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Volume 12 Issue 19 FREE December 21, 2018

2018 Indiana
Day at
For The Island Connection

he 8th Annual Seabrook Island
Indiana Day celebrated the 202nd
anniversary of Indiana’s admission
to the Union. On Dec. 11, 1816 Indiana
was admitted to the Union and 25
local Hoosiers gathered on Dec.11 to
commemorate the event.
The Hoosier festivities were celebrated
at the Oyster Catcher Community Center
with heavy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, Indiana
Trivia, Indoor Corn Hole Toss, auction,
singing and much Hoosier camaraderie.
Various Indiana college fight songs
Tom Steyer spoke to a crowd of more than 120 in Charleston. Photo by Gregg Bragg. were sung and the evening concluded

Tom Steyer visits Charleston

with the usual singing of “Back Home
Again in Indiana.”
The Organizing Committee is
FIVE RIGHTS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY composed of Sam Reed, Pat Greubel,
Cindy Willis, Max Willis, Alan
Armstrong, Susan Meloy and Valerie
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

om Steyer paid a visit to the Lowcountry on Dec. 4 and “The Apprentice: He’s a very good reality TV star, and he’s still
spent a few minutes with the Island Connection in the doing it. He proves it every day.
Mills House’ Best Friend Lounge. “Licensing his name: I don’t know [why] people are willing to pay
The billionaire philanthropist got his start managing mergers for his name, but he clearly makes money [from this]. Whether that’s
and acquisitions for Morgan Stanley in 1979. He followed that to launder money [from] people overseas, hopefully that’s something
career path until he was the one doing the acquiring, forming Mr. Mueller will find out,” Steyer mused. “In terms of being a
what would become Beneficial State Bank in 2007. Steyer formed business person with sensible thoughts, that’s ridiculous. He’s burned
at least a half dozen self-sustaining charities during that time. His through hundreds of millions of other people’s money. What he is, is
most recent effort is the Need to Impeach petition drive, which a snake-oil salesman, and he’s very good at it,” stated Steyer.
has amassed 6,467,110 signatures. Steyer said he chose bright red SC to begin a tour promoting ‘The
“He has called me names,” said Steyer, when asked if he was right to an equal vote,’ the first of five ‘Rights for the 21st century,’
afraid the escalating feud with Trump would fuel the president’s because of the state’s history. Yes, he said he wants to call out and
ire. “I love it. Every time he has insulted me it’s with things that eliminate all forms of voter suppression; voter purges, polling site
have absolutely nothing to do with me, but are absolutely accurate closures, voter intimidation, as well as corporate ownership of
about him. There are three things to think about Donald Trump; elections. However, SC’s position among the first primaries also The winning Indiana trivia team, l-r: Joan
real estate, The Apprentice, and licensing his name. loomed large in Steyer’s choice. Reed, Mike Gorsage, Max Willis, Cindy
“Owning real estate: He [Trump] is a totally failed real estate Willis, and Pam Matzko.
entrepreneur without exception. Tom Steyer continues on page 4 Photos by Valerie Doane.

Art Workshop Citadel Top College in SC Project Moves Forward

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2 December 21, 2018

Kiawah Island Town Council

Lynn Pierotti
publisher BY KATY CALLOWAY reviewed and recommended for approval to demolish 122 Turnberry Ct. The order
The Island Connection Managing Editor from the Ways & Means Committee should be carried out sometime in early
lynn@luckydognews.com followed. January.

A motion was made to approve the The Public Works Committee is
Katy Calloway he last meeting of 2018 was brief Deputy Coverage Contract with the putting together a RFP for redesign
and to the point. Mayor Weaver Charleston County Sheriff’s Office. The of the Kiawah Island Parkway. Mayor
managing editor called the meeting to order, led the
katy@luckydognews.com contract will staff the first shift, (7 a.m.-7 Weaver inquired about the current bridge
pledge of allegiance and the November p.m.) with permanent deputies. Additional construction/reinforcement project.
meeting minutes were approved shifts will continue to be staffed with Stephanie Tillerson answered that it
Jennifer Tuohy unanimously. “off-duty” deputies. Councilmember should be finished in a couple weeks.
contributing editor The Mayor’s update was brief, noting Widuch revised the motion to allow the Diane Mezzanotte had several items
jennifer@luckydognews.com that the election was taking place in the Mayor and Town Attorney to revise the out of the Environmental Committee.
room next door. He requested that his contract and work out any “last minute A student from College of Charleston
comments, regarding the last meeting details.” The motion was approved is working with the Sea Level Rise
Alejandro Ferreyros for the majority of Councilmembers unanimously. Committee to produce detailed flooding
senior graphic designer present, be moved to the closing of the The second item, to renew the contract maps to assess vulnerable areas, identify
alejandro@luckydognews.com meeting, and moved ahead with citizen’s with Town Attorney Dwayne Green, flood zones and allow for better storm
comments. was approved unanimously without preparation. A project of the Grow Native
Lori McGee Wendy Kulick took to the podium to discussion. program, a native plant database will be
sales manager
reiterate comments she made at the Ways The third agenda item, to approve available to the public be early January.
and Means Committee meeting. “We a contract with Sanders Brother for At the meeting’s conclusion, Mayor
lori@luckydognews.com have a number of people who have served Cleaning and inspecting Parkway storm Weaver gave a heartfelt thank you to
on this council who are not standing for drainage was also approved unanimously Councilmembers Diane Mezzanotte, Jack
re-election and the fact that they have without discussion. Koach, John Wilson and Chris Widuch
Senior Staff Writer been willing to put in all the time that has (who ran for re-election) for their service
been required is something that should be Moving right along, the Town
Gregg Bragg Administrator’s report highlighted the on behalf of the community and himself.
appreciated. I think it’s pitiful the turnout “Each of you has made a huge impact… I
we’ve had for the election today. People Feb. 12-13 annual meeting of the South
Contributors Carolina Beach Advocates. Kiawah can’t thank you enough.”
don’t participate, they have no right to
Valerie Doane complain.” Wildlife Biologist Jim Jordan will be
joining the panel in the discussion of
Norm Powers Judge McGill took his turn inquiring sea level rise. The conference will center
Alberta Barron about the item on the day’s agenda to around hurricane impact as well.
Betsy Turner re-approve the contract with Town
Attorney, Dwayne Green. Councilmember Jack Koach noted
Charlotte Park the Planning Commission meeting
On Oct. 1 McGill submitted a FOIA tomorrow, (Dec. 5) and asked Mayor
Marilyn Markel
request for amended or new agreements Weaver to elaborate on the agenda.
Kimberly Keelor made with the town attorney since Feb.
Dimi Matouchev 2015. Calling into question monthly The one subject of interest at the
Kelly Ryan billings, he recognized Green was PC meeting will be the proposal to
previously contracted at $6,666.66. That reconfigure parcel 13, which allows
figure increased to $7083.32 in July of access off of Duneside Rd. rather than
2018. McGill questioned whether or Beachwalker Dr. Weaver noted that, “The
not the re-negotiation had been made in public can feel assured that the Planning
writing, noting his objection wasn’t to the Commission has a clear understanding
increase in payment, but rather to the lack of the diversity of opinion on that issue.”
of transparency in the decision to increase He added that the responsibility for this
the rate. decision lies solely with the Planning
Without response, Mayor Weaver
moved on to New Business. Councilmember Widuch reported
that on Friday the official hearing was
Three agenda items, previously conducted and the order was submitted

Civic Calendar
K iawah Island Town H all
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of South Carolina, LLC Phone: 768-9166
P.O. Box 837 Town of Kiawah Public Works Ways & Means Fax: 768-4764
Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482 Committee Meeting Committee Meeting
Arts & Cultural Jan. 14, 10 a.m. Jan. 22, 2 p.m. Seabrook Island Town H all
Events Council Kiawah Town Hall Kiawah Town Hall 2001 Seabrook Island Road
Jan. 3, 2 p.m. Seabrook Island, SC 29455
Future submission deadline: Environmental Board of Zoning
Kiawah Town Hall Phone: 768-9121
December 26 for the Committee Meeting Appeals
January 4 Issue Fax: 768-9830
Town Council Jan. 15, 2 p.m. Jan. 28, 3 p.m. Email: lmanning@townofseabrookisland.org
Meeting Kiawah Town Hall
Op-Ed articles and letters to the editor do not Jan. 8, 2 p.m. Johns Island Council
necessarily reflect the opinion of Kiawah Town Hall Public Safety Town of Seabrook Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric
Lucky Dog News or its writers. Committee Meeting Co-op located at 3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns
Planning Commission Jan. 16, 2 p.m. Offices Closed Island.
Meeting Kiawah Town Hall Dec. 24 - Dec. 26 Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
The Island Jan. 9, 3 p.m.
Kiawah Town Hall Charleston County Council
Connection 4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC News Updates
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December 21, 2018 3

Dunside Dr. debate

The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer

iawah Partners’ intention to alter family-friendly walking community.
Duneside Dr. into a throughway The developers and their mercenaries
to new development along want you to believe the impact will be
Beachwalker resulted in a very public inconsequential. Those of us who have
defeat last April. A phalanx of residents called this area home for many years know
opposed the change on the grounds of it will be devastating. As they degrade
both safety, and security considerations. our environment, it will impact our well-
They garnered emphatic support from being… the safety of our families – spouses,
elected officials at all levels, as well as the children, grandchildren. The developer
Kiawah Island Community Association. elects to dismiss these concerns by offering
KICA said affected properties were to throw some money at resolving safety
“encumbered by recorded convents and issues when we don’t even have a clear
restrictions” which precluded the idea, picture of what needs to be done.
in a letter sent to Planning Commission
(PC) Chair Fred Peterson.
KP subsequently withdrew their i understand
request before any of several re-scheduled
Planning Commission confrontations that compromise
could be held. Their formal withdrawal is necessary,
insisted the decision did not concede
precedent, preserving the option to make but what is on
similar requests in the future. Apparently, the table today
KP has since been working with KICA to is absolute
make similar requests - in the exact same
location. overreach and
Duneside residents were surprised to unsupported by
hear KICA executed a memorandum facts
of understanding (MOU) with KP
on Nov. 20. Pitched as a victory, the
MOU could be read two ways; KICA is
“We need TOKI-PC to request
Tid e Char t
going to build infrastructure mitigating
safety concerns to facilitate the change/ an Environmental Assessment of this
future development in the area with KP proposal. We also need a professional
contributing up to $100,000 or KP does Traffic Study, done independently from
the building and KICA will contribute up the developer, KICA, and even my own
to $100,000. community, to offer an unbiased opinion
on the number of vehicles we can expect Date High Tide Low Tide
Spending KICA/resident’s funds this
way is unprecedented, especially while on this winding, limited sight-line road.
“special assessments” continue, and The developer is obviously bothered by Dec 21 8:01am/8:06pm 1:27am/2:09pm
the fact that pedestrians will be in the
seemed to reaffirm the issue as an island-
way. They probably would like a study as Dec 22 8:42am/8:47pm 2:08am/2:51pm
wide concern.
No less than 60 residents showed up
to how to make people disappear… But, Dec 23 9:21am/9:27pm 2:47am/3:32pm
why should we be concerned? After all,
on short notice to the resulting Planning Dec 24 10:00am/10:07pm 3:25am/4:12pm
it’s only families and children that will be
Commission meeting held on Dec. 5.
put at risk. It’s far better to maximize the
The request that took months to unfold
Return on Investment for the developer’s Dec 25 10:40am/10:48pm 4:03am/4:52pm
earlier in the year, made it all the way
to the floor of the PC in 2 weeks time,
investors. Dec 26 11:20am/11:32pm 4:42am/5:32pm
despite a holiday. PC Chair Fred Peterson “I understand that compromise is
necessary, but what is on the table today Dec 27 12:04pm 5:25am/6:15pm
set the stage by establishing a 2-minute
time limit on citizen’s comments, and is absolute overreach and unsupported Dec 28 12:20am/12:50pm 6:14am/7:01pm
insisted presentations not include repeated by facts,” Connolly concluded. His
information. comments echoed the concerns of others. Dec 29 1:12am/1:41pm 7:09am/7:51pm
KP representatives didn’t speak during
A dozen or more people spoke to
the comment period, but did respond
Dec 30 2:07am/2:34pm 8:10am/8:42pm
committee members including Tip
Jennings, Greg Kazinski, Ross Appel directly to a question from committee Dec 31 3:02am/3:29pm 9:13am/9:34pm
(attorney for Duneside I & II), Marilyn member Andy Capelli. He wanted to
Larach, Rhonnie Newton, Shari Daldo, know the “whys” and “why nows” of the Jan 01 3:57am/4:23pm 10:13am/10:26pm
Andrew Greenspan, Wendy Kulick, Jan 02 4:50am/5:15pm 11:10am/11:17pm
Diane Lehder, Dave DeStefano, and Mark Permar, architect of the Duneside
Ginny Abbot. However, Kiawah Fire plan, and KP spokesman said they filed Jan 03 5:42am/6:07pm 12:03pm
Commissioner and former KICA Board when they did because of a better idea of
Chair John Connolly read a prepared West Beach and Resort improvements. Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.
statement. The reason for the request is “it [the Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
“I think we all understand how additional units planned] has greater very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
challenging it can be dealing with an value if it’s inside the gate,” said Permar. wrong so use common sense.
entity that doesn’t really care about The room eventually quieted, and the
Kiawah but exists to serve a group of PC decided to defer a decision until Jan. Source: saltwatertides.com
indifferent investors who have no long- 24, 2019.
term vested interest in our island. The Island Connection has since
“Opening Duneside Rd. will absolutely learned a traffic study will be undertaken
have a negative impact on our long-valued, during the time between meetings.
4 December 21, 2018 December 21, 2018 5
daily daily

Seabrook community garden rule faces scrutiny

‘framework’ addressed both components. who’s to blame for it.’ “No one ever creates 1. The Right to an Equal Vote -
Tom Steyer continues from cover “Take healthcare, for example. We pay anything great in a fist fight. You break So everyone has an equal voice
“It’s a fact, the American political more for it than anywhere in the world, stuff. It’s expensive. You have to pay for to demand justice from our
and have poorer outcomes than those lawyers. When you cooperate with people, government and can vote with no
conversation happens in the presidential
election, and it happens disproportionately paying less. And drugs, you can’t get you both do better, but Trump doesn’t do discrimination and no barriers. MEMBERS PETITION FOR EXEMPTION
in the early primary states. That’s where them any cheaper because there’s a law in that. He starts by punching somebody.” 2. The Right to Clean Air & Clean
people go to talk about ideas, the future, place that prevents you from getting the Steyer wrapped up the interview by Water - So everyone can breathe BY GREGG BRAGG its Dec. 10 board meeting concerning the community Asked if the board president proposed the amendment,
and what we can be. So actually SC is same thing outside the U.S. cheaper. It’s saying he is not a fan of charter schools fresh air and drink clean water, free The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer gardens is a reflection of today’s Seabrook Island Paton said, “Yes. The wording of the original motion was
the perfect place to begin a conversation that way because somebody wants it that and thinks it further dilutes the public from industrial poisons. community, I want no part of it. vague and as written would have allowed anyone who is

about the right to an equal vote for every way,” Steyer said to emphasize the need for coffers. He applauded the Lowcountry’s 3. The Right to Learn - So everyone “The proposal was simple. It was a small modification currently a gardener to continue to use the gardens even
change in the way campaigns are funded. efforts to ban plastics, but isn’t sure bans ne of the Beatles happier songs involves a garden
American citizen.” has the right to a free, quality, by the sea, and none of them would be surprised to the recently accepted rules for the community garden if they no longer reside or own property on Seabrook
Asked if Nancy Pelosi’s draft ‘HB-1’ Steyer thinks grass-root actions yield can continue to spread. “That’s a pretty public education from preschool plots. The motion was to grandfather in a long-time Island in the future.
big lobby. There’s a struggle in the United to find one on idyllic Seabrook Island. Yet not
(automatic voter registration, increased more success than funding large think through college. just one, but technically over 50 gardens apportioned gardener who no longer qualified to have a garden plot “The revised motion was an effort to make the original
early voting, mechanisms for on-line tanks like the Heritage Foundation. States… between logic/human interest, 4. The Right to a Living Wage - So no because of the new rules. This would correct an oversight motion more consistent with the guidelines/rules. ‘Plot
and straight up [financial] interest. Does from a single tract near the maintenance shed beside the
voting, and etc.) for the next session of “My old roommate used to be the head one needs to work more than one stables. The garden has been there for close to 20 years, by those who drafted them. holders who were not property owners on Aug. 20,
congress was the agenda for 2020, Steyer of research at the Heritage Foundation. money get its way, or do we do the right full-time job. 2018 are allowed to continue to tend their plot under
thing,” posited Steyer. and getting a plot was as easy as filling out a form. Token “Board members were aware that this individual was
remained on message. He said ‘we don’t do research. We’re a 5. The Right to Health - So everyone applications typically received rubber-stamp approval/ a 78-year-old Black lady who had enjoyed her garden for the conditions set forth herein. This exemption is valid
“We’re talking about five rights, a political organization.’ They’re a lobbying Responding to the real question he has a chance to live a healthy life, renewal from the Seabrook Island Property Owners 14 years. At one point, the wording of the amendment was only if said persons’ Property Owner(s) remains in good
framework for American citizens to be organization,” Steyer insisted. However, artfully ducked so far, would have to wait with universal healthcare. Association (SIPOA), until a rule change last August left changed to make it absolutely clear this would grandfather standing, and shall expire upon termination of said
protected, and therefore free to pursue he says the other half of success is ideas. for his Town Hall later in the evening. Mary Johnson landless. only this one individual and have no other impact on the new persons’ renter status within the SID as of that date.’ The
The panel discussion and the purpose
their lives,” he said. “America is begging, in my humble Steyer booked The Schoolhouse at 720 rules. How could what appeared to be a simple motion warrant motion was defeated by a vote of 7/4.”
of visiting the Lowcountry was to The Septuagenarian “has two joys in life; her
opinion, for some direction. A common Middleton Rd. for a 7 p.m. Town Hall taking up nearly half of the December Board meeting? Paton also said, “The Board is trying to resolve this
Steyer respects the constitution but discuss the first ‘right,’ and they did for gardening, and her grandkids,” according to a Seabrook
understanding of what we’re trying to do meeting. Attendance was estimated at 120, while also abiding by the guidelines/rules requirement that
thinks it needs an upgrade. For example, a while. However, attendees seemed more resident who asked their name not be used. Johnson “On the day following the Board meeting, the
as a society, that gets us moving forward and eclipsed the 25-50 Steyer anticipated. the garden group, Environmental Committee and Board
he doesn’t feel freedom from garrisoning interested in what Steyer had to say, and has been renting [and gardening] on Seabrook for the Environmental Committee voted unanimously to
again, looking to the future, and creating He invited local leaders including Derrick approved. There are currently 21 property owners on the
troops in peacetime is as germane today eventually said so, and still no answer to past 14 years, and a ‘property owners only’ rule has her send this motion back to the SIPOA Board again for
again… instead of destroying and moving Johnson, NAACP President and CEO; waiting list for garden plots. The Board is actively working to
as the right to vote. the real question, whether or not he is garden rights in question. Certain SIPOA and its board consideration and approval during their January meeting.
backwards,” he added. Dot Scott, President of the NAACP try to develop a method to accommodate this non-owner in
“What Nancy’s doing has two parts. considering a run in the 2020 presidential of directors didn’t realize the ramifications of the rule, This should allow time for any remaining questions to be
It didn’t take long for Steyer to respond Charleston Branch; Susan Smith, resident election. several residents explained the effects of the change, and investigated as well as a full understanding of the motion a way other than an individual exception to the Guidelines.
One of them is Republicans have
when asked if there was something in of the SC Democratic Women's Council are seeking an exception. and hopefully will be a true reflection of the Seabrook An exception would accommodate one individual at the
decided the way they can stay in power Steyer told Vice News he was “willing”
particular that ‘set him off’ about Trump. and Chairwoman of SC Working Families Island community,” read parts of an email reaction from present time, but it doesn’t solve the ultimate issue because
is by cheating; putting the polls in places to run for president, and told Reuters he Alison Standard grew frustrated after a couple of
“I watched Trump in the private sector for Party; Abe Jenkins Jr., former Political Seabrook resident Charles Moore. The email was used by another exception request could arise again in the future.
people can’t get to, striking people off wanted to do whatever would make the months of inaction, and launched a Care2 petition
decades. I held 40 Town Halls this year, Director of the South Carolina Democratic the Island Connection with permission. The Board plans to discuss this again.”
the rolls, changing the rules so young “most impact,” during the press gaggle begging for an exception. She got 73 signatures, including
and I would say the vast majority of the Party to join him for a panel style Johnson’s garden, meanwhile, has gone fallow. “I
people can’t vote, [instituting] voter ID following the meeting. To summarize, over 30 from other gardeners. Standard thought she Asked what precipitated establishing rules in the first
people I was talking to were passionately discussion, in another interesting move. was afraid to do anything to it. I didn’t want to make
laws, gerrymandering… cheating, the Steyer is definitely not committed to not prevailed on the board when an amendment that would place, SIPOA COO Heather Paton told the IC in an email;
trying to defend the American system, as “People vote against something in a trouble, but I’ve been so upset and Lynn Kennedy told
thing up in NC - straight up cheating, running for president in 2020, though it have allowed Johnson to keep her plot was placed on “In the past there had been no formal documentation of the
they believe it. He is just an absolute threat midterm, but they’re voting for something me; ‘just go work in your garden’. That garden means
but that’s a partisan issue. The other sure looks like SC has witnessed the first the agenda for a vote during SIPOA’s board meeting on SIPOA garden plot rules and requirements…The goal was
to basic American values.” in a presidential election,” he said, invoking everything to me. I love gardening, being around people,
part of this is the corporate purchase battle of the next presidential election. Dec. 10. Board Chair Julie McCulloch sponsored and to create a document that addresses garden practices, and
of our democracy.” Steyer went on to Steyer then invoked a line reminiscent of former President Barack Obama. That championed the amendment, which failed 7-4 including establishes equitable and appropriate processes to address and sharing what I know,” says Johnson, who was raised
the movie The American President, ‘he just ‘something’ is his Five Rights for the 21st For more information visit TomSteyer. on a farm in North Carolina. “When you see somebody
confirm his support of public funding a ‘no’ vote from McCulloch herself. problems/concerns, and also includes a financial component
wants to make you afraid of it, and tell you century. com/5-rights. that needs help, you help! That’s how I was raised.”
for elections, emphasizing that his “If the action taken by the SIPOA Board during to compensate SIPOA for some operating expenses.”
6 December 21, 2018
arts & events arts & events

Lowcountry SI Garden Club

Revolutionary history welcomes Pat Harpell
For The Island Connection

he 2019 SINHG Evening Program
schedule begins on Thursday
evening, Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m.,
with “The American Revolution In The
Lowcountry,” presented by author and
historian Joe Epley.
A key component of the War of
Independence in the Carolinas was
controlling access to Charleston, with Pat Harpell. Photo courtesy of Moore Farms Botanical Garden.
Seabrook, Kiawah and Edisto islands all
playing a role. At least one important BY ALBERTA BARRON Gardening vacations in the U.S. and Europe.
confrontation between British and For The Island Connection Harpell has had the great honor of
American forces took place at what is now taking herbal and medicinal studies with

the intersection of Bohicket and River Sarita Shrestha, MD, among many other
Roads. n Friday, Jan. 11, at 9:30 a.m.
the Seabrook Island Garden sages, and her greatest teacher, Mother
Joe Epley retired from a long career Club welcomes guest speaker Pat Nature. Harpell maintains a sustainable,
Joe Epley. Photo provided.
in public relations 14 years ago to Harpell. The club meets at the Seabrook organic garden in her hometown of
Tryon, North Carolina, where he began Seabrook Island residents and their Charleston and is happiest when there is
guests are welcome at SINHG Evening Island Lake House.
researching and writing about the dirt under her fingernails and between her
American Revolution. He is the author Programs at the Lake House. There is a Pat Harpell, is the founder and chief toes.
of the historical novel “A Passel of Hate”, $5 charge for non-SINHG members. executive weeder of the South Carolina
Herbal Society. Her presentation on The Seabrook Island Garden Club
which was awarded a Silver Medal by the Evening Programs will continue in cordially invites all members and guests to
Military Writers Society of America and February with “Living With Primates”, “Growing and Cooking with Herbs” is
sure to inspire and entertain. its monthly meetings. Light refreshments
was named as an Editor’s Choice by the presented by Dr. Shirley McGreal of the will be served. New on the island? This is
Historical Novel Society. His latest novel, International Primate Protection League. In addition to being the fuel behind a great venue to meet your neighbors.
“A Passel Of Trouble”, centers on the the SCHS, Harpell teaches an Herbal
For a complete schedule of Evening Apprenticeship program in Charleston, is a For information on membership please
activities a British Loyalist during the war Programs, visit sinhg.org.
in North and South Carolina. guest teacher and speaker, and leads Yoga and contact Holli Bolte, email: hmbolte@yahoo.com.
December 21, 2018 7
arts & events arts & events

SI Artist Guild SI Artist Guild

For The Island Connection

he artist guild’s Artist of the
Month for January, Frank Cassara,
has recently returned from a stint
as 2018 Artist in Residence for SC State
Parks at Table Rock State Park in Pickens,
Cassara has been interested in drawing
and art since early childhood. He took
Headin' South, 20x24, oil on canvas art classes through high school and
considered majoring in art in college.
While in college, he took a course in
BY BETSY TURNER Painting from photos can be difficult painting with acrylics. Although he
For The Island Connection since not only can you not rearrange enjoyed expressing himself through paint
nature, but the camera darkens shadow media, other interests, raising a family

ased on numerous requests from areas and enhances lit areas. Especially for and career distractions kept him from
members, instead of having the inexperienced artists who might tend to pursuing this passion until he retired from Frank Cassara. Photo provided.
usual visiting artist demonstration literally copy the photo, this results in not his career with a major pharmaceutical
only inaccurate depictions, but also does his experiences and his work with others.
at our January meeting, we will be company.
holding an interactive workshop led by little to express the true beauty we see with In addition to this exhibition in the
our eyes. We will explore the many options Cassara was reawakened to his love of Lake House, Cassara’s paintings can also
Bob LeFevre on two subjects of interest: art and started to paint in oil several years
available to both improve the accurate be seen at Perspective Gallery in Mount
1. Photographing Your Finished depiction of scenes and create different or ago. Oil painting has allowed him to use Pleasant.
Artwork even greater effects using an iPhone, iPad color to capture the beauty of nature in
all its many forms. The marshes, ocean Join Frank Cassara and Seabrook Island
This will include proper camera or computer before printing the photo. Artist Guild members for an opening
settings, lighting and reworking/ and sun at his home on Seabrook provide
This workshop is open to members and ample subject matter; however, he has reception on Thursday, Jan. 3 from 5–7
enhancing the photograph. non-members. p.m. in the front hall of the Lake House.
2. Improving Compositional Elements also captured the colors of mountains,
and Manipulating the Photos You Paint To learn more about the Seabrook Island winter, wildlife and flowers. Painting has To learn more about the artist guild and
From Artist Guild and upcoming events, please go to become a lifelong learning experience for upcoming events, please visit the website at
the website at SeabrookIslandArtistGuild.com. Cassara and he looks forward to sharing SeabrookIslandArtistGuild.com.
8 December 21, 2018
arts & events

36th Annual Lowcountry Oyster Festival

For The Island Connection

n Jan. 27 the Charleston Restaurant Foundation
invites guests to head to Boone Hall Plantation for
the world’s largest oyster festival, the 36th Annual
Lowcountry Oyster Festival. Tickets are now available
for purchase online at CharlestonRestaurantAssociation.
A tribute to the mighty mollusk, the Lowcountry
Oyster Festival will feature over 80,000 pounds of
oysters, in addition to a variety of food options from local
restaurants and food trucks. Event highlights include
the legendary “Oyster Shucking” and “Oyster Eating”
contests, live music on the main stage, local wine and
beer, and the Pluff-a-Pallooza Children’s Area.
“We can’t wait to welcome the world’s largest oyster
festival back to Boone Hall Plantation on January 27,”
shares Charleston Restaurant Foundation President
Jonathan Kish. “One of the most highly anticipated
culinary events of the year, the Oyster Festival is always a
memorable experience for both visitors and locals alike.”
The Lowcountry Oyster Festival runs from 10 a.m.-5
p.m. General admission is $17.50 in advance online and
$25 the day of the event. Children ten and under are free
with paying adult. VIP tickets are $100 through Dec. 31
and $125 starting Jan. 1, which include admission to the
VIP tent for unlimited oysters, food and beverages. There The Lowcountry Oyster Festival at Boone Hall Plantation. Photo courtesy of GCRA.
is no charge for general parking.
The festival is a rain or shine event. No pets, coolers Mount Pleasant, SC, 29464. There are two entrances For more information and to join the
or outside food and beverages will be allowed. Oyster into the event: the main Boone Hall entrance off Long #LowcountryOysterFest conversation, follow on Instagram,
knives and gloves will be available for purchase. Boone Point Road and the entrance off Highway 17. Twitter and Facebook.
Hall Plantation is located at 1235 Long Point Road, The Lowcountry Oyster Festival is a charity fundraiser.
December 21, 2018 9

Citadel top public college in South


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

BY KIMBERLY KEELOR interim president of The Citadel. “A Citadel education is The Citadel is also at the top of its peer group when
For The Island Connection based on the values of honor, duty and respect which clearly it comes to alumni giving, according to U.S. News &
resonate with many families across America.” World Report, which ranks The Citadel at 25%, followed

The 2019 Best Colleges rankings were released in the by Elon University at 22%, with the average giving level
or the eighth consecutive year, U.S. News & World at 7.37%, according to the chart.
Report ranks The Citadel as the #1 public college fall by the news outlet that was one of the first American
in the South offering up to a master’s degree. The publishers to produce a college rankings list based on “Alumni giving demonstrates the passionate
Citadel ranks #3 Best College in the South, when private a complex formula of publically reported data to help commitment our graduates have for their alma mater,”
and public schools are combined, up from #4 last year. prospective students select colleges. said Jay Dowd, Ph.D., chief executive officer of The
The Citadel earned notable rankings in the following Citadel Foundation. “Our current 25% alumni
The Citadel moved up to #1 for Best College for participation rate represents a strong vote of confidence
Veterans in the South, from the #2 position last fall. areas:
#1 Best public college in the South offering up to a in the college’s strategic vision and the experience we
Additionally, The Citadel is in the top ten for Most provide for future leaders.”
Innovative Schools in the South for the first time. At master’s degree
#9, The Citadel leads South Carolina institutions along #1 Best College for Veterans in the South Additionally, the 2019 findings show the student
with the College of Charleston, which tied for the spot. faculty ratio at 12:1, with 41 percent of the college’s
#3 Regional Universities South
According to U.S. News & World Report, the innovative undergraduate classes having fewer than 20 students.
#8 Best Undergraduate Teaching in the South
schools rankings come from input from the colleges and According to U.S. News & World Report, it ranks
#9 Most Innovative Schools in the South; tied with only regionally accredited institutions with four-year
nominations from peers ”for those making the most College of Charleston for top in state
innovative improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, undergraduate-degree-seeking students.
#11 Best Value in the South “The rankings are formulated based on data from and
students, campus life, technology or facilities.”
#23 Best Engineering Programs offering up to a about each school in up to 15 areas related to academic
Another first for The Citadel is being ranked in the top
master’s degree nationally excellence. Each indicator is assigned a weight (expressed
ten for Best Undergraduate Teaching, at #8. The college
ranks #3 Best Undergraduate Teaching in the South. “For members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets, as a percentage) based on U.S. News’ judgments about
the U.S. News and World Report top ranking is a which measures of quality matter most,” according to the
“We do not take the U.S. News & World Report ranking
source of pride,” said Cadet Logan Miller, Regimental website.
of best public college in the South for granted. It affirms the
Public Affairs Officer. “This achievement underscores
effectiveness of dedicated faculty, staff, alumni and donors A detailed breakdown of the methodology can be found
the effectiveness of our 24/7 military structure, cadet
who are committed to our mission to educate and develop on the Best Colleges 2019 Methodology webpage.
leadership and our shared commitment to always strive
principled leaders,” said Gen. John B. Sams Jr., USAF (Ret.),
for excellence.”
10 December 21, 2018

Holiday Shopping Guide

December 21, 2018 11
daily seasons of the south

Property management is Seasoned Pecans

just what you need
M A N A G E M E N T & R E N TA L S U P P O R T
For The Island Connection

For The Island Connection
f you are new to the Sea Islands of bigger issues. Your home will be properly
the Lowcountry or even if you are a prepared for an incoming weather event

seasoned pro, a property manager is a and your manager will report to you once hese are addictive. Great with a 3. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until
necessity. the storm passes to coordinate any needed glass of wine or bubbly and some lightly browned. When you can
At the basic level, a property manager repairs and clean up. delicious cheese before a romantic smell pecans they are ready. Be
will oversee your property and ensure Your property manager can take the dinner. They can be made several days in careful not to over brown.
everything is in good condition. They headache and worry from your visits and advance and are easily transportable. They 4. Remove from the oven and let
perform routine inspections, contact you allow you to relax and enjoy your home as also make great gifts if stored in food cool completely in pan. Store in an
with any issues that arise, can coordinate it was meant to be: a vacation home. They ready gift bags with a big bow. airtight container. These will keep
repairs, winterize or storm prep your can handle detailed tasks such as deliver Ingredients: for a week or longer.
home, handle deliveries to your home, groceries, ensure your cable/internet and 3 cups pecan halves One of the top culinary instructors in
supervise renovation projects, assist with appliances are working properly, outdoor ½ stick butter (4 Tbsp) the South, Marilyn has pursued her passion
guests or renters that use your home, and areas are free of debris, and even turn your Dash Worcestershire sauce for teaching in Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas,
that’s just the start. thermostat up or down according to your Texas; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and
preferences and leave some lights on for ¼ tsp (or more) of Kahuna Garlic Salt or
It is important to have on-site property your favorite garlic salt the Charleston, South Carolina, area
management services available whether you. where she now resides. She is the author
you rent your home or not. Besides being Are you in the market for manager? To Instructions:
of Southern Breads cookbook by Arcadia
a contact for your guests, your manager find the right one for you, ask yourself: do 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt
Publishing. Her work has appeared in
can schedule repairs and housekeeping, I want to rent my property? Am I looking butter in a small saucepan over
the Charleston Post and Courier, Island
provide routine maintenance, check for to do renovations at the house and need medium heat or in a glass bowl
Eye News among other newspapers, and
damages between guests, and stage the guidance or someone to supervise? How (large enough to accommodate
the magazine Edible Piedmont, and she
property for incoming guests. However, involved do I want to be in the care of pecans) in the microwave.
was featured in the documentary Pimento
even if you do not rent your home, having my home? The most important service 2. Stir in pecans and Worcestershire in Cheese, Please, produced by the Southern
a property manager check on it regularly your property manager can provide you is the melted butter until evenly coated. Foodways Alliance.
can prevent small problems, such as leaks peace of mind. Spread in one layer in a 9x13 baking
and electrical issues, from becoming much pan. Sprinkle evenly with salt.
December 21 Island Connection Calendar January 29
ONGOING MORE INFO: Local, mixed community Wednesdays Thursdays & Sundays WHERE: Caw Caw Interpretive Center Orchestra featuring Zachary Hammond music by Joshua Jarman. Food and drinks WHERE: throughout Charleston
WHAT: Southbound: Photographs of and chorus, open for membership. Season runs WHAT: Timbers Kiawah Concerts in the WHAT: Live Music WHEN: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on oboe and Ken Lam, Conductor. available for sale. Buckets of oysters from WHEN: various times
about the New South October through March. For information Courtyard WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar MORE INFO: All ages. Check in at For tickets and information visit Charleston Bay Gourmet will be $10 MORE INFO: 5th Annual Charleston
WHERE: Halsey Institute of contact Director of Music, Van McCollum at WHERE: The Courtyard between Hege’s WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. registration and receive a building permit and GaillardCenter.org. each, and Dave ‘N’ Dubs variety of hot Jazz Festival will feature jazz legends
Contemporary Art 404.401.0678 or vanmccollum@bellsouth.net. and Java Java (Freshfields Village) MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines materials, then start creating your own little dogs. Sponsored by CCPRC, tickets $8 in and emerging artists. Artists perform a
WHEN: Oct. 19 - March 2 WHEN: 6-8 p.m. by the glass every day. For details visit dwelling. An on-site chaperone for children WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9 advance, $10 on-site, if available, advance wide range of styles including Swing,
MORE INFO: An unprecedented Tuesdays MORE INFO: Join Timbers Kiawah in FortyEightWineBar.com. is required. Call 843.795.4386 or visit purchase recommended. Children age 3 and Salsa, Blues, Brazilian, the American
exhibition co-curated by Mark Sloan, WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and The Courtyard every Wednesday for live CharlestonCountyParks.com for details. WHAT: Genealogy Fair under are free. CharlestonCountyParks.com Songbook and more. For full lineup visit
director and chief curator of the Halsey Activities music with Chris Dodson, outdoor kids Saturday WHERE: The Lake House or by calling 843.795.4386. CharlestonJazz.com.
Institute of Contemporary Art, and WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House games, local art and beverages provided WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market SATURDAY, DEC. 29 WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Mark Long, professor of political science, WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. by Timbers Kiawah. The series will run WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool, MORE INFO: Hosted by the Seabrook SUNDAY, JAN. 13 TUESDAY, JAN. 29
both of whom are on the faculty of the MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- through Wed., Aug. 29. 2024 Academy Rd. WHAT: New Year’s Eve Bash! (ages 11 Island Genealogy Club, Digging Into
College of Charleston. For info visit hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and younger) Roots Together, free event features WHAT: Joe Gransden Quartet WHAT: SEADogs Annual Meeting
SouthboundProject.org. led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and WHAT: English Conversation Club MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library experts from Charleston Public Library, WHERE: Turtle Point Clubhouse, Kiawah WHERE: TBD
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library round farmers market, highlighting WHEN: 2-3 p.m. Charleston Chapter of the South Carolina WHEN: 5:30 p.m. WHEN: TBD
Mondays information and to purchase tickets for the date WHEN: 2 p.m. produce and locally produced goods MORE INFO: Who says New Year’s Eve Genealogy Society, and the Daughters MORE INFO: Quentin Baxter presents MORE INFO: Speaker from Pilots N Paws
WHAT: Family Trees and museum house you would like to attend. MORE INFO: Practice speaking English and foods. Live music, kids activities. parties are only for grown-ups? Children of the Revolution. Open to all Seabrook a 2019 three-part jazz series, sponsored will address the group. Pilots N Paws runs
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, with a small group. Beginners to advanced JohnsIslandFarmersMarket.com for details. can enjoy their own fun-filled party and Island, Kiawah Island and Kiawah by the Town of Kiawah Island Cultural an online meeting place where volunteers
3673 Maybank Hwy. WHAT: Kick-it at Bohicket learners welcome. A children’s program bring in the new year in their own way. For River Estates owners. For more info visit Events Fund. First concert of the series can come together and arrange or schedule
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. WHERE: Bohicket Marina and/or craft will be provided during the Third Saturday of details visit CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945. DiggingTogether.blogspot.com. features trumpeter/vocalist Joe Gransden. rescue flights, overnight foster care or
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the WHEN: 6:30 p.m. club meeting. Registration is not required; the Month Tickets are $25, available at BaxterMusic. shelter, and all other related animal rescue
process of clearing title for heirs’ property MORE INFO: Face painting, a balloon artist, call 843.559.1945 for more information. WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee MONDAY, DEC. 31 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 9-JAN. 20 org or call 843.766.8814. activities. For info about the Seabrook Dog
by defining the family tree. For more DJ and sand art bracelets. Co-sponsored by WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah Owners Group visit SIDogs.org.
The Town of Seabrook Island & Bohicket WHAT: NOON Year’s Eve WHAT: Charleston Restaurant Week TUESDAY, JAN. 15
information or to make an appointment WHAT: Kids Fish WHEN: 9-11 a.m.
Merchants Association. For questions call Todd WHERE: Children’s Museum of the WHERE: Locations throughout SATURDAY, FEB. 2
for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036 WHERE: Bohicket Marina MORE INFO: This free event will feature
at 248.719.0076. Lowcountry Charleston WHAT: Seabrook Island Artist Guild
WHEN: Check-in at 8:30 a.m., Fishing antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any
WHEN: 9 a.m.-2 p.m. WHEN: various times WHERE: The Lake House WHAT: Save the Light Half Marathon & 5K
WHAT: Farmer’s Market from 9-10 a.m. and 10-11 a.m. other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments
First and Third MORE INFO: Celebrate the start of MORE INFO: Deals from WHEN: 1-3:30 p.m. WHERE: Folly Beach Pier
WHERE: Freshfields Village MORE INFO: For ages 4-14. Cost is available for purchase by Java Java Coffee
Tuesdays 2019 with sparkling art projects, glitzy Charleston’s most renowned chefs. MORE INFO: Interactive workshop led WHEN: 8:30 a.m.
WHEN: 4 - 8 p.m. $7.00- includes bait, tackle, rod and reel. House. If you have any specific questions
WHAT: The Charleston County Public countdown and ball drop at noon. This For a list of participating restaurants, by Bob LeFevre. Open to non-members. MORE INFO: Save the Light, Inc.
MORE INFO: Shop locally grown organic Check-in 8:30- Fishing 9-10 a.m. and about the event, please contact Bruce
Library Bookmobile event is included with CML membership or menus and reservations visit To learn more about the Seabrook partners with CCPRC for second annual
produce along with specialty food products, 10-11 a.m. Co-sponsored by The Town of Stemerman at bstemerman@gmail.com.
WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s admission. No pre-registration is required. CharlestonRestaurantAssociation.com. Island Artist Guild and upcoming race benefitting Morris Island Lighthouse.
delicious treats, fresh seafood and Lowcountry Seabrook Island & Bohicket Merchants
For details visit ExploreCML.org. events, please go to the website at Both USATF-certified races begin and
crafts. Or come hungry and enjoy BBQ, take- WHEN: 10-11 a.m. Association. For questions call Todd at FRIDAY, DEC. 21
away dinners, sweets and more. MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the 248.719.0076. FRIDAY, JAN. 11 SeabrookIslandArtistGuild.com. end near the Folly Beach Pier. Half
first and third Tuesdays of the month. The WHAT: Half Day Movie Matinee (children) TUESDAY, JAN. 1-30 marathon is a run-only event; the 5K is
WHAT: Frank Vignola’s Hot Jazz Guitar Trio THURSDAY, JAN. 24-27 open to runners and walkers. To register
WHAT: Charleston Coastal Choir schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 Thursdays WHERE: Johns Island Regional Library
WHAT: Museum Month WHERE: Turtle Point Clubhouse visit CharlestonCountyParks.com or call
WHERE: Church of Our Savior & 17, August 7 & 21. WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and WHEN: 11 a.m.
WHERE: Various locations WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHAT: Charleston Jazz Festival 843.795.4386.
WHEN: 1 p.m. Activities MORE INFO: Start winter break right
WHEN: Various times MORE INFO: Tickets complimentary
WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House with a movie and a snack. For details visit
MORE INFO: Pass grants access to and available to residents 12/18 and the
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. CCPL.org or call 843.559.1945.
local museums. Check individual sites general public 12/22. Pick up tickets
MORE INFO: Family tours start on the half- for scheduled hours of operation. 12 at the Municipal Center or online at
hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. Docent- FRIDAY, DEC. 21-JAN. 1 participating sites including Aiken- KiawahIsland.org/events. Sponsored by the
led scavenger hunt tours, historic games and Rhett House, The Charleston Museum, Kiawah Arts & Cultural Events Council.
toys in the garden. HistoricCharleston.org for WHAT: Holiday Light Show
WHERE: College of Charleston, Cistern Edmondston-Alston House, Gibbes
information and to purchase tickets for the date Museum of Art and others. Adult tickets WHAT: Seabrook Island Garden Club
and museum house you would like to attend. Yard
WHEN: 6-9 p.m. $25, children $10. Purchases can be made WHERE: Lake House
MORE INFO: 2nd annual Cougar Night in advance online, making these passes a WHEN: 9:30 a.m.
WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn great holiday gift. Ticket purchases must MORE INFO: “Growing and Cooking
WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, Lights holiday spectacular transforms
historic Cistern Yard and Randolph Hall be made in person at a Charleston Visitor with Herbs,” presented by Pat Harpell. For
Freshfields Village Center downtown, in North Charleston, or information on membership please contact
WHEN: 6-8 p.m. with a specially designed light and sound
show. Hot chocolate stand on weekends. in Mount Pleasant. Holli Bolte at hmbolte@yahoo.com.
MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz
every Thursday evening in the lounge of Each night, the show plays on the hour.
the Andell Inn Hotel. Drinks and food CharlestonCVB.com for details. FRIDAY, JAN. 4 & 5 SATURDAY, JAN. 12
available. No cover charge. 843.793.6050. WHAT: Beethoven’s 5th WHAT: Shuckin’ on the Cooper
AndellInn.com. FRIDAY, DEC. 28 WHERE: Gaillard Center WHERE: Mount Pleasant Pier
WHAT: Fairy House Day WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHEN: 1-4 p.m.
MORE INFO: Charleston Symphony MORE INFO: Steamed oysters, live
14 December 21, 2018
financial focus

Consider some New Year’s

financial resolutions
BY DIMI MATOUCHEV apply to Roth IRAs.) Contributions to a
For The Island Connection traditional IRA may be tax-deductible,
depending on your income, and any

earnings growth is tax-deferred. Roth
s the year winds down, you may IRA contributions are not deductible,
want to look ahead to see which but earnings growth can be withdrawn
areas of your life you can improve tax-free, provided you don’t start taking
in 2019. Perhaps you’ll decide to exercise withdrawals until you are 59 ½ and you’ve
more, eat healthier foods, reconnect with had your account at least five years. You
old friends or volunteer at a school or can put most types of investments –
charitable organization. All these goals are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government
certainly worthwhile, but you also may securities and so on – into an IRA, so it
want to add some New Year’s financial can expand your options beyond those
resolutions to your list. offered in your 401(k) or similar plan.
Here are a few ideas to consider: Build an emergency fund. Try to build
Boost contributions to your employer- an emergency fund containing three to six
sponsored retirement plan. Good news, months’ worth of living expenses, with the
contribution limits will be increasing for money held in a low-risk, liquid account.
many employer-sponsored retirement plans. This fund can help you avoid dipping in
For 2019, you can contribute up to to your long-term investments to pay for
$19,000 (up from $18,500 in 2018), or unexpected costs, such as a major car repair.
$25,000 (up from $24,500 in 2018) if Control your debts. Do what you
you’re 50 or older to your 401(k) or similar can to keep your debts under control.
employer-sponsored retirement plan. Ultimately, the less you have to spend on
It’s usually a good idea to contribute as debt payments, the more you can invest
much as you can afford to your employer’s for your future.
plan, as your contributions may lower Don’t overreact to financial market
your taxable income, while any earnings volatility. In 2018, especially the last few
growth is tax-deferred. (Keep in mind months of the year, we saw considerable
that taxes are due upon withdrawal, and market volatility, with huge drops and big
withdrawals prior to age 59½ may be gains in rapid succession. What will 2019
subject to a 10% IRS penalty.) bring? It’s always difficult, and usually
At a minimum, put in enough to earn futile, trying to forecast the market’s
your employer’s matching contribution, if performance over the course of an entire
one is offered. year. But, in any case, try not to overreact
Try to “max out” on your IRA. Even to whatever ups and downs we may
if you have a 401(k) or similar plan, you experience. Instead, continue pursuing an
can probably still invest in an IRA. For investment strategy that’s appropriate for
2019, you can put in up to $6,000 in a your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.
traditional or Roth IRA (up from $5,500 Following these suggestions can help you
in 2018), or $7,000 (up from $6,500) if become a better investor in 2019, and beyond.
you’re 50 or older. (Income restrictions
December 21, 2018 15

Archaeological dig breaks ground

BY KELLY RYAN its most important cash crops. In 1753,
For The Island Connection President George Washington served as
a pallbearer at Pinckney’s funeral. And

in the 20th century, Pinckney was the
ne of the South’s most important first woman to be inducted into South
historic sites, The Pinckney Carolina’s Business Hall of Fame for
Mansion, is about to be the subject her contributions to South Carolina’s
of a nationally relevant archeological agriculture. The Pinckney descendants
dig. The Pinckney Mansion, among the have been some of South Carolina’s finest
first grand homes in Charleston, was an statesmen and politicians.
early inhabitant on Charleston’s colonial
waterfront. “Part of the allure of this site was the
significance of it in our city and our nation’s
“[The Pinckney Mansion] is arguably history. We, along with many historians,
the most important site in colonial have always wanted to unearth any of the
Charleston,” according to architectural hidden pieces of the story it has to tell and
historian and preservationist, Ralph to include those in our hotel to give it a
Harvard. The site could contain remnants true and tangible tie to its beginnings,”
and artifacts from the grand mansion, said Dean Pearce, of Pearce Development,
as well as valuable evidence from slave the owner of the property on 235 East Bay
quarters. St. In spite of no architectural ordinance,
Charles Pinckney built a sprawling Pearce Development initiated this pivotal
mansion in Charleston, South Carolina dig out of commitment and respect for
around 1746 at 235 East Bay St. The the city’s rich history.
Pinckney Mansion burned down in “The Pinckney Mansion was one of Ruins of the Pinckney Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina, 1865, George N. Barnard.
1861, and the site has since been home Charleston’s grandest homes in the 1700’s
to a coffee shop, a pub and in the future, Lowcountry. Recent projects have involved Pearce Development is a commercial real
and we are looking forward to what data recovery excavations at the 1710s- estate developer, based in the Lowcountry.
Hotel Eliza. Findings from this historic the findings could unearth about early
dig will be incorporated into the lobby of 1920s Combahee Ferry site in Beaufort/ The company develops and owns commercial
Charleston history,” said Pearce. Colleton Counties (South Carolina), the properties throughout the southeast. Hotel
the new hotel, as a nod to the site’s past.
Hotel Eliza’s name was chosen to honor Eric Poplin, Senior Archaeologist 1790s-1850s Barnett Plantation on Royal Eliza is the firm’s first hotel project and
the home’s historic owner and American & Vice President of Brockington and Island (The Bahamas) and more. honoring The Pinckney Mansion site and
business pioneer, Eliza Lucas Pinckney. Associates, will lead this project and break The team is also considering its significance to the history of Charleston
ground on the historic dig this fall. Poplin collaborating the possibility of remains a commitment.
Eliza Lucas Pinckney single-handedly has worked on many similar projects in
changed agriculture in colonial South collaborating on a documentary about the
the area throughout his long tenure in the historic site.
Carolina and developed indigo as one of