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r Ereeeaenet DALLAS MOB HANGS KEGRO. _ FROM POLE-AT ELKS’ ARGH. rte; ‘Way Into Court Roonr < Takes, Allen Brooks From lg ‘Atmed Oificers, =, 2° SEARCHES. JIL FOR TWO~ OTHERS s “ 1 Five Thousand Surge About Prison to Get “Bubber” Robinson and Burrell Oates Only to Discover. - That These Have Been Spirited Away. - ~ s a ~ “ - xt Allen Brooks, 2 negro charged by indictment with criminal assautt upon the person of” Mary, Ethtl Buvens, 2 white child less than Jj years ald, was lynched yesterday morning, while his al was in progre’s i in the Crigiinal District Court roor. Angered by the horror of one of the most. heinous crimes, since the days of Reconsttictioa,. less than“320 white men and oné conspicuous negro fought their way past fiity _armed-“deputies and twenty-policemen into thé Courtroom and secured possession of Brooks without the firing of % shot of the serious injury of any member’of cither the attacking or defending forces. ’From the second floor of the courthouse where the négro was located a rope thrown from the crowd below through a windgw was tied around the negro’s ‘neck-and ‘the, other end was tossed bagk to the crowd below. ~ ~ oo PULLED THROUGH COURTROOM WINDOW. Six.or seven mien grabbed the rope and began to pull. In the little jury room }above, where Brooks had run‘to’ cover and where’ the tast defense for him was tade,-were perhaps half 2 dozen men who picked the negro up and shoved him throngh-the window. : The window isyabout twenty feet above the ground, Pond Brooks came’out of it head first. He: strack 90 his forehead and the fall if it did not Kill hind knocked him ‘unconscious. + ‘ sHANGED AT ELKS’ ARCH. Te ‘Then the maddened crowd caught the rope and dragged, the negro’s body" wp | Main street to the Elks’ Arch. One of the mob took the end of the rope and climbed up a telephone pole ‘at the corner of the arch. The rope was thrown cross ‘one of the-iron spikes used asyladders, by, linemen, and Brooks’ body was pulled ap 1 “antil it dangled-about four feet above the ground. After the body “had 1 hung i in the air atout ten minutes a man in citizen's clothes climbed’ up and entlit’ down. Chief of, olice John Ryan appeared then, and, taking. charge” “aft “the body, had-it cartied to the Emergency. Hospital in. the: r a ve ve Gy Hale apes * yp Was NOT BROKEN” me yi wairesaniined by Dr. T. B. Fisher, City Health Officer, who pronounced life extinct, and : said that there was an indentation on each side’ of. the forehead which if it-did not, kill the negro outright rendéred him immediately unconseious. His neck was not Broken, aa + While the streets in the vicinity of the City Hall were packed with people the’ body was foaded into the automobile driven by Fire Chief Magee and ortied away, as it was thought the crowd intended to burn the body. aa « L START FOR THE JAIL. - But having wreaked vengeance for the crime, upon the baby of a* white man; the crowd then listened-fo the many cries of “Let's go.'get Burret Oates and “Bubber’ Robinson.” These amurthurings had been heard throughout, the whole of the forenoon, and : a¥ soon as Brooks’ body disappeared a crowd of 600 men started toward the county’ jail. ~ Oates has been? ‘convicted five tithes of the murder of Sol Aronoff, “which occurred in Dallas Several years ago. Bubber Robinson has been convicted for the killiig of Frank’ Welford, 2 white farmer, which occurred overayear ago, . PRISONERS SPIRITED AWAY. a. ‘The mob, swelled until it numbered abogt 10,000, surged ‘around the jail and forced the officers to admit twenty men to search for the negroes. The ‘Search. ers reported that the prisoners wanted had been spirited away. os SPEEDY-PUNISHMENT COMES teyurban car: At the’ outskirts of the TO' NEGRO For HIS CRIME. The crime with which Brooks was charged-and for which he had been in- dicted by the Dallas County Grand Jury was committed Wedhesday, Feb"23, and It-was but #8 week and one day thereafter wntil he’ paid the penalty. - Brooks had bee employed af the home of H. J,Bavens, on Peat! street and Ross “avenue, as a tender-of the furnace and was trusted by’ members of the family. He was, 5, Past,50. years ald. During that Wednesday afternoon Mrs, Buvens missed her little daughter and a seatch was Istituted. After fifteen or twenty minutes Flore Daingerfield, 2 negress, employed at the Buvens home, found the child and Allen Brooks in the barn. She took the little ous 2nd ran into the house, = _ Dr. W., We Brandau was called to at- tend the child, and ha sald he found evi- ences of brutal treatment. The negro was‘ arrested and Dr. Brandau mdde an examination of him and said he found evidences which confirmed him fa the opinionshe had formediwheh he sttend~ ea the ehild. Crowd Scrrounds Jail, The negro was taken to the county jail aad kept for a short while. Thurs- day night a crowd of 200 or 300 citizens gathered around the jail and shortly after,1, o'clock demanded that'the negro be turned over fo them. Sheriff Led- better decifted the negro was not in thé jafl and he permitted first.the father of the child and fhen ‘a committee of ax, citizens to make.sn Inspection of the'jalL. Thevnegro*wes not found- ‘During the day the Grand Jury met and returned an indictment against the negro, and, Judge Bécy of the Criminal District Court promised an early trial, the’ case finally being set down for yes~ terday;morning.. “Before % o'clogk yesterday” morning there wag" indication that. some effort would be made*to take the negro out. of the hands of the law, for sbout,’the eourt house there had assembled several hundred citizens, most of them apparent- 1¥ from’the country districts, Brought I on Early Cav. _It was'the probable intention to make ithe effort-te get the negro from‘the'ot- ficers white he wes being taken from the county Jail! tothe court toom, bat ‘Shefitt ‘Ledbetter zorestalled this. The negro had been taken to the jail‘at 3fc-. Kinney, ‘Yesterday morning Sherift Lea- ‘Better jand Ben E. Cabell brought the negra from McKinnex co a 6 @clock In. clty an automobile met the car‘and the negro and his~guards were, transferred to the automobile and taken'to the court hous jy this arrangement the officers had the negro concealed in the Jury room adjqining the Criminal District Court room before 7 o'clock. ‘When the case'was called for triat,the corridors of the court house on the first and secend floors were crawded with ‘people, and it was dittieult for the offt- cers to work their way ‘through the erowd. Sheritg Ledbetter declined to give the number of deputies he had brought, into town," but a polleeman stated thet therd were as many £8 150. Police Come ‘missfoner’ Harry Tt Seay Informed the Sheritt he'could “have hie entire force If needed, and fifteen or twenty policemen were used. ‘Tle Ropes Acrons Stairs. With the hope of keeping the surging crowd back from the court room, the of- ‘Ticera’secured soma small ropes and ted across the stairs. These ropes were car- tied up by @ depaty in citizen's clothes and as'he went, up the, slatts some one sang out, “There goes the‘rope,” But the ropes were but puny barriers, Enives soon made ‘Fhoxt work of them, “= and the crowd kept’ getting thicker, it possible, Ten or fifteen deputies aue- ceeded %n shoving ‘the men back from In front of the court room.and when! this was done some heavy'trate chains’ wera aimung gerogs to bar entrance to that Part of the lobby. Drops Pistol om Floor. ’ While the crowd wax,-milling and peeking throegh the transom some one dropped an old cap ana ball pistot on - the concrete floot of: the court house and there wad a sudden scattering that yent @ dozen men down stairs, One of the-crowa Picked up the weapon,and 9 tendered It to a Deputy Sheriff, but he declined it, saying, “For God's zake, don't Band that thing tomer Palpably in need of a leader, tha ere - continued to surge around the court’ room ‘door, yelling now and then unt! it was impossible “for anyzof-the-courts on that floor'to’ act business: Then * troey out the court réém came the an. © * Rouxcement, that, the court had granted @ recess of,ah hour in order.to give the’ defense time to dictate -a motion’ 208. +z contintance. _ _Sudige Bese Pleads with Men, " ' Thia did not please, those’ who waited: In the hope: of summary fustice.” The, “F demand seemad~to become mors fosist = ent, cod Jusge-E, Be binse, qudse of. i S381, e 2 * rath te . _ Bot, YEA Be a met ES we ee SPSS, Tare Forty-Fourth? Distziet Court *ettiabed upon the; steps of ‘the third floor ang pleaded, with the mob to. disperse and give the ‘law an opportunity to Lave tz + gee: . sstopping the pro- “You'gentlemen are ae ceedings ofthe court be said. “2 sm going to appeal to every Ian of you WES ‘har'got « homeand-who believes In np- holding the Jaw end the Jadielary to quietly disperse and letJudge Seay pro ceed with the Jaw and give this negro & speeny ‘Muze,paused and a-thout came, “Give us thé'negro and we Will help the law? “Gentlemen, I have a family and loved - ones,” ‘coitinued Judge Muse. “Aareany of them Uttle babies?” came a-query from the crowd. “L believe we have a lew for this crime and I believe that the lew-will be executed ff we give Judge Seay a chance," Judge’ Muze continued. “The father, of thet chfla fs "In there; a Jaw- abiding citizen. Den't let it go out a tha ‘world that the citizenship of Dallas County gathered toxether’ and blocked the law. I beg you to quiely disperse.” Reference to Oates. “How about Barrell Oates?* came ertes trom several, but Jnage Mnse's appeal seemed to have the proper effect, and within half an hour the secend floor of the court house was cleared of all except, Deputy Sheriffs and policemen. Then'the’ deputies took the,trace: chaing and tled them acroas the first Janding of the stairs leading from the first floor, Big. Negro Talks. On the ontside the crowd seemed to concentrate around an automoblie which steod on the street In front of thé east alde of the court house. In the center of this-crowd wag & big negro, with white hat and blue jumpers, who towered ebove all of the white men. He seemed to bo gesticulating and arguing end those at a distance thought perhaps he was in dan- ger from the mob. “After fifteen or twenty minutes’ par- leying some man, apparentty” ‘full of beer, came out on the sidewalk cursing the mov and telling them; that they Jacked nerve and needed = proper man to lead them. _ Cald for Yoluateeras ‘Then from the crowd Jumped a ‘man, small fn stature bet.with the grim look of determination on-his face. Ha climbed up on,the, automobile and said, “Fellows, let’a £0 get him. Who will go with me? Hola up your hands.” Two hundred hands and fifty hats went'up, and the aman juniped down from the automobile, mats ‘a rush for the door of the court howe, closely followed by the big negro, At the bottom of the stairs ‘was = double ‘cordon of deputies abd police. Probably 500 men bad,come into the court house, but the work of attacking these deputies waz left to 30 or 100 men, who fought desperately Li the’effort to et by the obstruction. Slawgshot Is Used. At first the deputies used their open ands in shoving the members of the mob pack, but'as the struggle began to get exciting doubled fists were seen fying back and forth and there was some sharp ‘Yighting.” One large mai, ‘wearing & white hat, crawled on the shoulders” of the other men and worked his way right upinto the faces of the deputies, He Was attacked with flats, but they were of no! avail and then one deputy pulled ‘a slangshot and hit the man behind the ear. . 4 When‘ the biood streamed} forth it Seemed to have the effect & Inciting ‘the-mob to more frenzied efforts, One Policeman, who struck a member of tha nob, wes pulled down off the steps and . oughly handled, his cheek being cut vwide open. It was stated that his name was Cooper. po. Detenders Retreat Up Stairs. ‘This method caused four or five of the defending force to retreat upward to the Yirst landing, where the trace chains hed. been stretched. ‘The mob’ qulekly bore the others-hack’ and at this point for gbout ten minutes there was flerce fist fighting, although not a gun was used and-not a slurgshot‘was in evidence further. Sherif? Ledbetter stood back a step_or two directing the defense and was not ‘seen to take any part im Striking thore who were trying to come on. For a while it seemed that the deputies and pollee would te able to hold the crowd here. Many of the criginal 500 had become spectators and were watch- ing the struggle from without the danger kone. Suddenty someone raised a long step ladder to the railing’ of the stairs above the first landing and two or three timbed up thetadder, Robert B. Alten, ‘who stood on the steps, tried to push the ladder back, Lut was unsuccessful, rhs Get Past Treee Chote, js plan, however, had the eff divertiig the attention Sf the “deputies for & momeit from their work of “defense at the landing of the stairs. argi,in that moment three or four men had climbed over the heads of their fellows and over re bezds of the deputies and were past ¢ trace chain. This broke the’ Yhe deputies fett back. Marana © Armed Deputy Gives Wer, 5. Py ait was a clear road then to the doors of @ Criminal District. Court room. These sere locked, but chairs were used ta *pmash In the Blase, Three or four mem- bers of. the mob went through the wit- fess roam to the side door on the north- west corner of the courtroom and forced. that door, Inside it was a Deputy Sheriff ‘who pulled-his pistot and brandished it over his head. warning the men not to attempt ta-enter. This baffled some of the’men for a few minutes, but a shove “behind sent oné man through and the deputy gave way saying, “I couldn't shoot one of them.” ~ Flad Negro Under Table. ‘These men get into the ‘court room first,-and finding {t empty practically except for the deputies still defending the main door, they mat ‘Tun, for the Jury Feom, where the negro was concealed, ree deputies made a stand here; but it Was. of on-avail, and the mez broke through Bnd found the negro beneath a ‘table, ‘Brooks made no resistance whateyer, “and seemed to be almost on the verge af B.collapse, One of'the members of ihe “mob stuck bis head out of the window, 2nd 9 rope shot up from below. where imore then 1.000 persons were gathered> _ ™ ‘The rope was quickly tied about the neck: of, Brooks and the other ené@ thrown to the ground, when came’ the-act which probably ‘Med the negro. Seeing his doom at hand ‘when he’was on the window sill he mage & lunge head forward, or was palled with terrific force, so that he geemed to lange, and atruck below on a plot of Bermuda ‘gratis. Caveréd with Bleed. “Quick as flash, dorens of men sumpea onto the negro with thelr feet and kicked * him-and stamped him’ Before be was Srazrged out of the courthouse’ yard-hia face waa crushed intoa pulp and he was covered with blond pte —* Some one shouted in’ sténtorian tones: *Burn hem.” ‘Take him‘ ‘down_by 1 the: jah “Use tibe*'5 i REx o “everyone edndented, ty that progrem, end Ki the negro was drsgged | north’on Jetfer- fon to Main street and then'éast to the ‘arch. ~ 4 Several negroes caught, hold “oe: the Tope‘and tn, various other wars 2 s assisted themok ~~ ? Contact with the pavement and obsts- @les on {t wore most of the clothes ‘off the negro before’the‘arch, was reached. At one point his Vanother his shoes were dragged ‘from his feet ‘and’ finally ‘his trousers yielded to the Yriction of the passage along the street. ‘Thousands Follow Hon.” ‘During this period bualness Was prate teally: af a standstill. The’ streets “were erowded.-with people ‘and two or ‘three thourand persons followed ‘the “mob to the Elks” arch., “Hang him to the arch!” was the ery, | ‘but there-were no crossbarg on the arch which could be conveniently reached, and pné'man ‘in citizen's clothes climbed the Yelephone pole‘at the southiegst corner of Main and Akard and pulled the rope across one of the iron steps in the tele- phone ‘pole, The rope was pulled until the negro’s’ body was suspended *about four feet ‘from the ground. Bits of Cloth as Souvenirs. ‘The only clothing remaining on the body was 2-flannel shirt end an under- shirt. This was in tatters, and many of the curfous persons who gathered around began te pick bits of cloth. from the flannel shirt, presumably for souventrs. It is probabla that there ‘were 2,000 persons in the vicinity of the Jareb, and While Brooks’ body. was st{ll Hanging, 6 cry which’ continued to grow, stronget urged the men to'go get Burrell.Oates and “Bubber” Robinson. ‘Hundreds remained, however, and, ore maz in citizen’s clothes climbed the pole and. cut the rope,John W. Ryan. Chiet ,of Police, appeared and took.charge ot "the bodys It was hurried into the Emer- geney Hospital and the’ doors there quickly locked, it being feared that the several hundred who remained desired to barn the bedy,, But most of them were mere spectators. * Great Mob at the tail, ‘What ex-Sheriff Ben E. Cabell de- .clared to have been “the best. organized “and the most determined mob in the his- tory of Texas” assembled at.the Dallas County “fait yesterday’ morning shortly before noon, immediately following the JIynching ‘af the corner of Main and Ak- “ard, streets. It was,a subipct of com- -ment that, although thera/were many Dallas people in the essemblage, by far the greater number evidently came from other’ places. It, seemed, too, that most of the visitors were farmers. . ‘day and your deeds will resornd inevery State, village and hamlet where purity and innocence are cherished and bestiall- ty_and lechery conde biest- of all orders, the Elke bs vailded ‘wiser than they knew when thay erected thet pete today it=was an instrament. of tice, “ “Gentlemen, Tem proud ‘of, you ind ff wemblage thatthe cotumittee named was composed of Deputy Sheriffs. When this roar broke “out afresh. It Was at this juncture that the man ders of bis: eomrades once before ,to mekp 2 speech was again lifted on ‘He spoke a few words, bat the: edntusion | ay “was'so’great that he could not’be heard/ Eeapingvfrom the shoulders of his sn- | Z2RT2 keen, of any, service Han sted porters, he fought, bis way to the Steps | serve'you further. ot*the Jaf, and there, with “apuftea |. With the coneluston, of “his remarks hands; he brought about order. Thenhe| begat an inflammatory speceh.. What are We bere for,” he ; relia, and, & savage roar from.the mob fare In're- pie “Sve are not satisfied with the commit- tee sent in there,” he continued. This was recelved with anothér. rosr more savage than the first. “We want's committee of our ows” he went on. “We want twenty-mer of our own choosing to make this, search” Beyond All Control. ~ Here ,the mob,broke beyond all sem- blancé of control: It surged about the Jal Several of the officers were “Jos- tied off the steps. Thres’ or four fist fights';were under way‘aboat_the door. Once s gun was lifted high Jn the alr’ and rapldty descended. “They're going to shoot.” yelled one man, “Let's get the Deputy Sherifts and. the polica first” More fist fighting followed, Then the men With the battering ram began their work again, This time thelr blows were well aifected. A two-Inch iron was burst from the ‘lower panel of the fail door, ‘The door itself was wrenched and twist- ed It seemed that ft must fatl in @ few minutes more. -An‘officer pulled his pistol and fired Jnto the ground. The sound of the report was recelved with an angry snarl and the energies of those at work with the battering ram were re~_ doubled. The door was shaking on itz further In prospectthey gat knots ,of fiver, tens and twenties. aad diseussed plans-and affairs of the day. . AYumor was circulated that one of the negroes. wanted was at the City Hall. ‘The crowd rushed Akerd and then-to the hail. nity to satisty 1 that no prisoner was concealed therein. not even In the upper rafters, and not even in the has ‘Ou resticing -this the assembly eplit into little groups, , ttle dissatistied groopé,’and eventually consolidated into considerable gathering on vacant. lot above the City Hall. Crowd Finally Disperses> ~Ghtet of Folice “Ryan nottfled those who seemed to be leaders that their mass meeting: was not approved and would not “be permitted, and after milling’ about ‘the crowd became detached grocps, then, resolved itself Into individuais and scat-' tered. nO man knew where, The entbusiesm seersed to have evap erated in:the nelghborhood of ¢ o'claci. Relle hunters made such deep inroads “upon the pole from which'the negro.was hung that’ it’ was found sheatbe it in sheet tron, to this and bf 2 gruesome tum. of mind garnered plz of the negro's clothing, pieces of the By 5 caigek 8 the officers-were” breath+ ing easy alid’chatting at headquarters, except’for.the full-forcs on, patrol duty; and the mobuvas a thing of the pas ‘There were nore in tha jail yard, hone iH or. police stath though RIDEes ceiect Treaty ‘Mee * girects were full of strange taces, 1t hav heen 2 ople ‘Then the small, dark-complexionea | guistas the city took me soit | Yeader“of the mob was informed that he j nessed the tragic détngs of the day. would be allowed to send in a commit-| _ tee of twenty.men. Amid much confs-| ERAORS CASE CALLED wr cover zion this committee -was selected. The ‘mob grew quieter when “tis, committes went Inside. At jntervals of two ‘or three minutes a member'of the commit-: ‘tee would appear at’é window and shout | out the-intelligence that progress was, ‘being’ made in the search. “We ain't found,’em-yet, but,well get them if they're in this jal." would be the assuranes,edch time. And‘then the crowd would yell, and more_of those in the street would enter the 4a yard and fight to get near the door. After about fifteen minutes the leader of the mob came/out, and standing on’ the ateps with his brother committeemen announced that they had made.a careful search of the Jall; bad crawled into the dungeon and Investigated ali the trap door openings they could find. Sheriff Too Smart. ‘I regret to say,” he added, “that the negroes are not in this Jail The Sher- iff has been too smooth for us. Now, what do” you want to do? I'm with you to a finish. Til go anywhere you say go> What,shall we dar” _ Avyoung man came to“the steps‘and shouted: “I followed the, deputies; who had the negroes: They went off in ‘an automobile and X followed in another aus tomobile. They‘took them In a taxicab toward Fort Worth, but the _taxicab broke down at Dalworfh, and they ara there now, Ye can catch them 1? we go right away.” rf at At this the leader started for the court house, shouting {Coma’on, boys; we'll go and get them.” - Uaea Court House Phone. - At the court. house a guard was sta- tloned at the entrances, while the Jeader « Counsel for Defendant. Given Time to ‘Prepare’Statement ‘and Then - the Mob Comes, The State announced ready when the eqse Rgainst Brooks was called at 9 o'clock yesterday morning in the Crim- inal District Court. R. H: Capers,“ who; with T, F, Lewis and George C. Edwards, had Seen. appointed by Indge-Seay to Tepresent the defendant, -informet the court that tounselihad not, because of. the absence of the defendant, had op- porunity to learn the defendant's case, He declared also.that*he desired to see the original copy of, the indictment that had beer served upon the defendant, The granted defendant's counsel. all of whom were present; time fa which to confer, and they returned to the court eg after thirty -minutes’ conference ith the negro. ‘The conference was Tae in the, jury-room,.from which the Beer was” afterward thrown ‘to his ‘Returning from the consultation, Tidge Lewis asked that the court grant a re time in which,to make of tas cate tever-preparation it was susceptible ot He sald even after the review the law pertains to the matt. County. ‘Attorney Lewelling safd a dis- tinct showrag shoold be made by de- fendant ccunsel a3 to what they wanted, Robert B. Alien, appearing for the Stat te as voluntary counsel,said that the Stat would not hesitate to grant defendant / counsel reasonable time in which to pi pare a defense, If the defendant Sectred witnesses to appear in his be! show to the court what ed to prove'by the witnesses. pers had insisted that he be given, tie gCriginal copy of ‘the “indict- ment, as the defendant, and the saat faaraied that no time would ted, defendant in which to find sonieingl eo yy of the-indictment “It Bey has 1 aoe Te fg his misfortune,” ob served the ~ Decision & a Feached ikst defendant's counsel shovld have an hour in which to to prepares ie if they“wished, a statement by second floor, not a dozén steps from the entrance to the Criminat District Court room ang just across the hall from the County Attorney's offlee., Here he found ‘a telephone booth and put in’a long dis- tance call for. Fort Worth. He tried to ascertain. if the negroesihad been teken to.that city, He was unable te get Fort ‘Worth, but some one at Arlington an- swered the cAll and gave the Informa- tion fhat no taxicab had passod-through Adlington during.the day. «Then @ rumor spread that the negroes had been taken to “Wazabachie. ctowd immediately ‘ran to the Missouri, Kaneas:and Texas‘depot ‘A shert als- tance west of this place that road inter- wects the Texas and Pacific Half a thousand people ‘collectéd on each track with the avowed determination of tlock~ ing the passage of all trains until they were or board, It was agreed that half of the mob should go to Waxahachie and the other half to Fort Worth. “We'll get them sured Shouted.somes body, .This caused 2 feanwhile the Gederet of ti the mob zeain endeavored to get long distal phone connection “with Fort ‘worth “and ‘Waxahachie. ‘While the gob was collected at the depot = number of the Dallas members of the Texas National Guard swept by In automobiles om thelr wway-to the “iat ‘They were greeted with jeera and taunts. Mob Walts for News. ;, After repeated efforts” by members of of witnesses des! ta and the nature of the evidence they ex-; pected"to adduce from thess® witnesses, ‘This matter, which might have amounts ved to a motion for continuance until ‘Friday mornings was bel; hands of the: court by the intrusion of 7 .& mob, which forced the os room door. a9 — REWS 1S SENT.TO.THE GOVERNOR. £ ‘Two Companies of Militis Ordered to Hold Themselves,in Readiness. Aniyer of the SherifZ. + Local militia, under command of Major E. H Roach,-Capt. Harry Kinnard and Lieut. Terrell, was ‘yestei afternoon directed’ to_co-operatd with the Sheriff's department In the protection of the Dal- las Cocnty Yall, Last night, It was re- re than 100_ milttiam: le ‘for immediate servica, en were e of itera Seay,and Holland at dalles nares ‘The first telegram ‘sent to the Gov- emor was this one, {mr le after been hanged: Brooks. med: Jynched; mob now assembled Bt the Dats County Jafl: request you go send two ‘Companies of mailitin’ Be Seay, Judge Criminal District Court: W-.M. y Hiotlant. Tolge Dallas | Connty, Scat st Ea “cer elegrata Gen, Newton “wired Major 5. Et. Roach to Race, tw ‘9 Jecal- comp ante if ral service of Judges Seay gna P Hotties | Brallabie t Tv haa passed through Fort Worth and were om thelr “way. to ‘Weatherford, Other points were also communicated with. During the Intervals between conver-. gations oyer the telephone, the crowd, growing In numbers, reviewed am: Flomeoiver ‘the situation, drawing cor | sie veevice of 3 clustons of their own and awaiting aome dges Seay und Holland con— guttentic informetion. with Sheriff ter, who sta ,An enterprising pkctographer fur- reemed to pished’ somo diversion, and incidentally | 2ARd- Zhe Sheriff said no outside exsist: Anes Was Therew: low= ing telegram tovthe Governor wae ments “Sheriff sara he hes altnation< ara~| hand; no need of outside trooper * SeIRITED AWAY IN A TAXICAB. Fuad'and begsavto prepare for anotuer , er Rubber ‘Robinson and "Burrell Oates e Then, Zome | one ahouted, SSmaah the box”, fect yaz-cler-| durried off to Place of Safety. Cleburne Tetesrais. + fica ut and, half a dozen men made a trending artist, whosa gscaps = ‘Be cked by those ch the car with One-man scaled the ladder and, Stier eqyurstning. the camera secured th expored plates and broke them on He rails below. When ile mb rusi@iigast on Atiin .strest with'Brooks, the. Sheriff's depart- “ment”phoned. for: taxicab, tt twas di- rected thet the: machinesbe brought, to the county fall’ mais ‘wes done, "and “Bubber*- Robinson were Placed, tn fe ‘under Pfacpuatot o! fate i ‘“Gentlemen: ave just concluded a conversation en 3 gentleman, dn Fort 4 At thé vary moment the mob was harg- Worth; whom 1 know t ing the negro, the tazicah was “west and out of the city.” tothe Sheriffs di on to ey were taken. ‘thenca-to Weather- ~ The express pene af leaving the Jail Deputy Sher: | ~ jeemed necessary" On: £C- | cinta tie epchoment st Dalian’ and Fort Lave ar 3 eS aa TE OFFICERS ¢ COMMENT OCT Ou LENCHING. Judge Seay Save He Was Surprised’ at Aetion’ét Crowa—Sherilf Lea- better Talis. = . Jagge Robert Seay, before-whom the ‘ltrlat of. Brooks wae, being conducted,” raids “Every: effort was. being mille to ex- jie the-triat of the regro, and I con— nby belleve that.by turday, wver— Get, not suscentinte “Or. reversal would 2 6 crowd I did not it would make more than“ Setter thar it Women it berawe turba= quiet tl me and took, possession, of the negro-at once.” * Shertff"Did His Best. Sheriff Ledbetter 5: “My_ thirty’ deputies and J did our ‘Dest to “protect the prisoner. Some’of the best men o {berelty and county, omone. them Lee’ “Hughes, Ben ;Ca) ~Jun Ber t and Mr. Eliison of Garlang were saan in as» special deputies: | jexnbel of the Grand Jury weiched th eed ings we the crowd and ‘endeavored to help Skeriirs tment I be- Hevea that the trouble waa practically over when the crowd overny elmed us and tookthe prisoner away. It has ‘Stated teat an old "canicietate soldier iy mozelt 0 or- by a deputy. Fitse is no fo 9 foundatio om to that statement | im trath ‘the-Jostting’ of the crowd | dirty’ some were relsed. but- Pnone- Were. serie ously hurt” Draws Fister ‘om Chief. Chief of Police John Ryan saic: “This morning I took fourteen picked men to ‘tha court house to assist ‘gherist Ledbet— ter, The Sheriff had charge of the court Toom, so I pul my men at the various entrances. remainéd-on the scene for a thne, but everything then was quiet letly, and appreherding.no trou~ Bis. and belng compelled to go to the Fair Grounds to station a detail of men Yho are to work there during the avia- Hon meet I went to that place- When I reached the Fair Grounds 1 was Pott fied by telephone that the mob had got the negro. ring en Eatomobile I came back down-town ag fast as it cbuld me. 1 reached the are arch just a3 they were stringing We One man I pushed aware he ed h hold of'the rope. Turning to ‘call my men‘and to offer farther resistance I- found myself looking down the muzzle of a six-shooter and desisted It-was‘no use. The mob. was determined and a bandto} of police~* men could not haye’stopped it? ‘Chi cut down. id bad lef Ryan cu’ body ant it removed te the ‘Wmereency foupitel. tems there it Was taxen’to an unders. As much of the crowd still remained ‘at the arch~and.was blociting traffic Chief Ryan called Fire Chiet his aid, -The Jater laid & line of hose and threatened the crowds with, it, at pot use‘ it. is threat was suffi- elent to cause a lual discersel of the sightseers. Chief Ryan went.to the, City. Halt and was there informed by! Commisstoner Doran that,the mob was moving on the county jait Sqmmoning” all of his men who were available tor, this duty he speededzto the scene and remained on guard ou outside the Jail door until the ~ Ze, a “Cabeli's View. . Ben E. Cabell, asslatant, secretary” of the State Fair of Texaz, is an ex-Sherift, came to the assistance of Sheriff Leavet ter early in the morning. cement with, the Sheritt to bring Brooks to Dallas and he assisted fa The Bivosttion of the Sheriffs force in anticipation of trouble. Also, he es- sisted In 8 spiriting the negroes Robertson aw: and is the ‘most. husinessiike mob In | ‘the bistory of Texas,” he said. just be~ | fore the attack on the Jail “It is well organized and determined... In my opin- | jon aothing can ‘qithstan a it “But it’) Kon't get the other.negroes it is atter. | ‘They are far away—”: ‘And Mr. Cabell smiled. Then he went to the jail.to assist Sherite Fee | He stayed outside in the crowd ana did big best to pacity the most turbulent | onpen alarsatooxs ;CLoskD> * Precautionary ‘Measure Taken by the Po- Uece Duriag:- Lynching. While the negro was"being hanged the Police Department; acting ard orders trom Commissioner Harry Li. tified or saloons In the ety ‘to ‘close thelr doors and_rems eg juntil & o'clock this mi eo given ina burry and there was, general’ Compitence therewith, \ NEW ‘ROPE USE USED BY MOB. “after Hanging There I Is Seramble te ‘See “+ eure Pieces of It, * ‘The rope with which ‘tines ” was hanged had beea prepared especially tor, fhe purpose, it seems. ‘It ‘was’ new, ‘about three-quarters ‘of an inch in size and about thirty feet tone pen It was taken to the court house, the hangman's Ignot had already been tied in It: After the corpse of Brooks was cut down there was a seramble by the crowd to secure ‘Piece of the rope ax souvenira, The damage at fhe, court house as a result of the mob in, wil amount to a conniaerabie Bum, “it Js stated. Several doers were broken into, glasses smashed and furniture damaged. Pe ger treo Court reem the Sr@amall shed neat tne county, ‘Jatt, onto which half a hyndred men bad climbed to watch the-proceedings of tha crowd around the -prison,’ partieily collapsed and caused considerable excitement. No one wes reported injured. GUARD AT FORT WoRTH!sarL, Bheritf Swreet ‘Takes P Preeautions to Pre- vent Trouble There, ~ Srecus ro Tar News" Fort‘ Worth, Tex. March 3.—Sheriff 0. L. Sweet received a telephone message ‘trom Dallas at 8 o'clock today announc- ing that & mob was organtzing there to eome to Fort Worth and lynch Burrell Oates and Bubber. Robinson, who wer reported to have been brought here for safekeeping At 1:30 o'clock today. - Sherlft~ Sweet‘ promptly He neerly , al of his re force ant Gozi deputies on fhe jell ers Whe ehob to all callers, ‘The mob fat Halize, end at 5 o'clock th Hon wee the force was: wi WH, though the Sheriff and a few deputies Frere, at the a until a Tate hour tonighe, with all ria © ar eae aan spons, include a sorts of we eix= shooters, shotguns 2 anh Winehester fifles, nd wel ced 20 a8 to be In position fo 3 pale any atl atiacke. that tight have been Tmade atthe front-entrance: “ot the me ‘Tarrant Co! aity jail te peculiarly adapted In Its construction for resisting a mob. Its lower story e of eolid ma- expecting ona after Fecelpt of the message from. the Dallas, officers, About one hundred cwere* assombled in front: of. Kees jail Pe that rte 2, photograpsers 8 aba, Syaeandere ore: Pefatet in the day G constable ‘trom Dallas-and Bhatite wae - laecé of Graham, who had gore, over with ed on. Sheriff? Sweet -and-told bia that in their. opinion no further dan— it by.a. Dallas mob nced be expected A short. time Jater some of the guards at the + Jat we were Wii WE Wal In Beaten, Jail, ‘Sreeut ro Tze Newer, Denton, Tex, March S.--News of, the- lynching ‘of the’negro_Allen Brooks at Dallas today was‘recelved -with th partics ular fnterest here’ from the fact negro was"in the Denton County jal for sstekeeping ancl ea early this was jeken, tj Sherman. sregr eaten ‘s moD was forming: in Dalles County to come Bere after the negro. we ots main cts Dt “e or . 1S Greakley ‘Of Dallas ra Im the Grayson Coun— re ane a Sense Weakley, ict a a Eth The" priscner, 7 Fc a tor ett ne was here wae Kept very quiet, - Shreveport’ Interested. ‘Srecuuro Tax News Shreveport, La. March 3.—Much inter- fa fs‘ being showao locally’ in the, story om Dallas about the. bngning. of the hegre ‘who ou je Mary Buvens,: daughter of H. Savens, who, until & few years, resided 1x Shreveport. ype, meszages “were received because of wild reports ‘ternoon of violence to the mob be the authorl+ tes. “ ee ay: by. a.m ag ‘Brougt