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Possible Coursework - Plan or Proposal: Template:

Student Name: Amina Khalil Bintook ID #:H00298471

Introduce the PDP setting:

In this semester I went to Al Taqadum primary school, it’s a girl school that located in Al
Shamkha. I taught grade 5 students with Ms. Marlene, and she teach one subject only
which is Science. I taught 5 sections of grade 5, and the students are divided based on
their level of English. Sections C and D are the high class, A and E are the middle class
and B is low class.

Justify your professional development goals for this semester.

Previously stated
Skills you
development needs Personal
personally know Needs of the Comm
MCT MST development
you need to setting ents:
recommend recommendati interest
ation on
you planned
interactive I need to set
and I would like specific goals
I need to
engaging Unfortunately to improve that I would
improve my
but I would , my MST my teaching achieve with
didn’t provide strategies the time line.
encourage strategies,
any and I would And having the
you again to because I think I
recommendati like to use a evidence to
design some don’t use
ons in the higher order make sure that
higher order different
lesson’s thinking I improved my
thinking strategies while
feedback. skills for the weakness and
skills teaching.
higher class. achieved the
activities goals.
that would
learners a
1: Doing higher level activity: my target from this goal, is support the high
students by giving them activities that challenge them and let them create
nt Target
by them self.
2: differentiation strategy: my target from this goal is to do different
with TP
learning style activities that matches the students interest.
Concise Reflections & actuality
Goal 1: I think the higher class can do
more than the other class do,
for example they could write
sentences describing the topic
they learn. So, I think the higher
class should have activities that
allow them to think
independently, create by them
Using higher order skills when self and write sentences to
doing activates for the high class. describe their work.
Action 1: I think using internet to find
ideas will help to improve my
lessons since I can find different
Before I do the lesson plan, I will ideas from different teachers all
search for higher order skills to around the world. And asking
see what kind of activity I can do. my MST is a good idea, because
Also, I will ask my MST about kind she have more experience than
of activities that challenge the me in teaching, and she know
students but at the same time the kind of activities that will
they like it. work better.
Desired time I will set a specific time for
frame: achieving this goal. “Every goal
needs a target date, so that you
have a deadline to focus on and
something to work toward”
(James Manktelow, n.d.). I
planned to use brusher as a
I will apply the goal in week 5 of higher order thinking activity
teaching practice, which will be and I choose the lesson that I
from date Oct 28 th – Nov 1 st . will use this activity for, so that
why I choose to do it in week 5.
Any support Before doing any lesson, I have
needed to make sure that my MST
agree with the activity or give
me some comments to improve
it. Because, she has experience
in teaching, she can tell if the
students will be able to do the
Before I do the lesson, I will ask activity, or she can give me
my MST about her opinion of the some recommendation about
activity. how I can improve it.
Data collection Using different kind of
tools to be used evidence will help me to
to provide approve that I achieved the
evidence of the I will take picture from the lesson goal. “Data collection instead
success of the as an evidence, also I will put my allows them to stay on top of
action MST or MCT comments from the trends, provide answers to
lesson observation, and also my problems, and analyze new
reflection on the lesson. insights to great effect” (What
is data, and why is it important?
, 2018).

Goal 2: I think some students prefer

using visual learning style while
the other preferer using kinetic
learning style, so that why I set
a goal to use differentiation
strategy in the class. “The idea
of learning styles emphasizes
that individuals learn differently
and prefer to be taught
differently” (Baderaddin
Using differentiation strategies in Mahmood Yassin[a] &
the class. Almasri[b], 2014).
Action 2: Taking notes will help me to
know the students learning
style, and it will be easier for
Firstly, I will take notes of what me then to create the activity. I
kind of activities that the students think trying some activities will
interest in. Secondly, I will try give me some idea about what
some kind of activities, before make students active and
doing the differentiation lesson. interest in the lesson.
Desired time I choose to do the
frame: differentiation lesson in the last
week because I will have
enough time to take notes
I will set a specific time to about their learning style and
achieve the goal. I will try it in the the kind of activity the students
last week of my teaching practice, interest in it. Also, I can try
which will be from Nov 4 th - Nov different kind of activities in the
8 th . lesson.
Any support Improving each weakness will
needed help me to do a better lesson
and better activities. Also,
observing my MST and taking
notes of her lesson will help be
I will take the comments from to get ideas from her lesson.
each observation about the And, it will help be to see how
activities to see what I need to the lessons goes and how I can
improve. Also, I will observe my improve it, to avoid the
MST. mistakes in my lessons.
Data collection The most important evidence is
tools to be used the students work, because it
to provide will show if the students are
evidence of the able to do the activities. Also,
success of the I will take picture of the students the students work can approve
action as an evidence. Also, I will add my if the activities match their
lesson plan as an evidence. level or not.
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