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his Document Cover the transactions in SAP Country India version (CIN) for following

process. This document clearly explains step by step method to do following business
process which covers all the part of CIN. A list of CIN T-Code and what they do, has
been explained in this document. List of all important table related to CIN has also
been incorporated for trouble shooting and development. This is very useful
document for SAP CIN User as well as SAP FI / MM consultant who have to work in

You can download sample 15 page document here.

It Explains various Processes Excise master

Material chapter id combination
Material assessable value
CENVAT determination
Vendor excise details
Excise tax rate
Exceptional material excise rate

Procedure for claiming CENVAT for raw materials

Create the purchase order
Goods receipt to unrestricted (movement type: 101)
Incoming excise invoices at manufacturing plants.
Incoming excise invoices at depots
Post the vendors excise invoice
Display excise invoice
Invoice verification

Procedure for claiming CENVAT for capital items

Create the purchase order for capital goods
Goods receipt to unrestricted (movement type: 101)
Capture and post vendor’s excise invoice
Display excise invoice
Transfer of CENVAT credit on capital goods

Subcontracting without payment of excise duty

Process steps
Create subcontracting purchase order
Provision of components
Monitoring stocks of material provided to vendor
Create subcontracting challan
Post goods receipt (migo)
Reconcile subcontracting challan
List of subcontracting challans
Complete/reverse/re credit subcontracting challan
Change subcontracting challan
Display subcontracting challan

Subcontracting with payment of excise duty

Create subcontracting order for conversion charges
Providing input material to subcontractor from outside vendor.
Providing input material to subcontractor from your manufacturing unit
Create an outgoing excise invoice for the materials.

Procedure for claiming cvd benefit for imported material.

Entering invoices for bill of entry
Capturing excise invoice (bill of entry)
Post goods receipt (migo)
Post excise invoice (bill of entry)

Creation of excise registers

Updation of registers (rg1).
Update of registers rg 1 and rg 23
Data extraction
Register printout
Purchase with cenvat –
Part return to vendor after part 2 posting

Purchase with cenvat–material document cancellation after part2 posting

Create goods receipt to purchase order
Capture and post excise invoice.
Excise invoice part ii to post and reverse.
Cancel excise invoice

Material write off / non productive use

Service tax – with setoff

Create a service po
Create service entry sheet
Invoice verification

Dealer excise
Create a purchase order
Goods receipt wrt to purchase order
Post vendor excise invoice

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