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Indian Valley Recreation and Park District Board of Directors

Monday December 19 2018 – 5:30pm – 7pm
IVRPD Community Center 209 Crescent,
Greenville, CA 95947
I. Call to Order/Roll Call

II. Sub Committee/ Roll Call

III. Guests –

IV. Public Comment: During the period for public comment citizens are invited to share
their concerns regarding issues that are not on the agenda. Please limit comments to
3 minutes or less to facilitate an efficient meeting. The Board is generally unable to
respond directly to comments made during this time; however, they will listen
carefully to what is presented.

V. Adopt Meeting Agenda Discussion/action

VI. Approval of minutes from September 2018 (Oct canc)


VII. Treasurers Report Discussion/action

VIII. Administrator Report

Program Update
a. Install QBooks in Jan 2019

IX. Action Items/ Items to Discuss: Discussion/action

a. Audit Update
b. Shelving in attic
c. IVA events
d. Complete new Plumas Bank signature card
e. Insurance agreement Sierra Institute re:P-Crew
f. Set dates Sp Shindig & Luau

XI. Fundraising, Events and Committee Discussion Discussion/action

A. Festival of Trees - critique
XII. Pool Committee update:

XIV. Community Center Committee & Community Garden Report & Update

XV. Director’s Comments Discussion/action

XVI. Adjourn