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Recorder: Simple Gifts

Grade Level: 5 Subject: Music

Lesson Aim/Objective: Students will be able to play ‘Simple Gifts’ on the recorder,
with a descant and will be able to put movement to the song in groups. Students will
also know how to practice, and how to turn in their practice logs, and belt tests.

‘Simple Gifts’ sheet music
Recorders for all students
Colored music and recorders for those who need it

Common Core Standards:

5.2.3 Singing melodies written on the treble staff
5.3.2 Playing melodies of increasing difficulty written on the treble staff
5.3.1 Playing music of increasing difficulty in a variety of ensembles
5.3.4 Demonstrating proper playing techniques
5.5.1 Performing choreographed movements

Class 1
Students will receive a copy of the sheet music for Simple Gifts, and will get out
their recorder.
Teacher will review/model the correct sequence to practice a new piece of music:
- Count the rhythm while clapping
- Say all of the note names not in rhythm
- Say the note names in rhythm while clapping the rhythm
- Say the note names in rhythm while fingering the notes on the recorder
- Play the song on recorder
Students will then work in small groups to practice phrases in that sequence. They are
eligible to earn tickets.

Class 2
Students will be taken through the procedure of turning in a practice log, and playing
for belt tests (30 minutes including time for questions)
Students will have 10 minutes on their own to practice the music.
Students will play Simple Gifts all together led by the teacher.

Class 3
Students can use the first 30 minutes of the class to get individual help, practice
Simple Gifts, do their belt test.
If they do their belt test, they will be given the descant to Simple Gifts to practice.
After 30 minutes, the class will play Simple Gifts all together, then those students
that have done their belt test can switch to the descant, and the remainder of the
class will play the melody. If more than half the class has the descant, take turns
switching who is playing it.

Class 4
Students will learn the dance that goes with the structure of Simple Gifts, and they
will take turns in groups playing and dancing.

Assessment Activity:
Belt test to show proper playing techniques. Will not be assessed on Orff

Turns out the students were very focused today, and 80% of the class was ready to do their belt test! That
meant that the end of class could be totally dedicated to giving the students that needed extra time the
opportunity to keep practicing, while the other students were happily playing a descant that sounded
really cool with the melody.