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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
Name Sallam Q. Shurrab
Address Elid & Ramlah St, Remal, Gaza, Palestine
Telephone +97082881163
Mobile +970599566751
E-mail sallam2005@hotmail.com

Skype Sallam Shurrab

Nationality Palestinian

Date of birth 03/5/1988

Place of Birth Doha, Qatar.

Occupational Field Civil Engineer

Work experience
Occupation Technical Office Manager – Qatari Gaza Reconstruction Committee
Dates From 16-Mar-2016 to Present
Employer Ministry of foreign affairs Qatar- Gaza Reconstruction Committee
Main activities and responsibilities • Main Duties includes providing technical & administrative information to the Parties working on a
construction projects to ensure that the work complies with all engineering standards, codes,
specifications, and design instruction.
• Provide information (Technical, Administrative and Financial) as a Decision Maker in Donor Office.
• Prepare technical and structural reports according to Engineering Standards and Design
• Following up execution progress of construction projects, developing the best innovative solutions
for technical and financial claims during implementation of construction projects.
• Review and drafting official latter issued from Donor Office.
• Setting-out Meetings for Technical Stuff, and other related office meetings.
• Scheduling and preparing senior official appointments.

Occupation Infrastructure Engineer – Qatari Gaza Reconstruction Committee

Dates From 15-Dec-2012 to 15-March-2016
Employer Ministry of foreign affairs Qatar- Gaza Reconstruction Committee
Main activities and responsibilities 1) Tender preparation, Bidding, evaluation and rewarding bids of: Construction & infrastructure
Contracting projects, consulting (Design / supervision) tender, Medical equipment and disposable.
2) Following Up Donor Funded Projects in all phases, from Conceptual and design to execution.
3) Monitoring, follow-up and oversight implementation of Donor construction project.
4) Reviewing and auditing financial progress contractors’ payments for project.
5) Participating in related conferences

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Occupation Project Coordinator
Dates From 1-Sep-2012 to 14-Dec-2012
Employer Natuf for environment and Social Developments
Main activities and responsibilities 1) project schedule management
2) project status reviews
3) contract and subcontract administration

Occupation Site Engineer

Dates From 15-May-2010 to 30-Aug-2012
Employer Palcon Company for Construction and Trading
Main activities and responsibilities 1) Setting out sites and organizing facilities.
2) Managing parts of construction projects.
3) Preparing site reports and filling in other paperwork
4) Checking technical designs and drawings to ensure that they are followed.
5) Liaising with clients, subcontractors and other professional staff, especially quantity surveyors and
the overall project manager.
6) Providing technical advice and solving problems on site.
7) Liaising with quantity surveyors about the ordering and negotiating the price of materials.
8) Ensuring that health and safety and sustainability policies and legislation are adhered to a
construction site in all weathers and tend to work on one project at a time.

Occupation Structural Designer consultant

Dates From Feb-2010 to Present
Employer Private
Main activities and responsibilities 1) Residential house of different size and Floors
2) Tower Buildings for commercial and offices
3) Concrete Tanks for water Treatment station
4) Redesign and checkup structural performance of existing buildings
5) Reviewing international Standard (ACI-ASTM-AASHTO-DIN-ASCE…)
Title of qualification awarded Master of Science in Civil Engineering – Design and Rehabilitation of Structures
Dates 1-Jan-2014
Grade 82%
University Islamic University of Gaza

Title of qualification awarded Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Dates 02-Feb-2010
Grade 76.7%
University Islamic University of Gaza

Title of qualification awarded General Secondary School Examination Certificate

Dates 13-July-2005
Grade 90.0% (Excellent)
School Khalil Elwazer Secondary School
Research Publications 1) Evaluation of Seismic Performance of existing school building Gaza Strip case study
Authors: Shurrab S., Samir M., Shihada
Status: Submitted on 10th, Aug, 2016
International Journal of Innovative Science Engineering and Technology (IJISET)
Manuscript Issue: Volume 3, Issue 10- Reg.
Link: http://ijiset.com/articlesv3/articlesv3s10.html
2) Assessment and Strengthening of a Sixteen Storey RC Building Damaged by Air Attack
Authors: Shihada M., et.all
Status: Submitted on 1st, Jun, 2011
The Islamic University Journal (Series of Natural Studies and Engineering)
Manuscript Issue: Vol.19, No.2, PP 37-56, 2011 ISSN 1726-6807
Link: https://journals.iugaza.edu.ps/index.php/IUGNS/article/view/61/53

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Personal skills and
Mother tongue Arabic

Other language(s)
Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English* Very Good Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
(*) Preparing for IELTS international Exam

Driving licence Commercial Vehicles, issued in Gaza, Palestine, 2011.

1) Name: Samir S. Shihada
Position: Professor – Islamic University of Gaza
Mobile: +970599734342
Email: sshihada@iugaza.edu.ps, sshihada@gmail.com
2) Name: Mohammed H. Arafa
Position: Associate Professor – Islamic University of Gaza
Mobile: +970599131308
Email: marafa@iugaza.edu.ps
3) Name: Mamoun A. Alqedra
Position: Associate Professor – Islamic University of Gaza
Mobile: +970599521629
Email: malqedra@iugaza.edu.ps

Awards and Achievements 1) Title: Islamic University’s Awarding IDB reward for scientific Development Conference
Awarder: The Islamic University of Gaza
Date: 23 of March 2010.
Notes: Award for Best Graduation Projects of Engineering College.
2) Partnership in Two A cadmic and scientific research conference.
The best Graduation Bachelor Project implemented on 2014
Date: from (2012 to 2014)

Training Courses Engineering Training Courses:

1) Business Management for Contracting &Engineering Companies (48 Hours)
2) Special Topics in Advanced Structural Design (20 Hours)
3) Project Management Using Premavera Program V5 (30 Hours)
4) Advanced Structural Analysis using SAP2000 (30 Hours)
5) STAAD, SAP and SAFE Structural Analysis Program (30 Hours)
6) AutoCAD 2D (24 Hours)
Other Training Courses:
1) Development of Management skills and legal consultation (35 Hours).
2) Practical Occupational Safety and Health (20 Hour).
3) Infrastructure Projects Works and Installation of Sanitary Ware in Residential Building (50 Hours).
4) The Pump operational, Types and Maintenance (24 Hours).
5) Establishing Water Wells and operational Process (24 Hour).
6) Research Methodology and Statistics (24 Hours)
7) Letters and Reports Writing Skills (Arabic) (12 Hours)
8) Team Building and Efficient Team Management (12 Hours)

If you have any question or require additional information please don’t hesitate to contact me (Mob: +970599566751)

Sallam Q. Shurrab

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