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Mme Hunter – 2018

Email: Stephanie.Hunter @sd23.bc.ca

Website: http://stephaniehunter17.weebly.com

Big Ideas:
1. Listening and viewing with intent strengthens our understanding and acquisition of
2. Expressing oneself and engaging in conversation in French requires courage and risk
3. Acquiring a language can shape one's perspective, identity, and voice.
4. Acquiring a language provides us with new opportunities to appreciate and value
creative works and cultural diversity.
5. Acquiring French opens the door to interacting with the Francophone world.
6. Acquiring French allows us to explore career, travel, personal growth, and study
abroad opportunities.

Textbook Themes:
1. Révision: Les copains et l’école, la famille & la maison, les sports et la routine
quotidienne (plus verbs and passé composé)
2. Chapitre 1 : Les loisirs culturels

The texts for French 10 are Bon voyage 2 and the Bon voyage 2: Cahier. This program
also has a strong complimentary oral and aural component. The Bon voyage 2: Cahier is
intended to be used as a text so we won’t be writing in it. The textbook and cahier will
be kept in the classroom. If you would like your own textbook at home, you should be
able to sign one out. Dictionaries are provided for students in the classroom.

Vocabulary, Grammar, Written, & Reading/Culture will each be worth 15%. Aural/Oral
are worth 30%. Final oral presentation is 10 %.

All assignments are expected to be original student work.

-participate in all class activities
-complete assignments on time
-study for tests and quizzes
-review regularly
-seek help when you have a problem
-speak French at every opportunity
-listen to French music

All students should have a large three-ring binder, paper and a pen/pencil.
Speaking French
You won’t learn to speak French without practicing in class. Oral/Aural is worth
about 30% of your mark. At the beginning of most classes, we will be answering
"les questions du jour". These are questions pertaining to our theme that we are
studying. You will hear me model the answers and then you have a chance to
practice with your partner. I will be walking around to answer any questions that
come up. Then I will be quizzing some of you on your answers. This activity will
be an important portion of the oral assessment and will prepare you for the end
of term oral interview and final oral presentation. The questions are in your unit
booklets. If you are absent, you should review the ones you missed.
Late Assignments
If your assignment is late, it may affect your work ethic mark.
It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on any missing assignments or
tests assigned during their absence. Please check my Weebly website during or
immediately after your absence. Any tests and assignments missed on or during
the absence are to be made up at lunch or break a.s.a.p. Please see me to set up
a time.
Please stop by my room to get any handouts needed so that you are prepared
and caught up for the next class.
You should be getting caught up within 2 weeks of your absence, otherwise it
may affect your work ethic mark.
If you are late, please let me know why before the end of class, otherwise I will
assume it is unexcused.
Extra help
If you need extra help, please see me at break or at lunch in room 109.

Quizzes don't count for marks. They will be used to assess your progress, I will
announce the quizzes and you are expected to study for them.
Test rewrites
Test rewrites are permitted at teacher discretion, if there were extenuating
circumstances. The test will be different and may be more difficult than the
original. The new mark will count, so it's important that the students is well
prepared for the rewrite. You will be limited to 3 rewrites per term.
Work ethic
The work ethic rubric is posted on my weebly website. When deciding on a work
ethic grade, I will be focusing on how much spontaneous French is spoken in
class, unctuality, cell phone use, getting caught up after absences and handing in
assignments on time.
I also consider attendance, attitude, and productivity in class, preparedness,
honesty and respect.
No music please, even during tests. Please turn your cell phone off and put it
away and remove earphones. Cellphones should only be used for educational
purposes. I will have to take them away, if it becomes a problem and that could
affect your work ethic mark. Please use breaks to use the washroom.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about this course, please
feel free to contact me at Stephanie.Hunter@sd23.bc.ca

Bonne année et bon succès!