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Lesson Plan 2

Name of Student Teacher : Amal Ibrahim Abdullah School : RAK Academy ( PYP )
Planning an Inquiry Based Lesson/Activity/Project Name:

Consider your PDP goals when lesson planning. Some points to keep in mind might be:

Professional Development Plan

(What do YOU need to work on in order to grow professionally?)

1-(Goal): The students will build their prior knowledge through the concept.
2- (Strategies Used) :
- Plan of the lesson and discuss with the MST about the lesson.
- Document the content of the lesson to use it as a reference.
- Fix and improve the mistakes of the lesson after getting feedback.

3- (Evidence) :
• Lesson purposes (Power Point, the experiment materials).
• Lesson plan (before & after feedback).
• Students works and assessment at the end of the lesson.

Grade Level: Subject: Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

Three Science -hands-on experiences with a variety of materials.
-making observations that are relevant to questions asked.
-working in cooperative learning teams in an enjoyable
learning environment.
-following guided inquiry principles to in order deepen their
understanding of topic.
 Title of Lesson: Plants A brief description of my Lesson in my own words:
 Strand: Living world  This lesson is second sessions of this course. It's all
Sub-strand: Explain how the white flowers will change if we put about the plants, and how the white flower will change to
food coloring. the different color if we put the different of food coloring.
Then they will learn about the plants more in details.
The problem that students are trying to solve or investigate The outcome or product of the students’ investigation :
(in my own words):
- The students will be able to know that the white
 The students will not put enough amount of food flowers will change through the food coloring.
coloring. - The students will know how to describe the plant
and know what are the root, leaves, and steam.

Essential Question: Guided Questions:

- How the water affect the plant to grow? - Investigate how water is transported in plants?
- How does the white flower will change if we put the food
- Does the plant need the water to grow?

Learning Outcomes (including strand and substrand)

 Students will be able to investigate different color of food on the white flower.
 Students will be able to compare how the white flower it changes to the different color.
 Students will be able to recognize the importance of steps in a scientific investigation.
-The stages that the students will use to investigate the problem:

Stage What it Means/What students do at What are Process skills Literacy

this stage of any inquiry lesson What students will Aim of this some that students skills that
do at this stage of section of the questions will use at this students will
my lesson lesson that I will ask stage (name, use at this
students and say how stage (name,
during this and where) and say how
section? (at and where)
what level of
Bloom’s are
Engageme The students will think about the plant - The students Remember & Prediction: Speaking &
nt if it will grow with water or without will watch the Understandin The students will Listening
water video -The students will g guess about their
https://www.y improve their The students
prior knowledge.
cognitive skills. will listen to
- Have Hypothesis: the video and
-Engage the you The students will then they will
- Discuss about students. ever put on the cup the talk about
what they saw planted food coloring and what they saw
on the video. -The students will in your the put white in the video.
- Take notes of remember some home? flower of
the video. notes from their carnations to see
- I will ask the prior knowledge. - Did the what will happen.
student two plant
questions and Communicating:
will Their hypothesis.
they have to
think about the with
answer. water?

- What do
think if
water in
Exploratio - The students will think and The students will Observing: what Speaking &
n discuss about what happen if listen to the teacher Explore the Understandin happened to add listening:
they add the carnations well while explain the questions and g & applying: the carnations As they
flowers on the food coloring. experiment then they possibilities. flower on the discuss and
- The students will learn some will do what the 1. What food coloring? communicate
new words : carnations, leafy teacher say. happen if their results.
celery adding Communicating:
carnations discuss what their
flower on the hypothesis about
food coloring? what will happen
if adds carnations
2. What the slower in food
solution coloring and what
means? they observe.
Explanatio - The students will learn some - The students Understandin Observing: Speaking &
n new word (roots, shoot, and will watch and g: What the When they see listening: As
stem). understand Demonstrate meaning of the flower and they discuss
from the conceptual these words celery in the food and share
- The students will be able to PowerPoint to (roots, shoots, coloring. their thoughts.
through applying
know how the white flower explain for stem?)
what they are
change to the same color of the students watching on the Writing:
food coloring. each point. white flower that in Analyzing: Classifying: When they
the food coloring. Can you Through select write on their
- The students will observe the compare the materials notes what
flowers. between the (white flower, and the other
flowers in the celery) that would materials that
beginning and change the color would change
- The students will write on their in the end through the food the color in
notes about what they when we put coloring. the food
observe. the food coloring.
coloring? Communicating:
Explain and
Evaluating: discuss how the
think about materials change
other materials the color when
that would we put the food
change the coloring.
color if we put
the food Predicting:
coloring? Guess and write
what other
materials can
change the color
in the food
Elaboration The student will do some activities I will divide the Analyzing: Observing: Speaking:
about their experiments. students into six The students will 1. What Through using Through their
groups and 5 groups improve their will happen to their senses discussion in
have 4 students, and thinking skills different when they are the answers.
one group have 5 through their materials when answers because
students. answers. they are mixed they will use their
- I will give in food brain to think
each group coloring? about the
different answers, and use
activity to do 2. How you will their hands to
it, then we will organize your write the
discuss answers? answers.
about the Create:
answers. The students
will investigate
to look at the
Evaluation 1. The students will discuss about I will give the Analyzing: communicating: Speaking &
different answers and discuss about students one activity Assess the 1. What listening: as
the experiment that they made it. to check if they are students happened the students will they discuss
understood the understand. when you mix communicate with their answers
2. The students will describe what lesson and different the other students with the whole
happened and what they did see in experiment. materials with by share their class.
the experiment. the food answers
3. The students will classify which 2. What did Writing:
materials is change the color when we you see in When they
put the food coloring. these different write their
materials? answers of
Evaluating: materials are
1. Which change the
materials is color in the
change the food coloring.
color in
different food