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7 1. The level of learning and training offered by RP 577 is a. consistent with an AWS CWI . the same as required for an AWS CWI © notareplacement for AWS CWI training automatically makes one a welding inspector API 570 PREPARATORY COURSE ‘API RP 77 PRACTICE QUESTIONS. 2."DCENA Theans oa direct current, electrode none b. direct current, electrode negative &. dontcome easy, Norman d. drect curent, electrode normal » 2. Another name or abbreviation for a penetrameter is: a OCT. b DEQ c BEP, a1. 4. A theoretical throat dimension is based on the assumption that the root opening is equal am b 1/6 c 18 d "4K 5, Welding inspection is a critical part of any program. a, Quality Assurance: b. Qualty Process . 1809000 d. 18011000 6, Welding inspection can be separated into 3 distinct stages: ‘a. welding, NDE, hardness testing b. pre-welding, NDE, heat treatment © visual, NDE, RT 4. before welding, during welding, after welding 7. One of the items that should be checked prior to welding is: a. confirm NDE examiners qualifications », confirm acceptability of heat treatment procedures ©. review WPS, POR, and WPQ's 4. All of the above should be checked prior to welding 8. When discovered, welding defects should be: a. radiographed to determine extent b. removed and re-inspected c, shearwave tested d. evaluated to API 580 acceptance criteria 9, NDE examiners should be qualified to ‘when specified by the referencing code. a. ASME XIl b. API 570 c. SNT-TC-1A d. API 510 10. As @ minimum, each Inspector should review the prior to starting each job. a. OSHA regulations CUTECH/APIS70/577 Page 1 of & aS Cutech, API570 PREPARATORY COURSE b. EPA regulations c.site safety rules d.HAZWOPER Guidelines 11, An advantage of SMAW is: a. equipment is very expensive ». slag must be removed from weld passes Cc. can be used on almost all commonly-used metal or alloy 1d. deposition rates are much higher than for other processes 12. GTAW and SMAW can be distinguished from other processes as they are both used with ‘a. cc power supplies b. cv power supplies ©. external gas shielding d._fkix cored electrodes 13, When welding aluminum, and magnesium with GTAW, is normally used. a..DCEN b. CCPO, c. DCEP. 3. AC 14, GMAW can be used in 3 distinct modes of transfer. The coolest or fastest freezing of these transfers is: 2. spray b. short circuiting ©. pulse-spray d. globular 15, A limitation of the FCAW process is: 2. slag removal b. slower than GTAW or SMAW ©. lower deposition than GTAW 4. lack of fusion problems because of short arcing 46, One of the unusual aspacts of SAW is that: a, itis not an arc welding process b. itcan be automated c. the arc is not visible during welding d. a gas is used for shielding 17. The three welding documents required to make a production weld (as required by ASME IX) are: a. WPS, POR, WPL b. PSW, GPR, WE c. WPQ, POR, WPS d. POR, PQR, WOR 48. F numbers are assigned to electrodes based on their. a. alloy b. chemistry ©. usability characteristics d. flux coating 19. What type of electrodes should be stored in a heated oven after initial removal from the package? a. low hydrogen b. cellulose coated c. GMAW rod 4. high nickel CUTECH/APIS70/577 Page 2 of 8 BZ Cuteeh API 570 PREPARATORY COURSE 20. Slightly damp low hydrogen electrodes should be: a, discarded b. rebaked in speciai ovens ©. used as is d. rebaked in the storage oven 21, Awelder continuity log should be maintained to allow verification that each welder has utiized each welding process with period. 2 year six month. pogo 22. Undercut is normally found a. in the weld metal_____ b. in the base metal c. at the weld interface 4. at the root of the weld, only 23. Weld underbead cracking is normally found, a. in the HAZ b. in the throat of the weld c. in the weld root d. in the weld face 24, The best NDE method used to inspect butt joints volumetrically (through the entire weld) a.PT b.vT co RT alt 25, Hydrogen cracking may occur in all ofthe following welding processes, except a. SMAW b. FCAW c. SAW d. GMAW 26. In austenitic stainless steel, incomplete penetration is normally corrected by: a.reducing travel speed b. proper heat input ©. controlling ferrite content d.all of the above 27. "Optical sids” include which of the following: a.levels b thickness gauge ce. mirrors d.fillet weld gauge 28. A typical fillet weld gauge would include which of the following: skew-T . Bridge Cam Hi-Lo Vernier Caliper 28, ACFM Is an NDE technique that is applied to detect a. sub-surface indications, in carbon steel b. surface and sub-surface indications in stainless steel CUTECH/APIS70/577 ‘would be: Page 3 of 8