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Stage Makeup


Neifert Cornejo-Ordóñez
Old Age I
Cuts and Bruises I
Facial Hair I
Smokey Eye
18th Century Period
Gender Reversal
Animal I

Ceremonial Mask
Chinese Opera (Ingenue)
Old Age II
Cuts and Bruises II
Heath Ledger Joker
Facial Hair II
Clown Design
Animal II
Chinese Opera (God)
Neifert Enrique
(704) 492-9065 • cornejoneifert@gmail.com

Tenor/Baritone with Belt and Operatic Voice

5’10” • 230 lbs • Hair & Eyes: Brown

Theatrical ___________________ __________

Newsies Sniper/Ensemble CPCC Theatre 2018
Oklahoma Wes/Ensemble CPCC Theatre 2018
Evita Ensemble CPCC Theatre 2018
Hair Margaret Mead/Hiram Winthrop University 2017
Into The Woods The Baker Rock Hill Theatre 2017
Heathers Ram’s Dad/Coach Ripper Winthrop University 2016
The Addams Gomez Rock Hill Theatre 2015
Macbeth Donalbain/Young MacDuff Shakespeare Carolina 2017
Tartuffe Monsieur Loyal Shakespeare Carolina 2017
Spring Awakening Herr Stiefel/Ensemble Winthrop University 2016

Winthrop University-Musical Theatre Student 2015-Present
Voice: Corey Lovelace, Todd Geer
Acting: Matt Ferrell, Stephen Gundersheim
Dance: Tap (2 semesters), Ballet (1 semester), Modern (1 semester)
Broadway Dreams-Spring 2018
Singing and Musical Acting: Sara Jean Ford
Acting: Christopher Guest
Acting for Film/TV: Van Hansis

Personal Work in Progress ______

Familia- play with music
People’s Mass- classical/musical theatre fusion Requiem Mass

• Fluent in Spanish and English • Ethnically Ambiguous • Pianist/Accompanist
• Composer/Improviser • Rapping (Intermediate) • Masseur
• Basic stage makeup • Basic sound file editing • Microsoft Office

Tom Hollis (704) 330-6835 tom.hollis@cpcc.edu
Matt Ferrell (646) 361-9670 ferrellm@winthrop.edu
Susan Smith (803) 524-1156 ldsmith@comporium.net
Stephen Gundersheim (704) 315-7432 gundersheims@winthrop.edu