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Peralta 1

Marlon Peralta

Prof. Kane

English 115 M/W

October 29 ,2018

Essay 1.3 Reality

My perception of blue is different from your perception of blue, but we are still able to

work coherently. Part of people’s reality is that they deny and are pained by any new information

that challenges their perception on reality, and that brings people together. If a group of people

were to come together, they would have to agree with at least one belief. To have groups of

people come together, they must enjoy the same things, but not everything. Although every

individual has a different perception of reality, groups of people can still come together, because

it helps to see things in a different point of view as we’ve seen throughout history.

Part of people’s reality is that they are irritated by any new information that challenges

their perception of reality, which in turn, brings people together. In “The Allegory Of The Cave”

from Plato’s The Republic, he says “an escaped prisoner is compelled to look straight at the light,

will he not have a pain in his eyes, which will make him turn away to take refuge in the objects

of vision which he can see and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than the things

which are now being shown to him?” This quote is referring to a person who has escaped the

cave. The person had lived his life believing shadows were reality, and now that he has seen the

light which is a symbol of truth, he is hurt. He is pained by new knowledge , and turns away

from the objects in vision in refusal as would the others do. Now, when he comes back to the

cave to inform the others, they are in refusal and disagree with the free man’s perspective of a
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reality. They are angered, and irritated by something that challenges their reality so they come

together and want to kill the free man. This applies to a lot of groups, and one group in

particular which we’ll focus on are the Christians, mostly radical. If you tell them that the devil

is the good guy, they will all come together and Dislike you, call you a sinner and banish you

from their church. They are angered at your perception. It challenges their perception if you

bring evidence , which makes them come together to banish you.

If a group of people were to come together, they would have to agree with at least one

belief. This is an obvious statement because you can’t come together if you don’t follow at least

one same rule,code, principle, or belief. Even though people see everything differently, there are

different sets of rules you can choose to believe in, and if you agree with them, then you can

communicate with other people and work together. If you believe that war is bad and disagree

with it, you can find others who agree. After you find a group,you may hold rallies, protests, and

petitions in an attempt to disrupt war when it happens. This is working productively with others

and doing good, even though you see reality a little bit differently. Christians believe in

Christianity which has a set of basic rules like the commandments and the Bible. Christians hold

church and they all believe in being a good person because of the rules bestowed upon the

religion they’re affiliated with. It brings them together as a group and they are committed to it

and work productively together.

To have groups of people come together they must enjoy the same things, but not

everything. An interest in a topic makes you more inclined to learn more about it. According to

Aguilar "You can have your music performed in China or Germany and even if this music may

sound exotic to them, they will understand it and they will feel it as if that were their music

because that's the music they are listening to at the moment. Nothing like music illustrates better
Peralta 3

the fact that even though we all look and act so different, people around the world are all very

similar," (Opalewski 32) There are many people with different interests. Some people are into

video games, novels, movies, tv shows, music, poetry,etc. If you were into video games, you

would go and play online and eventually you’ll find some friends, or you can communicate with

people about your likings. Bill Gates is one of the most influential minds of our time, who has

changed the world, and he meets with people based on his interest. According to Gates “When I

was in school, I took a lot more physics, chemistry, and math than I did biology. And those are

all fields that I still like to read about. But the amount of reading I end up doing that's related to

evolution and biology is huge. Almost everyone I talk to reads [Richard] Dawkins, [Steven]

Pinker, [Stephen Jay] Gould, which is all evolutionary stuff. There's a level of this reading that I

do simply because I'm interested.” ()“Biology and Bill Gates: How his passion imbues his

portfolio and philanthropy” by Cengage Learning, Inc. Bill’s interest is in helping people, and

he meets with other people to make that happen, and he is obviously doing well in helping

people. Gates interest in helping others connects him with others who also enjoy in helping other

people. You can come together with people you don’t have similar interests with, but you’ll be

more productive if you all share one strong common interest. Christians all share a common

interest with other people and that is being a good person. They come together together with

others and organize or build homeless shelters for the homeless to sleep.

When people’s reality is challenged by opposing thoughts, they come together to

overthrow the outsider. They also have to believe in at least one same rule or principle in order to

come together. They also have to enjoy the same, but not all interests to come together in groups.

People have different perspectives of reality in some way or the other, but that doesn’t mean they

can’t come together in groups to work productively together.

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