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Brief Description of the lesson:

The lesson was about pre-test students for words with suffixes "ion" and teach them
some spelling rules (root of the words, suffixes and syllables)

What went well

The lesson had positive sides, I was prepared because I've wrote a detailed lesson
plan and the lesson was ordered, clear, appropriate for the students to understand
the learning in an interactive way by giving them the center and let them to share
their knowledge before I teach them by asking them: what is a root? What are
syllables etc.? I checked students answer on the board. Clear for the students what
they are going to do and learn. Students understand the explanation because they
where responding to my questions. Let students to practice the new learning.

The yellow colored sentences are the applied next steps of the previous lesson

Even better if

Even better if I felt comfortable to teach students because of that I was not interest or
enthusiasm toward teaching. It is better if I checked each student degree, so I know
their level, it's better to print the dictation words rather than using phone.
Say the words in order so I do not miss any word and consume more time.
Introduced the suffixes words first, then their roots and syllables then ask student to
find out what is the similarity and figure out the suffixes by themselves to brain storm
their minds.
Lesson will be more fluent if I introduced a management tool because students
sometimes during the lesson where talking even If I call out their names, count or
warn them.
It will be more specific to write a lesson objective that all students will reach.

Behavior management

Lesson was somehow controlled and students where respecting and gave me their
attention except few times there were students talk but that was in a natural and
managed way where in this case I use to count and call out their names to stop
interrupting but it still I do not have the full control of them.


The activity's attempt to proper students' level from low, average and high. But I did
not implement the activity because of the time-consumed during testing students and
checking their answers.
What I learned

I learned that I should check students after each assessment to value their levels.
Say the dictation words faster, loudly and clearly and to make it more active, put it in
a sentence while repeating it. To avoid saying any words with Arabic.

Next steps in learning and teaching

Next steps for my lessons are to ask students about how many they’ve got of 20 to
check their levels and their difficulties. Implement managing system that engage
students toward learning. Print the dictation words in a sheet.