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Please answer on a separate sheet, and look at the Universal Diplomacy presentation as a guide.
Please submit to jesus.domingo @ dfa.gov.ph

1. What is your Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Facebook Account Name (if any) ?

2. What is your current job if you are working, or what is your level / course / school if you are a
student ?

3. Please describe any activities you have done or are doing in the following areas:

Examples: Activities involving Diplomacy / International Relations, Participating in Model United
Nations or other International Conferences, Overseas Travel, Communicating with Overseas /
International Students or Organisations, etc.

Examples: Having a Business Project, Running your Own Business, Working in Someone’s Business,
Activity in Trade, Investment, Tourism, Agriculture, etc.

Examples: Serving as an elected or appointed officer in a School, Social, Church or Governmental
Organisation, participation in a political campaign or party, etc.

Examples: Use of Social Media, Information Technology, Computer Programming / Hardware,
Activities involving Mechanics, Science, etc.

Examples: Activity regarding the Cause or Causes you are interested in, or the Community or
Communities you are helping or promoting. (see the Universal Diplomacy slide What – Causes &

Patria (Home Country or Culture):

Examples: Activity regarding advocating, promoting or studying the Culture, Language, Arts, etc. of
your Patria (home country or countries) .

Examples: Engaging in humanitarian activities – such as volunteering for the Red Cross, Church or
other humanitarian organisations, involvement in disaster or emergency management, etc.

Ikigai (Life Purpose):

Answer to the best of your ability: What are the things you do you are doing now or would like to do
soon that (a) you Love, (b) you are good at, (c) you can get paid for and (d) the world needs. What
do you feel is your (e ) Passion, (f) Mission, (g) Vocation and (h) Profession ? (see the Ikigai Diagram)

4. What would be the Causes, Communities or Commerce activities / advocacies you’d like to pursue
as a #VAMBA or #YAMBA ? It can be very focused like “Tourism Diplomat” – or you can indicate
more than one activity / advocacy.