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Student Welfare and Support Services: Counselling Service

7.0 The Guidance and Counselling Office, to which students can self-refer, provides mainly short term
counselling, appropriate for most students in the context of short university terms. While the majority of
students are seen individually, group therapy and workshops are also available. The service has
counsellors specializing in particular areas including eating disorders and stress relating to academic work
and examinations. A medical consultant carries out psychiatric assessments and, where appropriate,
refers students to local NHS services. The medical consultant does not provide treatment. The Counselling
Service does not operate as a drop in, out of hours, or emergency service.

7.1 In addition to its direct work with students, the Counselling Service provides a range of psycho-
educational resources available to all and contributes to initiatives which aim to foster positive health and
resilience. It shall offer a program to train and supervise students to support fellow students in many
colleges and some departments.

Mental Health Service Providers – Mental Health Service Providers are very essential in providing support
and services to Xavier Ateneo community. The Mental Health Service Providers shall offer assistance and
professional help to students. A number of services shall be provided for this purpose, namely:

a. Guidance and Counselling services, in which the Guidance and Counselling Office (GCO) shall:
i. Provide professional and confidential service free of charge to students;
ii. Initiate practices that meet the service demands of students, strengthen service delivery,
and utilize existing staff and resources more efficiently;
iii. Conduct individual or group sessions to students who have special concerns regarding
their academic, career, family, or personal lives in general;
iv. Employ counsellors experienced in dealing with students’ problems, including mental
health problems;
v. Maintain updated confidential medical records of the students; and
vi. Provide a range of educational resources, which contain information on mental health
such as, but not limited to pamphlets, brochures, and softcopies to all.

b. Psychological services, in which GCO shall:

i. Provide an on-call experienced mental health professional to perform psychological
assessments free of charge, who shall, as needed:
i. Give referrals to external Mental Health Services together with Maria Reyna
Xavier University Hospital; and
ii. SuchlllProvide medical certificates.