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Check result for Operation Mapping: OM_ASDA_Orders_OB_AS_TO_Morrisons_IB_AS | urn:asda-


Namespace urn:asda-morrisons:orders is not defined in the software component version

SWCV_COMMON 1.0 of sap

Request message Message Type: MorrisonsOrdersMT | urn:morrisons:retail:orders is not activated

Archive Imported Archive: IA_map_ASDAOrder_To_MorrisonsOrder | urn:asda-morrisons:orders of

program IA_map_ASDAOrder_To_MorrisonsOrder.xsl is not activated

Request message Message Type: ASDAOrdersMT | urn:asda:retail:orders is not activated

Source interface Operation: SI_ASDA_Orders_OB_AS | urn:asda:retail:orders is not activated in the

Enterprise Services Repository


Check result for Data Type: MORRISONSORDERSDT | urn:morrisons:retail:orders:

element linenumber is untyped

element material is untyped

element Quantity is untyped

Target interface Operation: SI_Morrisons_Orders_IB_AS | urn:morrisons:retail:orders is not activated in

the Enterprise Services Repository