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9059 18090 3 Hours / 80 Marks Seat Not [1 11 ik [| 1. Instructions — -(1) All Questions are compulsory. a) b) (2) Answer each next main Question on a new page. (3) Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary. (4) Figure to the right indicate full marks. (5) Assume suitable data, if necessary. (6) Use of Non-programmable Electronic Pocket Calculator is’ permissible. (7) Mobile Phone, Pager and any other Electronic Communication devices are not permissible in ) Examination Hall. : Marks Attempt any FOUR of the following : 08 (i) Give the classification of forging processes. (ii) Enlist parts of standard die set. : (iii) State the types of flames used in gas welding. (iv) What is blasting? (v) What is resistance welding? Attempt any TWO of the following :" 08 (i) State different drive mechanisms used in presses. State their applications. (ii) Explain the working of tumbling process. (iii) Distinguish between NC and CNC machine. . BT.O. 9059 a) b) °) da) a) b) °) d) [2] Marks Attempt any THREE of the following : 12 State the advantages ‘and limitations of forging process. Explain with neat sketch process of drop forging. Name the common materials used for forging. Give the forging temperatures of some common forgeable materials. Explain drawing operation with sketch. Attempt any THREE of the following : 12 Explain ‘with sketch punching operation performed on press. Distinguish between piercing and blanking with sketch. Specify. the press specification required for. sheet metal work. Draw a sketch of fly press and show major ‘parts on it. Write their functions.