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Bulletin bibliographique des études sur les littératures et le film populaires n° 98



décembre 2018

Marginalia est publié 4 fois par an par

565, rue de Provence, Longueuil, J4H 3R3 (Québec/Canada)


can be employed by those advocating for
GÉNÉRALITÉS change. It considers a range of fiction, film,
and non-hegemonic cultural forms, engaging
with topics such as environmental change,
language activism, and cultural imperialism
alongside analysis of figures like Tarzan and


Markus Klaus (eds.), Ficciones que duelen:
visiones criticas de la violencia el las
culturas iberoamericana, Kassel (Hess),
Kassel University Press Verlag, 2018, 288

BREY, Iris, Sex and the Series, Paris,

Éditions de l'Olivier (Les Feux), 2018, 272
Rappel : la rubrique intitulée « Géné-
ralités » présente des ouvrages dans
Depuis les années 2000, les sexualités
lesquels on mélange les genres, les
féminines sont sorties du silence grâce aux
inclassables, les études sur le roman et le
séries télévisées : après Sex and The City, les
film d’aventures, l’humour et le comique,
productions les plus récentes ambitionnent de
la culture populaire en général, ainsi que
raconter la singularité de l'expérience des
certaines « curiosités » éditoriales...
femmes. En quatre chapitres, Sex and The
Désormais, on trouvera aussi dans cette
Series explore les métaphores et les schémas
partie quelques titres consacrés à la
inédits que proposent ces séries récentes, et la
littérature jeunesse
révolution télévisuelle que nous vivons :
comment le " regard masculin " est-il
LITTÉRATURE transformé ou contredit ? Quelles nouvelles
narrations nous sont proposées ?

ESSLIN, Astrid, Lisa SWANSTROM & Pawel

AGNEW, Jeremy, The Age of Dimes and
FRELIK (eds.), Small Screen Fictions, in
Pulps: A History of Sensationalist
Paradoxa, Vashon Island (WA), no 29, 2018,
Literature, 1830-1960, Jefferson (NC),
334 pages.
McFarland, 2018, 242 pages.
From the dime novels of the Civil War era to
Astrid Ensslin, Lisa Swanstrom & Pawel Frelik –
the pulp magazines of the early 20th century to
Introducing Small Screen Fictions
modern paperbacks, lurid fiction has provided
thrilling escapism for the masses. Cranking out
Part 1: E-Lit for Kids
formulaic stories of melodrama, crime and mild
Sara Tanderup – Touching Books on Screen:
erotica—often by uncredited authors focused
Bridging Media Cultures and Generations with
more on volume than quality—publishers
William Joyce’s The Fantastic Flying Books of
realized high profits playing to low tastes.
Mr. Morris Lessmore
Estimates put pulp magazine circulation in the
Aline Frederico – Children Making Meaning with
1930s at 30 million monthly.
Story Apps: A 4-year-old Encounter with The
Covering the history of pulp literature from
Monster at the End of This Book
1850 through 1960, the author describes how
Sarah Mygind – A Chinese Cluster: Danish-Born
sensational tales filled a public need and
Digital Comic as Source for Transmedia Design
flowered during the evolving social conditions
and Innovation
of the Industrial Revolution. Mark Marino – Interview

ATIA, Nadia & Kate HOULDEN (eds.), Popular Part 2: Gaming Fictions
Postcolonialism and Popular Culture, New Ryan House – The Author Interface: Rethinking
York, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019, Authorship through Ludoliterary Analysis of The
viii, 275 pages. Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide
Multidisciplinary in focus, this collection Stuart Moulthrop – Deep Time in Play
explores the extent to which popular forms are Karlien van den Beukel – Fallen London:
infused with colonial logics, and whether they Authorship and Game Allegory

Part 3: Networked Narratives nonpareil.Including:1. Georgette Heyer’s
Joshua Hussey – The Image of Agglutination, Literary Genius, by Jennifer Kloester2. A Most
or Many Small Screens Chained Together: Excellent Influence – Jane Austen and
Narrative Assembly in Merritt Kopas’s Georgette Heyer, by Susannah Fullarton3.
Obéissance and Sam Barlow’s Her Story From Arabella to Venetia – Growing Up with
Kristine Kelly – Charting Paths: Networks and a Heyer’s Heroines by Rachel Hyland4. The Heyer
Mobile Aesthetic Practice in Pullinger and Problem – Privilege in Regency Romance, by
Joseph’s Flight Paths and Heyward’s of day, of Cat Sebastian5. Marks of Distinction – Heyer’s
night Mark I and Mark II Heroes by Janga6.
David M. Meurer – Conditions of Presence: Beauvallet: My First Romance Novel Boyfriend,
Topological Complementarities in The Silent by Donna Cummings7. Heyer’s Kissing Cousins,
History by Ruth Williamson 8. What I Owe to Georgette
Dene Grigar – Interview Heyer, by Cheryl Bolen9. 'Bath Tangle' in the
Social Media Age, by Anne-Marie Turenne10.
Part 4: Old / New Aesthetics for the Small Fathers in Heyer, by Janet Webb11. The Grand
Screen Sophy: Matchmaker or Master Manipulator? by
Meredith Dabek – Replies, Retweets, and Jennifer Proffitt12. Reluctantly Watching 'The
Reblogs: Modes of Participation in The Lizzie Reluctant Widow' – Heyer on Film, by Rachel
Bennet Diaries Hyland13. Splash, Dash and Finesse! – Heyer’s
Caleb Milligan – Touching the Page of the Small Magical Pen and Indomitable Spirit on Display
Screen: Haptic Narratives and “Novel” Media in 'The Masqueraders,' by Kathleen Baldwin14.
James O’Sullivan – “The Dream of an Island”: Hearing Heyer – How Audiobooks Breed a New
Dear Esther and the Digital Sublime Appreciation by Karen Zachary15. Learning!
Part 5: Postscript with Georgette Heyer, by Clara Shipman 16.
Steve Tomasula – Vast Landscapes, Small The Mystery of 'Penhallow,' by Madeline
Screens, and Altered Perspectives Paschen17. Behind Closed Doors – Sex in
Georgette Heyer, by Anna Bradley18. Reading
GOURÉVITCH, Jean-Paul, Les Journaux 'The Great Roxhythe' – The Lost Heyer
d'enfants pendant la Grande Guerre, La Historical, by Rachel Hyland19. Beaux, Belles
Celle-Saint-Cloud, Éditions Douin, 2018, 29 and Black Sheep – Georgette Heyer in Bath, by
pages. Kirsten Elliott20. Coming Back to Heyer – How
Cet album illustré montre comment à cette I Came to Appreciate the Slow Burn, by Megan
époque la presse enfantine s'est transformée et Osmond21. The Lost Contemporaries: 'Helen,'
dans sa diversité a invité ses lectrices et 'Pastel,' 'Instead of the Thorn' and 'Barren
lecteurs, par ses récits, ses images, ses jeux, Corn,' by Maura Tan22. Gambling in Heyer, by
les exploits de leurs héros comme Bécassine, Rachel Hyland23. The Apple and the Tree –
Les Pieds Nickelés ou l'espiègle Lili, à prendre Georgette Heyer and the Black Dagger
part à ce conflit mondial au même titre que les Brotherhood, by Kate Nagy24. Was Georgette
combattants au front ou les civils à l'arrière. Heyer a Snob, and Does it Matter? by Tabetha
Waite25. Heyer’s Heirs – What to Read After
HYLAND, Rachel, Heyer Society - Essays on Georgette, by Amanda JonesPlus our
the Literary Genius of Georgette Heyer, contributors weigh in on their favorite Heyer
Boston (UK), Overlord Publishing, 2018, 174 novels, heroes and heroines, along with their
pages. firsts and their worsts.A must for any Heyer
Scholars, authors, bloggers and fans come fan!
together in a celebration of the works and
worlds of Georgette Heyer (1902 - McINTYRE, Iain, Andrew NETTE & Peter DOYLE,
1974).Featuring contributions from renowned Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats
Heyer biographer Jennifer Kloester, heading up Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950-
a talented team of Heyer devotees, this far- 1980, Oakland (CA), Pm Press, 2017, 328
ranging and thought-provoking collection pages.
considers topics as diverse as intimacy, Featuring approximately 400 full-color covers,
privilege, historical accuracy and contemporary many of them never before reprinted, along
analysis, along with looks at Heyer's influences, with 70 in-depth author interviews, illustrated
and the many writers – and readers – she biographies, and previously unpublished
continues to influence worldwide. By turns articles, the book goes behind the scenes to
learned, personal, insightful and irreverent, the look at the authors and publishers, how they
dozens of essays herein exult in the worked, where they drew their inspiration
unparalleled genius of this true and—often overlooked—the actual words they

wrote. It is a must read for anyone interested SARICKS, Joyce G., The Reader's Advisory
in pulp fiction, lost literary history, retro and Guide to Genre Fiction, Chicago, ALA Editions
subcultural style, and the history of postwar (American Library Association), 2019, 402
youth culture. pages.Edition révisée.

MAIER, Katharina, Moderne Helden: Welten

Retten mit Old Shatterhand, Superman,
Gandalf, Mr. Spock und Sherlock Holmes, CINÉMA & TÉLÉVISION
Bamberg, Karl-May Verlag, 2018, 464 pages.
Karl May schrieb Heldengeschichten und
Heldengeschichten beschreiben unser Jahr- ABRAMS, Nathan, Stanley Kubrick: New
hundert. Wie viel die May-Helden mit den York Intellectual, New Brunswick (New
Superhelden unserer Zeit gemein haben, deckt Jersey), Rutgers University Press, 2018, 328
Katharina Maier in detektivischer Sherlock- pages.
Holmes-Manier in ihrem neuen Buch auf und
zeigt die vielen verblüffenden Parallelen BENYAYER, Laurent & Philippe SICHLER, Jean-
zwischen den ikonischen Figuren der Pierre Mocky: une vie de cinéma, Magland,
Reiseerzählungen und den DC- und Marvel- Neva éditions, 2018, 680 pages.
Helden, tapferen Hobbits und Halb-Vulkaniern.
BINGEN, Steven, Hollywood's Lost Backlot:
MEYER, Sylvie, Le Roman d'aventures 40 Acres of Glamour and Mystery, Guilford
médiéval entre convention et subversion (CT), The Lyons Press, 2018, 264 pages.
(XIIe-XIIIe siècles), Paris, Honoré This Book will, for the first time ever, unwind
Champion, 2018, 360 pages. the colorful and convoluted threads that make
Les récits arthuriens étaient de véritables best- for the tale of one of the most influential and
sellers qui réunissaient tous les ingrédients des photographed places in the world. A place
grands romans d'aventures : exploits, amour, which most have visited, at least on screen,
violence et voyages. Au XXIe siècle, ce genre and which has contributed significantly and
relève de la paralittérature car il place le plaisir unexpectedly to the world’s popular culture,
du lecteur avant la recherche esthétique. Or le and yet which few people today, paradoxically,
roman d'aventures arthurien ne fait jamais le have ever heard of.
sacrifice de lérudition à la « jubilation » du This bizarre, magical place was the location for
texte. Comment expliquer cet étonnant Tara in Gone with The Wind, the home of King
mélange de populisme et d'élitisme ? L'analyse Kong and Superman, of Tarzan and Batman, of
suit le périple de cinq chevaliers du XIIe siècle, the Green Hornet, of Elliot Ness, of Barney Fife,
Érec, Lancelot, Yvain, Guinglain et Yder, of Tarzan, of Rebecca, of Citizen Kane,
jusquau point où tout bascule : l'accident de of Hogan’s Heroes and Gomer Pyle, of Lasse,
parcours qui, en inversant le sens de la lecture, of A Star is Born and Star Trek, and at least
transforme le sens de l'aventure. twice, of Jesus Christ.

REEVES, Richard, The Sexual Imperative in BOCCIA, Luigi, et al., Il cinema di Frank
the Novels of Sir Henry Rider Haggard, Darabont, Roma, WeirdBook, (Overlook),
New York, Anthem Press, 2018, 203 pages. 2018, 124 pages.
The book adopts a chronological framework
which spans the entirety of Haggard's writing BRAUN, Michael, Oliver JAHRAUS, et al., (eds.),
career and considers the novels and Komik im Film, Würzburg, Königshausen &
corresponding romances which he wrote at Neumann, 2018, 400 pages.
each stage in his literary development. It
considers Haggard's literary representations in BREMBILLA, Paola, "It's All Connected"
the context of contemporary sexual behaviours l'evoluzione delle serie TV statunitensi,
and attitudes, and of other contemporary Milano, Franco Angelo, (Media cultura), 2018,
literary representations of sexuality. It notes 192 pages.
Haggard's deployment in his novels of
contemporary literary genres, notably those of CAMPION, Benjamin, "Le Concept HBO":
the Sensation Novel, the New Woman, and élever la série télévisée au rang d'art,
later Modernism, and it examines what he Université François Rabelais, (Sérial), 2018,
contributed to these genres and how his 234 pages.
interpretation of them compared to that of his La chaîne du câble premium américain HBO
literary contemporaries. revendique une démarche artistique sans

concession : « It’s Not TV. It’s HBO ». Sous son 1940s-2000s, Jefferson, McFarland, 2018,
impulsion, c’est un véritable « troisième âge 217 pages.
d’or » des séries américaines qui prend corps à Drawing from official papers and original
la fin des années 1990. Face à une concurrence scripts, this book includes previously
de plus en plus rude et protéiforme, elle unpublished information on the works and lives
continue aujourd’hui d’avancer et de donner of post–World War II filmmakers Pier Carpi,
naissance à des séries qui créent l’événement. Alberto Cavallone, Riccardo Ghione, Giulio
Questi, Brunello Rondi, Paolo Spinola, Augusto
CATENA, Stelvio, La commedia all'italiana. Tretti and Nello Vegezzi.
Dizionario del cinema italiano, Perugia
Guerra Edizioni, 2018, 256 pages. MINI-DOSSIER
CHAMPCLAUX, Christophe, "Tigres et
Dragons" . Les arts martiaux au cinéma - COLLECTIF, Mad Movies Classics : Les
Tome 1: de Tokyo à Hong Kong, Paris, Guy Dents de la mer, Paris, Custom Publishing,
Trédaniel, 2018, 256 pages. 2018, 100 pages.
Grâce à Bruce Lee, les spectateurs du monde
entier découvrent au cours des années 1970 le PREVOST, Alexis, GAILLARD, Claude & Fred
"cinéma kung-fu" se référant à la tradition de PIZZOFERRATO, "Bad Requins" : l'histoire
Shaolin. Au Japon, succédant au Sugata de la sharksploitation, Paris, Huginn &
Sanshiro d'Akira Kurosawa, le Street Fighter de Muninn, 2018, 216 pages.
Sonny Chiba bouscule les codes des arts Après son énorme succès international, les
martiaux traditionnels. Dans ces pages, les Dents de la mer va durablement inspirer pour
principaux artisans de l'âge d'or du genre sont le meilleur (parfois) et le pire (souvent) des
largement évoqués : Wang Yu, Angela Mao, Lo producteurs avides d'exploiter l'appétit mondial
Wei, Lo Lieh, etc. Ce livre raconte leur histoire. pour les monstres aquatiques, donnant
naissance à un sous-genre du cinéma
CHAMPCLAUX, Christophe, "Tigres et d'exploitation encore pérenne de nos jours : la
Dragons" . Les arts martiaux au cinéma - « sharksploitation ». De Peur Bleue (1999) à
Tome 2: du ring à la rue, Paris, Guy Sharknado (2013), en passant par Bacalhau
Trédaniel, 2018, 256 pages. (1975) ou Snow Shark (2014), ce livre
richement illustré offre la première étude
COLLECTIF, Les Cinémas de Caro et Jeunet, d'ensemble sur ce phénomène. Des chefs-
Cernunnos,2018, 190 pages. d'oeuvre aux nanars, il n'y a qu'un pas et vous
Delicatessen, La Cité des Enfants perdus, venez de le franchir....
Amélie Poulain... des entretiens exclusifs, des
documents d'archives montrés pour la première QUIRKE, Antonia, Les Dents de la mer,
fois, plus de 280 illustrations et photos de Talence, Akileos, (BFI Classiques du cinema),
tournage inédites. Un ouvrage de référence sur 2018, 96 pages.
le cinéma d'aujourd'hui.. Artisans du cinéma,
Marc Caro et Jean-Pierre Jeunet ont donné
naissance à des films uniques, à la fois
surprenants et familiers, poétiques et insolites, DABELL, Dawn, More Than a Psycho: The
raffinés et effrayants. Plongez dans leur magie Complete Films of Anthony Perkins, Scotts
au fil des entretiens de ce livre, riche Valley, CreateSpace Independent Publishing,
d'illustrations inédites et de photos de 2018, 332 pages.
tournage. Delicatessen, La Cité des enfants
perdus, Amélie Poulain, Un long dimanche de ESCHKE, Gunther & Rudolph Bohne, Bleiben
fiançailles, redécouvrez leurs films cultes, leurs sie dran ! Dramaturgie von TV-Serien,
projets et leurs courts-métrages. Un ouvrage Köln, Halem, 2018, 287 pages.
de référence pour tous les fans de leur univers
comme pour les amoureux de cinéma. EVIN, Guillaume, Steve McQueen - King of
Cool, Paris, Hugo Image, 2018, 223 pages.
COSTIGLIO, Marica, Andrej Tarkoskij. Il
cinema del sacrificio, Roma, Aracne, 2018, FRANGIONI, David, Clint Eastwood. Icon.
2000 pages. The Essential Film Art, San Rafael, Insight
Editions, 2018, 240 pages.
CURTI, Roberto, Mavericks of Italian
Cinema: Eight Unorthodox Filmmakers,

GAILLARD, Claude & Alexis PREVOST, Dans KOEPNICK, Lutz, Michael Bay, Urbana,
l'enfer de la Rambosploitation, Paris, University of Illinois Press, (Contemporary Film
Huginn & Muninn, 2018, 160 pages. Directors), 2018, 208 pages.
Dans les années 1980, le cinéma de guerre et
d'action connait un renouveau inattendu. Avec Le CLAIRE, Chris, The Films, Televi-
John Rambo, l'Amérique de Reagan, mais plus sion and Stage of Steve Reeves, USN
globalement le monde occidental, démo- Dive Locker Press, 2018, 50 pages.
cratique et libéral s'est trouvé une icône, une
vitrine de chair et de muscles, une carte de LEGGETT, Paul, Good versus Evil in
visite guerrière, tendue à l'empire du mal et à the Films of Christopher Lee,
un bloc sur le point de fondre dans un verre de Jefferson (NC), NcFarland, 2018, x, 175
Coca-Cola. En deux apparitions cinémato- pages.
graphiques seulement, Rambo: First Blood de Sir Christopher Lee (1922–2015) was one of
Ted Kotcheff (1982) puis Rambo: First Blood the most beloved actors of the past sixty years.
Part II de George Pan Cosmatos (1985), la He appeared in more than 200 feature films—
machine de guerre est entrée dans l'imaginaire from Hammer Horror and James Bond thrillers
collectif, a généré des codes et un décorum que to Star Warsand Lord of the Rings—and more
ses clones ne cesseront d'observer avec la than 100 made-for-televison movies. A
méticulosité du faussaire. versatile performer, he played a menacing
figure in Dracula and The Wicker Man, a tragic
GRAHAM, Don, Giant: Elizabeth Taylor, Rock one in The Curse of Frankenstein and The
Hudson, James Dean, Edna Ferber, and the Mummy, and a spiritual hero in The Devil Rides
Making of the Legendary American Film, Out. This study explores his legacy as a film
New York, St Martin's Press, 2018, 323 pages. actor and his diverse interpretations of the
theme of good vs. evil.
GUSTAFSSON, Tommy & Pietari KAAPA (eds.),
Nordic Genre Film: Small Nation Film LOMBARD, Philippe, Paris, 100 films de
Cultures in the Global Marketplace, légende, Paris, Parigrammes, 2018, 128
Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2018, pages.
288 pages. De romance en comédie, d’aventure en
Taking a transnational approach to the study of tragédie, un Paris de cinéma prend corps, dont
contemporary genre production, Nordic Genre les images, de Fantômas aux Enfants du
Film discusses a range of internationally Paradis, d’Hôtel du Nord aux Quatre Cents
celebrated examples from the increasingly Coups, d’À bout de souffle à Midnight in Paris,
popular 'Nordic noir' genre, from TV shows and sont gravées dans nos mémoires.
films like The Bridge (2011)
and Insomnia (1997) to high concept 'video McCOLLUM, Victoria & Giuliana MONTEVERDE
generation' productions such as Iron (eds.), HBO's Original Voices: Race,
Sky (2012).Conceptualising Nordic genre film Gender, Sexuality and Power, Abingdon,
as an industrial and cultural phenomenon, New York, Routledge, 2018, xi, 185 pages.
other contributions focus on road movies, the
horror film, autobiographical films, the quirky MORSIANI, Alberto, Quentin Tarantino: ses
comedy, musicals, historical epics and débuts, ses succès, son regard sur son
pornography. travail et celui de ses pairs, Paris, Éditions
de Grenelle, 2018, 236 pages.
KAPNER, Vincent, 1001 Movies That
Shocked the World: A Chronology of Cult, MOSCA, Paolo, Passageri Oscuri: piccola
Horror and Banned Films, 1895-2018, guida filosofica alle series TV, CreateSpace
Scotts Valley (CA), CreateSpace Independent Independent Publishing, 2018, 258 pages.
Publishing, 2018, 626 pages.
NEIBAUR, James, The Hal Roach Comedy
KAZANJIAN, Howard & Chris ENSS, Cowboys, Shorts of Thelma Todd, Zasu Pitts & Patsy
Creatures , and Classics: The Story of Kelly, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2018, 134
Republic Pictures, Guilford (CT), The Lyons pages.
Press, 2018, xi, 251 pages. Hoping to follow his success with Laurel and
Hardy with a female comedy team, producer
KENDRICK, James (ed.), A Companion to Hal Roach paired Thelma Todd with ZaSu Pitts
the Action Film, Hoboken (NJ), Wiley- in a 1931 series of two-reel shorts that were
Blackwell, 2019, 550 pages. quickly successful. When Pitts left the studio for

other pursuits, she was replaced by Patsy Kelly Hélène Monnet-Cantagrel : Belphégor, enjeux
and the series continued to be successful. Todd esthétiques d’une réception spectaculaire
died suddenly under mysterious circumstances Taline Karamanoukian : Les figures de femme
in 1935 and Kelly tried to carry on, first with moderne dans les fictions plurielles de l’ORTF
Pert Kelton, then with Lyda Roberti. When À la recherche d’un nouveau langage
Roberti died in 1938, the series ended. Aline Garin : Le Tour de la France par deux
enfants (1957-1958) : quand un feuilleton pour
NEUMANN, Andreas, Von Indianern, enfants devient une expérience pour la RTF
Geistern und Parteisoldaten: Eskapistische Philippe Lavat : Les Cinq dernières minutes de
DDR- Fernseh Mehrteiler der 1980er Claude Loursais. Une autonomisation
Jahre, Berlin, be.bra Wissenschaft, 2018, 360 progressive du spectacle télévisuel ?
pages. Marie-France Chambat-Houillon : Un drôle de
feuilleton, Que ferait donc Faber ?
NOMAN, Barry & Parker GRAEME, Barry Séverine Barthes : Suivez Budart d’André
Noman's Crap Film Reviews, KGHH Voisin : plus beau le « néo-feuilleton » ?
Publishing, 2018, 311 pages.
PIGA BRUNI, Emanuella, Romanzo e serie
NOTT, Robert, The Films of Budd TV. Critica sintomatica dei finali, Pisa,
Boetticher, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, viii, Pacini editore, 2018, 141 pages.
192 pages.
RYAN, Tom, The Films of Douglas Sirk:
PALUMBO, Jonathan, Après la nuit animale, Exquisite Ironies and Magnificent
Paris, Marest éditions, 2018, 184 pages. Obsessions, Jackson, University Press of
Le cinéma, à travers des films très divers (Le Mississippi, 2019, 320 pages.
Sang des bêtes, Massacre à la tronçon- Best known for powerful 1950s melodramas
neuse, Les Oiseaux ou, plus récem- like All That Heaven Allows, Written on the
ment, Gorge Cœur Ventre de Maud Alpi), a su Wind, The Tarnished Angels, and Imitation of
témoigner de la manière dont l’humanité traite Life, Douglas Sirk (1897–1987) brought to all
les animaux. Les images que nous offre le his work a distinctive style that led to his
7ème art sont révélatrices de notre humanité, de reputation as one of twentieth-century film’s
nos modes de consommation comme de notre great directors. Sirk worked in Europe during
rapport à la nature. the 1930s, mainly for Germany’s UFA studios,
and then in America in the 1940s and ’50s. The
PAPIN, Bernard & Myriam TSIKOUNAS (dir.), Films of Douglas Sirk: Exquisite Ironies and
Fictions sérielles au temps de la RTF et de Magnificent Obsessions provides an overview of
l'ORTF (1949-1974), Paris, L'Harmattan, (Les his entire career, including Sirk’s work on
médias en acte), 2018, 266 pages. musicals, comedies, thrillers, war movies, and
Introduction : Bernard Papin et Myriam westerns.
Des archives SMITH, Iain Robert, The Hollywood Meme:
Marine Zelverte : Des sources écrites pour Transnational Adaptations in World Cine-
l’histoire des feuilletons de la RTF et de ma, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press,
l’ORTF : les fonds des Archives Nationales 2018, 192 pages.
Géraldine Poels : L’audience des fictions Did you know that a Turkish remake of The
sérielles dans les années 1960 : la mesure de Exorcist replaced the Catholicism with Islam?
l’âge d’or Or that James Bond and Batman team up
Stratégies de production et de programmation together in the 1966 Filipino film James
Bruno Hénocque : La place de la fiction sérielle Batman? Or that a Bollywood remake
et des feuilletons dans la politique culturelle de of Memento has become one of the biggest
l’ORTF au début des années 1970 box-office successes in India of all time?
Pascal Cesaro, Pierre Fournier : Des feuilletons The Hollywood Meme is the first comprehensive
soutenus par des ministères : une télévision de study of the transnational adaptations of
divertissement pour une politique d’édification Hollywood movies that have appeared
Yannick Lebtahi : L’art de s’inventer une throughout world cinema. With case studies
histoire from the film industries of Turkey, India and
Figures du héros sériel the Philippines.
Sébastien Le Pajolec : Comment Steve
McQueen devint une star de la télévision
française. Le lancement d’Au nom de la loi

STANFIELD, Peter, Hoodlum Movies: Seria- TENTORI, Antonio & Fabio GIOVANNINI, Last
lity and the Outlaw Biker Film Cycle, 1966- Action Heroes. Il cinema italiano d'azione
1972, New Brunswick, Rutgers University degli anni 80, Milano, Bloodbuster, (I ratti),
Press, 2018, 236 pages. 2018, 224 pages.
From The Wild Angels in 1966 until its
conclusion in 1972, the cycle of outlaw TERRACE, Vincent, Television Series of the
motorcycle films contained forty-odd formulaic 2000s: Essential Facts and Quirky Details,
examples. Hoodlum Movies is not only about Lanham (MD), Rowman & Littlefield, 2018, 246
the films, its focus is on why and how these pages.
films were made, who they were made for, and In the first decade of the new millennium, the
how the cycle developed through the second four major networks struggled to hold their
half of the 1960s and came to a shuddering own as cable channels and unscripted shows
halt in 1972. began to dominate the television landscape.
Network powerhouses like 24, Desperate
STE-CROIX DUBÉ, Sébastien, La Culture du Housewives, and Two and a Half Men competed
divertissement. Art populaire ou vortex for viewers siphoned off by cult shows like The
cérébral, Montréal, Varia, (Prose de combat), Closer, Gilmore Girls, and Veronica Mars. In
2018, 186 pages. that decade, shows such as 30
Écrit dans un souffle littéraire, à cheval entre Rock and Modern Family were vying for awards
l'anecdotique et l'analyse culturelle, cet essai while programs like Bones, CSI,
tente de cerner la portée vertigineuse du and Dexter were pushing the envelope for
divertissement dans nos vies. Empruntant graphic violence. All of these shows live on in
divers angles, l'auteur en vient à nous montrer syndication, streaming services, and DVDs,
comment le divertissement – celui de l'écran de generating a constant wave of new viewers.
télévision, de Facebook, du jeu vidéo, de la
pornographie, etc. – n'est peut-être pas un THOMAS, Sarah, James Mason, London,
symptôme du néolibéralisme, mais bien un de British Film Institute, (Film Stars), 2018, 146
ses engrenages fondamentaux. pages.

TARKOVSKY, Andrey, Hans-Joachim SCHLEGEL THON. Jan-Noël, Transmedial Narratology

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This book provides not only a method for the
TAYLOR, Larry, Tony Scott: A Filmmaker on analysis of salient transmedial strategies of
Fire, Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2019, 149 narrative representation in contemporary films,
pages. comics, and video games but also a theoretical
Tony Scott got his start as a film director when frame within which medium-specific
he joined his brother at the lucrative approaches from literary and film narratology,
commercial directing company Ridley Scott from comics studies and game studies, and
Associates. After directing Top Gun—his second from various other strands of media and
film, which changed not only the trajectory of cultural studies may be applied to further our
his own life but of the entire action-movie understanding of narratives across media.
THROWER, Stephen, Nightmare USA: The
TELLOP, Nicolas, Les Courses-poursuites au Untold Story of the Exploitation
cinéma, Éditions Le Vernet, Aedon, (Détails), Independents, Godalming (Surrey), FAB
2018, 188 pages. Press Limited, 2018, 528 pages.
On ne compte plus les scènes d’anthologie au From Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill) to Eli Roth
cinéma qui sont des courses-poursuites. Depuis (Hostel), the young guns of modern Hollywood
le muet, elles constituent le clou du spectacle just can't get enough of that exploitation film
dans un film, propre à déclencher des high. That's because, between 1970 and 1985,
avalanches de rires et des frissons en cascade. American Exploitation movies went berserk.
Art des images en mouvement, le cinéma est With censorship relaxed, and the gate to
destiné à retranscrire l’intensité des gestes et excess wide open, horror - the Exploitation
la trajectoire des corps. Inscrit dans le temps, genre par excellence - offered a vibrant
travaillé par l’idée du rythme, il a vocation à alternative to the mainstream of American
saisir la vitesse, ses phases d’accélération et de cinema. Luridly titled wonders like The
décélération. Mais pas seulement. Headless Eyes, Scream Bloody

Murder and Hitch Hike to Hell were They examine how melodrama has traveled to
everywhere, from the drive-ins of Texas to the and been transformed in India, China, Japan,
grindhouses of New York, touting a and South America, whether through colonial
combination of mind-bruising violence, weird circuits or later, globalization; how melodrama
sex and drug-soaked delirium. Massively mixes with other modes such as romance,
popular around the world, American comedy, and realism; and finally how
exploitation movies added immensely to the melodrama has modernized the dramatic
richness of the nation's cinema, but they have functions of gender, class, and race by
remained persona non grata in most serious orchestrating vital aesthetic and emotional
studies of American film. Until now... experiences for diverse audiences.

TREVISANI, Edoardo, Rappresantare la WOLGUST, Isabelle, Dictionnaire de la

paura. Guerra, orrore e sogno tra mass comédie musicale, Paris, Éditions
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The Theme of Death in the Films of John
Ford, Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone,
Jefferson (NC), McFarland, 2018, viii, 167
The theme of death is an essential component
of film narrative, particularly in how it affects
the hero. Filmmakers from different cultures
and backgrounds have developed distinct yet
archetypal perspectives on death and the
protagonist’s response. Focusing on Western
and Japanese period genre films, the author
examines the work of John Ford (1894–1973),
Akira Kurosawa (1910–1998) and Sergio Leone
(1929–1989) and finds similarities regarding
death’s impact on the hero’s sense of morality.

WADDELL, Calum, The Style of Sleaze: The

American Exploitation Film, 1959-1977,
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What is an exploitation film? The Style of
Sleaze reasons that the aesthetic and thematic BENVENUTI, Giuliana, Il brand "Gomorra".
approach of the key texts within three distinct Dal romanzo alla serie TV, Bologna, Il Mulino
exploitation demarcations - blaxploitation, edizioni, 2018, 205 pages.
horror and sexploitation - indicate a concurrent
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an identifiable cinematic movement. Offering a Visualität und Topologie in Texten nach
fresh perspective on studies of marginal 9/11, Göttingen, V & R Unipress, 2017, 235
cinema, The Style of Sleaze maintains that pages.
defining exploitation cinema as a vaguely
attributed 'excess' is unhelpful, and instead CASEY, Maud, The Art of Mystery: The
concludes that this period in American film Search for Questions, Minneapolis, Graywolf
history produced a number of the most Press, 2018, 143 pages.
transgressive, and yet morally complex, motion From Shirley Jackson to Paul Yoon, from spirit
pictures ever made. photography to the radical nature of empathy.
Casey looks at how mystery is created and, in
space of uncertainty and unknowing, searches
WILLIAMS, Linda & Christine GLEDHILL (eds.) , for questions rather than answers.
Melodrama Unbound: Across History,
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DECHÊNE, Antoine, Detective Fiction and
EN RAPPEL the Problem of Knowledge: Perspectives
A L'OCCASION DES FÊTES on the Metacognitive Mystery Tale, Cham,
Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, xii, 347 pages.
Norbert Spehner This book establishes the genealogy of a
subgenre of crime fiction that Antoine Dechêne
LE DÉTECTIONNAIRE calls the metacognitive mystery tale. It
delineates a corpus of texts presenting
Dictionnaire des personnages 'unreadable' mysteries which, under the
principaux de la littérature policière et deceptively monolithic appearance of
subverting traditional detective story
conventions, offer a multiplicity of motifs – the
Lévis (Qc), Éditions Alire, 2016, 800 overwhelming presence of chance, the
pages. unfulfilled quest for knowledge, the urban
stroller lost in a labyrinthine text – that
generate a vast array of epistemological and
Dès son apparition au XIXe siècle, la littérature
ontological uncertainties. Analysing the works
policière a fasciné. D'abord récit d'énigmes et of a wide variety of authors, including Edgar
de détection, le roman policier a évolué et s'est
Allan Poe, Jorge Luis Borges, and Henry James,
diversifié au fil des décennies, tant et si bien this book is vital reading for scholars of
qu'il est d'usage maintenant de parler « des »
detective fiction.
littératures policières. En France, tout comme
au Québec et dans l'ensemble de la EDWARDS, Martin, The Story of Classic
francophonie, il ne s'est jamais publié autant
Crime in 100 Books, Scottsdale (AZ)
de polars, de romans noirs et d'espionnage. Poisoned Pen Press, 2017, 370 pages.
Comme lecteur, nous avons littéralement
This book tells the story of crime fiction
l'embarras du choix. Or, pour bien choisir ses published during the first half of the twentieth
lectures, encore faut-il savoir ce qui est offert...
century. The diversity of this much-loved genre
et c'est là qu'entre en scène « Le
is breathtaking, and so much greater than
Détectionnaire » qui présente, à la manière many critics have suggested. To illustrate this,
d'un dictionnaire, tous les personnages
the leading expert on classic crime discusses
récurrents qui ont fait la réputation de la one hundred books ranging from The Hound of
littérature policière mondiale ― plus de 2600!
the Baskervilles to Strangers on a Train which
Plonger dans « Le Détectionnaire », c'est partir highlight the entertaining plots, the literary
à la découverte de Sherlock HOLMES et
achievements, and the social significance of
d'Hercule POIROT (Grande-Bretagne), de Philip
vintage crime fiction. This book serves as a
MARLOWE, Hieronymus BOSCH et Hannibal companion to the acclaimed British Library
LECTER (États-Unis), de Kurt WALLANDER et
Crime Classics series but it tells a very diverse
Michael BLOMKVIST (Suède), de Jules story. It presents the development of crime
MAIGRET et M. WENS (Belgique), de SAN-
fiction-from Sherlock Holmes to the end of the
ANTONIO et Benjamin MALAUSSÈNE (France), golden age-in an accessible, informative and
sans oublier Maud GRAHAM, Daniel DUVAL,
engaging style.
Victor LESSARD (Québec) et des milliers
d'autres, tous aussi passionnants... de Pat GOUANVIC, Jean-Marc, Hard-Boiled Fiction
ABBOTT à Anna ZORAN. Instructif ― grâce
& Série noire: les métamorphoses du
entre autres à l'éclairante présentation de roman policier anglo-américain en français
Norbert Spehner ―, abondamment illustré, de
(1945-1960), Paris, Classiques Garnier,
consultation simple et agréable, « Le (Translatio, no 1), 2018, 281 pages.
Détectionnaire » est l'outil indispensable qui
Cet essai propose une étude sociologique des
manquait à l'amateur de littérature policière
productions de la Série noire (NRF/Gallimard)
pour enfin satisfaire pleinement sa passion! de 1945 à 1960, en s'appuyant sur les archives
Pour chaque personnage : une notice
de la collection. Il présente une analyse du
"biographique", la bibliographie, les films et/ou mode d'organisation de la Série noire dans le
les séries tv, les études.
champ français du roman policier et de la
sémiotique des romans hard-boiled anglo-
Note: l'ouvrage est disponible en Europe,
mais vous pouvez aussi le commander en
ligne sur le site des éditions Alire ou sur

GRANIER, Caroline, A armes égales. Les Conspiracy theory in the Arab World has come
femmes armées dans les romans policiers to be associated with the rhetoric of Islamist
contemporains, Coeuvres-et-Valsery, éditions extremists and authoritarian regimes. Yet its
Ressouvenances, 2018, 258 pages. principle tropes - omnipotent secret societies,
Les enquêtrices dans les polars… Les figures de impending apocalypse, heroes who crack codes
fliquesses, de privées, de journalistes - have recurred in Arabic literature as well. A
d’investigation, d’inspectrices sont de plus en number of Egyptian authors, including Ali
plus nombreuses (françaises, européennes ou Ahmad Bakathir, Naguib Surur, Sonallah
américaines). Cérébrales, fonceuses, intuitives Ibrahim, Gamal al-Ghitani, and Youssef Rakha
ou rationnelles, épanouies ou névrosées. have crafted potent narratives of conspiracy
Célibataires ou en couple, avec ou sans that have remained unexamined until now.
enfants. Qu’ont-elles en commun ? Un désir
d’aventures et une soif de liberté sans limites. LASSNER, Phyllis, Espionage and Exile:
Attention : elles sont souvent armées… Fascism and Antifascism in British Spy
combatives en tout cas. Car leur place dans un Fiction and Film, Edinburgh, Edinburgh
monde encore dominé par les hommes n’est University Press, 2018, 272 pages.
pas acquise. Alors elles agissent et prennent Espionage and Exile demonstrates that from
leurs affaires en main : et si elles nous the 1930s through the Cold War British writers
montraient la voie ? Eric Ambler, Helen MacInnes, John le Carré,
Pamela Frankau and filmmaker Leslie Howard
HARRISON, Osvaldo di Paolo, Queer noir combine propaganda and popular enter-
hispanico, San Juan, Isla Negra Editores, tainment to call for resistance to political
2018, 165 pages. oppression. Their spy fictions deploy themes of
deception and betrayal to warn audiences of
HERMAN, Peter (ed.), Terrorism and the consequences of Nazi Germany’s conquests
Literature, Cambridge, New York, Cambridge and later, the fusion of Fascist and Communist
University Press, 2018, xv, 527 pages. oppression.
Terrorism has long been a major shaping force
in the world. However, the meanings of NAVARRO VILLEGAS, Julio César, Invitacion
terrorism, as a word and as a set of actions, a la novela policiaca: los detectives (y
are intensely contested. This volume explores malhechores) mas célèbres de la
how literature has dealt with terrorism from the literatura, Volume 1, CreateSpace
Renaissance to today, inviting the reader to Independent Publishing, 2018, 254 pages.
make connections between older instances of
terrorism and contemporary ones, and to see OLLERMAN, Nick, Hardboiled, Noir and Gold
how the various literary treatments of Medals. Essays on Crime Fiction Writers
terrorism draw on each other. from the 50s through the 90s, Rosswell
(GA), Starhouse Press, 2017, 298 pages.
HULSE, Ed, Fighting Crime One Dime at a
Time: The Great Pulp Heroes, CreateSpace OSTERIED, Peter, Eurospy-Helden: Jerry
Independent Publishing, 2017, 220 pages. Cotton/Kommissar X/Sumuru, Scotts Valley
The Shadow, The Spider, The Avenger, Doc (CA) CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Savage, The Black Bat, The Phantom Detective Platform, 2016, 230 pages.
— these swashbuckling heroes of mid-20th-
century pulp fiction all had one thing in PARDO, Carlos, El detective y la ciudad: el
common: They fought crime from outside the espacio urbano n las novelas de detectives
law, unhindered by red tape and unmindful of de Paco Ignacio Taibo II y Leonardo
such legal niceties as due process. They fought Padura Fuentes, Medellin, Editorial de
with fists and guns, for the most part hiding Antioquia, 2017, 146 pages.
their true identities beneath outlandish
costume and grotesque disguises. This PEPPER, Andrew, Unwilling Executioner:
collection of essays by distinguished pulp- Crime Fiction and the State, Oxford, Oxford
fiction aficionados chronicles the era of single- University Press, 2016, ix, 269 pages.
character magazines from offbeat angles and What gives crime fiction its distinctive shape
with keen insight. and form? What makes it such a compelling
vehicle of social and political critique? Unwilling
KOERBER, Benjamin, Conspiracy in Modern Executioner argues that the answer lies in the
Egyptian Literature, Edinburgh, Edinburgh emerging genre's complex and intimate
University Press, 2018, xi, 236 pages. relationship with the bureaucratic state and

modern capitalism, and the contradictions that Famous detective fiction characters and the
ensue once the state assumes control of the authors who created them are celebrated
criminal justice system. This study offers a through brief descriptive and exploratory
dramatic new interpretation of the genre's synopses - including luminaries such as Conan-
emergence and evolution over a three hundred Doyle, Christie, Sayers, Chandler, Hammett,
year period and as a genuinely transnational Marsh, Fleming, Stark, Le Carre, Dexter,
phenomenon. Follett, Ludlum, Paretsky, Rankin, Burke,
Ellroy, Dibdin, Grisham, Temple, Childe,
PRICE, Cheryl Blake, Chemical Crimes: Reichs, Hayder, James, Larsson, Galbraith,
Science and Poison in Victorian Crime Hurwitz, and many more. This book explores
Fiction, Columbus, The Ohio State University the many reasons for reading crime fiction, not
Press, 2019, 210 pages. the least of them being the vast variety of
In Chemical Crimes: Science and Poison in literature that the genre embraces. The book
Victorian Crime Fiction, Cheryl Blake also celebrates the "heroes and heroines" of
Price delves into the dark world of Victorian detective fiction, describing in brief the
criminality to examine how poison allowed nuances of their characters.
authors to disrupt gender boundaries, genre,
and the professionalization of science. Tracing TOPPANO, Michela & Claudio MILANESI (dir.),
the role of the chemical crime through the Aux origines du roman policier: France,
works of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Ellen Wood, Espagne, Italie, Pérou, in Cahiers d'études
Edward Bulwer Lytton, L. T. Meade, Charles romanes, nouvelle série, no 34, (1), 2017,
Warren Adams, and Wilkie Collins, Price argues 179 pages. Publié par les Presses universitaires
that poison this intervention not only provided de Provence (Aix-en-Provence).
a useful tool for authors to challenge the Les origines du roman policier : Italie France
growing power of science but also that its fluid Espagne Pérou
nature and ability to mix, mingle, and Michela Toppano (Aix Marseille Univ, CAER,
transcend boundaries made it ideal for generic Aix-en-Provence, France), Le récit d’enquête
experimentation. dans quelques romans italiens entre XIXe et
XXe siècle : le cas de Federico De Roberto,
REDDY, Maureen T., Noir and the Irish Matilde Serao et Salvatore Farina.
Nation. Contesting Irishness in Crime Alessio Berré (Université d’Avignon/CRIX Paris
Fiction, London & New York, Routledge, 2019, Ouest), Judiciaire ou policière ? Vers une
176 pages. redéfinition de la littérature criminelle post-
Reddy places what she calls Hibernian Noir in unitaire.
the context of the social and economic Luciano Curreri (Université de Liège/
conditions in Ireland from 1998 to 2012 and Traverses), L’entrée en matière vs le
relates that period to the post-World War I médaillon. Quelques notes sur le policier
United States that gave rise to hardboiled archaïque italien et sur Jarro.
detective fiction. As Reddy shows, Irish Francesca Facchi (University of Toronto), Entre
hardboiled fiction participates in the genre’s enquête et « mystères » : la représentation de
tradition of placing previously marginalized Florence dans les « romans judiciaires » de
individuals in positions of narrative authority. Jarro (1882-1884).
At the same time, Reddy argues that writers Saliha Aklouf (Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle), Jean
such as Ken Bruen, Benjamin Black, Tana Diable de Paul Féval : un précurseur oublié du
French, Niamh O’Connor, Cormac Millar, Stuart roman policier français.
Neville, Brian McGilloway, Declan Hughes, and Etienne Leterrier (Aix Marseille Univ, CIELAM,
Declan Burke are collectively working through Aix-en-Provence, France), Cagliostro (1743-
the problem of defining Irishness and grappling 1795) inventeur d’Arsène Lupin : circulation,
with deep anxieties about a society that is transformation et enjeux d’un modèle héroïque
rapidly changing. du roman historique au roman policier.
Murielle Borel (Aix Marseille Univ, CAER, Aix-
SCIASCIA, Leonardo, Il metodo di Maigret e en-Provence, France), Remonter aux origines.
altri scritti sul giallo, Milano, Adelphi, Les récits ‘policiers’ d’Emilia Pardo Bazán.
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Católica del Perú), Territoire criminel: violence
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Registry: Characters of Detective Fiction, Les origines du roman policier : interpretations
Hauppauge (NY), Nova Science Publishers, 423 et réécritures au XXe siècle

Paolo Caponi (Università Statale di Milano/CRC scholarly approach, combining close reading
Criminal Hero), Broadway et parages. Les with historicism, to read the stories afresh,
origines anglo-américaines du théâtre “giallo” sceptically probing Dr Watson's narratives and
italien. Holmes's often barely credible solutions.
Stéphane Chaudier (Université Charles De Drawing on Victorian and Edwardian history,
Gaulle Lille 3/ ALiTHiLa), Affleurements de Conan Doyle's life and works, and Doyle's
l’intrigue policière dans La Recherche du temps literary sources, the book offers new insights
perdu. into the Holmes stories and reveals what they
Giuliana Pias (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre say about money, class, family, sex, race, war,
la Défense/ CRIX), Efisio Marini : une and secrecy.
archéologie romanesque du roman policier.
LACOURBE, Roland présente, Ellery Queen.
Parcours d'un mythe américain (par
l'équipe d'Enigmatika - Coordonné par Philippe
A PROPOS DES AUTEURS Fooz, avec l'assistance technique de Roland
Lacourbe), Lulu.com, Semper Aenigma, 2018,
CREMONINI, Laura, Edgar Wallace e il 390 pages.
cinema, Independently Published, 2018, 217 ELLERY QUEEN — le nom derrière lequel se
pages. cachent Frederic Dannay et Manfred B. Lee — a
marqué à tel point son époque que l’éminent
CROWE, Michael John, The Gestalt Shift in critique Anthony Boucher a dit qu’il ÉTAIT le
Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories, roman policier américain. Son influence est
Cham, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, xii, 229 considérable, en tant qu’auteur aussi bien
pages. qu’anthologiste ou éditeur. Qu’on en juge : plus
This book analyzes the four novels and fifty-six de 40 romans, plus de 80 nouvelles, 350 pièces
stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle radiophoniques, une cinquantaine d’antho-
describing the adventures and discoveries of logies, 10 films, plus de 160 épisodes télévisés.
Sherlock Holmes. Michael J. Crowe suggests Et la publication du ELLERY QUEEN’S MYSTERY
that nearly all the Holmes stories exhibit the MAGAZINE, à la notoriété mondiale et qui
pattern known as a Gestalt shift, in which demeure, historiquement, la revue la plus
suddenly Holmes’s efforts reveal a new prestigieuse du genre policier. Au terme de
perspective on the case, typically identifying cette étude, la plus complète et la plus
the culprit(s) and resolving the case. méthodique jamais consacrée à cet auteur,
vous conviendrez, comme nous, amateurs de la
GARNOT, Benoît, L'Histoire selon San chose policière, que, mieux qu’un nom de
Antonio, Dijon, Presses universitaires de plume… ELLERY QUEEN est une institution !
Dijon, 2018, 115 pages.
La place de l'histoire dans les San-Antonio n'a LALANNE, Catherine (dir), Le Baiser et la
jamais été étudiée ; pourtant, leur auteur morsure. Yasmina Khadra, Toronto, Novalis,
accorde à cette discipline le rôle d'un véritable 2018, 178 pages. [Entretiens avec Yasmina
hobby. En donnant à chacun de ses avatars Khadra]
comme un air de famille, les allusions ou
références historiques tissent une trame, certes RUSTERHOLZ, Peter, Chaos und Renais-
ténue, mais qui traverse l'ensemble de sance im Durcheinandertal Dürrenmatts,
l'oeuvre. San-Antonio s'en sert pour illustrer ou Baden-Baden, Ergon Verlag, in der Nomos
caractériser d'un trait, des gens, des Verlagsgesellchaft, 2017, 242 pages.
événements, des situations, des ambiances,
des lieux mais aussi pour ébaucher, par SAMAKÉ, Adama, La Femme : perception,
touches dispersées, une conception pessimiste représentations et significations dans
de l'histoire humaine. l'écriture de Mongo Béti, Paris, Éditions
Complicités, 2017, 231 pages.
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University Press, 2018, x, 252 pages. Independently Published, 2018, 110 pages.
The Case of Sherlock Holmes uncovers what is
untold, partly told, wrongly told, or deliberately TYRAS, George (dir.), Geometrias de la
concealed in Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock memoria, Castellano, 2018, 288 pages.
Holmes saga. This engaging study uses a [entretiens avec Manuel Vasquez Montalban]

FIELD, Matthew & Ajay CHOWDHURY, Some
CINÉMA & TÉLÉVISION Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the
James Bond Films, Stroud (UK), The History
Press, 2018, 816 pages.
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1960, Paris, Éditions SW Télémaque, 674
pages. FERNANDEZ-CRUZ SEQUERA, Francisco José &
Genre mythique d'une exceptionnelle richesse, Marcos Lopez HERRADOR, Crimenes de cine,
le Film noir américain a donné naissance, Torrevieja, Editorial Eas, 2018, 180 pages.
depuis plus d'un siècle, à des figures
légendaires et d innombrables icônes. Créateur FULIGNI, Bruno, Le Bureau des légendes
du Cinéma de minuit et spécialiste du cinéma décrypté, Paris, L'Iconoclaste/The Oligarchs
américain, Patrick Brion propose une somme éditions, 2018, 265 pages. Préface d'Éric
encyclopédique unique de plus de 1 100 films Rochant.
noirs, produits aux Etats-Unis de 1912 à 1960. Diffusée dans plus de cent pays, la série Le
Un second volume couvrira la période des Bureau des légendes plonge le spectateur dans
années 1960 à nos jours. l’univers très secret des SR, les services de
renseignement. Son créateur, Éric Rochant,
COLLECTIF, Il était une fois en Amérique, s’est considérablement documenté pour
Paris, L'Avant-Scène du cinéma, (Revue), no imaginer une fiction très réaliste au point de
656-657, 2018, 205 pages. brouiller les pistes entre fiction et réalité.
Bruno Fuligni, historien du renseignement,
DECOBERT, Lydie, La Peinture à l'oeuvre décrypte la série pour mettre en lumière toutes
dans le cinéma d'Alfred Hitchcock, Paris, les références à des histoires vraies ou à des
L'Harmattan, (Champs visuels), 2018, 230 techniques effectivement utilisées par les SR.
Cet ouvrage met en lumière le lien établi entre GEHRING, Wes D., The Humourous
l'art pictural et le cinéma d'Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock: Comedic Elements in Twelve
Les tableaux sont mis en scène et dynamisent Defining Films, Jefferson, McFarland, 2019,
la narration, mais s'asservissent-ils aux récits ? 241 pages. [à paraître]
Sous quelles formes et jusqu'où s'étend
l'impact de la peinture sur le cinéma GREENE, Richard & Rachel ROBINSON-GREENE
hitchcockien ? L'auteur décrit les décors, les (eds.), Twin Peaks and Philosophy: That's
toiles de fond, les tableaux qui habitent et Damn Fine Philosophy, Chicago (IL), Open
structurent les images du réalisateur, tout en Court, 2018, xii, 258 pages.
faisant appel à la mémoire collective. I. I am one hundred percent sure that we're
not completely sure -- Dream investigations of
DEMING, Richard, Touch of Evil, London, BFI tree house operations -- Know thyself, Agent
Publishing, (BFI Film Classics), 2019, 104 Cooper! -- Laura Palmer - Madonna and whore
pages. -- Special epistemic agent Dale Cooper --
Albert among the chowder-head yokels and
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Want to receive Marginalia (free) ? Albany (Georgia), BearManor Media, 2018, 310
Send e-mail adress to pages.
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in contemporary global cinemas, analysing cultural and mythical landscape as a figure
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military conflicts, ethnic, racial and gender patriarchy. The writer argues that in films such
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terrorism. and even Gone Girl the ‘nastiness’ of female
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lulu.com, 2018, 88 pages. or neo femme fatale is a figure who disrupts
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les cop shows et la matière soap opera qui les

environne. Puis, s’appuyant sur plusieurs séries Introduction (Simon Bacon and Katarzyna
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Barnaby, il énonce et analyse leurs principaux and Mediums
motifs : l’esprit des lieux, le temps, la place Children of the Night: Mainstreaming Vampires
des femmes, l’importance des minorités, la Through Children’s Media (Andrew M. Boylan)
nature du Mal, les images ambivalentes de la An Invitation to a Beheading (and Another to a
science... Birthday Bash): Encountering Dracula in
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1960s, Hitchcock had a complicated and Depicted in Monster High and My Little Pony
controversial relationship with his leading Vampires (Jacquelyn E. Bent)
ladies. He supervised their hair, their makeup, Metamorphosis of the Blood: Vampiric
their wardrobe, pushing them to create his Femininity in Contemporary Children’s Fiction
perfect vision onscreen. Yet these women were (Chloé Germaine Buckley)
also style icons in their own right, and the Problematic Parenting: Tweens and Vampire
clothes they wore imbued the films with Fiction (Leslie J. Ormandy)
contemporary glamour. From Kim Novak’s gray Section Three: Symbolism, Meanings and
suit in Vertigo to Janet Leigh’s thematically Interpretations
symbolic lingerie in Psycho,these actresses and Dick and Jane and Vampires: The Interstitial
their clothes broke barriers, made history, and Bridge Between Social Imaginary and
transfixed audiences around the world. Spirituality (Phil Fitzsimmons)
The Dhampir Gets His Fangs: Miscegenation
and Exogamy in the Hotel Transylvania Film
Franchise (Mark Chekares)
ÉCRITS SUR Food for Thought: Vegetarian Vampires in
Children’s Reading Diets (Jane M. Kubiesa)

L’IMAGINAIRE Every Generation Gets the Vampire It Needs:

What Can Vampire Narratives in Children’s
Films Tell Us About Childhood in the Twenty-
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Looking Back and Seeing the Future: Adult
Nostalgia and Negotiating the Future in
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This book examines two well-known utopias
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Written by scholars from around the world, the representational strategies of the gothic mode
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century, and our continually improving Popular Fiction, Cardiff, University of Wales
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thinkers soon began to imagine futures greatly What do tales of stalking vampires, restless
different from the present. Science fiction was Egyptian mummies, foreign master criminals,
born out of the realization that future barbarian Eastern hordes and stomping
technoscientific advances could dramatically Prussian soldiers have in common? As Gothic
change the world. Along with Invasions explains, they may all be seen as
the developments described in modern science instances of invasion fiction, a paranoid fin-de-
fiction - space societies, conscious machines, siècle popular literary phenomenon that
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les secrets de ce genre majeur de l'imaginaire, Né il y a très longtemps, le démon buveur de
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(fantastique, gothique, science-fiction, notre imaginaire. Sous le nom de vampire, il
steampunk...), les grands questionnements, est devenu un des personnages favoris du
tous très actuels (impératif écologique, rapport genre fantastique et présente le cas unique
à la violence et à l'ordre, visions du passé d'une superstition ayant acquis le statut de
collectif...), et les principaux auteurs (Robert mythe mondial par l'intermédiaire des arts
Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord Dunsany, T.H. populaires. Une superstition dont les racines,
White, Terry Pratchett ou George R.R. Martin). pas toujours bien connues, sont examinées ici
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Through analysis of texts drawn from d'être d'authentiques vampires
literature, film, television, theatre and the
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This handbook examines the use of horror in
COLLECTIF, Science Fantasy, dans Fantasy storytelling, from oral traditions through
Art and Studies, no 3, automne/autumn folklore and fairy tales to contemporary horror
2017. fiction. Divided into sections that explore the
[seuls les articles du sommaire ont été origins and evolution of horror fiction, the
retenus] recurrent themes that can be seen in horror,
Article. Defining Science Fantasy, de/by Viviane and ways of understanding horror through
Bergue literary and cultural theory, the text analyses
Article. A Future Droid in King Arthur’s Court: why horror is so compelling, and how we
When Science Fiction invites itself into Fantasy, should interpret its presence in literature.
de/by Justine Breton Chapters explore historical horror aspects
Article. La Science Fantasy au prisme du light including ancient mythology, medieval writing,
novel : pour un mélange des genres, de/by drama, chapbooks, the Gothic novel, and
Alexandra Aïn literary Modernism and trace themes such as
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Morris : entre socialisme et victorianisme, Examining the works of writers and filmmakers
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Article. As Old as Time: Jane Eyre and the Pedro Almodóvar and Alejandro Amenábar, as
Power of the Gothic in Three Recent Fantasy well as the further reaches of Spanish Gothic
Novels, de/by Caroline Duvezin-Caubet influence in the Twilight film series, the book
Article. Anno Dracula ou La sténographe et le considers images and themes including the
vampire… (aux origines de la Dark Fantasy), mad surgeon and the vulnerable body, the role
de/by Isabelle-Rachel Casta of the haunted house and the heritage biopics
Article. A Female Victorian Scholar in the Fairy of Francisco de Goya.
Balkans: Albanian Dragons and Witcheries in
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arthuriennes à l’époque victorienne, de/by From the libertarian economics of Ayn Rand to
Virginie Thomas Aldous Huxley's consumerist dystopias,
economics and science fiction have often
COLLECTIF, Made in Japan, dans Fantasy orbited each other. In Economic Science
Art and Studies, no 5, automne/autumn Fictions, editor William Davies has deliberately
2018. merged the two worlds, asking how we might
[seuls les articles du sommaire ont été harness the power of the utopian imagination
retenus] to revitalize economic thinking.
Article. Eco-animisme dans les fantasy anime
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2. ‘The Celtic Century’ and the Genesis of Generations of the Female Vampire: Colonial
Scottish Gothic, Nick Groom Gothic Hybridity in Florence Marryat’s The
3. The Politics and Poetics of the ‘Scottish Blood of the Vampire
Gothic’ from Ossian to Otranto and Beyond, Mary Kingsley and the Ghosts of West Africa
Carol Margaret Davison The African Stories of Margery Lawrence
4. Robert Burns and the Scottish Bawdy Politic, Colonial Gothic Framework: Haunted Houses in
Hamish Mathison the Anglo-Indian Ghost Stories of Bithia Mary
5. Scottish Gothic Drama, Barbara A. E. Bell Croker
6. Gothic Scottish Poetry, Alan Riach Animal Gothic in Alice Perrin’s East of Suez
7. Calvinist and Covenanter Gothic, Alison The Past Will Not Stay Buried: Female Bodies
Milbank and Colonial Crime in the Australian Ghost
8. Gothic Scott, Fiona Robertson Stories of Mary Fortune
9. Gothic Hogg, Scott Brewster Fear and Death in the Outback: Barbara
10. ‘The Singular Wrought Out into the Strange Baynton’s Bush Studies
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and the Transformation of Terror Colonial New Zealand
Robert Morrison Conclusion: “Cicatrice of an Old Wound”
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pages. nature. Using a broad definition of Utopia as it
Introduction: Reclaiming Women’s Colonial exists in Western policy, theory and literature,
Gothic Writing : Edmundson, Melissa Lisa Garforth explains how its developing
Susanna Moodie, Colonial Exiles, and the entanglement with popular culture and
Frontier Canadian Gothic mainstream politics has shaped successive
Gothic Romance and Retribution in the Short green future visions and initiatives. In the face
Fiction of Isabella Valancy Crawford of apocalyptic, despairing or indifferent
responses to contemporary ecological

dilemmas, utopias and the utopian method Critique of Culture in Suzanne Collins' Hunger
seem more necessary than ever. Games Trilogy / Jane Beal -- Dystopia,
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relationship to religion and the sacred through Marotta -- The future is white, the future is
the lens of significant books, films and undead: reframing the American vampire
television shows. It provides a clear account of dystopia in Guillermo del Toro and Chuck
the larger cultural and philosophical Hogan's The strain trilogy / Simon Bacon --
significance of science fiction, and explores its Here's looking at you, kids: the urgency of
potential sacrality in today's secular world by dystopian texts in the secondary classroom /
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Asimov] margins of the tradition, the study charts a
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Christianity continues to haunt the Gothic Sharon
imagination and that the genre’s openness to Gazing Upon “The Daemons of Unplumbed
the mysterious, numinous and non-rational Space” with H. P. Lovecraft and Stephen King:
opens space in which to explore religious Theorizing Horror and Cosmic Terror: Burger,
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littérature de tout temps, analyse les Contrary to what many articles and books say,
composants itératifs et les ingrédients du steampunk's direct inspiration is arguably far
succès contemporain d’un sous-genre de la more cinematic than literary, a likely reaction
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them from their original settings-in time and Intrusion and Compromise
space, in points of origins and genre-and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:
encouraging readers to consider similar “A profound duplicity”
'displacements' in the modern world. Modern Dracula: “Up-to-date with a vengeance”
examples from a wide range of media and 4. Supernatural Longing: The Beginnings of
genres-including Philip Pullman's His Dark Modern Fantasy
Materials and the novels of Helen Oyeyemi, Lewis Carroll: Growing Out of Enchantment
the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Hayao William Morris: A Sealed Enchantment 135
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Comment adapter l’équipement intellectuel als Infizierte in Filmen und Serien jüngeren
collectif pour éviter cette situation ? Et Datums konfrontieren sie mit der Aporie des
pourquoi pas en recourant à la science-fiction Untodes. Die dadurch entstehenden Potenziale
et à son potentiel imaginaire ? Dans la masse diskutiert Peter Schuck an Zusammenhängen,
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1. The Problem with Creation: Narrating the a variety of writers, from Behn to Dacre
Break with God 21
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