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e201 ech ve Ate Geni nee CLASSIC GUITAR 100 BASIC EO (©1998 by ZEN-ON MUSIC CO., LTD. PREFACE ‘This book in two volumes contains 100 program works as the basic repertoires which can be considered suitable for < such as at concert, party, land event, etc. selected from the so-called to study and play at least once asthe classic guitarist or student. This first volume contains 65 works (68 pieces in total) of beginning to intermediate level. As all the works are tried to be placed throughout two volumes, the study and performance in this order will make the musical and playing ability progress naturally and smoothly. This order will, be useful in finding new works to suit the current playing level AAs every work is carefully fingered to show avoiding the characteristic one, i is desirable to study the most suitable fingering by studying how to express music. The arrangements for guitar are based on the original Compositions as much as possible, Though almost all works are written in modern notation, some works still remain in the ‘conventional style for easier reading and better understanding. Alter studying and playing 100 Basie Repertoires 1&1, itis recommendable to challenge further major works of individual ‘composers and to tackle contemporary works, as well. It is our sincere hope that this book will be used as the in any gui sr lesson or study and as a for any guitarist. ZEN-ON MUSIC CO., LTD, Uw MME, FIL 7 EI EERAB ERT SE COMED ELE DNSLOOPDS, HB -F 1 — PANY ARE BUS (AMCOMKIMT SLD 2H B20 8 C CARMEL S— bY —O100f8 8) ELTEEORYOTH. LO BVETI, MRS PRL AL DESH (268 HAL OONTHET. FMM, BBLTOMBMIMOK BH RORRIO RE) DRA SRT tb, EMIS PR WTEC ET, BME AMIN LON TOC CE MCSET. EL, COMMMCRAIESSILT, WEL AU EIHLUERERT CE STREET. MOORS NMMIL, MIR LOEB (OR RMP ELTREATHS LD, PROM OTOH C, RBOMT EME L TS CLARE EF. MOO, TE SROMBLBT OL GOILEL fo MHI, BRORME Ho THETA BET eRe DOLTSOADS, MAME REBEL THE LOH mDEt. HP ROY 9D VS BY 1008 1 THIS, BHEMRO MRO SUERIC GED CATOPREIES BROLET. AAMT Lo Ry RMS BANE MUAY ELT. BR EIR PEMD CLS SPUN RFD) ELTCRMORA SSE EH oth Et. PRS SaPR ITNT