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Lesson Plan Day 1

Subject: Music Grade / Section: Grade 6 Date: Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2017

Teacher’s name: Mr. Bellote Lesson title: Learning how to sing the proper solmization of the song: The Magic Recorder.

Learning Outcomes(objectives to show differentiation)-end of lesson Grade Expectations (standards)- Int./ MOE
Some students will be able Most students will be able All students will be able to:
to: to:
Will be able to follow the right Most students will be able to Will be able to recall some of the
rhythm while reading the correct clap all the rhythm correctly. common notes.

Vocabulary: Lesson Differentiation strategies

Repeat sign Starter: Students to clap the rhythm of the song The Magic RECORDER while keeping
mezzo piano in time with the tempo.  LA ability to copy each
rhythm being played, teacher
 along with HA students to
model the performance.
Main activity: 
Teacher to model the performance. Playing the right solmization on the Piano.
Resources: Subject integration
Students then will be given a time to recall what they have learn from the previous lesson.
Links to real life
Music Book 6
Piano Students will be divided and work on the different parts of the song. Culture and heritage
Call and response method in learning the song. Patience in getting the rhythm
flow of patterns and beats.
Being positive to finish one
task at a time.

Lesson closure:
Teacher to review the objective of the day, while students assess their
own learning. Ask plenary questions.

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Lesson Reflection: Student activity/interaction: Assessment (Individual &
How am I working build- Learn the song as a group. Build in each performance focusing on hitting the right kind of notes.
ing up with my
performance at the same Class performance followed after
time helping my group. each rehearsals.

Musical samples / Exercises: Write down the Kodaly Sounds you have learned before:

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