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Merry Christmas & a

Prosperous New Year from

the Management of the
CITY STAR Newspaper

DJ MASTER’S Wedding & Party Equipment Hire / Wedding & Party Decorations
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BBQ Grill Machine 00.00 p Plastic Chair Hire
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Our equipment hire include: Marquee’s (Tents), Tables, Chairs, Cooking Pots, Chaffing Dish, Juice Dispenser, Beer & Juice Jugs, Deep Freezer, Sound Systems, B.B.Q Grill Machines, Bridal Sofa,
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Medical genius from Siberia

Sanjay Goundar

Whilst Fiji’s wonder boy Roy Krishna is mas-

tering his reputation in the world of football an-
other young lad from his neighbourhood Siberia
is aiming for similar feat in the medical field.
It could be the proudest moment for the
Chandra family of Siberia, Labasa after their
youngest son graduated with the Bachelor of
Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree
from the University of the Fiji on December 7.
Adding icing to the cake was the remarkable
rewards 26-year-old Avneel Chandra received
alongside his MBBS degree. Chandra received
gold medals for being the Most Outstanding
MBBS student, Most Outstanding Internal
Medicine student, Most Outstanding Surgery
student, Most Outstanding Paediatrics Student
and Most Outstanding Clinical Science Student.
An elated Chandra revealed that he was over-
whelmed by the remarkable recognition the uni-
versity bestowed upon him.
While acknowledging the enormous support
he received from his family members to accom-
plish his dream, the doctoring graduate dedicat-
ed his achievements to his only other sibling his
elder brother Krishneel Chandra.
“My brother gave up his studies to start work
to support me financially with my studies as
well as looking after our family.
“His never ending support was one of the ma-
jor factors that kept me going and motivated me
throughout the last six years.
“Though it was a real struggle for me being
away from home for the past six years, the sac-
Uni Fiji’s 2018 most outstanding medical student Avneel Chandra (middle) with father Harish
rifices my family made to ensure I graduate
Chandra (1st left), only brother Krishneel Chandra and mother Shashi Kanta after his gradua-
with the MBBS degree is much greater.
tion. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
“I am so satisfied today that I have paid them
back for all their sacrifices in the best way pos- different kind of diseases in our country. or two persons suffering from heart disease or
sible.” He pointed out that he hopes to play a pivotal diabetes which is a grave concern for a small
The former Labasa College student informed role in controlling the non-communicable dis- nation like Fiji. He also hopes to contribute to-
that he chose his career in medicine to become a ease epidemic in Fiji. Chandra emphasized that wards further improvement of medical services
helping hand in combating the rising number of almost every household in the country have one in the northern division.

Early Christmas for Treasure Home

Mrs Rekha Patel (centre) hands over the Beko Gas Oven and Cooktop to the staff and children of Treasurer House The Patel family from Atlanta with caretakers of the Treasurer Home in
Christian Children’s Home in Nadi on behalf of her granddaughter Lara Patel of Atlanta. Photos: Shalendra Prasad Nadi during the donation of washing machine in June this year

Shalendra Prasad give her material things but insisted on cash gifts which she collected and sent across to
Fiji so that a more worthy contribution could be made to the community.
Christmas came early for the children of Treasure House Christian Children’s Home “Lara has been visiting the home since childhood and as she grew older and started
(THCCH) in Nadi as they received a brand new Beko Gas Oven and Cooktop from a understanding things, she has been always thinking of giving something back,” Mrs
good samaritan based in USA. Patel said.
16-year-old Lara Patel who lives with her parents and brother in Atlanta decided to “On behalf of Lara and her brother and parents, we wish you all a very blessed and
make a difference for the children of the home following her visit earlier this year. joyous festive season.”
“My granddaughter wanted to give something back to the community where her mum In June this year, Lara along with her mum Moana, dad Amar and brother Nikhil
grew up and here we are handing over the gas oven and cooker so that the children here Patel donated a washing machine to the home as well.
can enjoy nice meals all the time,” Lara’s grandmother Rekha Patel said. THCCH director Ulamila Powell thanked the Patel family for their timely donations
She said Lara who celebrated her 16th birthday in October told all her friends not to which has enabled their caretaker staff members to carry out their daily chores efficiently.

Prouds Lautoka Wines & Spirits opens

Prouds Lautoka’s new wines and spirits section in Naviti Street, Lautoka is now open for the
customers. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
Shalendra Prasad

After relocating into a bigger and better store, the team at Prouds Lautoka have achieved
another goal by successfully opening a liquor outlet which now provides a wider choice for
customers in the sugar city.
“The opening of our liquor outlet could not have come at a better time as we are gearing up for
the busy festive period,” Prouds Lautoka manageress Pranita Nand said.
“We have already been receiving great praises from customers following our move from the
old location to this new one in Naviti Street because of the large shopping area and inclusion of
more products and the opening of our wines and spirits section is yet another feather in our cap,”
Ms Nand added.
She said with the new section now open, Prouds Lautoka has become a one-stop-shop for
customers and this new initiative is very encouraging.
“We have got heaps of specials in-store and I wish to take this opportunity to invite all our
valued customers into our new store,” Ms Nand said.
“For customer convenience, we will be extending our opening hours and our store will be open
on Sundays as well.
“I take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers and wish them and their families all
the best this festive season.”



NOVEMBER 25 - DECEMBER 25, 2018 3

first PhD
Zareena Bi

In its fourteen years of establishment and out of the 3,107 grad-

uants thus far the University of Fiji has proudly produced their first
Uni Fiji’s first PHD graduate Dr Amar Singh (middle) with his wife and Acting VC Professor Narendra Reddy ever PhD graduant who was honored during a special ceremony
organized by the University on December 12 at their Saweni Cam-
46 year old Dr Amar Singh originally from the sugar cane farm-
ing belt of Kabisi Sigatoka, is the Manager Network Development
at Fiji Airways and he did not forget his roots while choosing his
PhD thesis topic, “Factors Causing a Decline in Fiji’s Sugarcane
“I come from the sugarcane farming background and I pay my
respect to my late father for instilling the discipline from an early
stage in my life.
“He always emphasised that life is full of challenges and oppor-
tunities, but only for those who actually struggle to grab the oppor-
tunities and overcome the challenges.
“He was very passionate for sugarcane farming and he would
have been very proud that my research was based on sugarcane
Dr Singh who is also a part time MBA lecturer at the University
thanked his two research supervisors Professor Narendra Reddy
and Professor Ranasinghe Amaradasa for their continuous support
and motivation.
In sharing his PhD journey he advised that he prepared his 3
and half year plan by dividing the key tasks and strictly following
it by being well organized and maintaining a very high level of
He also thanked his employer, his co-workers, his Kabisi com-
munity and his family for their support and is hopeful that his
achievement will inspire and motivate others to pursue higher edu-
cation through various programmes at University of Fiji.
Meanwhile UniFiji Vice-Chancellor Professor Narendra Reddy
expressed his elation by congratulating the Department of Man-
agement and the School of Business and Economics for Dr Singh’s
landmark achievement.
“We universities do not operate in isolation; we need to link up
with institutions in the society and see how we can eventually have
an impact on the lives of people, hence we need to undertake ap-
propriate research.
“We will be making the findings of this research available to the
sugar industry and of course it is available to the wider community
as well.”

Dr Amar Singh from the cane belts of Kabisi revealing his journey in
attaining the Phd degree

3R culture at schools

Fifth time consecutive overall winners in the urban schools category of the Lautoka Cleans Schools Competition, Overall winners in the rural schools category of the competition Sathya Sai
Lautoka Arya Samaj Primary with their spoils and the guests of the day. Photos: Sanjay Goundar School receiving their trophy

Zareena Bi “Student are the agent of change as they have been seen to consecutive year was declared the overall winner in the Urban
spread this awareness to their communities.” School’s category.
Schools in Lautoka who have embraced the 3R (Reduce, re- The CEO added that the council’s 3R initiatives at the schools An elated school Head Teacher Arvin Deo said that this
use, recycle) are seen to have a cleaner environment now. are in line with the lead that the Fiji Government has taken in milestone achievement clearly demonstrates the volume of
Speaking at the clean school’s competition award function the international arena. dedication the school has towards preserving our prestigious
at the Lautoka City Council chambers in late November Coun- “We all need to embrace the concept of 3R as the school’s environment.
cil CEO Mr Jone Nakauvadra complimented the schools who are now doing. Mr Deo pointed out that the entire school from students,
were a part of the program and stressed that there is a need for “Imagine if everyone starts doing the right thing for the en- teachers and management have now inherited the 3R concept
more champions in this regard. vironment and imagine if everyone in the South Pacific starts which is daily practiced at the school premises.
“We need to change the mindset of people and we want more doing the right thing. Sathya Sai Primary school from Johnson Road, Drasa Lau-
champions for our environment. “This will definitely bring about the changes that we wish to toka was declared the overall winner in the Rural School’s cat-
“We want more champion schools, champion teachers and see in our environment.” egory this year.
champion students for the environment. Meanwhile, Lautoka Arya Samaj Primary school for the fifth



Craft show vital in society No street party

Maika Kasami

Lautoka City Council has confirmed that there will

be no street party held this year to farewell 2018.
This would be the second consecutive year LCC
will do away with street party or the Ra-Ra- Rumble
as it was initially known.
LCC chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra said
street party held in previous years had defeated its
He said they will instead organise church services
to be held at Churchill Park’s main ground.
“We want to remove all the dancing. The street
party that we now have has defeated its purpose as
people come and get drunk and there is lot of brawl
that do take place on the streets.
“What we have experienced is that it only spoils
the lives of the youths and nothing else. The purpose
of the New Year is for people to thank God His pro-
visions, protection and to pray for the New Year’s
“Initially the intention was good but people have
become abusive, they have defeated its purpose,”
LCC CEO Jone Nakauvadra (middle with garland) with Fiji Arts Council Art and Craft show participants in Lautoka. Nakauvadra said.
Photo: Maika Kasami. Meanwhile, Nakauvadra revealed that the two ma-
Maika Kasami “As an i-taukei it’s our identity. We are i-taukei because of the jor developments this year have been the opening of
skills we have. It publicizes the colour of our skin. It’s a God giv- the Natokowaqa Multipurpose courts and Tavakubu
Lautoka City Council chief executive officer Jone Nakauvadra en talent to us so we need to look after it and this kind of show is Satellite Market.
says having art and craft shows in this day and era is vital to pro- an opportunity for them to come and showcase and also for others He they said they are waiting for the funding of
mote the hard work of our women in the society. to learn from it,” Nakauvadra said. the MN Naidu and Waiyavi Satellite funding to come
The Fiji Arts Council art and craft show was recently held at He said everybody has a role to play especially in encouraging through.
Shirley Park in Lautoka over three days where women from around the youths on the importance of having such Art and Craft shows. “The funding for MN Naidu road has been utilised
the country including the west showcased their handiworks. “The craft show is of significant importance for everyone and to extend the Tavakubu Market.”
Nakauvadra who was the chief guest on the opening day en- especially the youths of today and everybody has got a role to play “And also the swimming pool project is progress-
couraged women to participate and share their skills with others to make it happen. ing well. We are looking at March or April 2019 for it
especially the youths of today. “We need to encourage the young generations to engage some to be completed. It will be of international standard.
“The art and craft show was a wonderful exhibition. I just en- time in learning art and craft works because they are engaged in “We are working on the lighting and ventilation of
couraged them to participate in this kind of craft show particularly more sophisticated things in this modern time. The Council gave the Lautoka Market for 2019 as well.”
the ladies and man folk alike because it is way and means of reviv- the venue free because of the importance of it in the society for the
ing our traditional art and craft. women of the western division,” Nakauvadra added.


All business operators operating business within the boundaries of Lautoka City Council are reminded
that "Business License Fees" for the year 2019 is due for payment from January 1, 2019.

Kindly contact council's Town Ranger Department on Telephone 6660433, Extension 126 & 145, to get
the correct amount payable by your business and ensure that the following documents are submitted
with your fees:

1) Clearance from National Fire Authority (N.F.A)

2) Clearance from Occupational Health & Safety Services (O.H.S)


EDITORIAL COMMENT Activism against gender violence

Happy New Year
2018 would be best remembered as the Election year.
In the domestic front Fijians have had their say and the
majority have declared their loyalty towards the Fiji First
Party (FFP) which will continue from where they left off
for another four years.
FFP may feel that it was not as easy as it seemed com-
pared to when they first came into power with SODEL-
PA ably led by former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka
had done their bid in getting as close as they could with
the vote counts.
But as they say the 2018 General Election is now history.
The Fijians are relieved that the election is over and that
people can now continue with their daily chores.
The changes made in ministerial posts within the gov-
ernment has been noted which they believe will be able
to deliver a more efficient service to the people of Fiji.
However, we should be mindful that this government is
not only for those that have voted them in but it is for all
Fijians irrespective of race, creed, colour and political
And the only way we as Fijians can assist the govern-
SI Lautoka members, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Nadi Officials with women and girls from the Vaivai community during the advo-
ment of the day is by working hard every day and im-
cacy against gender based violence. Photos: Sanjay Goundar
proving our own daily lives rather than fully depending
on the government of the day to assist us.
Meanwhile, the school holidays is upon us and the chil- Zareena Bi for its many benefits it has to be monitored by parents to ensure
that teenagers and young adults are protected.
dren are enjoying their eight weeks break.
In a bid to raise awareness regarding the worrying trends na- “In recent times there have been cases of fake profiles on
Those that sat external examinations have by now known
tionally and internationally related to gender based violence and facebook to lure people into activities which have caused them
the results of their hard work while some are still wait- harm.
child abuse cases Soroptimist International Lautoka club con-
ing in anticipation hoping for some good news to come “Also, we need to be open in our discussions with children
ducted a rural based advocacy in the Vaivai area on December 7.
fourth. According to SI Lautoka President Vinesh Prasad this advo- so that they know and can differentiate between good and bad
Some will be sitting for external exams in 2019 and they cacy was carried out in collaboration with the Fiji Police Force touches and parents need to be observant so they can notice un-
will need to get serious with their studies in the New and the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre during the 16 Days of Activ- usual behaviour in children signaling abuse.”
Year. ism against gender-based violence period. The other speaker Sergeant Meena Kumar touched on hard
But for now it’s that time of the year again when families Prasad added that 16 Days of Activism is an international hitting figures by highlighting that 241 cases of child abuse cas-
will be celebrating the festive season. campaign to challenge violence against women and girls and the es have been reported this year alone and 80% of these children
The ‘spend all you can and save all you can’ scenario campaign runs every year from 25 November to 10 December. are abused in their own homes.
will be on the back of the minds of every household as In her address to more than 40 women and girls who were “Also, only 10% of women actually report abuse or domestic
they will be setting a budget to also cater for the schools present during the advocacy program Reshmi Singh of Fiji violence as they fear about social stigma.
needs of their children for the new school year. Women’s Crisis Centre Nadi highlighted that domestic violence “Remember, assault is a crime and it needs to be reported just
As we prepare to bid farewell to another year we can is a huge issue and the work being done by all the stakeholders like child abuse cases and there is a no drop policy in place now
only hope that the 2019 will be more to our liking than to raise awareness needs to continue. regarding assault and child abuse.
the previous year. Singh also drew attention to the dangers of the social network “This simply means that once this is reported the police of-
We, at the City Star Newspaper whole heartedly ac- sites with regards to teenagers and children. ficers will need to follow the process of charging the person
knowledge the contribution of our clients who have “While the online social networking sites are a good medium concerned and the cases cannot be withdrawn.”

Holistic development paramount

without hesitation offered support and advertised with
We hope for your continued support in future and we can
only wish you an enjoyable and safe festive season and a
Sanjay Goundar
blessed and productive New Year.
As educators it is very important that
the holistic development of children
Maika Kasami through holistic education should be par-
Editor. amount.
While speaking at the annual prize giv-
ing function at Vakabuli Primary School
themed ‘moving forward holistically for
PUBLISHER : SANJAY GOUNDAR a better future’ chief guest Soroptimist
PH: 9960 129 International Lautoka club Treasurer Za-
reena Bi (JP) stressed on the importance
EDITOR : MAIKA KASAMI of holistic education to prepare students
PH: 9189 779 to meet the challenges in life.
“Holistic education enables young
MARKETING MANAGER: ZAREENA Bi PH: people to learn about themselves, about
9322 621 healthy relationships and good social
behavior, social and emotional develop-
ment, resilience and appreciate the sense SI Lautoka Treasurer Zareena Bi (middle) with the main awardees at the Vakabuli
of truth. Primary School’s annual prize giving day.
“For thousands of years before schools
EMAILS: citystarnews15@gmail.com / there were social groups which taught co-curricular activities like Girl Guides, correct path for holistic development, in
sanjayg@connect.com.fj people about the great adventure of being Scouts, sports, vegetable and flower gar- simple words ensuring that our future
human; its trials, its challenges, and its dening, art and craft and other such ini- leaders become good human beings.”
Follow us on facebook with daily updates : CityS- enormous possibilities for human good- tiatives. Meanwhile, Ms Bi also highlighted the
TAR-Newspaper ness and even greatness. “While I congratulate this school on need for parents to be extra careful re-
“These groups were extended families, taking these initiatives, I am also strongly garding the safety of their children during
communities or tribes or clans and reli- urging the teachers to encourage students the school holidays.
gions and now we have schools where we to take part in more such activities in fu- “Make it a priority that your children
LAUTOKA ture. are well supervised during the holidays.
receive education.
“Another pleasing note regarding your “Also, ensure to keep them busy with
“We need to now mix the two, for-
POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 4230, mal and informal education, in order to school is the aspect of religious tolerance activities to ensure that their holiday’s are
Lautoka achieve holistic development.” and the celebration of all cultures. well spent”.
She added the schools are already “This is indeed a great aspect of pro-
Printed by: Universal Print achieving this to some extent through moting human values and setting the



Perfect X-mas gift for Lal family

Maika Kasami

Christmas gifts comes in various forms.

For the Lal family of Kashmir, Lautoka this
came in the form of their only son Krish Lal
scoring the highest mark in the Fiji Intermedi-
ate Examination this year.
The Year 6 student of Drasa Avenue Primary
School scored a mark of 292 out of 300. This
included 100 in Mathematics, 100 in General
Subjects and 92 in English. His favourite sub-
ject is Maths.
He had also scored the highest mark during
the annual examination.
Young Lal who joined Drasa Avenue from
Gandhi Bhawan this year said he felt relieved
and good in scoring the highest mark in school.
“I feel that all my hard work has paid off. I
usually study 2-3 hours at home and also took
time out to study in school as well before leav-
ing for home.
“After seeing my final result, I feel good
scoring the highest mark.
“The support I received from my parents to-
wards my school work has greatly contributed
towards my achievement.
“I felt comfortable coming in from a
semi-urban school to a fully-fledged urban
school. There was no problem at all for me ad-
justing to the new environment,” he said.
Lal said he dreams to become an accountant
when he grows up. Drasa Avenue Primary schools highest scorer in the Fiji Intermediate Examination and most outstanding Year 6 student Krish Lal with parents
Dad Sanjay Lal, a businessman said they felt Mr & Mrs Sanjay Lal. Photos: Sanjay Goundar
proud of his achievement. beginning of the year and also set a timetable of the year he has achieved his goal. he added.
“I feel very happy for his hard work. He did for himself to follow. “It is a perfect gift for the family this Christ- Lal spoke highly of Drasa Avenue School as
well against other schools, he deserves it be- Lal said it was no surprise his son’s favour- mas. We always gave him ample time to study, one of the best academic schools in the coun-
cause he has worked hard and he has made us ite subject was Maths. time to help us in the managing the shop which try.
proud.” “Krish had set a target in the beginning and is no surprise he is good in maths. He also en-
He said his son had set a target at the every day he works towards it, and at the end joys his time with friends during leisure time,”

Learning the key to success: Clark

Year 7 pupil of Drasa Avenue Rishita Prasad with her spoils and family members after her
prize giving ceremony
Maika Kasami

Education, learning and understanding is the key to the door of your future.
Those were the words of Fiji Sugar Corporation chief executive officer Graeme Clark to the
students of Drasa Avenue Primary School (DAPS) during their prize giving ceremony.
Clark encouraged the students to dedicate themselves to wonderful learning opportunities, to
embrace learning and to be hungry for knowledge.
“Learning starts from birth when we are brought into this world.
“Learning to me means understating, understanding life, understanding how to learn. The
more you understand the more you learn.
“So your learning continues at a greater depth when you go to Primary School, High School
then to university. So what I would ask you is to dedicate yourself to wonderful learning oppor-
tunities, to embrace learning, to be hungry for knowledge,” said Clark who was the chief guest.
Clark told the students to work hard and to reach the highest level of education.
“Work to your potential, and never settle for less. Education, hard work and understanding go
hand in hand as they are the key to the success as you grow older and when you finish school.
“Most importantly work hard, do read a lot, to understand what’s going around you and you
will continue to learn as your knowledge broadens.
“Learning and understanding is the key to the door for your future so never stop learning. So
when do we stop learning? The answer is no.”
DAPS held their awards function at the Girmit Centre this year where parents witnessed their
children walk up to receive handsome prizes this year.






Early Bird Admission Drive

Date Day Venue Time

5 & 12 January 2019 Saturday Rakiraki – Provincial grounds 10.30am-2pm

5 & 12 January 2019 Saturday Tavua – Beside MH 10am -2.30pm

5 & 12 January 2019 Saturday Ba- Bus Stand 10am-3pm

5 & 12 January 2019 Saturday Nadi – ANZ Main town 10am-3pm

5 & 12 January 2019 Saturday Sigatoka –Wishing Well 11am-2pm

Enrolment Drive at Exam Centers

26 January 2019 Saturday Sigatoka Methodist Primary School 10.30am - 2pm

30 January 2019 Wednesday Tavua College 11.30am - 5pm

31 January 2019 Thursday A.D. Patel College, Ba 11.30am - 5pm

1 February 2019 Friday SSKM College 11am – 5pm

2 February 2019 Saturday Penang Sangam High School 10.30am - 2.30pm

Enrolment at Campus

21 January - 26 January ITS Lab 1 & 2 9am - 4pm

28 January – 2 February ITS Lab 1 & 2 9am - 4pm

Please note:
■ You can enrol at any of the venues stated above on the given date/time.
■ General Service fee of $33.50 to be paid before an invoice for fee payment is issued.
■ Learn more about course fees, due dates and course materials.
■ Meet Academic Counsellors and discuss your study Programme.
■ Online students must print their registration and bring to the Cashier to collect their invoice.


SEMESTER I 2019 BEGINS ON 4 February 2019

For any further clarification please contact USP Lautoka Campus; tel: 6666800 or email: usplautoka@usp.ac.fj
or visit the Campus located at Vidilo Street, Lautoka.




Church encourages preparedness for cyclone season

Sanjay Goundar

The devastating effect of all previous natural di-

sasters in the country often questions the prepared-
ness of individuals and families.
It is usually seen that a vast majority of the pop-
ulation are not well equipped with essential items
hence the aftermath of the disaster leaves them al-
most crippled.
Keeping this in mind and with the cyclone season
upon the country now the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints (LDS) in Lautoka is encouraging
community members in the western division to be
prepared as individuals and families before any di-
saster or emergency strikes.
This was the main theme showcased at the Health
& Wellness and Emergency Preparedness Expo held
at the church premises in Balawa Street on Decem-
ber 1.
President of the Church’s Lautoka Stake Solomone
Kaumaitotoya encouraged all community members
to learn how to best prepare their homes and families
prior to any emergency situation.
Mr Kaumaitotoya revealed that church members
along with members of the public were taught how The LDS Church members taught how to build a 72 hour survival kit for emergency period. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
to build a 72 hour survival kit for individuals and The Eat Healthy & Be Active Program has been Sigatoka to Rakiraki were graduated with the Self
families which becomes very essential after any nat- specifically designed for the Pacific as a Diabetes Reliance certificates for completing a 12 week ed-
ural disaster strikes and before any form of assis- Prevention Education Program. ucational training to assist them in business devel-
tance comes from the authorities. “Each day is a day of decision and our decisions opment, seeking further educational opportunities,
The expo was also an opportune time for the pub- determine our destiny. This program will help us gaining employment and managing their personal
lic to learn about a new class offered by the church make enlightened choices.” finances.
to encourage eating well and healthy living. Meanwhile another lot of church members from

Nawal’s Civil Engineer aspirations

Zareena Bi

The Dux of Drasa Secondary school, Nawal Nischal Ram

aspires to be a Civil Engineer in the hope to take the country
to new heights in infrastructure development.
The science student who achieved the highest marks
(370/400) in his form six exams last year informed during
the annual awards function at his school that hard work is
the secret for his success.
“We need to concentrate well in class to make our studies
easier and rather than cramming I learn the concepts during
class which makes the subjects easier to understand.
“My favorite subject is Chemistry and this year the exter-
nal exams was quite hard and challenging but despite this I
am aiming for 350 plus marks.
“I decided to join Drasa Secondary school after class eight
since it is in my zone but school work has been challenging
due to lack of competition.”
Ram added that the support of his family and teachers has
been crucial in his achievements and since he is the eldest
child in his family he has been encouraging his other two
younger siblings to study hard and beat his marks in the ex-
ternal exams.
Meanwhile, the chief guest at the function Finance Officer
of BRED Bank in Lautoka and ex-student of Drasa Second-
ary Rishika Ashna advised the students that they all have
the potential to achieve excellence but for that to happen it
is important to have plans and to put the plans into action.
“The key to success is to have the courage to pursue your
goals, the commitment and dedication to strive tirelessly
and the discipline to go on when the way is difficult.
“Parents, teachers and community members can and must
all lead to bring about better outcome for our children.
“My advice to the year 13 students who will enter into ter-
tiary education next year is to remain focused and set your
priorities right.”
The chief guest added that students need to always remem-
ber that life’s best lessons are learnt in school and wherever
you are in life may you always be inspired to creative think- Drasa Secondary School’s 2018 Dux Nawal Nischal Ram (2nd from left) with Chief Guest Rishika Ashna, Principal Pushp
ing as you go along the path to greater wisdom, knowledge Chand (middle) and his parents after being recognized with the most prestigious award of the school. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
and success.



HIV/Aids kills 30 Million

Zareena Bi

“HIV /Aids has killed over 30 million people around the

world and there are many who still suffer.”
These overwhelming figures were highlighted during the
graduation ceremony at the University of Fiji on December 7
by the University of Fiji Chancellor and the Former President
of Fiji Ratu Epeli Nailatikau who is currently the United Na-
tions AIDS Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the Pacific Re-
gion and the Fiji Ambassador of HIV AIDs.
The Chancellor stressed the need for advocacy and aware-
ness to the graduating students to combat the growing trends
in the country.
“No cure has been found yet there is still so much we can do,
we can empower our students and our people with the educa-
tion of HIV aids and continue to raise awareness amongst our
youths for safe sex practices and to be a more inclusive gener-
ation to our brothers and sister in the LGBTQI communities in
order to help them defeat the stigmas that stand against them.
“Unfortunately we have become complacent in the Pacific
Region with Papua New Guinea and sadly Fiji showing sub-
stantial rises in new cases.
“In Fiji alone 83 new cases were registered in 2016, 78 in
2017 and up to July this year 69 new cases have been reported.
At this rate we could easily passes the 100 mark of new cases
this year.”
Part of the graduating students from the University of Fiji’s Umanand Prasad School of Medicine. Photo: Sanjay Goundar
He added that where there is no cure for killing the HIV virus
which later develops in AIDS there is anti-retroviral medica- encourage more community support. who graduated from the University and advised them that
tion which can suppress the virus so it does not develop allow- “By raising awareness we can ensure that the demand is there the graduation is an attestation of their hard work, dedication
ing the infected person to live a longer life with dignity and for a consistent and timely flow of ant-retroviral medication to and perseverance.
also to prevent the mother to child transmission. protect our people and therefore protect the future of Fiji from
“We must therefore step up and re-commit to our responses this pandemic.”
to fight against HIV, lobby for bold political leadership and Meanwhile the Chancellor congratulated the 259 students

Caregiver Certification by USP Lautoka Campus

Eight more students received the caregiver certification after
they successfully completed the Caregiver Fundamentals pro-
gram from the University of the South Pacific (USP) Lautoka
The day cluster students were presented certificates in an
awards function held at the Campus on Thursday, 06 Decem-
ber, 2018.
While presenting the certificates, USP Lautoka’s Continuing
and Community Education (CCE) Coordinator Amitesh Kumar
congratulated the graduating students on their achievement and
thanked them for choosing this noble profession.
Mr. Kumar said he hoped the students would value what
they had learned from this program and continue to apply these
knowledge and skills to their professional and real-life situa-
At the certification function the students warmly expressed
their gratitude to their course facilitator/trainer, Louhakau Bu-
lamabau for enriching their learning experience with her guid-
ance and support.
“I thank the staff of USP Lautoka for their support and partic-
ularly Ms. Bulamabau for her relentless efforts in providing us
with quality education and a healthy career path for our future,”
said Moushmi Malini.
Komal Gosai said this course had given her a wide range
of experiences which changed her mindset towards the elderly
and patients with disabilities. “I wish to uphold my values and
responsibilities as a caregiver and take good care of my pa- Three of the eight students who graduated with the Caregivers Certification from USP Lautoka Campus. Photo: Supplied
tients and others in need,” said Ms. Gosai.
of care to remain normal even when they were physically or most important thing I have learned is that the people who are
Another student, Vikashni said one important thing she
mentally challenged. “This program has changed my way of physically and mentally challenged did not choose to be like
learned from this course was that caregiving was not all about
thinking and attitude towards the people in need of care. The that therefore they deserve a normal life.”
how she felt as a carer, rather it was all about the person in need





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EMAIL: amjhad@connect.com.fj

Appreciation for BOB customers

Bank of Baroda Lautoka branch staff with their Fiji chief executive officer Mr Sudhanshu Bank of Baroda Lautoka branch manager Dharmendra Nand (middle) receiving his special
Khamari (middle) at the cocktail event. Photos: Sanjay Goundar recognition from CEO Mr Sudhanshu Khamari for 25 years of dedicated service to the bank

Zareena Bi customers.
“In Fiji we have eight branches and 17 ATM’s and we have now linked up with the BSP bank
Bank of Baroda is in the continuous process of improving customer service because a satisfied also so our customers now have the access to 134 ATM’s around the country.
customer is the brand we believe in. “We also trying to improve our digital services and products but with the focus to still ensure
Speaking at Bank of Baroda Lautoka Branch Customer Christmas Cocktail night on Decem- affordable banking services.
ber 7 the bank Chief Executive Officer Mr Sudhanshu Khamari thanked their loyal customers “Do not hesitate to seek our support as the support is mutual, when you grow the bank also
for their support grows so the benefit is mutual.”
“You may be aware that the bank won the Fiji Business Excellence Prize category award in Mr Khamari also revealed that winning the prestigious prize award at the 2018 Fiji Business
early November and this is true testimony that our customers are happy with us. Excellence Award is a testimony of the bank’s commitment to provide excellent service to its
“BOB has worked with the stakeholders in trying to improve the socio economic scenario of valuable customers.
Fiji for the last 61 years. Meanwhile, the bank also recognized their Lautoka branch manager Dharmendra Deepak
“We have financed all the major corporate houses, manufacturing sector, small and medium Nand at the customer cocktail gathering for successfully providing his services to the organiza-
enterprises, agriculture sector and also the micro finance enterprises.” tion for the last 25 years.
The CEO added that the bank operates in 23 countries with 5,500 branches and 78 million

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FRU against Johnson SANZAAR bid

Source: Fiji Rugby Union Media

The Fiji Rugby Union has confirmed that it

had on behalf of itself, the Tonga and Samoa
Rugby Unions submitted a bid for a Pacific
Island Super Rugby Franchise to be based in
Fiji to SANZAAR on the 30th of June 2018 in
compliance with the bid timelines.
The CEO of FRU confirmed that SANZAAR
had acknowledged the bid and was impressed
with the quality and professionalism of the bid
considering the short time duration provided
to put the bid together.
FRU CEO Mr John O’Connor also highlight-
ed that after several rounds of meetings and
discussions with SANZAAR and submissions
of other required documentations, SANZAAR
on the 28th of August 2018 had informed FRU
that the bid was unsuccessful.
SANZAAR determined that requirements
around defined Key Performance Criteria in-
cluding an ability to deliver a commercial
uplift in both broadcasting and guaranteed un-
derwrite would render the viability of a Pacific
Super Team under the proposed SANZAAR
commercial model unsustainable Flying Fijians players led by fullback Metuisela Talebula congratulates utility back Vereniki Goneva after he scored a try against France
Both the Tonga Rugby Union and the Samoa
during the final match of the Northern Hemisphere November Tour in Paris. Photo: Supplied.
Rugby Union have been advised of the out-
come of the Bid. play most of its home games in Hawaii and already played for the All Blacks, Australia, Dwayne Johnson. FRU is committed to seek-
Mr O’Connor highlighted that the FRU had USA. However, the FRU did not support the England and other Nations. ing pathways for our players but will not ren-
initial preliminary discussions with Mr Rich- Bid since it proposed to initially use Pacific The FRU has not engaged nor offered support der our support to any bid which does not sup-
ard Fale who had also submitted a bid for a Island players who were not eligible to play for the Bid that has been circulating via the port giving opportunities for players who are
Pacific Team to be based in the USA and to for the three Island Nations, players who had social media which is seeking the support of eligible to represent the three Pacific Islands.

Blitzboks 7s
Injuries to key players affected South Africa in Snyman (shoulder) and Muller du Plessis (back played until the very last second of the match,
their own tournament at Cape Town. strain) were ruled out of action on Sunday, while something I am very proud of,” said Snyman.
Starting the match with only 10 fit players, the Zain Davids missed the final match with a ham- “Having conceded late tries against NZ and
wounded and Blitzboks, who lost 26-21 in injury time of their
final Pool A clash on Saturday, finished strong in
string injury.
Snyman praised the team’s guts and determina-
against Fiji earlier on Sunday in the Cup semi-fi-
nal, the guys proved their determination not to
battered the return against the All Blacks Sevens for the
third and fourth playoffs.
tion to win the bronze final.
“We started that match with only ten players and
do so again.”

Dau and Sami star for Fiji West

Merry XDiwali
- Mas &
& aa Blessed NewYear
Happy New YeartotoAll

Collins 2019Diaries
2018 nowavailable
Diaries now available
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Fiji West senior players Ratu Dau (left) and Kishan Sami pose during the 2018 Ultimate Fiji
Soccer Cup (UFSC) in Lautoka. Photo: Supplied.

Source: UFSC Media

Two of Fiji’s brightest prospects, Ratu Dau and Kishan Sami, were instrumental in Fiji West
winning the Senior Boys 2018 Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup (UFSC).
Dau and Sami’s side blitzed the group stage before beating the International Football Group
(IFG) in the final via a penalty shoot-out.
Sami plays for Fijian powerhouse, Ba, in the National Football League and his skilful wide
play has already seen the 18-year-old capped on two occasions for the senior men’s national
team. Sami linked up well with Dau with the latter enjoying an exceptional tournament with 10
goals across the four matches.
Dau, who secured his first international appearance in a friendly against Malaysia in July,
admits playing with the men is an experience he is still getting used to but hopes it is only the
start of things to come.
“For me, football is one of the most important parts of my life,” Dau said.
“Playing for the men’s side is kind of different to any other team I have played for but it is the
best for me to move on with my footballing career.
“I am looking forward and I hope one day [to play overseas].”
If all goes to plan, Dau and Sami will become key members of the side Fiji Football hope will
qualify for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America.





Maika Kasami
Kakasi, Atu stars in Ba CvC win
Coach Roneel Kumar may have found the
missing link in the Ba team at the comple-
tion of the Pillay Garments Champion versus
Champion series.
Kumar gambled by naming nippy striker
Darold Kakasi and new find champion Yala-
levu FC goalkeeper Atunaisa Naucukidi in his
run on team against Lautoka which paid great
The pair stood out for the Ba side as they
occupied the two most crucial positions, one
‘a stopper’ and the other ‘a finisher.’
While Naucukidi only allowed Lautoka cap-
tain Samuela Drudru’s lone goal in, on other
occasions he made some crucial saves against
the home teams prolific names that could have
changed the final outcome.
Honiara, Solomon Islands lad Kakasi proved
a thorn in the Lautoka defence with his pace
and eye for goal.
With Saula Waqa out, Kakasi was the an-
swer to Ba’s woes in-front of goal scoring a
goal each in the two-match series.
Senior players Malakai Tiwa and Avinesh
Waran Suwamy ably guided the team which
included players with less than a decade of ex-
It was only fitting for Tiwa who controlled
the midfield well against the likes of Dave
Radrigai and Zibraaz Saheb to nod home the
winner and hand Ba their 20th CvC title. The Ba soccer team ended the season on a high recording its 20th Pillay Garments CvC series win at Churchill Park. Ba won 1-0 and 2-1
Was it fatigue that denied the Blues from re- respectively over Lautoka in the two-match series. Photo: Sanjay Goundar.
cording yet another victory? To some extent it
could have played a role in their back to back while Lautoka settled for $2500. end of the football season in 2018. Ba and Lautoka will also be representing Fiji
losses while Ba looked fresh and could have The MIB this year finished as runner-up in The Vodafone Premier League will kick-off at the 2019 Oceania Champions League. Lau-
even played a third leg on a neutral venue. the Vodafone Premier League and has the Inkk the 2019 season followed by the Vodafone Fiji toka’s group matches will be played at Chur-
For their effort Ba walked away with $5000 Mobile Battle of the Giants trophy. FACT that has been bracketed for either Gov- chill Park.
The completion of the CvC series marks the ind Park or Churchill Park.

USA 7s tops heading for Hamilton

Maika Kasami England and Australia have had a mixed performance at in the team.
the completion of the two-tournaments accumulating 30 and Spain is one of the surprise package this season sitting on
Coach Mike Fridays USA 7s side for the first time ever in 25 points respectively and sitting on fourth and sixth spots. ninth spot above Samoa (15) with 17 points.
the history of the HSBC World Sevens series have gone top Scotland opened the series with some strong showing A quarterfinal finish in South Africa against Fiji should be
of the standings after first two-legs in Dubai and Cape Town reaching both the quarterfinal stages before being bundled the right stepping stone ahead of Hamilton and Sydney.
South Africa. out of the main competition. The World Sevens Series now takes a break until January
They hold a one-point lead (38) over Dubai 7s champions Pumas Argentina have also been hard to judge as they’ve 26-27 when it restarts in Hamilton before heading to Sydney
New Zealand (37). not been consistent but sit on eight spot. on February 2-3.
Fiji after a fifth spot finish in Dubai regrouped well to Samoa have come back this season with a bang with some NZ Hamilton 7s pools:
score their first win on tour claiming the Cape Town Sevens strong performances which saw them beat teams like Argen- Pool A: Fiji, Australia, Argentina, Wales; Pool B: USA,
hence breaking a 13-year drought on South African soil. tina and New Zealand but lady luck has evaded them. England, Samoa, 16th team; Pool C: South Africa, Scotland,
The USA Eagles managed to avenge its Dubai 7s final loss They have failed to progress to the knockout stages of the France, Kenya; Pool D: NZ, Spain, Canada, Japan.
to the Kiwis when they outmuscled and outclassed NZ in the main competition in both tournaments by virtue of points HSBC World Sevens series standings
Cape Town semis. differential having to resort to the wooden spoon. Top 10: USA- 38 points, NZ- 37, Fiji 35, England- 30,
Fiji took revenge of their Dubai quarterfinal exit with a Coach Sir Gordron Tietjen recorded his first ever win over South Africa- 29, Australia- 25, Scotland- 20, Argentina- 18,
polished and clinical performance to down USA 29-15 a NZ as Samoa coach in Cape Town and he will surely be Spain- 17 and Samoa- 15.
week later. banking on those performances to bring in more confidence

Saru MGM to develop players for future

Maika Kasami

The core of the dream team of Saru Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Primary School Un-
der 14 soccer team will solely be missed in 2019.
Those were the words of Coach Shakeel Sandeep Chand who added that they had formed a
bond that resulted in the school winning the Lautoka Inter-Primary competition that was held at
Nadovu Park in the third term.
Chand revealed some of his players will be moving on to attend Year 9 in Secondary Schools.
Saru MGM U14 team went through undefeated in the tournament in the senior division cat-
In their first game, Saru MGM accounted for Gandhi Bhawan Primary School 2-0 before
edging Saweni based Gurukul Primary School 1-0. In their final match they outclassed Lovu
Sangam School 3-0 to rake in a total of 6-goals scored and non-conceded.
“It will be sad to lose our players who have ended their Primary School education and moving
on to Secondary School.
“To counter this situation we will begin developing our players from Year Three and Year Four
from the new school year for the future,” Chand said. He thanked his assistant Raj Pal Singh,
the head teacher, the school management, parents and well-wishers for their continued support
towards the extracurricular side of education for the children.
Results: The victorious Saru MGM under 14 soccer team together with school teachers and
Saru MGM 2-0 Gandhi Bhawan, Saru MGM 1-0 Gurukul Primary, Saru MGM 3-0 Lovu invited guests at the school. Photo: Sanjay Goundar.

Maika Kasami
Lautoka FA set for AGM
All the executive posts held by the current Lautoka Football
Association officials will be up for grabs when the annual gen-
eral meeting is held early 2019.
And this includes the position of president held by success-
ful mentor Abdul Kadar who completes his four-year term in
Kadar has proven to be one of the most successful presidents
for the Lautoka FA where under his leadership the Blues have
won the Inkk Mobile Battle of the Giants, Courts Inter-District
Championship, Pillay Garments Champion versus Champion
series and the Vodafone National Football League twice. The
only domestic football tourney that Kadar has failed to win is
the Vodafone Fiji FACT.
But his most memorable moment was seeing Lautoka reach
the final of the 2018 Oceania Champions League replicating
the achievements of Nadi (1999) and Ba (2007) in the presti-
gious regional meet.
Kadar reveals he is willing to step down if there is a capable
person ready to take on the top job.
“Yes, my term as Lautoka FA president comes to an end,” he
revealed while returning from the Pacific Cup win in Sydney,
Australia recently.
“But I will reapply for the post. I have enjoyed being the
president of Lautoka FA all these years and bringing some
memorable victories to the association. When we joined the
team was not doing well and also there was a lot of internal
bickering going on, but we have proved that by working to-
gether as a team we can do wonders and I am proud to be part
of all the victories that we have achieved together till now,”
Kadar said.
Lautoka FA secretary Muni Nair said the dates for the AGM
has not been finalised yet but they would abide by the require-
ment by Fiji FA.
“The dates for the AGM hasn’t been finalised yet but defi-
nitely it has to be done by March 2019 as per the requirement
of the parent body Fiji FA. Lautoka FA president Abdul Kadar (middle) while welcoming Team Wellington for a pre-season warm-up matches
“As for the office bearers, all executive posts will be up for earlier in the 2018 season in preparation for the O-League. Photo: Sanjay Goundar.
grabs as all our four-year term has come to an end.”


Importers of Quality New & Used Vehicles
named in Dream Team
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our Customers,Friends & Families

Maika Kasami

Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team captain Kalione Nasoko and flying winger Alosio Nadu-
va were named in the Cape Town 7s Dream Team after guiding the national team to
its first tournament win in the 2018/2019 HSBC World Sevens series.
Nasoko showed his maturity and class guiding the forwards which included 20-
year old Meli Derenalagi and seasonal campaigner Sevuloni Mocenacagi.
Nasoko, famous for his offloading skills and sudden goose-step scored some scin-
tillating tries in Dubai and Cape Town.
The Yasawa native and the former Nadi Muslim College scholar scored one of the
five tries in the final 29-15 win over USA.
Naduva, on the other hand has been smartly utilised by coach Gareth Baber in the
first two-legs of the new series.
He has had limited game time, but has shown his worth whenever given the nod
as an impact player.
And the nippy Naduva scored the winning try to oust South Africa 17-12 in the
semi-final when the scores were locked 12-12.
Meanwhile, new Fiji 7s rover Vilimoni Botitu continues to score tries at ease with
his trademark blockbusting runs.
The Korobebe native crossed over for two well taken tries in the final when he
brushed off the USA first line of defence.
For his man of the match performance, Botitu was named player of the final at the
Cape Town 7s.
USA’s Madison Hughes and Danny Barrett, Sione Molia of New Zealand, South
African Rocko Specman and David Afamasaga from Samoa were among the top
seven players named by World Rugby in the Cape Town Dream Team.

Cape Town 7s Dream Team:

P. O Box 584 , Lautoka Fiji Mob: 9921219 / 9993731 Kalione Nasoko (Fiji), Alosio Naduva (Fiji), Madison Hughes (USA), Danny Bar-
Email: karunagp@connect.com.fj / info@nchrentals.com rett (USA), David Afamasaga (Samoa), Sione Molia (NZ) and Rosko Specman
Web: www.nchrentals.com (SA).



Ahmed wins

Nadi Golfer, Zoheer Ahmed took out the Professional
category of the Geotech Drilling/ Islands Electric sponsored 18
holes stroke event on November 24.
Ahmed posted a 1 under par 68 to edge past dual runners -up
on Tomasi Tuivuna of Suva and Roneel Prakash of Lautoka.
The total $4000.00 cash prize also saw the top 10 finishes
getting a slice of the prize money. Arvind Lal, Anasa Seruvatu,
Amitesh Chandra, Waisiki Vati, Bill Suguturaga, Sunny Lee,
Mahmood Buksh, Emani Ratumayale, Inoke Bolakoro and
Seru Matairala pressed hard for a top ranking in the lead up
The top three professionals at the Lautoka Open, Tomasi Tuivuna, (left), winner Zoheer Ahmed (middle) and
Roneel Prakash. Photos: Maika Kasami
to the Nadi Open Golf Championship which was played over
November 30-01 December.
Other results NTP 2nd - Mahmood Buksh, NTP 9th - Waisili

Islands Electric Wholesalers

Vati, LD – 3rd – Roneel Prakash.

10 Marine Drive, P O Box 3317, Lautoka Fiji Abid lifts fourth

Phone: (679) 6668188, 6668444 Fax: (679) 6668190 Email: isefj@yahoo.com
Lautoka Open title

Fiji’s top amateur player and now four-time Lautoka Open Cham-
pion Abid Hussein (left) with Golf Fiji secretary James Pridgeon.

Bussmann Fuses Maika Kasami

Fluke National Golf rep Abid Hussein showed why he is currently the num-
ber one amateur player in the country with another strong performance
to lift his fourth Lautoka Open Championship title.
Hussein defended his Lautoka Open Golf Championship title after a
hard fought battle with Xavier College teacher, Asish Chand.
The duo grossed 70 only to be separated by a 6 holes play - off where-
by Hussein emerged victorious and proved his status as the top ranked
Amateur golfer in Fiji.
The Geotech Drilling / Islands Electric sponsored tournament attract-
ed a record of 110 golfers from around Fiji and overseas.
Omron Range The Overall nett title was secured by Mahendra Chetty of Melbourne
TESLA Products Australia on 64 on a count-back from Natabua High School student
Shakeel Pillay. Ga In Ju of Denarau took out the Ladies title on 77.
“I always enjoy playing here in Lautoka my favourite hunting ground.
I must acknowledge the sponsors Geotech Drilling for their continued
support and Mr Raymond Singh for organising the tournament in a big
way,” said Hussein who had previously won the Lautoka Open in the
2014 and 2015 season.
Lautoka Golf Club executive Raymond Singh said, “To attract over
100 golfers on a 9 holes golf course is testimony for the continued
success of this championship that has been continuously being played
LED Lights since 1931.”
Likewise, with the support of Gary Barnett of Geotech Drilling Inter-
national Services this was the biggest ever sponsorship for LGC. The
Professionals competed for a total $4,000.00 cash prize.
Golf Fiji secretary, James Pridgeon commended the LGC manage-
ment and was impressed with the top condition of the greens and fair-
Full Results:-
MARECHAL Overall Gross - Abid Hussein – 70, Overall Nett - Mahen Chetty – 64,
A- grade 1st gross - Asish Chand – 70, A- grade 2nd gross - Munesh
CLIPSAL PDL SPRECHER Prasad – 73, A- grade 3rd gross - Suren Pillay – 73, B- grade 1st gross
& SCHUH - Dr. Vimal Murthi – 75, B- grade 2nd gross - Lawrence John – 76,
B- grade 3rd gross - Jeral Sharma – 78, C- grade 1st gross - Subhash
Chand -82, C- grade 2nd gross - Asish Kumar – 82, C- grade 3rd gross
- Matt Cauty - 86, A- grade 1st nett - Nigel Gounden – 68, A- grade
2nd nett - Baron Hussein – 70, A- grade 3rd nett - Rohit Chandra – 70,
ALLEN B- grade 1st nett - Shakeel Pillay - 64, B- grade 2nd nett - Dinesh
BRADLEY Narayan – 68, B- grade 3rd nett - Arvind Pillay - 68, C- grade 1st nett -
Avinesh Dutt - 65, C- grade 2nd nett - Roland Singh -71, C- grade 3rd
nett - Pramod Singh- 73, Ladies Overall Gross - Ga In Ju – 77, Ladies
BE THE BEST, USE THE BEST Overall Nett - Ruth Lee – 80, Ladies Juniors Nett - Raina Kumar – 82,
Most Golf - Steven Leger – 121, NTP 2/11th - Willam Danford, NTP

Quality, Reliability & Service is our Tradition 9th - Joe Daruna, L.D - James Pridgeon, Sponsors gross award - James
Pridgeon – 74.



Joshua set to face either Wilder or Fury next

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk WBO titles by becoming the first man to stop Alexander Pov- “Absolutely, that’s a fight the world wants to see,” Sulaim-
etkin in September. an told Sky Sports.
Anthony Joshua looks set to face either Deontay Wilder or His attention now turns to April 13 with no opponent yet “That’s a fight the WBC has just ruled to support. During
Tyson Fury in his next fight in April 2019. announced. our convention, a ruling of the mandatory status included
That’s according to WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman, The Briton spoke at length how he wants to face Wilder in a the provision of trying to make the winner of Fury-Wilder
who claims that is the fight everyone wants to see. blockbuster bout, while Fury has also been mentioned. against Joshua.
Fury and Wilder went head-to-head on December 2 with There has been some trepidation about a potential super “I’m not certain about any contract.
the latter American putting his WBC heavyweight belt on the fight being scheduled, with some pointing to the possibility of “That’s a private agreement, but the WBC is of course the
line. Dillian Whyte earning a rematch with Joshua first. one that orders the fights.
The fight ended in a draw even though Wilder sent Fury to However, Sulaiman suggests the WBC will do everything “So our position is that we want to see the ultimate heavy-
the canvas twice. in their power to make sure the winner of Fury-Wilder will be weight fight, which involves Joshua and involves the WBC
For Joshua, he successfully defended his WBA, IBF and the one to face Joshua next. champion.”

W&G Air Freight wins Nadi bowls

Maika Kasami

Team Williams & Goslings Air Freight over powered fellow company team W&G Sea Freight
16-14 to clinch the Captain Cook Cruises sponsored Business House Bowling tournament at the
Nadi Sports Club.
W&G Air Freight were ably led by experienced hands Santokh Singh, Kushal Pillay and Kee-
gan Jaduram, and were well supported by youngsters Jaden Jaduram, Joshua Jaduram and Daniel
Rick Eyre was the skip for W&G Sea Freight with Jona Koroitamana, Dennis Underwood,
Rudna Deo, Lorosio Lutu and Samisoni Rasiga the other members in the team.
W&G Air Freight had defeated Satya’s Fast Food 17-10 in one of the semi-finals while W&G
Sea Freight beat Fiji Soap Company 18-14.
Fiji Soap Company went on to settle for third spot edging Satya’s Fast Food 15-13.
Fiji Soap had the services of national rep Rajnesh Prasad, Bobby Prasad, Rajneel Prasad, Yo-
gesh Prasad, Anup Kumar and James Lorence.
A total of sixteen teams participated in the tournament
Round 4: Rina’s Electrical 13-16 Nadi Field, Fiji Airways 18-12 Triple 3, Captain Cook 6-28
DCC, Lautoka Crushers 43-2 Cardos Girls, Cardo’s Boys 20-15 FFL, Tourism Fiji 11-15
Wormald Security.
Semis: W&G Air Freight 17-10 Satya’s Fast Food, W&G Sea Freight 18-14.
3rd&4th: Satya’s Fast Food 13-15 Fiji Soap Company.

Team Williams & Goslings Air Freight (pictured) overpowered W&G Sea Freight to win Nadi
Bowling meet. Photo: Supplied.

Krishna wins memorial trophy

Maika Kasami

Bank Officer James Krishna took out the Indra Ali Memorial stroke trophy on November 17 at
the Lautoka Golf Club.
Sponsored by Gaffar Ali, the husband of the late Indra Ali, the tournament saw many attractive
prizes on offer for the winners in each categories.
Former Fiji FA referee Davendra Mudaliar came out of his shell to produce one of his finest
performances this season taking out the overall net prize.
Lawrence Naidu with a 75-nett score settled for third spot in the A-grade while also taking out
the longest drive award in the third hole.
Raymond Singh finished second in the A-grade with Tevita Drauniniu claiming the A-grade
Avinesh Chand won the C-grade with youngster Alex Qiokata finishing second and Navi Va-
karuru on third spot.
Arvind Pillay on a score of 69 was third in the B-grade, while Joe Drauna coming second and
veteran Papi Singh winning the B-grade with a score of 67.
“The tournament acted as a build up to the annual Geotech Drilling/Islands Electric Lautoka
Open and recorded a good field.
“We are coming to the end of the season and we could say that the 2018 season has been a
success overall. I must thank all the members and golfers for their contribution towards Lautoka
Golf Club by means of their weekly participation,” IEW boss and LGC chairman of trustees
Raymond Singh said.
Longest Drive 3rd hole: Lawrence Naidu, NTP 2nd hole Joe Drauna, NTP 9th hole: Anil Prasad;
C-grade: 3rd- Navi Vakaruru, 2nd- Alex Qiokata, 1st- Avinesh Chand; B-grade: 3rd- Arvind Pil-
lay, 2nd-Joe Drauna, 1st- Papi Singh; A-grade- 3rd- Lawrence Naidu, 2nd- Raymond Singh, 1st-
Tevita Drauniniu; Overall net winner- Davendra Mudaliar; Winner 2018- James Krishna.



Fiji 7s end South Africa jinx


Maika Kasami

The Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team ended a 13-year jinx on South

African soil by claiming the HSBC World Sevens series Cape
Town 7s on early Monday morning December 10 Fiji Time.
The last time the national team had won the tournament on
Blitz Boks territory was in 2005.
Coach Gareth Baber named four debutant in his team to the
first two-legs and they came out with flying colours.
Vilimoni Botitu, Aminiasi Tuimaba, Meli Derenalagi and
Ben Vota were the new names engraved with the old hands for
the first two legs of the ten-tournament series.
Despite finishing fifth in Dubai a week earlier, the Fiji 7s
team bounced back to avenge its quarterfinal loss to USA with
a clinical performance to clip the wings of the high flying
American Eagles outfit winning 29-15.
Baber said the win in South Africa was long overdue adding
that his band of warriors hit the right chord to walk the victory
Together with the performance of the players, the Welsh man
acknowledged the touring Fijian fans who are always present
in large numbers at tournament venues across the world.
“It’s been a long time coming for the Fijians to win in Cape
Town,” Baber said in a post-match interview on television.
“We were disappointed a week earlier in Dubai that we
didn’t manage to perform to the level that we’ve a week later
in South Africa.
“It makes me proud that these players have done everything
for their families back home, and the country of Fiji. It’s just
so great. Fijian fans are everywhere in the world wherever we
travel and we say a big thank you to all those who make a big
effort to come and support.”
Fiji Airways Fiji 7s playmaker Vatemo Ravouvou fends of a French player
He said the host provided the stiffest of tests for his players
during the 2018/2019 HSBC World 7s series Cape Town 7s in South Africa. Fiji
but they responded in style and played according to plan.
won 50-0. Photo: Supplied.
“We’ve had some battles, most notably South Africa in
the semi-finals, but all credit to the players and staff, they’ve Fiji beat Spain in the quarters, scored a last minute try to oust
manned up.” host South Africa in the semis before taming USA in the final.
After overwhelming wins over France and Kenya in pool Next stop in the series is the Hamilton 7s in late January
play the side was taken to the wire against England before where Fiji as defending champions will come up against Aus-
coming out victors to progress to the quarterfinals. tralia, Argentina and Wales in pool play.