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(1) in subsection (b)(1)(A), by inserting ‘‘ad- couraged by the challenges and com- Rights, have documented the excessive use of
vances in automation technology,’’ before peting interests, and I look forward to force by Government of Cameroon security
‘‘plant closures,’’; and being supportive of future congres- forces against Cameroonians living in the
(2) by adding at the end the following: Anglophone regions, including the burning of
sional efforts to engage on this issue.
villages, the use of live ammunition against
In addition to any funds reserved under sec- f protestors, arbitrary arrest and detention,
tion 132(a)(2)(A) to carry out this section, torture, and sexual abuse;
there are authorized to be appropriated to SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS Whereas the Department of State has ex-
carry out this section $40,000,000 for each of pressed serious concern over the Government
fiscal years 2018 through 2020.’’. of Cameroon’s use of force to restrict free ex-
SENATE RESOLUTION 733—CALL- pression, and the use of violence against in-
By Mr. HATCH (for himself and ING ON THE GOVERNMENT OF dividuals protesting the Government’s poli-
Mr. SCHUMER): CAMEROON, ARMED SEPARATIST cies in the Anglophone regions;
S. 3793. A bill to acknowledge the GROUPS, AND ALL CITIZENS TO Whereas both the Government of Cam-
rights of States with respect to sports RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS AND eroon security forces and armed groups have
ADOPT NONVIOLENT AP- been documented targeting and brutally kill-
wagering and to maintain a distinct
ing civilians in the Anglophone regions, in-
Federal interest in the integrity and PROACHES TO CONFLICT RESO-
cluding women and children;
character of professional and amateur LUTION Whereas United States citizen Charles
sporting contests, and for other pur- Mr. CARDIN (for himself, Mr. YOUNG, Wesco was senselessly killed near the town
poses; to the Committee on the Judici- Mr. VAN HOLLEN, Mr. COONS, Mr. MAR- of Bamenda, Cameroon on October 30, 2018,
ary. KEY, Mr. BOOKER, and Ms. KLOBUCHAR) after being caught in what the Department
Mr. HATCH. Mr. President, on May of State has characterized as ‘‘cross fire’’;
submitted the following resolution;
14, 2018, the Supreme Court in Murphy Whereas the United Nations Office for the
which was referred to the Committee Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs stated
v. NCAA, 138 S. Ct. 1461, 2018, struck on Foreign Relations: in November 2018 that at least 437,000 people
down the Federal prohibition of State- S. RES. 733 were internally displaced in areas affected
authorized sports wagering schemes. I by the Anglophone conflict;
Whereas the Government of Cameroon has
was one of four original authors of that repeatedly restricted freedoms of expression Whereas the Office of the United Nations
prohibition, the Professional and Ama- nationwide by shutting down the internet, High Commissioner for Refugees reported
teur Sports Protection Act of 1992, harassing and detaining journalists, refusing that it had registered more than 29,000
Public Law 102–559; 106 Stat. 4227, licenses to independent media, and inten- Cameroonian refugees from the Anglophone
which found that ‘‘sports gambling sifying political attacks against the inde- regions in Nigeria as of late October 2018;
conducted pursuant to State law pendent press; Whereas 47 Anglophone activists were forc-
Whereas, following Cameroon’s October 7, ibly returned from Nigerian custody to
threatens the integrity and character Cameroonian authorities, despite many hav-
of, and public confidence in, profes- 2018, elections, the African Union Election
Observation Mission stated that ‘‘the cur- ing reportedly submitted asylum claims in
sional and amateur sports, instills in- rent framework needs to be strengthened in Nigeria; and
appropriate values in the Nation’s order to safeguard the democratic principles Whereas 10 of the 47 individuals forcibly re-
youth, misappropriates the goodwill of separation of powers, fairness, and inde- turned from Nigeria now face charges pun-
and popularity of professional and pendence and impartiality,’’ which the De- ishable by the death penalty, while the other
amateur sports organizations, and di- partment of State echoed, emphasizing the 37 reportedly remain in detention without
lutes and tarnishes the service marks need to ‘‘respect the rule of law, resolve charge: Now, therefore, be it
of such organizations.’’ peacefully any disputes through established Resolved, That the Senate—
Today, I joined with Senator CHUCK legal channels, and avoid hate speech’’. (1) urges all parties to the conflict in Cam-
Whereas Anglophone Cameroonians have eroon, including political opposition groups,
SCHUMER to introduce the Sports Wa- long felt marginalized by official actions and to–
gering Market Integrity Act of 2018, a policies of the Government of Cameroon; (A) agree to an immediate ceasefire;
comprehensive legislative response to Whereas, beginning in late 2016, protests (B) allow for unfettered humanitarian as-
the Murphy decision. This legislation organized by lawyers, teachers, and students sistance;
is the product of nearly one year of dis- were violently repressed by the Government (C) exercise restraint and ensure that pro-
cussions with stakeholders on all sides of Cameroon, leading to numerous deaths tests remain peaceful; and
of the issue, the gaming industry, pro- and imprisonments, including journalists (D) engage in inclusive dialogue with civil
fessional and amateur sports leagues, and lawyers; society to get to a political solution that re-
Whereas, in January 2017, the Government spects the rights and freedoms of the people
consumer advocates, data providers, of Cameroon ordered the suspension of Inter- of Cameroon;
law enforcement, and many others. net services in the Northwest and Southwest (2) strongly condemns the abuses com-
I would urge my soon-to-be former regions of Cameroon, the suspension lasting mitted by the Government of Cameroon, se-
colleagues and other Members of Con- for 93 days and having a major, debilitating curity forces, and armed separatist groups in
gress, should they choose to take up effect on the economy, educational institu- the Anglophone regions, including
this issue, to use the bill I have intro- tions, freedom of expression, and social com- extrajudicial killings and detentions, the use
duced today as a starting point for munication of the region’s residents; of force against nonviolent civilians and
their work, but recognize that there is Whereas the conflict escalated in late Sep- protestors, and violations of the freedoms of
tember and early October 2017, when press, expression, and assembly;
much work to be done, and I would an-
Cameroonian security forces brutally (3) affirms that the United States Govern-
ticipate that any final legislation cracked down on unarmed civilians peace- ment continues to hold the Government of
might look very different from the bill fully demonstrating, resulting in at least 20 Cameroon responsible for upholding the
that was introduced today. For exam- people dying and leaving over 100 injured; rights of all citizens, regardless of political
ple, the degree to which the Depart- Whereas, in 2017, armed separatist groups views or beliefs or the regions in which they
ment of Justice or other Federal agen- launched a campaign to pressure school offi- reside;
cies need to be involved in overseeing cials in the Anglophone region to go on (4) urges the Government of Cameroon to—
state sports wagering regimes, the ap- strike as part of a boycott against the Gov- (A) initiate a credible, inclusive, good, and
ernment of Cameroon, and began burning full faith effort to work with religious and
propriate level of control that sports
school buildings and threatening education community leaders in the Anglophone region
organizations should have over sports officials with violence if they did not comply to engage in meaningful dialogue and ad-
wagering, and the basis for requiring with a boycott of schools in the Anglophone dress grievances and seek nonviolent solu-
the use of so-called official league data regions; tions to resolve the conflict, including pos-
continue to be open questions in my Whereas human rights monitors have docu- sibly involving an independent mediator in

mind. I do not necessarily believe that mented armed groups killing traditional such negotiations;
those and other provisions introduced leaders and targeting civilians who are per- (B) respect the fundamental rights of all
in the bill today reflect a final decision ceived to be supporting or working with the Cameroonian citizens, including political ac-
Government of Cameroon, and reports indi- tivists and journalists;
regarding the appropriate policy. But
cate that armed militants have killed (C) ensure that any security operations are
these provisions do flag many of the Cameroonian security force personnel; conducted in accordance with international
difficult issues to be considered as part Whereas numerous credible reports from human rights standards, including efforts to
of the sports wagering discussion. I human rights monitors, including the United ensure security forces only use force under
would urge my colleagues not to be dis- Nations High Commissioner for Human appropriate circumstances;

VerDate Sep 11 2014 09:02 Dec 20, 2018 Jkt 089060 PO 00000 Frm 00108 Fmt 4624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A19DE6.033 S19DEPT1
(D) investigate all allegations of human enjoined, by asserting that the Act’s require- Whereas, beginning on August 25, 2017, the
rights violations committed in the ment to maintain minimum essential cov- Government of Burma military and security
Anglophone regions and take the necessary erage (commonly known as the ‘‘individual forces, as well as civilian mobs, carried out
measures to prevent arbitrary detention, responsibility provision’’) in section 5000A(a) widespread attacks, rapes, killings, and the
torture, enforced disappearances, deaths in of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, is un- burning of villages throughout Rakhine
custody, and inhumane prison conditions; constitutional following the amendment of State, resulting in approximately 730,000
(E) to promote the rule of law through that provision by the Act to provide for rec- Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh and bringing
more transparent accountability mecha- onciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the the total Rohingya refugee population in
nisms; concurrent resolution on the budget for fis- Cox’s Bazar to over 900,000;
(F) promptly charge or release all those de- cal year 2018 (Public Law 115–97) (commonly Whereas international observers widely
tained in the context of the Anglophone cri- known as the ‘‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’’); agree that Burma has not made progress on
sis, including all Anglophone activists ar- Whereas these State and individual plain- the ‘‘more crucial’’ of the 88 recommenda-
rested in Nigeria, and ensure that any future tiffs also seek to strike down the entire Pa- tions of the Rakhine Advisory Commission
detainees are treated with due process, in ac- tient Protection and Affordable Care Act as that addresses the root causes of conflict and
cordance with Cameroon’s penal code and not severable from the individual responsi- ensures the rights and dignity of the
international human rights norms; bility provision; Rohingya: freedom of movement, civil docu-
(G) ensure that detainees are treated fairly Whereas, on June 7, 2018, the Department mentation, and a transparent pathway to
and humanely, with proper judicial pro- of Justice refused to defend the constitu- citizenship;
ceedings, including a registry of those de- tionality of the amended individual responsi-
Whereas, since the beginning of the vio-
tained by the Cameroonian security forces, bility provision, despite the well-established
lence in August 2017, humanitarian and
and with full access to legal resources; duty of the Department to defend Federal
media access to Rakhine State has been ex-
(H) release human rights defenders, civil statutes where reasonable arguments can be
tremely limited;
society activists, political prisoners, journal- made in their defense;
Whereas Reuters journalists Wa Lone and
ists, trade unionists, teachers, and any other Whereas the Department of Justice not
Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested on December 12,
citizens who have been arbitrarily arrested only refused to defend the amended indi-
2017, for their work to report on the Burmese
and detained without trial or charge; and vidual responsibility provision, but it affirm-
military’s violent campaign against the
(I) work with United States law enforce- atively argued that this provision is uncon-
ment to thoroughly investigate and pros- stitutional and that the provisions of the Pa-
Whereas, on November 14, 2018, Vice Presi-
ecute Charles Wesco’s murder; and tient Protection and Affordable Care Act
dent Mike Pence said, ‘‘This is a tragedy
(5) urges the separatist groups in guaranteeing issuance of insurance coverage
that has touched the hearts of millions of
Anglophone areas to— regardless of health status or pre-existing
Americans. The violence and persecution by
(A) engage with government officials to conditions (commonly known as the ‘‘guar-
military and vigilantes that resulted in driv-
peacefully express grievances and credibly anteed issue provision’’), sections 2702, 2704,
ing 700,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh is with-
engage in nonviolent efforts to resolve the and 2705(a) of the Public Health Service Act
out excuse.’’;
conflict; (42 U.S.C. 300gg–1, 300gg–3, 300gg–4(a)), and
Whereas, to date, though the refugee crisis
(B) immediately stop committing human prohibiting discriminatory premium rates
is not of their making, the Government of
rights abuses, including killings of civilians, (commonly known as the ‘‘community rating
Bangladesh has accommodated the rapid and
torture, kidnapping, and extortion; provision’’), sections 2701 and 2705(b) of the
massive influx of Rohingya refugees into
(C) end the school boycott and imme- Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C.
Cox’s Bazar;
diately cease attacks on schools, teachers, 300gg(a)(1), 300gg–4(b)) must now be struck
Whereas Burma’s civilian government, led
and education officials, and allow for the down as not severable from the individual re-
by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and
safe return of all students to class; and sponsibility provision; and
President Win Myint, has yet to take the
(D) immediately release all civilians ille- Whereas the district court in Texas v.
necessary steps to address the violence di-
gally detained or kidnapped. United States, No. 4:18–cv–00167–O (N.D. Tex.)
rected against the Rohingya, has failed to
issued an order on December 14, 2018 declar-
f create the necessary conditions for returns
ing that the individual responsibility provi-
(including by actively impeding access to
SENATE RESOLUTION 734—AU- sion in section 5000A(a) of the Internal Rev-
northern Rakhine by UNHCR, UNDP, hu-
THORIZING THE SENATE LEGAL enue Code of 1986 is unconstitutional and
manitarian organizations, and journalists),
COUNSEL TO REPRESENT THE that all the provisions of the Patient Protec-
and has failed to fully implement rec-
tion and Affordable Care Act are not sever-
SENATE IN TEXAS V. UNITED ommendations from the Rakhine Advisory
able and therefore are invalid: Now, there-
STATES, NO. 4:18-CV-00167-O (N.D. Commission that address the root causes of
fore, be it
TEX.) Resolved, That the Senate Legal Counsel is conflict in Rakhine;
authorized to represent the Senate in Texas Whereas, on August 27, 2018, the United Na-
Mr. MANCHIN (for himself, Mr. tions International Fact Finding Mission on
SCHUMER, Mrs. MURRAY, Mr. WYDEN, v. United States, No. 4:18–cv–00167–O (N.D.
Tex.), including seeking to— Myanmar released a report stating that,
Mr. JONES, Mr. CARPER, Ms. BALDWIN, ‘‘The Mission concluded . . . that there is suf-
(1) intervene as a party in the matter and
Mr. BROWN, Mr. KAINE, Mr. UDALL, Mr. related proceedings; and ficient information to warrant the investiga-
DURBIN, Mr. REED, Mr. VAN HOLLEN, (2) defend all provisions of the Patient Pro- tion and prosecution of senior officials in the
Mr. SANDERS, Mr. HEINRICH, Mr. BEN- tection and Affordable Care Act, the amend- Tatmadaw chain of command, so that a com-
NET, Ms. KLOBUCHAR, Ms. SMITH, Mr. ments made by that Act to other provisions petent court can determine their liability for
TESTER, Mrs. MCCASKILL, Ms. HIRONO, of law, and any amendments to such provi- genocide in relation to the situation in
sions, including the provisions ensuring af- Rakhine State.’’;
fordable health coverage for those with pre- Whereas, on August 25, 2018, Secretary of
CASEY, Mr. MURPHY, Ms. CORTEZ State Mike Pompeo stated that ‘‘[a] year
MASTO, Mr. KING, Mr. LEAHY, Ms. existing conditions.
ago, following deadly militant attacks, secu-
DUCKWORTH, Mr. WHITEHOUSE, Mr. MAR- f rity forces responded by launching abhorrent
KEY, Mr. BLUMENTHAL, Mrs. SHAHEEN, SENATE RESOLUTION 735—CON- ethnic cleansing of ethnic Rohingya in
Mr. CARDIN, Mr. MENENDEZ, Mr. BOOK- DEMNING THE MASS ATROCITIES Burma,’’ and continued, ‘‘The U.S. will con-
ER, Ms. HASSAN, Ms. HARRIS, Ms. STA- COMMITTED AGAINST THE tinue to hold those responsible accountable.
BENOW, Mr. PETERS, and Mr. MERKLEY) The military must respect human rights for
ROHINGYA IN BURMA AND URG- Burma’s democracy to succeed.’’;
submitted the following resolution; ING ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE Whereas, on August 17, 2018, the Depart-
which was referred to the Committee BURMESE MILITARY ment of the Treasury announced sanctions
on Rules and Administration: on five Tatmadaw officers and two
Mr. MARKEY (for himself, Mr.
S. RES. 734 Tatmadaw units for human rights abuses in
Whereas Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Ar- Mr. MERKLEY) submitted the following Rakhine, Kachin, and Shan states;
kansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Whereas, on September 24, 2018, the De-
resolution; which was referred to the
Kansas, Louisiana, Paul LePage (Governor of partment of State released a report entitled
Committee on Foreign Relations.:

Maine), Mississippi (by and through Gov- ‘‘Documentation of Atrocities in Northern

ernor Phil Bryant), Missouri, Nebraska, S. RES. 735 Rakhine State’’ that stated the military
North Dakota, South Carolina, South Da- Whereas, in recent decades, the Rohingya ‘‘targeted civilians indiscriminately and
kota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia people have lost, through systematic dis- often with extreme brutality’’ and that the
have filed suit in the United States District crimination by Burmese national, state, and violence in northern Rakhine State was ‘‘ex-
Court for the Northern District of Texas, ar- local authorities, a range of civil and polit- treme, large-scale, widespread and seemingly
guing that the Patient Protection and Af- ical rights, including citizenship, and face geared toward both terrorizing the popu-
fordable Care Act (Public Law 111–148; 124 barriers today such that they have been ren- lation and driving out the Rohingya resi-
Stat. 119), is unconstitutional and should be dered stateless; dents’’ and that the ‘‘scope and scale of the

VerDate Sep 11 2014 09:02 Dec 20, 2018 Jkt 089060 PO 00000 Frm 00109 Fmt 4624 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A19DE6.035 S19DEPT1