. (Charles L.

Lamb et al. 2001)

To inform to the target customers regarding our product . The business will advertise the

product through mass media. There will be having an official website name

www.MaSACCA.com, TV, newspaper, radio advertisements as we promote our product. But

these are not enough in fact that most of the farmer send more time of them work on the land all

day long and go back to their house in the evening to take a rest. So that the other options of the

business through promoting is doing marketing and selling method. This is totally simple method

in marketing, where the business meet the customers directly, try convince them to buy the

product. The really point from this kind of direct marketing and selling concept is the business

use the social approach to the farmer which is the customer.For example by held a promotion

event. Business can invite them to a seminar then doing the promotion in there, MaSACCA Inc.

can offer many kind of promotion packages for the customers. For example every 40 sacks of

fertilizers that they buy, they can get free delivery or two sacks of O’ FertiLyce compost

fertiliser. Basically, MaSACCA Inc. can persuade the customers to buy the product and make a

transaction at that time, that also called as direct selling.