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LL_Y1: AGQ Assessment Reflection

Directions​​: Look back at your formative assessments for Unit 1: A Good Question. Reflect on your growth.

Strong Proficient Developing Beginning

8-7 6-5 4-3 2-1

A. 1. Identify and comment upon significant aspects of texts

F Oceans Question

F Narrative Nonfiction Response

S AGQ Assessment

A. 3. Justify opinions and ideas, using examples, explanations and terminology.

F Summer Reading Response

F Eleven or Thank You Ma’am Reading Response

F Narrative Nonfiction Response

S AGQ Assessment

B. 2. ​Organize opinions and ideas in a logical manner.

F Paragraphing Exit Ticket

S AGQ Assessment

C. 3. select relevant details and examples to support ideas.

F Narrative Nonfiction Response

S AGQ Assessment

D. 1. use appropriate and varied vocabulary, sentence structures and forms of expression

F Narrative Nonfiction Vocabulary

S AGQ Assessment

What is something you discovered about yourself as a learner this unit?

Strong Proficient Developing Beginning
Approaches to Learning ​(Personal Reflection) 8-7 6-5 4-3 2-1

Communication​​ - How can students communicate through interaction?

Give meaningful feedback to peers

Receive feedback from teachers & peers

Communication​​ - How can students demonstrate communication through language?

Read for comprehension (understanding)

Social: Collaborative Skills​​ - How can students collaborate?

Listen actively to others

Self-Management: Organization Skills​​ - How can students demonstrate organizational skills?

Keep and use your agenda

Bring necessary supplies to class

Keep folders organized ​(hw, class, Google Drive)

Thinking: Critical Thinking Skills​​ - How can students think critically?

Come up with on the line questions

Come up with between the line questions

Come up with beyond the line questions

What is something you will do differently during the next unit?