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-Daily routine

Well, my week is very busy right now, I`m studying tourism. In the morning my day starts
pretty early. First I get up at 6 am and then I take a shower and I have breakfast. Then I go to
the university I take the subway at 7:30. My classess start at 8:30 (eight thirty) and it finish at 2

After that, in the afternoon, some days I visit my girlfriend Vera, she is a beautiful and
amazing girl, we spend nice time together and later we have dinner.

In the evening I finally go to my home around at 9 pm, I always take the subway. I usually go
to bed at midnight.

2.-What do my family and I have for breakfast on the weekend? Well, we enjoy spend time
together so, we usually have breakfast at 9 am and my parents have for breakfast bread, eggs
and coffee, I usually have oatmeal, orange juice and coffee. We don’t have cereal and milk in
breakfast. My father reads the newspaper and my mom and I listen to music and talk.

3.- I`m student, my week is usually very busy; I always go to the university, from Monday to
Friday. In the morning; my day starts pretty early. First I get up at 6 am and then I take a
shower and I have breakfast. Then I go to the university I take the subway at 7:30 I have many
classes. My classes start at 8:30 (eight thirty) and finish at 2 pm. I never have lunch at home, so
I usually have lunch in restaurant, I usually have salads, but sometime I have pastas, and
sometimes I don’t have lunch.

In the afternoon, after the university, I usually go to visit my girlfriend; we sometimes go to

the cinema or take a walk in the park. We always have dinner together, she sometimes makes
dinner, but we often order takeaway food.

In the evening, around 9 pm I go to my home. I always take the subway. I usually do my

homework at night and then I go to bed. In the week I don´t visit my friends and I don’t go out.

4.- Juan is my best friend. He is 27 years old. He is a teacher. He teaches math in a public
school in Santiago.

In the morning, his day starts early as well. He wakes up at 6 am and immediately he turns on
the radio to listen the news. He always takes a shower in the morning. Then he gets dressed
and then he has breakfast. He likes healthy food, so he has for breakfast fruit salads, nuts,
oatmeal and milk. His work starts at 8 am and it finishes at 6 pm. He has lunch at work.

In the afternoon, after work he often goes to the gym and he works out for an hour. Then
before go his home, he sometimes go shopping for food at the supermarket.
In the evening he makes dinner and watch tv. He does the housework and he finally goes to
bed around 11 pm.

5.- My Mother Name´s Elena, she is 57 years old. She is French. She is a nurse. She works in
Sotero del Rio Hospital. She is a nice and beautiful French woman. She´s tall, and her hair is
short, but she loves has a long dark hair. She is lovely, intelligent and loves animals.

6.- My family is a small family. There are my father, my mother and I. My father is Jose. He is
57 years old. He is a lawyer. He works in a very important company in Santiago. He is tall. He
has short brown curly hair. He is a very nice and friendly. My mother is Martha. She is 56
years old. She is a nurse. She is charge nurse in pediatric unit at Sótero del Río Hospital. She
loves her job. She is tall, and she has a long dark hair. She is beautiful French woman. I am
Luis. I`m 28 years old. I am student. I am friendly, funny and hardworking. I`m tall, and I have
short dark hair.


Friend 1: Hi Luis. How are you?

Friend 2: Hello, Jose. I`m Fine, and you?

Friend 1: I`m not so good. I miss my family. They are in Mexico on vacation.

Friend 1: Oh! That´s great. Do you have brother or sister?

Friend 2: Yes, a brother. He is living in England.

Friend 1: What is his name?

Friend 2: His name is Tom.

Friend 1: How old is he?

Friend 2: He is 30 years old, he is married with an England girl.

Friend 1: What does he do?

Friend 2: He is a very important lawyer.

Friend 1: Ohh cool. What does he like of England?

Friend 2: He loves London.

Friend 1: It is a lovely city. I have to go. Have fun.

Friend 2: Ok, thank, bye Luis. Take care.