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List of Books Received From Social Welfare Department_A.Y.

SL.No Name of the Title Author Publisher Edition / Year No. of Books Branch
McGraw Hill
1 Engineering Mechanics (IN SI Units) S. Timoshenko, D.H. Young, J.V. Rao and Sukumar Pati Education(India) Private 5th , 2016 8 Mech
Limited, Chennai
2 Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach Y A Cengel and M A Boles McGraw Hill, New Delhi 8th, 2016 8 Mech
PHI Learning Pvt India
3 Materials Science and Engineering: A First Course V. Raghavan 6th, 2017 8 Mech
Limited, Delhi
Elements of Workshop Technology: vol.1 Manufacturing S. K. Hajra Choudhury, A. K. Hajra Choudhury, Nirjhar
4 Promoters&Publishers Pvt. 16th, 2015 6 Mech
Processes Roy
McGraw Hill
5 Heat and Mass Transfer P K Nag Education(India) Private 3rd Edition, 2016 6 Mech
Limited, New Delhi
McGraw Hill
6 Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals and Applications Yunus A Cengel, Afshin J. Ghajar Education(India) Private 5th , 2016 6 Mech
A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines:
7 Dr. R. K. Bansal Laxmi Publications (P) LTD 9th, 2017 6 Mech
S.I. Units
A Textbook of Production Technology: Manufacturing
8 Dr.P. C. Sharma S.Chand 2016 5 Mech
9 A Textbook of Metrology M. Mahajan DHANPAT RAI & Co. 2016 11 Mech
Metropolitan Book Co. Pvt.
10 Mechanical Measurements & Control Dr. D.S. Kumar 1st, 2015 11 Mech
11 CAD/CAM: Theory and Practices Ibrahim Zeid and R Sivasubramanian McGraw-Hill Education 2nd, 2016 11 Mech
McGraw Hill
12 Robotics And Control Mittal R.K. and Nagrath I.J. Education(India) Private 2017 10 Mech
13 Introduction To Finite Elements In Engineering Tirupathi R. Chandrapatla and Ashok D Belegunda Pearson 4th, 2016 16 Mech

14 Principles Of Metal Casting Richard W. Heine, Carl R Loper Philip C Rosenthal McGraw-Hill Education 2nd, 2016 9 Mech
15 Elements of workshop Technology: vol.2 Machine Tools S. K. Hajra Choudhury, Nirjhar Roy Promoters&Publishers Pvt. 15th, 2016 6 Mech
16 Materials Science and Metallurgical For Engineering Dr. V.D.Kodgiri and Sushil V.Kodgire Everest Publishing House 39th, 2017 2 MME
Prentice Hall India Learing
17 Powder metallurgy: Science, Technology and Applications Angelo .P.C and R Subramanian 2012 1 MME
Private Limited
Dhanpat Rai Publications(P)
18 Material Science & Metallurgy O.P. Khanna 2016 5 MME
Universities Press, Second
19 An Introduction To Thermodynamics Rao Y V C Revised Edition, 2016 4 CHEM
20 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics(with CD) Rao Y V C Universities Press (1997) 1st Edition 2013 2 CHEM
21 Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics Tapan K. Sengupta Universities Press (2004) 2013 1 CHEM
SL.No Name of the Title Author Publisher Edition / Year No. of Books Branch
22 Web Technologies DT Editorial Services Dreamtech Press 2016 4 CSE
23 Theory of Computation Vivek Kulkarni Oxford 1st, 2013 19 CSE
24 Data Structures Using C Reema Thareja Oxford 2nd , 2016 6 CSE
Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. PHI Learning Pvt India
25 Introduction to Algorithms 3rd, 2017 11 CSE
Rivest, Clifford Stein Limited
Database Systems: Models, Languages, Design and
26 Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe Pearson 6th, 2017 15 CSE
Application Programming
27 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig Pearson Education 3rd, 2018 16 CSE
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Including Hydraulic
28 Dr. P.N. Modi and Dr. S. M. Seth Standard Book House, 1998 20th, 2015 11 Civil
McGraw-Hill Education,
29 Concrete: Microstructure, Properties and Materials Mehta P Kumar. Paulo J.M. Monteiro 4th Edition 2017 10 Civil
30 Structural Analysis R. C. Hibbeler Pearson Education, 2008 (6th Edition), 2008 4 Civil
31 Limit State Design in Structural Steel M.R. Shiyekar PHI Learing Pvt India Limited (2nd Edition), 2015 3 Civil
Standard Publications
32 Building Planning Designing And Scheduling Gurucharan Singh and Jagdish Singh 2014 10 Civil
33 Building Construction P.C. Varghese PHI Publishers 2nd Edition, 2017 10 Civil
PHI Learnind Pvt India Ltd,
34 Theory And Practice Of Foundation Design N.N. Som And S.C Das 2015 4 Civil
35 Project Planning and Control with Pert and CPM Dr. B. C. Punmia and K.K. Khandelwal 4th Edition, 2016 6 Civil
36 Estimating Construction Costs Robert L.Peunifoy and Garold D. Oberlender Mc Graw Hill Education 6th Edition, 2015 6 Civil
Finite Elements analysis: For Engineering and
37 Tirupathi R. Chandrapatla Universities Press 2015 9 Civil
Technology(Included CD-ROM)
PHI Learning Pvt India
38 Design of Bridge Structures T. R. Jagadeesh and M. A. Jayaram 2nd Edition, 2016 7 Civil
39 Structural Analysis (In SI Units) R. C. Hibbeler Pearson 9th Edition, 2018 6 Civil
40 Electronic Devices And Circuit Theory Robert L.Boylestad, Louis Nashelsky Pearson 11th edition, 2015 11 ECE
41 Signals and Systems Simon Haykin, Barry Van Veen Wiley Publications 2nd Edition, 2007 11 ECE
42 Digital Systems: Principles and Applications Ronald J.Tocci, Neal S. Widmer and Gregory L. Moss Pearson 10th Edition, 2011 11 ECE
Oxford University Press New
43 Principles of Electromagnetics Matthew N.O. Sadiku and S.V. Kulkarni 6th Edition, 2016 14 ECE
44 Control Systems A Nagoor Kani RBA Publications 3Ed, 2017 14 ECE
PHI Learnings Private
45 Electromagnetic Waves And Radiating Systems Edward C.Jordan and Keith G. Balmain 2nd Edition, 2009 14 ECE
Mc Graw Hill Education,
46 Analog Communication P Ramakrishna Rao 2016 8 ECE
Micro controllers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing
47 Raj Kamal Pearson Education India 2nd Ed, 2012 14 ECE
and System design
48 Microwave Engineering David M. Pozar Wiley Publications 4th Edition, 2016 2 ECE
49 Satellite Communications Timothy Pratt, Charles Bostian and Jeremy Allnutt Wiley 2nd Edition, 2014 19 ECE
50 Principles of electrical Engineering and Electronics V.K. Mehta and Rohith Mehta S. Chand 2016 3 ECE
SL.No Name of the Title Author Publisher Edition / Year No. of Books Branch
51 Microwave and Radar Engineering Dr. M. Kulkarni UMESH Publications 5th, 2017 19 ECE
52 Electromagnetic Waves And Radiating Systems Edward C.Jordan and Keith G. Balmain Pearson 2nd Edition, 2016 14 ECE