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Is your string too long?

1. Measure the String 2. Make a Solid Loop 3. Make a Slip Loop
Let the string out and set Tie a new knot Slip the end This loop will fit
the yo-yo on the ground. by wrapping the underneath and any size finger, so
Pinch the string around pull it through to the yo-yo doesn’t
string at your your fingernail form a penny- fall off your hand.
elbow and let and pinching it sized loop.
the top part with your thumb,
Pull the knot
drop. Slide just like tying a
tight and cut off
your other finger down balloon. Slide it
the extra string.
two inches. off your finger.

Check out the video How to Adjust Your String at www.theNEDshow.com/kids

The Cosmic Spin® 2 and EXCELerator® need five wraps around the axle to do the first three tricks (See “How to Add Wraps” on the back).

2 3
Flip Flop
Gripper Pass

1. Place the yo-yo in your 1. Release the yo-yo 1. Start with the yo-yo in your palm like you
hand with your palm downward, like you would would for a Gravity Gripper. Now let
up. Make sure the string with the Gravity Gripper. your arms hang to your side, and draw
wraps over the top of your yo-yo hand back... ready to swing it
your yo-yo.
quickly forward.

2. Make a muscle,
curl your wrist and 2. As the yo-yo
fling your arm comes up, direct
straight out in it over your hand
front of you. and back toward
the floor.
3. Release the yo-yo with a hard downward 2. Let go of your yo-yo while it’s behind
throw. Turn your palm over, and catch the you, and at the same instant, thrust your
yo-yo. Good job! arm and hand forward in a swinging
motion, leading with the back of your
3. As the yo-yo flops back
down let it do a second 3. As the yo-yo comes back, turn your
Gravity Gripper. palm up to catch it. Nice job on the
Forward Pass!
Congratulations! You’ve
just done the Flip-Flop!

NED Is your yo-yo not coming up, but

TIP ends up spinning on its side? Line
your shoulder, elbow and wrist
straight out in front of you before Want to learn 30 more tricks? Visit www.thenedshow.com/kids
your hard downward throw.
All for KIDZ®, Inc. Producers of The NED Show® © 2004, 07, 10, 12-15 · V 2015-01 US
Remove wraps from the NED Yo so there is just 1 left for tricks 4-6 (see below). Always keep three wraps on the Boomerang®.

4 5
Walk the
Rock the
Dog Baby


1. Start this trick just

like the Gravity Gripper, 1. After throwing a good
but gently stop your hand as Spinner, grab the string a
the yo-yo reaches the end of little above the middle
1. Start by throwing a
the string. If done correctly, with your free hand.
good Spinner. As the
the yo-yo will spin or “sleep.”
yo-yo swings forward,
lightly let it touch 2. Bend the string down
2. Turn your hand over down on the floor. with your yo-yo hand,
(palm down) and give and pinch the string
the string a tug. If there is about 5 inches (13 cm)
still enough spin, the yo-yo above your yo-yo.
will climb back up the string 2. Let the yo-yo “walk” in
right into your hand. front of you.
3. Before it runs out of spin 3. Now swing the
The harder you throw your yo-yo give the string a small triangle down
NED down the longer it will spin AND tug so the yo-yo will between you and your yo-yo
the looser the string must be. return to your hand. and bring it into place,
forming the cradle.
NED A hard floor surface - wood,
Your string is too“tight.” TIP gym or kitchen - works best NED Try the trick a few times
Look down at your for “walking your dog!” TIP before adding the spin.
yo-yo, and turn it
counterclockwise, like the
hands of a clock moving
backward. Now try it... HOW TO WIND THE STRING on the EXCELerator/Cosmic Spin
If your Boomerang won’t spin, use a
harder overhand throw.

YO-YO WON’T COME UP? 3. Remove finger and

Your string is too “loose.” gently continue
Look down at your yo-yo wrapping until wound.
and turn it clockwise. Or,
simply let the yo hang down 1. Make the first wrap 2. Continue to wrap string 4. The finger loop will
and it will naturally tighten. over one finger. around the axle, to the side disappear when you
Now try it... of your finger, 2-3 times. throw the yo-yo down!


1. Pinch the 2. As you look down 3. TO REMOVE WRAPS: 4. Let go of
string about at your yo-yo, Take off one wrap at a time the pinched
3 inches spin it counter- until there is only 1 wrap left string, and the
(7cm) above clockwise until around the axle. yo-yo will spin,
your yo. the strands of the TO ADD WRAPS: returning the
string split apart Add one wrap at a time string to its
until there are 3 wraps (NED Yo) natural position.
or 5 wraps (Cosmic/EXCELerator)
around the axle.
All for KIDZ®, Inc. Producers of The NED Show® © 2004, 07, 10, 12-14 ·V 2014-01 US

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