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Hotel Gym

Sophie Flynn, Maura Dompkouski, Mel Baptista, Clara

Mueller, Amanda Leone
Project Team
Solstice Hotel/Gym Human Resources Chair, Sophie Flynn

Solstice Hotel/Gym Marketing Chair, Mel Baptista

Solstice Hotel/Gym Communications Chair, Clara Mueller

Project Manager, Maura Dompkouski

Solstice Hotel/Gym Finance and Logistics Chair, Amanda Leone

Table of Contents
1. Project Team
2. Project Background and Charter
3. Project Schedule
4. Key Stakeholders
5. Constraints, Dependencies, Risks, Assumptions
6. Communication Plan
7. Measurable Project Goals
8. Project Budget
9. Risk Logs
Key Charter Information
● Project Background
● Location: Solstice Hotel
● Customers: Solstice Hotel and Equinox Inn guests
● Project duration: May 1st - August 1st
● Date of opening: August 4st
● Hours: 6:00am - 10:00 pm
● Employees: Solstice Hotel employees
Project Schedule
Key Stakeholders
PM and Project Team Smartsheet

Sponsor Equinox Inn Mgmt & Employees

Client Legal Department

Hotel and Inn Guests General Contractor

Suppliers Electrician

Insurance Company Maintenance

City of Boston
Constraints: Risks:
The amount of space available in the room; The User injury; Equipment breakage; Labor force
project budget; Limits on time available to dissatisfaction/strikes; Weather impact on
perform certain tasks as set by the schedule; construction; Outside interference on
Reasonable hours for construction construction; Delayed delivery of supplies

Dependencies: Assumptions:
Must have a usable, sustainable fitness center Hotel guests will use the gym; Will receive
by project completion date positive feedback from guests; Staff will be
cooperative and willing to work; Equipment will
function upon setup
Communication Plan
Measurable Project Goals
● To market the gym well enough to attract 15-20 hotel guests daily within the
first 2 months of operating

● To promote sustainability by implementing 6 eco-friendly and energy efficient

resources in our facility
○ Water dispenser, bamboo flooring, microfiber cleaning cloths, towels, LED lighting, recycled
yoga mats

● To receive a 80% customer satisfaction rate on our guest’s fitness experience

within our facility
Project Budget
Risk Log Example 1
Risk: Gym may receive low satisfaction ratings from users due to machine availability

Risk Category: Resources

Date Identified: 3/26/17

Probability: 4 Impact: 5 Risk Factor: 20

Risk Response: Mitigate

Response Notes: Inform guests at check-in that they are limited to 30 minutes of use per piece of
equipment when there are more than two guests using the facility.

Contingency plan: Display posted rules that limits the amount of time guests can use one piece of
equipment to 30 minutes.

Status: Open
Risk Log Example 2
Risk: Gym equipment or other materials may not be delivered to hotel in time for gym opening

Risk Category: External

Date Identified: 3/26/17

Probability: 2 Impact: 5 Risk Factor: 10

Risk Response: Accept

Response Notes: Call equipment supplier companies two months in advance to confirm shipment date.
Follow up with them two weeks before scheduled equipment arrival to get shipment tracking information.

Contingency Plan: Order equipment 1.5 months ahead of opening-date and store in Hotel storage area
until needed.

Status: Open
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