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THE WORLD BEFORE 1600 Name: ____________________ Class: ________

MULTIPLE CHOICE For each of the

following, write the letter of the best
____ 4. The Aztecs were known for
answer in the space provided.
a. Being the most populous Indians
____ 0. (Example) Who is the most
b. Astrology and predicting the
awesome history teacher of all time?
destruction of the world in 2012
a. Chuck Norris c. War and human sacrifice
b. Mr. Powell d. Their big heads
c. Charlie the Unicorn
____ 5. The first Europeon explorer to
d. Homer Simpson
reach North America was
____ 1. Why did Europeons begin the
a. Christopher Columbus
Atlantic slave trade?
b. Leif Eriksson
a. To supply soldiers to fight Native c. Vasco da Gama
Americans. d. Bartolomeau Dias
b. To supply the large amount of
____ 6. The purpose of the Magna
cheap labor needed by plantations
Carta was to
c. To take advantage of Africa’s
natural resources. a. Reform the Church
d. To supply labor for Europeon b. Limit the king’s power
estates. c. Stop the spread of the plague
d. Increase interest in exploration
____ 2. Which of the following is called
the mother culture of Mesoamerica? ____ 7. Iroquois were MOST united by
a. Maya a. longhouses
b. Olmec b. language
c. Inca c. common religion
d. Aztec d. matrilineal society
____ 3. What limited Africa’s ____ 8. Which of the following increased
development? Europeon interest in trade?
a. The religion of Islam a. Information from Marco Polo’s
b. The Sahara desert journals
c. Exotic resources like gold and b. Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to
ivory Mecca
d. All of the above c. The Crusades
d. All of the above
THE WORLD BEFORE 1600 Name: ____________________ Class: ________

____ 9. Who sponsored Christopher

Columbus’ voyage?

a. Prince Henry the Navigator

b. King Charles VI
c. Queen Isabella and Prince
d. King John

____ 10. What was Prince Henry the

Navigator’s goal?

a. Find gold in Africa

b. Spread Christianity
c. Find a sea route to India
d. All of the above

MATCHING In the space provided, write the

letter of the term that matches each
description (2 pts each). Some answers will
NOT be used.

a. Anasazi b. Mayas c. Renaissance ____ 17. According to this map, where

d. Crusades e. Kinship f. Barter did Americans migrate from?
g. Feudalism h. nomads i. Iroquois a. America c. Australia
b. Africa d. Asia
____ 11. Wars waged to recapture the Holy
Land from Muslim rulers.
____ 12. System of trade that does not
____ 18. In that map, what was letter
involve money.
“A” known as?
____ 13. System of order where lords gave
land to vassals in exchange for loyalty and a. Alaska c. Siberia
service. b. Beringia d. Powellingia
____ 14. Blood relations.
____ 15. People who built pueblo houses
out of canyon walls.
____ 16. A rebirth of art, exploration, and
thought inspired by trade and ancient art.
THE WORLD BEFORE 1600 Name: ____________________ Class: ________

Those who believe that they can be certain of their salvation because
they have indulgence letters will be eternally damned, together with their
teachers. Men must especially be on guard against those who say that
the pope’s pardons are that inestimable gift of God by which man is
reconciled to him. . . .They who teach that contrition is not necessary on
the part of those who intend to buy souls out of purgatory or to buy
confessional privileges preach unchristian doctrine. {95 Theses, 1517}

____ 19. Who wrote this document?

a. Christopher Columbus b. Mansa Musa c. Martin Luther d. Leif Eriksson

____ 20. This document inspired

a. The expulsion of Jews from Spain.

b. The formation of Protestant churches
c. The beginning of the Muslim faith.
d. The exploration of America.

FREE RESPONSE Pick TWO of the following and write using at least three full sentences on the
back of this page (10 points each).

1. Why was geography so important in the differences between Native American groups?
Using their climate, diet, and the land itself, compare and contrast two different
cultures in the Americas. .
2. How does the Columbus Exchange affect you personally? Give three different examples
using full sentences.
3. Christopher Columbus is often described as the “Most successful failure in history”.
Write a paragraph about how he should be viewed, giving at least three facts explaining