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crown SERVICE MANUAL wn [ar PSA-2D /PSA-2DX/PSA-2X SELF-ANALYZING AMPLIFIER xcs 2 -1 ‘The information furnished in this manual does not include all of the details of design, production, or variations of the equipment. It does not cover all the possible contingencies which may arise during operation, installation, or maintenance. Should special problems arise, or further information be desired, please contact the Crown International Customer Services Department Crown International 1718 W, Mishawaka Rd Elkhart, Indiana 46514 Ph: (219) 294-5571 WARNING TO PREVENT SHOCK OR FIRE HAZARD DO NOT EXPOSE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE! CROWN INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1718 W. MISHAWAKA RD. ELKHART, INDIANA 46514 RVW Sec. crown TABLE OF CONTENTS Review 1. Introduction UL, Warranty . IIL, PSA-2 Specifications... IV. PSA-2 Stereo Specifications . V.PSA-2 Monaural Specifications VI. PSA-2 Balanced Input Module Specifications VII. SA2 Specifications a VILL. SA2 Stereo Specifications IX, SA2 Monaural Specifications X. Panel Configuration (PSA-2).. Panel Configuration (SA2) PSA-2 Available Formats XI. Performance Graphs Illustrated Parts List 6.1 General Information 6.2 Standard and Special Parts 6.3. Ordering Parts Safe 64 Shipment 6.5 Terms : 66 Schematics) Rd, Layouts/ Parts Lists| Exploded View Drawings Maintenance 2.1 Introduction 1.2. Required Test Equipment Te 7.3. Soldering Techniques 7.4 Basic Troubleshooting 7.5 Discharging Instructions 1.6 Disassembly for Inspection, Service, Testing, Adjustment and Repairs .. 7.7 Reassembly 7.8 Repair Instructions 79 Electrical Checkout, Troubleshooting and Adjustment 7.10 PSA-2 HI) LO Pass Filter Frequency Alterations TIL Voltage Conversion Instructions 7.12 Block Diagram Circuit Theory 7.13 Theory of Operation Service Bulletins .