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. COUR ASSES ) ™, ag y oy Aryika Shri Gayanmati Mataji 3’ Translated By : Smt. Raj Rani Jain DIGAMBER JAIN INSTITUTE OF COSMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH Hastinapur, (Meerut) U. P. First Edition 16th March 1984. 4.50 RUN BY . DIGAMBER JAIN TRILOKA SHODHA SANSTHAN Veer Gyanodaya Granthamala Under these small and big books, both origi- nal-and translated in Hindi, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Kannad, Marathi etc. are published—books which nourish Digamber Jain ascetic paths and which relate to Nyaya, tenets, spiritualism, Geography, Astronomy, Grammar etc. Book- lets, too, which are religious in character and useful for the people in general are also publi- shed from time to time. About Translator : Smt. Raj Rani Jain Mjs. J.M. Jaina & Bros. Mori Gate, Delhi-6 Granthamala Editors Moti Chand Jain Saraf | Ravindra Kumar Jain Shastri, Nyaya Tirtha B.A. Shastri Printed by : Shimmer Print Set, K-22, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi- 32 aw: OF ~ hearsay Rey COMPASSION’. A number of wealthy people, carrying articles for worshiping in their hands, are proceeding onwards and several followers are returning. Seeing this Miraghsen, the fisherman, also made paces towards that place and coming forward he noticed that a holy saint is seated in the centre. The disciples are engaged in worshiping him. In between, finding time, people are adopting certain religious vows. Miragh- sen, standing at distance, is curiously watching. He is carrying a net on his shoulders. He is thinking in his mind, “Why should n’t I also make my life sublime by having a glimpse of such a holy person !”” He takes off the net from his shoulders and keeps it aside, coming near the “great teacher” and bowing before him respectfully, he takes his seat on one side. As soon as he finds an opportunity, he makes a request— : “OQ Great. Teacher, kindly bless me with a religious vow”. The holy saint thought in his mind, “How this fisherman, who is always busy in killing the fish like a heron, is expressing his anxiety today to adopt a vow!” There isa popular saying in this world that “Unless some auspicious or in-auspicious happening