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Present project is designed using 8051 microcontroller to avoid
unwanted entry of vehicles&persions gates, if implemented in spirit. This
project utilizes two powerful proximity sensors, which is used to control the
gate automatically.

The project consists of

1. Proximity sensor
2. Microcontroller
3. Relays
4. DC motor
5. Gate model

When foreside sensor gets sensed, the gate motor is turned on in one
direction and the gate is closed and stays closed until.
Using simple electronic components we have tried to automate the
control of gates. As a vehicle approaches the gate from either side, the
sensors placed at a certain distance from the gate detects the approaching
accordingly controls the operation of the gate. The gate opening and closing
can be done with the help of DC motor by the specific instruction of


Synopsis For Automobile Projects

 Avoid accidents in level crossings.
 No manual work is needed.

Block diagram:

Synopsis For Automobile Projects