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Engineering Communication in a Wide Range of Contexts Cee ur acu conc CCM RuCren eh camel Peel ele) td Ue a Reese og SM Tuk writing to managers Teh ou etc COCR U rca tren successful meetings, facilitating Cee eee eet Rr ed interviewing strategies, working with cultural differences, nonverbal communication Interacting with Media meee eer aes og een Need help communicating? We can help. IEEE PRO.“ COMM The ProComm Expert Network program can help your members improve their c communication skills. ProComm’s communication experts may give workshops at your chapter/section meetings or conferences, or deliver their lecture in a webinar format. Contact our ProComm Expert Network Ccordinator: Procomm-ExpertNetwork@ieee.org IEEE @PRO!COMM Professional Communication Society Ani ety dedicated to und tng effective communi Scientific, & other technica disciplines. We offer Professional & Technical Communication Resources for Engineers ATT Contact U procomm-info@ieee.org COMMUNICATION RESOURCES FOR ENGINEERS, SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP BE! Free Online Resources The communication resources for engineers ection on our website offers research-based principles and best practices for writing and communication that engineering professionals can use. Newsletter G3 Ourbi-monthly newsletter delivers useful conmunica- tion tips and guidelines directly to your inbox. PRO:COMM| Wiley-IEEE Book Series Our book series offers quality content on the 21st century communication challenges impactine engineers, including strategies for effective writing, intercultural communication, visual presentatons, and communicating ethically. Visit Our Website: http://pcs.ieee.org ProComm Conference Our annual conference, the International Professional Communication Conference, or ProComm, offers an opportunity for experts to meet and leamn from one another. Sessions offer leading-edge developments in communication theory and technology. The ProComm Proceedings are available on IEEE Xplore. a Journal © ‘The IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to applied research on professional and technical communication. Many of our ‘communication resources for engineers originate from articles published in the journal