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Lesson Plan 10

Name: Amal Ebrahim Grade Level: 3A

CCSS Standards: Puzzles and Codes (give it to me).

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

-The Students will be able to listen to instructions using
Vocabulary and indirect pronouns.
-The students will be able to give instructions. To ask politely
For food items.
-The students will be able to know the name tools for food items (spoon- cup- knife- plate -napkin).

Materials: PowerPoint

teacher books

student book(s) Learners book to read the text from page, 115

worksheets/ papers Matching name of tools (spoon- cup- knife- plate -napkin) with the correct pictures.

teacher materials Power point, markers, whiteboard.

student materials/ Pencils, colors.


technology Data show, laptop.

other -

Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

Napkin A small square piece of cloth or paper, used while you

are eating to protect your clothes or to clean your
mouth or fingers.

Plate A flat, usually round dish with a slightly raised edge

that you eat from or serve food.

Knife A tool, usually with a metal blade and a handle, used

for cutting and spreading food or other substances, or
as a weapon.
Students’ Prior Knowledge:
-The students know the colors.
-The students know the some of tools: cup, spoon, napkin, plate, and knife.

Possible Problems and Misconceptions:

-The laptop or the data show will not working.
-Some students do not bring their pencils and colors.

-I will do many activities on paper or book without laptop or data show.
-I will bring extra pencils and colors.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language: Hello Grade 3, How are you?. I have many interesting activities and I hope
you pay attention with me and if you have any question you may raise your hand. Do you know what is
the unit of our activity today?...it's called puzzles and codes
Student language: Hi Ms. Amal, Iam fine thank you. How are you Ms. Amal, We are excited to work on the
activity and we will pay attention with you. Yes, teacher. It’s about puzzles and codes.

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:

- After greeting I will show them the PowerPoint that includes the pictures and names of the 10 minutes
tools (cup, plate, spoon, knife, napkin), and they will understand the meaning of each tools
and how they will use it when they eat.
- I will explain for them each tools use for different things like: the knife use to cut the fruits
or vegetables, the spoon use to eat rice or something or drink soup, the cup use to drink milk
or tea, the plate use to put anything you want like rice and salad, the napkin use to remove
the dirty or to clean your hand.

Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures): 30 min

-I will bring for the students real tools to understand more and I will let each students come
to the board and say what's the name of these tools and where they will use it.
I will explain for the students when they will use these indirect pronouns. (Her, him, them,
me). I will say for them: her use for the girls, him use for the boys, them use for two
persons, and me use for yourself.
-I will give each student text include sentence and they should to fill the missing word. Then
we will discuss and answer it together.
-I will give each student worksheet include the picture and name for tools ( spoon- cup-
knife- plate -napkin ) then they will match each name with the correct pictures.

Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 5 min

-I will say for the students to set as a group, then I will give each group a small board to
draw some of tools they like it and color it then they should to talk about their own pictures
and use the indirect pronouns when the talk such as: Ahmed like a spoon, please can you
give it to them, then each group should do it this steps and speak.