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Christ College, Rajkot

[AQAR 2017-2018]

Christ College, Rajkot

Annual Quality Assurance Report

[AQAR 2017-2018]
Christ College, Rajkot

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 1

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

AQAR 2017-2018

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 2

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

AQAR 2017-2018


1. PART- A : 04

2. PART-B : 12

3. ANNEXURE- I : 36



Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 3

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Christ College, Rajkot

AQAR 2017-2018

Part – A
1. Details of the Institution
1.1 Name of the Institution Christ College, Rajkot

1.2 Address Line 1 Christ Campus Vidya Niketan,

Address Line 2 Saurashtra University P.O.



Pin Code 360 005

Institution e-mail address

+919427164732 / 33
Contact Nos.

Name of the Head of the Institution: Dr Yvonne Fernandes

Tel. No. with STD Code: +919427164732/3


Name of the IQAC Co-ordinator: Dr P. Aravindakshan


IQAC e-mail address:

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 4

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

1.3 NAAC Track ID (For ex. MHCOGN 18879)

1.4 NAAC Executive Committee No. & Date:

(For Example EC/32/A&A/143 dated 3-5-2004. EC/PCRAR/52/018
This EC no. is available in the right corner- bottom Dated 28-03-2010
of your institution’s Accreditation Certificate)

1.5 Website address: www.christcollegerajkot.edu.in

Web-link of the AQAR: http://www.christcollegerajkot.edu.in/IQAC/AQAR

1.6 Accreditation Details

Year of Validity
Cycle Grade CGPA
Sl. No. Accreditation Period
1 1st Cycle B+ - 2002 2010
2 nd
2 Cycle B 2.89 2010 2014
3 3 Cycle
4 4th Cycle

1.7 Date of Establishment of IQAC: 17 / 08 / 2004

1.8 AQAR for the year AQAR 2017-18

1.9 Details of the previous year’s AQAR submitted to NAAC after the latest Assessment
and Accreditation by NAAC
i. AQAR 2010-11 (19 /04/2012)

ii. AQAR 2011- 12 (21/12/2012)

iii. AQAR 2012-13 (26/05/2015)

iv. AQAR 2013-14 (26/05/2015)

v. AQAR 2014-15 (31/12/2015)

vi. AQAR 2015-16 (16/08/2016)

vii. AQAR 2016-17 (15/12/2018)

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 5

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

1.10 Institutional Status

University: State √ Central Deemed Private

Affiliated College : Yes No

Constituent College : Yes No √

Autonomous college of UGC : Yes No √

Regulatory Agency approved Institution: Yes √ No


Type of Institution : Co-education √ Men Women

Urban Rural √ Tribal

Financial Status: Grant-in-aid UGC 2(f) √ UGC (12B) √

Grant-in-aid + Self Financing Totally Self-financing √

1.11 Type of Faculty/Programme

Arts √ Science √ Commerce √ Law PEI (Phys Edu)

TEI (Edu) Engineering Health Science Management √

Others (COP) √

1.12 Name of the Affiliating University (for the Colleges) Saurashtra University, Rajkot

1.13 Special status conferred by Central/ State Government-UGC / CSIR / DST / DBT /
ICMR etc.
Autonomy by State/Central Govt. / University

University with Potential for Excellence UGC-CPE

DST Star Scheme UGC-CE

UGC-Special Assistance Programme DST-FIST

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 6

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

UGC-Innovative PG programmes Any other (Specify)

UGC-COP Programmes

2. IQAC Composition and Activities

2.1 No. of Teachers 14

2.2 No. of Administrative/Technical staff 1

2.3 No. of students 0

2.4 No. of Management Representatives 1

2.5 No. of Alumni

2. 6 No. of any other stakeholder and community representatives 0

2.7 No. of Employers/ Industrialists 0

2.8 No. of other External Experts 0

2.9 Total No. of members 16

2.10 No. of IQAC meetings held: 03

2.11 No. of meetings with various stakeholders: No. 08 Faculty 04

Non-Teaching Staff 01 Students 02 Alumni 01 Others

2.12 Has IQAC received any funding from UGC during the year?

Yes No √

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 7

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

If yes, mention the amount ----

2.13 Seminars and Conferences (only quality related)

(i) No. of Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia organized by the IQAC

Total Nos. 7 International 1 National 3 State 1 Institution Level 2

(ii) Themes
Organizing Institutional Activities:
 National Conference on IPR
 6th National Level Meet - VIVIDHA 2017
 10th National Level Science Symposium 2018
 3rd International Conference of Emerging Global Trends in Education

2.14 Significant Activities and contributions made by IQAC

 Curriculum development
o Applied to Saurashtra University for MSc Chemistry & MSc Physics
o Initiated 10 new In-house courses in addition to the existing certificate
 Published the Prospectus, Syllabus Book, prepared the Academic Calendar for
the year 2017-18
 Organized various international, national and state level events [as mentioned
in section 2.13]
 Organized : Yuva Spandan – Intra college cultural fest
Annual Sport Meet
Felicitation Day
 Promoted and facilitated activities conducted by the departments, clubs, cells
and associations of the College.
 Prepared AQAR 2016-17

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 8

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

2.15 Plan of Action by IQAC/Outcome

The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards quality
enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the year *

Plan of Action Outcome achieved

Curriculum Applied to Saurashtra University for Postgraduate course MSc
Development Chemistry & MSc Physics
Initiated 10 in-house certificate courses
Promote research – One Major Research project sanctioned by UGC (ongoing)
Apply to funding
Publish updated Updated prospectus, handbook and syllabus book was published
Prospectus, or all the programmes / courses and semesters.
Handbook and
Syllabus Book
Organize National / o National Conference on IPR
international Level o 6th National Level Meet - VIVIDHA 2017
Events o 10th National Level Science Symposium 2018
o 3rd International Conference of Emerging Global Trends in
Preparing o Time table for all the programmes and courses was prepared
Academic Plan & by the IQAC. The academic teaching plan was prepared by
Syllabus the faculty, verified by HOD and approved by the Principal.
Implementation o The HOD undertook quality inspection check twice a
semester to ensure implementation of the syllabus as per the
planned schedule.
o Academic activities were conducted as per the plan
Promote co- Science club conducted activities promoting scientific temper and
curricular & extra- research.
curricular activities Events like Essay writing competition on the theme ‘Role of
leading to holistic Science in Nation Building’, quiz competition, publication of
development of science wall magazine - SCIWAM and science day celebrations
students was were conducted.
organized by the Events conducted by the cultural club of the college.
clubs o Friendship Day,
o Teachers’ Day,
o Christmas Celebrations;
o Felicitation
Achievements in extra-curricular activities:
External Events (2017-18):
 College Ke Tashanbaaz Season 5 - 2 prizes
 Samiksha 2017 – 3 prizes
 Youth Festival – 3 prizes
 Times Public Speaking Contest – 5 made it to top 20
 Swami Vivekananda Janma Jayanti Mahotsav Spardha
 Bizvista 2018 – 2 prizes

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 9

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

 Culfest 2018
 Image 2018 – 2 prizes
 Atmaan 2018 – 4 prizes
Promote physical Sports club organized various coaching camps and tournaments.
well-being through Sports Achievements
sports and games Students were selected for inter-university tournaments 17-18:
o Iyaar Sukanya - Cricket
o Jadeja Mohitrajsinh – Basketball(B)
o Jadeja Ravirajsinhj –Basketball(B)
o Zala Palraj -Shooting
o Pandya Vinit - Football
o Parmar Shivani - Basketball (G)
o Parmar Radhika -Basketball (G)
o Nathvani Pranav-Table-tennis
o Ishita Soni -Wrestling
o Zala Parthrajsinh - Hockey
Conduct activities Activities leading to community service, environment awareness
to promote and good citizenship are conducted by Aarohan -Women Cell,
community service Nature Club, Rotaract Club and NCC
 Women’s Cell- Inauguration cum Guest Lecture, Quiz
and good
Competition, Expert Lecture
citizenship  Nature Club: Tree plantation, Bird –watching, Nature
Painting Exhibition, Wild-life photography Workshop, Wild-
life photography exhibition, Guest lecture - Snake awareness,
Nature Camp- Narara. Students of the nature club are
volunteers at the Rajkot municipal zoo and also help the zoo
authorities in conducting student camps. Students also help the
injured birds and animals by providing water, food and shelter
till they recover.
 Rotaract Club: Veja Village Education Project – spreading
formal and informal education - regular classes
Vega Village Education Project, Collection of Flood Relief
Fund for Banaskatha, Cleanliness Drive , Fund collection for
National Association of Blind, Flowers’ Day, Blood donation,
Campus visit - students from Vega village
 NCC: International Yoga Day, Kargil Day Commemoration,
Independence Day, Republic Day Celebration, Blood donation
Camp, Cleanliness Drive; Camps: Army Attachment Camp,
Basic Leadership Camp and National Integration Camp
Development of o Laboratory instruments and equipment were purchased as per
Infrastructure & the requirements. The amount spent on these purchases was
ICT facilities Rs.6,85,125
Special Awards to o Selection procedure for selection of students for the special
Students & awards was done by the IQAC & Interview for Bishop
Bishop Gregory Gregory Award – Best student of the Year was conducted.
Award Ms. Shivani Parmar TYBBA was awarded the ‘Bishop
Gregory Award 2017-18’
o The winners were felicitated on March 03, 2018

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 10

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Organize Annual o Annual Sports Meet an intra college event with the tag-line
Sports Day ‘Unleash the Athlete in You’ was organised by the College
from November 30 to December 20, 2017.
Conduct Internal o Internal Audit of all Departments, Clubs, Associations Cells
Audits and Committees was conducted by the IQAC.
o The findings of the internal audit were discussed at the staff
meeting was submitted to the Management.
Promote Student o The college provides financial assistance to the needy and also
Welfare Activities facilitates students to avail themselves of government
o Financial assistance by the Management [ 2017-18]:
 Merit Scholarship - Rs. 7,16,431
 Fee Concession - Rs. 1,31,060
 Bus Fee Concession – 10,499
 Scholarship to catholic students – Rs.1,00,000
o Government scholarships:
 SC/ ST scholarship Rs. 3,11,309
* Academic Calendar Annexure-I

2.15 Whether the AQAR was placed in statutory body Yes √ No

Management √ Syndicate Any other body √

Provide the details of the action taken

 The AQAR was placed in the Management meeting and the IQAC.
 After much deliberations and constructive suggestions the AQAR was
approved and the final report was sanctioned for submission to NAAC
 Institutional plans for the year 2018-2019 were reviewed on the basis the
AQAR of 2017-2018.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 11

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Part – B
Criterion – I

1. Curricular Aspects

1.1 Details about Academic Programmes

Number of value
Number of Number of Number of
Level of the added / Career
existing programmes added self-financing
Programme Oriented
Programmes during the year programmes
PhD 0 0 0 0
PG 1 0 0 0
5 programmes 5 programmes /
UG 0 5
/ 11 courses 11 courses
PG Diploma 0 0 0 0
Advanced Diploma 0 0 0 0
Diploma 0 0 0 0
Others (Certificate
4 - - 15
Total 16 0 16 20
Interdisciplinary 0 0 0 0
Innovative 0 0 0 0

1.2 (i) Flexibility of the Curriculum: CBCS/Core/Elective option / Open options - CBCS
(ii) Pattern of programmes:

Pattern Number of programmes

Semester 6 programmes / 12 courses
Trimester -

1.3 Feedback from stakeholders* Alumni √ Parents Employers Students √

(On all aspects)

Mode of feedback : Online √ Manual √ Co-operating schools (for PEI)

*Feedback Analysis Annexure -II

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 12

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

1.4 Whether there is any revision/update of regulation or syllabi, if yes, mention their salient

During the year 2017-2018, the syllabus of Semester III & IV for all programmes
has been revised with effect from June 2017

1.5 Any new Department/Centre introduced during the year. If yes, give details.

No new department / centre were introduced.

Certificate courses introduced
1. Film Appreciation
2. Accounting & Finance
3. Banking & Insurance
4. Elementary Aspects of Marketing
5. E-Commerce
6. Research Methodology
7. Foundation Course in Astronomy & Astrophysics
8. Sage and Statistics
9. Multimedia applications
10. Bird Watching & Basics of Ornithology
11. Biofertilizer Production
12. Computer Concept
13. Microbial Analysis of Water
14. Comparative Microbial Analysis of water
15. Medical Laboratory Techniques

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 13

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – II

2. Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

2.1 Total No. of Total Asst. Professors Associate Professors Professors Others
permanent 58 41 5 0 12

2.2 No. of permanent faculty with Ph.D.

Asst. Associate
2.3 No. of Faculty Positions Professors Others Total
Professors Professors
Recruited (R) and Vacant
(V) during the year R V R V R V R V R V
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

2.4 No. of Guest and Visiting faculty and Temporary faculty - 2 VF 10 Ad hoc

2.5 Faculty participation in conferences and symposia:

International level National level State level
No. of Faculty attended 14 34 13
No. of Papers
Attended presented
Seminars/ 41 26 0
Resource Persons 0 1 03

2.6 Innovative processes adopted by the institution in Teaching and Learning:

 The College handbook which specifies the academic schedule, examination schedule
and syllabus book is provided to the students in the beginning of the academic year.
 Preparation of systematised teaching plan by the faculty and monitored by HOD and
by the Principal for effective implementation.
 Use of teaching methodologies to make teaching learning more student-centric, role
play, case study, use of ICT-LCD projectors, video lectures, on-line lectures for
courses like bioinformatics, class-seminars, workshops, use of language lab, group
discussion, interactive lecture method and expert lectures

2.7 Total No. of actual teaching day during this academic year 180 days

2.8 Examination/ Evaluation Reforms initiated by the Institution

Open Book Examination
(for example: Open Book Examination, Bar Coding, Double
Valuation, Photocopy, Online Multiple Choice Questions)
2.9 No. of faculty members involved in curriculum BOS – 9
Restructuring /revision /syllabus development Faculty – 3
as member of Board of Study /Faculty/
Curriculum Development workshop

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 14

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

2.10 Average percentage of attendance of students 80 %

2.11 Course/Programme wise distribution of pass percentage: [Results of final year] 2017-18

Title of Total no. of

First First Second Pass Fail/ Total
the students Pass %
Dist. Class Class Class withheld Pass
Programme appeared
BA 20 8 6 2 - 4 16 80.00 %
BCom 61 5 20 19 - 17 44 72.13 %
BBA 49 3 18 16 - 12 37 75.50 %
BCA 23 13 3 5 - 2 21 91.30 %
BSc 227 75 16 - - 94 133 58.59 %

2.12 How does IQAC Contribute / Monitor/ Evaluate the Teaching & Learning processes:

 The IQAC finalizes the events to be conducted and prepares the academic calendar
and the College handbook for the academic year. The hand-book is published
annually and it includes the details of faculty members, rules and regulations of the
college, the detailed academic calendar, events to be organized during the year,
academic and examination schedule.
 Suggests introduction of new courses and innovative methods of implementation
of existing curriculum.
 Facilitates the availability of necessary infrastructure and human resource.
 The HODs as members of the IQAC review the day to day functioning of the
department. Departmental activities are planned and organized under the guidance
of HOD/staff coordinator in consonance with the policy and guidelines of the
 Interaction with students, mentoring, feedback from students & staff, quality
inspection checks by HOD & by the Principal, internal audits conducted by IQAC
and analysis of examination results help to monitor and evaluate the teaching
learning process.
 Academic evaluation system in the form of CCA, class tests and preliminary
examination also provides a base for monitoring and evaluating the teaching
learning process.

2.13 Initiatives undertaken towards faculty development

Number of faculty
Faculty / Staff Development Programmes
Refresher courses 2
UGC – Faculty Improvement Programme 0

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 15

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

HRD programmes 7
Orientation programmes 0
Faculty exchange programme 0
Staff training conducted by the university 0
Staff training conducted by other institutions 4
Summer / Winter schools, Workshops, etc. 1
Others -

2.14 Details of Administrative and Technical staff

Number of
Number of Number of Number of
Category Permanent Vacant positions filled
positions filled
Employees Positions temporarily
during the Year
Administrative Staff 5 0 0 0
Technical 9 0 0 0
Staff Programmers 3 0 0 0

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 16

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – III

3. Research, Consultancy and Extension

3.1 Initiatives of the IQAC in Sensitizing/Promoting Research Climate in the institution
IQAC promotes research culture through the Research Committee of the college.
 Faculty who have not completed Ph.D. are encouraged to pursue research.
No. of faculty registered for Ph.D.: 10
 Faculty members are encouraged to submit research proposals to various funding
agencies. 1 major research project sanctioned by UGC (ongoing)
 Students and faculty are permitted to use the laboratory & other facilities for
research work after the College hours.
 Faculty are granted duty leave for participating in various National and
International Level events.
 Faculty members are granted leave for pursuing post-doctoral fellowship (PDF).
 Student research projects are funded by the Management. Faculty members guide
students to participate and present research papers at various forums.
 No. of faculty members as Ph.D. Guides 05; No. as M.Phil. guides 02

3.2 Details regarding major projects

Completed Ongoing Sanctioned Submitted

Number 4 01
Outlay in Rs. Lakhs 27.45

3.3 Details regarding minor projects

Completed Ongoing Sanctioned Submitted

Number 3 1 06
Outlay in Rs. Lakhs 3.61

3.4 Details on research publications

International National Others

Peer Review Journals 20 3 0
Non-Peer Review Journals
Conference proceedings

3.5 Details on Impact factor of publications:

Range Average h-index Nos. in SCOPUS

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 17

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

3.6 Research funds sanctioned and received from various funding agencies, industry and other

Total grant
Duration Name of the Received
Nature of the Project Sanctioned
Year funding Agency
Rs in lakhs
Major projects 3 UGC
Minor Projects - - - -
Interdisciplinary Projects 0 - 0 0
Industry sponsored 0 - 0 0
Projects sponsored by the
0 - 0 0
University/ College
Students research projects College
4 1.0 1.0
(other than compulsory by the University) Management
Any other(Specify) 0 - 0 0

3.7 No. of books published i) With ISBN No. 10 Chapters in Edited Books

ii) Without ISBN No.

3.8 No. of University Departments receiving funds from


DPE DBT Scheme/funds

3.9 For colleges Autonomy CPE DBT Star Scheme

INSPIRE √ CE Any Other

3.10 Revenue generated through consultancy NIL

3.11 No. of conferences organized by the college

Level International National State University College
Number 1 3 1 3
Sponsoring GSBTM, SERB, DST
agencies Suraksha Setu, Federal

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 18

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

3.12 No. of faculty served as experts, chairpersons or resource persons

3.13 No. of collaborations International National Any other

3.14 No. of linkages created during this year

3.15 Total budget for research for current year in lakhs (Rs. in lakhs):

From funding agency (UGC) 15.45

From Management of College 01

Total 16.45

3.16 No. of patents received this year

Type of Patent Number
Applied 0
Granted 0
Applied 0
Granted 0
Applied 0
Granted 0

3.17 No. of research awards/ recognitions received by faculty and research fellows of the
institute in the year

Total International National State University District College

3.18 No. of faculty from the Institution

Who are Ph. D. Guides

and students registered under them 11

3.19 No. of Ph.D. awarded by faculty from the Institution

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 19

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

3.20 No. of Research scholars receiving the Fellowships (Newly enrolled + existing ones)

JRF SRF Project Fellows 3 Any other

3.21 No. of students Participated in NSS events:

University level State level

National level International level

3.22 No. of students participated in NCC events:

95 2
University level State level

National level 6 International level 0

3.23 No. of Awards won in NSS:

University level State 0level 0

National level International level 0


3.24 No. of Awards won in NCC:

University level 0

State level 2

National level 6

International level 0

3.25 No. of Extension activities organized

0 3
University forum College forum


Any other 6

3.26 Major Activities during the year in the sphere of extension activities and Institutional Social

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 20

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Extension activities and activities instilling social responsibility are conducted by various
clubs and associations: ‘Aarohan’ the Women’s Cell, NCC, Cultural Club, Nature Cub and
Rotaract Club of the College.
The activities conducted by these units during the year are:
Women Cell – Aarohan
 Conducts programmes on awareness in young girls to understand the concept of
contributing to the social cause so that when they become professionals in any field
they can contribute to the development society. Aarohan reaches out to the women in
the slums and makes them aware of the dignity of women.
 Activities: Talk on ‘Women Empowerment’, Quiz Competition, International
Women’s Day Celebration, Women’s day celebration for women of villages, in
coordination with Navjeevan Trust.
National cadet Corps [NCC]
 NCC: International Yoga Day, Kargil Day Commemoration, Independence Day,
Republic Day Celebration, Blood donation Camp, Cleanliness Drive, Participation in
Rajkot Half Marathon and Training Camps
Cultural club
 Conducted activities promoting traditional, culture and values like: Rangoli
Competition, Friendship Day, Cultural week, Traditional Day, Teachers’ Day,
Christmas Celebrations, SPECTRUM
 The club also trains students for various inter-college events at the University,
National & International level.
 Participated in 16 External Competitions and Won 4 overall trophies
 First position -25, second -18 and third 12
 Saurashtra University Youth Festival- First -1, Second 2 and third 1
Nature Club
 Conducted activities generating awareness on environment and sensitizes the students
to work for preservation and conservation of our natural resources.
 Sapling distribution, tree plantation, wildlife photography exhibition, bird watching,
snake awareness programme and nature education camp are some of the activities of
the club.
 Students of the nature club render their services as Zoo guide at Rajkot Municipal
Zoo and they also help in conducting camps at the RMC zoo.
Rotaract Club aims at the socio-cultural development of the students.
 Rotaract club provides an opportunity to the students for social service, development
of leadership qualities, as well as entertainment.
 Activities: Vega Village Education Project, Fund collection for Blind Association –
Rs. 4490, Rose Day – Rs. 6155, Blood donation, Campus Visit – students of Vega

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 21

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – IV
4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
4.1 Details of increase in infrastructure facilities:

Facilities Existing Newly Source of Total

created Fund
Campus area 12 Acres 0 0 12 Acres
Class rooms 25 0 0 25

Laboratories 16 2 Management 18

Seminar Halls 2 0 0 2

No. of important equipments purchased 3 Management

(≥ 1-0 lakh) during the current year.
Value of the equipment purchased 20.64 Management 20.64
during the year (Rs. in Lakhs)
Others: Media Effects Centre 01 01

Language lab 01 01

Botanical Garden 01 01

Open-air theatre 01 01

4.2 Computerization of administration and library

 The administrative system and functioning of the College is computerized
 The admission process is computerized from the sale of admission forms to the receipt of fees,
allocation of class, assigning roll nos. and issue of ID cards.
 Issue of all certificates and notices through the administrative office is computerized.
 The library is fully automated and enriched with 7800 books. It subscribes to more
than 75 national and international journals and periodicals. There is a special CD
section, with more than 2300 CDs. The library is a member of various libraries of
national and international institute of repute.
 It is a large and well-maintained section with separate reading room cum circulation
counter, a separate periodical& CD section, a printing & photocopy room, a library
staff room, internet zone and a research corner.
 It also provides specialized services like Current Awareness Services (CAS), Selective
Dissemination of Information (SDI) etc. to support research work
 It also provides book bank facility, membership to ex-students and separate section
consisting of projects and reviews submitted by students.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 22

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

4.3 Library services:

Existing Newly added

No. Value No. Value Rs.
Text Books
7800 5 5959
Reference Books
Journals 75 43619
e-Journals N LIST subscription to teachers and students
CD & Video 2000 300

4.4 Technology up gradation (overall)

No. of
Total Browsing
Computer Internet Office Dept Others
Computers Centres
Existing 130 3 1 1 6 13 7
4.5 Computer, internet access, training to teachers and students and any other programme for
technology upgradation (Networking, e-Governance etc.)

 Christ College Campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

 Internet connectivity is available in all the departments through wired and
wireless connections.
 Student terminals are provided through the wired connections in the library. The
students have an access to the internet through these students’ terminals as well
as through the wireless connectivity on their lap-tops.
 The internet connectivity is available to the staff and the students free of cost.
 The college has a media-effect centre with facilities for audio and video
 The language lab of the college has facilities for video-conferencing.
 Five of the classrooms and two conference halls are fitted with LCD projectors
 Almost all the staff members are well-versed with the use of computers and its
applications. However, in-house training programmes are conducted for the
staff and students as and when required.
 The ICT facilities on campus are upgraded on need base.

4.6 Amount spent on maintenance:

i) ICT Rs. 1,30,235

ii) Campus Infrastructure and facilities Rs. 4,07,138

iii) Equipments Rs. 1,40,180

iv) Others Rs 1,03,540

Total : Rs. 7,81,093

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 23

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – V
5. Student Support and Progression
5.1 Contribution of IQAC in enhancing awareness about Student Support Services

 Every year at the beginning of the academic year, the IQAC conducts an Orientation
Programme for all the first year students wherein the students are made aware of the
functioning of the college- the academic calendar, the evaluation system, the clubs,
and other units that are aimed at holistic development of students, the student
supports systems, the student welfare measures and the rules and regulations of the
 This information is also put up of display boards, on the website and in the college
 At the parent teacher meeting, and programmes, like Felicitation Day& Campus
Day, the parents and other stakeholders are also briefed on the student support
services provided by the college

5.2 Efforts made by the institution for tracking the progression

 To track the achievement of the students, some departments maintain achievement

cards that detail the progression and the academic as well as extra-curricular
achievements of the students.
 Continuous Comprehensive Assessment (CCA) system followed by the college
facilitates tracking the progression of the students.
 The progress of the students is also determined through personal interaction.
 The college has an alumni association and the departments maintain the detail of
their alumni; interaction with alumni helps determine their current status and

5.3 (a) Total Number of students

UG PG Ph. D. Others
1229 07 NIL NIL

(b) No. of students outside the state 69

(c) No. of international students 01

No % No %
(d) Men Women
792 64.97% 427 35.03 %

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 24

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Last Year 2016-2017 This Year 2017-2018

General SC ST OBC Physically Total General SC ST OBC Physically Total

Challenged Challenged
974 37 3 297 03 1314 803 38 8 293 3 1249

Demand ratio 1:1 Dropout % 19.67 %

5.4 Details of student support mechanism for coaching for competitive examinations (If any)

 The Career and Placement Cell of the College organizes seminars for students
to prepare them for resume writing, give them information about the latest
trends in corporate recruitment and help them develop right attitude for growth
in an organization.
 The faculty of the various departments also provide subject specific coaching
and guidance to students for competitive examinations.
 The resources available in the library provide additional support to the students
preparing for competitive examinations

5.5 No. of students qualified in these examinations (Data not available)


IAS/IPS etc State PSC UPSC Others

5.6 Details of student counselling and career guidance

 Seminars conducted
o National Career Services: 08-01-2018: The seminar was on the department’s
initiative to work as an employment exchange for the private sector. The
resource person Mr. Saurov Pandey works with the Rojgar Kacheri run by
MHRD at the Bahumali Bhavan, Race course Rajkot, the purpose of the
seminar was to create awareness about their portal National Career Services
(NSC), which is an employment portal giving a platform to employers and job
aspirants. Attendance 75 students. (From all the faculties of the college)
o Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII): 25-01-2018. The
seminar was conducted by Dr. Sajikumar (Faculty at EDII) for the students of
all the faculties. The main aim of the seminar was to encourage the students to
consider “Entrepreneurship as a career option”. The seminar was attended by
about 112 students.
o Aerostar Jet Academy; 08-12-2017. The seminar was conducted by the
representatives of the academy. It was to make the students aware about the
Aviation industry, Travel industry and Hospitality industry as a whole. The
seminar was attended by 8 students.

No. of students benefitted 275

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 25

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

5.7 Details of campus placement

Placements Matrix 2017 – 18

Sr Package p.a. Students
Company Date Shortlisted Selected
No (in lakhs) Appeared

1. South Indian Bank 10-08-2017 3.04 53 23 01

Tata Consultancy
2. Services
14-02-2018 1.70 32 14 14

ICICI Prudential
3. Ltd.
16-02-2018 1.70 50 25 06

Reliance Industries 05-03-2018

4. Ltd.
2.40 30 19 03

5.8 Details of gender sensitization programmes

 The Women’s Cell of Christ College has been initiated to play a proactive role in
sensitizing the college and the community towards gender issues.
 Women Cell encourages the students to understand: gender psychology, need for
empowerment through social transformation, compassion for underprivileged
women, the rights and responsibilities of women in society and the need for
protection of women against harassment.
 Aarohan the Women Cell of the College organizes various awareness
programmes and also participates in awareness programmes organized by other

5.9 Students Activities

5.9.1 No. of students participated in Sports, Games and other events

State/ University level 148 National level 10 International level 01

No. of students participated in cultural events 200

State/ University level 85 National level 115 International level

5.9.2 No. of medals /awards won by students in Sports, Games and other events

Sports: State/ University level 10 National level International level

Cultural: State/ University level 41 National level 14 International level 0

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 26

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

5.10 Scholarships and Financial Support

Number of
Amount Rs.
Financial support from institution 129 8,57,990

Financial support from government 84 3,11,309

Financial support from other sources 4

Number of students who received Details not available

International/ National recognitions

5.11 Student organised / initiatives

Fairs : State/ University level National level International level

Exhibition: State/ University level 01 National level International level

5.12 No. of social initiatives undertaken by the students 06

5.13 Major grievances of students (if any) redressed:

No major grievances were reported during the year 2017-2018

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 27

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – VI

6. Governance, Leadership and Management

6.1 State the Vision and Mission of the institution

To excel in the creation of an egalitarian society characterized by love, unity, justice
and brotherhood
To sustain the spirit of excellence at the undergraduate level, initiate the post graduate
studies in the same spirit and excel in it in the next five years
To provide innovative and quality learning to the young generation through quality
management and to equip them to become productive, proactive human resources and
responsible citizens of the nation

6.2 Does the Institution has a Management Information System

Yes, the College has an MIS
6.3 Quality improvement strategies adopted by the institution for each of the following:
6.3.1 Curriculum Development
 Feedback on curriculum is taken from the alumni, academic peers and other
stake holders.
 The feedback is analysed and the suggestions are reviewed at the departmental
meetings and IQAC meetings and communicated to the concerned through
faculty members who are the members of Board of Studies of Saurashtra
University or members of committees for syllabus design and development.
 Skill development courses as an add-on course are promoted. Ten new
certificate courses have been initiated.
 For initiating Post Graduate Degree courses, MSc Chemistry, the College has
applied to Saurashtra University.
6.3.2 Teaching and Learning

 HoDs are asked to prepare the workload and subject distribution and submit it to
the Principal for approval before the commencement of the academic year.
 Laboratory requirement and other infrastructure requirements are to be
submitted to the Principal before the commencement of the academic year.
Infrastructure and other resources for the same are made available as required.
Academic calendar detailing the academic schedule is prepared by the IQAC
and made available to the students and staff at the beginning of the academic
 Faculty members are asked to prepare an academic plan and submit it to the
Principal for approval.
 Innovative student centric teaching methodologies are encouraged.
 Co-curricular activities that supplement the curriculum are conducted.
 The Principal and the Director interact with the students personally to get first-
hand information on the teaching learning process.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 28
Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

 The Principal and the Director also monitor the teaching-learning process
through CCTV fitted in all class-rooms and laboratories.
 Feedback from students on teaching-learning process is collected and analysed.
Necessary measures are taken for improvement and enhancement of the
teaching learning process.

6.3.3 Examination and Evaluation

 The College through the Examination Committee ensures that a transparency in

the conduction of examination and the evaluation processes.
 The schedule for the internal examination is communicated to the students at the
beginning of the year through the College Handbook.
 Internal examinations i.e. CCA is conducted as per the university guidelines.
 Preliminary examinations are conducted by the college as per the university
 Results of the examinations are displayed on the notice board
 University Examinations are held adhering to the norms of the university

6.3.4 Research and Development

 The College has a research committee to coordinate research activities.

 The library has a research corner for the staff and the students to refer to
magazines, books, research journals and on-line research papers.
 Faculty members and students are permitted to use the research facilities available
in the College.
 The faculty are encouraged to submit research proposals and undertake research
projects funded by external agencies.
 Faculty members are granted duty leave to present research papers at national and
international level conferences and symposia.
 Duty leave is granted for presenting project proposals to funding agencies.
 Sabbatical leave is granted for PDF.
 The College publishes with ISBN, the research papers as the Proceedings of the
National Level Science Symposium organized every year.

6.3.5 Library, ICT and physical infrastructure / instrumentation

 The College library is fully automated.

 Development of additional library resources, ICT facilities, laboratory equipment
and other physical structures is on need base
 Purchase of library resources is reviewed by the library committee of the college.
 Wired and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is provided free of cost to all staff and
 The maintenance of the ICT facilities is done by the system administrator and
network maintenance committee of the college.
 The repairs and maintenance cell of the College is proactive in maintenance of
instruments, infrastructure and other facilities

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 29

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

6.3.6 Human Resource Management

 Staff members are motivated through annual increments, staff promotions and
by duty leave for attending development programmes.
 At the end of each academic year the Principal informs the HoDs to prepare the
workload so that personnel for various teaching and non-teaching positions may
be made available before the commencement of the next academic year.
 Orientation programmes are held for new recruits.
 Based on their area of interest and expertise, faculty members are given
additional charges for various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
 Financial support is extended in organizing various events on and off campus.
 Awareness programmes are conducted for the support staff
 Welfare measures in the form of short term loan is made available through the
employees credit society of the College
 All the faculty members & students are covered under the accident insurance
scheme, the premium for which is paid by the college.

6.3.7 Faculty and Staff recruitment

 The management recruits qualified competent faculty members on the basis of

workload and area of specialization.
 To meet with a temporary increase in workload, qualified and competent
Ad hoc or visiting faculty are appointed.
 Every department has permanent technical staff and support staff. Additional
technical and support staff are recruited as per the requirement.
 The management follows a recruitment procedure formulated by the College
and is in accordance with the University and UGC guidelines.

6.3.8 Industry Interaction / Collaboration

 The Career and Placement Cell of the College facilitates institute- industry
 MOU are signed for training and sharing resources with industries, corporates
and other institutes.
 Every year the students of the college visit the industries and corporate sectors
and prepare project reports on the visit or trainings.
 Professional and Experts from these units are invited to the campus to interact
with the students.
 They are also invited to various functions organized by the College.
 The college facilitates conducting campus recruitments. A good number of
companies visit the college for placements.
 Feedback on the academic curriculum is taken from potential employers so that
necessary changes may be incorporated in the curriculum.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 30

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

6.3.9 Admission of Students

 The admission procedure is coordinated by the admission committee of the

 Details of the courses offered and admission procedure are published on the
college website as well as in the prospectus.
 All information regarding the admission procedure is made available at the help
desk set up during admissions.
 Faculty members are present on campus during the admission process to guide
and counsel students in the proper choice of subjects.
 To attract quality students the college widely publicises its courses in the local
dailies, TV channels, social media and hoardings.
 The college also conducts competitions and exhibitions for school students.
 To strengthen the student profile merit scholarships and fee concession are
given to the deserving students.

6.4 Welfare schemes for

Teaching Insurance, short term loans through employees credit society

Leaves for attending development programmes
Maternity leave
Non-teaching PF, insurance, short term loans through employees credit society
Recreational programmes
Students  Scholarships, financial assistance to other needy students
and to students of Christian minority community
 Career guidance and placement facilities
 Free internet access through wired and Wi-Fi on campus
 Canteen facility
 Availability of safe drinking water (RO)
 Girls’ Hostel

6.5 Total corpus fund generated Rs 26,00,000

6.6 Whether annual financial audit has been done Yes √ No

6.7 Whether Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) has been done?
External Internal
Audit Type
Yes/No Agency Yes/No Authority
Academic No Yes IQAC
Administrative No Yes IQAC

6.8 Does the University/ Autonomous College declare results within 30 days? [NA]

For UG Programmes Yes No

For PG Programmes Yes No

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 31

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

6.9 What efforts are made by the University/ Autonomous College for Examination Reforms?


6.10 What efforts are made by the University to promote autonomy in the affiliated/constituent


6.11 Activities and support from the Alumni Association

 The Alumni are the ambassadors of the College.
 They assist the Department in conducting co-curricular activities. They are also
invited to share their experiences and interact with the students.
 They also facilitate campus placements.
 Feedback on curricular aspects is collected from the Alumni

6.12 Activities and support from the Parent – Teacher Association

 The meeting of the PTA is held once a year. Feedback on various aspects is
collected from the parents.
 The members of PTA are present at various functions organized by the college.
Their support and suggestions for improvement are welcomed.
 Parents are encouraged to meet the faculty members on a one-to-one basis to
discuss the progress of their wards and for inputs on overall quality

6.13 Development programmes for support staff

General awareness programmes are conducted for the development of the support staff

6.14 Initiatives taken by the institution to make the campus eco-friendly

 The activities leading to an eco-friendly campus are coordinated by the nature

club of the college. The objective of the club is sensitizing students towards
preservation and conservation of our natural resources.
 Sapling distribution and Tree plantation which helps in reducing pollution are a
tradition of the Nature club.
 Efforts for carbon neutrality are done by increasing the green cover. Two full
time gardeners appointed by the college ensure that the campus remains lush
 Awareness programmes and competitions on save the environment are
conducted by the Nature Club of the College.
 The members of the Nature Club have also undertaken a green audit on the
 Documentaries on nature and energy conservation are screened by the Nature
Club of the college.
 To promulgate the need of energy conservation, students and staff are
encouraged to turn off the lights, fans and other electrical appliances when not in

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 32

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Criterion – VII

7. Innovations and Best Practices

7.1 Innovations introduced during this academic year which have created a positive impact on
the functioning of the institution. Give details.

 Library is fully automated; books and other learning resources are bar coded. Easy
access to the learning resources available in the library facilitates the teaching-
learning process. Students gain access to the library resources with their ID cards.
 Training programmes for students were conducted.
 Twelve certificate courses / value added courses have been introduced for the
students of the college
 National conference on IPR was organised

7.2 Provide the Action Taken Report (ATR) based on the plan of action decided upon at the
beginning of the year.
The detailed plan of action decided at the beginning of the year and the outcome of the
achievements are as included in section 2.15.
Academic and Co-curricular activities were conducted as per the plan

7.3 Give two Best Practices of the institution (please see the format in the NAAC Self-study Manuals)

1. Blood Donation Camp

2. Collecting and Analysing Feedback from students and other stakeholders

*Best Practices Annexure – III

7.4 Contribution to environmental awareness / protection

The nature club of the college coordinates all activities contributing to environment
awareness and environment protection. Some of the activities conducted by the nature
club include:
 Tree plantation and distribution of saplings
 Awareness programmes and expert lecture
 Exhibition and workshop on wild-life photography
 Nature education camps
Members of the nature club of the college are encouraged and motivated to participate
in environment awareness programmes conducted by different organizations
Students rendered their service as zoo guides at the Rajkot Municipal Zoo / Park.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 33

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

7.5 Whether environmental audit was conducted?

Yes No √

7.6 Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add. (For example SWOC Analysis)

 Qualified, dedicated and committed staff
 Supportive and approachable Management
 Well maintained and updated infrastructure
 Well-equipped laboratories
 Conducive environment for teaching and learning
 Interactive and technology aided teaching methodologies adapted by the faculty
 Regular classes and transparent internal evaluation system
 Student welfare activities: scholarships, fee concessions and insurance
 Opportunities for student counselling and mentoring
 Conducting events fostering scientific temper, activities promoting social
responsibility and leadership qualities among students
 Career oriented and skill development programmes available to the students,
along with the regular degree courses
 Regular internal audits by IQAC of the College
 No postgraduate courses
 Limited resource generation through consultancy services
 Limited funded research projects
 To start postgraduate courses and more skill development programmes
 To strengthen support from Alumni, former faculty members and Parent
Teacher Association
 To formalise the consultancy service
 Expand research facilities through funded research projects

 To initiate more postgraduate courses
 Due to introduction of CBCS system, time constraint in conducting co-
curricular and extra-curricular activities
 Increase in the number of self-financed institutions
 To maintain the quality of education in its true sense
 Students’ changing attitude of wanting degree certificates not quality education

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 34

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 35

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Month & Date Activity
June 05, 2017 College Reopens
June 05, 2017 Faculty Development Programme
June 06, 2017 Staff-meeting
June 07, 2017 College Reopens Semester III & V
June 19, 2017 Orientation – Semester I
June 20, 2017 Classes Begin Semester - I
July 21, 2017 Submission AS-1
July 26, 2017 Kargil Day Commemoration
July 30, 2017 VIVIDHA –– Commerce & Mgt.
August 05 & 06, 2017 Yuva Spandan – College Youth Fest
August 15, 2017 Independence Day Celebrations
August 21, 2017 First Mid Semester Examination begins
September 01, 2017 National Conference - IQAC
September 09, 2017 Submission AS-2 & Mid-sem Results
September 20, 2017 Compilation CCA
September 23, 2017 Syllabus Completion - Semester III
September 29, 2017 Syllabus Completion - Semester V
September 29, 2017 Display of Internal Marks - Semester III, V
October 07, 2017 Syllabus Completion - Semester I
October 07, 2017 Display of Internal Marks - Semester I
Oct.15 to Nov. 05, 2017 Diwali Holidays
November 06, 2017 College Reopens (Semester II, IV & VI)
November 27, 2017 National Seminar - Arts
December 16, 2017 Annual Sports Day
December 20, 2017 Submission AS-1
December 23, 2017 Christmas Celebrations
Dec. 25, 2017 to Jan. 01, 2018 Christmas Holidays
January 05, 2018 Second Mid Semester Examination begins
January 21, 2018 TechArena
January 26, 2018 Republic Day Celebrations
January 27, 2018 Play - Arts
February 11, 2018 Science Symposium 2018
February 16, 2018 Submission AS 2
February 28, 2018 CCA Compilation
March 03, 2018 Felicitation Day
March 03, 2018 Syllabus Completion - Semester II, IV, VI
March 03, 2018 Display of Internal Marks

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 36

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]



Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 37

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]


Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 38

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]



Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 39

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]


Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 40

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 41

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]


Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 42

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 43

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]


Best Practice -1
1. Title: Blood Donation Camp

2. Objectives of the Practice

Blood donation is a great service to humanity. By donating blood to those in
need, we can save many precious lives. To create awareness and motivate
students for Blood Donation to save someone’s life. To develop a sense of social
responsibility and a feeling of brotherhood amongst our youngsters. To help
anyone in society, other than those from the college also, in case of any
requirement for blood. To end the concept of replacement donation by ensuring
continuous supply of blood through our college. To establishing a collaborations
with Shree Pandit Deen Dayal Civil Hospital Rajkot, in case of requirement of

3. The Context
Students of higher educations are the leaders of tomorrow. By arranging
programmes like blood donation camp, students develop leadership quality. In this
process they come across many people in the medical field and other voluntary
organisations. The associations with volunteers and voluntary organisations,
nurture a sense of voluntary services in the minds of young students. Moreover,
they get first hand experiences about life outside the campus.
Blood is the vital fluid which sustains life in our body. In a thickly
populated country like India, blood donation has special significances.
Daily, thousands of people are affected by serious injuries in various
accidents and most of the deaths are due to the loss of blood. Timely blood
transfusion saves majority of the victims. Blood transfusion is necessary for
people who are affected by kidney ailments, haemophilia, acute anaemia ,
and many other diseases.
In India, one out of every five people refuse to donate blood because they think it
is dangerous. Many people are still under the impression that donating blood may
result in weakness and other diseases. To break this myth, awareness programmes
need to be arranged for students and staff as well. The NCC unit and Rotaract Club
of the College take a lead role in conducting awareness programmes.

4. The Practice
Christ College Rajkot NCC Club has started blood donation Camp since 2005, it
was initially organized in banner of NCC Christ College. Now The Blood donation
camps on the campus are done by the NCC in association with the Rotaract Club of
the College.
We first contact the administrative staff at the Civil Hospital and then fill required
form for organizing this camp. Once the date finalized we make an announcement
to the college students informing them the date for the blood donation camp.
On the date finalised the doctors and other staff come to the College and perform
the formalities of collecting blood among students. They bring the medical
instruments necessary for collecting blood. Other facilities such as bedding,
refreshments etc. are provided by the college. An ambulance is kept ready to deal

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 44

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

with emergency situations. Blood is collected from voluntary donors after checking
their B.P, haemoglobin and other medical history. On an average every year 160
donors donate blood. The collected blood is then donated to the District Blood
Bank to be used for patients free of cost.
On the Blood Donation camp day all the NCC cadets and Rotaract club members
manage the entire camp process starting from encouraging students from all the
classes, registering them, making all the requirements for blood donation like
preparing the beds, refreshments, etc.
Every year the camp is held in February with the collaboration to Pandit Deen
Dayal Upadhyay Civil Hospital, Rajkot. We choose civil hospital because it is
freely provide this blood to who is needy and hospitalized in Civil Hospital.
A certificate of appreciation, donation card, and refreshments are given to each
donor as a token of appreciation.

5. Evidence of Success
Young students, willingly come forward and donate blood. Every year on an
average 160 units of blood are collected from our campus. It is a good indication
of the success of the programme. In addition, our students and faculty members
donate blood at other centres where such camps are organised.
Every year we are able to donate 160 bottles of blood on an average to the Civil

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Blood donation has many health benefits. Donating blood on regular basis leads to
good health as a result of renewal of blood cells. It also reduces the risk
of cancer and hemochromatosis. It helps in reducing the risk of damage to liver and
pancreas. Donating blood may help in improving cardiovascular health and
reducing obesity. In spite of all these personal benefits people are scared of blood
donation. More awareness programmes emphasising the health benefits of the
donors and the joy of saving precious lives of many who receive their blood are
necessary to persuade healthy young students and faculties to donate blood.
Any emergency during the blood donation camp is managed by the team of
Doctors from the Civil Hospital and the NCC cadets.
All the requirements of arrangement and refreshments are provided by the
management of Christ College, Rajkot free of cost.

7. Contact Details
Name of the Principal: Dr. Yvonne Fernandes
Name of the Institution: Christ College, Rajkot
City: Rajkot
Pin Code: 360005
Accredited Status: Grade B (CGPA 2.89)
Work Phone: 9427164732 / 9427164733
Website: www.christcollegerajkot.edu.in
E-mail: info@christcollegerajkot.edu.in ; y_fernandes@rediffmail.com
Mobile: +919825218121

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 45

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

Best Practice – 2
1. Title of the Practice:
Collecting and Analysing Feedback from Students and other stakeholders.

2. Objectives of the Practice

Scientifically taken feedback is helpful in assessing the relevance of the
curriculum, the teaching pedagogies and the strength and weakness of the faculty
members and management. The objective in collecting and analysing feedback
from various stakeholders also helps to take preventive measures and where
necessary to apply corrective measures to improve the existing system. The
feedback from the students encompasses the following broad areas:
Classroom teaching, Library facilities, Canteen facilities, Infrastructural
facilities, college administration and Campus cleanliness. While the
feedback from other stakeholders basically focus on curriculum and its

3. The Context
Student’s feedback has become an important component of educational processes.
Effective feedback benefits the giver, the receiver and the organisation.
Feedback is the process in which part of the output of a system is returned
to its input in order to improve its output. Feedback is not a criticism, but a
supportive act intended to deal with under-performance in a constructive way
and to develop performance to a higher level. Feedback can be positive or
negative. Positive feedback enhances the confidence and performance of an
individual while negative feedback is an opportunity to introspect the
weakness. A good teacher must be a good communicator too. The
communication of highly learned faculty members may be sometimes
confusing and possibly impolite. The only way to make sure that things are
communicated without mistakes is to get feedback from the beneficiaries and
stakeholders. In an educational system the present, students, alumni and parents
are among the various stakeholders and beneficiaries. All educational processes
must be designed to have maximum benefits to the students and their satisfaction
must be of paramount interest. Keeping the students at the main focus of
educational process feedback is collected from each student with complete

4. The Practice
The College has an on-line mechanism for collecting the feedback from the
students and staff members.
A schedule is prepared and the students are informed accordingly. The class-in-
charge is responsible for guiding the students to the computer laboratory for the
on-line feedback process.

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 46

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

The feedback committee is responsible for the collection and analysis of the
feedback from the students and faculty members.
Feedback from the students is taken once in a year (usually at the end of each
academic year). Students are taken to the Computer Laboratory where there about
100 students can give their feedback online at a time. Questions related to the
teaching competency of the faculty members such as subject knowledge, language
skill, class control, interaction with students, use of various teaching pedagogies,
syllabus completion etc. are included in the online questionnaire. The grading is on
a 1-5 point scale. The number 5 denotes excellence and 0, very poor. Feedback on
the functioning of college office, library, canteen, administration, infrastructural
facilities, sports facilities, campus cleanliness etc. are also collected at the same
time. In addition to giving grades, students are encouraged to write comments on
the strength and weakness of the faculty members, infrastructural facilities, co-
curricular activities etc... The data collected are analysed by computer experts and
the summary in the form of bar diagrams are submitted to the Principal. Corrective
measures (mentoring, confident building measures, measures to improve the
subject knowledge etc.) are taken by the Principal wherever necessary. A copy of
the feedback summary is given to the concerned faculty for introspection and self-
analysis. Comments related to infrastructure facilities, canteen etc. are submitted to
the Director for further action.
Feedback on curriculum and its relevance is collected manually by the departments
from the alumni, academic peers and other stakeholders. The outcome of the
analysed feedback is reviewed at the department meeting and forwarded to the
IQAC of the college. The relevant and viable suggestions are then forwarded to the

5. Evidence of Success
Every year on an average about 75% students give their feedback on classroom
teaching, extracurricular activities and other facilities. Students’ feedback are given
utmost importance and their suggestions and comments are taken care of. Remedial
measures are taken based on their grievances and suggestions. Initially, the
feedback of some of the less experienced junior faculty members was not very
encouraging. But after self-introspection based on student’s feedback and the
subsequent mentoring by the Principal, the feedback of these faculty members has
improved to a level of great satisfaction. To improve the teaching efficiency,
modern teaching methodologies such as power point presentation, live video
lectures, classroom demonstration, ICT enabled teaching etc. are adopted by
almost all faculties. A new canteen has been constructed based on the demands put
forward by the students in their feedback. The quality of canteen food and their
variety have been improved substantially based on their grievances. The library
timings are also adjusted to cater the needs of students who stay back after the
college hours. Another area where the feedback played a significant role is sports.
Coaching facilities are made available to students who are interested in football,

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 47

Christ College, Rajkot
[AQAR 2017-2018]

cricket and basketball. The college has decided to conduct sports day once in every
two years based on their demands.
The suggestion on curriculum development and design has been forwarded by the
concerned faculty members to the Board of studies of the affiliating University.
Suggestions given have been incorporated in the curriculum

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Feedback given by the students is one of the important criteria adopted by the
management to assess the teaching potential of a faculty. Though many of the
students give their feedback unbiased, some of them are biased towards certain
faculty members. Eliminating such data from the collected bulk ones is impossible.
This reduces the reliability and authenticity of the conclusions arrived at. Another
area of concern is that some of the students give their feedback very casually
despite the best efforts of the faculty-in-charge. In spite of these minor drawbacks,
the students’ feedbacks are fair and reliable to a great degree.
Difficult to collect feedback on curriculum from the sufficient number of alumni
and other stakeholders. In most cases the feedback received from various
stakeholders does not contain suggestions for curriculum design and development.

7. Contact Details
Name of the Principal: Dr. Yvonne Fernandes
Name of the Institution: Christ College, Rajkot
City: Rajkot
Pin Code: 360005
Accredited Status: Grade B (CGPA 2.89)
Work Phone: 9427164732 / 9427164733
Website: www.christcollegerajkot.edu.in
E-mail: info@christcollegerajkot.edu.in ; y_fernandes@rediffmail.com
Mobile: +919825218121

Christ College, Rajkot – AQAR 2017-2018 Page 48