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Environmental Condition Monitor*


The Environmental Condition Monitor (ECM2) is a multi-parameter

atmospheric monitoring system providing 24/7 surveillance of
the environment and rapid detection of any deterioration that
could result in damage to expensive equipment and electronics.
Early detection of corrosive conditions permits corrective action
to be taken before substantial damage occurs to sensitive
instrumentation systems and electrical equipment.

ECM2s are commonly used in control rooms, pulp and paper

plants, server/data centers, remote instrument enclosures
(RIEs), refineries, museums, and any other application where
airborne corrosives gases and contaminants are prevalent in the humidity, temperature, and differential pressure in real time.
atmosphere. Corrosion data can be graphed directly on the instrument screen
and built in LED’s provide an immediate alert of increasing
With the increased restrictions on electronics materials and corrosion levels corresponding with the ISA standard S71.04-
manufacturing processes the need to monitor the surrounding 2013 classification for environmental corrosion (G1 through GX)
environment is now more critical than ever in order to reduce for copper and silver. With a sensitivity of 1 Angstrom (Å) the
downtime, and failure of electronics that previously were not ECM2 can detect microscopic levels of corrosion which can’t be
as susceptible to damage caused by corrosive gases in the detected by visual inspections, before damage occurs to sensitive
atmosphere. electronics and components. The corrosion rate and metal loss
measurements clearly verify the effectiveness of corrosion
In addition to monitoring accumulated metal loss and corrosion control measures such as climate control and filtration systems.
rates the ECM2 monitors other environmental factors including

High-Sensitivity Corrosion Rate Measurement Ideal for Applications Using Sensitive Electronics
Rapid detection for quick corrective action Pulp & paper plants
Highly accurate with sensitivity of 1 angstrom Server/Data Centers
Improved performance over previous ECM models Control rooms in refineries and offshore platforms
Replaceable copper and silver thin-film sensor kit Museums and archive facilities
Sensors available with up to 5,000 angstrom usable span Remote instrument enclosures and equipment rooms

Multiple Data Delivery Options Available

Quick Return on Investment
Touch screen color display with graphing
Protect against equipment failure
Data download to Cosasco Data
Manage and minimize downtime
Modbus TCP
Optimize maintenance schedules
Multi-Parameter Monitoring System Reduce repair costs
Measures corrosion rate, metal loss, relative humidity, Extended service life
temperature, and differential pressure Quick and easy installation
Corrosion rate of copper and silver sensors corresponds to
ISA Standard S71.04-2 2013 (G1 through GX)

In final design stage, product release TBD. For reference only.