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Funk Rock is a fusión genre that mixes funk and rock

elements. James Brown

and other declared that
Litttle Richard and his
mid-1950s road Band,
The Upsetters were the
first to putt he funk in
the rock and roll beat.

Funk Rock´s earluets

incarnation on record
was heard in the late
1960s throught the mid-
1970s by acts such as
the Jimi Hendrix.

The most importan exponents are: Maroon 5, Red Hot

Chili Peppers, Rage Agains The Machina and Faith No

Maroon 5: Originally it formed

between 1994 and 1995 as
Kara´s Flowers, while its
members were attending high
school. Adam Levine, jesse
Carmichael, Mickey Madden and
Ryan Dusick signed with Reprise
Records and released an album, The
Fourth World. After an indifferent
response to the album, the band Split. In
2001 the band reagrouped andd took the
name of Maroon 5. Discography:

“Songs Aboth Jane” - 2002

“It Won´t Be Soon Before Long” – 2007
“Hands All Over” – 2010
“Overexposed” – 2012
“V” – 2014

Red Hot Chili Peppers: It´s members

are Anthony Kiedis, Josh Klinghoffer,
Michel “Flea” Balzary and Chad Smith.
The band was formed in high Fairfax
High School with the name “Tony Flow
and the Miraculously Majestic of
Mayham” The live performance of te
band was so good that they were asked to return the
following week. Because oor this unexpected success,
the band members changed the name to Red Hot Chili
Peppers, because they saw the original name a bit
uncomfortable. Discography:

“The Red Hot Chili Peppers” – 1984

“The Uplift Mofo Party Plan” – 1987
“One Hot Minute” – 1995
“By The Way” – 2002
“Stadium Arcadium” – 2006
“I'm With You” – 2011
The "classical” music is so popularly called. It has no clear definition.
Many call "Cultured music" but in modern times, all music is learned
because it is part of a culture.
Others call it classic, but do
not know who should call it
only the music of the time
"classic" or "neoclassical”
where lived some musicians
like Mozart or Haydn, this
excludes great musicians like
Bach or Vivaldi.

What really it characterizes

classical music is probably that has transcended time, evolving
according to the European Western thought. This music is not static; it is
always changing ways and forms, and seeks new languages .

The authors and musicians of this genre are commonly trained people,
who have studied much in conservatories, probably why it is called
“cultured music ".


The main baroque composer

was Bach. Born in Germany in
1685, the son of a prodigious
family in music. His major
works are the Brandenburg


The main composer in the classical period was Mozart. Well known for
his great ability to play at five years, which is not great, many children
today still play better than him.


Beethoven is the main compositor of the romantic music, he born in

Bonn in 1770 and he dies in Vienna in 1827. He was the last classical
The hip hop is a culture, it was originally on New York in

It is divided into 4 elements:

Rap: it is oral, it consists in saying rhymes with rhythm

and consistently.

Graffiti: it consists in paint freely, it stands out more in

urban areas, on occasion is illegal.

Turntablism: is a art, consists in make music with sound


breaking: is a urban dance.

We will focus in the Rap and the Turntablism because

this magazine is a music magazine.

The rap in Mexico is related whit the drugs, the

neighborhoods and the gangs. But for other persons the
Rap is poetry and a form of expressing. The Puerto Rican
Rene Perez vocalist of the band Calle 13, he occupies the
rap to express and a lot of people receive the message
very easy.

I think that Rene occupies the rap of correct form

because the music y for expressing and the rap is ideal
for this.
José Adolfo Carmona Arcos #7

Victor De Jesus Castillo Romero #8

Ian Flores Martínez #13

Leonel Emiliano Riaño Hernández #34