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Directions for items 1-56. You will hear statements or

questions on the tape. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

1. a) to cut his hair

b) at four
c) by the barber
d) at the same time as .
the barber

2. a) to wash up
b) to stand still
c) to quiet down .
d) to move fast

3. a) his money
b) his ideas
c) his car
d) his tools

4, a) next week
b) after a few minutes
c) sometime later
d) immediately

5. a) Robert and James speak

b) Only Robert speaks
c) Neither of them speaks
d) Only James doesn't
speak Spanish.


a) at 8 o'clock
b) at midnight
c) at 12 noon
d) every night

7. a) A lot of people work

for Mr. Richards.
b) A lot of people live
with Mr. Richards.
c) A lot of people agree
with Mr. Richards.
d) A lot of people listen
to Mr. Richards.
8. a) He must do all his flying at once
b) He should be taken off flying every year.

c) He must give all of his attention to flying

d) He must relax his attention when flying.

9. a) She read a book.

b) She found a book.
c) She sold a book.
d) She chose a book.

10. a) It cannot be tasted.

b) It cannot be seen.
c) It is light.
d) It is colored.

11. a) He cleaned it.

b) He worked on it.
.c) He polished it.
d) He rode on it.

12. a) an animal
b) 5,280
c) a jeep
d) breakfast

13. a) how to make water

b) how to make tea with it
c) how to change it
d) how to color it

14. a) The outside

b) The frame
c) The garden
d) The inside

15. a) beneath the ground floor

b) on the main floor
c) between the first and second floors
d) **************

16. a) the color of the car

b) the slowing down action
c) its ability to pick up speed
d) its stopping action

17. a) They couldn't find him.

b) They rested with him.
c) They saved him.
d) They looked for him.

18. a) She paid us at the hospital.

b) She came to see us there.
c) She gave us treatment there.
d) She wrote to us there.

19. a) James needed some matches.

b) James will buy some cigarettes.
c) James wants to see some cigarettes
d) James saw some cigarettes in a package.

20. a) She looks after her mother.

b) She is looking for her mother.
c) She resembles her mother.
d) She is fond of her mother.

21. a) He got on the bus.

b) He did not get off the bus
c) He missed the bus.
d) He got on the wrong bus.

22. a) He practices only certain types of activities.

b) He participates in many types of activities.
c) He enjoys keeping away from activities.
.d) He dislikes various kinds of activities

23. a) They can cause a lot of damage.

b) They're the most modern available.
c) They're completely useless now.
d) They can be carried easily.

24. a) I eat at 7:00.

b) I stay up until 7:00.
c) I don't stay in bed after 7:00.
d) My roommate wakes me at 7:15.

25. a) stand at attention

b) move toward the officer
c) move to the rear
d) salute the officer

26. a) It was a clear day.

b) There was a heavy rainfall
c) The sun was bright.
d) It hasn't rained for a long time.

27. a) We are ready to go to

b) We are not prepared
c) We are setting the
plane down at Kelly.
d) We are sitting in the
plane at Kelly.

28. a) It leaves the ground.

b) It arrives on time.
c) It leaves the passengers.
d) It explodes on the
29. a) buy some medicine
b) see a doctor
c) give some help
d) get a private room

30. a) poor eyesight

b) black smoke
c) a thick fog
d) a television tower

31. a) Tom asked for advice.

b) Tom said something bad
to him.
c) He greeted him in the
d) Tom thought about him.

32. a) He ordered Bill to

drive the car.
b) He allowed Bill to
take the car.
c) He warned Bill not to
take the car.
d) He gave Bill a ride in
the car.

33. a) a physicist
b) a geographer
c) a cartographer
d) a dentist

34. a) one month after

b) during delivery
c) before delivery
d) right after delivery

35. a) It was very delicious.

b) It was too tough.
c) It was not cooked enough.
d) It was well-cooked.

36. a) He wrote these books.

b) These books are not his.
c) He didn't write these books.
d) He bought these books.

37. a) The air is dry.

b) It is a damp day.
c) A hot dry wind is blowing.
d) There are no clouds anywhere.

38. a) Bill might go to the doctor.

b) Bill went to the doctor.
c) Bi11 won't go to the doctor.
d) Bill will feel worse tomorrow.
39. a) He doesn't have it all.
b) He doesn't have enough.
c) He doesn't have the most.
d) He doesn't have any at all.

40. a) Are you able to give me the train schedule?

b) How can I get to the train station?
c) Can you tell me about the train station?
d) Can you go to the train station?

41. a) She ate it.

b) She preserved it.
c) She saw it.
d) She provided it.

42. a) You must present your identification

b) You must complete an application form.
c) You must keep it flat at a11 times
d) You must write your name on the back.

43. a) They had steaks for

b) They had two main
dishes for dinner.
c) They received two
invitations for
d) They invited two
friends to dinner.

44. a) She put money in the

b) She made out a check.
c) She returned a check.
d) She got some money.

45. a) He had a good time.

b) He made many friends.
c) He got a lot of rest.
d) He stayed a long time.

46 . a) twenty five
b) a quarter
c) a half
d) four
47. a) Did you see his
b) Did you get sick
c) Did you cause his
d) Did you learn the
reason for his

48. a) replace the engine

b) take the engine apart
c) run the engine slower
d) take the engine out

49. a) He drew a line through my name.

b) He added my name to the list.
c) He wrote my name on the list.
d) He asked about my name.

50. a) Our vacation lasted for a long time.

b) It has been a long time since our vacation.
c) It will be a long time until our vacation.
d) Our vacation will last for a long time.

51. a) She knew the range and hit the target.

b) She figured out the target
c) She talked to the ranger before shooting at the
d) She shot and hit the target from a great distance

52. a) Harold ran from the woman.

b) Harold talked about the woman.
c) Harold walked toward the woman.
d) Harold asked for the woman.

53. a) by bus, car, train, or plane

b) It's about 1100 miles.
c) It's a long distance between them.
d) about a day and a half by car

54. a) The wind is strong.

b) The wind becomes
c) It is very cold.
d) It is blowing full

55. a) Decay is taken out

with a drill.
b) Decay is put in a
c) Decay is moved away
from the drill.
d) Decay is placed around
a drill.

56. a) He accomplished his mission.

b) He planned his mission.
c) He continued his mission.

d) He cancelled his mission.

Directions for items 57-66. You will hear conversations or
persons giving information. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d.

57. a) their hobbies

b) their professions
c) their techniques
d) their possessions

58. a) She is afraid of it.

b) She likes it.
c) She wants it.
d) She dislikes it.

59. a) Louis hasn’t heard the

question correctly.
b) Louis has been
standing in the wrong
place. .
c) Louis means everything
he says.
d) Louis doesn't know
what the question

60. a) He is an officer.
b) He works in the
c) He has permission from
someone in authority.
d) He thinks his reason
for entering is very

61. a) if the patient is seeing all right

b) if the patient is eating all right
c) if the patient is breathing all right
d) if the patient is talking all right

62. a) after five o'clock

b) in a factory
c) eight hours
d) from nine to five

63. a) It's bleeding a lot.

b) It has no feeling in it.
c) It's painful.
d) It's broken.

64. a) a plan
. b) a color
c) a soldier
d) a mistake

65. a) Put the books in a neat pile.

b) List the books in some orderly way.
c) Write the titles of the books on their covers
d) Put the books on a shelf according to size.

66. a) His house is big.

b) His house is pretty
c) His house is old.
d) His house is modern


Directions for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST

67. We turned the TV on as the program started. We turned it on______ .

a) just for a while
b) just in time
c) a little too late
e) much too early

68. Are there any other boys in Don's family?

Yes , he______ .
a) has two brothers
b) is the only child
c) has one sister
d) has a grandmother

69. I get paid twice a month. I receive my pay_______ .

a) one time a month
b) two times a month
c) once every ten days
d) every weekend

70. He was trying to get out of the building.

a) paint
b) clean
c) find
d) leave


71. We must_____ drive a car without a driver's license.

a) always
b) never
c) usually
d) perhaps

72. Charles: Can you understand English well yet?

Sherry: No, but I'm trying_____ more.
a) of learning
b) for learning
c) to learn
d) for learn

73. Mr. Clark_____ for that company for ten years.

a) is working
b) been working
c) has been working
d) is being worked

74. Harry and I don't eat lunch at the snack bar _____ .
a) still
b) already
c) anymore
d) since

75. John's decision was affected by his friend. John's friend_____ .

a) influenced his decision
b) delayed his decision
c) made a decision
d) didn't like the decision

76. The instructor said, "Be sure to wear an overcoat so you

won't_____ a cold."
a) seek
b) bring
c) catch
d) caught

77. We get used to new foods slowly.

a) find many
b) always like to
c) become accustomed to
d) become acquainted to


78. I am reading an interesting book_____ animals and the

places where they live.
a) telling
b) for
c) from
d) about

79. The children have been playing ______ .

a) since three hours
b) for three hours
c) for ten o'clock
d) before yesterday

80. I_____ other kinds of jets before.

a) flown
b) will fly
c) am flying
d) have flown

81. He_____ by the doctor yesterday.

a) was examining
b) examined
c) was examined
d) did examine

82.He keeps busy from morning sick call until it's time to hit
the sack. And then he's likely to be roused to soothe a
midnight headache or minister to a man with an upset
a) He's probably a gunnery sergeant.
b) He's probably in communications.
c) He's probably a combat casualty.
d) He's probably a medical aidman.

83.The student told his roommate, "You can count on me."

a) count for me
b) count my money
c) depend on me
d) tell my age

84.Food spoils_____ if it is not in a refrigerator.

a) easy
b) easily
c) ease
d) easing

85. He bored a hole in the wood.
a) filled
b) covered
c) measured
d) drilled
86. The musician broke a_____ on his guitar.
a) note
b) string
c) ribbon
d) song

87. You will learn more if you_____ attention.

a) make
b) have
c) do
d) pay

88. The flight surgeon will see you as soon as he _____ .

a) could
b) possible
c) will be able
d) can

89. I______ write him if I knew his address.

a) will
b) would
c) can
d) like

90. There are many small towns similar_______ this one.

a) of
b) as
c) then
d) to

91. Our students_____ many new words since they began their
language training.
a) learn
b) learned
c) has learned
d) have learned


92. When we heard the explosion, our first_____ was to escape

the danger.
a) noise
b) impulse
c) release
d) time
93. The friend of the teacher that John met when he called on
his mother went to Chicago last week.______ went to Chicago.
a) The friend
b) The teacher
c) The mother
d) John
94. I tore my coat on a nail. I hope it won't show.
a) I hope my coat can't be seen.
b) I hope it won't rip on the nail.
c) I hope the nail wi11 stay up.
d) I hope the tear won't be noticeable.
95. My son wore______ his new tennis shoes
a) with
b) up
c) for
d) out
96. Henry jotted down the word.
a) He used it in the right way.
b) He repeated it several times.
c) He wrote it on some paper.
d) He saw it in a book.
97. Did the student ______a lot of work last week?
a) has
b) make
c) have
d) had
98. Meat is usually cut and _____ one piece at a time.
a) eat
b) eating
c) eaten
d) ate


99. He has to get by with what he has.

a) manage
b) suffer
c) buy
d) be careful
100. Students who______ are good listeners.
a) are interested
b) interesting
c) be interested
d) have interested


1 B 51 B
2 D 52 C
3 B 53 D
4 D 54 B
5 C 55 A
6 B 56 A
7 A 57 B
8 C 58 B
9 D 59 D
10 B 60 C
11 D 61 B
12 D 62 D
13 C 63 B
14 D 64 A
15 A 65 B
16 C 66 A
17 C 67 B
18 B 68 A
19 B fi9 B
20 C 70 D
21 C 71 B
22 B 72 C
23 A 73 C
24 C 74 C
25 B 75 A
26 B 76 C
27 A 77 C
28 A 78 D
- 29 C 79 B
30 A 80 D
31 A 81 C
32 B 82 D
33 D 83 C
34 C 84 B
35 C 85 D
36 A 86 B
37 B 87 D
38 A 88 D???
39 D 89 B
40 B 90 D
41 D 91 D
42 D 92 B
43 D 93 A
44 D 94 D
45 A 95 D
46 B 96 C
47 D 97 C
48 B 98 C
49 A 99 A
50 B 100 A