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Game 10 (22.11.2018) © Caruana Fabiano (2832) Carlsen Magnus (2835) B33 London (10) 22.11.2018 Led 5 2.NB Ne6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 N16 NCB 5 G.NdbS d6 7.NAS Nxd5 8.exd5 Nb8 9.24 Be7 10.Be2 0-0 11.0-0 NaT (D) a be Until here the two opponents are repeati the 8" game - F,Caruana is the first to de ate. bs A novelty to 12:B@2, the continuation of the 8th game. White is grabbing space at his main field of operations; the queenside, 12...a6 13.Na3 a5 (D) Gaining control of the eS-square. But inter esting is 13...6. 1. bxast Opening files in the queenside is a must for White. 1M. iS 15.Ne4 Ra8 16.Be3 (D) 5 and b6 must be controlled, 16.15 Black must seek activity on the other side to counter-balance the game, Wa8 ‘The main altemative here is 17.8 £4 18.B2 RIB 00. 17.4 18.Bb6! (D) 18.Nb6?!_Nxb6 19.Bxb6 Qe, would make Black quite happy - the c4-knight must be preserved. FIDE World Championships 2018 ® Estratios Grivas 2018 136 18..Nxb62! 19.NXxb6_Ra7 20.Bg4 +=, is what White would wish for! By the text, the black queen is heading to the kingside and can also protect her weak d6-pawin from 29. 19.Ra3?! The allemative 19.Be7, 1ooks @ better op- tion, After 19..Q96 20.Rel, White can ‘prove' a tiny advantage. 19...Q6 (D) ‘The position is unbalanced and the pawn structure not identical. There is rich play for both sides, but in different sides, as it has been already mentioned. Somehow I prefer Black, as his e-pawn looks ‘better’ and can be more setive compared to White's e-pawn, al least for the moment! 20.Be7 es! 21.KhI (D) 2.nbSL A nice tactical strategical shot! 22.Nb6 What else? If 22.axb67! 13! 23.exf3 Rxed 24Nxa3 NeS 25.Rel (25.xe47 Bh3 26.Rel Qyed+ =+) 25..Qho 26.Ne4 ext 27.BI1 xed 28.Bye4 RFA! -/* and 22.Nd2?! Ra7 23RG b4 24.Re4 NeS 25.806 Nxct 26.Bxa7 Nxd2 (26...Nb2!? 27.Qel Bib 28.13 exl3 29.BNI3 Be3 ~/+) 27.Qxd2 1B 28.2x13 Bg5 29.Be3 ext3 30.Bd3 BXe3 31.tNe3 QI6~ (+ look bad for White. 22...NXD6 23.BX6 (1D) 23..Qg8?! 23..b4! 24Rad BIB, looks quite dangerous for White - Black plans ...BeS and ..Qh6, with ...£3 to follow. 24.3? (D) White returns the favour! The simple 24.BxbS +/, is quite troubly for Black. 24cbdt FIDE World Championships 2018 ® Efstratios Grivas 2018 137 Back to right tra 25.Rb3 White could also think of 25.gxf4 Qxf 26.Rb3 BI6 27.Rgl Be3 0. 25..Bh3 26.Rgl 13 (D) Black is gotting 0 active in the kingside, targeting the w 27.BEL Not much to 28,Be3 Qhs -/+. 27 Bxfl 28,Qxf1 28.Rxf1?, loses to 28..Qe4 29.Rxb4 RW. 28...Qxd5 29.Rxb4 (D) ink about: 27.BbS RE 29..Q06 Eying h4 and preparing to push the central pawns, The position is objectively offering equal chances, but Black has more easy play, as concems the human part of it! 30.RDS Bas Not bad, but 1 would have preferred 30..RIG8 31.QD1 Red 00, 31.Qel! White cannot afford 31.Bxd8? Raxd8 and the black central pawns are rolling, while the passed white a-pawn is harmless. 31..BXb6 32.axb6 RabB 33.Q¢3 (D) ‘The position is dyamisally equal - the white b-pawn is strong but the white king is ‘uncomfortable, while the contral black pawns are quite fine 33..Qe4 ‘An active ty. 33..R{7 34.Qd4 dS 35.Rebl (Qh3 36.Rel Qe6, is equal 34.Rb2 Rb7 35.Rdl (D) ‘The alternative is 3Sh4 dS 36.3 Re& 37Ral h6 00. 35..Qe2! 36.Rel White should be careful: 36.Qxe2?-fxe2 FIDE World Championships 2018 ® Efstratios Grivas 2018 138.